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Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The importance of memorizing the Quran and practicing it is emphasized, along with the need for consistency and commitment. Small things are recommended, and the importance of practicing slowly and slowly is emphasized. Consistent strategy is key to improving memory and progress, and practicing with minimal effort is crucial to becoming a professional. Reassurance and revisiting the topic are also emphasized.
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Salam Alaikum. Misha, please I would like to know your techniques for memorizing the Quran, and most especially your technique for revision of what you had memorized.

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Jai Masha Allah this is a good question. Firstly, why they call salam ala Allahu bochetto. Or ask Allah azza wa jal to give you the Cincy passion

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to memorize the word of Allah azza wa jal, we ask Allah azza wa jal also to make use of those who memorize the Quran, for indeed the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the letter he Aileen Mina, nurse, there are special people selected by Allah has social and this special people that are selected by Allah.

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Whom Allah Allahu wa Soto, they are the people of the Quran for Ask Allah azza wa jal to make us all among them. Memorizing the Quran, believe me Allah he's very simple as Allah azza wa jal he said, while after the settlement Bernoulli vicar failed me mode decade, we made the easy to ponder and to reflect and to memorize and to read this is a wicked Valmy muda kill. Then Allah azza wa jal he asks Is there anyone that that wants to reflect over the memorize its words read it ponder over it implemented. Now, so we need to answer this call of Allah azza wa jal and approach it because it is easy for the one who seeks Allah azza wa jal is help it is easy for the one who seeks Allah's help.

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And all worships including memorizing the Quran becomes easy when you recognize that it can only be possible by Allah's aid and help and support. So that's the first and foremost thing you need to do. Ask in abundance. Allah asocial to make it easy for you say, Oh Allah make the Quran easy for me make its memorization, its re citation, its revision, its implementation, pondering, reflecting, make it all easier upon me. Now, that's the first thing they ask ALLAH has solution. The second thing is you need to have a strategy.

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And this strategy will not work until we have absolute commitment. So you must be committed and consistent. You must have commitment, strong determination, and you also must be consistent consistency each and every single day. And when I say every single day, you need to now identify what part of the day is easy for you. In the mornings, or in the afternoon, or at night, before certain prayers after certain prayers, whatever it is, don't just sit there and make a commitment and say, Inshallah, I'm going to start memorizing tomorrow, tomorrow, when, when, when, exactly. And then how much are you going to memorize? These are two things you need to first and foremost, find

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out what is the best time in which you can memorize Of course, the mornings after Fischer is always better. I even know from the students of knowledge that had memorized the entire Quran An hour before solid television, every day before solid, they'll figure they would wake up and spend that one hour memorizing until they finish the entire Quran. How beautiful is this, to know that you memorize the Quran, because he gave it an hour of your time before solid and Fisher an excellent beautiful time there is no distraction. Everyone is sleeping. Everyone there's no your phone is not calling everyone's dead at that time everyone's sleeping. There's no Walgreens distraction, it's the

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best time. So find the time that works for you, maybe an hour before sleep works for you. But any Subhanallah a person during a day, when you first wake up, it's like you're a baby, in which you are just given birth right now. And at the end of the day, a person becomes like an old man. And the difference is when you're young, your memory and your mind is like a sponge you memorize quicker. And when a person is old, he suffers from memory loss, and so on. So it's not the best age for memorizing. And that's the day, the beginning of the day, you're like a newborn. The end of the day, you're like an old man. So keep your memorization at the very beginning of the day. And that would

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be better be in the later Island. And then after that, once you've committed to a time, find the right amount that works for you. So it could be an A day

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or two a day. Start with something minimal so you can see progress. And your progress will then

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create that passion and eagerness within you to continue. Because if you start slow, let's say you did one a a day for the next seven days. By the end of the week. You've memorized seven, eight, that's almost three quarters of a page. You'll be happy, you'll be satisfied, you will see that you're able to memorize and that you're progressing, and that will entice you and it'll encourage you to continue down that path. But if you began the first day by memorizing one page and you struggled with it, and you couldn't recall it the next day, you will

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be turned off and you will not memorize anything at all. So start slowly start slowly. And that was the advice the only interview sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for example, when he saw the poor people of a sofa that was sitting at the back of the masjid, he said to them would any one of you like to go to Japan and Japan is a valley in Medina, any one of you would like to go there right now and pick up too fat full of meat, camels mean lady if men will have coffee

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without any sin yeah and halal 100% Go to the valley and grab too fat

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Yanni full of meat, camels, and this was like a massive commodity. It's a very valuable item at that time among the Arabs. So then they said the Rasul Allah is, we all love to go out for a simple journey of an hour and come back and have two candles. This is great position, great value. So then in the result, Allahu alayhi wa sallam said to them, if one of you was to go to the masjid, and read one area, it is better for him. Then one camel, and two, eight better than two camels, and three is better than three camels. The camel at that time is like a car. So one idea is better than one car. And two a are better than two cars.

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The idea of the hadith is look and the reason Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he brought their attention to 1238 something minimal. So start your memorization like this. A lot of people haven't memorized the Quran yet. Because they haven't started with one day. All it is one a day that's it. And B if the letter B is nila, once you do one a a day. Then in sha Allah after a month, two months, three months of an ad, you will find your mind naturally has expanded. You'll find it easier to memorize. That's when you'll start to add three or four a day. According to what Allah azza wa jal gives you of strength and ability in memorizing for this is the technique Allahu Allah start with something

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minimal, and then be even Allah, the passion and the strength of memorizing will come be even the later Allah by Allah has social the most Hi Nam Allahu Allah, and we'll leave the topic of revising for a later time.

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