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In under lillah, WA salatu salam O Allah, Allah Allah, he was heavy on whether

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realize a lion is SLM in a heavy as he mentioned. And he said, in the Mallanna, Allah will have a theme.

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He said the deed is based on how it ends. deed is based on its ending, Kemal la salado salam,

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I remind myself and you, therefore,

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to think

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about this, and to keep this in mind, with respect to everything we do.

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Need we think about our life itself, and how this world is organized and what is happening in the world.

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We find in many cases, that there are people who lead a life

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where they,

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for example, they make money in all sorts of illegal ways.

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And then they even get caught.

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And after they get caught, maybe they even go to prison, like we have, we have seen such cases which are in our country right now. It's happening. They go to prison, what, two, three years, four years. And after that they come out. So when they come out now, they have,

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you know, 500 billion our 10 billion or 50 million or whatever that is that they stole the money is that

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so how did he suffer it? What in what way did he pay for that crime, nothing is not paid, because we're just going to jail and, you know, our jails are also you know, economically stratified. So if somebody like that goes to jail, he has a nice time in jails. So, he goes to the illegals out and then he has a suitability of or whatever he stood right. Similarly, you have somebody who,

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as in the case of Gujarat resort, our Chief Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, organized the organized slaughter of 2000 Muslims. And today he is a candidate to become Prime Minister of India.

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And they might become if Allah subhanaw taala, you know, decides that they should happen. My point is that, if we just take this life of this world as it is,

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and we say, Well, this is all that there is,

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then there is no ending to this. There is no closure to this levels world.

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Then why should anyone do good?

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Why should anyone not indulge in all sorts of illegal and all sorts of,

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you know, bad things, because there are many examples of people who indulge in bad things. And apparently they get away with it. They're nothing to pay their home and drive free.

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And that is the reason why it has told us this in them and it will have it because this is the basis of the accuser of Muslims. That one day there is a day of reckoning.

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One day, there is a day of reckoning.

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Mercado de La Villa de la vehicle pinja de bello medic, I have been governor. It was rather Sunday, which we decided that no one knows we're gonna read this, that these people they say they ask this question. They say is it that after we have died and we have become dust,

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and we have been lost in the earth,

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that we will be resurrected again. And that was what that says even the one who asking this question if he's if he's saying this exactly a question. In order to clarify, it's a different matter, but if he if he is asking this question

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as a means of denial, then effectively what is he saying? He is denying the meeting with Islam, but rubella Kai, BM Cafiero, he is denying the meeting with Islam.

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So, the meeting with Rob is Huck. Therefore, we have to see what is the ending of our deeds, this life of mine, how will it end And where will it end?

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And the ending of life is not that

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there is another one of the big

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and that that is what this surah is talking about the ending of life is not debt debt is the beginning of the next stage in life that is why in order to we have this, this term for for note and regarding the

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interval is what tequilana

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to transfer from one place to another place

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to go from here to there, right. So, it is not the end it is moving from from this room to that room, from this animal Shahada to Allah to Allah burdock right from Allah Allah Allah He came to Alba

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and then we go to the Hazara, and then ninja Allah, May Allah give us Jana.

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So the whole point is that you

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We have to keep our in our mind the issue that life does not end with this

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and that the Acura is Huck, the Acura is real,

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it is not a philosophy, it is not somebody's imagination, it is real.

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And this life, the effect of this life

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is not seen in this life alone. But the real effect of this life is in India.

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Some effect of Dr. Vizier also on the life you do go to get some go to do some bad, you get some bad whatever. But the actual effect the real effect of this life is seen in the

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very simple example to understand this

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is if we'd switch

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right, you feel the taste of sweet masala very nice, rich. But what is the real effect of that switch

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is if you have diabetes, you realize that later, even if you don't have diabetes, you eat too many sweets, you realize the real effect of that sweet letter

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where there is a you know, change in the in your geography.

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Similarly, with something else, there is a taste, which is the immediate effect of that food. But there is a long term effect of the bowl which you see later,

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whether it is good or bad either.

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So, also in this life, there is a immediate effect of the action whatever you do, there is some effect of this action. But there is a long term effect of that action also. We do business and we use some means, in the business which is illegal, which is not dies as lap

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which is America, we will see some effect of that in this life, but the real effect of that is in the UK. So, whereas if we do the business that we do it

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we are to see both both sides, we do business and we do the business in a correct manner and energized by shall we say no, no, we will not do something what Allah has prohibited cannot be good therefore we will not do that. We will do only what Allah subhanaw taala has

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permitted us. And then you see the effect of that in this world and they'll usually be fully as you have Baraka in your business. But the real effect of that, because Allah Allah, Allah said, The Man Who does business, the one of the people who will be under the actual law is the businessman who does business honestly, who does business according to the soul of Islam.

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Because he comes under the the person who is the ideal, the ideal Imam, and among the different different meanings of who is the dilemma is of course the king of the country is also somebody who is in charge of a business or some activity, whether other people working under him is a householder, the head of household all of these evil shala so therefore, the effect of the deed the real result of the deed is based on its ending How does this deed end?

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And the ending of our deeds is in there

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never I remind myself when you let us concentrate on that and say what is it that I am putting away for my

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what is it that I'm sending for what is my investment if I say today as we're sitting here in afterthought the budget today from the time I woke up in the morning, what did I invest for my

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if I die now

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what have I already put not not what I did for the whole of my life, you don't know XYZ from this morning after I woke up till now, what is my investment in?

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Is there any investment apart from the derogatory I have a lot of other What else did I do?

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It must be done consciously also, for example, inshallah, because we all prayed south and further so we assume that we prayed with Lulu

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and that widow if it is done consciously with proper Nia Isabella

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please think about this, if you do the job, but if you do this consciously, with the consciousness that I'm doing about I'm making with Oh, in order for Salah I make the correct Nia and then I expect reward one as well and Allah will reward us just for doing the photo as well. So therefore, there is investment in Java. Right? And maybe more maybe some people who woke up.

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Allah bless you and you pray that

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you read Quran you maybe somebody gave some data on the way here and so on. So who knows. And we have the women have these artificial Rosella where one day in the afternoon,

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he turned around, he has his questions. He said, which is there anybody here and see those days? And what are people doing? Either Is there anyone here who followed agenda?

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They might he's gotten a lot of others. Before rather than further already, there is a data which has happened.

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Does anybody follow agenda?

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One person who lives in that area Arizona.

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Did anyone give sadaqa jasola? Is anyone fasting

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lol and maybe it was a Monday or Thursday or something or maybe some other day whatever. Is anybody watching? Yes Arizona.

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And that was

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for all the things whichever thing he asked yourself.

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Now imagine what is the consciousness of life have awoken to the hotel Ah, what was the man have been thinking when he wakes up in the morning what is thought in the mind first thought what is the man? How can I please Allah?

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How will my day and

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because the the value of the date is based on the ending, so, I remind myself when you let us be conscious of that, let us not live life without thinking, let us live life consciously focusing on the ending of our deeds and May Allah subhanaw taala make the last of our deeds, the best of our deeds, because those are the days that we will meet Allah subhanaw taala with was a Lola Highlander regarding Malala he was heavy almendra to go