Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P04 048D Tafsir Aal-e-Imran 118-120

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the meaning of "butanna" in the context of business and personal matters, emphasizing the importance of avoiding false assumptions and avoiding sharing personal information. They also stress the need to be aware of one's heart and be alert before sharing information, and to trust oneself and not share personal information with others. The speakers also stress the importance of knowing the Prophet's words and not giving them away.
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Then Allah subhanaw taala warns us Yeah Are you her Ladino Ermanno or you have believed that that will be fine at a min Duni calm do not take as intimate those who are other than yourselves who is being addressed the believers and what's the address? Yeah. Are you a Latina?

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Yeah. Are you her is health Nida. So what does this mean that for other her summer, pay attention listen attentively to the command to the prohibition that has been given over here because this is something that you must do in order to perfect in order to increase your Eman and if we are neglectful in it. Then we are compromising on what on our EMA so what's the prohibition that led that the Hindu Bitcoin atta men do Nico, do not take butanna? Those who are other than you? What is this word Bafana Bafana is from the letters batla noon and Atlanta are those people who are close to a person who are they those individuals who are very close to a person, the close circle of a

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person. And this word is derived from butanna to soap Befana the soap is the inner side the inner part or you can say the inner lining of your clothes. Okay, the inner lining of your clothes. So the part of the clothes that is on the inside, which is touching your body, which is touching your skin. There's nothing that is between the body and the clothes. So this is what Bitcoin is. All right. So batana are who the close friends have a person with whom a person shares a secrets, a person shares, his feelings, his plans, his ideas is gold as objectives as thoughts. All right. They're like intimate, close best friends. Okay, this is just like, there's some things which you share with the

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whole world. Okay, when you put it up on your Facebook wall, okay, which is public, you know, anybody can see it.

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And there are other things which you share with who, with your close friends how, by either conversation, or through text messages, or something of that sort. And you share what what happened, right? What you plan to do, what you like, what you dislike, you share so many things that the other person knows you isn't it's all your friends know you? How well do they know you, they know what you like to eat, what you like to drink, where you like to go, what you like to wear, where you like to shop, when you like to wake up when you sleep? You know what's going on in your life? What makes you happy? What makes you sad? Isn't that so? your close friends know you?

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And if they don't know you, then would they really be friends? No, there's a huge gap over there. So butanna are the close friends of a person Allah says do not take close friends who mean dunican Those who are other than you? What does it mean by dunican? Dhoni come over here gives meaning of Lady calm meaning other than you. So those who are not all of you, but they are you can say the other the one who is different from you, in any of the matters and this could vary. So for example, in the matters of being someone who is other than you is who someone who is not on the same beam as yours.

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All right. So do not take firstly, who a disbeliever as who as your close, intimate best friend.

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Likewise do Nikhil, other than you someone who differs from you in even worldly matters? So for example, in business, okay, in business, if a person has a rival he might be a Muslim, he might be a very honest person. Okay, a very nice person good o'clock he fast See, he prays everything but he has a different goal in business than yours. And if he finds out about your plans, obviously businesses what competition right he's gonna make more money if you find out about your plans. Do you understand? So lad that the hero Bitcoin at a min Duni calm? This could be in the matters of Deen as well as in the matters of duniya. Someone who is a rival, someone with whom you're

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competing, okay, or someone who is not of your group, someone who is not of your family or your country, don't take them as butanna. Now, it doesn't mean that don't take them as friends at all. What it means is

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Don't make them so close to you that you go on sharing every secret of yours with them. Because if you do that, what will happen? What will happen? You will suffer isn't at all you will suffer. So for example, if there's a random person, okay, a random person, he is not part of your family, and you go on telling them about your personal family matters, that my father makes this much money. And you know, we have this much money sitting in the bank and in our house, you know, my mom's closet, she has a drawer where she keeps the money. And yeah, there's no lock, but you know, we don't tell anybody but the money is there. And this person, you don't know whether they're sincere to you or

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not, isn't at all you have no idea, they will easily come to your house and take the money from there.

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Do you understand what I mean though? So basically, what is being said is that don't go on sharing your secrets with everyone and anyone? Whether it is your secrets concerning your deen or your financial matters, your family matters No.

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Don't go on trusting every single individual out there in the street. And over here my dear sisters, please be careful about what you say. What you write what you post what you text. All right, what you tell the whole world you know, the pictures that people put up the details of their lives that they share, you know, on the World Wide Web? Right? So let that the hero button at the medulla calm don't go on taking butanna Those who are other than you be careful, be alert.

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What's the reason why should you not do that? Now a list of reasons are mentioned that first of all, those who are your enemies les Luna come Habana they will not refrain for you any kind of evil meaning they will want every evil for you. Now, what is mentioned over here are either the reasons why we should not take other than ourselves as butanna or this can also be understood as the description of those when we should not take us intimates. Okay. This can also be understood as the description of those people whom we should not take as intimates. Because it may happen that someone is you know, let's say you don't know them that well. Alright, you don't know them that well. You

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don't know their family, you don't know their background much, but they appear to be a sincere person, you know them from the mustard you know them from the class and you can share some kind of details with them some thoughts with them, not about where you keep your money and what your password is to your email account No, but some details you can share right. But if they possess these characteristics, then be careful. If they possess these qualities, then be careful. What are they first of all, let your Luna come Cabella

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who are your enemies? They are these people who do not fail do not fall short in any kind of distraction, any kind of harm for you. Layup Luna, Luna is from the ruler prisms Alam wel, l one is to neglect in doing something to fall short in doing something to reduce to give less Leia Luna meaning they do not fall short. They do not fail they do not leave out any effort. They do not miss out on any chance they will avail every chance they will spare no effort, they will go to great lengths in order to do what Kabbalah Cabell from the EU letters Kabbalah. Kabbalah Yakubu is to destroy to make defective to corrupt something. And in particular, it is the corruption of the

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intellect of the opinion the mind the reason of a person. All right. So Lai Luna come Kabbalah they will not spare any effort to ruin you to destroy you to corrupt your thinking. And it happens sometimes, that people become so naive that they don't even realize other people are fooling making a fool of them, misleading them, and they have no idea. They have absolutely no idea. I'm sure you've heard of many stories where somebody just, you know, spoke to somebody online once, you know, just a random email or a random conversation on, you know, on some chat place or whatever. And then it ended up in a phone call. And it ended up in a meeting and went one step after the other. So the

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person thinking is destroyed. They're out of their mind. Because the other person has made them to believe that I love you. You are the world to me, and you have to marry me and you must marry me. It has happened with people who are married even and people who are unmarried. That it's as though their thinking has been corrupted, that they cannot think straight lay at LUNA Kabbalah. So if someone is corrupting your thinking, someone is corrupting your beliefs, your

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thoughts, your ideas, then be careful. If somebody is telling you to rebel against your parents to leave your family to disobey your parents, then there's something that's not right. How can someone be a true lover, if they're telling you leave your parents for my sake, your parents who have raised you, who have been so good to you? And somebody says that I love you, and you have to come to me, otherwise I will die. I will kill myself. You know, recently, I came across these stories where I was amazed that how a couple is married, but the guy is being chased after by another girl who was a distant relative, and she's saying, you know, I've cut myself, I've burned myself, you divorce her

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and you marry me. Leia Luna can have Allah for God's sakes, such a person is not sincere to you, you have a kid. And if this person is saying they love you, they don't love you.

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Lie at Luna, calm Havana.

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If someone is corrupting your thinking, your beliefs, then there's got to be a problem over there.

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This is an enemy, not a friend. Someone who destroys your thinking, someone who does not let you think in the right manner, make the right decisions than they are not your friend. Remember that. No matter what they say to you. No matter what threat they give, no matter what promises they make, no matter what hopes they give. They're not your friend. Liat, Luna, Kampala, Allah

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What do they love? Another characteristic of an enemy is what that what do they love? Marinette don't that which you suffer, meaning they love that you should suffer they love that you should be in harm. What do is from what what to love with the depth of the heart with all your heart. So it is their deepest desire, they love with all their heart that Marinette them that you should suffer and our nycdoe Mr. Murray nuda Arnica Jana to is to be surrounded, to be caught in extreme difficulty, to be in crisis to be in problems to be you know, worried. So they love with all their hearts, absolute love of that which is difficult for you, that you suffer hardship, whether it is on the

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difficulty, you know, of your thoughts that you're worried all the time or Bethany, that in your physical body you're suffering, or in mal in wealth, you're suffering. So anyone who wants that your life should be difficult, that you become sad, that you are hurt, that you are worried, then are they your friend? No, they are your enemy.

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So if someone says I love you, and for the sake of my love, I

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don't care about your parents being upset and you're worried you're sad. They don't care about your parents. They don't care about your family. Do they really love you? Are they really your friend? They're not. What do Marinette do if someone loves your suffering, then they are not a friend. Because a sincere person a well wisher, he can never be happy when others suffer.

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Never. The Prophet saw a lot isn't it was the most sincere person and Allah subhanaw taala describes them as Lapa GIA Akula, Suliman and physical magazines when I lay you might run it dome. If you suffer something, it is very difficult for him, meaning the fields that when you're suffering,

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and if another person doesn't care about whether you're sad, you're distressed, you're worried, you're upset, you're unhappy, that they do not love you. They're not your friend. They are in reality your enemy. Allah says by the bed Atilla mean of way, another characteristic of an enemy is that for the better, it has already become visible, it has already become clearer, what has become clear Albelda enmity from what men have wear him from their mouths of work floor love from mouth, meaning enmity has already become clear from their mouths meaning from what has come out of their mouths. In other words, the kinds of things that they have said to you. They make it very clear that

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they are not your friends, rather they are your enemies. If someone can say the most meanest of things to you the most harshest of words to you,

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even when they're upset, then again, they're not sincere to you. Because a person who is sincere, a person who truly loves you, even at the time of anger,

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he will not say harsh things. He will not say the most hurtful things. He will sometimes express his anger he will express his frustration he will say you could do whatever you want. I don't care, but he will not

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Don't say mean things that will hurt your feelings. If they have the confidence to say words that hurt you

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that you cannot forget them for days for weeks for months, then there is a problem. That means that that person has some kind of enmity in their heart for you. They're not happy with you some way or the other.

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But the better till blah, blah, oh, men have Why him?

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Many times it happens that a person, you know, shows that he's a good friend, a very sincere person. But the true test is when they are angry. What kind of words do they say? Do they rip you apart? Do they insult you? Do they question your intentions? Do they question your motives? When they're doing that, then that means there's a problem. Because actions they always speak louder than words. A person can say, you know, I'm very sincere, I want the best for you. I want this for you. I want that for you. But then when they're angry with you, they don't stop it. They don't stop anywhere. They insult your nose, they insult your parents, they insult your work the way you speak the way you

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dress, then caught the Bethel Bulldog, I mean of why him

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and muddy has become clear has become evident from their mouths. And notice how enmity has become clear. It shows as if they're trying to hide the enmity inside but they cannot hide it it comes out. And this is true. When some feelings are in the heart, then they eventually come out even if a person tries his best to cover them up. Wilma Duffy sudo room Akbar and what their hearts been seal is far greater. If they can say such harsh words to you, than what their hearts keep is something that is much worse.

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Because words are only a reflection of what is in the heart.

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Words or what a reflection of what is in the heart. Because the the heart is inside, the heart is not displayed. But what is in the heart is displayed through what through a person's mouth. Right through a person's words through a person's actions. Because remember that the heart is the king and the rest of the body is serving the heart, whatever's in the heart, the rest of the body will do. Whatever feedings are in the heart, the mouth will speak whatever desires are in the heart, the body will do.

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Whatever the heart is interested in the eyes will see whatever the heart wants to listen to. The ears will pick up

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all right, so my thought for you so do room Akbar, what their hearts conceal is far greater meaning their hearts are full of enmity and hatred towards you. Even if they say with their words. They love you that they're sincere to you they're not actually sincere. Allah says Cordoba Yana hola como is that we have clarified to you the signs I add over here gives meaning of Allah Mert. The signs of who of your enemy. Allah has told us very clearly about who the enemy is in quantum Turkey alone if you understand meaning, if you have arco. If you understand this, then do not befriend such people. Do not take them as close friends. The signs are clear so that you can understand them. So use your

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mind before you share something with someone before you take them as a close friend. Before you believe that they love you. Use your mind and analyze what kind of a person they are. How do they treat you? How do they respond to you? You cannot judge their heart, but from their words and their actions and their behavior. The kinds of things they want for you. You can tell their level of sincerity for you the level of their well wishing for you. So be careful. Be alert. Allah says her and tombola her and to her is actually her jewelry. Okay, but Antonia has come in the middle and her has been separated. Why? For the purpose of Dombey for the purpose of warning, caution, you know to

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alert the listener ha and to hear and Tim you are hola e are those who do have Boehner home you will have them. Look at you. You love them. You love these people. But the reality is when are you gonna come but they don't love you. It may happen that there's some individual you love them, you're very sincere to them, you want the best for them. But every now and then they come up arguing with you and they say the most mean things to you. And you're just left in bewilderment that what's going on?

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Allah says her Anthem will lie to her buena whom you love them? Yes, that's true. While you're gonna convert, they don't love you. They don't love you.

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The reason is that a believer is supposed to have a clean

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Heart, isn't that so? We're supposed to have clean hearts. We're supposed to have sincere feelings towards others. We should give the benefit of the doubt to others. We should have positive thoughts about others, you know, we should be merciful, affectionate, forgiving. And it is only natural that such a person will begin to love others. Isn't that so? That even if someone is mean to you, you will still love them. Because Allah tells us to forgive. Someone said something very nasty to us. But we say okay, no, no, it's okay. I forgive them. I still love them. Somebody is not being sincere to us in the way that they're treating us. But still, what do we tell ourselves? It's okay, forgive.

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Maybe it happened because of this reason may be that reason. You tell yourself to have positive thoughts, right? So you love them. So a believer naturally will have love for others.

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A believer naturally will have and should have love for others. And this could be because of kinship with others relationship with others or friendship with others. You know, they're your acquaintances, they're your co workers, whatever, ha and tombola into hipbone you love them. But Allah says, What are your hipbone? accom they do not love you, despite you loving them. You love them, but they don't love you. And how can someone love you, no matter how much they say they do, when the words that they say only demonstrate hatred. If someone says, I love you, I'm really sincere to you, but the next time they're upset,

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you're just left in shock, the next time they're angry, they're unhappy, you're left in shock, then that person does not love you, even if they say that they do. Because again, actions speak louder than the words of a person, the behavior of a person shows everything. Why is Allah subhanaw taala telling us about this, that you love them, but they don't love you?

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Why is Allah telling us this, then we start doubting every person's love for us. And the hope that we be careful that just because someone is saying is expressing their love, doesn't necessarily mean that they love you.

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Right? This is just like if a friend says to the other, you know, I really appreciate whatever you're doing. And she says, Okay, can you help me with this work a little bit? Can you just put these books over here or do this for me, it's really not you know, I'm busy. My hand is hurting. I'm, you know, busy with something else going on what kind of sincerity is this? I'm asking for a little bit of help, a little bit of cooperation, and there's no support at all. Instead, the person is mocking what I'm doing. This is not love.

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This is not love. Your actions will show the kind of love and dedication you have for someone. So when are you gonna come? They don't love you. So, when this is the case, then how and why should you trust them? Don't take such people as butanna. Because if you will take them as butanna Then what will happen? You will suffer, you will suffer. And especially these verses were revealed about the people of the book, okay. They were revealed about the People of the Book, the mafia, clean, who lived in Medina, two groups who were there the people of the book that you would, as well as among African who appear to be as Muslims, but in reality, they were not Muslim. They were both in Medina,

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the Muslims, they love them. Why? Because they appeared to be good people. They made a pact with the Muslims. They apparently came and prayed in the masjid sat in the madness of the prophets, Allah Lourdes and I'm saying you're supposed to have love for everybody. But Allah warns us cautions us, they don't actually love you. So be careful. You want Islam for them, but they want Cofer for you. And loving the one who hates you is in a way foolishness. This doesn't mean that you don't want good for them. You still want good for them. But Be on your guard. What told me no, no, Bill Kitabi Conley, he, and you believe in the book, which book clearly all of it. Now, this is understood in

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two ways. First of all, Bill Kitabi Coleen meaning in all the books that Allah has revealed, you know, whether it is a thorough or the Injeel there's a war, the Quran, any book that Allah has revealed, you all Muslims believe in them.

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But do they believe in all of them? For example, the hood? Did they believe in all of the books? No, they didn't believe in the NGO. They didn't believe in the Quran. So this is a proof that they don't love you. Because if somebody loved you, then they would love what you love to

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write. If somebody loves you, then they will value they will appreciate what you love. They will value what you find important. And if they don't give it any importance, then they don't love you. Then they're not worth sincere and close friendship. The second meaning of Bill Kitabi couldn't be is that you believe

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If in the entire book in the book in its entirety, but the munafo Clean, what was their state that they didn't believe in the entire book, because if they believed in all of it, their actions would be different. They would also act upon it and not acting on the book, despite knowledge is almost like not believing in it. Right? This is why Allah subhanaw taala said to the people of the Book of atonement, don't be bothered Cadabby what the Quran about what was it that freuen me about that you don't follow all of it. So they were not happy. They didn't follow all of the commands. Were either la qoocam And when they meet you, or new Iman, they say that we believe when they meet you they say

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we believe me and they try to please you through their words through their lip service. And so earlier on I 167, Allah says your Karuna be FYE malaise of equilibrium. They say what their mouths what is not in their hearts. So when they meet you, they say yes, yes, you're doing something so good. I really appreciate your efforts. We're either Hello. But when they're alone, meaning away from you, hello from the Veterans Hall and well, meaning you're not there. They're away from you. They're alone, either by themselves, or with like minded people are a doer and a common enemy. laminal Hyeres. What do they do? They bite their fingertips out of rage out of anger over you.

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Meaning they're so angry over you about what you're doing about your success or your achievements, that they cannot help but bite your fingers and rage. They're so angry because you're being successful. So when they meet you, they say we believe we appreciate you we love you. Oh, congratulations. But then as soon as you're gone, they're so unhappy that they can't help but bite their fingers.

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They don't like your achievements. Notice the word that I'll do is from my own blog blog, which is to bite to grab something with the teeth. And I'll do I lay comer Aleikum gives meaning of atiu Because of you out of anger over you. And enamel is the plural of an mela or Mala, which is the root letter is known meme lamb and enamel are utter awful Asada, the updraft, the ends of the fingers. So the end of the fingers are what

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the ends of the fingers are what fingertips all right, and also the wassup the middle. Now, when a person is anxious or upset or stressed out, then what does he do? He either bites his fingertips, or he will bite his finger like that, isn't it so like putting the knuckles in the mouth? The joints in the mouth? Isn't that so? So people bite their fingers in both ways. I'll do our Lake Como anomala. They're biting their fingers out of what alleles lasal is from lainnya law. And this is anger. Although is also anger. But lay there's such anger in which a person reacts and shows his emotion meaning he can't keep that anger inside. He shows that emotion, you know, through words through

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feelings through behavior through his movements, he cannot keep that anger inside it comes out.

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Now, biting of the fingers or fingertips or fingernails is due to many reasons. All of them is Nedum. You know, when a person is sad about something so for example, a person is driving and the car breaks down. So President is standing there worried. And in that worry in that sadness, then what happens? A person starts to bite their fingers. Okay? Likewise, it's also because of her

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because of grief worry. So for example, a person did not submit their assignment on time, and how they're worried that what's going to happen. So they're biting their fingers. And it's also because of layoffs because of frustration, because of anger over some incident that happened. So a person is unhappy because of how things happen. So he's frustrated he's upset, or blue or likeable. anomala Minella minimize over here. They're biting their fingers or what?

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Out of anger or frustration over who over you that Why are you successful? Why do you have some blessings? Why do you have some opportunity? Why are you firm on the right way? Why don't you give up? Why are you determined, you know, why are you achieving your goals? Why are you in a state of well being so in other words, they're jealous, pure, jealous. They don't love you, they hate you.

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They hate you. They don't love you at all. In front of you, they please you and behind you. They're stressed out over your success. They're stressed out they're frustrated. Allah says

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spoil say to them more to be lively come Thai in your anger. This is such an amazing response that it has no air means I don't care.

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You're jealous. Go ahead. Do whatever you want I don't care you know mood to be really calm mood to die be Layli come in your anger. Go ahead live in this anger and frustration all your life. I don't care. Live in this frustration live in this level and die in this lane. I do not care about you.

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Move to belay. leikam in Allah Allah Iman Vida to sudo Indeed, Allah knows about that which occupies the chests and what is it that that occupies the chest, the heart and what it contains? Its palpitation, you know, it's beating, it's anxiety. All of that is what is Mephisto do with that to swallow? So Allah knows about that which is in the heart. So if someone is this jealous of you, someone who hates you so much, then what should you do? Be worried, oh, that person hates me. They don't like me. You know, they're evil is going to affect me. They're going to do magic. They're going to do something or the other they're going to plot a scheme or plan to put me in trouble. What

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does Allah say cool move to be like you they come say to such a person dying your anger. Go down your anger for we're not worried. We're not afraid. And you shall not see what will please you. Allah warns us more income sesco hasenhuttl If some hustler reaches you, themselves come from us and what is must touch. And Hassan is good fortune, all types of good and benefit whether it is of dunya you know or of Deen Mal, you know of wealth of * in family burden in the body, you know material, non material benefit, any kind of benefit. If you have it, you have health, you have success, you got a good mark, you got a good position, you got promoted. Let's say you're traveling, whatever,

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any kind of good thing you have in life, any blessing, friendship, mutual love, marriage, whatever. What happens to them that

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it makes them sad. It upsets them this one from seeing well, Hamza.

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When you get a blessing, they become sad and upset. We're into cybercrimes comes a year turn and if some say year reaches you to say we'll come from Soviet Slava, and say your tone is the opposite of hasna. It is that which saddens you, whether it is in body or in wealth in Dean, you know, like death or loss of something. If you suffer from some misfortune, year for Hoby her, they rejoice over it, they're happy over there delighted. Yeah, for who from far, far Aha, they cannot help but be happy. So what's the meaning over here, that their enmity towards you is endless. It doesn't know any limits, their enmity, their hatred for you has no limits, you are happy, they become upset, you

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get something a blessing, a success, and they do not like it at all. And when you suffer, they're very happy.

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So can such a person being a friend, wouldn't you be making a big mistake, if you went on sharing your secrets with such a person, of course, it would be a big mistake.

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You know, sometimes it happens that you are studying the Quran, you get a good grade, you're doing excellent in your lessons, You're doing so good with your attendance. And there are some people who are not happy about that.

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And there are other people who are happy about

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the Quran is who will hire me my edge Marone it is better than everything that people gather. So if someone is supporting you in this cause, then know that they are very, very sincere to you. If someone is supporting you, in your study of the Quran, in your teaching of the Quran, whatever you're doing, then know that they are your sincere honest friend.

00:34:10 --> 00:34:35

And if someone is not supporting you, if someone is not supporting you at all, and there could be reasons for the lack of support. One is that you are not fulfilling your responsibilities because of which the support is lacking. But if you are doing your best, you're fulfilling your responsibilities at home, you're doing whatever you're supposed to do. You're not neglecting anything, but someone is not being supportive, then know that they cannot be taken as batana.

00:34:37 --> 00:34:59

Because if you go and tell them that, you know, next week, we're gonna have class until 130. For example, if you were to tell them, then will they be happy? No way. If you were to tell them March Break is off, or on or whatever. Are they going to be happy? They're not if you tell them there's the comedian. There is a program I got this many more

00:35:00 --> 00:35:07

Are they going to be happy? No, not at all. So be careful about what you share with who?

00:35:09 --> 00:35:43

What industry through. So what should you do? What's the solution? What should you do? If you feel that there are some people in your life who aren't like this, that they hate your achievements, they're very happy at your failure. They're just looking for things through which they can hurt you, in front of you. They're nice, but behind you, they're spreading really bad things about you. So what should you do? Allah says, we're in this middle water, taco, two things, if you are patient, and you're God fearing your patient, over what you suffer at their hands

00:35:44 --> 00:36:18

over the feelings of yours that they hurt, so we're in that spirit, and whoever the sober is actually waiting for relief. Isn't that so? If you're being patient, it's because you're waiting for relief. So be patient and know that Allah will relieve you from this problem. What a taco and fear Allah fear Allah concerning what in how you deal with them. Fear Allah in how you deal with them, because it may happen that someone is saying the most nasty things to you on your face. And you want to say something do

00:36:19 --> 00:37:01

but at that time, what should stop you that the quote of Allah have that summer to bear calmly what they're saying, and at the same time have the quote and don't say what Allah does not like that what industrial what that taco layer don't welcome que Doom che, their plot cannot harm you at all. This is just mentioned her own personal example where somebody at work was giving trouble to them, they were getting a promotion, but this person also wanted and they rejected themselves, but the other person got in when they were praised in public, you know, the other person came and insulted them. So the manager stood up for them and defended them. So it happens. It happens not just in the

00:37:01 --> 00:37:33

matters of the team, but also in the matters of duniya that where there are people who hate you who entertain jealousy, animosity, hatred, ill feelings against you, and they're plotting and planning to harm you to put you in danger. Anything that you achieve, they're upset, anything you suffer, they're very happy. At this time, what should you do have sub bear calmly and have the fear of Allah don't do what Allah does not like, then what will happen? The plot the plan of others cannot harm you at all.

00:37:35 --> 00:38:19

Lay your guru Kincaid, the one che, anything at all. We learned earlier that lainnya guru come in that they cannot harm you except just a little bit of hurt. Yes, you will get a little bit of hurt meaning your feelings will be hurt. You might have a bad day. You might every time you pass by that street or by that house or by that building or by that workplace, you're reminded of those thoughts. Yes, you have other But can this person really destroy you? Can they really harm you? Can they deprive you of something that Allah has decreed for you never lie your guru calm Qaidam che in Surah Al Iran i 186. Allah says well, Atlas Maroondah Mina, Latina Otto Kitab and publikum woman and

00:38:19 --> 00:39:03

Latina Shaco and then cathedra you will hear a lot of other from the people. But can they truly harm you? No, they cannot. In Allah Habima Yama, Luna more hate and always remember that indeed Allah is with whatever they are doing. Encompassing. Meaning he encompasses all of their actions, all of their efforts, all of their activities. And this is a hotline area in kodra insofar as meaning he knows about their activities, he has authority over them He has power over them. He is encompassed in like a wall that encircled the one that is inside its boundaries meaning they cannot escape the knowledge of Allah they cannot escape the decree of Allah the decision of Allah that's listen to the

00:39:03 --> 00:39:07

recitation of these verses and then some lessons Yeah.

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two fields will do

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you wanna go more to me?

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more than you do more

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be that is voodoo

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those labor combs say

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can you do?

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a movie.

00:40:54 --> 00:41:28

In the Quran Allah subhanaw taala tells us that or rather commonly battling fifth Nitin at US Maroun that we have made some of you as a fitna as a trial for others. So will you be patient. So if some people are a trial for us, in the sense that they're hurt our feelings, they do not support us. Every time we are suffering, they're happy every time we achieve something, they're indifferent. So in this situation, what should be done, remember that such people are a fitna

00:41:29 --> 00:41:40

and primarily, Allah subhanaw taala warns us against such people that don't trust them, don't take them as intimate friends. Because if you do that, you are going to suffer.

00:41:42 --> 00:42:19

Now, okay, if someone is, you know, not related to you, you don't have anything to do with them. Okay, you can create a distance and avoid such a person. But what if someone is living in the same house as yours, or their relative? You know, people have problems with their in laws. Sometimes people have problems with their own family, sometimes, that their own cousin or their own arm or their own uncle or whoever, as if after them, just because they made a mistake once and because of that they're never forgiven and a person in the family is just after them. So in this case, what should be done, just be careful. What should be done sober and

00:42:20 --> 00:42:44

sober and Taqwa be patient over what you hear over what you suffer at their hands, and the core of Allah, that don't forget who they are and give them their rights as well. Because sometimes it happens that they may be an elderly relative, someone whom you have to respect now, just because they insulted you somewhere, doesn't mean that you insult them as well. Taqwa of Allah is very important.

00:42:46 --> 00:43:28

Because sometimes we might feel oh, this uncle of mine, you know, he eats haram. And every time I wear hijab, he goes on insulting me. So I'm gonna yell at him as well. And I can say this and this to him to know, have Taqwa of Allah, you still have to be respectful towards him. You still have to give him his rights, but doesn't mean that you have to take his advice. No. Doesn't mean you have to share everything with him. No, you don't. And it happens that in life, you come across people who are not like minded, whether it is at work, or in your own family, then again, what should you do, don't go ahead, sharing every private matter, every personal matter of yours with them. Because if

00:43:28 --> 00:43:36

you do, then, you know, they can develop feelings of jealousy against you, and they can try to harm you. They can wish ill for you.

00:43:37 --> 00:44:01

So don't go on flaunting your achievements, even. Really, this is something that is very, very important. And even, you know many of the young girls who are sitting over here, for example, when you get married, when you meet your spouse, when you meet somebody that don't count on them, I've studied the entire Quran word by word. You know, I know that I've seen of the Quran. Don't say that.

00:44:02 --> 00:44:09

Don't say that. Because when you go on flaunting your knowledge, then the other person can feel insecure.

00:44:10 --> 00:44:22

He can feel insecure. Other people can feel that maybe you think too much of yourself because of the knowledge that you have, because of this one course that you've done. And this could lead to problems and family life.

00:44:24 --> 00:44:33

So don't go on sharing every bit of your life with the whole world. And again, what you post what you share, publicly, be careful about that.

00:44:34 --> 00:44:40

Don't go on showing off all the time. Don't go on sharing everything with the whole world all the time.

00:44:41 --> 00:45:00

So the first thing is, be careful. You know, like you said earlier, Sam, when he had the dream and he told his father, what did his father tell him? Do not tell your dream to your brothers. Don't tell them because indeed Ceylon is an open enemy to people. They may develop ill feelings against you. So be careful for

00:45:00 --> 00:45:40

First of all, and secondly, if you are in a situation where somebody is after your life, then in that case be even more careful and have Sabha and have Taqwa. These two are your protection. These two will bring relief. And as long as you have Sabah and Taqwa Allah will assist you remember that incident where a man came insulting the Prophet salallahu Salam, you know, saying such nasty things on his face and a robot called Allah and who was sitting there, he tolerated it for a while, and then he just stood up and went that that men and the prophets of Allah said, I'm gonna bend, left. Why? Because as long as he was silent and what happened,

00:45:41 --> 00:45:51

Allah had appointed an angel defender. And when there is an argument when there's a fight and chip on comes in, in the profit zone of autism, but not want to stay where shaytaan was.

00:45:52 --> 00:46:40

So summer Antiqua are your protection. This is what will protect you from the harm of other people. And always remember, that Allah knows. Allah knows, he knows them, and He knows me. He knows them and he knows me. In Allah Habima, Yama, Luna, Mohit, and always say your morning and evening call for protection so that the plots of other people cannot harm me. And remember that hadith in which, in our bustle the lower and who said that the Prophet sallallahu sallam said to me once, that Oh boy, I will teach you some words. So learn them, be mindful of Allah and He will protect you. Be mindful of Allah and He will be on your site. If you ask ask Allah and if you seek help seek it from

00:46:40 --> 00:47:11

Allah. Know that if the entire nation were to gather their strength to bring you benefit, they will never bring you benefit except that which Allah has decreed for you. And note that if they gather their strength in order to harm you, they will never harm you except with that which Allah has already decreed against you. The pens have been raised, and the pages are dry. So if anything hurtful does happen, note that it was already decreed. And if something good has to happen, know that it will happen even if others try to stop it.

00:47:12 --> 00:47:27

So, seek refuge with Allah seek His help, and He will protect you from the plots of shaitan from the plots of people who are insincere to you. Subhan Allah who will be handy Kenisha do Allah Illa illa Anta Misaki look, I want to make a cinematic

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