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How do we lie in Washington? rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi he married my beloved brothers and sisters semeiotic Moroccan tuloy baraka to

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Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen or praise and thanks to Allah subhanaw taala Anisha to Allah, Allah and Allah to be a witness, we testify that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our love greetings salutations so beloved, maybe Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam to his pious and pure family to his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala bless us to be steadfast to the Sunnah of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in this life and in his companionship in genital Theodosia Amin Al Hamdulillah, Al Hamdulillah, I'm sure for most families this week has been spent preparing

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for the new term, getting kids ready out of the holiday mode and into into back into classes and new new classes. Some of you may have kids might have started new schools altogether. There might be some very nervous grade artists going to school for the first time. Somebody nervous grade eights going to high school for the first time. So I'm very excited matriculants that are finishing going to university. For the first time. I've asked Allah to grant success and Baraka in the studies. May Allah grant that the journey of learning view bliss, it will keep them safe, to be always on the right path. I mean, and this is an important event for us. As Muslims we know that

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our deen is a deal that is based on knowledge. Our success as OMA is based on knowledge. That is what Allah subhanaw taala did not begin the Quran, except for the Quran. The first and the Paramount lesson that we learned is that the beginning of change is through learning. The first lesson we learned the first story in the Quran when you open the Quran from the beginning. The first story is you see how it relates to Sasaram, a man that is made of mud,

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all of creation, the gene made a fire the angels made up light made sujood to him, not because of his essence, nothing special in what he was made of. But it was because of the knowledge which he was able to absorb, that no other creation could acquire. And so we learn, we learn and this is a theme within Islam. Knowledge elevates one knowledge transcends one to a higher level. And it's Allah subhanho wa Taala that has given us the capacity about all of creation, to really pursue a path of knowledge to transcend above all other creations. And so it's important that we we take moment at the beginning of the academic year to address this we also know that the matric results

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came out I believe it was yesterday. There are some people 100 have passed some people that might not have done so well and insha Allah will give messages to all to everyone.

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That is you know on your path of learning and we begin with those who have succeeded. Those who pass the exams those who had a good matric results, those who are beginning the term Allah says to to you and to all of us, in Hekmatyar, Masha, Allah says I give wisdom to whomever I want. Well, MY MOTHER FUCKA Bucha Hi, Ron cathedra. And Allah says, Whoever I have given knowledge and wisdom to then I have given you a lot of good, Allah doesn't say this about the rich person or the king, by giving you power. I made you the CEO, you got a lot. Allah says this of a person who has learning knowledge, if I gave you knowledge, I gave you a lot. Allah says that Subhan Allah. And then Allah

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subhanaw taala says, and this is a rule, a principle, like you know how you have Newton's law of gravity, that these are laws in the universe. This is a law with Allah, you had a fiery law will ladina amen, amen. Come, Allah says I will always elevate the believers, the believers will always be and on a higher level, while living outta alma de Raja, and those who have been given knowledge in many, many, many, many degrees, many, many categories. So Allah says, The one who learns whether he is a Muslim or not the one who acquires knowledge, whether he's, whether it's Islamic knowledge or non secular knowledge, he will always be on a higher level than the one who doesn't know you will

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always be more successful, you will always be favored. Allah tells you if you want success in this life, it's a law with him, you need to learn and more importantly, you must have EMAT and if you combine Iman with learning with knowledge, these are the two greatest blessings anyone could have. In fact, in the Tafseer of Robina, Artina dunya Hassan Oh Allah grant us in the dunya hacer una will accurately hacer una many of them offices and facilities. The base of the dunya is to have Iman that you worship and beneficial knowledge. If you have those two things, even if you have money, you don't have money doesn't matter. Whether you have power doesn't matter. And in the author, of

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course, the best meaning Jana. And so when you start and it's always good to think about these things at the beginning of the academic year, that you are on a path in which Allah can elevate your status in the dunya. Allah can raise you up, Allah can grant you success. Allah can bring you happiness, and it isn't

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means by which you get closer to Allah subhanaw taala. We repeat this message every year, that it is the one blessing of all the blessings that Allah gives for free Allah gives oxygen for free. He gives the rain for free. Our health, we only know the price of it is when we get sick and we need to go to the hospital when we know what it costs. Allah even gives money for free there people are born billionaires, millionaires. They are people who get kingdoms for free. You're born the son of a king. And you got that without working a day in your life. You are born, inheriting a kingdom. But Allah will never ever, ever give knowledge for free. No one is born with knowledge. Even the Gambia

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even the most, the most brilliant of scientists, you started with zero, you will start it off with an empty harddrive. Because Allah subhanaw taala has made it such if you want anything from his kingdom of knowledge, you need to earn it. He will give the world for free. That doesn't matter to Allah. But knowledge Allah God's very, very strictly. And he's only the one who searches it. You see the words barley will eliminate it requires effort, the one who seeks knowledge, who strives for knowledge, he will get it, not a portion of it. And that is the true blessing. And So alhamdulillah if you have now, especially on matriculants, you've passed your matric exam, and you pass well, and

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you have the opportunity to go to university. This is a great Amana because it's very, very few people that Allah has given the capacity, the ability and the opportunity to learn. And so you need to make use of that you if you're in school or university, you need to understand this Amana, it is a great gift from Allah subhanaw taala you're sitting in class is an act of worship, you're sitting in class is an act of pleasing Allah, and also, therefore not going to learn you wasting that opportunity is a sin against Allah, it is squandering of your, your opportunity, the person who has the chance of learning and doesn't make use of it. It's like the guy who takes money out that Allah

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has given him and he burns that money, or he as an asset Allah has given him and he throws it away. That is one of the worst kinds of wastage, to lose the opportunity of learning. And when you start, I see only a few young people Yeah, but for those who are listening, and maybe have a conversation with your kids, remind them that they learn for a higher purpose. As a Muslim, we learn for a higher purpose. We don't learn just to have a good career. So we can have a good salary. So we can have a nice house and nice holidays. That's there, those are additional, that's fine. But we learn to change the world for the better, we learn to bring about something of goodness that we leave a

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legacy when we when we leave the studio one day, and therefore it is important on every single student, no matter how young you are old you are. When we ask them, What is your NEA? Why are you sitting in this class, and I hope that every teacher, before you get into the nitty gritty of the work, you ask your students, why are you here? If it's just because your parents forced you to be here, then you've missed the plot. You are here to build on civilization. So that when your time comes, and in your time, you will have your own coronaviruses you will have your own issues like global warming, it is you this generation that will have to find the solution. And so the benefit,

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as I said, Allah is gets tested, everyone has tested the one who passed and failed, the one who has money and who doesn't have money for those of you who are in school and you've passed and you especially those in university, you have an Amana to Allah, Allah is going to ask you, what did you do? When only when only 10% of those who started in South Africa 10% of those who started grade one, got to finish university or got to finish high school and only 5% of those who start University finished university, you are in that 95th percentile, that higher higher if you have kids, if you go to university, or you have kids or going to university, you are of the highest level percentile of

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the population. And Allah has given you that blessing. How do you stand before Allah and FTM? Well, Allah says oft out of 100 people, you five, I've given you the opportunity to study and you squandered it, you bumped those classes.

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How much worse is that if Allah also tells you I had created in you the capacity to cure cancer, you had the gift, but you couldn't discipline yourself to sit in class and learn and apply yourself? How would you answer all on the day of Kiana and who knows hon Allah my young brothers sitting at the back, who knows maybe you do have the ability to cure diseases, to fix the world's problems. Allah subhanaw taala has blessed everybody with gifts and talents and your talents might be that one thing that really brings goodness to this dunya but it is only going to be discovered through sitting in class and learning. No one gets the now Einstein or Newton started being uncertain youth and they

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began also with ABCD and eventually became who they were through learning. And so Allah reminds all of us. You will stand on the day of Kiama and you will remain standing until he

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He's questioned about the time that he spent on the earth. About his knowledge of the first questions I was gonna ask you, what did you do with the knowledge you've learned and the opportunities of learning? And so for those Alhamdulillah was successful and achieved, you need to fulfill this Amana and you must ask yourself every day, what contribution will I leave off? What will I give back to humanity when I die?

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There's the unknown those who didn't do so well. There are those who failed, who got the matric results, and they failed. There are those who didn't do so well, in the I'm not only metric, but maybe they didn't do well, that subset and they have to repeat a year.

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It's normal. In fact, failure is part of life. You will not find a successful person in history, except that they have a track record of failure. Every single person, you go through the who's who Nobel Prize winners, you go through the wealthiest people in the world, they will have a lifetime of failures. Remember, you only have to succeed once, but you can keep trying over and over again. And so failures, setbacks, broken hearts, loss of a job, all this, it hurts a person but it's part of life. And it's easy for us when we are down to give up. Failure as they say is only a failure when you quit when you when you give up. And it's not only if you feel bad about yourself, listen to this

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hadith and resources. On the day of Kiama. There will be Ambia prophets of Allah newbies of Allah, the perfect people, they will not have a single person that

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you would say by that standard, they failed. They couldn't get one person to embrace Islam. Sadhana BMBF Allah Allah is giving them a revelation, they have the help of the angels, but not a single person, except that the message

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we would say, by our standards that nobody failed, but they didn't fail. It is not for us to determine the success or failure. Our job is to try Allah determines whether there'll be a success or failure. Allah decides what of your efforts will come to fruition and what of your efforts Allah will not bring to fruition. Our job is to keep trying. So those of us who didn't do so well, our our philosophy as Ummah, is we don't give up, we never give up, we only stop trying the day you die. That is the only time when, when our optimism is finished the day we die. And it is better to try and to fail than to the great and never ever trying, again. So many people, we didn't get into the

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degree of their choice. They didn't get into the university of their choice, and they gave up on the dreams and they pursued whatever. They would always look back and think what if if only I had tried if only I had given it another choice? There are two types of people in this world is this a psychologist, a people who take every failure personally, they see there's a permanent setback. And there are people who see it as a lesson. Failure is a lesson and they don't take it personally. But it's only a temporary setback. Because I failed now, it just means that that avenue didn't work, I need to try something new. And it's only failure when we give up. For some people. Allah has blessed

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as we spoke about those who achieved the odd these definitely those people will ALLAH is blessed with intelligence. Allah has gifted them within a capacity to learn, and also the opportunity to learn Spangler sidenote, there are some people who walk to school, some people who don't have electricity at home, we know that the circumstances are different to those of us who drop our kids at school, they're in a classroom that is properly equipped. They only have 20 or so kids in the class. Other schools you have 50 kids in a class, no little working toilets. So the opportunities are not the same. The opportunities are not the same. But Allah subhanho wa Taala requires each and

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every one of us to make the most of opportunities given us. Allah has given each of us a second set of circumstances and we are required to make the most of what He has given us. For those who struggle to learn. And it might it's not everyone that has the capacity you have those who are gifted and those who are not as gifted.

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We know in the Hadith and decency is the one who is skilled in reciting the Quran. Those who recite the Quran easily will be on the level of the scribes, the angels, and those who read the Quran with difficulty they will get double the reward of the one where he reads it with ease. Allah is the only one that rewards if your boss doesn't reward if you say look, I failed in the deadline but I tried very hard this weekend. It's not gonna give you is not gonna give your staff if it neither will the matric exam board or university no one rewards you on effort except Allah subhanaw taala and with Allah, what is important is the effort and the sincerity you put in, but he knows you've you've

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tried and so long as you try Alhamdulillah you've done your job, but you keep trying and some practical advice. For those who didn't do so well in the exams.

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You can always get your exam skip to the mock so they and I know there are people who got shocked when they got the results and it was under very difficult circumstances. COVID and your exact your year being disrupted having to learn online very difficult. Last two years for our meticulous

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But if you didn't get the marks that you wanted, they are opportunities that you can do, you can obviously get your score pre marked go for the mark, it doesn't cost too much money. They are supplementary exams, don't give up. It's easy to give up, don't give up. And there are programs that give you a second chance. I know you can write the rewrite your exams later in the year.

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If you didn't you, you, you failed miserably for any matriculants if you failed miserably or even in your university, redo the year. There is no shame in sitting in the class again, we have this mindset how can I go back and sit in class again, no shame in that. You will not find any of the if you read the biographies of the great scholars the Imam Shafi is the man behind this. Do you think they didn't have setbacks in their life, they didn't have failures. They didn't have you know studies which they had to repeat the story of Nabi Musa al Salaam in the Quran, he passes the point he's supposed to be, I mean, he has to make a U turn and come back. Part of the lesson of that story

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is that even though he Musa, the most mentioned, man in the Quran, is not going to get it right the first time. And while he was with his study he did on the journey. Eventually, he was expelled from the class because he wasn't a good student.

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So even the best of people need to will suffer and struggle under learning. So take you redo your metric. Don't have that belief that if I didn't succeed the first time, now I'm destined to be whatever it might be, I'm destined to take a job that I don't really want to do. redo your metric again, do it again, redo your year over. There's no shame in that. Take a bridging course if you didn't get into the university that you wanted, or the course that you wanted, there are many, many people I have known admire them. They have the dream, I want to be a doctor. I didn't get the results that I needed to get into medicine, but I'll do a degree in science. I'll take a secondary

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degree my second option, and I will do well and they'll keep applying a hammer. That's wonderful. They are young, they are mothers who due to the circumstances maybe that is cutting Korea short. The study showed because mother would parenthood got is more was more important. And they start again, they get degrees in the 40s, masha Allah, it's wonderful. There's no shame in that. In fact, it's it's admirable when we see somebody who in the failure, starting again, it is something to be in, we invade, we respect someone like that. So make a point, take a bridging course. Take it up, take this as a learning opportunity.

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If you want to even take a gap year, use it beneficially perhaps learn a science, learn Islamic Studies, do something productively in your year so that next year you start afresh and you've matured over over that time. And I think every single one of us debate especially if your kids are older, to have that conversation with them. And to the little ones who are starting you know matric might be far away. It comes very quickly. And those of us who have been through it, we know it comes very quickly. Make the most of your opportunity. In many ways your schooling years your universities are the best years of your life can also be the worst years of your life. But the big decisions of

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your life are made in those years, the kind of person you're going to be the kind of profession you're going to be many times the spouse you're going to marry is determined in these years. And so make the most of it look to your, your, your your network of friends. If you're starting a new school, for example, than a piece of reminds us look to your friend, look to your frame. And that is an indication of where you will be in Kiama look to the company you keep and that's an indication as to which company you're going to be on the FTM in the Quran. It's not in our slides. But Allah mentions the ayah where someone will say, Woe to me, why do I take this man as a Halim? Why do I

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take this man as a friend, you don't want to regret your friendships on the day of karma. But also there'll be those people's Pinilla beautiful Hadith that says the people who will argue with Allah the most Akiyama Subhan, Allah on Qiyamah, when they don't want to argue with Allah, there will be people know what people will argue with Allah, Who are these people, Muslims who will see when they crossed the Ciroc they cross the bridge, and they will see the friends falling down, they will go back Subhanallah to say to Allah, but that man used to make Salah with me, I vouch for this guy. And this people will argue with Allah until Allah makes him out of Jannah your friends very important,

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and the friends you make in school or in varsity have a special place in your heart throughout your life. So make good friends, make good friends in sha Allah. Now this football, so far has all been about those who studied or studying or starting. As for the rest of us for HANA Allah, we are we

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were not set we opened a book. When loss of enrolled in a class, we lost have we done something this goodbye isn't only up until the age of 25. And for the rest of your life. Now you're exempted from this, then our responses, seeking knowledge is largely built on every single Muslim. The pursuit of knowledge, the pursuit of learning. Being in a program of learning is compulsory on every single person, and therefore to have this talk every year only for our students, our learners.

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is incorrect because all of us are in this in this talk. Now I know for many of us,

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we have a lot of excuses. I work a full time job. When I'm done eight to five, then I have to sit with the kids, their homework, they studies, the spouse, where do I have time? For learning? We don't have time for any of this.

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And it is difficult for someone that is a father, someone that has a full time job, it's difficult to fit in anything more on our plate.

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But are we going to continuously be happy and make the excuse that I read the Quran for years? And I don't understand even sort of RT How will you be comfortable with that kind of answer to Allah subhanaw taala Surah Fatiha is a conversation between you and Allah. You asking Allah something and Allah is responding everyday. But we don't know the meaning of it. Is it acceptable? That you have degrees PhDs, you don't even understand the calls? Or you don't understand what's behind our bill. Allah means in your sujood suhagra Without him, you don't understand your childhood? You don't understand that to us. Is it okay to go 6070 years like that? Is it okay that we don't know the

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basics of Islam Bahara, the pillars of Islam how to give zakat, for example, followed. These are the things which intersect agenda. We're not saying that everyone has been Allium there's only a few people can study, specialize in Islamic studies. But these are baseline knowledge that every Muslim must know. Now ask you, if someone came to your job, and he put his CV in front of you. And you say what studies you? What is your your background in learning, you'll say I stopped learning after primary school. I studied school part time. And when I went to high school age I stopped learning will say Sorry, brother, but you're basically illiterate. Now this is our madrasa level. And most of

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us that's all we have. We only did madressa primary school. When high school came, we stopped learning and not even primary school, it meant an hour four times a week.

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Now, not to offend anyone here, but at that level, you are illiterate when it comes to Islamic learning Islamic knowledge. And when you're Jana, your Jahannam, your Ark era is dependent on this knowledge. Are you really comfortable with that position with Allah? Are you comfortable? Not having an opinion not being able to speak to your kids, when they ask you about matters of the deen? Why am I wear hijab? Why must I make Salah like this? Why can I marry that person? Why can't I live my life like this? When our kids have those questions? All you have is found the Imam because I have no answers. Why is there an Allah? These basic questions? If we're not if we are comfortable for our

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kids to go outside on the internet, wherever they are finding the answers.

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Obviously none of us are comfortable with it. None of you, I'm sure want to be completely dependent on Alama telling you like they say like the mate in the end of the castle. You are like the mate being moved, when that will say this is permissible. Okay, you said so he said this is impossible. I have no opinion. I have no thought. Surely as a dean that is based on knowledge. One of the revolutionary idea or revolutionary things about this Dean was it made the Quran accessible to the Ummah, not to a clergy. The Quran didn't come down to a class of Allama like in the past, where the Bible was only taught by the priests, no one could open the Bible. We tell you what the what what

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the Bible says and you accept it, you follow us? You don't have the capacity to learn know it Quran was for everybody. Anyone can open the Quran and learn and understand and ask the question, no one is entitled to the Quran because it belongs to everyone.

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But we don't take that opportunity. Allah says to you to me, and I'm yet needed Medina Avenue, as the time not come, all the excuses all the deadlines, but as the time not come for the believers, that the hearts become humbled, lyrically, love that they start submitting themselves to the remembrance of Allah, wa NASA laminal hockey, and what he has seen down of the truth, Allah has sent you the truth. He has given you the answers that you need in your family, in your problems in your life, the answer there is the time not as when is it going to be the right time to start learning? When is it going to be the right time that you say I need to know more than the basics of the deen?

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And Allah says what I can and do not be like those? Well, I couldn't Kalinina Otto Kitab in Kabul, and don't follow the example of the previous generations who had the book. They were given the book, they were given descriptions, they were given the Scripture, and then the long for thought either him and then long periods went where they neglected it. They didn't read the Torah. They didn't study it. And so Allah caused him to forget it and they became lost Subhan Allah, let us not be like that. There is not be like that. We lament the state of the ummah. What's happening in Palestine? What's hap Mala make it easy for us panels. Our brothers in Palestine, in Kashmir in Burma, shipped

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in China all over the world. Then at least one says look at this hadith he speaks about this time. He says in this time, there will be lot of bloodshed.

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there'll be a lot of misery there'll be a lot of evil happening, but he begins the Hadith by saying, when this time arrives, the time will not throw close until knowledge is lost. Meaning only when knowledge when learning stops, will you find the problems in the world that the problems we see globally is subsumed symptomatic of you and me, not knowing I mean,

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you and I are not learning the basics of Islam. And this across the whole Ummah, is one of the reasons why we see the problems in Palestine, in Kashmir, in Burma. So as much as we say to our youngsters, make the most of the opportunity change the world, your time will come when the they time will come Yes, when they must solve the problems, but our time is now and you cannot solve the problems when you yourself are drowning by not having that basic knowledge.

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This is the path to Jannah the end of the day, you're not going to care about what you've amassed in your career or the designations next your name the titles you have the

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the address you have the car you drive, the brands you weigh those things are not going to be important the day you die. Then Amazon says one sucky. One item one person of knowledge is more forbidden, formidable, is more difficult for shaitan than 1000 worshipers plain ordinary worshipers. One person of knowledge is 1000 times the value of a of a person who just worships regularly.

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And then I'll be some says whoever takes a path upon which to obtain knowledge. Allah will make easy the path of Jannah This is the route to Jana, we all want to get to Jana. How do I get the Allah Allah says Learn open a book sit with a teacher.

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Now it's important to understand people always ask, I come to Joomla I listened to move to make now and then I watch a YouTube video. Am I not on a path of learning? That is part of learning of course Allah rewards us. But there's a difference between the person who recites the Quran now and then and a person who sits daily in half with class a week Quran recitation class, what is the difference, consistency and signing up that

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when you study informally, or voluntarily, you're basically saying, when I have time to learn, I will open the book, meaning everything else is a priority. And if it's an hour, I look through Netflix, nothing on Netflix, okay, it's my pick up, pick it up. That's one type of learning. The other type of learning is I have designated these two days, these three days this hour week is my time to learn whatever happens happens, but I'm going to be in that class. That is, when we asked the item what is what does it mean when all says you are on the path of learning the journey of learning. That's what it means that you have made it part of your program, whatever it is, whether

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it's one hour week, whether it's one hour a month, but you have formalized it, and you've committed to that now you've made that commitment with Allah, you've made that promise to Allah, this hour is between you and me, Allah Fulani, now you're on the path of learning. Now also beautiful in this hadith, we always make explain to the students when you start, Allah did not say what the prophet whom did not say, the one who finishes the path of learning goes to Jana. He says who is upon the path of learning, even if you have to start and you die Alhamdulillah you died on the path of learning. The path of learning never ends. Some people are following the path. Other people are

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beginning. So long as you're upon that path of learning to be on that you need to be part of a formal, formal program of learning. And so this is the opportunity as we speak to our kids to start the year afresh, since you make the NEA sincere sign up, have good friends, make the right choices to the rest of us to the same place. We are in a really special, special time that we live in, which will be questioned about we with the click of a button. You have access to the world's scholars, you have access to the world's resources in terms of learning. We know that you might hire him Allah, Muhammad for examples Pamela, he said, I had to walk I to walk from Baghdad to Makkah to meet a chef

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to learn a chef from Yemen. There's a chef from Yemen, I'm gonna meet him on Hajj. God the the chef was on the sidewalk from Mecca to Yemen to learn

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from the truth, my duty and hamdulillah if I asked you who was the wealthiest man in the time of Imam Muhammad, Muhammad, we don't know him was the Khalifa. We don't know him. But we know Mr. Muhammad, that knowledge remained. We know that his Encyclopedia of hadith is the biggest one.

00:29:34--> 00:29:59

He's janazah was the biggest journals in the history of mankind. Because Allah says that journey was so beautiful to Allah, Allah made his memory to be his legacy to remain, this knowledge will remain. So brothers again, as sisters, as we say to our kids, embark on a path of journey it will bring you success. It will bring you Baraka in your life. It will make you a better person, it will elevate you above the melodica let us take the medicine for ourselves as well Sign up today to something else. So

00:30:00--> 00:30:34

Many programs, so many programs available for those of you who want to start their beginner programs. For those of you want to learn about Dean from Alberta, there's bachelor programs. For those of you who says, Look, I know a little bit more, I want to actually study a degree, they are the cheapest degrees and actually use this in the most affordable degrees online or Islamic Studies degrees. You don't have to go to Medina like we have to it's been put online translated into English, you can actually get an Islamic Studies PhD online easily. There's no excuse anymore that we can make. We cannot send to Allah and so I didn't have opportunity, opportunity for all of us. So

00:30:34--> 00:30:57

please, my message to all of us, it has stocked fish on the path of Accra. And may Allah subhana wa Baraka in our studies in our journey, we live and we die on the path of learning and knowledge. May Allah Subhana Allah grant us to be amongst the the mala grunts, beneficial knowledge. I mean, when hamdulillah just a quick announcement, we mentioned that our youth team, our colleagues were collecting money for the stationary packs.

00:30:58--> 00:31:34

It's an initiative, the youth team is appealing. They are running short on funds that we was able to donate to offer we're offering for everyone a gimmick 450 stationary packs available to the underprivileged kids 100 grand a pack should give 100 Rand you spend a lot if you don't want to learn you can't learn whatever at least you paying for someone else to learn, then you can equip that person on the path of learning so underground if you can. I think battalion at the back will be collecting the money for the stationary packs, and I'll grant you success in it. So the good ol geria inshallah circular hate was Allah Muhammad when Islam Sunni Alameen so now