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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The holy month of Obviously is a holy month for the entire Muslim population, and the holy month for the entire Muslim population is the return of Islam to Mecca, where individuals can worship and receive forgiveness for their sin. The return of Islam to Mecca is a source of joy for the creator, and the return of Islam to Mecca is a source of joy for the creator. The history of the Kaaba, a church built on a tree, is discussed, including the implementation of Islam's culture and the desire for men to return to their worship. The segment also touches on the use of water to purify water in the well of knew technology and the potential for political involvement in the future.
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I'll be lying when she told the regimes when he went from the delay or blind I mean, was so that was cinnamal ashrafi was an insane number. Meanwhile it also iVh Marine, but we love his brothers and sisters in Islam it's an ironic mark with lahi wabarakatuh and hamdulillah Vladimir always in forever We begin with the praise of Allah subhanho wa Taala Masha Allah, Allah, Allah will be witnessed that man has the right of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our love and greetings and salutations her beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to spice up your family to his companions and all those who follow his soon until the end of time, man was part of

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what Allah blesses to be upon the tsunami Mohammed sallallahu Sallam in this life, and in his companionship in the astronaut amin, amin Al Hamdulillah, Al Hamdulillah, we are only about three weeks, under four weeks away from the beginning of what would have been the month of Hudgens he is going to be the days of Hajj is scheduled to be at on the 28th of July would be the beginning of Hajj. And as we know, unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 situation, this year will be a very limited hype there will be hygene sha Allah, but this will be only limited and restricted to a number of people within Saudi Arabia. And of course, it's unique but very sad for all of us. And to see will

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watch the Hajj unfold with an empty harem without ever being empty, it will be hot so for the entire Muslim Ummah, and in particular, those hajis that were planned, you know, to go this year. And you know, while we plan Allah subhanaw taala is the best of planners, and this is in the decree of Allah subhanaw taala. And just as we said, when the massage elf closed for Juma due to this pandemic, and it's so close and we're still going through the smallest biodynamic easy for us, and how we saw Ramadan coming and you know, we're unable to be in the moment without our We will also be very sad when when Hajj comes upon us and it will be empty. But we also will continue to keep the spirit and

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keep the sanctity of the Hudgens, the Holy Days alive. These are the earliest times those teen days of the Hydra, of course, as we know, are the earliest days of the year, even if no one is performing hydrafacial sobey holy days. And so for us insha Allah is important to understand the significance of these days and what it means for all of us. Remember, hygiene is not just significant. For those for the hygiene to perform hygiene even if we were for those of us who are not performing hajj, we still get the Baraka we still get the rewards of that important important event. And so inshallah we will begin the series on hedge and talk about some of the lessons that we learn with hedge. In fact,

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the hedge and the rituals of hygiene, the events of hedge, go back to the beginning of our creation. In fact, it goes all the way to the start of when Allah subhanaw taala places as to the dunya and as a means and a place for us to connect to Allah subhanaw taala. So if we go all the way back to the beginning of of In fact, the beginning of man, the creation of man, we know in the time of the creation of Adam, the prophets of Salaam tells us that when Allah subhanaw taala created creation, he creates creation simply by saying be Allah subhanaw taala instructed to happen when allocating the video for example, he just said, B and W came to into existence where as they were four things

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which Allah created with his hand specifically in a very special way. And those four things are the throne of Allah Spanner without the arch, the fall of the pin, the highest level of Jenga, and of course maybe item but I saw salam o for the item was panatela fashioned him and molded him into a statue with his own hands. And when Allah subhanaw taala blew into NaVi Adam the soul. And so now the item and the creation of man is a very unique creature. And there is no animal creature is not no living creature which Allah has created in this way and so Allah has honored us in this fashion. And the reason why located as we know, as Allah says in the Quran, Allah Allah Regina will insert it

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earlier but don't our purpose of life. The reason why we are here is to connect to Allah through through worship, and to make use of Allah subhana wa tada to perform Salah for him to fast as he instructed us to do and to live a life in his obedience That is why we are here that is our purpose. And that is what will give us happiness and contentment in this life and success in the archaea mean, and so with with iba being our purpose of creation, Allah subhanho wa Taala made a specific place, a specific sanctuary, the place of ubaidah from when we arrived on this planet from an Allah subhanaw taala said that the item to the dunya this holy sanctuary was was made, we come to know

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that in every realm in every planet in every world of existence, these a harem is a place of sanctuary. We know in that you saw the Mirage within it so seldom ascended to the highest levels. He found Baitullah more at the helm of the angels, this very special magic with our angels come the one day in their life and they come and they perform salah and how often they make hydrogen raw emit harem, and then they can never return again. And this harem of the of the angels is called beta metamod. It is directly above the harem of the dunya. And so Allah Subhana says in the Quran in a weatherbeaten a Woody Allen nursey Lillahi bacchetta Baraka who don't mean that indeed the very

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first house of worship, the very first place that Allah had consecrated for worship was in Bacca, Bacca meaning Makkah, a place that is blessing and guidance for all of the land. I mean, for all

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Alameda lemon, you all have people, but for all of creation and this place is a place, which each which in itself has blessings in itself is a guidance in in itself is a sanctuary for all of for all of creation. You know the harm itself, this area, this very small area on the patch on the face of the earth, the holiest place on this planet, even the animals are safe in there, you can't harm the insects, even the plants, you can't pluck the leaves from the plants. This is a sanctuary It is a place that is safe and it is a place where they're only focused for anyone that comes the and when you we direct ourselves to it is for the sake of Allah and to worship Allah Subhana Allah. So all

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this is this is the first place on this earth that allowed consecrated for worship, and this predates nebby. Adam before the Adam came here, this place the Kaaba was there already. So if we talk about the history of the Kaaba, it is mentioned that before we arrived here, the the Kava was already established. And this either, you know, even before the gym because the gym is also here, and this was also a place of worship for them, and so even predated the gym. And it could be perhaps the first creatures to construct the Kaaba was the angels and of course, the Kaaba would be renovated time and time again, and we'll talk a little bit about those stages. But nonetheless to

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say that this area in the middle of Makkah in the city, I mean, what we know to be Saudi Arabia today, Allah had sanctified to be the most holiest place on this planet, and for the sake of worship for Allah subhanho wa Taala. In Hadith the Prophet Solomon says Abu that only Valley osnovy salam, which was the first mosque built on earth on this planet and then it also says, the mosque in Mecca, Masjid al Haram. And then he they then he asked me so Salaam what was the second mosque and the prophets have said the second mosque that was constructed was mostly laksa. And between the two between the construction of the Haram in Makkah, and the Haram in Mosul Aqsa was 4040 years. And of

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the names that Allah had given to Mecca. Is is called Omen Cora it is the mother of all cities, it is the mother city, and it is the city and it is called Beit lattic, the old the ancient house of Allah subhanaw taala. This which predates even mankind, as we know that Islam is not just he did not begin with the Beatles album, he did not begin with Nabil Adam. It began from the beginning of time when Allah subhanaw taala created creation, it is the religion of all of the creatures, all of the universities to worship Allah subhanaw taala. And if we look at the names, for example, Makkah, and Bacca, Bacca is the place where people come to cry, the place we have this lot of tears, and that is

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to worship Allah subhanaw taala. And the name arafa is the name of getting to know people. So Allah subhanaw taala let me know that when there'll be Adam, our father and our mother Hawa, they made the son of transgressing the eighth from the tree, Allah subhanaw taala cost them out of gender, and they fell to the earth Allah sent him down to this earth. And Allah had not sent him to the site, we did not fall down together, they fell to different parts of the of the world. And you can imagine our mother or father having sinned having felt guilty. Having left Jana being alone and scared in this dunya The only comfort was each other and they couldn't find one another they fell on different

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parts of the earth. And so they search for one another. And then Allah subhanaw taala allowed them to meet up at at Makkah, or in alpha. And this is why it's called alpha. Alpha means when we get to know each other, and so they got to meet one another once again at alpha. at alpha, they received the forgiveness for the sin that they had done. Allah subhanaw taala had pardon them all that sin down revelation and guidance and maca was this place of worship. And so we learned from the very earliest of times, that this area is a place of prediction for the one who made sin. It is a place of forgiveness for the sinner is a place that every everyone who committed the wrong you go there

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you get your sins forgiven. And it is a place where Allah subhanaw taala brings you closer to him and returns to you you know when you made made a mistake, and that is from the beginning of time we learn this lesson. Interestingly also the word gender so we all know the various famous city gender or gender outside of Makkah means grandmother and it is believed with a stone up no one really knows full full certainty. It is believed that Hawa our mother life of every item, however, is very big in gender. And so the item in Hawaii Salaam they lived and they establish the worship the first people to worship was in fact at Makkah at with Harlem is today. And so you furthermore with this is a

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tough seal that mentions an iron two out of Allah and Allah says with other aboukir mean Benny Adam, I mean toward him. The reata home or ash had a home Allah unfussy him and us to be rock become. So Allah Subhana Allah mentions that before we will created of last hanaway data took what is called the mythique a promise from us. And Allah asked the souls all of us when we were in soul form, before we will created a lot asked maybe Adam was created and then from from his progeny, Allah asked the souls Am I not your Lord Cordoba? And we said, yes indeed Allah we our souls recognize that Allah is our Lord Shaheed, now we testify. And so Allah subhanaw taala mentions that this was

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done so that on the day of Kiana, we will

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Not we will not say to Allah we were unaware of you being our Lord. And so Allah had sort of hard coded in our DNA, when we will believe in the Creator. Now, as mentioned at this moment we the souls testify to Allah, Allah is our Lord and we are His servants. This happened at alpha, that would not be Adam and hola meet each other at alpha, Allah subhanho wa Taala took this covenant from the souls of, of Bani Adam, of the children of Adam at alpha and Allah Adam, once again, this is not something that he's confirmed in the sea of literature or in Hadith. But it is something which is an opinion of the scholars. And so the point being, that from the beginning of our creation, we had an

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intrinsic connection to this land. And for some reason, I mean, if you ask Muslims across the world, wherever they are, there is a connection to the harm that we would love to go there. For anyone who has gone formula, you want to return to it again. And again. Not only are we connected, of course, through our Salah five times a day, we face Mecca, but there is this desire that we want to come there and we feel this connection to a place that is far away from our homes. There's nothing in Mecca in reality mica, there's nothing very, very special about it, other than the Haram. But this is we feel the spirituality of that place, that this is the place where Allah subhanaw taala grants

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for us, the Baraka and the guidance and we evader is magnified and is the most blissful place on the face of the earth. And so we pray to Allah that all of us can return the again and again, and that even if we can't physically get there, and of course, our Obeida, you know, that is the direction of our evader. So, Allah subhanho wa Taala allowed the maca will be established for place of worship and maybe Adam and however the first people to actually perform a kind of Hajj and Salah over there in Mecca. And then as time went on, and through the ages, mankind civilization dispersed through the lands, and in fact, Makkah became forgotten. And it is mentioned between Adam and Eve, you know,

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he's surrounded with 10 generations, all those generations were Muslims, even though they committed some you know, even though it's children have either murdered one or the other, there were still Muslims, and they faced Mecca as the as the Qibla. And they would also obviously made Salah, and they also made sacrifices, remaining good here and corbeille and these kind of things. And then of course, the time of Nabina came when the people completely forgot the worship of Allah and they began worshipping idols and then a loss in the flood. And in the day when the higher the very famous book of Eman Kathy is talking about the beginning of time and the end of time that the flood

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actually caused like the Kava itself to be destroyed. And so the Valley of Makkah became empty once again and there was nothing in Makkah, and for many, many centuries for 1000s of years. maca was empty the valleys of Mecca and no one came there to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala. In fact, even across the world, people forgot about maca. And then Allah subhanaw taala would be would send a revival, the father of monotheism, the man who will resurrect sort of his religion at a time when it was almost about to be extinct. And that is, of course the great matriarch of Joe Hayden. There is no beaver on him and he says Salaam you'll find in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala continues to

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reference to newbies to newbies, which then he also should aspire to follow the first being Ebrahim and that is the Hanif when Allah speaks about the monotheism, believe in Allah as Nabi Ibrahim believed that a lot of follow His form of the head, and then also in recent times, instructed to follow NaVi musala salaam, in terms of his his Sharia in terms of his law in terms of you know, managing a nation he is thicker than a B, that had the biggest nation that when he saw he, and so these two Nabis are you finding sort of Allah Shafi, Ibrahim or Musa, these are the two ambia that had the most profound impact. And so Nabil Brahim, first of all, he is the the father of monotheism,

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not just islamically but for all of religions are the big three Abrahamic faiths are called the Abrahamic faiths because they follow the monotheism of NaVi Brahim. And so let's take a moment of time to speak about who this guy was. Mankind as we see began worshipping all kinds of things, stones and statues and graves and shrines, the sun, the moon stars, everything besides Allah, they worship as holy. And so Allah subhanaw taala seen why he winded up Ibrahim love perhaps 6000 years or even longer than that ago in a city of or what is modern day Iraq. And we know that his father as hard as Allah mentioned in the Quran, as was the idol makeup of the city. And so the people they

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were obviously pagan, they were used to worship idols, they would come to us and they would say, you know, as a look, I've got a, I've got a problem. Can you construct for me an idol that looks like this? Maybe I need facilities when you make a statue of a woman that is pregnant, or I need money to make a statue of, of someone that has a lot of wealth, whatever it might be. And so as I would say, yes, indeed, Okay, I understand what you want. And he would go and he would walk in his workshop, and he would build these idols. And he suddenly, Ibrahim, his young son, Ibrahim, would see the idols half made of unmade lying on the floor. And it was strange for him that my dad makes these

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idols today. And then tomorrow, these idols are in the temple, and the people, you know, give sacrifices and they bow towards it. How does this make sense? How could this be Allah subhanaw taala. And when he asked his father, how does this you know how is this possible? Is that of course it to him? This is the way our forefathers had done. And don't ask these questions and follow us. And so the people are him being wise here.

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Man, as a child when he, this did not sit well with him and eventually he rejected the worship of idols. And he in himself, he believed that there is only one creator that is transcendent that is above the heavens and the earth, that he created the sun and the moon in all occasions that he sees his Lord. And so, we know the story of Nebbiolo him that one day when he was a basically young man, a young boy, maybe in his teens, his entire city went out to have some kind of function. And he said he wasn't feeling well. And so he remained in the city alone. And then he went to the major temple and he destroyed all the idols in there and hung the x on the biggest idol. So that when the people

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came back, and they asked who destroyed our idols, and the question of you what it was in, you're the only one in the city and you've spoken out against our idols. Did you destroy these idols? As soon as the Brahim said to them? Why don't you ask the big one? He's got the axe. He's got the murder weapon, speak to him. And of course, when they said to me, there's no way I mean, we speak to an idol he can't hear as he can answer us. So he brought him say to them, then how he How is it that you worship these things? And so they wanted to burn, maybe Brahim. But of course, Allah saved him. And so why him would leave the city of orange. And the only people to believe in him was a young

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girl sada who he would marry and his cousin or his nephew, loot Elisa Salaam. And so the three of them would leave work, and they would now travel the world, so is in Iraq, and Ebrahim would now be guided, you'll become an OB, and they'll be loot at a loss. Pandora would make him a prophet as well, and it will be sent to the city of Sodom and Gomorrah, Sodom, where he would preach the message of hate, as Robbie Brahim would go around the Middle East, to one city to the next, calling people away from the worship of the of idols and anything besides Allah subhanaw taala and his his monotheism or his message of though he was a very simple one, that the one who created me, he is the

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one that I worship and when I get when I'm hungry, the one that feeds me, that is my Allah, the One who heals me when I'm sick, that is my Allah when I die, the one who I will return to when I'm dead. That is Allah that is the one I worship and that is the one who we are meant to be connected to anybody, and none has the right of worship besides Him. And this was the Hanif you'll find in the crowd was his who never be the Hanif versus what it means the religion of the Hanif, which is to worship Allah subhanaw, taala alone, and Toby Brahim only Salaam would move all around the world and he spent some time in Egypt as we know, preaching way and that's we the king of Egypt wanted to

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molest Sarah. But Allah soprano saved her and gave as a gift harder, slave woman harder was a slave from from Egypt, and he gave Alger to Sarah and told them to leave Egypt and sooner Abraham would settle in Palestine and he settled in Palestine and he began preaching his mission and his message pulling everyone to the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala alone. Up until now, maca stall is an empty place. Smucker is a unknown place a deserted place, the place of worship for las panatela is unknown. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala you know would inspire to levy Brahim to reconstruct the Haram in Makkah. And we know that interview blindingly Salaam as an old age, he was without an E he

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had no son. And he began You know, he said to Allah subhanaw taala that he is worried in the Quran we find that be very making to us and yet Allah, I am worried about offer me this religion who would call people to your worship after me, so bestow upon me a son. And so Allah subhanaw taala allowed me Brahim to marry hotjar and they had a son Ismail. And then as a young boy before never, you know, it's my he was was, you know, basically a few weeks old. He was a suckling baby, Allah subhanaw taala would instruct NaVi Brahim with a lesson and a test and he instructed me by him to take hijab and maybe smile to a place which who had never been to before, in the middle of the Arabian Desert,

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a place that was in the middle of nowhere, and it's a long Hadeeth to take asure VI and Swami Rama Salaam obeys Allah subhanaw taala and he takes his wife Archer and his newborn son who was delivered the corners of his eyes remember we brought him is making the offer this boy for decades now Brian is basically in his 80s and he's been making to offer his son for four for four decades. And now this boy just is born and Allah Subhana Dallas is sin harder and smile to to a certain location. And finally when they reach the spot which there was no markings, there was nothing we couldn't even understand what we did. Why are we stopping here? Now we run him, takes her off a camel and leaves

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her and a three inputs is my inner hands. He gives her a bag of what he will provision and then he himself gets on his camel and he rides joy is long Heidi, somebody from the Beatles fandom tells us that hardshell osnovy Rahim we brought him Where are you going? How can you leave us here in this deserted valley that has no one. There's no one living here. There's not even animals living here. How can you leave us here in the middle of nowhere, and Avi Brahim doesn't have the heart to even look at. It doesn't say anything to her. And he just keeps walking. And she says to him is this accomando Allah is Allah instructing you to do this? And so he says yes. And so she says In that

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case, if Allah subhana wa tada has commanded to do this, then Allah will

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not forsake us, Allah will not leave us alone in this place you will take care of us, inshallah, Libra, he leaves. And then Subhana Allah, Allah mentions this very sad moment, once he is out of out of range when hajat cannot see him anymore, he sort of behind or behind one of the mountains or the valleys of Makkah, now he breaks down any any begins to cry, and he faces, what would be the karma, there is no car by the time and now he makes to our, you know, he didn't cry in front of her God, he wanted to be strong for him. And so he makes devices, oh my lord, I have settled into reality I've left here, some of my family, I've left my family, in this word, you ready these are in in this

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barren, empty Valley, this place that has nothing, no cultivation here at the place of your sacred house, this meaning where your sacred house would be, that they may establish Allah. So Allah a sent people to incline towards him to assist them and give them the risk that they might be grateful to you. So in this to our is making to offer his family's making to offer hardware and his mail. And what's important is to are also he, he mentions here, Allah, you're in the critical horovod here at your sacred house now he's no kalba yet, but he makes to our and he says to Allah subhanaw taala I've lived my family at wave Harlem where the garbage should be. And to even Ebrahim understood that

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this is the Sacred Valley, this is the place that for all of mankind is attached to this special place. There's nothing there for now. But I've lived my family, and you will take care of them. And I put my trust in you and I'll obey your commands and tsunami, Ibrahim leaves, it leaves them in the care a lot. And so we know the story that Roger is alone within, you know, an infant that is basically a few weeks old and he suckling and not very long the water the provisions in the Roger has no food, no drink, and milk begins to dry up. And the baby in a be smiling, screaming is hungry and there is no no food. And so she begins to panic. And she looks all around you know screaming

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shouting for assistance, but he is not a single soul inside nothing to be seen. And so she's sitting at a with a cargo is currently today. And the closest little heel is the heel of suffer suffer before was a much, you know, much, much bigger Hill a little bit of a mountain. But of course with time and erosion and the constant movement of the Hajaj. It has become not much more than a small Foothill. And so she runs and she climbs up on top of Mount sofa and looking around if she could see anyone or anything. And she is frantic, screaming for assistance. And when she sees nothing, she leaves she runs down a suffer and runs at a quick pace towards the heel that is further down. And

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that is Moreover, the next hill that is next to it. And so she does this seven times this panel now will begin to understand that even the ritual of Hajj is connected to something which happened in the time of interview but it was set up. And so that same kind of thinking that we follow when we perform the rituals of Hajj. And so as we know the walking between Safa and Marwa is a portion with a mane for example we jog, we think about a woman that is frantic for life that his son is about to die that she's searching for, for for salvation. So the person that moves between the Hajji as he moves within suffer and marijuana. For him, it is that that moment of running away from the Sun

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running away from janome, running away from destruction, towards the mercy of the prediction of Allah with the running towards salvation to be saved from Allah, as she does the seven times running up and down, searching for someone or something for assistance. Because the moment is becoming so desperate now that maybe Brahim at any moment you could die from from a dehydration. And then after the seventh round, so she began to suffer. And if you count 1234567, she ends at marijuana and marijuana is is further away from the Kaaba, then suffer so she's quite far away from an obese male. And after she had reached miroir for the seventh time and looks around for assistance, she looks

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back and she sees at at when you might not be smiley standing. And there is a man standing over him a stranger. And this man then stumps the ground with his heel, he presses into the ground, his kicks the ground with his heel and waters begins to gush out of the sand, and water begins to spring begins to form. And so she runs towards an obese male and the man of course he he disappears. This, of course, is the angel Jubilee. And this is the beginning of the well have some some, and so fearing that the water would would sink into the ground, she makes a little pond, she, you know, stack stones around it, and she makes a bit of a pond around the water. And so it'd be it forms a

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well, instead of wherever, wherever you saw Salam says may Allah have mercy on the mother of his maid, and he left the water to flow, it would have been a river flowing until until the day of chaos, it would flow on the face of the earth. But because she made it into a dam, a pond, it stayed a well and that is how it is today. And so Roger drink from the water. And it's my only son, I'm drinking from it. And this is the beginning of the world of Islamism. And with that, you know, people would begin to know that the is a well and people begin to settle in the in the valley in the harem of Makkah, we'll talk more inshallah, about the history of, of the city of Makkah, the

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construction of the Kaaba.

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Gustave Brahim will be sent to come back to Makkah to meet his son again, and to have a special project they will they will construct the Kaaba. So we'll talk about that in sha Allah in coming weeks, and then up until the coming of Nagisa salam, the history of the Kaaba and I will link towards it. But before we end of today inshallah something interesting on the well of Zamzam, a complete side note about the well of Zamzam. And so this was an exam, which began with Julia is a salon stomping on it, and there's water coming out of the splitted water. It is a miracle of the miracles of Islam and the miracles of this religion, that are well in the middle of the desert for

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the past four or 5000 years, has continuously produced water, and millions and millions of people have have drank from it. Billions of liters of it has pulled out a well of course, you know, if you were to do well, it only last maybe for few years, maybe big well would last few 100 years, but then eventually a wealth dries up the wealth gets used up, especially a well that is being used. So So abundantly. This Zamzam you know, just for example, in during the month of Ramadan and hadoo, you have five 6 million hedges, all drinking from it, every single day, millions of liters are is pumped out of it, and so paneled as well continues. And so that amissah salam speaks about the blessing of

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water of Sufism, and this is water which has been for all of mankind. The province is the best water on the face of the earth, is the water of Sufism, and is a complete nourishment and shifa for the sick that it it nourishes you completely, meaning you can be sustained on zum zum. All on itself, there are many nations and traditions of Sahaba were nothing to eat, but they would just drink themselves. And they would actually pick up weight just by thinking Samsung, and similarly the resources it is a chef for the sick, that the one who drink some, some was insanity and he makes his dog then insha Allah, Allah will can cause it as a medicine. For those who are who are seeking

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another hand if the professor says and you have in the right to the provinces, Zamzam is if you drink it to quench with it is worth whatever you drink, it is for the intention of the uncut for if you drink it, for the purpose of quenching your thirst, then it is it will do so. And if you drink it to fill your stomach with food, then it will nourish you it will it will allow bless you with nourishment. And if you drink it with a purpose of healing, you're killing your illness when zum zum will do that. And so somehow the lump sum sum is this miraculous water that comes from this very special Valley in the most special place on the face of the earth. And today, we cannot see the well

00:27:17 --> 00:27:52

of Zamzam there was a time I remember when I was a child, and as I'm well is just in front of the camera with the doors of the Kaaba is just in front of it is with a well of Zamzam is. And today, of course, the top of it has been closed over the matter for the sole purpose of the top. But underneath is the one of some some way through pumps zum zum is being constantly being withdrawn and taken out from the from the ground. And something interesting about the word of them's um the one of them is Uncle basically goes down 30 meters, so it's a while that goes down 30 meters into the ground, water pours into the into this wall. So the Well of course is like a like a tube that goes

00:27:52 --> 00:28:27

down and water pours into this tube from different directions, there are two streams that that sort of feed into the well. The first stream comes from the direction of the Kaaba. And then the second stream comes from the direction of Safar meaning behind the wells of flow, one from in front of it from the gamma, and the other one from the direction of Safa. And these two streams sort of join up inside the mouth of the well. And this is this thing is called zum zum. And lots of research has been done. And if you look at the slide notes, for example, I won't go through all of it during my lecture. But if you look at the slides that is provided to you, it speaks about the composition on

00:28:27 --> 00:29:07

Samsung, it speaks about how the flow of Samsung very interestingly, there was a flood in me, I think it was the 70s. So about 4050 years ago, there was a flood and some dirt and things fell into the well of Zamzam. And this was at the time when hydraulic pumps were available. And so the authorities pumped out a lot of the water from the from the well to try and purify it. And they they wanted to see if there was an experiment they needed to see how much water How long would it take for the water level of Samsung to diminish. So they pumped 8000 liters per second 1000 liters per second. That's how much water they pumped out of the well of Zamzam at that time. And you know off

00:29:07 --> 00:29:43

the pumping at this rate for about 24 hours for about an entire day. They pumped it At this rate, many billions and billions of litres of pulled was pulled out the what's amazing about the well of Zamzam as they extracted more water the the flow of the water that came into the well continue to increase and even though the water the level of reserves unwell dropped a little bit, it's a constant certain point. And even after you know hours of pumping that rate, the water level did not drop and eventually when they stopped, turn the pumps to a lower rate, the well filled up within 11 minutes, the entire assumption will fold up to a level and then it stopped. So that's one of the

00:29:43 --> 00:29:59

miraculous things about this Amazon Well, the faster you pump from it, the quicker the flow enters the well. And even though it becomes very quick and it folds up, it reaches a certain level and then it stops flowing further on. And this has been for many, many hundreds of years. 1000s and 1000s of years. pilgrims from all over the

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has drunk from this miraculous water, and its soul continues to quench the thirst of pilgrims throughout the world. You know, today in modern times, we know that some of the biggest buildings, for example, the Samsung towers, one of the biggest buildings in the world, has been constructed very, very close to the warehouse. And people have dug deep into the ground. I mean, the construction of these buildings requires the engineers to go all the way deep into the ground, and you don't find you know, an ocean of water or anything from the you just these themes are coming towards the the well of Zamzam not really sure exactly the source of it flows the end that water

00:30:33 --> 00:31:08

that falls into it. What's amazing, no algae grows around this, this well of some some there's no bacteria inside of it. So it is of the purest forms of water. Its pH is always a certain level around a an alkaline, it doesn't have a smell, or color. But of course it has a very distinct taste in numerous places, as I've noted as a specific kind of taste. And lots of experiments has been done on the water of zum zum. And these constant monitoring it and certainly inches panel. This is one of the medicals and one of the things that's fun when you drink from the Samsung well, or drink, Samsung, you are being connected all the way back to the time of an obese smile. It's an amazing

00:31:08 --> 00:31:41

thing that you can think about. In fact, you're being connected to God he was the one that actually by the grace of Allah began this well of Zamzam. And so in the series that this is what we want us to know that even though we cannot physically be at the harem, and we cannot be on Hajj, Mecca and the Kaaba and some examine all these sacred places, it is for us, we are always connected to it the sanctity of Allah as we performance Allah, we have been connected the Kaaba and the last panel that made this for all of mankind is not just for any group of people. It is for all of humanity to benefit from and so inshallah we'll continue in our next episode. Now be Brahim would return to

00:31:41 --> 00:32:00

Makkah and the construction of the Kaaba, we'll talk about that inshallah, in days to come Allah, other places, forgive us have mercy upon us, but most panatela grant that we will all once again be at the secret site of Makkah, and if we can't physically be the most popular except arriba, and we direct towards it, just like on the head, or sort of lacing them from it one earlier sacrificial lamb have seen what happened later.


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  • Purpose of creation
  • Origin of man
  • Establishment of Makkah
  • Mankind through the ages
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