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Are we lying when I say Tom or James Miller Amanda Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam O Allah Shafi mousseline syedna Mohammed, one early he was the main I beloved brothers and sisters in Islam. And so now why lakemont La Habra go to jackal a fait accompli Lopez, Allah has brought us here tonight number 12, of explicit month of Ramadan Alhamdulillah, we completed the second section of surah Yaseen. And we remember the second section of Surya sin was the story of the people of a town who received three ambia. And we rejected them and they killed us, well, one of them that was calling them to Islam. And of course, they killed him. And one of the themes that was

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important is the messages that came through beautifully in that section, the highest man, Allah records how he explains the concept of our belief system, our theology, that the is one creator, and that he has control over all of the universe, and that to him, we will return and so there is no benefit in worshipping anyone other than Him. And then of course, the way to get to Allah is to follow the messengers, which Allah Spangler has, has sent forth. Of course, these people rejected the messengers and killed this man. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala, destroyed them with the screen with a loud shouting, all of a sudden, they died. That section was in the news, Allah says, How many

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nations were destroyed? How many people how many powerful mighty nations were destroyed? Do we really think and that is something for us to think about? Do we really feel safe, that something similar could not happen to us on a global scale, or even on a small personal scale, and then Allah says that those people are extinct, they will never ever come back. except Allah says they're going to come back when kulula Jimmy Allah Dena Mata on that all of them will return to Allah, meaning in the day of, of karma. And so it ended up with this concept of resurrection. And we know one of the things which many groups have the courage to not believe is the concept of resurrection. But even

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today, Subhanallah when we live in an age of atheism, age of agnosticism, where people reject the idea of an afterlife, and they said, Look, it's only this life, what we do enjoy yourself, you only live once YOLO and that's it. There is no bigger purpose to all of this. We just are stuck on this little ball in the middle of space. And that's it as Panama Allah subhanaw taala is telling us he will bring us back and he's going to give us a sign for us to be sure that Allah brings the resurrection is a certainty. Some people asked show me an evidence, why does Allah give me a sign to prove to me that they will be a resurrection? So Allah says we're either to love them and a sign for

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them. Now we know when we speak about an idea, we refer to the verses of the Quran and Indeed Allah speaks about the meaning the verses of the Quran. But in the Quran, the word I actually means a miracle. Allah for example says and to Musa he got nine ayat for us we have a whole book of ayat. So Allah says of the verses of the Quran are miracles and Allah says I want to give you if not just in the Quran, all around you or if you don't have to look far for these I have in front of you are yet that is why if we go back to section one and responses of those people will arrogant and proud Allah has made it that they are caged in and so they do not see they do not see that is right in front of

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them. So Allah says we're here to learn them and assign for them our domain to arena ha ha Rajan. Amina have been from Anhui Kowloon, Allah says of the signs is the earth that is dead, it is barren land you can imagine a land that has not received water for years maybe completely did nothing grows on it. And then all of a sudden the rain falls on it. What our progeny Amina Allah said we bring out of it we extract from the dead Earth, seeds, firming who are called on of those seeds that come out of it. Some of it you eat. What Jan Luffy has anatomy nephila and Abby wafaa, Jennifer Hammond, and some of those seeds or mosses, we cause that it grows into date palm trees, or grape vines, and the

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earth itself brings us this dead Earth comes alive with with springs and ponds. So Allah subhanaw taala is giving us a parable. If we are really in doubt about the resurrection, do we not see how Allah subhanaw taala brings life out of something which is completely dead. You know, one of the lectures that stays with all these years, I remember the Imam of Parana Islam Muslim before I became a member of the masjid Al Hamdulillah. Dr. Saleh Rahim Allah Allah grantee, my blessing Jana and all the Imams of old mela Grandin, all I place in gender. I mean, one of the lectures he gave, he brought a seed. And he said, you look at the seed, it's very easy for us to dissect its components,

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you know, whatever elements, it's made of sodium, potassium, whatever it is, and we can put it in a tissue. So we have the CNS tube, and we have all these little elements put together in a test tube, if we're to pour water on the seed and give it you know, whatever it needs, it will germinate into a plant. But this these elements, no matter how much we try, we cannot bring life out of it. And he was was explaining the difference between Allah the Creator, and us trying to replicate the creation, and we cannot bring about life from something which is lifeless, even now when we clone things and we make things we have to be begin with something which is already alive, and then from

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the can life continue, but we cannot take dead elements and bring life out of it. And so Allah says, look at this, if you are in doubt how till today all our science technology, we don't know how Allah subhanaw taala brings life out of something, elements which are beginning

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I plus and then Allah subhanaw taala brings living things and not only that Allah says, You eat from it and you are sustained Your life is sustained from these things. Leah colome in February he Allah Swan says, and so that they may eat of his fruits Allah major summary he puts that pronoun from the fruits of Allah wa amela to add him and the hands have not produced it. msfc it says that the fruits that you eat, the food that we eat, our hands has not created this this is from Allah Elias Quran. So will you not be grateful? Will you not be thankful for what Allah has given you free of charge for those of us and I hope we remember we shouldn't forget this was a was a reminder from us. If

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Allah withholds the rains, or Allah causes the land to stop producing its vegetation, nothing we do not matter, all our power, and all our knowledge, we cannot bring, bring the rains, if Allah withholds it, or causes the earth to bring forth its vegetation. And Allah subhanho wa Taala then asks us will we not then be grateful and thankful to Allah subhanaw taala and how we are thankful this is to say sugar, to give praise to Allah subhanaw taala. And of course, the way to show your sugar or your blessings is to share it with those who don't have it. When we do these lectures, I hope we remember in Ramadan, one of the points of Ramadan is to is to feel hungry, and to know that

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many, many hundreds of millions of people are hungry, especially now in this COVID-19 generation, that just as powerless as we feel when Allah subhanho wa Taala withholds the rain. We are those who feel just as powerless each day not being able to eat because they are searching for the risk and is for us to feed. So everyone I pray that in this month of Ramadan, the best one of the best charities the proffesor lamb advises us and in fact so many times in the Quran you'd find the most basic charity is to feed we'll get to an iron surah is are we jumping with dunya but a lot the only thing that Allah instructs us to do in all surah Yaseen, if you look at an action, not to believe it is to

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feed people it is to actually feed someone that is hungry. And so this is how we show gratitude by sharing that which Allah has given us. So Allah mentions how he brings life out of the dead and he brings the scenes that bring different fruits when he says super Han and lovey, so behind Allah The holla call as wakulla, Hamamatsu woman and pushing my animal, Exalted is He who created all things in peers from that, that the earth grows and from within themselves and from things which they do not know. Now, this is basic, this is a little bit further, and the translation perhaps is not accurate or not that perfect, Allah Subhana Allah says Subhana What does this word Subhan Allah

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which we say all the time so final prophets of Salaam says the one who says Subhana Allah, He says, even though he has filled the entire scale, the the week of Subhan Allah falls the scale on the day of kiama lots of this is very, very heavy on the scale, the more Subhana Allah as you say, what is the word so behind Allah mean? So behind Allah means how perfect is Allah subhanho wa Taala it's an exclamation about the perfection of Allah that Allah subhanho wa Taala is free of any imperfections, he is one he is beyond his creation, he is exalted in and the best of praise is for him this what Subhan Allah mean? And Subhana Allah actually goes back and then to me beautiful when we see the

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linkage Allah uses this word. So behind Allah comes from the original word in Arabic is to Subha means to swim, right Seba is to swim. And so the link between how does Allah being perfect and swimming? How do they link together, the one that swims the imagery is someone that floats and swims above the water. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is above the creation is above imperfection, he is constantly above all things, and that the one that is making imagery of someone swimming is that he is constantly above the tide, no matter how the tide comes, he is above the tide. And so the idea is that Allah is the one constant in your life, that no matter what changes the ocean might change, the

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weather might change. But if you want to remain above the tide, if you want to remain on top is the one who makes us be and so Allah is that constant in your life you will always be perfect your business might fail your health might fail your family might go one way but the one thing that is always perfect is Allah subhanaw taala and therefore if you want to be saved is to make more of the test. If you want to float and not sink then you make disappear so it's a super Hannah lady holla call as watch so our perfect Allah Who created that as watch all the peers now as watch usually it means to be paid or those things that are complimentary to one another. But it could also mean

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different types and categories of examples for work here Allah says that there are three as watch they are three manana three P's we need three types of people. So another way of eating this is to say and how how perfect is Allah who has created such diverse creations, some of which which we see in the ground, the plants, the trees, the fruits, how different they are, how many species they are, and woman unfussy him and how different inside of themselves and from from themselves meaning how different we are we are in pairs male and female and then our different colors and our different personalities. When we mala animal creations which we have no clue about. There are so many

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creations which you are discovering, and we know even in the IRA almost speaks about creations beyond this planet that the throughout the heavens and the earth. Allah says he has skin

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About creatures throughout the heavens and the earth. And so Allah subhanaw taala is created, and we can only perceive a small fraction of what he has created. So how perfect is he? Who has created all these diversities? panela? Imagine we cannot replicate one of the last pantelis Creations who are even the smallest insect, or the smallest plant can we replicate it Allah has created all of these things are so Subhan Allah how perfectly is this another way of looking at this, the section was about explaining how Allah brings to life I did Earth and makes many, many different creatures out of it, and how Allah brings life from the dead. As a reminder about the resurrection. It's something

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for you to look about and think about. There's also a spiritual dimension here, oh HFC. From a spiritual standpoint, meaningful silliness in the dead land. If you if we follow the analogy, it is like that heart that Allah began speaking about the heart that is dead. So the heart that is dead, like the disbelievers does not have a lot in his heart, Allah can bring this heart to life again. And in this analogy, the rain would be the guidance of the Quran, the prophets, this brings the heart back to life. And this heart once it receives a little bit of guidance, and it comes back to life. It begins as a seed doesn't look like it's alive. It doesn't look like it has much benefit.

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It's very small, but it's still alive, it's still something and then the more nourishment it gets, and the more nurturing it gets. That seed then flourishes and it becomes plants and becomes trees. And it installs to be fruits even so now the believer moves on to becoming a better person. The more he does, the more he man, the more worship he does, and the closer he is to align the more guidance it consumes, this land now becomes a lush garden, and it is of benefit to others. In fact, it might become so beneficial at this heart Even now, this land even gushes forth water of its own, which feeds other others others that are dead. So it's like that person who's on only now is worship Allah

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and His throne closer to Allah, he's actually benefiting others, like the man in Surah Yaseen, who was preaching to his own people he brings, he brings others to the path. And then Allah subhanaw taala also went what speaks about gardens and the rivers flowing, of course, this is the imagery of the gender. And so the concept is the one who follows that guidance, that rain that comes down, that brings life it is the way to eternal life, it is the way to to Jannah and so this is a beautiful analogy of being spiritually dead. And the the life that Allah brings to it is of course following the guidance meaning the Quran, bringing the Quran and that is what will bring your life then Allah

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subhanaw taala moves to a second beautiful, really a wonderful analogy, Allah subhanaw taala says, What if and another sign for them? Why to leave him alone as lahoma one alpha moon, the analogy of the idea of the Knights Allah says I want you to ponder over think of the night my time how we must look. Nice look means it's the verb that is used when someone skins an animal meaning to peel away when you peel an onion for example. Do you not see how we peel the day for either one with limb one so we peel the day out of the night layer four layer it gets taken out until it is completely the person is completely in darkness right now on the moon. The night is completely pitch black. We're

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Shams who tell you really moussaka Allah, Allah says the sun that runs on a course towards its muscarella a fixed point, Valley Cathedral as easily This is the determination of the one who is all powerful Almighty and all knowing welcome are called the nomina Zilla Hata article or Julian calm and the moon we have determined for it managing phases stages until it returns like the old bait stock less gems remember healer and political Kamara, What a loser because not that it is not allowed for the sun to output or reach the moon, nor does the night overtake the day. We're cool movie for nothing. So the horn, and each is swimming the sun in the moon, they are swimming in their

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own obit analysis make the feel of the section. So let's panatela begins by saying and assigned for you is the night and how Allah strips out the day from it how the darkness comes in in stages, and then it is completely covered in darkness. And then Allah says the sun, it runs on a course to its moussaka to its stopping point. Now, these two words gradually indicate something moving very fast. Something which is running and must occur means something which is fixed. What is the analogy between these two things, something that is the sun is running, but it's also in a fixed course. From a scientific standpoint, so we just look at a physical standpoint, Originally, it was believed

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that the Earth was the center of the universe, and that the sun and the moon, they moved around the earth. And so this was the original concept and the belief, then of course with science, we understood that the earth is in fact moving around the sun. And that's why many people not so long ago, they accused the Quran of being factually incorrect. This is how you see the Quran is still based on old science that believe that the Earth was fixed and the sun moves. Now with modern understanding. We know that the sun itself is moving at the sun is traveling at a phenomenal speed similar 120,000 kilometres an hour for every hour several 120,000 kilometres that's mind boggling

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speed at which the sun is trapped

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Meaning the sun, and the moon and the earth, all of it are traveling and they're traveling around the galaxy, the galaxy is like a spiral, and the sun is moving in this motion. So the sun is moving fast in its orbit. But Allah says it is fixed. Why did Allah speak that it's fixed, because the sun's motions are very, very precise the sun in the moon, they are in a precise predetermined orbit, they are on a course that they cannot deviate from. In fact, this course is so precise that if you look at a calendar, for example, if you take a calendar 10 years ago, and you look for the fifth of may 2018, you will find that the sun arose the exact same time as he did today. And it said the

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exact same time as it will this evening. So, the sun's motions is so precise, and it is so predictable, that we can you know, model it many, many decades into the future. Why How is the sun on such a precise course, Allah says, I have made it fixed, that it will arise and it will sit as program it is determined to create, of course comes from the fact that everything is predetermined, everything is controlled by Allah subhanaw taala. The set course is of course, by the one who is all powerful al Aziz meaning he is dominant, and he is exalted over all things. Allah subhanho wa Taala determines everything. And so everything follows the course that Allah has set for it, Allah says

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and another sign for you is, is the moon that we have determined for it phases. So while the sun moves, and usually the sun is used to determine the number of years, whereas past the moon, of course, Allah gave to us to determine the times of the month where we are in the month, so many of us we don't even look at the moon anymore. By now I hope we know how the moon moves to the moon begins. Of course, with a new moon, that's when we go out and is the moon sighting of the moon fighting that we find we are searching for the moon to be born. And so the moon is born. And mean as it is born is a very small Crescent, and it slowly becomes bigger and bigger and bigger. And then

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when you look at the moon towards the middle of the month, and this is the lunar month, of course, around the 1415 The moon is full. So if you look at the moon tonight, it close to being full, not yet quite full, but it's very close to being full. And then once we pass the middle point, you'll find that the moon begins to get smaller and smaller and smaller, towards the end of the month, the moon goes back to that Crescent and then it even disappears completely so we can't see it. And then we go out again looking is the moon going to be reborn and that of course will be when we see it again it's eat and this of course is not just for for for Ramadan and for you. It's of course for

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every month. And so then Allah says it, it comes back the new moon forms like a very curved yellow stock. So again, we don't work with bait source but Allah says it will appear like the old bait stalks are those work with a date stalks if you google a picture, the casing looks very similar to that. And so Allah says the cycle of the day and the night are predetermined and the one cannot exceed or reduce the other one not not one can overtake the other the sun and the moon are fixed in the positions Allah subhanaw taala and determined this is how they will function and this is how they will float in the orbits and they cannot overtake each other and Falak coleauxv falaka Yes, the

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horn, Allah speaks about the fact that they are in a pattern The best way to describe an orbit really remember this is where the you know 1000 years before the concept of orbits and and the motion of space was actually put in place I was Allah is the best way to describe it is like a ship of Falak really is a ship on a course so Allah says the sun the moon, they are swimming, they are floating as a ship would do on a on a lane and they are stuck on that lane, you know on a predetermined fixed pathway. And this is really accurate from a scientific standpoint that everything in the cosmos are floating according to an orbit and they are stuck in that orbit. And as

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panela something like Halley's Comet every 70 years or so it comes back and we can see it and then it goes again for decades. We won't see it but it is all a fixed predetermined course and it will come and it will follow this course year in year out as Allah subhanho wa Taala had determined. So that is the physical aspect Allah subhanaw taala is wanting to give a message so we are marvel at the creation with marvel at the sun and the boonies. It's amazing, but what is the imagery that Allah is giving us? Or one way to look at it? Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the sun on its predetermined course. And we know the sun we used to measure the number of years so Allah says our

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lives like that is predetermined and of course, and just as the sun is moussaka it is fixed it will not go longer than excuse to not go shorter than its course it won't go Of course, your life and my life is the same. We don't know how many years we have how many Ramadan's we have the number Allah has given us we will be stuck on the course and that is how Allah subhanho wa Taala had intended it. And then Allah also mentions the moon, look at the moon, the moon is also very similar to our life. We are born the moon is born and with great pride and happiness you know people wake before the birth of of a child. Similarly we got out the monkeys go all the way to look for the moon. And then

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we don't know exactly when it's going to happen. But then all of a sudden hamdulillah it is born the child is born. And then we go through that first few years as a small youngster and then we grow up until we reach our peak like the full moon and then we at our peak and we add the might of our power and we bright and we brilliant and then as we get older Omar decreases from

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And in fact, later in the surah, Allah actually mentioned that as we increase you in life in age, we decrease you inclination, you become less and less and less like that more that is decreased subtracted each evening all takes a bit more and more away until you actually disappear completely. So we go back to the first I Allah says, look at how we peel away the day from the night, Allah takes away our life every moment every day, but servers are being peeled away, until either who moodily moon we are completely in darkness, meaning we completely we will die. And Allah Subhana Allah says, This is the doctor, this is the title deed that cannot be changed you and I cannot fight

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it, we cannot rebel against it. We are completely fixed in the motion which Allah subhanaw taala Our time is fixed is the awesome Hadith that the one who keeps good family ties and the one that goes on hygiene can increase his life is one of the blessings Allah gives, but for the most part, our life and our death is predetermined. And every moment that we have is a decrease in our life on earth is a hadith which has caused some problem for some people, and they accuse the Quran or the sooner of being inaccurate. The prophets of Salaam asked a Buddha Allah if it asked him Do you know when the sun goes when it sits and the Sahaba says aligners are somos based and so the Prophet says, the sun

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when it sits, it goes and prostrates beneath the arch of the throne of Allah. Then it asks Allah permission to rise again and every day Allah gives you permission and it rises again. And soon it will prostrate and will ask Allah for permission to rise and Allah will not give you permission. And so then it will go backwards from where it came from, meaning the sun will rise from the waist. And this is of course, when the day of kiama comes. So the sun would rise from its sitting place and that is why Allah says ashram so as a De Lima karela ricotta.

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So all the prophets have actually been recited This was so some people have criticized the Hattie sciences for being inaccurate. This is how he speaks about the sun moving. We know as we say, Now proven the sun does move. And of course, what is understood from this hadith is that the sun makes sure you like we make sujood Allah Subhana Allah says in the verse in the Quran, that the seven heavens and the earth and whatsoever is in the meaning everything in the universe, they make us be have Allah they worship Allah and they make sudo to Allah. Wa Shakira when Nigeria yesterday and in total man, Allah says, the trees and the stars make sudo to Allah. Of course, we do not see the

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stars on the streets, making sure Jude but they submit to Allah in the way Allah had decreed. And Allah says, There is not a single thing that is not a single teacher in all of creation, except that it makes us be have Allah, but we don't understand it has to be and therefore it's a beautiful link. If you think about it, as Allah says, or coleauxv Falak as the home that the sun and the moon they follow the course Allah had determined for them, they are swimming and remember the link between swimming Yes, and as Be that as they are doing their job as Allah decreed. They are worshipping Allah. And so it is also an indication for us. Everything in creation is a Muslim, everything

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submits to Allah, everything by doing its job, it is worshiping Allah And so for us, we need to do our job. And that is our thursby without tongs without hands without actions and to be on the course that will lead us to our last panel data malice panel except from us and make us understand these are yet we continue to immoral and challenges like La Jolla, San Juan Martinez, La Habra Kathu