Muhammad West – Gender Series #3 – How to make your Wife love you

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The women's rights movement in South Africa is a busy week with the opening of Marjorie Moore Showcase and women's rights issues. The speaker gives tips for men to make their lives better and achieve their goals, including finding a woman who is a hamster and gives hints to make a woman comfortable. The segment discusses the struggles of couple relationships, including domestic violence and loss of partner, and the importance of showing one's wife's smile and willingness to be around during a fight. The speakers also touch on the stress of working and being busy, the use of words like "will" and "will" in relationships, and the importance of manliness in Islam.
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Hello James Miller, Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala

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Sayidina Muhammad Ali Yosef ah Marian My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah below the mean always and forever We begin with praise Allah subhanaw taala insha Allah Allahu Allah, we have a witness that none has the right of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our love to our beloved Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, to his family and his companions and all those who follow his son until the end of time. That was panatela blesses to be the son of Debbie Mohamed Salah was a lamp, I mean in this dunya and in the after amin Al Hamdulillah. Al Hamdulillah. Before we begin just a comment from myself with regards

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to the masjid Rommel Islam opening and hamdulillah we hope that the worst of the COVID pandemic here in Cape Town has passed and we put our last panel dalla grunts to move away from us. And we've seen a number of the masajid opening up including here in the book up from our side and merging with Ronald Islam in sha Allah we hope to to have our Masjid open as well, next week, Friday, that will be Friday, the 11th of September. And while we want to ensure the highest priority for us is to ensure that our masalas are safe and those who come to the masjid are safe, and that all the precautions are taken. And therefore inshallah we pray and we ask you for your doors and your

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assistance, that we will be in a position to have our next Juma insha Allah in the masjid that we have Neela Alhamdulillah, then Alhamdulillah we continue with our series around the women in our life, our sisters, our mothers, females in particular. And we said that this issue of gender is one that is something that we need to address, especially in South Africa. And even though women's month is over it is September now we continue to talk about this very important topic. Over the last two weeks, I think we spoke about the issue of second wives. And then we spoke about Islam in itself. Last week, we spoke about Islam, the problem, and we looked at Islam as a force for change as a

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force in which it really elevated the status of women in one way, one can definitely call Islam, a feminist religion in the way that he has preserved and Enshrine the rights of women at a time when she had very little rights or no rights at all in our society. And we therefore ask if Islam is a force for positive change, then why on the ground? Do we not see this happening? And we need to be honest and say within our Muslim community, we are not exempted from gender based violence, we are not exempted from abuse against women and children and to spinal up what is the problem? And before we go into controversial issues, perhaps one way to look at it, we are all you know as as men, we

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look at our interactions with our wives, our interactions with our mothers and sisters and ask is the way we are interacting? Is it the right way? Are we doing what needs to be done from the Sharia? Because the problem many times you find the issue we say the problem is not Islam. The problem is Muslims, don't look at Muslims look at Islam. And this is something that we should we should really ask individually. Am I doing enough as a father as a husband, as a brother, as a son, towards women in our life? And can we truly say that a hamdulillah we are free of these issues. So today I want to interesting topic, we say how to make your wife love you. And you know, we look at the most amazing

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of people the prophets also lamp. And many times when he talks about the Navy SEALs him as a role model. We look at him as a spiritual role model. We try to emulate him insular, we try to fast like him, we try to make Hajj like him, we try to dress like him grow the beard like him well hamdulillah we eat with our right hand to follow his sooner. But how many of us have looked at the navitas alum as a husband and said he is also mine, me and my role model when it comes to the way I treat my wife, how I you know, interact with her through the good times through the bad times. He is also my guide in terms of every aspect of my marriage and Subhanallah we need to look at our enemies as well

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as the perfect husband and then compare ourselves. How do I how do I compare to Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam as a husband, and in that way, what you get at the end of it we know when you follow the suit of Nabisco salam, it is not just to follow it because we do so we do we follow it because it is good for us in doing it and the author of it will bring us benefit in this life and in the year after, it will bring us happier marriages. It will make our lives better. It will grant us success in the dunya. And success in the author of today's topic, a more softer topic is last week was about heavy. So we look at the Beatles album as a husband and the tips and the advices. We can take from

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him as the role model, the professor's alum, you know one of the things that you can find from him that he was a very giving of His love. He was not shy to express his love in many, many situations, not just with his wives, but he was someone that showed that he loved the people that he loved. In fact, it's a hadith a man comes to me so someone says, I love this brother. You know one man saying I love another man and for brotherly love. And so there'll be some awesome Did you tell him that you tell him that? And so the man said no, I didn't tell him. So the Prophet instructed him Go and tell him that abyssal Psalm is asked in front of the Sahaba who would you love the most? And no, no

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shyness, no hesitation, he says Asia, I shows the most beloved person to me. And so then obviously, I'm very open about his love, but more important than expressing it publicly. It was important for him to make his wives

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Know that they were loved. And so some tips for us when we look at taking simple Sooners, like we do make simple sweeteners in terms of a vida, you know make Taka as before Vijay, you know makes a lot of Doha samples who knows that give big reward simple Sooners in our marriage, they can bring our marriage make it happier and closer than original sell lamb love to give his wives nicknames. So they had Beautiful Names, some of them in fact, they didn't have nice names. And the Adam j Lee away, they would give girls horrible names. He would change the names to something better, and you'd still give them nicknames. And we know that Ayesha, for example, her nickname was Homura basically

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would mean Rosie because she was free of completion and she would blush and she will become shy and you turn red. And so he gave me this nickname homie Radha one who goes turns red, we know that when they would eat nobody so solemn will always she they would only eat from one utensil. And he would make a point that if she were to drink, not just Ayesha, but all the wives that if she were to drink from a cup, he would take that cup and he would look away with her lips. And he would put his lips on that very same spot, that if they were to eat a piece of meat behind Allah, they would share the same, you know, a piece of meat and he would look away she but and so that he will put his lips on

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that same spot. Now this adds just you know, this exaggerated form of love makes the woman feel so special makes her feel so special. It is as soon as vanilla whenever he says that when he would come home, he would greet Assalamualaikum and then he would kiss his wives then he would kiss them. And so for us as we make an effort to what is the do our when I enter the house to do our vows. Make also that effort what is the sooner when I see my wife to kiss her and to meet her with a smile to meet her with good words that we use together with her that interveinal salam when you would sit next to her there's a harbor with maintenance Heidi, the fingers would be intellect every

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opportunity that he had you make her feel that I am with you. I am I am special with you. And Subhanallah even the few times when we have when an abuser Salam was up and about and he was just at home, relaxing, you know that he's never had free time, everything he did, he was on the job when even when he was relaxing, oh, he was making Vicar lying down, you would make a point that you need to be lying next to me. And they will be under one blanket. We said that last week that even when they were in the menses, the renal salon would make a show that he would hold them that he would put his head in the laps and he will continue reciting Quran or making Victrola just to show that extra

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level of affection verbally and physically and he will express himself to them. The results help them along with being a newbie along with being focused on piano and ophira and all these very, very serious issues. He was a person that when you look at his sooner, not just from as a husband, he was someone that was always positive, optimistic. He had a sense of humor, how many Sahaba would say when he when we saw him, he was always smiling. He was always he always had a a smile on his lips, no matter how difficult the situation was, everyone else was panicking. And then we saw somebody smiling, but of course, never lost himself in terms of very seldom would you find him laughing, you

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know, that he's his teeth would show but he would smile. And when he would be with his wives, he would make a show of being playful with them and entertaining them. Now he's also not understood that also husband and wives there needs to be moments of of enjoyment. And so the libido salamu tell jokes and tease them and they will tease him that Ibiza Salah moochie stories, we have the story of eyeshadow on very long story of, of 11 women and how each one complained about the husbands the different issues and the mistakes and the faults. You know some of them are are harsh, some of them are cold. Some of them are useless. The one wife says My husband is so useless. He is like that

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camel that has no meat on him to benefit. And not only that, but he's also stuck on a high mountain that you can't get. He has little meat and what little meat he has, we can't even reach and then Amazon listens to Ayesha in this, this this talk. And then he asked her and how am I to you and she says he You are the best of all husbands you are better than any husband could ever be. There we have a beautiful story where I share with you a lot on how we know that she was a wonderful, most amazing woman in terms of learning and giving a speech and leading an army and so I know she could do all these amazing things. But she was not the best when it came to domestic chores, especially

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cooking was not her forte and once she prepares a meal for herself with so down one or the other wives are going to be so solemn. The the meal is such a miss that none of them want to eat. And so I shall do one being offended but no one is eating my breathing or whatever it was was some kind of

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you know, baby, she threw that a handful of it to unto soda. And then I'll be sitting there he's looking at Ayesha throwing some food at soda. And so there'll be some picks up the plate, he gives it to soda. Now throw her with some as well. And so they have a bit of a food fight your rasulillah salsa Lamb has a bit of a food fight. The food probably was not edible. And so the best to make of this unedible food is to at least have a food fight Subhan Allah and this is your Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam we know of the story of Nagisa Salam after the battle he's he's with Ayesha and

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The army and he tells the army to leave them alone so that they can spend some time in the desert. And other things they did was they erased, they took a race. And once the first time I share a beat him. And the second time they did this twice the provinces alum, beta. And we know we said, Surely the first time when she beat him, that he allowed her to win, there was no way that she actually won him, but she later but he let her win. And so we can look at these analogies. How many of us, you know, we take that time, to be friends with our wives to to have a good laugh, to maybe it was panelo if you know the guys you'd like to play, you know, FIFA Xbox, let your wife play teacher a

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little bit you Subhan Allah, I don't need to become too competitive. And if it is later when Subhan Allah so the softer sides, the Nagisa solemn, he understood part of Islam, part of your duty as a husband is to make sure that your wife is smiling that she's entertained that she's happy. We know that when those abyssinians

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spear throwers they came to the masjid so you have a group of people, you know, throwing spears and making tricks. And obviously, the sisters also want to smile just as much as the main one to watch the sisters want to see an eyeshadow on her she wants to watch. Now we know I show her level of hijab, Allah has said that the wives of the Prophet Allah are very, very strict. So she cannot be so in public. And so there'll be some lumps. You also want to watch. She said, Yes, I also want to watch. And so he said, No, come, you stand behind me, and I will open my cloak so that you know I'm your shield. And then she said, I placed my cheek against his cheek. And we watched and one

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narration mentions how that she was done watching, she was bored of watching. But she kept standing like that, waiting to see if he will tell us come I show. It's long. Now if we've been standing like this long, I think they do. But he didn't tell her getting get done. Now it's enough. He waited for her to say Okay, I'm done. And so and so,

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they would leave we know when the Navy salamu. So for example, with his wives, they will do hustle together It is a sooner to not only to be intimate, but to hustle together. And he was flush with water, whichever wife it was that he was listening, he was flush with water, they would he would teach them they would have a bit of a water fight. And so Subhanallah you will find the softer side in the resource a lamp and this really both the love his wives knew they felt special around him. What was the reason like at home, many of us had a lot we come home and we think that you know everything must be done for us as husbands and yes of Allah. You know if the Sharia side note here

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the Sharia does not say who must earn the money and who must make the biryani that it is for the husbands and the wives to decide amongst themselves what works for them, the Sharia puts certain default rules and Africa is upon the husband. But of course if husband and wife agree to a different conditions, this is permissible. And so in many households obviously sometimes the man is working and the women are at home and sometimes you have men and women working and we find that abusers Allah when he would come home and of course he was the most busiest of me, I shall see Is he was self sufficient at home. He did not make demands on his family he would if he would go Milk the Cow

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he was the the goat himself even wanted some milk that if there was even some a button that was off his clothes, he would speak it himself and is a beautiful Hadith away, then a resource Allah is concentrating on stitching, you know he's like, really struggling is because perhaps not his forte. Now he's also lamb was not the perfect in every I mean, he was not

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the best stitcher in the world. So obviously he's struggling to stitch he's not telling her to do it. And she's looking at me. And she's staring at him smiling as he's sweating because he's concentrating and he can, you know, he can almost feel someone is staring at me, you know how people you can feel somebody's looking at me. And so he looks at her. And he sees her with his big smile on her face and grinning? And she says, and he says to her, are you are you laughing at me? Are you teasing me? Because I'm not stitching properly? And she just says no, how beautiful you I'm looking at you. And I'm overwhelmed with love, you know, just looking at you. I'm sitting there

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concentrating. And so I share with you a lot on her. She says that he wasn't helpful in with his family and his duties, and you would spend time with him and you would make them his priority until the other would come when you would hear the other then he would get up and he would make Salah as if though as if though he wasn't just speaking spending time with us the minute the alarm came when everything was done. And the priors Allah subhanaw taala becomes the priority. You know what is beautiful about the Navy so seldom Alhamdulillah You know, this past week and a half, two weeks. It's been a very stressful week for me personally, you know, going through an audit this video from

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Allah make it easy for us. Perhaps one of those that offers audits I've been through mela make it easy for us. And naturally, you know, I was telling my wife that when you're frustrated at work, you know, you can scream at your auditors you can scream at your boss, you can scream at anyone and so you take that frustrations home with you and unfortunately, we tend to to emotionally unload on our on our partners. Maybe the wife unloads on the husband or the husband or the wife and it's not fair. It is not it's not it's not the right thing to do. What is amazing

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Isn't the professor lamps panel, you know, he had the most difficult of schedules and he had the most stressful of jobs and he had the biggest worries. But when he comes home, he realizes it's not I come home and I now can, you know, completely unload and whatever is left in the tank, the wife gets whatever is left if there's nothing left for her, there's nothing left for No, he knows that this is her time now. And you know, these never had if you find where he comes home, and he complains to his wives. In fact, we only know that obeso salaam expressed that he had difficulty on the day of five via day five was the most difficult there was like, we only know because I shall ask

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him Rasul Allah says Allah, what was basically the worst day of your life. And then he says to his wife was a very difficult day for me, which means he never complained. He never comes to his wives and said, You know how difficult my day was, when he comes home, he realized this is her time, and she is the priority. And everything that is on her mind, you know, this is the focus, even those Pinilla, he has the weight of the dunya and akhira upon him, but this is now her times halala I have to be the Navy for her. And this is what makes them abusers. And I'm such a wonderful example and the role model as a husband that even in the worst of situations, you know, he's always smiling, and

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he's always prioritizing his wives, then abyssal Salaam was an attentive husband, his beautiful Hadith with no responses to Ayesha, you know, I'm aware of when you are happy. And I know when you're happy with me, and when you are upset with me, meaning he takes note of what she is saying the nuances in her language. You know, many times and especially for us that are newly married, we find these a unique language between husband and wife, for example, you know, a husband comes home after being frustrated, he doesn't want to talk, he wants to be left in peace, he wants to be quiet, you know, in a quiet zone just to recover. The wife finds that he's quiet and she's now you quiet,

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why aren't you talking to me? And this, you know, makes him more upset. And then he says something, and then you know, it becomes an issue, then he has to spend more time apologizing for that. Similarly, the wife comes home, she's frustrated. She wants to talk about whatever's happening at work and who's annoying, her husband wants to fix it. You listen to the story, and you're saying, Why don't you say this? Perhaps next week, you must say that not realizing handle is the wrong way to answer. She wants to unload. She wants to vent she doesn't want you to fix her problems. She just wants you to listen and to agree with her. And then she will feel happy. So now the promises are

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these things, you know, to understand these nuances take some time, then abuso seldom understood his wives and understood the personalities. So he says to Ayesha, I know when you are happy with me and when you are not so happy with me. And so she says How do you know that? So she so he says to her? When you happy with me then you when you know we're in a good space. When you're talking you say I usually will lie I swear by the load of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and if I'm not the face, you know I'm you know, as as the case with husband and wives, you know, I'm not, you're not in the best of of spaces with me. Then you will say I swear by the daughter of Ibrahim and Ayesha herself, she, she

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realizes Now perhaps she did this subconsciously. And now she smiles. You know, she says but Jaroslaw, don't get upset. I only lift your name. You know, I didn't leave you. I just said he brought him he said I'm Hammons alum. I haven't left you just to remind him it's vanilla, even even when things are bad. I'm still you're still number one to me. Then abyssal Salaam, you know what's amazing about him as well. I'm not complaining when things are difficult. And really what we find with marriages and as an Imam, you get to see a number of marriages, people come to you for advice, when things are good, things are good. Well, hamdulillah and you know, when we enter the honeymoon

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phase, we are very happy. But really the test of us as people are how we are in those difficult situations. When things are tough financially, when someone is sick, when things are going difficult at work, and we're stressful when we're at our worst. What kind of husbands are you when you're at your worst? What kind of wife or you and we see some handle on Amazon comes? You know, he's literally Hungary's basically starving. And he says to eyeshadow, Yolanda, is there anything for us to eat? And she says, No, he also has nothing to eat. So you manage this one? Is it also Sonam is hungry? And so what is his response? He says Alhamdulillah and I'm fasting there no problem, no feel

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bad. And we'll take today as a day to FOSS. So whatever situation is thrown at him, he makes it a positive situation. And he understands that by me, moaning and and becoming angry about the situation does not resolve the problem. It only makes it makes it worse. So something we can take out of this. But when that baby's crying at two o'clock in the morning, when things are tough financially, when things are are miserable, you can your your marriage should be that thing which resolves those problems. Your marriage should be the thing which helps you it is a comfort in times of difficulty. That beautiful though are in the Quran where Allah Subhana Allah says, Robin I have

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been I mean as wodgina was reacting kurata iron Allah, let my spouse, my husband, my wife, my children, be the comfort of my eyes, the quarterback to iron, the comfort of my eyes in times of difficulty. I just need to come home and just need to be in the presence of my loved ones. And then I can deal with all

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All these difficulties unfortunately today, we compound our marriages compound our problems or our problems make our marriages worse. And this is not the case we look at this tsunami Mohammed Salah that husbands and wives try to alleviate the issues at each other's problems and the stresses and we go the extra mile to make each other feel better to feel happier. And so this was an obese also.

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He was chivalrous and spa, one thing that is lacking in us as men, we are not the gentleman of old that, you know, Subhanallah that Ibiza Salaam had the extra effort to be a gentleman. We know. We've said this many, many times. But how many of us open the doors, you know a common joke or something or something funny, they say that if you see a man opening a door for his wife, then understand that either the call is new, or the wife is new, it's only it's only one of those two things. But if the call is old, and the wife is old, then the Wiseman forgets about opening the door, we lose that as we become you know, as our marriages continue, we sort of lose that extra

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chivalry in us as gentlemen, as we go as we get older than that. He's also you know, he always had this in him with when it comes to his wives, that he would honor God her honor, that he would protect her that he would make her feel comfortable before himself that if something was brought to eat, she eats first, when she needs to get on the camel, we know that he would kneel down so that she could stand on his leg. And he would mount the camel that if there was some AC to be to be in view if he were sitting on the seat and one of his wives who even though Fatima comes, he would get up and he would put them in that seat in that position. And then they would sit and they would be

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comfortable. He would make sure that his wives are are comfortable. The women in his life, they are keys they comfort have been more important than his own comfort. We know. He would console them when things are difficult. Many are like all women, even the wives are the results are the most perfect are women, they would complain. They wouldn't be upset, they will complain to him about he was behind Allah. And he's how he how he used this to these moments to comfort them. We know our mother, Sophia rajala, and how she wasn't the best of camel riders. And so she began to fall behind her hygiene. 100,000 Muslims are on their way for Hajj, and she begins to get delayed and she can't keep

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up. And so because she can't keep up, she begins to cry. All she can do is cry. She's a very soft lady. And so then abuse on them realizes that Sophia is falling behind and she's crying. And he makes the whole 100,000 Muslims stop and he goes to her and he takes off the camel and Subhanallah we know the story that he thinks of the camel, and because she's so upset and she's so flustered. She blames him because you gave me a bad camel you know all the keys. He doesn't blame herself that she couldn't ride a camel if you blamed them abuses me. You gave me a terrible camera look at you know, how could you do this to me. And so then of Islam capsa she says he took my face in his hands,

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and he's wiping away my tears with his thumbs. But the more he's consoling me and saying soft words, the more I'm crying. And when he realizes Look, she's completely overwhelmed. He says to everyone, Look, guys, we will see as soon as the harbor we will camp here just for one Just for once off here. We're going to make the whole Jama 100,000 we'll stop here for the night. And we'll compare and open the things so that Sophia can our mother Sophia rhodiola. And her can can recover Subhanallah after this incidence of here Ravana felt very bad she I feel scared that I caused the entire

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entire camp to be to be deserted because the whole Rome jamala is stopped because of me. And so she she felt that the reason was angry with her. And of course the reason was angry with her at all sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. We know I shall, for example of Yolanda are all amazing, you know gifts, intelligence and a width and eloquence. It was a bit of a clumsy sight to her. And this is this is what's beautiful about the Sahaba we see the human side in them. We don't I shout out and she would misplace things. When she would cook something. Her servant would say that if she cooked something she forgets his making the wish he would forget it and the goats would come and eat, you

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know, the food that she was in the process of making use of it. You know, she would slip our mind sometimes how many stories about two or three times they would be on a journey and she would lose her necklace. She would go to go to the bathroom and then she would come back in and then her Nicholas would be lost in the desert. And then a visa Sallam does not get angry with her. He does not get frustrated with her. He says to officer harbor. Oh yeah, so harbor. I should have lost her necklace. Can you please help her look for it? And so there's a harbor out there in the middle of the night. This was before 5g and it was like, you know, three, four o'clock in the morning. So how

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about out there searching for Ayesha's Nicholas abubaker or the olana father becomes upset he goes in and he starts poking her. You know, he starts poking his daughter I can sing because of you all the Sahaba out researching for your Nicholas O'Meara Viola and he is looking for your necklace, because you are you are negligent and then abetone Sallam is not angry at all. When a visa Salam is usaba go and look and look for issues for issues. Nicholas sallallahu wasallam we know

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We also had a lot with his wives would become angry. And they would sometimes raise the voices so loud that you can hear in the seat, never didn't abuse alum, argue would immediately respond to them that said not one of them was surprised when he thought when he got into an argument with his wife, his wife said something back to him. And he says, How dare you speak to me like this? And so she said, Who are you a woman to say that when your own daughter hafsa speaks more, more aggressively to than me so seldom? And Amara was surprised, Is this true? And he would go and you would also have thought this is really how you speak to him sometimes angry, and she says, not just me, all of us,

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if we have we get angry, we say what we feel, and he never complains, he's quiet. And sometimes, you know, the wives are going to be so solemn. They are, you know, raising the voices, and then obviously, is sitting in the middle of them. And they are, you know, raising the voices at him. And when it comes, they would soften the voices. And so they would say, he would say, oh, you're not shy, that you raise your voice from hamlets also Linda rasuu performer, you lower your voice. And so they say they are you know, they're harmless. wasallam is a lot more merciful than our model the alarm, and this is your assault, so solemn never does he respond in anger, that if there's something

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that she's upset with, then he would be with it with patience, and he would wait for the event to come he will wait for below to save him. And then he would go make Salam sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we don't want to be so solemn. You know, in those moments, we weren't really injured. And so when we look at the Prophet Salam as a husband, he did not have much time, you know, physical time for his wives, because he was so busy with the affairs of the oma. And we know we had multiple wives, we also know he did not have much finances. Very, very simplistic life, he couldn't spoil them as the way they deserved and in fact, even the wives like any other woman, she would they would

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complain to me so I'm like, why can't we have the nice things as the other women have. And so he said to them that I am little horses or lamp, I have chosen a very strict lifestyle for me and my family, if you want to be part of my family, then you need to follow in that. So then obviously, we didn't have all the time that he could have given to them, nor the finances to give to them. But the love that they had for the for him was something amazing. And one way of really knowing how much the the wives gonna be son loved him. And obviously I'm sick to them before he passed away, that the one of you has the biggest hands or the longest fingers would meet me first meaning the first one to die

00:27:26 --> 00:27:44

after me is she who has the longest fingers, and annually after the different reason, they would have a competition where they would measure the hands to see who would die first Subhanallah now we ask how is it possible that a woman can love a man so much and really the secret of the Navy SEALs alumnus

00:27:45 --> 00:28:20

you know, he's as a husband with Aisha was asked What was he like? She said the you know, the read the Quran that Allah says in the hula, hula kind of embed, he has the highest of character. Ultimately, the thing that would endear you the most, to your wife, to your parents, to your colleagues, is the kind of person you are in terms of your character, how you treat them. And it's not really on the good days that your character is tested. It is in those stressful times when you're in the middle of that audit. When financially things are difficult. Can you still be that loving, caring gentleman, the best of husbands and the best of wives in the most stressful of

00:28:20 --> 00:28:43

situations. And that is the secret to the abusers alarms. You know what? Maybe my husband, we know, for example, to really understand what kind of man he was, on the day that I've received no boy, he became an OB. And he was so shaken up and he could not understand what was happening to him. He rushes to hurt Egypt. And he asks her, I think something is wrong with me. What do you think? And so he just says that

00:28:45 --> 00:29:23

she says to the prophets of Salaam, that it can never be that Allah will will cause you any harm that you are, you are the best of all people you are good to your wife, you're good your children, the way you treat the people in need. Your character tells me that you are someone very special, and that if anyone were to be a Navy, then you would be a prophet. And so our wives would see the kind of people who are in fact no one knows us better than our wives than our husbands. And that is one of the Dave kiama one of the big questions we are going to be asked about after our salah and our our obligations to Allah subhanaw taala was what kind of husband we were kind of wives we were the

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00:29:26 --> 00:29:59

test for for us are our husbands and our wives within reason says the biggest fitna for men or women. Sometimes we think about the women out there the strange women or other is the women in our lives that will testify against us on the day FTM because we have not fulfilled our obligations. Allah Subhana Allah says regehr local women and he said that men, true men and one way of looking at this idea is that masculinity we talk a lot about masculinity in our context of Africa being a real man and what you know what is a real man? Allah says manliness is the one who makes Koyama of his women, what is co one

00:30:00 --> 00:30:42

The same term Allah used for a farmer to solve the one who case we saw, who looks after his son, our hope, preserves, protects prioritizes all these things is meant in CO a woman. And he said that men are the ones that care and love and prioritize and are cautious, and on and on custodians, and look after the women in their life and as ministers me, sir, it's not just your wives, it's your mother, it's your daughter. And so this is the concept of manliness in Islam, you are judged as a man in the way you treat the women in your life. And it is a two men is the man that can can always prioritize his women and pray out prioritize the needs and the comforts of whether it his wife, his daughter,

00:30:42 --> 00:31:19

his mother, over his own, and so handle avivo as men to really understand this issue of how we treat our women than abusers when I'm actually linked with your Eman provinces, the beast of all believers the meaning the one who has the highest level of emotion, not the man who makes the most statute or the man who has the biggest beard or the man who has memorized the most Quran, the man the prophecies, whereas the best of all men, and the best of all believers, the man with the most demand is the man who is best to his wives. Because it is easy, it is easy to make Salah on your own, it is easy to wince yourself, making your own daljit making your own fasting, it is a lot more difficult

00:31:19 --> 00:31:56

when you are dealing with someone else. And taking whatever difficulty comes your way. And still you maintain the beast of character. And this is really the test that we put ourselves out there that we attain gender in the way in which we treat our our fellow you know family members, our friends, our neighbors, our colleagues most places in our marriages Melis Mandela granted this man, when we look at gender based violence, and we look at the terrible things that are happening in our society that we can stand up and say Alhamdulillah as a Muslim community, our men are the best of men, and that it will be our sisters, our wives, our daughters will stand up and say, we have no complaints about

00:31:56 --> 00:32:18

the men in our life, that we are hamdulillah because they follow the Sharia and they follow the pseudonym hammertoes we have no complaints and that really is upon all of us. May Allah bless us in that and I pray insha Allah that soon we will be united next week in the masjid. We will communicate further details just like Allah hi was Allah signal Mohammed Ernie also have your Salam sorry, well humbler below me as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh


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