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Okay, this one the first one Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe or UK Zimbabwe. briyani. Oh, Monday, Monday, Monday. That's what I would say as well called motorbike. motorbike. lojack for Android or Apple, Android.

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What is your actual name?

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Smile Musa mink love. favorite place? Nigeria. Coffee or tea? Tea. Favorite food? I don't have actually that's facts. You don't have I don't have a favorite. Okay. Miko, Medina, Medina. I'll bake or KFC and bake. Yes. Pizza Hut or dominos. Domino's thin crust? Yes. Okay. Shocking. Cricket, Pakistan or India.

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All the Muslims. Okay, so most overcoat are

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neither favorite in the Quran right now. Well, so far you have the Caribou Coffee. taba?

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How far back Can you name your ancestors? Eight generations.

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Which scholar from the past inspires you the most

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Abubakar Casa de la one?

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I guess that comes to the next one, which is favorite companion across the line. And why?

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Tons of reasons. I think he was a V hero. He stood with the process along from the very beginning not to say they will not other heroes. But the sacrifice. A lot of what he's done inspires me actually. And I think we're nowhere near that. But Subhanallah I always try to even tell people who say we've named our kid after you not to do that because I say actually the heroes or others are not me, you know? So there is a lot it's a topic on its own. He really has done a lot he's

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I don't know he and he's not the only one but like he's the top of the list. A lot of volume and Masha Allah, Colombia, that's my belief is the best to tread the earth after the prophets of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that's it. His name was at the live knows, man. Yeah. It's interesting, because when a lot of people speak about scholars from the past, it's rare that they actually talk about the companions. I think those were the scholars actually. Yeah, yeah, most definitely is Panama. Favorite. reciter.

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I can't tell you. Okay, there is one but I won't say his name. Okay. Favorite book? The Koran. Definitely. And

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yeah. other books. Look, look well. marjon FEMA de la shaken. That's a book of Hadith. It has in it a compilation of all the ahaadeeth attimo takala That's it. Okay.

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Most Amazing new country that you went to. So maybe that can you continue until recently.

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Every country has its own piece of you know, uniqueness and I really love all countries that have been to there's always something special about them and that's our last way of I think opening our eyes to say every country has positives and negatives it's up to us what we make of all of that so like I told you Nigeria is my favorite place for many reasons and West Africa at large. But at the same time it's not from a an infrastructural perspective. It's from many other angles, but Alhamdulillah countries are good home they layer on de la

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the Favorites your favorite form of exercise.

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swimming, swimming that's what I would say mine is as well even though I don't get to do it a lot you know over here Yeah, we're in the same boat. The swimming gyms are very very expensive. You know, may Allah make easy for us? Mashallah.

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Morning person or night person?

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Night person. Okay, interesting. I wasn't expecting that one. Your favorite product to use? Whether it be like an oil or like a cream or Moroccan? Argan MOROCCAN ARGAN OIL? I thought you're gonna say that. I think you're gonna see the beard shine shiny. Yeah, no, because once when we when we done light upon light. I asked you I said move to what you put in your bed because it was looked at diamonds in it. And you told me it was elgamal MOROCCAN ARGAN There are two types. One is the one to eat and the one to apply. Yeah, yeah, you just need a good original one. That is St. Louis meaning it's the original organ smell. Yeah.