Riad Ouarzazi – Quran Gems Ar Rahman to Assaf

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The discussion of Islam begins with a series of references to the name of Jesus, the meaning of Islam, and the concept of death. The speakers mention various examples and references, including a book about death and a social media post about coffee. They also discuss the concept of a "beGeneration area" in which men will receive their body and the use of non-Believers as examples. The history of Islam includes the implementation of a door shutting people from speaking their language, the use of Sharon Sharon for a complaint, and the spread of Islam among non- believers.
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is only my hair the mustache today we have 1234567 So was a last word art again okay, just keep saying Final Countdown most of these sewers nobody made any sauce. Melanie's was sort of

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silica ramen today, right in Asia Silverthorn also called the huddles output ban, you know, others almost means bright. The bright of the Quran is sort of argument is and that's what waka hammock is well, sort of ramen is murky waters murky and heavy with

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a soft this element and this was on ramen

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talks mostly about the name of Allah subhanho wa taala. As you can tell, Allah, as you mentioned, will make some mention of his blessings. And then he keeps saying and repeating as novices for the elite.

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Be Kumar Tucker Theva. What is the difference between us and Jin?

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Jin they heard the same song just for you and I and the Prophet says the jinn they understood it better than you what did the gene say? They said, What Allah assertion keeps saying for the money

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you know, it's like, blessings.

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To you how can you deny the blessings of Allah the gene, what did they say? They said, We cannot deny any of your blessings your Allah to up praise Allah Monica. They say Obama didn't come, we do not deny any of your blessings. Subhanallah and then Allah azza wa jal talks about

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you know what happened? Allah is just medical vision of death at the end of time. He says, Yeah, by that remote has it? Who's that CRP everybody's dead except, except mica energy green is nothing the gears of your tone you and I, that allows injustice take the soul of my carries of the throne one after another and that he takes them so who is remained under the American roses Gala? You and I GV mica Hina. Salafi did the soul of Shibori take the soul of his love for you take the salt of the cat in the vacuum state who is remade and Allah knows so the Milliken Hall says there is no this is at the end you and I I knew and had no idea and then Allah subhanaw taala tells medical or medical

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motive you are a creation just like from the Christians have created you die and the medical roots will die and then Allah will make that call even in one column to whom meaning that day called lumen Allah

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this is what they're

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calling lumen Allah he have

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the power to love Vika volgende anyone eco.

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Everything in the face of this universe shall perish and who shall remain

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all right, Allah azza wa jal describes beautifully describes Jana and also had fire and one of the things that was kind of described through your own agenda the springs of Jana V Hema ins Anita Julianne or V Hema are united in love ball hot sisters.

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It has

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been set up all right. I need the names of three

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springs mentioned in the Quran by Allah Zosia three springs i i mean spring Oh you mean springs? Three Give me three names of the springs mentioned in the Quran

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for a plan for the

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for the poor man, but I don't have the Pakistani one that's gone. I only have the Adobe one. I hope it's okay with you. But give me the answer.

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Lunger be

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the steam and some savvy.

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Yes, sir. Yes.

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Yes, sir. Yes.

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Some savvy Tasneem and some journey. Yes, sir. Yes, sister? Yes. Okay, good. So,

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you want a

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Okay. It's yours.

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And that sort of lockout. Allah subhanho wa Taala is sort of like a hard trembling, of the the adjustments, description of the nutrition of Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about the three people who are the three groups of people who are speaking gender, or individual judgment. A lot has been talked about as having three groups as having a minute that people have the right as having dinner with people on the left and a soggy, soggy home, though.

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So Russia and those who have come towards the foremost in faith that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says you're going for him will then move on. Beautiful boys. They will come around passing right around with this beautiful tres Jaco finding him when

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we acquire

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our cats in Lima II coming around with this beautiful drinks this beautiful golden trade on

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the moon. What do you mean by the hollow moon? What?

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The moon? Well hold on a

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sec afternoon beautiful food that they have never drank or never eaten before beautiful meat that they have never been drinking or eating before or waiting for you in Jannah. And then Allah subhana wa Tada talks about the time of death also into our broadcast. Hadith, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada describes his greatness he describes his greatness of God and sort of Hadith. Allah subhanho says verse number 11, men don't know the Yopa level Maha then Hassan, for your body from all that water more agile, carry, who is willing to give Allah? Allah is asking the question, who is willing to give Allah alone, Allah who would give it back to him in abundance, a beautiful area that is in fact

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repeated in many other sorts of ways asking for the Lord in South Africa will ever give sadaqa Allah subhanaw taala will give it back to you in abundance, Allah talks about the hypocrites there either those people who are carrying our names, speak out and which speak our language.

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Please don't keep doing that.

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After I'm done

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the date at the time of the Prophet and then with us as well you know thy will be done at all times this hypocrites associated when he says that they wouldn't be in the lowest level in him five or so the last year describes how they will be coming with the believers and Allah we put a gate between them to separate them between the believers and the mala is installed from Russia. He talks about this woman who came to dispute, you know, complaining about her husband to the Prophet Muhammad notice and brothers, brothers for a man, what is the name of this lady Sahadi and who came to the Prophet to complain about her husband?

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Or the wife.

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But there's what's your name? I want the full name.

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Me How would I have been to Thunderbird? How would have been to sarava This isn't amazing. How would have been terrible she came but something interesting happened. How it was she came to complain about her husband and she's talking to the Prophet was a sinner. And actually she came so close she wanted to listen what she said to my husband.

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And then she tried to listen but alas, but she could not listen. Well Allahu Yestermorrow to how will that go Matt Allah He hears that but you cannot hear Allah subhanho wa Taala but semi Allah who our landlady to

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hear what they study in Illa Allah has heard the complaint of that woman who came to complain about her husband brothers, please don't make your

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wives complained to the email.

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They came only complaining that's not about social talks about the you know some of the rulings in sort of partial Allah azza wa jal talks about resurrection. And the lesson Hannah would have also talks about the umbilical cord and the greatness of the Quran we all know this beautiful thought so Hashem Coronavirus, talks about his knees before that Allah subhanho wa Taala says Lo and Zen Allah jabber la ADA Rojas yarmulke, Saudi Amin Harsha de la Shatila, if this was to be read on the Gibert on the mountain, which is the strongest structure on earth this mountain would turn into dust though and

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typically lighter or harsh or something

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which it can unsurmountable heaviness

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so let's move to handle my brothers and sisters quickly I have two more slots to put to cover and then I'm done. I'm going really really, really fast and won't actually that gives a clear explanation and differentiating them oh man with that with the with the non believers but there's a difference between non believers What can a non believers those who are fighting you and those who are not fighting you they're non believers but they're not fighting as well as those who are fighting us there's a different ruling between the two and sort of stuff. Very, very interesting very in fact heart trembling as well as you says where it's never talks about the stuff you had done

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in the matter told you in America. I think all the Imams on the show you have all of us need to hear this limiter

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Oh, you who believe you handed in a hammer? Nope.

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Why do you say that what you do not practice? You say something but you don't practice it. Right? You said you tell people to do something but you don't do it. You tell people to pray but you don't pray. You tell people to give zakat you don't, you know, why don't you live at a podium

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and then Allah subhana wa Tada at the address number 80. You don't have you know, Allah, Allah is talking about those who want to extinguish the middle of Allah, just like the you know, this this moon or the sun and they were trying to blow the sun to turn it off to a glint to extinguish the light of the Sunday cannot do that. So Allah subhanaw taala is saying you're doing your own on your own all Allah he'd be for him or love him. Oh, Tim Monaldi

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welcome Fatima, Lulu. Well, okay, you hadn't care for your own and Allah will keep his nor and the love of Allah is that ilaha IL Allah, they're trying in Kitchener, they're trying in London. They're trying in in Scarborough. They're trying to extinguish the will of Allah azza wa jal. They tried to scare us off. They're trying to make our heart tremble but they cannot because Allah is keeping this note because the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he says it narrated by Shabbat. They have they have proven to her that the Bible alone on the heart, what are you talking about?

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Where is your as is oh, we don't need to leave the province or some says that this religion will reach the four corners of the world whether they like it or not what they do whatever they want to do is that is spreading. And we'll keep on spreading the provinces and Allah will not leave a host in any corner of the world that has not heard of Islam. Islam isn't hamdulillah spreading Islam is on the move. Our view on the

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other words, you may have

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met us panels that make us among those who will be in sha Allah Huhtala say from her fire in this this month. May Allah give us the the concern to give that to others and make that ALLAH spirit on Earth Bala coffee come I know I have not done much less. Here it is so that you just don't have a challah. Tada. We will do it for you.

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