Muhammad West – When the Prophets Cried #2 – 14 August 2020

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the difficulties of facing difficult situations and the importance of staying true to Islam. It also touches on struggles faced by women and the use of deadly powder to kill people. The segment emphasizes the importance of submitting to Islam and respecting family members. The segment also touches on the loss of a family member and the sadness of their children. The segment ends with a discussion of the return of Islam and the importance of showing mercy and showing mercy towards someone who committed a mistake. The segment also touches on the struggles faced by believers and the potential for profit for a son named Jesus.
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Other languages all knowledge in similar manner akima from the reliable galantamine or salat wa salam, I should have seen them humming Allah Allah you also have your main My beloved brothers and sisters a cinematic moment oh boy he obrigado hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen always and forever and in all situations be difficult with ease. We begin with the praise and thanks for lost power dial and shadow Allah either had a law with a witness that none has the right of worship because the last panel dial up and we send our love and greetings and salutations available in every Mohammed sallallahu wasallam to his pious and pure family to his Sahaba and also follow his son until the end

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of time, malice panthella blesses and Omar Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in this dunya and the asherah Meanwhile, hamdulillah I pray that this lecture reaches you and your family in the best of health and in safety and in the care of Allah. Amin Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. Last week we began looking at a two part series This is part two of that series in sha Allah will conclude today on this and it's about when the Gambia when the prophets of Allah in the Quran when they wept and when they were in severe difficulty. We said they were going through a very difficult time this crisis that has put the entire world under lockdown has caused so many people arm so many people have gone

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through so much difficulty. Loved ones have been lost health has been lost. People have lost their jobs, Marla make it easy for all of us. We are all scared. And it's in times of these difficulties in times of hardship, you know, it's easy to become despondent. It's easy to ask Allah Why are we going through this? What have we done? Is this a punishment, and it's good to look at the Quran and to take the Quran as our guidance in good times and in bad times to look at even the most pious and the most beloved people to Allah subhanaw taala went through hardships and how Allah subhanho wa Taala tested them as well with hardship. And as we said that you know, life is all it is the good

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days and the bad days are these from Allah Subhana Allah, all of it Allah subhanaw taala is going to us to see who of us worship Him Who of us are thankful that our Eman does not fluctuate with the situation. And that eventually we return to Allah subhanaw taala the good our blessings come to an end, and our hardships and our troubles come to an end and ultimately Allah subhanaw taala will judge according to how we face these difficult days and how we are thankful we will for the good days and the blessings that He has given us. Last week we looked at some of the MBM and the highest women that is mentioned in the Quran, we looked at Asha and we looked at NaVi iacob. Now we usually

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Solomon Ibrahim A number of the mbf when they went through hardship and what they were struggling with. And I think last week, we ended off with maybe another year old who was tested with the loss of the thing that he loved the most which was the use of he lost his son use of and he had cried for years until he actually went blind from the sadness, but he will continue to turn to Allah subhanaw taala in his grief, and what was beautiful and what's beautiful from these ayat, we see that even the most pious of people, they feel sad, they are despondent, they are depressed, that they go into, you know, extreme extreme sort of maternal, you know, crying to such an extent that he goes blind.

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This is very, very deep, deep deep sorrow. And it's for years for decades is going through this and it does not shake is a man though and there's nothing wrong with feeling sad and something wrong with being you know, broken on the inside. Nothing wrong with Al Hamdulillah it's fine to do that. But of course the tongue only sees that which pleases a lot that in our sorrow we go back to Allah subhanaw taala our difficulty takes us back to Allah subhanaw taala and we complain labia COVID guava, he said, I only complain to Allah, my grief, you know, he's turning to Allah, crying at the loss of an abusive. And so we continue to look at some of the other ambia and what's amazing is

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you'd find almost every single newbie and pious person in the Quran went through some kind of hardship, Allah subhanaw, taala, etc, even the most Blissett of people with the most difficult of trials, and if we compare the difficulties that we are afflicted with in the dunya and so on Allah, Allah has really made it easy for us and not distressed beyond our means. So let us continue that inshallah We'll begin with the dua of an OB a YouTube novia. You will know your story quickly now via YouTube job even in the English language, also the patient's of job with this newbie who showed a lot of perseverance through his his affliction. We as Libya who lost the thing he loved the most.

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Now via you've lost everything, you know, every single blessing that was planted had given him was taken from him. And initially a loss hunter given Libya, you blocked he was an army. His people followed him and loved him. He had a big family, he was wealthy, he had a wife that he was deeply in love with. And so he had everything's panela. And he was really, really a grateful slave to Las panatela. And then, and he went through many years decades of prosperity, and then almost panatela with this theme, with the other side of things with loss. And so he begins to lose one thing after the other first he loses his family, his money, when he loses his children, his children die, then

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he is afflicted with such a disease that he he can't move he becomes basically like paralyzed and his skin gets you know, covered in sores so that people start visiting him his friends turn away from him. And eventually he's even his wife complains and she she stays with you for a long time and eventually she complains and says, For how long will you will you be like this and how long will Allah put you through this wise alone of helping you

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When he saw that she was really, you know, a human was becoming a bit shaky. He became very frustrated with her. And he said to her, how many years they all give me, you know, blessings. And now that things are difficult to me, you're not going to be patient with Allah do I only worship Allah when things are good? And so he told me to leave. And so he was alone, basically. And so let's talk about maintenance. Now via your policies. Where are you and are you is Nether abohar when he called up to load and NEMA senate Doru were under our hammer rahimian. So even on a big obese patient, it doesn't mean being patient you don't make do Oh, he's constantly making dua and he says,

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Allah says and remember to be a YouTube when he called out to his Lord and he said, India, Allah, adversity has touched me that calamity has befallen me. And just a side note, it's a beautiful adapt of the way you make your art. When a blessing comes to us, we say Allah, you have given me this blessing that I got this raise, I got this child, I got this good thing in my life from you. But when hardship comes to us, and yes, everything of good and bad comes to us from Allah subhanaw taala. We don't say Allah, you have caused me hardship. Yana via YouTube says, that hardship has touched me calamity has come to me. He doesn't say Allah, you have made calamity upon me. And so he

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says, Allah, I'm in a state of severe calamity or Under Armour Rohini and you are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy. So Allah says for salmonella, who so after a period of time, Allah, you know, allow them to have summer and make the swap. And then eventually Allah says so we responded to his two and removed what afflicted him of adversity, we took all of it away everything that he had lost, we took it away. And look at this, where are they now who who and we gave his family back to him Pamela so there'll be a you thought that his family had died or what happened and and Allah had returned to his family or miss la home and more than that, and the like they have and you know, even

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more than what he had lost out in this panel. This is a great message to all of us, everyone or anyone that has lost something that into our we know that Allah subhanaw taala can give back that which we lost and even better than that Allah can replace that which was lost with something even better. Ramadan mingyang Dena Allah, Allah says, as I we gave everything back to him and more as a mercy from Us where the crawl Hill Abilene and as a reminder for those who worship Allah, the worshipers and something for those who worship Allah to remember that Allah subhanho wa Taala can bring everything that you have lost the back, Allah spark also mentions in another in another ayah

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that Allah told him to strike on the floor with with his foot. And when he did that, though, you know, water came out and gushed out. And it was a cure for him of his disease. And very interesting, of course, we're going through a pandemic, with his diseases and people's lives, health is being lost, there be a you went through a sickness, we use completely isolated, you know, people do want to come near him, because because of the way he looked, and so he was alone, you know, and the only thing that he had, as the as the SFC dimensions The only thing that was really functional, was his tongue to make Vicar and his heart of course, that he's he man was still there in his heart. And so

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all you would do is to make to our and make thicker and he would thank Allah and make dua for Allah to to kill him or to to remove his adversity and so Allah subhanaw taala answered his door. And just as quickly as everything was last Allah return everything as quickly as final as Allah says, We're the CRO the IBD. No, this is a reminder for all those who worship Allah, how quickly Allah can return things to you. The next Why is the daughter of NaVi now we know another way said, a very raw moment of envy. And this is a do an A B, that is submitting the decree of Allah, that Allah subhana wa tada is going to sometimes put us through tests. And no matter how hard we make, do it no matter

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how sad we are, eventually we submit to what Allah has decreed for us, and we cannot turn over that. So you're willing to mention the moment we know we know. We know that he called these people for for almost 1000 years to come to to Allah Subhana Allah and His people rejected him. And they were the first people milotic tests that were destroyed through a through a flood. And amongst those people that that disobeyed me know who was his own son, and his own son basically drowns in front of him because he refuses to get on board on the ship. And in that moment, when he sees his son drowning, now we know he's making the ark and Allah subhanaw taala. Let's go to the door. So Allah says, One,

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I don't know called out to his Lord, for color, Robbie, in the money mean early, he says, oh, Allah, oh my lord, this is my son, he's from my family. We're in our article, or in our article, and that your promise is through and

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given so that we know he's looking at his son drowning, and his overall this is my son, he's from my family, and your promises through that which you promised. You promised these people including my son, that if they don't, you know return, that they will be punished, and you are the most just of those who will give judgment. So now we know he say Allah, I know that you are the most just and I know your promise is through But still, yeah, Allah, he's still my son. He still my son he is he deserves what's happening to him. I can't deny what's happening to him. But now we know him beautifully saying this is my son. He's from my family. At the end of the day a lot. I'm a father.

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He's my son, even in spite of all the transgressions even though he's guilty as charged that he deserves us what you are giving you is only fee. I still wish that he's my son. Yeah, Allah, please save him. Yeah, Allah make an exception for him. Yeah, Allah make it, you know, save him. And so Allah respond, call a Anwar in a wholesome and Alec Allah system we know that this he is indeed not of your family he is not basically he's not of you in no Amanullah he was sorry that he his deeds were not good that he was a bad person. So do not ask me about things that you do not know Do not ask me of things that that is not befitting to be asked about. And so that you become of those who

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are the gentlemen that and I advise you all assistant, I mean, oh, no, this is very, very stern words in need that you look at that I I warn you, oh, no, and takuna Mila j need to be of those who become ignorant. And so now we know turns back to Allah panda. And he says, Allah forgive me for asking that which is going to be awesome. I mean, your foot knows that this is true. That is that there's a lot kit does not make exceptions for the NBA, but no one gets preferential treatment. But still now we know is a is a is a father. Now what we take from this, the story is that even the MBR again, with all the email and let me know who's one of the resumes one of the five elite newbies of

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the MBA the five who are the super elite MBA, I mean, who is one of them. And even he as a parent is saying, Yeah, Allah, I know everything and I know that you are fee, but this is my son make an exception. And so Allah says to him that there is no exceptions in this and that this is the decree and y'all know that you do not ask things which are not befitting to be asked. And so now we know Cynthia, Allah forgive me, and protect me and have mercy on me for asking that which is not which I'm not supposed to ask. And so there'll be no submits to the will of Allah. He is of course not happy about it. He's Of course inside, he's broken inside, he is crying inside, he seen his son that

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he loves is drowning. But obviously at the end of the day, this is the reliever. And we take from this that sometimes, you know we make to our we don't like the taste that Allah has before put upon us we go through a difficulty. It doesn't mean that we should, we should be happy about them inside, we're sad. But at the end of the day, no matter what, this is the Beaver. Whatever Allah sends to us, we submit to Allah, and we obey that which Allah has commanded us, whether we like it, or we don't like it. This is what it means to have email and this is what Islam means we submit to you Allah was whatever you do, you are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy. This is from your

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judgment, this is from your, you know, your infinite knowledge which we cannot, we cannot fully comprehend. And then abyss also give a hadith. And then of course, we know a story that even he had to submit like all the ambia with the decree of Allah and especially the loss of a child, this is a very difficult thing. So we say, perhaps the most difficult test anyone can go through is the taste of life when when something you someone that you love passes away, and perhaps the most difficult person that could pass away is if a child passes away a parent, you know, is not meant to be the children think about NaVi Mohammed's also limb. He had seven children. He had buried six of his

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seven children in every single one of his children had died in his lifetime. And the only one that survived in was Fatima rhodiola Anna and Subhanallah This is the most beloved of NaVi Allah occasions. It is the most pious of Allah's creations, the most holy of almost creations. It Allah tested him was such a great test that all these children had died. And and what perhaps one of the most, you know, sad moments in the biography of an apostle lump is when he's lost son, Ibrahim passed away. So in abyssal Salaam, as we know, he buried all his children, the sons died when they were young. And then one by one his daughters passed away. And then Allah Allah had blessed that

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he's also almost unexpectedly with a son in a very late in his life, and he's almost almost 60 when a son Ibrahim is born to him, so Allah and perhaps he thought, you know, this son of mine, Ibrahim will survive will outlive me, you know, I'm in my 60s and I have the sun and the Sahaba mentioned how much than abuse Islam would love to visit Ibrahim, he would go out of his way to hold him to play with him to to kiss him. And then Subhan Allah when he was about one and a half, two years old. In that very cute stage. Ibrahim a son of marmots also becomes ill, and he is dying. And so then I be so solemn goes, how do you it's mentioned here, then a piece of money with offices that then a

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resource online was holding, holding his son Ibrahim, and as he's holding this boy, the boys basically passing away he's dying. Then obese also begins to cry, his eyes begin to tear and the Sahaba It was strange for them to see that client that you know, he did not cry much in public. And so of the madami Alfred and the great companion or the teen promise, Jenny says oh, well as Michelle Oh yasumasa salemme do you cry? Are you even do you also weep and some of them might have thought that he by him crying this was an indication that you know you're gonna be you know, almost decree You are so connected with Allah, you know these things you shouldn't cry. And so now please also let

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me say to note

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that these tears are a mercy This is not me showing I'm displeased with Allah.

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And he says his beautiful words the proficiencies that in difficulty the eyes, the eyes are tearing and the heart he said that you know for even even for in a viola, even the most pious of people that we feel our hearts are aching Our hearts are broken and our eyes here, but we only say that which please look at the tongue only says that which pleases Allah. We don't say anything. Yeah, I know why and we know why are you doing this to me? Yeah Allah 100 Anya, Allah Alhamdulillah even though inside you are crying inside, you still say only that which pleases a lot and this pan Allah, this is what it means to be a Muslim. This is what it means of submitting to Allah and Allah, may Allah

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grant us the strength to be this to do this. And then there'll be some continuous and he looks at he's basically saying that he's dead in his arms and he says, oh, Ibrahim, we are very sad that you have left us with it. He said that we have been separated from you. But what gives us comfort and suddenly for all of us, he says, What gives us comfort gives him comfort is that this was part of the the key and the plan of Allah, that whatever afflicts you, it is coming from the Most Merciful, a lot of handle has seen this, and Allah knows better than we know. And Allah subhanho wa Taala will not we believe Allah will not ever put an affliction upon us, except that it is something that we

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can be, and except that we it is a mercy for us that we can get closer to Allah. And that, you know, resource Adam says to his son, Ibrahim, that insha Allah We will meet each other once again in Jannah. And so what a wonderful thing for all of us who have lost people that we love. Remember that the separation for the believer is only a temporary one that we will meet each hour soon. We meet each other soon, again in the era and in general where we will never ever be separated. We move on to Nabi Musa alayhis salam, and this is also perhaps, you know, one of my favorite two hours of the Quran, it's a new, as you say, it's so raw, it's so human, it is so disparate from from an OB Moosa.

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So we know a bit of Nabi Musa story, that he of course, was from the bunnies who are ill, and he grew up in the, in the palace of your own. And when he became old, he began to realize that he's not from the ruling elite, and that his people being oppressed. And so he by mistake, you know, tries to defend one of his fellow Israelis any kills one of the Egyptians, and so he is being chased because of the murder. He calls that the police are looking for him. And so let me move on. We know he flees, he runs away from Egypt. So he was a prince yesterday, today is a fugitive. And he runs basically into the desert. And he comes all the way to Marion, and he comes to Medina and was

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nothing, he doesn't have a place to live. He doesn't have food to eat less than half a cent in his pocket. The most powerful man in the world which is around is searching for him, the police are looking for him. And so maybe Musa is completely disabilities in he has nothing. So Allah Subhana Allah says that nahi mosa comes to the, to the place of Madison, and he comes there and he sits on the tree, you know, he finds a well and he sits under the tree. And he's looking at the people at the well. And he sees a group of people there are watering the sheep. And on one side you have these two goals that are waiting, fighting, they're not able to holding the sheep back. And so they're

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they're not being able to water the sheep. And so they'll be Moosa gets up and he waters he takes the sheep from these goals, and he waters it for them, He gives the sheep water, and then he gives the sheep back to them not really saying anything to the girls. And he sits now under the tree. So he helps these these goals. He says as he helps them and now he goes back to the three and now that he's alone, he makes to do his his rabine Lima and Zelda layyah when hiring faqeer he says Oh Allah, my Lord, indeed I am for what ever good you could give me I mean, I am immediate Allah. So now we Moosa is so desperately saying, Hello, I'm not even gonna be picky. I'm not saying Oh, give me give

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me a house to sleep. Give me something to eat anything at all. If you have, you know, give me anything. I'm not even going to ask what Just give me something Allah I am in need of any form of assistance. In order to do that. He says, in hiding for here I am desperately in need of anything of assistance. And so of course, Allah subhanaw taala would answer that immediately, not not, you know, within a few minutes after he made that do those two goals came back and they say that look, our dad wants to reward you for for helping us. And he goes and he gets a meal. And off while sitting in that house. He has a conversation with us on this old man. And by the time the meal was done, they

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agree that he's going to live with him and he's going to assist him is going to help them and he's going to marry one of the sisters who handle what we learn here Nabi Musa had absolutely nothing. He comes to this town, you know, in complete desperation, by the hamdulillah he's still young and he's still strong. And he sees a group of people, his two sisters, I can help you even though I have nothing, I don't ever seem to my pocket, but I can help you and so he helps them and then he makes to Allah assist me helped me and immediately Allah answers that door and changes his fortune overnight. Everything you know, he gets a family overnight to Allah. And this is how Allah subhanaw

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taala rewards and we take a lesson from this, that no matter how difficult your situation is, my situation is, we can still help someone else that is still something that we can do for someone

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What else and when you you know, when you make do almost pantalla of your situation, it's a good thing to first do something good give some kind of sadaqa you know, even if you don't have money to give, you can give a good word and you can assist someone you know physically, emotionally. And then you make dua, Allah help me as I've tried to help someone else and you intercede with a loved one, that good deed that you have done.

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Perhaps one of the most difficult to add to make is when you have not lost something, but when you you know have dunia you actually sort of feel that you are distance from Allah. And the thing that would make us feel that we are most distant from our love is when we when we commit a sin. Perhaps the most famous to have someone that committed a sin and least is begging Allah Subhana Allah for his mercy is that of Nebbiolo of unified Salaam, as we know that he went to a people and he called him to Islam, and his people rejected him. And then eventually Allah Subhana, Allah had decreed that this people should be punished as a punishment was sent against them. And as the punishment is

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coming, maybe, you know, Sam leaves the town, he doesn't want to be there when the punishment happens. Now, this was a mistake from another universe, a spot that he's supposed to have left without the permission of Allah, you know, like a soldier, you can't leave until you have been given command given he were allowed to leave. And he's angry because people are not listening to him. And so he leaves for all of us, his or the unknown. And remember the man of the fish, remember, nobody knows when he went off in anger, and he thought that Allah would not hold him accountable for for leaving. And so we know that he was been swallowed by the fish. And so Allah says, finire their feet

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on the mat and then he called out now the universe is crying, inside of the whale is inside in the vomit in the darkness, inside the whale, inside the water in the ocean, and he's alone is basically we know from the air that he's been dissolved from by the acids of the of the whale, and he's in such distress that he he you know, that he's so scared, and he's so sorry for what he had done. And he says, if we do the math, Allah ilaha illa, Allah Subhana Allah in the container volume is perhaps the most famous two of the Quran La ilaha illa Anta Subhanallah in a container volume in NaVi Eunice's la de la jolla, all these none worthy of worship besides use of a Hanukkah, how perfect you

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are, indeed I am of those who committed a sin I made a mistake. No volley mean, I was of those who committed a major mistake. As soon as the universe is crying to Allah, Allah, you are perfect, I'm imperfect, and you alone deserve to be worshipped, have mercy upon me. And so Allah Subhana Allah says, was the German Allah so we answered these two are when Ajay now who will help me and I and we saved him from his he's this this worker then he can legitimate mini roses and this is how we save the believers. And so we have a universe of the three days of making those who are sincere Do we know that number one was was thrown out of the whale, and not only his panel now Venus is very, very

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fortunate very special, that he's when he after you came out of the way Allah subhanaw taala pardon him and forgave him. He comes back expecting his town to have been completely destroyed, because we don't want sins the punishment, he does not stop until it is punished until the town is destroyed. And he finds his town is intact. And so Allah mages in the Quran, the only people who are on the verge of the punishment had come and at that moment they all make dua, Allah subhanaw taala, avert averted, the calamity averted the destruction, which means Subhan Allah what we take from this is, no matter how close you are on the brink, or how far you are away from Allah subhanaw taala. That

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is, you know, you always have the opportunity to come back, no one is too sinful to come back to Allah. You know, as they say, no matter how many steps you've taken away from Allah, he just takes one step to come back to him. And so whenever Yunus shows us that in that moment of mistake, if you make that sincere dua Allah subhanaw taala will save you another nebbia will made a bit of a mistake. We know that of numbi Adam, when you eat and how well he selects the lamb, when they eat from the tree and they will cost out of Jannah they will expel from Jenna and they came to the dunya and so they say the Ramadan now was an hour in after filling out an akuna no Hossein? He said, Our

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Lord we have wronged ourselves and if you do not forgive us and you do not show mercy on us, then we will surely be of those who are lost. Without you you're alone Your mercy we are lost. And so Allah, Allah Allah,

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Allah Allah, so Allah so whenever you Adam received from Allah words Allah and the spoken cannot be added Allah maybe it may not be and Allah that He turned if a tab, Allah he turned to an OB item, tab obviously means to repent and to forgive. But it also means Allah comes back to you. So when you turn away from a lot, and whatever sins we have done, and we all turn away from a lion, our mistakes, all it takes for us to come back and Allah will always return almost is inevitable Rahim Allah is Ever ready to return to you when you want to come back to Allah. Allah is Ever ready to come back to you. Perhaps, you know as we said, the most difficult loss that you can have with a

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believer is to feel distant from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And sometimes it is because of our sins that we do that Allah Subhana Allah veces distance between us and through tau when we come back, but sometimes it's not even through sin. Sometimes things in our life. Just be

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Comes so difficult. And we ask, you know, we have this question in our mind. Is it because of me Allah? Am I doing something wrong? Are these afflictions falling upon me because I have incurred you're off somehow have I done something wrong and Subhanallah these two are not in the Quran. But perhaps one of the the most you know this this will do an obese also low profits also in his, in his in his saddest moment of his life. He makes this very beautiful bomb hammered so awesome. So we know from Heidi's eyeshadow, Yolanda, she asked an abuser, basically what was the worst day of your life. And he said to him, the worst day of my life was the day of life. The day in which nobody saw solemn

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after preaching to the people of Makkah. 14 years hadiya had died, I will die if I died. Oh, you know, the people that were closest to him, he passed away and the Qureshi were extremely abusive and torturing the Muslims. So an abyssal Salam felt there's no way forward with these people. macker let me go to the city next door five is the city next to Makkah. And let me ask them, why are they interested in Islam and so he goes to five. And we know that when he preached to them, they were even worse in the corporation. They stoned him almost to death. They were stoning him. And then he's also you know, is cut and bruise and he's bleeding. And he runs down the mountain for his life. And

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so he then abyssal Salaam now in the pictures moment, he is between Makkah and five, he was just almost killed in five, and now he needs to go back to Abuja, * and the people of Makkah, you know, in such humiliation back to them, and sort of his solemn is at his lowest point, he tells Ayesha that this was the worst moment in my life basically, not knowing what should I do? You know, where do I go? And he feels that after 10 years of calling people to Islam, only a few people are responding I'm you know, in his mind, he feels if I failed a loss rather have I done something wrong? And so he makes us to ask Pamela What a powerful said, but, you know, you know and do all

00:26:57 --> 00:27:11

that we should all look at an abuse also. US is basically asking Allah have You lift me? Yeah, Allah, have you deserted me because I am so weak. So he says, Oh Allah, to you alone, I complain of my weakness and my lack of resources similar to Navy.

00:27:12 --> 00:27:50

When we go through difficulty, we don't complain on Facebook. We don't complain to the dunya we complain to Allah. So he says, Let me say, I am opening up myself to you alone yell I complain to you of my weakness, and my lack of resources and my lack of of success. Basically, they don't have any complaint. You have my humiliation before mankind. I am humiliated. Yeah, Allah I am. I have no way to go. When he says you are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy. You are the Lord of the week. And you are my Lord, You are my lords rattle off is a beautiful word. How many of us think of it like that? When you make the wire? You are my Allah, you are the merciful one to me, you know, I

00:27:50 --> 00:28:24

have a right to receive of your mercy Allah. And so now VESA Salam is asking, Allah says, Allah, to whom do you entrust me? Where should I go? Should I go to a distant relative to a distant person meaning the people of five who want to attack me? Or do I go back to an enemy who has control over me meaning the corporation which way do I go? We are Allah, we do I go from you. I don't know what to do. And so he says, No veto. So let me look at the words. This is the man. He says here Allah in spite of my situation, in spite of I don't know where to go. My life was I was almost killed today. So long as you're not angry with me, I don't care. Yeah, Allah, whatever comes my way of difficulty.

00:28:25 --> 00:29:03

I will be pleased with you so long as you Allah, you are not angry with me. But if you sneeze Allah if you protect me, it is better. If you put me through a hardship, I accepted your Allah and I will submit to it. But it is better for me. I love it. You make things easy. And so then he makes us to iccr Allah, I seek protection in the light of your face the ruler of your face, which illuminates the darkness and through which all affairs in this life enter your after become right. May it never be that I should incur your roof so he says he or Allah, may I never do something which makes you displeased with me Allah. And if you should be displeased with me, then I will continue to appeal to

00:29:03 --> 00:29:39

you. I'll continue to worship you until you're pleased with me. And La hawla wala quwata illa Billah there is no power of his no mind except through you. You're the only one that gives power and my channel What a beautiful Do you know anyone going through this this? Make this to Allah Subhana Allah and Allah this one's going to be so solemn with if in the Quran surah Allah says Mauer dakka dakka wommack Allah, Allah system is a lamp your Lord has not left you know do I hate you? I do not hate you. I have not left to Omaha masala I'm gonna be psalms asking Allah have you left me Did I do something wrong? Allah says Mao and dakka dakka dakka

00:29:41 --> 00:29:59

dakka Allah And don't worry, the end is better than the beginning. At the end of the day, you're going to win. Just be patient, the end Allah Subhana Allah has a plan for you. The last two are that we need to mention in Sharla and I want to end up with a star. These that no matter how difficult things are, no matter how dark things are. always believe in miracles. We all

00:30:00 --> 00:30:38

Believe that Allah subhanaw taala can change our situation for the better. And this is the daughter of NaVi NaVi Zachary Yep. So we don't know the exact idea he's been making go off for years and years and years for a child. Now he's in his 60s 70s, his old his wife is beyond menopause he is great. And still he's making dua for a child analysis and mentioned the mercy of your Lord to his servants or career when he called to his Lord a private supplication. Again, beautifully, so many times, NIDA and Javi. So many times we are seeing mbsa they make to our to Allah alone privately. So if you in any difficulty with something that you really, really want, or something that is really

00:30:38 --> 00:31:16

bothering you, the time of that door is selected your time everyone is sleeping, just you went alone one on one, this is when the DA is most will stick out and lick your heart pour out to Allah subhanaw taala speak to Allah in your language. And in that moment of sudo you ensued. Speak to Allah Subhana Allah namita Korea is making the US dollar. And he says, My Lord, indeed my bones are become weakened. I'm an old man, and my head is filled with gray hair. But still here, he says, And still, in spite of all these years, lahmacun be do I copy Shakira that never will I lose hope and I'm unhappy or displeased in my supplications to Allah, that he had always been decades I've been

00:31:16 --> 00:31:53

making this to our voice and I haven't been given a son but I will still not giving up hope that he or Allah, you will answer my daughters. And so Allah says, and he says, and indeed I fear Allah after me I feel that will inherit and continue my work and my wife is barren. So yeah, Allah, please give us a son, from you in places for the son, that he will inherit, you know from me what will inherit basically the family business of noble why you'll become an abbey and they will continue the line of prophethood and make him My Lord pleasing to you, your ally making a good son to to me and a pleasing slave unto you. So then Allah responds Oh Zakaria, indeed, we have given you the good news

00:31:53 --> 00:32:33

of a boy whose name has never been given before. His name is yahia. And Allah Subhana Allah says, I will bless you with a son model of this to ask them how Allah is. We want to end up with us that NaVi Zakaria, he knows he in his two eyes basically saying Allah I know it's impossible. I am an old man. My wife is better than it's been years. But still, yeah, Allah I've lost, you know, medically there's no hope. The scientists are saying there's no hope. Everyone says it's not realistic. But I am not giving up in New Year Allah. I know with you, everything is possible. Even the impossible is possible. So no matter how difficult, despondent, how trapped your situation feels, you might look

00:32:33 --> 00:33:06

at it and say there is no way out for me. Think of Nabil Zakaria. He says yeah, I am never going to lose hope in your door when everything else is lost. I know I can always turn to you and make dua and he makes too I mixed up and Allah subhanaw taala gives him the good news and you're gonna have a son here even though he's a Korea surprises is how am I gonna have a sunny Allah, you know, he's making the dua and when these aren't his dwis on said he's almost surprised that my daughter's answered. And so Allah says, Don't be surprised in the power of Allah. Whenever Allah wants to do something, Allah justice Be and it is. And so the whole world we make dua Allah as quickly as you

00:33:06 --> 00:33:40

brought this calamity upon the world, Allah make this calamity go away. May we live in beta times. Yeah, Allah. May Allah help us to be strong in this difficult time to be patient with your tests upon us. May it be a means that our sins are forgiven, may our demand be increased through it, may we have sober and may we may you be pleased with us when if we have done anything that is are displeasing Kulin Forgive us, sha Allah and return us to your mercy have mercy upon those who are Allah who have passed away and make the copper a place of the codons of Jana Coronavirus, Shiva those of us who are ill granted Shiva are those who are lying in the hospitals here Allah heal them

00:33:40 --> 00:33:58

kill them. Yeah, Allah, Allah God, those who have lost any of this dunya replace it with beta in this dunya in the ophira remove us from this affliction. And Grant has all the goodness in this life and in the Afghan army no Sokoloff said no Mohammed Ali or Sophia so I'm wrestling with how many lateral blind I mean as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh


  • Why do bad things happen
  • The trials faced by the prophets
  • Losing everything – Ayub a.s
  • Submitting to Allah’s decree – Nuh a.s.
  • Submitting to Allah’s decree – Muhammad s.a.w
  • Desperate for anything – Musa a.s.
  • Overwhelmed by guilt – Yunus a.s.
  • Repentant – Adam a.s.
  • Have you left me Allah – Muhammad s.a.w
  • Never lose hope in miracles – Zakariya a.s.
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