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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salaam Alaikum Peace be with you. I'm your host, you're watching the D show and we're here helping you understand the purpose of life, why you being created, why you're here, where you're going when you die? these very important questions that many people are forgetting to ask. They're not reflecting about, they're not thinking about my next guest. Like, majority of my guests. They came on the light bulb went on and they figured out you know what, money is not buying me happiness, fame is not buying me happiness is not attaining, helping me attain what really, my soul needs and as something beyond the material things. My next guest was a club hopper and beyond,

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he was a club owner. And from Friday to Friday, he was living making money, spending money, and he was not happy at all. And then he went from there, he tried to fill that void not only with Xanax and all the other things that people started to take when the depression kicks in. But he was dealing with the the magician's people who now you go to and you're just like, Hey, I'm sick. You know, of course, you're sick, you feel depressed inside, of course, you feel depressed inside because you're missing the most important thing, the connection with the Creator, and he was missing that. So then he went to magicians and he went to soothsayers and, you know, trying to get a

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prescription to feel better, but doctors couldn't give it to him. Nor could the magicians, but it had to come from the one who created this whole universe and everything in it. So he's here to share his story with us whose father was also a Hindu priests. Man, this guy's story is incredible. It's amazing. You don't want to go nowhere. Don't miss this. We'll be right back with his story here in today's show. This is the theme

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Salaam Alaikum. Peace be with you. We're back here on the D show with our special guests. Here our brother your brother all the way from New York. How are you brother Salaam Alaikum. Peace be with you. While they come as salaam wa to love May peace and blessings of Allah be upon you. Thank you for being with us. How are you doing? Brother?

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I'm good. hamdulillah This is very exciting, because you're actually I believe the first Hindu guests that we have former Hindu guests that we have on the deen show. So the viewers are excited to know your story on how you went from being a Hindu and how you came to the way of life of all the messages of God, Islam complete submission and surrender to the one who created creation, but not to the creation worshipping only God, that's a snam. How did you come to Islam talk to us? Yeah, I used to be a Hindu, I come from a strong Hindu family. My father was actually a Hindu priest. And we came from a following Hindu, Hindu background. And you know, my journey to Islam is a little long and

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interesting story. But in short, you know, when I came to Islam is through a business that I had. And that business that I had was actually a nightclub, and to the nightclub, you know, it came to a point where I was going through a lot of problems in this nightclub. And, you know, in a, in a Hindu family, the first thing that they do, as you know, when someone's having an issue is that they bring you to the Hindu priest, which is a pundit, and this Hindu priests, you know, the first thing he would tell me to do is, you know, stuff involving black magic. So I got involved with this black magic for a year to try to better my life, because this is something that he told me was a part of

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the religion. And in doing so, things still kept going in a downward spiral. And I kind of got a little fed up, and I kind of got frustrated and said, you know, how can they be a God, if I'm praying everyday to God, and making suju to God, and in the idle form, and all these different items, and all these bad things are happening to me. So one day, I had a friend who was actually looking into Islam, and he mentioned to me, he said, Why don't you check out Islam? And I said, you know, why am I gonna check out this terrorists religion, and you know, we're all ignorant at the time. So I went to get a quote, and and you know, as a new Muslim, you know, a new person looking to

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the court and you're not too sure what to expect and looking into English code, and it's a little confusing, but the first idea that I came across looking at the Quran was from surah 17 ayah number eight. That said, it may be that your Lord may have mercy onto you. But if you revert to your sins, we shall revert to our punishments. And it really hit me because that is spoke to me directly. It was directly talking to me and

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I got really interested. And I started looking more into religion, but the religion, the unexplained everything that I was going through my life and explained in detail, everything about black magic explained in detail all the problems that explained in detail about the people who worship the idols. So when I saw these things, I still want to dig deeper into Hinduism. But I noticed that Hinduism said you should worship one God and it says that hint that God has has no shape or no form. And when I saw these things, you know, I said, you know, I'm gonna look more into Islam and what I did, I decided to take my Shahada hamdulillah tell us now, what are some of these what are some of

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the Hindu beliefs? What are Hindus believe?

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The Hindu belief Hindus, they really follow tradition, they don't really follow any specific, specific book because if they did, their actual texts, the Vedas, the Bhagavad Gita do, punishes the pirnas all these different texts says to worship one God, that He is one Supreme Being without a shape, without, without image or without a parents or offspring. But the Hindus they actually worship many gods they believe that God manifested in different forms, so they worship and an individual God based on what they need, such as if they need wealth, they'll worship one God for that if they need power, or are they going through hard times of worship another God for that for

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death, they worship another God for that. But in the Hindu scriptures it says that they should only one God should be worshipped and the Hindus instead of following the scripture they actually follow their tradition. So they in following the tradition They in turn worship multiple gods and multiple statues and multiple images of something representing what their their idea of a God would be. Now that you found a snag colors, does it make sense? Is it clear is everything in Salaam lucid

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with Islam now, everything makes sense? With Hinduism? I was always confused. I always wondered, why couldn't I just talk to God and say, God, you know, just helped me out just give me give me give me something down here. But with Islam, everything makes sense. Now. I mean, I have in detail and explanation for what whatever question that I may have. I have in detail, what's going to happen to me after I die? I haven't detail what the purpose of life is. I haven't detail of what why the trees grow, why everything happens, you know, the difference is night and day. Now that you've left the nightclub scene, you've left that life of debauchery following your lesson desires. Are you truly

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Yes, at the nightclub, it's, it's something that that a lot of people want. They want the well they want the attention. And people in the nightclub. It's a fantasy that they're living. They're basically trying to live out a movie scene. They're basically trying to just indulge in every fantasy that they have. And I personally think you know, the lifestyle that I had then and less that I have now. Yes, I may not have the wealth that I have then but this Deen that I have this religion, this faith, this this knowledge that I have now nothing in the world can buy that back. No money in the world can amount to that I had money. Then when I had the nightclub I had fame. I had, I had

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wealth I had everything I ever wanted in the nightclub. But I wasn't happy, there was a void, there was a void that it was longing to be filled. And with Islam, Islam came and filled that void. And there is no money in the world that can buy that back from me.

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Now tell us before you came to the realization that Islam was the truth, and we know it's based on proof and evidences for anyone who takes sincere, humble approach and analytical approach, they'll come to the same realization that you have that Islam is indeed not a manmade religion, but it is from the Creator of the heavens and earth before you became a Muslim. Before you started practicing Islam. Did you look into some of the other manmade religions? Yes, I did look into other religions. I wanted to disprove Islam, before I even accepted Islam. So I said, If Hinduism wasn't the truth, then maybe Christianity is the truth. And when I actually looked into the Bible, and researched the

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Bible, it was kind of confusing to me. If you ever looked in the Bible, it's a very confusing thing. But I was trying to adopt the belief that Jesus was God or the Son of God or the Holy Spirit. But in the Bible, it clearly says that God is not a man that he should lie, nor the Son of Man, that he should change his mind. So if the Bible says these things, the Old Testament says these things, why are we Why should I believe that God has God has a son or God is is a man or God is all these things that some Christians believe? So I did look into the multiple versions, I listened to Judaism until I found that that you can't become a Jew, you have to be born into this. And it's the same concept

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of Hinduism. Hindus believe that they're so special, just like the Jews that you have to be born a Hindu, and the court and explained every religion in detail, explain Christianity. It spoke about Jesus. It spoke about Judaism. He spoke about the Hindus which are considered which were known as the pagans, and it's spoke about all these religions. So the Quran in the sense, it gave me the answers for all religions in one one thing.

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Let me ask you, this was a chapter

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Being a new Muslim? Oh yeah, it was a it was a great challenge becoming a new Muslim, as most people when they learn something new they want to share with the world. And as I said, my father in my family was a following Hindu. My father actually was a Hindu priest. So when I was learning about Islam, and I learned out about the truth of Hinduism, the first thing I did was go to my parents and say, you know, Mom, Dad, did you know that this says this? Did you know that you're doing something wrong? Why are you worshipping these idols? Why are we doing these different things? And it was, it was a big shock to them. You know, we grew up following the religion of our forefathers. So my

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parents, they took it very bad. It's not something was it was not an easy road for me. You know, for the first year becoming Muslim. My parents didn't really fully know that I was a Muslim. My mother would ask me, you know, why are you growing this beard? My dad would say go shave your beard look like a terrorist. What are you doing? And it was so it was so difficult because I had to hide to pray my Salah I had to hide to do different things. I had to hide to go to the machine I had to do. I had to hide doing everything that I that I was supposed to do. And there's nothing that I could have said to my mother on set to my father, that would convince them otherwise, I tried everything.

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And every time I would ever mention Islam to them, they would only make them angrier and angrier and angrier. So it was a deaf definitely a difficult journey for me. Amazing, amazing. Tell us what did you know about Islam before you became a Muslim before you submitted to God before you start to follow Islam? What do you know about Islam?

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Well, before I was a Muslim, we basically believe on what the media tells us to be what Islam is, whatever the media says, or portrays the Muslims to be is what we were believed. This is what I believed. When my friend told me he was looking into Islam. The first thing I said to him was, Why are you telling me about this terrorist religion, I remember times when I was in high school, I would pass by certain machines, and I would say, you know, look at these guys plot and to do something, you know, but once you start looking at Islam, you notice that it says you shouldn't take the life of another. There's no such thing as suicide, you you can't you can't do all these wrong

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things. You know, whoever takes the light in this life is as if you've killed all of humanity. And this is what the Quran says that one ayah in the Quran alone shows that Islam is not what the media portrays them to be.

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Okay, for all the million people who are viewing the deen show, and many of them, they need the advice, they're still stuck in that trap, living for the moment. So for those people living in the moment, chasing their lusts and desires, what advice do you have for them?

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For people that are living in the moment, I was one of those people. I my motto in life was to live every day just to live my life. Because time was short. We never thought about death. We never thought about what's going to happen then we just lived our our every fantasy, and to the people that are there right now that they might want to be living their fantasy. They just want to do everything that pleases them at the current moment, they have to remember that they're not promised tomorrow, none of us are if you go to any random person accident, when are you going to die? They'll say I don't know. But we all know that death is promised to us. We're all going to die. But

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is this life in vain? They should think about, you know, is this life, my advice to the person that is living their every fantasy, and just is doing everything to please themselves and not care about anything else? Is? What's the point? You have to ask yourself? What's the point of this life? What is the purpose of this life? Are we just here for nothing? Are we just here to accumulate wealth? Are we just here to just live every fantasy and then die? You know, if that's the is that the purpose? Because then realistically, is just no point to this? You know, what's the point of just someone being a murderer and just killing and just that's his fantasy? Is that correct? In his

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definition, killing is what it gives him his pleasure. You know, is that justice? So think about the last moments that you don't know when that moment will be. And if you justify that, you're just having fun, you're just going to club it just having one drink. That's what the murderer is saying. That's what the one who molest children saying, they're saying, I'm just doing this because this makes me happy. This is what life is about. So then you have no right to say, okay, that guy is a bad guy for killing someone. Because he's doing exactly what you're doing in a different fashion. He's living out his fantasy, and he's living his pleasure, your pleasures, drinking your pleasures,

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partying, partying, his pleasure is killing. Is he wrong? By your theory? Think about those things. And then ask yourself, can this can just having fun and living at your pleasure, really be the purpose of life? Or is this something more? And thank you so much for being with us here on the dean show. Thank you for having me.

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And there you have it. Another amazing story here on the D show. His father was a Hindu priests. He was a nightclub owner. And that is what surrounded his life, music, entertainment, and many of us are just getting entertained. And we're not thinking about death, and what comes after death. So we're getting caught up with the live by the moment experience how you can just go ahead and enjoy life. Don't take it too serious that you're a good person. You're not hurting nobody. Oh, yeah, really. But if you go to your your boss, and you expect to get paid, but you're not fulfilling

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The duties the rights that your boss has upon you, the work obligations that he has upon you. You're the employee, or now you're the employer and your employees are not doing the job. Are you going to pay them? Or can you expect to get paid? How in the end? How in the world do you expect to get paradise? How in the world do you expect to be successful when you die on the day of judgment? If you're not living life, according to how God Almighty the Creator who created you how he told you to live? You're not even asking. You're not even asking for the guidance, asking God, there's so many people that we asked to have you asked God to guide you. Everybody has some philosophy has some

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ideology, even if they're not following a religion, they make up a religion in their head, they make up some crazy way in their head, and they think they're gonna go ahead and pass this along to God and say, Hey, God, You know what? Go ahead and accept this with all my funky ingredients in it. No, you can't just live a life of debauchery, and live a life of hedonism and just, you know, lying, deceiving, cheating and doing all sorts of scandalous things, and expect to die and just say, God, give it to me, paradise, which is eternal Forever, ever. No, you got to live a righteous, pious, good light. But let's say you've done all those bad things. But you turn to God with a sincere

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heart. He's the most loving, the Most Merciful, he forgives all sins, but you got to do it now before death reaches you. Because Paradise is what we're aiming for. We're shooting from high above the stars. We're shooting for paradise. That's right. That's our original home paradise. That's where our great grandfather, Adam, the first man, that's where he was from. That's where we want to go back to we want to get to paradise. And we want to avoid the hellfire. Let me tell you a story before we head out. You know when when it's not a dear friend of mine, but we know when when death when death, talked to life and said, Hey, you know, talk to to each other and said, hey, why do

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people love you and hate me? Why don't people love you and hate me. So life looks over at DEF and says hey, because you're the bitter truth. And I'm a sweet lie. So don't get caught up with the lies that are around you, all the detainment all the reality shows and all the things that are just wasting of your time, a waste of your time. First and foremost, get around good company, start asking God to guide you, and then start doing the good that God wants you to do. It's all there. We have the verbatim Word of God, the Qur'an. For those who have lovely want to say they want to learn more, go ahead and pick up the app for free Operators are standing by one 800 662 Islam. If

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everything made sense today in this show, and you believe that there's only one God I should only worship Him you believe in accountability that hey, you know, the Hitler's of the world and all the people who've been terrorizing people and just getting away with it in this life that God Almighty will bring them to account on the Day of Judgment. It's not that we just die and we just disappear. There's accountability that makes sense to you, doesn't it? belief in one God that did judgment, doing good living a righteous life. This is what Islam is based on. These are just a few of the beautiful teachings of Islam. Now go ahead and learn more, give us a call. And don't forget to tune

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in every week to the deen show and leave off all those bad things live a good life doing good being good. And that's how you can truly avoid all xenix that's how you can truly have that peace and contentment and satisfaction.

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And we look forward to having you back again with us here on the D show. Don't forget to pick up the new dounia to Dean at this website here at a DVD calm we'll see you next time God Willing Peace be with you.