Zakir Naik – Can the Muslim Ummah Unite Again like we were United Under One Nation & Leadership?

Zakir Naik
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My name is a man.

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This question just come to my mind about unity in the Muslim oma. I'm referring to our wider and global scale.

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Before that, I like to mention that, Lisa, can you just move a little further from the mic? Yes, that's good. I would like to mention.

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For more than 1000 years, the Muslim Ummah, were united, and a one nation and one leadership. One Nation is the dollar Islamia until 1924 1934 was the time of the year when the last Muslim oma came down. There was the dollar osmania.

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After 1924, the Muslim community separated and divided into more than 4040 small and weak countries with more than under more than 40 leaders.

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So my question is, is it time for the Muslim community now to work towards?

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I mean, building one nation, for example, from Morocco to Indonesia, and one leadership to get the real unity.

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The question that the khilafah

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the last khilafah, we had a color for Islam

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was money and Turkey, which was by the enemies of Islam, they got together and had it abolish, and there were protests throughout the Muslim Ummah, in 19 1924. And you forgot to mention there was a pact. There was a pact by the Minister of Islam, which made with Ataturk that 400 years they cannot claim. And that 100 years is going to end in the next five years. I think in 1923, it's 2024. So in 2023, or 2024, after five years, this pact between the enemies of Islam and authority of Turkey is going to end.

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And we have one bold, Muslim leader, the other one

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who's fighting with the odds, and Alhamdulillah we pray to Allah that may Allah support him, and the full world is against him. They try the coup to remove him. Allah helped him Alhamdulillah and he's fighting against the Western world, being in Europe, that that is any change from the Prime Ministership to presidential ship, and even that, and we leave it in the hands of Allah subhanho wa Taala. We pray for him in shall live, the Muslim is again united in one manner, but the problem is most of the Muslim countries would not want to be under one man. The problem is a Muslim. If all the Muslims today 2 billion Muslims unite

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under one they will start thinking if he becomes the leader, where will my seat go?

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So I don't think so. Unfortunately, them Muslim countries will agree. But if they agree

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and a common they can come and discuss come in on that. And he will also take away your your power, even if they take away your power and give you Jana in in return. That's a very good bargain. But the problem is how many Muslim politicians in the world they care for Jana? How many? I don't know.

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You can count on your fingertips.

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If you

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pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala that the enemies of Islam are joining together. And many of our Muslims are helping the enemies to attack the Muslims, what more do you want? Or can you do?

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This is the state our beloved prophet had predicted?

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we at least number one, what you should do is see to it that you I should see that I myself, am I following the Quran? Allah will not question me on the khilafah when I'm not responsible for it.

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First Allah will question me, am I following or not? Yes, if I'm someone who can really make a difference Allah will question

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but first I should see that am I doing my fries or not?

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My Salah, my car, my song, my dava my good deeds, am I honest or not? I should not be corrupt. I should not be dishonest. I should be loving all these things. If everyone takes care about that, inshallah the month become better. But the problem is we don't read the Quran and Sunnah with understanding. And anyone who follows Quran and Sunnah you say the

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person is the one

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who is more forward than our beloved prophet who masala Salah. I don't know any man who's more modern than the Beloved Prophet Manasa Lhasa

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forbade Allah Spanos Allah May he unite the Ummah whether they do it or not, whether the one does or not, but there are various hadith of a prophet talking about that.

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The Times of

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of our Hara, the signs of the minus signs, there are major signs, minor signs, many of them Mullah final messenger Kim,

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then inshallah life Allah salam, welcome. Then Madina, Salam Alaikum, the prophet again Bashara that those people who support medida salam, they'll be given half level agenda

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and then there'll be a fight, then there'll be a war then again, caliphates will be reinstated.

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inshallah, whether we live or not, we don't know it will come, what we should do presently is we should see to it that we do our duty, what Allah and Allah told us, that is number one, your personal then your society, then the higher level and inshallah inshallah, as long as we stick to Quran and Sunnah. We keep on following it, we keep on propagating it inshallah. inshallah, Allah doesn't require you unmute any politician to make if the previous Allah doesn't require or the one or anyone other than Nick was accurate to make it didn't prevail. I mean, the rub is that

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Allah is going to make his Deen prevail and it will happen to Khurana said that we only pray to Allah that me he makes us instrumental so that we can janai easily. Hope that answers the question.

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