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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the history and potential consequences of the monarchy of Afghanistan, including the use of monsters and false accusations to assert themselves and the danger of physical and mental health problems when alone. The segment also criticizes the use of negative language during political advertisements and the negative consequences of actions taken by believers, including the use of drugs and alcohol. The segment ends with a call to action and a reminder to visit the website for more information.
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shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala

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Sayyidina Muhammad Ali he was so happy he married. My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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All Praise to Allah subhana wa tada most merciful most kind. We submit to you La La Ilaha Illa Antonin has the right to be worshipped except you. We ask Allah subhana wa tada to bless us in this box of Juma to accept from us our era that to forgive our sins, and to guide us in our future in the weeks to come. And we have pasta forgive us and we send our greetings and salutations to Hamas and Al Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pure and perfect family, to his companions, the leaders of the oma and to all those who follow the sun until the end of time. Yeah, it has to be amongst them. I mean,

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with hamdulillah we continue with our series on the disease of the heart. And I must begin by apologizing. I know last week I said, we would like to conclude the series and conclude on an issue with regards to hope, and this feeling in the hope of Allah. We'll discuss that inshallah next week, because Neela but there is an area, a disease, and it's in fact, the worst of all the diseases and it would be incorrect for me not to speak about it. And I must say that Swan Allah, when I prepare these slides, you feel you feel scared and you feel sad. And this one in particular is of the most severe slides I've had to prepay and I have not seen language in the Quran. as harsh as severe as

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strict as the discussion when Allah subhana wa tada speaks about hypocrisy. Without a doubt, hypocrisy is the worst of all diseases, and is a disease that if afflicted the heart, and it takes over the heart and that person is the lowest caliber of person, the lowest of the low, the worst of the worst, even below the outright coffee like pheromone and Abuja, fully open the Quran we begin and we find le Fleming the helical capillary Buffy who the limiting Allah begins this could earn by describing three types of people. He begins by speaking about the 13, the true sincere Buddha key, the one who has taqwa, whose actions reflect his belief, he believes in Allah and he believes in the

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last day and he believes in the Quran and the revelation and he spins and he makes Sora and he lives his life in the fear of Allah. This is the pure, complete myth that isn't perfect, but he is a person of taqwa. And you need to ask yourself which category do I fall in? Can I say that I have through taqwa? I am a person of taqwa. The second category are lots of answers, that equality nikephoros so the the disbeliever the outright disbeliever

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last one speaks about them. That Hata mala boo boo him that Allah has covered the eyes. This is not on the slides. We know the iron suta Baccarat, Allah speaks for the Metatron when Allah speaks about the Kufa outright, this believer, the one who says I don't believe in Islam, I don't believe anything. So if you don't want to believe that I checked, at some point, the hearts are closed down the eyes and the yearning is shut off. And they the position is what Allah is in Jannah. Then unless one speaks about a third category, now if you're not the complete carrier, and you're not the complete the complete person of taqwa, then all of us were the service fit in the middle category,

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and also Hans's woman and nassima cool. And they are people who say, I'm a nebula Illuminati, meaning they say that we believe in Allah and we believe in the accurate analysis, meaning but they are not believers. You heard your own Allah alladhina amanu. Una, familia Sharon, that they think that they are deceiving Allah and the believers, but only they deceive themselves and they're unaware of the disbelief, the the danger of the sicknesses you can have it. And you can believe you're fine. And you won't know the truth about Norfolk. Until the day of

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the menarik never sees himself as a monastic. Up until the end. He doesn't believe in someone ethic. There are people who believe that they are believers. And they think they're fine with Allah and smile how many of us can say this? And then they find on piano we have the moon after the hassanal basri. The greater the the greatness of the turbine says none fears Norfolk except the believer, and then feel safe of nifa except a monarchy himself. How many of us have made the ayah Allah let me not be a monarchical disbeliever how many of us make do after this because we feel something so far away. Another great Tabby, even Abby Malaika says I made 30 companions of the Prophet SAW Salem,

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every single one of them were fearful that they will monastics that they believe that, you know, maybe I'm a monastic, and we'll see why. Why, how can you say you are a monastic? How can

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You say that your heart is full of hypocrisy, because there are two types of hypocrisy with hypocrisy in action. And we'll talk about all the types of actions as mentioned in the Quran that indicate what a monastic does the symptoms of the external symptoms. And if you have one of those symptoms, it can be an indication that the heart the major, the fact of the heart is prevalent.

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So if you have the symptoms of external evoq, the actions of woman you resemble the monastics in actions, then it could be an indication that your heart actually possesses nifa. And all of us, even the Sahaba at times we feel maybe our actions is indication that inside there's something wrong. So these minor effects, which are the external things that we see, and the major effect, which is the effect of the heart, which Allah speaks about releases with us whether they are the worst of the worst, and why what leads to the fuck when does someone become a monastic are lots of answers for them, as well as Allah who Luba, whom will la who is common for sipping.

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Once a person is shown the truth and the guidance, and he is about Islam, and he's a Muslim, and he goes against what he knows to be right, then this leads to the fact also, once they turned away from I gave them guidance, and they turned away, so I turned them away, then I turned their hearts away. And Allah says, We're not gonna leave, either at home, or home, come on man, Obi Wan Amara, and we shall turn the hearts and the eyes away from guidance, as they refuse to believe that in the first time. So for the believer, once a believer enters into Islam, then he still has to cross the bridge of nifa is belief correct and pure and his actions in sound, because if he believes and then he

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turns away, then he's worse than the corporate he came from. So a person who's a non Muslim who becomes Muslim, he can actually fall into something worse,

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if his belief is not sincere and true to our last panel.

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So we see types of hypocrisy, these two types, hypocrisy of the deeds, and the hypocrisy of the heart, no one will know his state of his heart and tokuyama. But what indicates hypocrisy of the heart of the deeds? So what kind of deeds will indicate if someone has hypocrisy? Again, I said self diagnosis. Let's look at the symptoms of the moon African in the time of NaVi salsa them and what the Quran says about them. And we ask ourselves, how many of us how many of these symptoms can I take off? Many of us I no doubt today, you can diagnose yourself, you go to your coffee, your kids are sick, you diagnose what do they have is flu is something serious. And you look at the symptoms.

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Similarly, we look at the symptoms.

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Firstly, one of the things, they just we leave off the mandelic, armano, Thumma cafaro, for two biala khudobin formula f cohoon. That they believed, and then they just believed that they were believers, but they just went against truth and guidance. They knew what was true. And yet they still went against it. And every single person who sins knowing that this sin is haram, it is a sign of default. And that's why the Sahaba was so fearful, because no one is perfect, and therefore they never felt safe of it. And we should never feel safe from it until the day you walk into gender, then we can feel safe from it. I mean, so the thing that leads to the fact is a believer who goes

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against what he knows to be true and right, he commits sin, even though he knows that his harem would have been abena valic, La La Ilaha Illa Illa Allah, that they are neither and in this is a time when a visa asylum and today maybe we find that as well, that they will not with the Muslims know with an analysis politically, socially, they didn't support the oma. They didn't support the JAMA, they found themselves in the middle. You couldn't count them as you couldn't rely on them or depend on them. Then when we asked when the Sahaba when the resource who will help build this Masjid, who will come fight jihad. They were the ones is not a scout someone else. They never took a

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stand. They were always on the fence. The actions didn't show that they would believe us. And we ask again. Do our actions show that I'm a believer, but I've done enough for the oma that I can say I'm with vim with the muslimeen

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and as we said the danger of the sickness is the monastic never sees himself as someone else's well either Elijah whom lots of Sufi articolo in them and honestly when that when they sit to the moon, African and the people and today also when we say to the brothers stop causing fitna stop causing a friction in the Gemma. Is it our only one good for the Gemma. I'm only raising this out of concern. But you put so much fitness and happiness in the community. This is something

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that he goes against the Gema and he causes problems and muscular animosity between people and you will say it's only done out of good intentions.

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Allah subhana wa kila showed that they don't even realize it. They don't even do it deliberately. They don't realize that the things that are saying and the people they're speaking to, and the advice that they're giving actually causes fitna and sadness and corruption. And they don't realize it. They always think they know better than obesity and demographic in Oklahoma. They will respond like this way either. I'm a newcomer. I'm a NASA Apollo and I'm in a super, super hot moon. When you tell them and give them cooling believe like the people are believing. Follow the sooner follow the allameh. Follow the GMR they will say should we follow like those people that don't know any better?

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We know better than them. We have a better understanding than them. The risks are wrong. I'm right. The monastic always sees that his opinion is the best and the strongest and able to listen to anybody else. he shuts himself down. I'm always right.

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Maybe we think in our mind, I know someone like that maybe you might think I'm someone like that. I want to find you don't trust what Viola of old and the Sahaba. And when the Beatles are limited today. people even say, Yeah, but that's the opinion of the Prophet sallallaahu Billa.

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We have better opinions today.

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The true Samana, his true self, it's about me, fog is a person that lies to himself. What's outside is not what's inside. And we can only see through certain traits, that there's something wrong inside. But when they alone, the true self comes out. We're either like larina, I'm gonna call either Hello, Elijah team called in America in the man who says that, when they are with the believers, they look like them, they say we are with you. But when they are alone with a CLT, meaning when they are alone, the private lives does not reflect what is true on the outside. And also, however, we're so scared of this, because how many of us will imagine is bigger? Are we better

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behaved in public or in private? And they thought maybe this is a sign of nifa. But when I'm outside, when I'm with the believers, I'm a beta person, when I'm alone, and no one sees me, then my true self comes out, then I commit those sins, that I am not so particular on my evader is not a sign of luck. So Allah says, your true self, you are known when you are alone, as the other man who wakes up at night no one sees him and he's crying before Allah for whom is he doing it? That's a clear sign of a man. No one sees him except Allah subhanho wa Taala, the person who speaks in a certain way to please others, but he sees something else when he's in private sign of

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the true colors come out when they're alone. Allahu Allah says it's one of the punishments them alone says you'll be him. Well, you're not doing it to be me. I'm an Allah mocks at them and gives them an increase in the wrongdoing, to wonder blindly, that Allah sees them further astray.

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When the monastic and the person when the person is given guidance, and he turns away, then Allah turns away more guidance. So this is the link between freewill and the the destiny of Allah. When you turn Allah away, then he makes easy for you the path to further misguidance. And when you start doing good, Allah will make easy for you the path of guidance, he will start sending you reminders he didn't know he will give you he'll wake you up in the middle of night. Why and you'll feel it, make it up and make sada because you're starting on the path of goodness. But when you do one send off to the next. It's like a domino effect. Allah says and then I turned him away to be guided. They

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encourage mischief, and they are the ones in the community. And again, the monastic externally looks like the Muslim. He's got a Muslim name. She has a Muslim name. She's in the community. She's amongst us. He's amongst us, but he's causing mischief. The hypocrites men and women are one from another. They enjoin, Alucard they're always encouraging advising things that lead to evil. And they're always opposing and merovingian hoonah. The opposite of the believer that when there are good things, they're always hindering, criticizing working against when you want to do something good. They'll find 1,000,010 reasons why not to do it.

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And they close the hands. They're never the ones that give and say, I'll be the first to spend very difficult to add, the monastics will give and spend in the path of Allah, because they don't want to be part of this.

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And they have forgotten Allah, so he has forgotten them will be the monastics they are the first sukoon. They oppose the leadership in a time of an abyssal salam, they oppose them, and they continue to stream throughout the history of Islam, always a minority group fighting the Gema always looking to be superior, always believing that they are better when Gemma appoints someone as the leader. And the leader is never perfect. They will always criticize and work on the outside, never contributing, never assisting but always working against the junk always a headache on the minds of those trying to do good woman whom Allah says and have them the money

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ethics are some who accuse you or Mohamad, that you are unfair in the matter of distribution of the arms. They used to tell him that you're not being fair and equitable in the way you're distributing the arms. We're only giving advice here. So Allah, this is how they are.

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If they are given a part they have when they get their way, then they are happy. But when they don't get their way, when they're not given from the charity, or they're not distributed as they like, they become angry and abusive, and start fighting and causing friction. when things don't go. The monastic always wants His Word to be the way that everyone must follow His Word. And if he doesn't get his way, then I'm not gonna work with you people. Then I'm pulling away. How many people do we know like this in organizations?

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The Gema 90%. So let's do this. So now I exist it must be like this. And if you don't like it, then I don't want to work with you people. But they are pained when the oma has success.

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In the time of Nagisa, Salam * day, Allah says about them, but if bounty comes to you from Allah when the oma is moving and thriving, and things are happening Well, he will surely say as if though he had never been between you human any affection as if though you mean nothing to him. So when things go good for you in your life, things go good for the oma. He will say Oh, I wish I had been with him so I could have attained great attainment whether or not happy when they see Mashallah the masjid is flourishing. These people are succeeding even without me. When they become something they feel angry, but when loss comes to the oma, if good befalls you, it grieves them. But if

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calamity overtakes you, they will be the first to say You see, I told you, we took our precautions beforehand, and they turn away happy. You see, we told you this is not gonna work this day. Our project is not going to succeed. We told you we were right. We're not right. First people, this is an attribute of nifa

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this is your stuff and they looking and hoping for you to fail. This panel this one, all of us really to pay attention here. Allah describes them when? When African Illa in noncapital Villa overo su de la tuna sala 11 Casa de la Ilaha homecare, you home the monastic is the one almost is he this believes in Allah and His messenger and they come to Salah in a lazy state, they only come to Salah in a lazy state, and they don't ever spend up the money unless they're sort of forced to do it strong armed. Everyone is giving so I'm gonna look outside give never out of his own. So that is a huge burden for the monastic and another elementary is twice in the Quran in Surah Nisa, in an

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Athena hottie on a la Omaha, Dr. Hardy are one well either Camila sala de como casada. euro una NASA when I have Quran Allah Allah, Allah Allah, indeed, the monastics deceive Allah, but he's deceiving them, they think they deceiving Allah when they stand for Salah they stand leisurely.

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They stand in a lazy manner, showing off to others. They only come to Gemma to be counted as Muslim everyone is going to have to go with and they never in the private affairs. They don't take care of the solder. And they don't remember much. So Allah says so because you don't remember me. I don't remember you. They don't make Vicar and then reflect of our law. Now if the one African used to come to the masjid, in a lazy way, what about the believer that never comes to the masjid? What about the believer who doesn't make Salah at all?

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The moon African used to come to the masjid, but they came late or in an in a lazy fashion. They'd been the last stuff. First one to leave. Now if this was the state of the monastic What about the believer who never comes to the masjid? Who never make Salah even at all?

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What does that say about your email? responses? Indeed, the most difficult Sala for the monastic is Isha and fudger. And if they knew the virtues they have, they would attend the JAMA even if they're to crawl again. The monarchy King used to come to fudger sada but like in a bad way. What about us don't go to myself included of us don't go to the Minister for budget, let alone not waiting professor. What does that say about our Eman?

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They encourage not only are they stingy, but they also encourage stinginess. Why do you want to support that? Don't put your money they put your money here Are you really going to spend they don't want others to do good? They are the ones that lessees who say do not spend on those who are with the Messenger of Allah until they disband. Don't spend on the good deeds of the Sahaba don't spend on goodness. But Allah sent to Allah belongs the wealth of the heavens and the earth. But the monastics don't understand.

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They prefer the Li they support the disbelievers against the believers, but she will not be anello. madaba edema Allah tell them when a fix they're gonna have a severe punishment why and levena will take this believers as allies instead of the believers and how many of our we think maybe politically country supporting loosely supporting non Muslim countries against Muslims turning Muslims away as refugees, so they have to go to non Muslims. That's the thing, but for us, how many of us support

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favor help against our Muslim brothers. We won't stand together on a personal level. So Allah says, when you do that tell them severe punishment do they seek with an unbelievers honor? Are they trying to align themselves with the disbelievers to get some honor? But Indeed, Allah is certainly large. I mean, remember all honor belongs to a lot. What else do we know about the monastics for symptoms that sort of says,

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not only are they lying to themselves and lying to Allah, but they they can't keep it lies in they physically tell lies, that they are for no reason for symptoms of a monastic. If you have one of these four symptoms, then you have a portion of nifa and if you have all four these symptoms, they know that you have basically become a complete monastic inside as well. When he speaks he lies when he makes a treaty a contract a covenant he breaks it. When he promises something to someone he breaks that promise. And when he becomes angry with somebody, he quarters in an abusive insulting way. swear words come out, insulting this one. This is verbal insulting. What about subtle physical,

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physically insulting somebody? Again, you ask yourself, How many times do I break my word, my promises lie, don't speak. Honestly, speaking of all the way

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the true colors come out, as they say, mini truth spoken in jest, when the time when they are often a God, and they start to make me feel at ease and they speak the tongue, the true colors come out, and this happened at the time I'm gonna be so solemn.

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There'll be the first when things are calm when they have the defenses down and say, you see those people XY and Z how they are, and they start laughing and teasing and insulting others. The second time they'll be so solemn, the Sahaba on expedition, and then when affix were with this army of the Muslims, right? We don't know as a Muslim in Africa. And when they were sitting down, they started insulting the Sahaba they said have you ever seen the curar these learned Sahaba these Rama Sahaba meaning Abu Bakr and Omar and Ali and with man Have you ever seen men like them? They so cowardly and so fat and so poor? You're going to see in the battle they're going to be useless These are your

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men that you're fighting with you're supposed to be one when the live and almost say normal send heard this he went said you can't say this I'm telling them

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then a lot of you are yet what an insult to him like Hulu in Amazon and Hulu and when I asked him what is this you're saying? What are you talking about? They said we're just making jokes and you know teasing and having some fun, then Alice is cool

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with it he was really cool to test as soon Are you making jokes with Allah and he's real soon and these are yet are these matters you make jokes about that? No excuse I give you heard the cartoon by the monocle all of you became far I haven't seen all of you who follow our nullify the man at that moment side. Notice also when we make jokes, not with the dean, not with a lot not with God, not with Jesus, not with Nebuchadnezzar Salaam. We don't make jokes about the dean. Allah says, Are you making jokes about this such Allah can nullify your Eman and what the * am I even say one man was talking the other just set and lost almost all of you became far

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all of you became except the ones who have stood up and said this is wrong. And this is how

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I'm going to say one of them came and he was holding on to the reins of nebulous Campbell crying, saying I was just making a joke. And then this is that Allah will make no excuse for you.

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One word

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they hate reminders of goodness when you try to advise them a brother You know it's the word of time brother You know this is not permissible. You shouldn't be drinking you shouldn't be doing these things. Well either kalem Dido Illa Allah Eros surely we should come to Allah we inviting you to Allah aiton Manasa Kenya Sedona and Uncle saluda they will turn away from you with a version they will be so unhappy to get away from me I don't want to listen to you okay, okay. Okay. That's they don't have a TD minus from Allah. The believer when he said Your mind is an hamdullah Thank you, but I never knew you were reminding me to something good. They're the first ones to doubt Allah in times

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of toughness. when things don't go the way they will say. They will say give you a cool Manasa T.

00:24:13 --> 00:24:52

marijuana law or pseudo law rule that a line is Rasul. Look, Allah says we're going to be victorious Allah said things are going to go well with Allah now. They're the first ones to doubt Allah, and that they turn away in emergencies. You see, Allah only promises false things. This is when things are bad. And you think badly of Allah. It's a sign of luck. They are cowardly and they're very critical. The guy that always sits back and says you know, the masjid is wrong. You can list all the mistakes the masjid is doing, or the Imam is doing or the committee is doing or the Lama is doing, or the neighbors are doing better now, what are you doing brother? There's nothing he sits back

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into. My job is to criticize everybody that Allah speaks about them. They are averse towards your own visa Salaam and be

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beavers when fear comes, they seek they look at you with eyes revolving like one departing by this, that when things are bad and tough when they look what are we going to do?

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But when fear when things are good, they lash and they criticize you with sharp tongues, not remembering any good that you've done. Those have not. Allah says they are not true believers solid ended all the deeds worthless, all the good deeds, Allah made it null and void. They belittle the efforts of others rantala How many people do we know this?

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I live in a limousine Animoto. We're in the middle of the party while letting

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you down by a restaurant I mean, whom Sofitel la palma de Lima, those who criticize the contributions of the believers, and in charities and those who find nothing except the efforts. So they are the ones who when people do good, they can only find fault

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that this that you're doing it means nothing. This is the one who donates, only donating a fiver and you really think you're gonna build a machine with it. And you don't even have anything, you just coming to watch the machine. They're the ones who criticize and they belittle the good deeds of others, the small efforts. So when there's a problem that believers says, Okay, what can I do? I don't have much but let's roll up our sleeves and share a little bit of trust in Allah. And when affix is bad, it's never gonna happen. You're deluding yourself. And he makes fun and he's on the side, criticizing and teasing. So Allah subhanaw taala says, as the tes Allah makes fun of them and

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promised them a severe punishment. They also are known in Medina and in the communities, please spread rumors, they love spreading bad news, did you hear what happened to this one negative.

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So excited to hear that one spot, you know, he we they caught him stealing, or that one son is in drugs, they love to spread ill speech. Allah says evil hypocrites and those whose hearts is a disease. And those who spread the rumors in Medina do not cease, who will surely incite you against them, we will make them known who they are, so you will drive them out. And the true colors come out in times of jihad, not only just physical jihad, but when we say we need to do something brothers, we have project, they're the last people to be the first to the first to say no, I'm so busy, you know, I'm really not able to do so the believer is the first one is to assist those who remain to

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the times of jihad, they remain behind and they were happy at staying behind after the messenger, the departure of the messenger and this is like to strive in the path of Allah where the wealth and the lives in the course of Allah and said, and they said to others, not only don't they want to do nothing. They don't want to do anything for Allah sake. But they encourage others. Why'd you participate? Why do you get involved in the masjid? Why do you get involved with that committee in that community? Why don't you still do it? They say, don't go forth in the heat. Don't burn yourself. You're so busy, stay at home with yourself. So let's seize the scale. They tell others

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don't go in the hot day and work for Allah. So Allah says, Remember, the fire of janome is a lot hotter than this. If they will just understand. And the sad dangerous thing is you might have one or two people speak like this criticized like this breakdown the Unity fight the Gema fight the committee fight the allama insult ally. That's the one was severely Fuck, but that is contagious. So Allah Subhana Allah says, and he has already come down to you in the book that when you hear the verse or lady cited, they are denied the monastics deny. They ridicule it, they don't obey it, they don't follow it. They don't listen to it. So don't sit with them until they enter into another

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conversation, when they want to split the beliefs and the criticism and the insults of the dean, and Orla, remember when they made fun, they made fun of Sahaba they make fun of Allah and he's gonna be they made fun of good people. So when people constantly attack good people, and the alumni and those who try to do good and criticize, also, don't sit with them. Why? Because if you sit with him, indeed you would be like them, you'd become like them, you would listen to the bad advice. So what happens when someone has all these qualities? And I said the Sahaba we know that beautiful story. Only one man besides the visa Salaam, knew who the monastics of Medina was right for the Sahaba His

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name is Eva, he knew them when affix workers told him the visa salon was informed by Allah, this man, that poor lady, these people, they are the ones who have the monastics, so nobody suitable for the for and he said don't tell anybody. Why, because we don't judge people. We don't execute people based on what's inside. I think that person committed Zina, right, I saw them going into the room alone together must be Xena. We don't do it until we see. So we don't judge someone on the internal, the external, but maybe some telco data. So say naramata hubub. The man was promised agenda. He said today for I know, you know who the monastics were, and what Eva said I can't tell you who they were.

00:29:50 --> 00:30:00

Because now visa salami diplomacy says, Don't tell me who they were. And I am gonna just know Am I on that list? I just want to know, I can't stand the thought that Why? Cuz they look at the

00:30:00 --> 00:30:36

Symptoms How many times do I do this? I'm not the one to be first I criticize. I lie, I break my promise. When I'm alone. I'm not as I was with, you know, in public. Maybe I have so many facts, and he was scared maybe I don't want to think so for the first one, of course, Elisa Lam never mentioned you as amongst the Mona 15. So what is the punishment of a monastic? And I said, I've never seen words and language about loss of animals severe in this language. Firstly, Allah subhanaw taala says, you'll find that they will be given a lot in the dunya so that they don't come back to him. When times are tough. We come back to Allah. Allah says, Let not the wealth and the children embrace

00:30:36 --> 00:31:16

you. Allah only intends to punish them through these blessings. So someone with a lot of blessings and a lot of goodness and no calamities in life, you must worry spinalis punishment from Allah is always keeping me do good. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, don't come back to me and ask me because when times are tough, we tend to go to Allah gives me whatever I want free of charge without any difficulty, then Allah says, Then Allah only intends to punish them through this in the world, and that the soul should depart while they're disbelieves. So look and grab them quickly. When they least expected Allah takes them takes they will never matoba never change the ways how many of us will have such

00:31:16 --> 00:31:26

good easy, comfortable lives versus others in the oma pious people. And they go through such difficulty osteolysis punishment, our wealth and our blessings and punishments.

00:31:27 --> 00:32:04

Allah subhanho wa Taala at some point stops accepting the good deeds. Say to the monastics you spend willingly or unwillingly if you start giving in charity never will it be accepted from you I stopped accepting your charity now. Now I don't accept a charity even if you give millions and billions whether you did it out of goodness or badness I don't accept any more indeed you have been a defining disobedient people who didn't listen how many times you continue to harass I don't accept from you even though you have no visa Salaam could not save them. Now Allah says to send a visa some is the is the film ask forgiveness for them. Oh, Mohammed, oh don't ask forgiveness for them.

00:32:04 --> 00:32:44

Whether you ask or not ask for them. Even if you should ask for them 70 times a day ALLAH forgive them have mercy on them. Never will we forgive them. I will flee. I will not forgive them. Even if the visa Salaam asked for forgiveness. That is because they disbelieve in Allah and His messenger and all does not guide the defiantly disobedient people. Look at this. Allah says whether to solely Allah honey Minamata Abba wala Takuma la casa de and do not even make janaza Salah on them and don't even stand and make dua for them in the public domain to offer them when they passed away. Indeed they disbelieve in Allah and His messenger and they died while they were home first on this obedient

00:32:44 --> 00:32:44

to Allah.

00:32:46 --> 00:33:27

on piano what is the result of the monastics on piano? After Allah does the questioning and May Allah grant us a good question? Allah forgive us for our shortcomings because mitsuya Allah is be sincere with who we are a lot will give us a lot of three categories again, the believer will be on one side the disbeliever outright disbelieve will be taken the one who committed shitcan we said this, once this you in the ship qR where the biller no hope of gender automatically to Jan. So the disbelievers will be taken to janam and they will be dragged to Jana and thrown over into jahannam. The only ones left will be the believers and the monastics so there'll be monastics who say no, no,

00:33:27 --> 00:33:35

you don't go to janome yet, you need to go through all the difficulties of piano and you need to see the believers succeeding and then you'll go to Jenna.

00:33:37 --> 00:34:18

So hello once he sins all the disbelievers to janam then Allah as Allah mentions Yama yaksha for uncertainty that when Allah reveals his shin and this is mobile, how Allah Allah Shin is something which you will find out on Piazza Are you the owner illa sujood and alosa namics to do to me for now yesterday on the believers, they will you will only know your position when you're able to make sajida and those who fall find the backs like a solid column will be unable to bend. They will not be able to make salute harsh yet another Salam Tara Hakuna de la vaca can we the owner, Sudoku Salamone, they then the eyes will be humbled and there'll be humiliated and they will overcome them.

00:34:18 --> 00:34:28

And they used to be invited heya Sala comics to do to prostate when they were able to do so and they didn't listen. Now Allah will prevent them from making sujood

00:34:29 --> 00:34:59

then after that, Allah will put that sera that bridge over Jana sin like a sharp like a sword. And depending on your good deeds, you will fly over that bridge or you will stumble back and forth and although and that bridge will be over genomically pitchblack. So you'll be in a place absolutely pitch black over this bridge which you cannot see so thin and things grabbing you down to fall into Jana and the believes will be given a light to help them cross the bridge but the monolithic why this cross

00:35:00 --> 00:35:31

The bridge, his light will go off. And it will be said, so you'll tell the believers wait for us that we may acquires give us some of your light. We will watch you in the dunya, who may not be with you. We were not in the masjid. We're not part of the committee or we're not they talking and trying to, the light will go off and they'll say, give me some of your light or Mohammed, then the believers go back off the bridge, maybe you can get light over there. And when they go back, Allah subhanaw taala says, we'll place a barrier between them and the beliefs and they will be on the outside and then they will fall into Jannah.

00:35:33 --> 00:35:35

And what is the punishment for the monastics once he's in?

00:35:37 --> 00:35:38

A loss of analysis is why the

00:35:40 --> 00:36:22

cost will go far. Narrow Johanna mahali Deena eternal janam he has boom that that is what they deserve. When I know moolah, and Allah has cursed him, what are they? And they will have an enduring, eternal non stop punishment. And Allah Subhana says to the monastics, you will get the worst punishment of all of all the categories of people, the monastic who knew the truth, who was surrounded by the believers, but internally constantly fought and cause mischief and went against the oma. They did more harm than the disbelievers. So all this is for you, you get the worst punishment in the Mona Tina feeder kill us Philomena and you will be in the lowest point of janome.

00:36:22 --> 00:36:30

Just as Jen at the base of it is the highest, the worst of janome is in the lowest one antigen nasira and they will find no help or assistance.

00:36:32 --> 00:37:15

As we said the Sahaba feared when they looked at these characteristics. We asked ourselves how many how many times do I make Salah in fudger in JAMA, how many times do I break my word ally? How many times how much charity Have I given versus how much things I spend on which are not of no benefit to me is my Eman intact how much blessings Do I go blindly without saying Alhamdulillah Is there something wrong with my heart and we only know 1pm and the only way to save ourselves is to the change and Allah subhana wa tada still, even for the monastic Allah in the next I have the system when I think Sophie can join the worst position of monastic. Allah gives them hope so in lella, Vina

00:37:15 --> 00:37:50

taboo, except the one who repents and returns to Allah wa slow and he changes himself, he corrects himself. He fights himself to go to the masjid. He fights himself to give in fights himself to keep quiet. When there's something too when someone offends him. He says I'm not going to argue with you. when things don't go his way. He said I will accept even if I don't like this course of decision. I raised my concerns in a nice way. But if this is the woman's decision, I go with the Gemma. I don't say look at the moon on this time of the day. I will have my own Gemma, I will make my own fact well my own matter but my own which suits me. I will go with the Gemma because I don't want to break the

00:37:50 --> 00:38:28

Unity because these are the characteristics of the monastics and letting the terrible they make Toba to Allah and the return will slow and they correct themselves were atossa mobila and they hold fast to Allah. Allah Zoo and they are sincere Deen only law. They make the deen sincere to Allah privately they turn to Allah. This a way of knowing if you are sincere. If you cry to Allah alone. When you listen to the Ayat of Allah when you are alone at night and you're able to cry before Allah is an indication of sincerity for older ecommerce, meaning when they will become part of the believers are so for up to the level meaning on ottima and also I know that we will give the

00:38:28 --> 00:38:44

believers a great reward you'll have a great reward. So May Allah subhanaw taala save us and protect us and keep us safe from the fact that is at least withdraw as much as we can yeah Allah save us from be insincere or lie to you in our hearts it is not meat you will

00:38:45 --> 00:38:49

forgive us here all of our shortcomings have been added to the Hello bonobo data data

00:38:50 --> 00:38:51

Rama in

00:38:52 --> 00:39:19

inshallah next week we will conclude the CDs of disease of the heart with hope and those who display in the hope of Allah no matter how bad things ultimately mean. We should never lose hope in Allah. We'll discuss that next week inshallah reminding if you want like the slides or the audio to get from the office and our website is online as well. You can get it from me and I will see it across hopper six. The life of the vessel seldom does aka hate or some of us say no Mohammed Salah mousseline

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Salaam Alaikum

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