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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of treating illnesses and helping those in a distressing situation. They also mention the potential for brain death to allow for peace and allow people to let go of their organs. The speaker emphasizes the importance of avoiding drastic measures and not resorting to hoping for hope.
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So in Islam, obviously seeking treatments is something that is at times even required right? We should try to treat our illnesses and shots on it and try to help those who are in a state of illness. However, at what point do you give up hope? Now, any of you that have dealt with a family member or a patient and have been in this very traumatic situation, you may have been faced with this dilemma of trying to figure out you know, do I? Do we allow them to pull the plug? Or do we not allow them to pull the plug? At what point is it death? In the case of my mother, may Allah have mercy on her for example, brain death, you know, is ruled as death according to most of the bodies

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that are there today. So brain death would

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would at that point, allow for a person to let that person go peacefully let the rest of their organs go peacefully. Now, when do you not resuscitate or resuscitate when do you try to rescue that's where you need to bring in more you know, one or two and actually, preferably two or three Muslim doctors as well as scholars to analyze the particular situation of that person. And if there is hope and that person being cured, then inshallah tada you make every effort However, if the prolonging is only delaying the inevitable or what seems to be the inevitable from an expert perspective, then you are not obligated to keep that

In our religion, it is encouraged and sometimes required to get medical help whenever one is sick. At times, a person can become extremely ill to the extent where they are on life support. When do we know there is no hope? How can we determine that there is no turning back? Shaykh Omar Suleiman discusses.

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