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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The host gives guidance on healthy eating and being mindful of blessings and the Earth being a source of blessings. A man named Allah Subhana Abba is preparing for a perfect life and being mindful of the Earth. The importance of counting blessings and being mindful of their is discussed, as well as the importance of being a woman and a woman to avoid losing everything. The conversation also touches on the risk of losing everything and the importance of security in avoiding fear.
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regimes without manual human 100 rely on blood I mean it was so that was said Ahmad Ashraf,

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Mohammed not only he was I mean my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh zakaah thank you for joining us night number 26. From the low we pray that Allah subhanaw taala grants us the strength in the last 10 nights to finish as best as we can. In sha Allah, there's a lot of talk around when you eat and we really begin to think about eating it's good hamdulillah it is it is important and what is gonna look like in this new COVID-19 world of course the massage it will not be open, most likely, inshallah, we will give guidance as to what to do during that day, the MTC and many other animal bodies have have released guidance with it to

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perform how to perform each other at home. And as we get closer to that, I know I received a bunch of questions around how do we perform, it's another step by step. As soon as salam Academy if you don't do it, there's no punishment on you, and especially in this kind of climate. But of course, really the day he does not feel the same with outperforming the Salon Suite. And as we had done making our homes, our machines making our homes our place of Sala taking their time in the walk of Joomla to or not performing Jamali performance or at least that time, you know, one o'clock the afternoon we sat together and hopefully you've listened to a lecture and you spend the time

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reflecting on a lot you know, eat Sala and eat morning and they eat a lot but it's just the cherry on the cake of what we've completed for the month of Ramadan. And so it's only fitting that we give some guidance and we'll we'll do so inshallah. But before we get to eat, we've got some big nights ahead of us and particularly of the 27th night tomorrow coming up. And the days after that and of course tonight as well. Even though it's an even night, your full attention it's possible that tonight could be a little crowded as well. We continue with our Tafseer of certain work and in the last section, Allah subhana wa tada was beautifully mentioning, I mean such a beautiful if and Allah

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Subhana says, is not the one who made you created you who was you know they from before we were even put on the earth before we were conceived. We what Allah subhanho wa Taala does he not know based with all away and very subtle and is so intertwined in our life, we say this word hubiera means he's aware of everything going on in our life, every feeling every emotion, every fear, every delusion, every sin, He knows everything. And he's Latif though, in spite of knowing all of those things are latifi soft, he's gentle, he's loving, he's always looking out for us. Allah says there's not the one who made you know best. And then Allah subhana wa Taala continues and says, Do you not see how

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he made the rule he made the earth submissive to you this mighty creation, the earth the summer, in other words, is well I've got a Sahara a sham. So a comet Allah has subdued subjugated the sun, the moon for your sake, it is only the doing its function, so that people may benefit from it. All of this that we see around us, it is for us to use and to benefit from as Allah says, Fung Shui Menaka go and speed yourself walk and travel and go through the land and see what Allah has made for you and eat from it as well. So enjoy yourselves for a reason, though. The purpose is of course not just to love you on the dunya. But to be mindful that there is an afterlife there is a purpose behind

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this, Allah did not give us this amazing gift without a purpose. And so Allah subhanaw taala reminds us about all the subtle blessings that if we begin to count, you know, as panela blessings or Sonali or the Alon, when he would teach his class he would go to the toilet he would come back and he would only abdomen and he would said hungry, not a blessing that few few Give, give thanks to how would we feel only someone that has some ailment unable to use the toilet gives thanks for the fact that we have a toilet use things that we have food, gifts, things that you know our health, we only realize the benefits when it is gone. And so Allah subhanaw taala says begin count, find out don't matter

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like that if you start to count the blessings of Allah you would never be able to enumerate them. And so if we turn away from the blessings, the consequences, Allah says, Are you do you feel secure that if you keep denying Allah, you keep rejecting Allah, you keep abusing his blessings, you keep arming the environment, that the environment that the Earth would not swallow you up or that the sky would not send a punishment against you. And so it almost in frustration Allah says what are called acceptable Latino men complete okay for kenickie policies, and how many people before you this obeyed and disbelief and denied and ungrateful for K for a living? How was my distribution against

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them? So how was the thing that happened to them, look at the consequences of them. So Allah subhana wa tada sort of into that section with a threat and a warning that if you abuse his blessings, they will be repercussions. But Allah continues, as even though allow us to give us another analogy. So if if looking at the earth, and walking on the earth, and the blessings around you is not enough, perhaps this analogy will make you understand what I'm here to. Do you not see a player, the bird folk or home saw 30 billion. Do you not see the bird that is flying through the sky, its wings outstretched or gliding the speech of a bird look at the bird as it glides through the sky. Well,

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you have to be done and folding its wings mean flapping its wings back and forth. miocic when none holds these words in law man except our man except the Most Merciful, in ob cliche in Brazil, that he is watching over and looking after and seeing every single thing of his creation.

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So Allah subhanaw taala is sort of saying, Let me give you another analogy that perhaps you understand what he's trying to make us to understand. He wants us to understand how he is in control. And he is giving us and preparing for us a perfect life, a perfect world so that we may recognize him. And so Allah says, look at the bird and the motif of a bird appears in the Quran in a number of places. Why a bird because the blade is very fragile. If you look at the wings of a bird, it's very delicate, and yet it flies and it moves through the sky. From our perspective, you know, we amazed we can't do this with the bird he's doing. And so Allah Subhana Allah is saying, Look at

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how delicate and fragile yet Allah subhanaw taala keeps this but aloft a wind that is too hard. A storm could easily harm this bird, but Allah keeps them aloft and in the sky. Allah says none keeps him the nun looks after the bad man keeps all of his creation in place, except are among the most merciful. It also gives the analogy as we mentioned at the beginning of the surah, look at the heavenly bodies in the sky, you know, in the sky, basically, back before we could fly, and we could see spaceships, Allah says look at the sky, there's no corruption in the sky. There are no imperfections in the sky. There's nothing out of balance. The balance is so perfect that this

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fragile bird can glide without any problem. So everything that mankind sort of has touched, we have corrupted the earth we have corrupted, why? Because we're not following the the decrees and we have not followed the plan Allah has put out for us. So Los Angeles is out of his most he keeps all of creation in its place, floating aloft and following his guidance. And so Allah, Allah wants to do the same for us. Allah says the same way he keeps those birds from getting blown away, or those birds are falling out of the sky. Allah says, I keep you like that. I keep you safe all the time. It's just that you cannot recognize or you refuse to recognize Allah subhana wa dadas interventions

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in your life. Allah Spangler says in another in the next verse, also very beautiful. A man had a lady who was going to lock me up, man in the cafe una Illa. Allah says, do you do you have a June other than Allah agent? is an army prepared? So Allah says is Who is it? That could be an army? Who do you have? I was asking a rhetorical question. Do you have an army prepared to assist you besides a lot? Another student? That seems one tough series? Do you have an army on your side that you will go to war with against Allah? And Allah doesn't use the name use of the word, man, I guess the most merciful? And perhaps the second half said is more, more appropriately because of the word Roman?

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Had it been the Alesis? Do you have an army against you to use as perhaps the almighty dollar powerful? Do you have an army that you have really, that will support you against this most powerful, but although I use the most merciful? He is? Who is it that in times of difficulty, do you have as a support base as an army standing ready except for Rahman, so Allah says, You have an army in your corner waiting to support you? That army is a Rahman, Allah says, I am your army, and I am ready and I am prepared to act in your defense that if you need me in times of hardship, I am ready. I am well prepared, we should jump is that army with is ready to go to war. So Allah says, I'm ready

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to go to war for you, if you need me, and and of course, this is the one that is in your corner is the Most Merciful meaning anytime that you have a problem in your life, I am ready to act in your favor. I am in your corners panel. What a beautiful way Allah say, Allah says I am the army in your corner. I am a man that is Abundantly Merciful. And Mr. Rahman is, as we said, the most powerful name of Allah that denotes mercy. And so it says, I have an infinite amount of mercy. And I have it ready and prepared at your disposal. You just need to push the button and I'm ready to assist you. That's what the law saying. And so then Allah says, in spite of this, in spite of this, in that cafe

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Runa Illa furor that the cafe rune however, the caffeine could be the disbelief, it also means those who I'm grateful after Allah says, I am your army ready to assist you in any moment at any time. Rather, the co founder, the disbelievers, and the ungrateful ones, they are furor. They are in delusion. They look at the company position, and they believe this is me, I got here for myself, I'm the CEO, I am the king, my bank account is so big because of me and my, my doing and my knowledge overseas, they are, they are deluded. They think that their blessings that they have, or from their own doing, or all that it is only a gift from Allah subhanaw taala that can easily be taken away.

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And the fact that Allah has not revoked It is because of his mercy that he hopes and he, Allah has given us the opportunity to wake up one day and look at the blessings in our life and say, 100 Nyah Allah, how quickly can these blessings be taken away? And in the next iOS panel, exactly, show this, that these basins can either can be taken away so quickly, and then have another use Yasuko come in, I'm sorry, Scott, but let you feel to be wonderful. Allah says, Who is it that could provide for you, if Allah were to withhold these provision, but they are persistent in incidence and aversion in the running away from Allah. So Allah reminds us that is that we have in the risk is not just the

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food that we eat. It's not just food or money, and it's the air we breathe, the health that we have, our kids are our risk. Allah says

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Allow us to withhold any of those things that he gives you all these provisions, who would you turn to to bring it back? And you know many times in Surah, Yaseen and the surah, which is a similar motif, Allah reminds us that when we go through a low when we go through a period of security, our sanity comes in at the exact same time, we're not sick, everything is just, you know, going day to day, we begin to be lulled into a false sense of security. Now, when we are in a COVID-19 world, when businesses are shutting down, when our salaries are being restricted, when we don't know where the next paycheck is coming, when we don't know if our risk will be will be the now policies, what

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are you going to do now? So if you don't have a line your life you can't make do all you can reach out to him? How are you going to fix this problem? You have no way to turn to you realize that your science and your technology and your your degrees and your power and your money means nothing in the face of these kind of calamities. And so all of his who he said that you would turn to besides Him, so who is it that you can turn to other than Allah, if our risk was was restricted, but let us see what we want to afford. But Allah says but they still insist, let you mean they are, you know, insistent on a point which even though you are wrong, some people you know, they are wrong, but they

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will not give up that point. Even when they know they are wrong. Allah says they are insistent on the on the aversion to Allah subhanaw taala running away from his Ayah denying him and arrogantly refusing to acknowledge arrogance is that you know the truth, you know, that everything comes from Allah, you know, that you are not in control, but you maintain like their own that I am, I am in control, it's all me. And I refuse to acknowledge the basis of a lot, especially on the risk. And we go through a time when, when our risk becomes into question, the profits or losses, tells us and it links up to the birds. Allah says, The Prophet tells us tells you that the believer when he's a man

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in a law, and he's tawakkol is dependent on Allah is so strong, he becomes like the birds, the birds, you know, they don't have bank accounts. They don't have a fridge where they store things for the next day, every single bird wakes up in the morning, not knowing where his risk is, not knowing how he's going to survive for the day, he's hungry, but he goes out and all of them get to eat a lot basically shows you don't see birds falling out of the sky, out of salvation. I mean, when whenever you ever seen something like that happened, the only times buds What up the sky is when we do something to the sky, but the birds all of them that go out hungry, and they will all find risk and

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they will all come back feed and tomorrow again, they will do the same. And so Allah is showing from the birds look at the analogy of the birds. He has put out the risk for everyone out there that you don't have to worry about Allah feeding you You just have to worry about pleasing Allah subhana wa tada and fulfilling his obligations and you will always look after look after us. So when Allah concludes the section for me Yoshi mckibbon Allah wa G. AMC so when I said I was studying alone, I asked a lesson, I've shown you a number of signs. Look at how the earth is subdued to you look at the bird flying through the sky. Look at when you in times of need, who is it that army that comes

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to your aid, when the doctors tell you the time is up? There is nothing science cannot help you. Now, who do you turn to in times of need now you go to Iraq, man? And who is it that if your risk becomes constrained that you turn to solace from a machine okay, but is not the one who walks fallen on his face? The one who is basically he's walking with his face to the ground better than the one who is guided and walks erect and upset. What does this mean? So you have two kinds of people, these one whose face is downturned. And the analogy here is he is deliberately not looking where he's walking. He's not looking at the signs around him. So he's on a path. He doesn't look at the signs

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where he's going, he is avoiding the eye at all. I seem to him is such a person better than the one who is walking up straight on a straight path being guided away and reflecting on his life. Who is better of the tools or asks you and me. Which kind of person are you? Are you a person that is deluded, that is self righteous that believes that everything in his life is he's in control, and he's the master of his own destiny, or the one who reflects and spins that evening with quiet time and things week is all my blessings come from we Was I a few years ago, and how all the difficult times I've been through how many times can I say with surety with certainty that I'm the master of

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everything, each and every one of us. We know that there were times of difficulty when we had no way out. We believed that there was no answer to this, Allah subhana wa tada opened away. We all know that there were times when we were completely vulnerable, powerless, we felt like the world was closing in on us who brought us out of it. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala asks us which of the two are better, the one who is guided? Or the one who is misguided, and which one of the two would you want to be? And so that that Allah leaves up to us as a question each The only answer is between you and me and our discussion with Allah subhanaw taala is between me and align you and Allah Who of us

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which of those two examples do we want to be? Now last panel Grant has to be aware of the blessings that he has bestowed upon us. May we be grateful for the blessings we'll never be able to be fully grateful. But let us be grateful for some of the blessings he has given us. And we know that whatever we have is from Allah, but he gives any can take em Allah subhanho wa Taala not take away out of our abuse and our

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neglect fullness and ungratefulness to him. Let us be of those who Allah increases in goodness so that we may increase in sugar and closest to him, just like Allah hate us in our alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato

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