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When I Salim Salam was sent to Beirut, Israel, and after he was taken up to Allah azza wa jal, and many people changed the true teachings of Asa, ignominy, am Jesus, the son of Mary. And so Christianity was born after a Silas salaam, and it spread into different lands and many sects, many groups also were formed. Christianity spread in that land by they with a ruler by the name of Abraham. Abraham was the new ruler there. And he also wanted people to become Christian and Abraha. He knew of the Kaaba and he wanted to build something of his own. In Abyssinia. You wanted to build something like the Kaaba there. And he did, but it was a Christian version. Right. It was like the

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Cofer version of the kava SubhanAllah. And he basically he built this big cathedral and he called the alkyl lace alkalis. One day and Arab. As we said, Islam wasn't in Arabia. It wasn't in Mecca. Yet. This was before the time of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, the Prophet Muhammad still wasn't born yet, but he was about to be born.

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A man from Mecca, ended up going to Abyssinia and he saw alkalis he saw this big cathedral and he knew that they were trying to compete with the car but he didn't like that very much. So what does he do? He does something that it's even rude enough for me to I can't even say it. Basically he went to the toilet inside alkalis and not in the bathroom of alkalis he did it on the floor inside. Imagine someone went into inside a masjid and did a number two right there in the middle stuck for Allah right? How disgusting is that? Not only did he do that, he took his the Jessa and he wiped it took you know, he's feels and he walked all over the walls and he ran away. Oh, you want to compete

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with us? He's a he's a gift right? From the from the bottom, from the bottom of my heart but from somewhere else right? He right? He gave him a gift from from the love of my soul.

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He can give a ran away. Right? So of course, Abraham when he came

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a new paint job. Right, what's going on? He was fuming. He was crazy. Alright, he went nuts after that, you guys that is it. We're going to destroy the Kaaba. Now he wanted to destroy the cabinet from day one. But why didn't he? Because back then they even had politics, right? It was against international law. You can't just go and destroy people's, you know, objects and landmarks of worship. They'll send armies towards you, right, I'll kill you for that. So he wanted to do all along, but this was like it just tipped him over. Right? This was like the thing that he now he has an excuse. So if any, if you know if ASIO or ABS want to stop him and what are you trying to do,

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mate? Okay, they did this to my, you know, my version of the car, but I'm gonna destroy their version. Okay, you can go through okay. All right, you're good to go. Right? So, he goes that is going to destroy the Kaaba panela. So he gathers an army. And not just any army, an army of elephants, an army of elephants. This was unheard of before, never been done before. They used to have army of soldiers of horses, army of camels, army of caravans army of elephants. Abraham was the first to do this. And an elephant back then you say Oh, no big deal. Elephant right now, it wasn't Dumbo. Habibi wasn't something that is friendly. And the circus tricks, those army elephants.

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You know, they mean big business. In a you you anger an elephant. And by the way, elephants have an amazing memory. It's true. Elephants do have an amazing memory. So when someone says that that person has the memory of an elephant, that's a compliment. Like if someone says you've got the memory of an elephant, that's over you called Elephant bro. And then take as an mockery, they're not teasing you actually complimenting you because elephants have outstanding memories. So elephants in war is like that was like the ancient form of a tank, or a tank taken flat in a building to flooding people, or that's what the elephant could do. So an army of elephants wasn't easy. This was a big

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thing. This was hard. So he comes with his army of elephants all the way from Yemen, or all the way from Amazonia rather all from Abyssinia and Ethiopia. All the way coming to Mecca Laquan. So it's a long journey and they had a gave the Arabs in Mecca time

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I'm to this news came to them and time to prepare

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at the head of this army was a big elephant by the name of Muhammad Believe it or not, alright, believe it or not had the name of moved to Panama. So Abra has army actually made it to the outskirts of Mecca outskirts of Mecca. So if you've ever traveled outside of Sydney and you see all these mountains and the highways and then you see a sign, you are now leaving Sydney. Okay, go back to your local government area because you've broken the lockdown rule. Okay, if you see the signs or when you're coming back Welcome to Sydney. So that's that we're on the outskirts right on the outskirts of Mecca. Are they about to come in who knows if they vaccinated or not? Right? Okay,

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magic all those jokes are gone now Mr. Visual economics. So they're going to enter the game to enter or they're going to check our our stock roster, or they're gonna QR code. Okay, I'll stop. I'll stop with the dad jokes. They're going to enter. And as they're entering, there were some shepherds grazing on the outskirts of Mecca, and they had some sheep there, and camels and so forth.

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Abra had the sides decides to take 200 of these camels, are we going to demolish the Kaaba? Yeah, Allah we might as well take the camels as well. Your love war booty, they're ours. They took they took 200 camels that belonged to have the Muttalib because of the multiple singles

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The grandfather of the Prophet Muhammad Salah lessons Abdullah Talib, and his name wasn't really Abdulmutallab. He actually earned that name as a nickname kept mean slave of McCollum, because people thought he was a slave of politics. Okay, he's running with Shaybah because when he was born, he had white hair shaved by means old men. When he was born, he had white hair Subhanallah amazing. But he was nicknamed Abdul Natale because he was always with him and people thought he was his slave.

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So other than what the Liberals the grandfather of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So he 200 of these camels was taken and that's a big deal. You know, a camel is not a fun ride, just you know, to go on at the age show. No, camel was very expensive. And you can use a camel to ride just like a car. Camels can give you milk, they can give you food. They can also be used for medicine. And they give birth slug manufacturing other cars. Okay, it's like a small convenience store, pharmacy, automobile. You know, basically, in one, it's all of the in one. So to have one camel was expensive enough valuable. And he had 200 that was stolen. So he hears of this. And Abraham and his army, they

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stay at the outskirts, or they have come close, and now they've entered. And they're right. On the you know, on the mountains of where Mecca is and they're about to descend and they're resting there. And they basically showing the Arabs of Mecca that we mean business here. And so I'm the Muslim he's of them. He sees them. He organizes a meeting with Abraham Abraha welcome. welcomed him. Alan.

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Come right in.

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So at the Multilib goes to this meeting. You can imagine the gods are there. Okay, who are you?

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Okay, who's up? Oh, I've organized a meeting with your leader. Abra

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Abra. You organize a meeting with this guy? Yes, yes. Bring him in. Bring him in. Okay, you're good to go sir. He goes in

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Abraha sees Abdul Muttalib

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and he shocked

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he sees a man of dignity honor he had haber you know some people you seen you're like wow that person they look important. What Abdullah Abdullah was a man who had haber about him when he went to enter a room people will look at him with respect other people when they walk in whatever it is, what a schmuck what a clown. But I'm gonna tell him when he would walk into a room people would sit up just like sometimes when someone important enters you know you sit up straight maybe you're slouching maybe on your phone right and that's how you should be by the way boys and girls were mama Ababa come home set up in a you should sit up go greet them you know if you're on a device put it

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down. If you're doing something put it down. Okay, go to mama Baba kiss their hand. They come home kissed the hands down I call Mama Salman icon Baba. How are you? How's, you know we missed you. This is this is the respect we should give to our parents. So

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Abraham says and

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And he immediately is filled with all because this man. So what does he do?

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Abraham was sitting like they had a temporary, like thrown everywhere they would go they would take his throne with them and he would sit on it.

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And so he comes down after throne. And he sits on the floor with Abdullah Talib Subhan Allah.

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So he was asked, What are you doing? He said, This is a man who has respect and honor. He can't sit on the throne with me because I'm the king. But I need to respect him. So I'll come down and sit on his level Subhanallah

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so I asked him, What do you want?

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Abu Talib says your men, your cronies, your henchmen? One $800 henchmen. These guys? They took my cameras, or you took my cameras. 200 of them. In fact, they belong to me. I want them back. That's my request.

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Abdullah Abdullah had to pick his jaw up from the ground.

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What? We're coming to destroy your cabin, we're coming to destroy your heritage. We're coming to destroy your religion. We're coming to destroy your people your town and all he asked me for a measly camels. He said when you walked in, I held you up so high, I had so much respect for you. But now.

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Now, you know, now I lost all respect for you.

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He says How could you ask me this? As a motor it looked him dead in the eye. And he said I am the master of my camels. I need to take care of them. Allah is the master of his house, the car but he will take care of a panel. This was Abdul Muttalib even though it wasn't a Muslim. This was his answer and answer of honor. And answer Subhanallah they unfortunately may sometimes Muslims don't even think that way. So what could I say to that? He's like, all right.

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Allah crony yellow minion, give him his comes back. All right, take your cameras. We're gonna destroy the carbon.

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So he have the muscle it goes back out to his people. And people what happened? What happened to us?

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is like, we have to evacuate this. Tell us what did you do? How did the meeting go? Did he give us a grant? What happened? Is he gonna let us off? What's going on? Okay. He says, I asked for my cameras. And he's gonna agree he's agreed to give him back people.

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People looked at him Whoa. He's coming to destroy a cabin. All he did was asked for cameras. What kind of a leader are you? Alright, one moment. He's the his ultimate or the biggest chef, the biggest, the best of the best. And next minute is the lowest of the low like get out of here. What have you done, we destroyed he has everyone evacuate, that's all go to the mountains. Allah is the master of the Kaaba, and Allah is a lower protected. So they go to the outskirts and they're looking on

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what happens next?

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Abraha now is ready to attack and get his army. He gets the elephants right. And you might be asking, how come Allah Azza wa Jun has allowed them to come all the way into Mecca. Quran Allah have destroyed them when they were in Abyssinia. Of course, Quran Allah has seized them with this fundamental or made the earth swallow them up or earthquake or volcano or destroy them in any other way. Of course, why would Allah allow them to transgress? Why would allow them Why would Allah allow them to make their way to Mecca and not destroy them? Yet? Because sometimes Allah azza wa jal number one out of His mercy gives a chance for even a disbeliever or a wrongdoer to come back to

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him. Allah gives you a chance. Sometimes the person that's wrong that's wrong is wrong. They realize they've stuffed up.

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They make Toba and ask Allah to forgive them. And Allah azza wa jal, Allah is Rama he gives you that change.

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But also the opposite is true a lot sometimes no knows that a person is so evil is so evil like frown that he lets them go to do more harm more haram. Why? So it's worse for them on the Day of Judgment. You see, sometimes a teacher remember at school, a teacher, you know, sees that little bratty kid on the playground is slapping this kid teasing that kid pinching that kid and the teacher is recording everything Okay, keep going keep going. And you know, the kid jumping around like the biggest holies you've ever seen, and then the bell rings in case thinks he's off the hook. I

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got my fair share of being a schmuck tonight.

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I'm good with to go yella time to muck up in Mr. Vickery.

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This class, right and the teacher coming, right, this is what you did, and then call us expelled or suspended whatever the case is, the kid thinks he's getting away until he gets that report card slapped in his face at the end of the year. All of those marks all of his detention and everything's mentioned. Right? And he maybe he gets that report and as even take it home. Is that, is that embarrassed? Or is that afraid of what's going to happen? All right, and you can even imagine, sometimes a dog on a leash, a dog on a leash. So if you give that dog 100 meter, length of leash 100 meters, as opposed to one meter, one meter, does the smallest thing

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that can't do anything. Right? Then you give that dog 100 meter leash, what's it, what's it gonna do? It's gonna run, run, run, run, run, and until it hits 100 meters, what's gonna happen?

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It's gonna rip out its neck, it's gonna kill it instantly. And that's what happens to the likes of frown, to the likes of the bliss to the likes of the gel. And sometimes even people. They think that oh, I'll do what I want. I'll do what I want. Does every sin under the sun so much haram? Until

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that leash runs out, and it's harmless for that person, you see? So if Allah is allowing you to do haram now, maybe it's time to stop, reflect and repent, make Toba now before it's too late, before Allah azza wa jal destroys us completely and exposes us May Allah protect us all. So the likes of Allah Allah allows them allows them right to spend his money, to gather his resources to get his army to do the training to get the weapons until what's going to happen. It's going to flop in his face, just like what happened to the US, just like America, they spent trillions of dollars in Afghanistan and in Iraq and in other countries, trillions upon trillions in debt. They spent their

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money in the weapons and soldiers so many people died of theirs. Why for what in the end they lost they lost what a waste. They say Allah allows allows allows you said but what about the Muslims who died Jana and shahada Inshallah, you see, it is great for them to

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so Allah azza wa jal sometimes allows even an oppressor to get away. Why? Because in the end, this humiliation, in the end is humiliation. Like what's happening now we see Subhanallah with some people and the government and what they're doing to the people, you know, the oppression that they're causing. And then what happens, people are getting investigated for corruption, and they get humiliated here, humiliated there, right. So, yes, we ask Allah azza wa jal to lift oppression from us. And we speak up when people oppress us and do the wrong thing. But remember that Allah has regents Claire, is always the best for us, even if we don't understand it.

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So Abraha was Army. Okay, ready to fight ready to send it to destroy the cabin? The people there on the mountains and looking on what's gonna happen no popcorn for them, they freaking out. But let's get popcorn back at home. They're freaking out what's going to happen? Abraham tells the big one the big elephant Muhammad attack. What does it do? It sits down.

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anticlimax attack. Nothing. He takes it what's wrong? Takes it left it goes left takes a right it goes right takes it backwards to Abyssinia it goes backwards. Attack forward to the carbon Nothing. What's going on? Subhan Allah. It was mentioned Allahu Allah this is correct or not but one of the Arabs before he fled, he fled to the mountains. He whispered in his ear. And he said this is the house of Allah destroyed. Either by to Allah don't destroy it. Now when we say Baitullah doesn't mean our lives there of course, right? This when we say it's a way of honoring say now the line move further. It's the fire of Allah. Okay. So what it means is the way of honoring like Kitab Allah

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rasool Allah See, so we say, Baitullah, it doesn't mean Allah lives there, but it's an honored house. That's what it means. So it knew this is the house of Allah McCain to attack Subhan Allah.

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I'm not going to attack and that's why when the profile is Islam entered Medina, entered Medina, sorry, not entered Medina. Rather when he was on a an expedition, and the journey, I believe, or one of the stories from the surah don't quote me, but one of the camels would not move will not move. And so they were trying to force it. And the Prophet said, or trucker leave it habits or her habits will feel the one who has kept this camel here is the same one who, who kept the elephant the meaning Allah. Allah has left has has restrained it

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He's the same Allah Who restrained Of course, the elephant in this case upon so old and go, so what does he do? He's now going to send his army, okay? With with Muhammad or not, first we're gonna go, they enter the area where the Cabaye is to try and destroy it. But Allah sends an army of his own. They came with an army, Allah came with a better army, even though the army Subhanallah was much smaller in size, but it's not about size. It's not about numbers. It's not about quantity. So no matter how big your weapons or how many weapons you have, or how much money you have, it's about having Allah as urgent as you're willing. As your guardian you protect them. That's all that counts.

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Just do the right thing. And Allah azza wa jal will provide a way out from means that you didn't expect.

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Allah azza wa jal says whoever has stepped out of Allah yet as Oklahoman HIFU Lattissima law provide for you. If you have Taqwa of Allah, you just you're always worried about what Allah thinks of you. You watch what you say, what will you do? Allah Allah was Allah azza wa jal will provide a way out for you. Even if you don't expect that from means you don't expect us of home. The Battle of the Trench when the Muslims of 3000 or begins 10,000 of the kuffaar

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and negotiations failed. What happened? A man from the confirm from them, he defected they became Muslim. Allahu Akbar. Yeah, it's the worst time to become Muslim. Right? The worst time that Muslims are attacked, almost gonna get defeated. They're almost gonna be crushed. Yeah, they were scared so much. They couldn't even relieve themselves. They couldn't even answer the call of nature and go to the bathroom. That's how terrified they were. Didn't look like the best time to become Muslim. They become Muslim. He says, I'm here to serve you your Rasul Allah. And the Prophet said, go to your people, and try and infiltrate from within. And he did. He went and he convinced others from within

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and the sight of the enemy. So powerful, they deny it was almost a measure. So he's one of us. So he went to the kuffaar and he helped the Muslims and then didn't even realize Allah will send help. A low provide a way out, as long as we have Taqwa. That is the key to our success. dako So, Allah azza wa jal sends an army of his own what was his army? An army of birds, birds, and of all animals. Imagine I told you,

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you were going to fight these people. And you can have any armor you want. Choose an animal, which is a panther or the Black Panther. You will choose maybe, you know, spiders redbacks you will choose scorpions you might choose thanks, lions, tigers, right?

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I'll choose birds, please. Birds. Birds are so friendly. I keep them as pets. And the biggest bird you're gonna find is Big Bird from Sesame Street and even that bird is friendly birds. By Subhan. Allah is trying to show us that they can with this big creature looking with the small creature and why birds because Camerata Dino to them, you get what you deserve. You are dealt with how you deal with others. They came with the creature. They came with an animal Allah came with an animal we see that a lot could have destroyed them with fundable.

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Lm Tara K for five Abu cambios humbly feed Allah says,

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Did you not see how Allah dealt with the people of the elephant is how we feel. Notice Allah didn't say

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another word for the companions of the elephant, a lock on the companions of them. Allah didn't say masters of the elephant. Allah didn't say controllers have the elephant. Allah did him say army of the elephants, right? Allah said the companions of the elephant. Because Allah is in control. You see, a lot didn't say masters or controllers of the elephants. Allah is in control us how will feed

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Allah say did you say how did you see how notice Allah didn't say? What the hell is the difference? If I said what did you make? I made pasta one word answer. How did you make it now details? How about some water put in the pot got a bit of butter up olive oil put the pasta in the source of the data herbs, crushed tomatoes and Mallozzi uncooked right how would you say how? How gives you details. So Allah is going to give us details Now in Surah to feed lemenager al Qaeda home feed Dudley then Allah Transform Your job is to transform something take it from one state and change it to something else completely. Say jazz to fair How are see Ron. I made the Apple introduced

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transformed completely. Right? Let me educate you on fetal DNA take their plot their plan that they had, and made it totally from Ball completely gone astray. Alright, you know what a ball leanness people have lost the plot. They don't know what they're doing. They think they're worshipping Allah but they're not. They're worshiping a person that he made the plot go astray, no idea completely Subhanallah what our salah I lay him played on MIB Allah set upon them not to them. Allah didn't say well Salah Elaine also that I lay him on them right upon them somehow you know like Sao Paulo and people send those bomber jets upon. Okay, no one comes to say he go he's explosive missile device

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open tonight and it will explode. Now if someone wants to attack they launch it from above. I will say Allah Allah, I lay him Subhan Allah. They say, Allah sent upon them, set upon them Subhanallah Tyronn EBI bill, birds, by Iran, Bertram to your EBI bill ever bill and it was mentioned in singular by Iran, because it was a specific type of bird was a bird as if not a bear said these were black birds from the sea blackbirds that came from the direction of the sea. These were fighter birds. These were predatory type birds, Pamela, why the sea and doctorado away the Moto G. He said that Surah don't feel teaches us modern day warfare in a Call of Duty. Well, if you want to learn about

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Call of Duty and modern day warfare, sorta to feel teacher, he said fighter jets even till today, what do they do? They put them on ships in the ocean. Why? Because it's easier number one to attack from the ocean. People can't attack out on sea. You can't send an army out to sea unless you send the ship. And it's also easy to refuel. Because if the ship is coming from another country or the planes coming from another country all the way there it's hard to go back and forth right but it's easy to review. Wow awkward so even in the Quran was teaching us modern day, aspects of war by Iran Abu Dhabi, they came in multitudes and I'm going to show you a video of how this actually looks like

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bear with me.

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Here, they have become a super Cesar starlings Janya.

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It's a parallel you can imagine this coming towards us having starlings flock together to create the most astonishing aerial display in nature.

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But the whole sky was filled with this fire on MLB flux flux.

00:28:34--> 00:28:38

It has people staring you can imagine that people staring in shock as they saw the

00:28:39--> 00:28:53

reality the birds react 13 times faster than any person retirement and exact synchrony with their nearest neighbors. But the tiniest delay in their reflexes helped create these mesmeric waves in the sky.

00:29:06--> 00:29:09

Until recently, could only be seen

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as a good styling so if you ever want to look at those birds in detail, you can just type in starlings. And your your parents can show you but you can imagine the whole sky was filled with these birds and they came in flocks. And what did they do? Tell me him the hedgehog terminology. They would throw at them lunch at them. That to me him Rama in Arabic means to throw or Rama in Arabic also means

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in archery, it's called a reminder. Okay. Rama in Arabic is also used for archery. And so when you think archery What do you think you think? A target right, a target. So every man from the army Abraha had like

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a target on his head.

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So each birds upon Mark came targeting each individual like a homing missile, otherwise they couldn't run away. Each bird was dedicated. This bird gets that person. This bird gets that person's a problem behind Darla minster gene. These were stones that were actually they came from Jahannam itself Jahannam itself Allahu Akbar, and in Doha best said, when it would hit that disbeliever from the Ali Baba, it was actually penetrate the skull and come out through their back, they will go right through them. Why? Because in as we said, archery, when you think of archery, you're not shooting at a close range true, you're shooting at a distance that targets far away. And so if it's

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high up acceleration due to speed, it will come so fast, faster than a bullet because even bullets get stuck in a person sometimes they get lodged when a person is shot with a bullet right but this was so it was so powerful when right through them. There are many him behind jollity messages of Homer for Johanna home, Allah transform the remember we said gyla in Arabic means to transform completely for gyla home, he made them not the elephant's.

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Allah says how I will feel the companions of elephant Allah didn't destroy the elephants. How do I want to deploy elephants have to do the animals about destroying the people of the elephant? For Johanna home? Caspian? makhoul. Allah made them like eaten up vegetation. Like they were cool. They were eaten, you know, an animal, what does it do? It eats the vegetation, it eats the plants. It's the straw, whatever it is, and then a diet that chews it.

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As well as it, it stomach, digests it, and then it comes out the other end.

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When it comes to the other end, that's totally

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disgusting. That's what they look like. They looked like they were eaten up and digested and excluded from animals Allahu Akbar. That's what they looked like. And the animals of the elephants were going crazy. Because they were scared, they were terrified from all these birds. So that was trampling all over now killing all sorts. Haberfield Allahu Akbar, et Cie. They're not the masters of the elephant because I couldn't control the elephants. If the masters are controlling the elephant or the irony Subhanallah they use they thought the elephants will be used to help them and they didn't they destroyed them. They thought they can use the elephant to destroy the Kaaba and the

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elephants destroyed them instead. Allahu Akbar, Allah home Caspian Michael, how powerful is Allah? Well, how powerful and amazing is Allah? You must have missed the big fall right? That's a lot of detail. In bow the sort of started Allah said, LM Torah gave a father a book and that's how I gave them a case means out. And when you say how, asking for details, Allah gave you so much details. Allah didn't say LM Tala. In a Do you not say Mafalda? What did Allah do? What did Allah do? A lot destroyed them their end of the surah Allah didn't say what Allah asked how and how gives you detail? Subhan Allah amazing what an amazing school next time you read this surah you can read it

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with understanding, it can have a different effect on you. And you can read it with the short now in your Salah. And that's why boys and girls, it's very important. If you're praying and you're not concentrating, you're praying and all you could think of is what you're going to watch on Netflix next, and what game you're going to play. And the funny joke, Mr. Misery said, or what am I going to have for dessert? Well, maybe it's because we're not understanding what we're reciting. So, understanding the sower and the meanings would help us in our Salah. So surely you have a better understanding now of Surah tilled field. And last question, why would Allah protect the Arabs when

00:33:58--> 00:34:30

they should, again, the Kufa they won't even Muslims yet, Allah protect them. Allah was in protecting them. Allah was protecting the Kaaba, his house is a difference. But Allah is so just that if a people are non Muslim, and they are going to be oppressed, Allah Allah does not accept that. Allah does not accept oppressing even non Muslims either because he's a non Muslim, I can steal from him, I can hurt him nanananana Allah azza wa jal will allow a nation to prosper, to flourish, to do well.

00:34:31--> 00:34:59

If it is just if it's fair, even if it's a disbelieving nation, as even Taymiyah, the great scholar said, so we should be fair, we should be fair as Muslims, we were fair to Muslims and non Muslims. Being fair having this quality of an adult and justice is a quality of Islam and the quality of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So Abra has Amin were destroyed Abraha was no more and this year

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

that occurred the year of the elephant was the exact year that the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam was born Allahu Akbar. It's as if Allah azza wa jal is giving this as a warning to the world. Don't you dare mess with the messenger. Don't you dare mess with Mecca. They were destroyed in the ye of the elephant who was called because back then they didn't have the numbers that we use today. 2020 2021 they would identify yeas based on major events. Something big happened or that's the you have the elephant. Imagine the elephant ran through your house for man I'll never forget that year that's the year the elephant ran through my house. So that was the prophet muhammad sallallahu

00:35:41--> 00:36:08

sallam was born. And it was an amazing, the baraka of Rasul Allah and needle did humanity realize that the greatest man the greatest messenger, the greatest human to ever walk the planet was to come with prophethood to come with the final revelation and inshallah in the future we can take more of these amazing stories I hope you enjoyed Starry Night story I was having feel Zack malachite and was salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh