Do Not Judge Others 04 -You don’t know the context

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Smell smell

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hamdulillah or sighs I sell on.

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The fourth reason why you should not judge others is that you don't know the context, the circumstances, the reasons behind people behaving in a certain way or saying certain things and on a different aspect as well. Sometimes you don't even know what they meant by it, you know, what was their reasoning behind what they said.

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And there is an incident at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, which demonstrates this very well.

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The process of almost doing it, so he was staying in the masjid and act which he used to do regularly, especially a normal one. And on this occasion, one of his wives, Sophia, she came and saw him in the masjid, spoke to him and saw now it was nighttime and the process and didn't want her to go back by herself. So he accompanied her. He left his urticaria company or company, there was a necessity to accompany her back now it's nighttime. And of course, I said there was walking in the streets of Medina with a woman

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who wasn't easily recognized. While he was doing this, two men passed by the prophet sizer number saw him from afar. They recognized it was him but they didn't know who was with him. So they thought this might be an awkward situation. So they tried to find a different way and different routes just to avoid meeting the Prophet slicin them.

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in their mind, they thought that they were

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averting an embarrassing moment for the prophets, Allah lies.

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So they thought that they were properly saving his him from an awkward situation. The processor noticed that they were doing this so he shouted hilariously Kuma in the house, Sophia, slow down. It's Sophia.

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Meaning that he wanted them to understand because for them, they didn't know the circumstance, they know who this woman is. And they thought they didn't think bad of the process. And but they didn't want they wanted to save an awkward person. Then they said omashola byelaw, we didn't think anything bad or evil.

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But the peroxisomes said in the shape on ad, men have an added measure of damage, the shape on flows through the son of Adam, the human like the blood flows, meaning the shape and can easily whisper to somebody. And if he had placed I mean, he didn't say this, but I'm paraphrasing, if he had placed a bad thought in your mind, then that would have been dangerous for you, not for the prophesies, and for you because you are thinking about of the purpose of life. So here it shows you that understanding and thinking about people and their contexts and circumstances when you don't know the situation is very important. And therefore you shouldn't judge. If you imagine a similar scenario,

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you might see a man walking in the street, and he's holding a hand of a woman that you don't recognize to be his wife, for example. You start thinking, well, what's going on here, there's something wrong. Well, this woman might be his daughter, it might be his sister, or it could be his, either his Auntie or you don't know who this woman is his his niece, anything. So it is for you to jump to that circumstantial assumption, without knowing is dangerous. And that's why you shouldn't judge. And there are many incidences like this, you know, where people have, you know, even documented this in a in a way to say always think about reasons why people might be behaving like

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this, say you saw somebody coming out of a pub, or a bar, do you automatically assume that this person is going in there to drink alcohol or to have wine or whatever, it could be that this person

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needed help or is in emergency or whatever, and he had to

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go in there, and even Subhanallah, sometimes even things which might seem so, you know, they discussed you very horrible acts that you might think, well, there's no excuse here. But again, you don't know how to think about somebody who is working as a prostitute, for example.

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It's obviously

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a bad act, soliciting in this way, but again, you don't know the circumstances it could be that this woman

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is part of, you know, this, the people smuggling you know the people of what we call now today the slavery or you know, in this kind of

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She couldn't be enforced by, by other people to, to do this, and so on. So just by judging from the external, you might not know the full picture you don't know the circumstances. And and this regard one person even said, If you know if I heard somebody shouting on a mountain, and our bucola Anna, I'm your Lord Most High, I'll probably say, well, maybe he's just reciting a verse that comes, those words come in niversity slower than nazjatar. Or if I saw somebody, his beard is dripping with wine, I would think, or maybe it might be that there's somebody has, you know, has spilt you know, he's walking pie in the road, or somebody just threw

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a pint of lager on him or something we don't know. So it's very important that we don't jump to conclusions because we don't know the circumstances of why people were behaving like this. And another aspect of that is we don't know why people you know, what people do people mean by it.

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Because sometimes they may say something, and we don't know what they mean. And that into, you know, it sort of

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overlaps with the next video that I'll talk about, which is knowing the attention of somebody. So now