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shaytaan rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala l mursaleen Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ultramarine My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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All Praise be to Allah subhanho wa Taala most merciful, most high Most Great, La Ilaha Illa Hunan has the right to be worshipped but Allah subhanaw taala we submit to Him, we leave everything of the dunya behind and we have made a loss of no data priority. We ask Allah to bless us in this holiest hour of the week to accept from us, our ibaadat except from us are we still required to forgive us for the sins of this past week to guide us to let this Juma be a light for the week to come. And we send our love our greetings and salutations to rnav. Mohammed Salatu was salam, the leader of this oma and to his beautiful and perfect family, his companions and all those who follow me sooner to

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the end of time, Allah subhanaw taala make us to be of that oma in this dunya and akhira amin Al Hamdulillah, Al Hamdulillah. Finally, after two weeks, we come back to this, the series on the heart and insha Allah today will be the conclusion on that series, we had 11 parts or more on the discussion of the diseases of the heart. And as we went through those different diseases, many of us if not all of us would say we can identify with some or infect with all of them to a greater or lesser degree, all of us. When we look at our hearts, none of us can say Subhanallah we are safe and sound, that none of those diseases affect us. All of us. We know our hearts are not where it should

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be, and it can always be better and you can always improve. Allah subhanho wa Taala says the one who's successful is the one man after we call been Saleem, who comes to him on piano with a pure, clean, perfect heart. Are we ready to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala and our hearts in a state that it should be? And for many of us, if we're honest with ourselves, will say no, yeah, Allah, our hearts are not pure, and we are not sincere with you. And that makes us sad. And we feel despondent. And one of the tricks of shavonne is to use despondency against us. So when we are bad, he uses forgetfulness. Don't worry, be happy, continue doing what you want, and when things are bad. And

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when we reflect and we feel guilty. He uses despondency and display to paralyze us. And he looks and he makes things that go bad in our life, and difficulties and challenges that we face. And he gives us bad thoughts that swana law was not happy with you. And Allah has written you off and Alas, rejected you and Allah doesn't want you and he puts you in a cycle of depression.

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Part of a disease of the heart is to be in a persistent depression, a persistent case of despondency, this despondency that leads you to constant sadness, I quote from one of the scholars, and he writes, trouble is inevitable in the life of this world. This is how Allah has created and decreed it. And he has made it a place this dunya is a place of tests and trials. And it is a bridge to the year off the bridge that we must cross, even the best of creations, the ambia they will sit in their lives and they went through difficulty even though they will perfect Allah teach them and gave them hardship with regards to the family, with the health with the children and where they

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would they follow was Allah tested them over and over, and who amongst us has not felt grief or sorrow, even the best of us we've gone through grief and sorrow as a result, and as a result of the calamities we see before in the Muslim almost today, some of us even have lost interest in this dunya. And because of what we see, so bad, but when bad things were unhappy things when calamities before us, and the sadness and this feeling of loneliness, and this negative feelings overpower us and prevents us from living a normal life and carrying on as we should. If it's a persistent feeling of unhappiness, and we begin to feel negatively about ourselves and Allah subhanaw taala then this

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natural feeling of sadness now becomes a disease of the heart, that persistent depression, the persistent sadness, looking at yourself and asking them I am lucky, and am I cursed by Allah? Am I not love but Allah feeling on your own and lonely? This is not this now has reached the level of disease just as happiness. And confidence can lead to in extreme cases can be bad for you regret, guilt, sadness, can lead to another form of despondency. And in fact, the orlimar mentioned if you were to choose between the two to feel constantly in a state of despair, and no hope for Allah's mercy, versus the one who is constantly confident and not fearful of you

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punishment is underway. Which of these two is worse? Which of the two is worse? The one who loses hoping on was mercy. Why? Because his mercy is greater than his punishment. You have negated more of Allah. Then he's punished more of Allah because his mercy is greater. And Allah introduces himself in the Quran. Rahman r Rahim. The first thing that you need to think of Allah is He is merciful and kind and loving and gentle. That is the first thing that you need to think about love. And if you lose hope in Allah subhana wa Tada. This is an extreme level of disease to the level of disbelief. But without a doubt, we all go through hardship. None of us here can say everything is hunky dory

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all the time. Might some of you might be going through difficult difficult periods in your life. Maybe your children, maybe your health, maybe your wealth, in your personal capacity at your job at your work difficult and you make your dog you make your evader, and it might seem as though Allah is not responding, why is he not responding? Or in fact, why is Allah sending this to me? I'm a good person, I try my best to Allah, why are you sending calamity upon calamity to me? So why do bad things happen? And Allah explains in the Quran, reasons why Allah allows calamity to befall us, amongst the reasons allow us to teach us if we truly submit to Him, so Allah Spano dialysis, and

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among mankind is He who worships Allah, as if it were upon the age meaning he worships Allah and the things. He hasn't fully submitted to Allah. But when good befalls him, he is contented with the only worships Allah, and he's thankful for Allah, and he's a good Muslim, when things go his way. So he's on the fence. But if trials before him, he turns back on his face, he turns away from Allah. So Allah sees a person who loves like this, ultimately, he loses both this world and the after. That is evident loss. Why does he lose the after? Of course, because he's turned away from Allah. And he only worships Allah when it suits him, and he's lost out in the dunya. Because who can fix your

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problems? And what can fix your problems? If you turn away from him? In your time of despondency? Do you really think someone else is going to fix your problems? So Allah says this, the reason why he takes some people is to see when you love me when I give you and when I take away? Will you be grateful in times of goodness and badness, unconditional love? That's what Allah wants? Can we give that to him?

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amongst the, amongst the ways on the test, as is out of His love, that you've passed the tissue to good person, but Allah wants to make you even better fit. Now, when we talk about fitness we think to Skinner right fit nice to talk behind someone's back. Fitness doesn't mean that fitna is the process by which the blacksmith does to gold to purify the gold all. What does he do to gold, he melts it, he puts it under extreme pressure, and fire and difficulty. So it separates the muck from the pure. So that's a fitna, Allah sends a fitna to believe us. So he purifies them even further, our visa sort of says, trials will continue to be for the believing men and believing woman in

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himself in his person, in his children in his wealth, until he meets a lot with no sin at all, completely speak and spend.

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Another reason why Allah teaches us is as a wake up call when he is punishing us as a punishment, we're doing wrong. And Allah subhanho wa Taala is waking us up through some form of punishment. So Allah says, and whatever misfortune befalls you, it is because of what your hands have earned, you did wrong, so I punish you. And remember, Allah says, and he pardons much. When Allah does punish, he only punishes the be minimum. If he really held us accountable for everything we did, we would be in a different state. So Allah says, most of what you do, I let it pass, I don't take you to account for it. But I do so to wake you up so that you could come back. That's number four. Allah says, And

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verily, we will make them taste of the near torment, or the easy torment, or the small punishment, the dunya punishment, before the big punishment, the Supreme punishment, in order that they may or may return.

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Allah doesn't want to punish us in the era, because that punishment is severe. So Allah sins to US Small punishments in the dunya. So you come to him and he can avert you from that. And in this beautiful if

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it explains in detail, why good things happen to us and bad things. Not every good blessing is a blessing. It's a punishment, and not every calamity is a punishment, it might even be a blessing. How do we make sense of this loss of houses into the alarm, and we have already seen two nations before you, then meaning we send punishment and difficulty to nations before you that we seize them with the poverty and hardship that perhaps they may humble themselves. So Allah says I tested them when they were bad, with poverty and hardship.

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I took away their health, I took away their wealth, and the children so that they may humble they may come back to me in times of difficulty. Then when our punishment came to them, did they not humble themselves, they still continued, even in difficulty, they didn't come to back to Allah. But their hearts became hard and shaytaan made attractive to them, that which way they were doing. So even when the difficulty if we don't come back to Allah and this, you know, in our hardship, it is the nature of insanity, for most of us, except the very special ones, that when things are good, we are negligent with each other. And when things are going well in our life, then we don't go back so

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much to the Musleh. But when things are hard, then we make the target and we fast and we try hard. This is the normal nature of insanity. So Allah says, For some people, he takes them with hardship, and still they don't come back. And then Allah reaches a level and when that happens, so when they forgot, even in the chip, they don't come back, that by which we worked by which they had been reminded, then we opened the doors of every good thing, then we made life easy for them, when their hearts became hard, and then I gave them everything they wanted. I gave him more and more and more. Until when the rejoiced and they were in the midst of the happiness, in that we see that they were

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given, we seize them suddenly a loving to clear meaning Allah cause them to die in the midst of the gel. So that is the great that is the great punishment, when you are in absolute blessing. And you forget Allah and when he takes you away, that is when things are very difficult. Everything is deferred for piano and they within in the space that's when they really felt bad. So Allah protect us, may Allah bless us with beneficial blessings and not hold us accountable for it. And that Allah grant us tests and trials that we can be and we can manage and be patiently submit purify us, and know that we will go through tastes, the best of us, the worst of us, all of us will go through this

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Allah Subhana Allah promises. It's a promise from Allah will enable one conditional hope we will do a will not similarly and while you will unfussy with Tamara. And certainly Alyssa, I promise you. We shall teach you with something of fear or hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits, but give glad tidings to the sabi De La Nina sabato, merci beaucoup de la, la la Jeune, those who when they come, calamity afflicts him, they are sick, they lose their jobs, they are in financial difficulty, they lose the children. What do they say in the law? He were in LA, da June. And some side note here. Someone would say I'm sick. And then we say in La La, La La God says I'm not dead yet. Why are you

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saying that? This is not the do after this. This is a do after any calamity, big or small. And it's such a beautiful day. We say to Allah we belong and to Him we shall return. Everything is on lease at the end of the day, we came in the dunya with what nothing, and we will leave with nothing. Whether Allah takes all of it on the day you die, all he takes away bits and pieces of it during your life. The result for each and every one of us is the same. And if we are good with Allah, and we love Allah, and we're in a good place with Allah, to go back to Allah is the best you can hope for. We will leave this dunya so that should bring comfort and solace to the believer. And if you do

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that, Allah says Allah, Allah him Salawat Mira beam, you know we make Salawat on the nebby meaning praise and respect and love Allah I make Salawat on you, when you say that in times of calamity, and you have patience and you say in Allah He Allah give me better but also I make Salawat on you.

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mean Rob became one of my and I give you mercy, but what I can do and they are the ones on guidance from Allah subhanho wa Taala

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is a great opportunity to be one in calamity. Allah subhanho wa Taala is giving us chances in our calamities to be patient and he promises Allah subhanho wa Taala does not take pleasure in punishing or to make difficulty on us never think our load is one so small to punish for no reason or so small to see his credit creation in calamity enjoys that no, a lot in fact promises you the opposite in Surah inshallah, with like a sort of an anchor and the anchor of the rock like rock is for in America, Yusra in a lot of promises every single person really along with hardship will come ease and already pitch the idea again, I promise you will be along with every hardship I will give you

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relief every single hardship you're going through. Bear with it patiently they will be an end to this hardship there is a light at the end of the tunnel Allah promises that any city twice Why does a lady peed the ayah because sometimes, you know someone will tell you inshallah, you will get better. Oh insha Allah you will find a better job or it will be replaced with something better. You're not convinced and you need a double promise. Now I'm telling you, it will be who's saying this

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like saying this, I promise you I see the future that after if you see this difficulty you going through might seem like endless, but I promise you the storm will pass. The light at the end of the tunnel will come Allah Subhana promises as that. And look at this beautiful story of hope

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on Solomon Salima one of our mothers, the mother, the wife of Nabil, Mohammed Salim. There's a beautiful story behind this Heidi, is I do art to be made. Yeah, but it's the story behind this Heidi

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Salama, she had to learn how she had a wonderful relationship with her husband, Abu Salah. They were, you know, deeply in love, and they became Muslim early on. And they went through the difficulties that many of the young, early Muslim converts when they went to our senior together. They they were separated for a year when her family kept her from him. And they made the hegira together to Medina. And in that time it was and it was not normal for a man to have one wife usually had many wives but he had only in cinema. They had a deep deep bond. And they were, you know, there was no one better than Abu Salah to Salama. And one day Abu Salah comes to Salah, the husband comes

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to the wife and says I heard this amazing Hadith from the Nagisa Salaam, where he said that there is no Muslim who is afflicted with a calamity and says that which Allah has enjoined in Allah you are in LA urology on Valley to Allah we belong and to return our Allah and he makes us to our Allah reward me for my calamity and compensate me with something better than it when he does that in times of calamity. Allah promises he will give you something better than what you lost. Abu Salah tells his wife that when I'm not long after that he was injured, and he was on his deathbed.

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And he was dying. And she remembers this door. And she says to Abu Salah on his deathbed, let's make a promise that she says I heard from Nabisco Salim that if you die and you never remarry, you will meet your spouse in general again. So she said, Let's make a promise. Both of us will not remarry. If one dies, even though he was dying. She says if one of us dies, we promise we won't get remarried. So we can meet again in January. So he said Promise me you will marry after me and make this door. So she promised him and she made this door and she thought who can be better than Abu Salah. Say now my proposed to her? She said no. I would welcome to propose to her. She said no. And

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then the visa salon proposed to her. And she said not even Yes, she still said I'm not sure. Because I'm an old lady. And I have jealousy and I have children. And that'd be so said, As for your jealousy amygdala goes away. As for your children, they become my children. And as for your age, then I have I have this disease more than you because I'm older than you. So she got something better than Abu Salah she got Mohamed Salah Salaam. So this too, I came through

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depression is one of the diseases that is on the rise. And you'd find so many of us suffer from this more than our forefathers. And in fact, we live and it's a strange time we live in, we live in so much more of ease and comfort and blessing than our parents and our forefathers. Yet we are afflicted with more mental anxiety than before. ajeeb It's strange that we live in and you find swannanoa the celebrities who have seemingly Jen on Earth, money isn't a problem looks isn't a problem, fame and power. They're all on antidepressants, and some of them die due to excessive use of that Why? What is it that we swallow, you have everything and yet still you're not happy? What is

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the cause of this? There are some symptoms and I said this is not for you, for me to diagnose you. But as he said that the shift is the cheapest form of therapy. So if you if you need more than that, then you need to rather pay for that. Remember, this is for free. So you get what you pay for. Right? So there are certain what is depression, we hear the word What are the symptoms and this is for my own benefit that I've realized that there are certain symptoms that if it's persistent, and there are doctors in the crowd that can correct us that the feeling of being anxious and sad all the time. losing interest, enjoyment in things which you should enjoy your children being on holiday and

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you still can't be happy. You know being on being away from all your stress and still these are negative side you know you still feel bad and down. Nothing will make you feel happy. Constant pessimism, always doom and gloom, feeling of guilt and worthlessness and low self esteem. The inability to express your feelings no one understands me and I can't understand anybody else. trouble sleeping very, very clear sign if you suffer from sleeping problems, your mental problems will just become worse and worse. Because that resets your brain resets your computer. If you can't sleep at night, all this will just pile on eating problems. Chronic pain you don't know why this

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part is painting the net part of my body's painting doctor

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is nothing physically wrong. But these mental issues feed crying uncontrollably, becoming tense and defensive. When a small problem comes in your way, you overreact, you explode, you can't handle a simple situation. being constantly tired and fatigued, and physically even you can sleep all weekend, but you constantly feel down, the inability to concentrate to learn to think. Now we say four of the symptoms are with you persistently, then it appears as if though you might have depression. And before we used to say depression is if you don't have email when you're depressed, nos panela your brain is your most powerful organ and like any other organ, if your heart is sick

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isn't the lack of a man if your legs are sick, or the lack of demand similarly, mentally, if you're ill sort of lack of m&d might be a problem which we need to go and see a doctor for. Right We need to go and see a doctor. And reasons for depression might be in your family, you might have a personality that is easily you know, affected by depression, low self esteem, you constantly paranoia, you might be in an environment that stresses you out. SubhanAllah we see what we see in our community, in our jobs in our life. We worry about our kids more than any other time and we have a reason to worry, illnesses. So these are the reasons for depression. And how do you fight

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depression if you do have these problems? Because it's a mental thing, you should try your best and this is part of therapy to fight these negative thoughts and we'll talk from an Islamic perspective in a minute in a minute, inshallah, how do you fight negative thoughts, feeling of tomorrow, things are always going to be bad, or we're going to fail? Or I'm cursed. I'm bad luck. How do you fight these thoughts? inshallah we'll talk about that, try get enough sleep. And I said, if you can't sleep naturally, you need pills to sleep holes to wake you up. It's a sign of a real problem, you need to see a specialist.

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Set yourself goals and targets. So I think about our brothers writing exams. And yes, the exams depresses everybody, no one is free of exam stress and pressure. And you just to get the start is the most difficult thing. Set yourself a small goal. Similarly in Nevada, such a bad person, how do I begin, begin with one goal at a time and achieve more and more of those small goals, and you'll see a handy life come forward. Have someone to speak to if you don't have friends or family, you don't speak to anybody. You put someone in solitary confinement, he destroys his mind, of what created us in this way. Now the item is in Gemini, he has everything and he's not fully happy until

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Allah created his wife Hawa, he's in general, he has angels to talk to. But we still need that person that understands us. They might be a health problem and healthy eating. And we know all of this affects the brain. And you should have a purpose to your life. People that have absolutely everything and have nothing to work for. You will be depressed, because there's no purpose in your life. People that work in the community, they work with orphans, they work in the masjid committee, they on some committee of something they will on some project, there's a reason for them to wake up in the morning. Their life has meaning. If you have no meaning or purpose in your life, you feel

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depressed. So sometimes depressed people will feel I have too much what is on my mind. Take on something you might actually find that thing will kill you will kill you stress. So how do we fight these negative thoughts? I'm cursed by Allah. Allah doesn't love me. I am bad like my life is worse than anyone else. Allah subhana wa tada says, and this is to not be Moosa and to be heroin, but it applies to us by the latter half. In an email Akuma smell WA, Allah subhanaw taala tells you in your time of difficulty, Don't feel sad, don't fit. Don't be fearful. I am with you. I hear and I see, I know your situation. Don't think your difficulty you being alone. I see. And I'm aware of what makes

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you sad. Especially if you did nothing wrong. And you're going through difficulty and no one believes you No one knows. Also, I am the one that sees an idea. And sometimes we feel and the smaller global scale. What's happening to our Muslim countries? Yeah, a lot. Don't you see what the enemies are doing? Allah says and never think that Allah is unaware of what the wrongdoers do. He only delays them for a day when the eyes will stay in order. So I leave them don't think I'm not seeing what they're doing. So if you being wronged, and you being oppressed, know that Allah sees what's happening. Either he intervenes in the dunya or even worse for the oppressor in the theater.

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And don't feel shy to complain to Allah. Some people say I'm so shy to ask Allah for what I want. I'm so shy to complain. Yeah, I want more as if though to say, Don't you have enough? Are you still gonna come to me after I've given you so much? Look at the people in Syria, they can complain you have nothing to complain about. No complain to Allah. Allah wants you to complain to him. He loves that you complain to him because you recognize

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It comes from you and the only you can replace this difficulty and only you can give. That's what Allah wants. He's Europe. I am the one that you need to come to. So Allah subhanho wa Taala and this is gonna be a you know be Yaqoob when he complains about use of his son, it was lost easily. You wish you taqwa ways you taqwa Allah took your son be patient to Allah No. Maybe Yaqoob says to his family when they say stop talking about use of he said in school but see what was needed Allah I only complain of my suffering and my grief to Allah I tell him Allah Do you know how much I love that boy you know you how much I love them and how much I wanted to see him grow up and how much I

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miss him. Yeah, Allah you know how sad I am? Tell a mother Yeah, I'm not you know a difficult how much I want this thing. I've said it makes me you know, yeah, Allah, please help me. Don't be shy to speak your sadness to Allah. And then never lose hope that as you're making dua, Allah will fix it tomorrow. Believe that tomorrow he will fix it or not tomorrow today. Again nebbia who says oh my son's go and find out about use of and his brother and display not of the relief of a law, law. So many rohilla What are they assuming there are a lot don't ever lose hope in a loss relief. Really only a person who disbelieves Allah has no Eman doesn't have faith in Allah. And something from the

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Hadith which I also found the is comfort food in times of sadness and sickness. Now this also says you should eat a meal potel Vina, maybe our brothers know better than me, because it brings comfort to the sick person. And it lessens the grief This Is Buhari and Muslim. And it looks like it's some kind of Partridge made of wheat with honey and milk, something sweet, something warm. And although it may be some salami saying this, so we take his advice that this will actually make it easy, some kind of bluff when you're sick or you feeling grief anxiety, then eat this inshallah like this implement the sooner and they do ask to be recited for anxiety and grief. If you have any anxiety,

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any stress or worry, the doors. The visa says no person suffers any anxiety or grief and he says, Oh Allah, I am your slave, son of your slave son of your female slave. My forehead is in your hand. You come your command over me is forever executed and you decree over me is just whatever you give me Allah I know it is just with I accepted with I don't like it. I know it is feeling what you're doing. I asked you by every name belong to you, which you named yourself with, or revealed in your book or to any of your creation, or you have preserved in the knowledge of the unseen with you that you make the Quran the life of my heart and the light of my breast and a departure for my subtle and

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the release of my anxiety What a beautiful bra.

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Make these two are consistently in absences. Allah will take away his sorrow and grief and give him instead of joy. Allah will give you happiness. Either he removes that which makes you sad, or He grants you the strength to face it, and others are easy to our La ilaha illAllah de Mille Halim, there is no not worthy of worship except Allah, the mighty the pervading the load of the mighty throne, La ilaha illa Allah, Lord of the heavens, Lord of the earth and Lord of the Throne, if you make these two as consistent as kar, Allah subhana wa tada we'll remove that because you realize everything is in the power of Allah. There was beautiful so a man he was you know, selling small

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things on the road. And he said, How can I feel sad when I turn to Allah honey, the richest one to give me real quick about my situation. If I if I'm close friends with the richest man in the world, I shouldn't even worry about not having money. So if you close with Allah and inshallah honey, then you worries are solved. So

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these two R's remind us of our relationship with a law that he fixes things, and he gives us What is this was a form of the speed that is good. And we should display of this to a limit is to the speed due to our sins. How many of us feel I am so bad, that if I raise my hands, Allah rejects it. If I make sada allergic, I've done so much evil. I've done so much wrong and you think of all the wrongs you did, and shaytan will tell you like I like shaytaan there is no hope for you. If you don't raise his hands, there's no hope for him. And he also you are with me, you are with me for the past 50 years, finished, Allah said enough with you. You can feel bad about sin, but shaytan will try to

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paralyze you with that fear that you do nothing. So he says you might as well enjoy the rest of the ride. Because you go into one place. This is what she does. And a loss is the opposite. Even if you have on your loss this moment, you have a chance to return to Allah. So Allah says in this most beautiful aquileia eva de la Vina Seraph wala and fusi him. La takumin Rahmatullah in the loyal freudenberg Jamia

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In a hula hula Rahim say oh my servants who have transgressed against themselves the one who committed Zina not the Wali of the Wali, say to the one who committed Zina and killed and murdered and cheated and stole and didn't make Salah, say to that one the bad one. learn not to mean Rahmatullah. Don't give up in the mercy of Allah. Verily Allah forgives all sins, every single one exception, Allah will forgive, indeed, he is most forgiving, Most Merciful. And Allah says about himself or herself. It was the attitude

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that my mercy encompasses every single thing in this creation. Each and every one even police has a sheet of Allah's mercy. Allah's mercy is for everyone, but his punishment is only for a few. Now vehcile salaam tries to explain to you what Allah is, when he says, Allah created mercy and divided it into 100 pieces. One Piece meaning 1% of all mercy was sent to the dunya. And from that 1% you see that love between a mother and a child, that 1% is what you feel, have mercy to everyone, all the goodness in the world, all the kindness in the world, everything of good comes from the 1% of mercy and allocate 99 for himself. That is a lot is that is what he has with him and he preserves it

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for the believers.

00:31:21--> 00:32:01

Allah's mercy Allah Subhana Allah wants to promise us a lamb. They came to Salaam and the Sahaba there was a war and they came to a place and this lady, she was frantic because he was fighting and she lost her child. She didn't know where he was. And she was running up and down screaming like imagine a mother. We just thought her child had died screaming and running around with my son with my son, and she finds a baby amongst all the rubble all the all the fighting, she finds the child safe and sound and she grabs the child and hugs this child. You can only imagine the scene in episode seasons lady, and he says the Sahaba I promise you Allah is more merciful to his slave than

00:32:01--> 00:32:17

this woman to her child. Can you imagine? Oh Sahaba is a recent saying this in Bukhari and Muslim Can you imagine this lady ever taking that child and throwing the child in the fire? significant impossible, so it always more reluctant to put any one of his creation in jahannam. And that mother

00:32:19--> 00:32:40

would say the only thing that gives me hope is that I know of I have an Allah that laughs and smiles and that he is more merciful to me than my own mother on piano. If I told you, your mother will pass judgment on you, all of us will feel safe. Okay, mommy's day, she's going to give me a ticket to gender. Allah is more likely to give you a ticket to Jenna.

00:32:41--> 00:33:21

That's what Allah is, so long as you don't come with him, and you do your best. So in another Hadith agreed upon the resources, Allah says that whoever says La Ilaha Illa, meaning he does not come a chick one thing we switch this over and over, that he only worships Allah. He doesn't go to a comet, or when he or she, when idle and sisters always stick without any of these things. He throws all of it away. He says, I only go to Allah in my times of difficulty and for prediction. And even if he has, he's done no good deed in his entire life. And he has the lowest of low an atom's weight of a man in his heart. Then Allah will save him from Jana and Allah will intimidate agenda. This is a

00:33:21--> 00:33:58

promise from Allah subhanaw taala promise from Allah subhana wa Tada. And this beautiful Hadith could see, Allah himself says this when he says, oh, son of Adam, as long as you call upon me, and put your hope in me, I have forgiven you for what you have done. And I don't mind. No matter how many times you commit the sin, but you make Toba, I promise I give you forgiveness, and I don't get tired or frustrated with you, oh, son of Adam. If your sins were to reach the clouds of the sky, and then you would ask me for forgiveness. I would forgive you. This is like the man who 70 years did not make a single dollar. And now the doctor says you have two months left of you're gonna die. And

00:33:58--> 00:34:33

now he starts making his son's went to the summer. Allah says you come to me like that. I would give forgive you. I promise you I forgive you. This is something the dunya is still okay. He's making Toba while he's alive. What about the man who committed sin and sin and sin and died without Toba? What is this person situation? Allah says Oh son of Adam, if you were to come to me with sins that are close to falling the earth, on piano, so much sinful the earth and you would meet me though without committing shift, you didn't commit cheat, then I would bring to you forgiveness close to filling the

00:34:34--> 00:34:49

piano I will forgive all those sins so long as you don't come and cheat. You still have that opportunity of forgiveness. So Allah promises as this and in Ramadan if you're going to feel hopeless, and maybe we all reach that month.

00:34:50--> 00:34:59

Levison says and he said amin three times when he ascended the pulpit, thrice he made so gibreel made it to our and thicc amin, amin, amin Sahaba said why

00:35:00--> 00:35:37

Is this what he said there are three kinds of people that are basically complete losers. It is impossible for them to make to lose this it's like a guaranteed freebie that they should be into into generally sins are forgiven. The man who doesn't say somehow they will sell them when my name is mentioned, the man who gets his parents in old age and is unable to attain gender through them. And the man who gets Ramadan, any sins are not forgiven is like such a loser. They are three opportunities in Ramadan that every single one of your sins are removed. Like Hodge like the Haji feels, you know I'm going and my sins are forgiven and yes, we make dua, that all those who went for

00:35:37--> 00:36:20

Hajj and going for Hajj all the sins are forgiven, they come back clean. Similarly, if you exit Ramadan, you have three at least three chances for all your sins big or small to be forgiven. What are those three chances? Now resources man sama Ramadan Eamon and wacky Serbian who feel Allahumma taka taka domina them ever fast the month of Ramadan with Eamon properly and he hopes that Allah forgives him and rewards him all his sins will be forgiven secondly one man karma Ramallah who even stands the month of Ramadan doesn't mean you stand the entire night in Salah you don't have to spend the entire night in Sala but you stand every night you try your best as best you can with to email

00:36:20--> 00:37:01

Allah only once and see that he didn't put a number how much records you need to make all he said he man and wacky sir but you believe sincerely and Allah and you hope for that he would you make you stand in Ramadan all your sins are forgiven. If that isn't is that is too difficult. Then man karma Laila to whoever stands the night of lady who called in sada and he catches little coddling sada on that night with a man and hopeful that he would have Allah holy sins are forgiven and it's a shortcut you know the shortcut of standing the whole month, every single minute of the night in Ramadan. How can you stand the entire night in sada there's a shortcut that he says whoever prays

00:37:01--> 00:37:39

sada behind the Imam until he's done until he finishes his Salah the rest of the night is written for him in sada. So you could stand potentially, the whole night in you can be counted as one who stood the whole night in Salah by standing behind the Imam. So this is the opportunity to make sure we get the opportunity. All of us can have our sins forgiven, even the very worst can have his sins forgiven. And then I'll move on. It's a promise from Allah and a promise from Israel, Jerusalem, Allah subhana wa tada Have mercy on us and forgive us and fix our hearts of all the diseases that we meet to Allah with a pure and perfect robina led to the Hulu bada bada it had a 10 hour blend

00:37:40--> 00:38:19

in the content and with this inshallah we conclude our series on the Hot next week in sha Allah, we might have brothers from overseas or as a question mark we haven't yet decided but we have some gifts, gifts from students of Medina coming back in sha Allah, we hope to get one of them as a guest speakers If not, inshallah we'll talk about Ramadan. Also an announcement that our classes on Tuesday evenings are on a postpone till after Ramadan. And once again like to thank my class for attendings for the number of years three, four years now that we've been together consistently Alhamdulillah what little what we've learned Allah bless us in that and inshallah We look forward to

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starting the class one singing after Ramadan, says Allah hi

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