Is it Permissible to Wish Happy Islamic New Year at the Beginning of Muharram

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The first question Assalamualaikum

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Abdullah Muhammad,

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from Lahore, Pakistan,

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Islamic Nia saal Mubarak but Dina say hey, is it permissible in Islam to wish Islamic Happy New Year?

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a similar question was posed to shake mama silent Abner taming that can a person wish.

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Happy Islamic Hijri year or can we respond to someone if he wishes? Islamic Happy New Year? Check Mombasa live No, I mean, he replied that if someone wishes you happy Islamic New Year, you can respond back.

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But you should not initiate this greeting. If someone wishes you happy Islamic New Year, you can reach them back by saying May Allah bless you and give you good in this new year. There's no problem.

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But you should not initiate this greeting. Because according to him, we find that the Salafis Allah him the sahabas the turbine, the turbine turbine, we never find in any of the Hadith or any storica record that the Salafis Allah He they ever wished anyone happy Islamic New Year.

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So this is not the Sunnah of the Prophet. It is not amongst the Islamic greetings.

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But if someone wishes you

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it is your duty to respond because Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran in Surah Nisa chapter number four was number six. Allah says what exactly to

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be eaten for how you

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be asked and Amina overdue her in Allah and Allah coalition has Eva which means that if anyone greets you Curtis Lee,

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you have to wish back more courteously, or at least the same for Allah is careful in keeping all the accounts. That means it is foreign if someone wishes you Assalamualaikum you have to wish back mocha test Li walakum wa salam ala berkata, at least the same. It is complicity. So that's the reason based on this verse of the Quran. If someone wishes you a happy Islamic New Year

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in the beginning of March from the beginning of the year, PGD calendar, you have to respond back better likely the same? wishing back happy Islamic New Year or wishing back. May Allah bless you or bring you good in this year. But to initiate or say to yourself, it is not amongst the Sunnah. And if someone wishes you initiate it is not amongst the Sunnah. Neither is it forbidden. So this is the ruling as far as wishing Islamic happiness is concerned.