What is Shariah- When you Recite Verses of Quran, How do you Concentrate

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Good evening, sir.

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Sir, I have got two questions for this evening. First one is what is Sharia? Because we follow the Quran, the holy book, lifestyle, everything depends upon. But what is Sharia? Because Yesterday I saw and BBC punishments are given to the criminals based on what is written in the Sharia. So I want to know what is it? That is my first question. The second question is, usually in Hinduism under we have got the meditation practice, by which when we even chant this locus, we concentrate on something, at least the light, but when you chant your shloka system in the verses, how do you concentrate on the verses and get into or speak to God? This is my second question, sir. Sister,

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that's two questions. The first question she wants to know, what is Sharia? She heard on the television that are under Sharia. And second question is that what do you concentrate on? When we do when we chant something? You're concerned on light? What do you consider? I find the first questions about Sharia, Sharia. It is a legal system based on the Quran and the Hadith.

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So when we say that, do you follow the Sharia? We mean to say do you follow Quran and say Hadith? So if you ask me a ruling, that what is according to the Sharia

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that can we have alcohol according to the Sharia? What are you asking me? The rule laid down by Almighty God defined in the Quran and the Hadith?

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The sayings of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him? If you say, what is the ruling of the Sharia, I say okay, that can we have alcohol? So I said, the Sharia says alcohol is primary, I may give a reference. So reminder, chapter number five was number 90. So Sharia means following the legal system of Islam based on the Quran, and the authentic sayings of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon, as far as the second question is concerned that when we chant something, we concentrate on something like the light, what do we concentrate on?

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When we pray, we pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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What do we do is we communicate with Almighty God directly.

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Prayer is a hotline to God, you know, hotline,

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hotline to call directly. And you're, what we do is we concentrate on the meaning.

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We don't concentrate on an image.

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Because we don't believe that Almighty God has an image. The moment you do that, you're believing God. Now imagine, when you're saying that to concentrate on God, you're making an idol of Almighty God, you are believing God and limiting God to that idol. If suppose it falls, that it breaks. Imagine, God cannot help himself if you consider it to be God. So we cannot belittle God, we cannot abuse God. That's the reason when we pray, we pray to him directly and we concentrate on the meaning that there is an inner Salah

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we normally say Salaam Arabic, and I say that the best way to concentrate Salah is to understand the meaning and constant and the meaning. And then we follow our prayer. When we see pray, in English to pray, means to ask for help to beseech in Arabic Salah does not merely means to pray,

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Salah besides asking for help, we also thanking Allah subhana wa Taala thanking you Almighty God and simultaneously getting guidance from Almighty God in our Salah.

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For example, after Surah Fatiha

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the man the leader in the salidroside sorry Fatah after that, you may recite from either chapter five or some 90 B says yeah I your lesson or you believe and number come roll my suit, more subtle intoxicants gambling. 100 Zavala salaamu dedication of stones divination of arrows reached a minimally shaitan these are Satan's handiwork first enable Welcome to floon abstain from the Hannibal with me prosper. Yo, besides thanking God, besides asking for help, we are getting guidance. Don't have alcohol.

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Don't gamble. Don't do fortunetelling don't do idol worship. Yeah, in our Salah. We get guidance of Allah subhanho wa Taala and that is the reason I call Salah to be a sort of programming towards righteousness.

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And that there is in a beloved prophet masala Salam and Allah subhanho wa Taala. He has said you should offer Salah minimum five times a day. Because the amount of evil we see around us the amount of wrong things we see the sin we see there are high chances we can be deprogrammed.

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So that there is

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Then we have our Salah v get programmed into his righteousness minimum five times a day,

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five times a day. We are being programmed towards righteousness. So our Salah is much more superior than just praying, pray, will ask for help. Besides asking for help, we are thanking God and we are getting guidance of Almighty God so that we can be on the straight path and you can follow the path of the Sharia. Follow the path of submitting a will to Almighty God

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system. Thank you