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The speaker discusses a vision error that occurred a few years ago, where they were reminded about their highs and the ability to create anything. They also talk about how they were able to put people on a list and make them feel like they were not on the list, and how they were able to make people feel like they were not on the list.

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The second vision error, which was more recent, I made the eye to go to camera. And when I made that die, I was like, you know, so pumped in, like on that vision, your highs, everybody calls it like, you know, I just been reminded about all this my time is magnanimous and his ability to create anything. So I was like I'm putting I'm not on the list. So I put them on the list and I put them on the list thinking yeah, Inshallah, you know, hopefully, while I'm still young going to help the young girl, you know, hopefully in the next five years, although, and I got the craze, I need to die. And within six months, I went to Ghana in Ghana. What did it mean? I was it was one of my most

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treasured dreams come to fruition like, treasured like you and everybody who wants to go hegemony it's something that we desire from our heart and by God's By Allah's grace, He, Francis, so for me to be able to go and not only go for myself, but I have like elderly grandparents that aren't able to lightly make the travel to be able to promote for them and for dear relative of mine that passed I was able to make from her for four as well. It was such a gift. Like I can't describe it really adequately in the words that I'm saying but it's something that I am so tremendously grateful for