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The speakers discuss the importance of providing compensation for those who missed a day and the importance of giving staples and food to those who cannot afford it. They also touch on the benefits of Islam's teachings and the upcoming trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the trial of the

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Are the aluminum sheath on James Miller Amanda Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala should have been more cillian signum Hamad Manali or sipg Marine. I will order others a Sunni Stamets and awaken whatever the lie he will very gradually just like lie thank you for joining us tonight number 15 of this year's Ramadan Allah subhanaw taala bless us and we're getting close the halfway mark, and shall we talk more about making the most of Ramadan inshallah, towards the end of the lecture this evening. To start off we've got a few questions on Ramadan and fasting and fitrah and those kinds of things and we'll discuss those to begin with inshallah. So we know that

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Allah subhana wa tada requires for all of us who are able to fast too fast the days of Ramadan. And if we are temporary, really sick, meaning, you know, I'm naturally normally I can fast, but I'm sick, I have an infection or you're traveling, and hopefully you'll get better afterwards, then you don't fast for that day, or that you make up after Ramadan, your fosters days in as we call it can kick down in sculpted stays that you owe, and you will make those things up. Now what about the lady who is pregnant? Who is breastfeeding? We said for her, it's the same situation. So while she's pregnant, if she fears for herself or her baby, then she will not fast that day. And inshallah when

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she is stronger after Ramadan, or after birth, then she will make those days up, suddenly, the lady was breastfeeding, she should look at whether she has the ability to fast and if fasting would harm her or her baby in for that day, or if he is exempted from fasting. Now for the one who's unable to fast he of course plays a video, he does not force it doesn't make the day up, he makes the paisa video. And so many times the ladies, the question we get is cannot pay a failure instead of missing the day up. Why? Because if I'm pregnant, then all month I don't fast because I'm pregnant for the whole month. And then next year, I'm breastfeeding and when I'm pregnant again The following year,

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so I have like four or five years that I don't fast and you know 100 maybe you're 200 days to pay in Spanish I cannot just buy a philia and be done with it. And unfortunately no in your situation you have to force those days into along make it easy for you. But you parcels that is in if you have cumulative days because of breastfeeding and because of pregnancy, and it goes beyond a year. So usually if your sculpt to all your days that you owe goes beyond one or Milan and then you should pay affiliates as a compensation as well as firstly we need w force a paraphilia. But for the ladies, we've got so much there is oh and it's not her doing inshallah is no philia. But we'll talk

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more what video is a great amount. And so it's obviously from yourself. In fact, let's talk about video now. So what is 3d affiliate is the compensation that a permanently ill person meaning someone that will never be able to foster an old person, of course, are they too old too fast. Now, after Ramadan, they'll be even older, which means they'll never be able to foster Ramadan. So for every day that they miss, they need to feed a poor person, a staple meal, one meal for that day that they've missed, and you should give not money, but you must give them a meal actually. And so a staple meal in South Africa is rice, and therefore the equivalent of one kilogram is regarded as a

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meal. And so for every day that you must you pay a fee of 10 grand. Now as I said you cannot give 10 grand to a poor person for every day that you've missed. You should either give a kilo rice or a meal. But if you give it to an organization like Ron Islam soup kitchen, for example, then we act as your agent we accept your failure in cash and then we distribute it in food and this is what happens the recipient must receive food and failure like Zika like Phaedra is only meant for the Muslim community, the salata and Leila, or any kind of charity that is for all of humanity and that is for women not even only the humanities, even for animals and the environment. Any form of sidecar Lila

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Alfie Sabina all of this can be used for any means. But zakra is a counterfeiter and Vidya visa sort of obligatory charities, this is for the benefit of the Muslim community First, if inshallah you get to a point and melograno such that there is no poor person that you can find that is a Muslim, then of course, we move on to to those that are outside of our community as a cattle fitter, or Phaedra, as it's called here in Cape Town, what is this, this is a obligatory form of charity, that was Fonseca, which is compulsory per head. So So unlike the normals, ikaika is usually calculated as a percentage of your wealth. So calculator is a flat rate for every single person for you and your

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dependents. So if you look at myself and other people that I support financially, it could be your wife, your kids, your parents, your siblings, whatever you are responsible for, you need to pay as a cocoa fitter per member of your of your family. As a total fitter becomes payable it's a compulsory on every Muslim to pay it who can afford if you can afford it if you can't, then you can receive the calculator. So whoever can afford it, before salad will eat on the day of eat all of us like it must be distributed. And so again likely the fifth route is going to be distributed in a form of staple food and that's why you know we have Phaedra parcels it should not be given out in cash. We do not

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defeater out in cash rather it is given out in in food substance. But again, if you deputize your organization, you give it to sensor or Morocco Islam or ADP whatever organization wonderful organizations, they will distribute it on your behalf in the form of in the form of food substance, or how much is Phaedra Phaedra is the three kilograms of rice as is determined this year.

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For 2020, which amounts to 49 per person, so you look at all the people in your house times 14 and that amount you can either go to the shop and buy a parcel of food and give it to deserving people or you can just pay the cash into an organization and they will distribute it and again, it is for the benefit of the of the Muslim community. So Allah subhanaw taala Bless you. Very beautiful as one scholar said, you know, as we fast we make mistakes, we don't fast exactly as we should. Sometimes we wasted the time normal and sometimes we made mistakes. So Keitel fitted Allah gives us the end of Ramadan. For us, for those who are paying it. It is sort of like a smoothing over you know, when

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you've painted over a house, you put that final finishing coat on the final varnish on a piece of furniture of a touch up there is once I kind of figured that it takes away all that small imperfections, and to make sure I'm aligned look perfect. So that is what it does. Also, it is to say that on the day of end, no one should go hungry, they shouldn't be no Muslim on the day of eat going hungry. That is not something that we want to know. And so this is why it's like a defeated is the an obligation that was founded on make it easy for everyone else. Yeah, I mean, we move on Alhamdulillah, to our fcrf, Surya sin, we are now in the fourth section of the tafsir. And it is

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mentioning the events of the day of karma. Yesterday we spoke about the resurrection, how the people will be taken out of the graves, and they will be I should almost push towards Allah subhanaw taala. And he said to them, that this day, no one will be around, then everyone will get what they deserved. And so throughout the surah. So far, if you look at all three sections, Allah mentioned two types of people. In section one they were those who reject the verses and the ayat and they are sort of boxed away and they cannot see the ayat. And so they continue on, and they are hitting towards the structure, then there are those policies, and the other ones who follow the reminder.

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And they are fearful, they are conscious of allowing, they are alone, they think about a lot and they try to do better. In the second section, we have the townspeople who reject the prophets and actually are abusive and or arrogant. And then you have the friendly comrade who is giving them inviting them to believe in Allah and he was killed. So again, you have the disbelievers and you have the believers here. And then in the last section, of course, it's very clearly to see those who disbelieve and don't want to feed the poor, versus the believers who feed the poor, they take note of the mercies and the blessings of Allah. So Allah is going to show what is the natural conclusion

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of both these groups, there are only two paths that you can take. And the only two camps in this life enemy or after, and every person do we need to consider what do our deeds say about us? Which of these two camps do we fall into? And so Allah begins by speaking about the first group and these are the group of believers. So Allah says, I will be launched on regime in verse number 55. In US fibrogen Natalie oma yom officially in fact, you Hoon, Allah says, indeed the companions of Jenna the garden paradise, this day, they will be in joyful occupation, they will be busy with joyful occupation. Now, what's interesting, the verse before it, verse 54, Allah subhanaw taala also use

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the word yom de, so Allah said, finally on this day, none will be wrong, and everyone will get what they deserve. And it's as if though, Allah is addressing it to the disbelievers to those who rejected the signs, meaning if the account starts at the beginning of the day of judgment, and so we know that the day of judgment will be a long period. And so it has, even though they have a long process that will happen on the Day of Judgment, and it just gets more difficult and worse, culminating in Jannah. As for the believers, the day begins, a woman also addresses them this they are already in gender, as if they sculpt kiama all together. Now, of course, no one is going to be

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able to skip kiama but what we do know of the Prophet sola sola, he said, As for the believers, for the very good people, they kiama will be a very short kiama as if they'll between us and Margaret, where as someone else's key I'm obese basically be from sunrise to sunset, they will go through all the hardships of gamma, yes, some believers will some good people will also experience the difficulties of karma. In fact, everybody will, even the prophets of Allah will experience some of its hardships. And that is just to remove any further mistakes that they've made to to purify them further and to avert them from janam it might be that they the punishment is actually standing on

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kiama looking at the terrors of karma, that is the punishment and so they averted janome but one of the rewards is that they kiama is not only easier, it is even quicker. And this is hints to that that Allah begins with him off the kiama there's always Francis that for the believes in US herbal Jana, this they they have issue well, in fact, he horn so a number of words here as hub of herbal companions like the Sahaba. They are a group they are in a company, one of the joys of Jana is that you will not be alone. We'll talk more about that in a minute. But you will go to Jana, as you help each other in this world, you will help each other in kiama. And you'll intergender together very,

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very beautifully. This is a unique way of saying it Allah says fee sure well in fact, he won so now anyone that knows a little bit of Arabic When they ask you, you know what, what do you do you say my show my work my occupation, surely is not something nice, surely something that keeps you busy. It makes you tired. So Allah says they will the people of Jana this day, they will be insurable. There'll be very busy.

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31 with that which makes them happy, so they are going to be busy with exciting activities they will have non stop activities of enjoyment sometimes people think of Jenna as is it just relaxing and eating and reclining and it is no fun in general in fact Jana will be so fun every moment there's some new activity to do some new game to play some new place to explore once a hobby or music that is awesome, but I hear about the fruits of Jannah but I really enjoy farming will we be farming for me in general and resources for you? That's what you want to do. They will be farming another brother He asked me and I mentioned this so many times if you hear my lectures you probably heard

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this you know so many times he asked me you know I love to hike mountain climbing and and and as tiring as it is I enjoyed my muscles are aching and all of that when I get to mountain climb in general and for me, mountain climbing sounds like a punishment of janome but if I'm forced to climb mountains for someone else, it might be enjoyment. If that's what you want in sha Allah, that is what you will have in a way you'll only get the best of the experience without anything that is negative. Like almost beside the face hammer there is wine in general, but you will only have the the good side of it without any of its negative attributes. In fact there is even shopping in

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general Can you believe it? The prophets also lives in a hadith eventually in Jannah V is a market in which the inhabitants of Jannah will go to every Friday, there will be a North Wing that will blow and scatter fragrances on their faces and on their clothes. This so when the wind blows upon them and this fragrance touches them, it gives them like a make over they look even more beautiful so that when they go back to their families now they went to the market now they're coming home and when they family see them, the families will say to them Wow, it's as if though you have your luster has been added to your beauty and you've become even more attractive you look even more lovely. And

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when the one who went to the market will say and also by Allah I sways as if though you also have become more more beautiful. Every time we look away from each other. Allah will increase them in beauty and attractiveness. This is how this is how things are in general but the point is at least even shopping in Ghana, new things you can go and explore and see some people this is what they want to do whatever you you think of your gender and that is what it will be. In fact as we know the provinces are in fact the Quran says what we know heart has ever or imagination has ever you know thought up conjured in your mind January will exceed all your expectations.

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So Allah says in the engender they will be very very busy with enjoyment and activities that will keep him busy with enjoyment. Whom was word your own fee the fee rarely in adult at all. He will own them for the people of Jana and the wives the men the families, the wives, the spouses feel the land in shades and raw, icky, reclining on couches and Thrones. So with that he is relaxing. So on the first that is before you know and you know when people took what holidays and May Allah grant that you know we will enjoy this thing called holiday something holidays is something that is so far to our minds. We can't even remember holidays anymore. But for those of us who you know all of us will

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experience holidays or hamdulillah you know you have two types of holidays one way you do it fun and exciting activities. And there's another type of holiday where you just lounge about and you relax and you enjoy especially the outdoors maybe it is the beach maybe it's you know camping. So this is your reclining female in the shade. So this outside so the nuns have another form of Jana and other time they will spend the people of Jana will spend it they will spend it with their loved ones, the spouses, they fire family members, their friends, and they'll be reclining just relaxing, chilling in the shade in the in the beautiful scenery of Jana, we also see as with Turkey, Turkey, if you in

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the in the position of Turkey, you are completely relaxed. You are at your you know at your most relaxed state no fear no What is that? I mean just imagine that. No worries for those of us who you worry about bills you worry about the Coronavirus, you worry about whatever job you have kids you will have absolutely no what is on your mind that is what Jenna is and in that is as well as while you're home you're not going to be alone nobody in general is alone had economy so someone says that this is a How do you think a Muslim there will be no one engender except that he or she will be married so if you are unmarried, Allah is going to partner you up with someone in Jannah that will

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be you know that will work with is perfect for you. Even if you know even from one of the believers. So one of the single men will marry one of the single women of gender I was going to find your soulmate or even create for your a partner in Jana.

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So you will also be with what is also wonderful that we know you are not as you're not alone in Jannah, not just your wives. You are with also your family members and your friends. And so as you're sitting here, imagine the outdoors the singing of the birds of Jelena whatever animals the agenda, the seams are flowing, the wind is blowing, and it very gently Of course, the perfect Villa means the perfect temperature, the perfect weather. So you're on the outdoors and those of us who are new

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I'm stuck at home just picturing this beautiful scenery and we are talking to one another and laughing about about the days of the dunya how it was. It's panela I can imagine I sitting there thinking I remember the Coronavirus Yeah, Allah we were stuck in our homes and look at us now we are in gentlemen, Allah grant has to be for us Ms. We will enjoy this together. One of the beautiful things that Allah tells us about gentlemen is that you will be with the people that you love and the people that you spend time and you work together in the dunya. And so, if you are in good companionship in the dunya, maybe you had a wife that was very pious or how husband is very pious or

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a family member that is very pious, you will get sort of an upgrade to go with them in the agenda. So there are levels in gender and the best will get the highest gender, but because no one wants to be alone the person who has the higher Jana so so for example, if you are in the first class, in the in the plane, when you are one of the things the perks of being in that first class, you can say your Allah those who are in the economy class of Jana, I miss them can they come with me Yeah, and they will be upgraded as well. And so, this reminds us to be in good company in the dunya. So that we can be in good company in the era of the things of Jannah Allah Subhana Allah as you mentioned,

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the spouses and of course we have to mention here the full line as we talk so many times, especially the brothers who talk about these beautiful maidens of general these women of generic were created is indeed they exist, who are in means those who have beautiful eyes. So Allah is speaking about the eyes and sort of archaeologists Indeed, we have produced these these horror in of Jannah, a new type of creation, they are not like in some way or something totally new, loving the nature is that they are loving, affectionate, in equal age that people have gender, as also to point out, besides the whole aim being beautiful, we will be in our prime in our perfect form. And we'll be at the age of

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33 years the Hadees is that we will be 33 years old, and at our prime in our peak will look amazing and as we said as time goes on, we get more and more beautiful. So then we have this whole in they are as almost as they are chased restraining the glances with wide beautiful eyes, as if though they are you know, this eggs, you know, very large, beautiful eyes. This is how Allah describes these women, and that,

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that her beauty is veiled so that she has a new that comes out of her that Allah has covered her up with a veil because had this veil been exposed in her light is so much very full the entire heavens and the earth with this light that has smelled full the universe with with its beautiful smell, that if she were to look down or she were to split, then everything in the universe will be sweetened by her. This is how beautiful and pure she is. Now many times we speak about these women and we think about and of course naturally our sisters feel alone What about how do I compete with these women and I have husbands now remember sisters, that Firstly, the horror in our promise to to the main

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there is nothing to say that there are no hole in of a similar kind for the ladies, especially if you're a single woman. And to that of course Allah is not going to explain mean with these beautiful biceps and six packs and whatever it might be. But whatever you want, you will have in general, but also beyond the whole line agenda, something to remember the whole agenda all day for entertainment, they are therefore they are part of the help. They are the main goals of the agenda. The real VIPs are the sisters and the brothers who have succeeded the weight agenda and therefore no matter how beautiful the whole in art, remember the husbands of them the main agenda, the agenda is the people

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of the dunya but God the men and women are even more beautiful than them so your wife will be even more beautiful than the whole line. Your husband will be even more beautiful than the most beautiful creature of gender Why? Because all those things in general they did not earn gender, they are the just part like if you think of our tality zone, they are just a part of the the the entertainment for the guests the real VIPs of the other guests and so therefore we believe that even as beautiful as the whole as beautiful as she is oh sister that succeeds to get into general a brother that seems to get that succeed in getting the your beauty your like your nor will be even better than that. And

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we will explain the relationship we have that only one group of people one creation, the person who succeeds will get a special kind of reward. We'll talk about that. So then our sponsors so the the people of Jana the families the spouses, you know your husband your wife that you work together in the dunya you sitting together hand in hand in your most beautiful state under the theories of jamna enjoying the shade of Jana relaxing and equally reclining and of course nothing is nothing better than reclining and then being outdoors and also having snacks and having a picnic so food must go with it. And as I record this it's just few moments before Margarita and so you know it's good to

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listen to these things while you are hungry. Allah says loan fee has achaea to one omega down for him in Jana are all kinds of fruits of all kinds of these, whatever fruit that you can imagine and beyond. They will have it very close.

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at hand one of whom had their own and for them is what they get their own so you're down comes from da da means what you ask but this is in the exaggerated form yet their own means what ever they want to ask Allah will say what if Allah sees you for them of fruits and what so ever they wish to eat they will have the in another iOS devices for them What are coming for them free how it in general matters the official comm welcome matter down but in general, it's whatever they ask for and even whatever they desire, so if it's just something that you want before you even asked for it, Allah Jenna will give it to you one on one brother and I use this example so many times and you've perhaps

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heard me give this example what I'm what is amazing about Jana truly what makes Jana special is that Jana is the most amazing, fantastic, wonderful place, but it increases every single moment in its goodness. So when you taste the first thing of Jannah nothing hate that you have experienced will ever compare to that that is going to be the most mind blowing experience. When you taste into that date or that fruit or you sip from its water, then we will taste the second time it will be even better than the first and the third will be better than the second. And so for all eternity, you are getting more beautiful, the food tastes better your house gets more beautiful, the trees gets more

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beautiful for all eternity Allah is just increasing the beauty and the enjoyment of gender. Some things that are jamna and this is the time to talk about it in the month of Ramadan because this is what we are working for and striving for imagine you know this difficulty of life we're gonna go through our lives, they will be sadness any there'll be hardships in it. Then after all of this, we will die. Sometimes we die first. Sometimes our friends our loved ones die before us. We will spend time in the comfort of Allah make it easy, at the very basic will be a relaxation, maybe it's a difficult time of pain, settling of accounts, when these there is direction and the difficulties of

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the kiama answering foul mistakes. Now you cross over this bridge over Janda not knowing where I fall inside. But if you are lucky, you cross over this bridge of janam you will cross over in a group of people. And now that you've crossed over you feel maybe I'm safe now you begin to feel maybe things are going a bit better for me. And now you walk in Allah, Allah how long you're going to walk. And then you start smelling the fragrance of gender, there are eight gates of gender, its gates will be open and you will experience the smell of gender. And now as you get closer when you enter it, as you know, as you step into that first step and moment, as you cross the threshold of

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gender, you know that you will never leave it that all your worries are left behind. And all the hardships are left behind and even worshipping and making sought out all of that is over no work nothing. And you enter and you get congratulated the ladders, the entourage of the most beautiful angels shaking your hand congratulating you, you've made it you're inside. You will have I mean Gemini, as we said is so big, you will never you have all of eternity and you will not be able to explore all of it. Its immense in size. You know the shade that one tree gives you you'll travel 100 years and you will not crash beyond the three in a hurry. Think even imagine when the Prophet

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describes gymnasium. It is a space of sparkling light filled with plants that smell beautiful palaces that look you know huge palaces, rivers that are flowing fruits that are ripe and close at hand. And wives that are beautiful with clothing that is abundant. It is a eternal place of radiant joy and beautiful places that we live in. So for different people, as we said, maybe it's the houses of Jana, maybe it's the whole rain of Jana, maybe it's the food of Jana. But I always say that for me the two things that really stand out the one we'll get to in a minute, the height of gender, the best thing of gender, but for me when really I enjoy and you've heard this path many times for me,

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the thing that really gets to me is that an obese person loses sleep is the brother of death and nobody dies in general meaning nobody sleeps in Jannah so in even though you have infinite amount of time, you don't have time to waste to sleep, gender is so fun, that even sleep is a waste of time. There's so many things to do and enjoy for all of eternity that you won't even sleep not to not to miss out. And then you know when we imagine ourselves so the is is long fear if I could and went out on my own. So they are Allah says that they are home was wired up the ladder they are sitting there relaxing, reclining, they are talking they are eating whatever they want, they are listening to the

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sounds of the people of Jana talking the sounds of the animals and the songs of the whole lane and the angels are passing by greeting them this is how they spend the times in jamna. Then of course while all this is happening and the listening to the sounds, it says it will the chatter of agenda is broken by a greater sound and that is why in just after Allah mentions them so again you put to yourself having people having this picnic laughing and eating and you know cracking jokes, and then all of a sudden yours said someone is saying Salaam Peace be upon you call Willa murabba Rahim, a word from the Lord. Most Merciful this Allah subhanho wa Taala greed

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The people of Jannah Allah Himself, greeting every individual of the people of China. And this of course, there is no greater honor than the Lord of the worlds speaking to each and every one of us individually. And we know that the highest reward of Jana is that of general Farah dos. And there is a special place in general theodosis. That on Fridays, every Friday like it's like today is Friday, there is a Juma where all the people of Jana, no matter where you are, even if you are in the lowest level of gentlemen, you will get access to General for those and that is when we will sit in this open area, looking up at the highest pinnacle of gentlemen above it is the throne of Allah and we

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will look up every Friday towards the hidden agenda and then Allah Himself will come down and He will speak to us, you know, telling us how pleased he is how pleased Allah is with the people of Jana, how his pleasure is upon them, how they will receive only enjoyment, and then he will give them of course give us and I pray that we will receive this, that greatest of reward, which is to say the barrier, the distance between us and Allah is removed, there will be nothing between us and him and we will get to see him and gaze upon Allah ourselves with our eyes. Allah Subhana Allah blesses various the great reward and for Allah to speak to you to speak to me and say salaam, peace

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be upon you, meaning you have succeeded, you only have enjoyment. This is a word from Cola, a word mirabell Rahim from the Lord of all creation, the Most Merciful. This is to all of us and to all of you Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us to be ready to attain it, to have it. This is the best of all that Allah can give. There's nothing greater than that. And as we said, we are now in the month of Ramadan, there is no better time to attain it. We have 15 days to go only 15 days, and this is what is up for grabs. In these days. All we need to do is fast, sincerely pray sincerely Megan to be sincere. And this is what we can get this agenda and this closeness to Allah subhanho wa Taala only

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15 days between us and this and that that he would somehow grant us all the strength and the ability to make the best of what remains of Jannah Allah grant us success just like Allah hi Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh