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Masah Over Socks

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One brother emails and says, I pray the Lord at my workplace every single day and obviously it is time for her and I feel uncomfortable washing my feet in the sink for obvious reasons. I know there's a controversy over massage or wiping over the socks. Can you please explain to us and give us what your position is on the wiping over the socks okay? on

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any gala region, in Florida no fee him.

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So this is the simple question must massage over the socks not over the shoe or over the hole for the leather. So realize, dear brother in Islam and all of us benefit from this brothers and sisters because the rulings apply to both men and women. There's no difference of opinion between men and women when it comes to wiping over the socks exactly the same applies to men applies to women realize that wiping over a full covering that is impermeable from water, which is leather or something of that nature. Wiping over a full covering of the foot that covers the ankles and is impermeable, is unanimously accepted by all of the scholars of Islam or I should say although the

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scholars of Sunni Islam so much so that it became a point of theology. You find this in Al Qaeda how we know that Sunni Muslims believe it is permissible to wipe over the hoof which is the leather sock Why? Because the other non Sunni group said you don't have to this thing is not permissible. So the non Sunni group the famous nurses only one nonsense the famous group right? When I say non Sunni there's one group you should think of it says you're not allowed to wipe over the sock and the How odd is that you cannot wipe out the socks and others said you cannot wipe over sorry not sock the leather sock let's say so it became a point of theology because so many a hadith mentioned the

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processes of wiping over the leather sock which is the hole in Arabic so all the muda hit agree. And this is something you will find no controversy that if you're wearing a covering that covers the ankle, and that is impermeable to water which is leather for example or anything impermeable to water right. And you have will do and you put your feet into the this shoe or this leather sock in the state of will do that you may then do massage one day when you're not traveling, and three days if you are traveling. This is unanimous no lifted off. But who wears leather socks in our times? Nobody. So the love comes over what issue this is why I want you to be clear here. The controversy

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is over socks that are permeable. That's the controversy. It's not over massage. Some people don't understand say oh, there's a controversy over massage. No, there is no controversy over massage zero. It is by unanimous consensus allowed and even the Koran references the permissibility of Messiah in Surah tenma verse six, the famous one and it's a bit advanced. But basically what are Judo converses while Judah can, you can explicitly derive mussaf from the verse in the Quran, wipe over your feet is the verse in the Quran. And it can also be read wash over your feet in the air out of the Quran. So the point is it is very, very explicit. Now.

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As for the Hadith of the Prophet system, it is motivated over 20 Sahaba reported Messiah overhaul. And that's why there is no controversy as we said as Sunni Islam. The most famous Hadith, which you should all be aware of, is the hadith of God ibn Abdullah Al Bengali that God is named Abdullah went to the bathroom really it himself came back and he wiped over the sock. His students said how can you wipe over the sock? And he said, No, why shouldn't I? I saw the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, use the restroom, come back and then wipe over his sock in another version. The Sahabi said I came down to take the sock off the shoe when I say sock right and i think of leather sock to take

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the hose out from the profitsystem. And he said to me leave it on for I wore them when I was in the state of Voodoo. And I saw him wipe over the right wipe over the course. And there are many many narrations in this regard. Ibrahim inukai, the famous chef of Abu hanifa Ibrahim inukai, the greatest scholar of Kufa of the students of the Sahaba he said we would love this hadith of God ribbon Abdullah because Jerry accepted Islam after surah ma it was revealed now what is the truth anything sudama is the surah in which Allah talks about will do or you who believe when you stand up to pray, then wash your face and wipe your head and wash your hands and your feet. This ayah is in

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Surah tell which one ma either God accepted Islam

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After my ADA, and Jared is saying, I saw with my own eyes after this verse was revealed, the prophet system did what? wipe over the socks, the leather sock. And so another way of saying we all loved this Hadith, because we can use it to refute those who say wiping is abrogated, is not abrogated, the Quran came, and the process is still wiping over the stock sock. So we have all of this and that's what your mama know always says, there is a jamaa over anyone whom we care about Iijima that it is allowed to wipe over the whole earth whether you're traveling or you're suffering, whether you're a woman or a male, whether you have a reason or you don't have a reason you don't even need a

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reason to wipe over the earth. There is no you don't have to be sick. You don't have to be traveling. Only the timeframe differences otherwise there is ej ma there is no controversy. Okay, now that we've talked about no controversy, so for example, no controversy will be over Mashallah Tabata Cola, Texas boots

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Okay, I have to say this in Texas. So you have the cowboy boots, the cowboy boots Mashallah This is now off right there. This is the texts and stuff. So if you're wearing cowboy boots, and you have we'll do one you wore them by unanimous consensus you can wipe over now I think everybody's gonna go buy cowboy boots to work. And now you're going to be real Texan when you go to work. You can do much over the cowboy boots, no problem with something like that. Two conditions number one covering the ankle. Number two, impermeable. Okay, now we get to the controversy. What is the controversy? The controversy is whether what if it's not a leather sock. As for not covering the ankle? No scholar

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says if you're wearing a sock that goes below the ankle, you cannot do massage, no question. It has to cover the ankle. That's clear. Now what if it is not a leather sock and the socks that we were in our times, right? All of us we wear nylon or cotton or polyester these are the socks that we wear. And then we put our shoe over that now. This is where the controversy comes. And three of the major hubs essentially do not allow wiping over impermeable Sox and one of them allows it so the Hanafi madhhab we have an heska fee and his a doodle matar he says that it is only allowed to wipe over covering of the of the leg if they are very thick. He doesn't say leather. That's another common

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misconception. Some people say my nephew said has to be leather. No, the height of his nose he has to be leather 203 say it must be thick, such that you can walk one fossa which is like more than five kilometres, right? three foot four or five miles you can walk so many miles and one philosopher you can walk with and and the sock will remain and it will not be Yeah. And so basically it's an independent shoe almost. Okay. It's an independent shoe. That's what they're saying. And khaleel in his motorcycle, he says that it is allowed for the male or the female in travel and non travel that they may wipe over the socks if they are made out of leather. So a leather sock meaning impermeable

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and the same goes for the Sharpies. Mm hmm No, we also have a quote here and others. So the three months have say that it must be an impermeable sock, the one must have that is left is which one, the hem buddy method and the humbly method out of the format habit. It was very clear that both the leather and the non leather sock is allowed to do massage over. And this is something that they defended. And even Kodama in his famous book called money. He basically mentioned that anything that covers the ankle, anything that covers the ankle, you can walk a little bit not five kilometres or so you can just walk any, it's something that is an independent foot covering which is basically any

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talk of our times, it takes the ruling of the hoof and you can do massage over it. And even taymiyah defended this position and he goes anything that covers the feet, even if it is very thin, as long as you call it a sock job, then it is something that is permissible and if it has them as well famous scholar of the past he also said this, and many of the modern scholars as well say this as well. The measureless that Islami arrabiata they have a fatwa on this that it is completely permissible to do massage over cotton and polyester and wool and it is not a condition that they be made out of leather. Even if the shaft is in molecules and hanafy said this they said that is not a

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condition and then what is their evidence? All of them isn't a me I've been has him the humble

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mehtab and many modern scholars, what is their evidence? The evidence is the authentic hadith and Abu Timothy and Muslim Ummah, Hamad Al mahira have been sure about said that I saw the prophets of Allah while you send them. He used to do masa, lol Joe rabine, when I leaned over his job and his shoe, now in Arabic hoath is a sock that is made out of leather. And Joe Rob is a sock that is made out of cloth. And in this Hadith, the word Joe would have is mentioned. So he wiped over the job is explicit in the headset, and it is an authentic ID. Now the other three, they either said that, well, he meant to hope. Or they said, Well, this is a job that is impermeable and made out of this

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and that and they kind of put all of these conditions on it. Nonetheless, even taymiyah has a very long section at his fatawa in which he says

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the goal is because of which Allah revealed the wiping over the sock was to make easy will do. And for us to bring so many conditions that are not found in the Quran and Sunnah. It defeats the purpose of Allah gifting us must have had that whole thing. The point is that you make life easy. And Allah subhana wa tada did not so because when you get the Hadith, the prophet system did not give any conditions at all. These are later methods and we respect them, you know, my position, I respect all the methods. But when there's a diversity of opinion, if you wish to follow a particular method, no problem for me, and that that's why I'm giving you all the methods. That's why I'm

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presenting the platter to you. If you want to be a hanafy and you want to follow it hamdulillah that's no problem. But if you ask me, What is my humble opinion, humble, humble opinion? What is my humble, humble opinion?

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Not just because I am humble overall, because you know, I told you I'm overall humble. But it is also my position that it is permissible for a person to follow another authority and say this position is the correct one. It's not a big you're not photoshopping you asked me a position, I'll give you my opinion, it is my opinion based on the evidences that number one, it is authentically narrated in multiple ahaadeeth that the processing wiped over the job and the job is the word that means a sock made out of cloth. Number two, the prophet system did not put any condition. It is true that most of the Arabs at that time wore leather socks, but that was the custom. That was the

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default. So he sallallahu I said, I'm usually wiped over the leather socks. Therefore that is the default because that's what they had at that time. Even cloth was a scarcity. By the way, why would you put it on your shoe when you need something to cover your shoe in that environment, what not so cloth socks were not the default leather socks were. But in that environment, our profit system, if it was only allowed for one type, he should have said Messiah has only allowed for hope and not for God. But he didn't. The shediac came and allowed it our Profit System demonstrated it is allowed. So anyone who puts a condition, they need to be telling us where these conditions come from and with

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with utmost respect to the other three methods the humble is have a point here. And they've been Tamia says this, the goal is to make it easy not to make it difficult. So this whole notion of you have to walk 1000 yards, you have to make sure there's no hole the size of this and that if no pm says can you imagine any Sahabi did not have a hole in his sock? Can you imagine? And this is can you imagine that everybody has holes in their socks of the Sahaba were dirt poor, you don't think they had a hole in their in their soul to have a condition that the hole cannot be more than 2.7 centimeters, these things with utmost respect, but you're making the religion these conditions are

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coming and it goes against the purpose of a law revealing concession to us. So both events A PML claim they are somewhat defensive of the humbling position and I find myself agreeing with this that yes, you may do massage over any SOC as long as it is called the SOC. The sooner proves this explicitly. And the goals of the Shetty I prove it implicitly. Is that clear. Explain this, the sooner proves it explicit must have had a general Bane and the idea isn't Buddhahood and Muslim or Muhammad by Mohammed shaba. And the goals of the Sharia approve it implicitly that it is allowed now. Having said that the final point here what is to be done if you are wearing a sock that covers

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the ankle because as we said if the sock does not cover the ankle, there is no discussion End of story you have to take it off and do do sooner was to do washing of the feet. Now, what if it covers the ankle and you put your shoe on top of the covered sock but the shoe does not cover the ankle. So we have a number of scenarios. first scenario, your shoe covers your ankle, in which case

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Clearly you can do massage over tissue, you're wearing a boot you're wearing anything that is a big covering, right? Or these hiking boots that go all the way up. Clearly, you can do massage over that there's no question there's no afterlife amongst the humble ease. And the other three would say, only if the shoe is impermeable, we we give that distinction, right. And by the way, most of the shoes here, especially the hiking shoes, whatnot, they are impermeable, they don't want water to seep in. So according to those methods, it would be allowed. It doesn't have to be leather, the point is, water should not go into the three main types. The humble is that even if water goes in

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doesn't matter, that's the point you're allowed to do. So clearly, the first scenario if the shoe goes above the ankle, all and it is impermeable, all three methods allow, understand. Now, the controversy will come if the shoe goes beneath the ankle, and the sock is above the ankle, which is our culture, and custom in the Western world, most of our fancy shoes are beneath the ankle, and the sock is above the ankle. And the measures 50 of Europe and others, they have spoken about this in detail. And I always like to quote counsels because then nobody can say it's my personal opinion, sometimes I will give you my personal but I tried to avoid them, and I quote, you respected scholars

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and whatnot, so that I get out of the picture. And their position is that

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it's interesting, we listen to this in in those days. In those days, most of these cloth socks were essentially wraparounds. In other words, they're not like ours, that you pull them up, it would be a strip, and you would wrap your feet.

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Right, the type of bandaid they would do like that. So it's not a one piece that you pull on, it is multi layered. Right. And so and the concept that we have of a thin sock to protect you from a, you know, shoe, that type of stuff wasn't in back then this is something now so the the merge Mark said that, in this case, really, if you look at it, as long as you had will do because I mentioned this you should all understand if you don't have older than this doesn't come you have to have will do in the morning, meaning when you when you put your shoes and socks on not in the morning, but whenever you put your shoes and socks on you need to have, okay, now this measurement said, if you look at

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it, this is essentially a multi layered one entity just like imagine if you had a bandaid sock, and then you took one layer above the ankle, then you went back down and did three four layers on the foot itself. So the foot is thicker, Band Aid wise and above the ankle is one layer it's considered one item, the point is it is covering the outcome is the same. So they said that given this modern circumstance, you're not going to find a classical position because this is something new no or style that we have. They said this class is there that this is one foot piece. So as long as you wore your sock and your shoe in the state of Ohio in one world, right you understand this point, you

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wore your sock and then you wore your shoes and you had will do then you may do massage over the shoe because you essentially wore it as one piece and it can be counted as one piece. Now, if you

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take your shoes off according to this position, then you will have an issue and if you don't have will do when you place the shoe on so then you will have to take your shoe off and then do it with the sock and this is one opinion even in this issue. Bottom line. Allah knows best but Allah gave this concession is very clear to make life easy. Allah says wa Giada is a confident human heritage there is no difficulty in this religion. Allah says you do not have a common user allow us to make things easy. Our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in the law Tyler you have a new law sir who Allah loves that the easy things he has given you, you should take advantage of them. Don't reject them.

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And that's why in the context of praying for verses to when you're traveling, you're not supposed to pray for because Allah gifted you you can pray to and allow once you to accept his gift when you're allowed to pray to her when when when you are actually massage but you're supposed to pray to as we all know it is against the sooner to pray for and in this context our Prophet system said Allah loves that when he's given you a Ross and easy thing you take advantage of it. So this is even take me as far to say that the whole concept of massage is a raw from Allah. So why make it difficult make it easy, as long as you have will do and your footwear covers the ankle. Then shallow to other

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you may do massage over that entire piece and therefore you do not even have to take your shoe off. Have the new year that you're going to do will do in the morning where your socks and your shoes

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And then for the rest of the day at work, you can do massage even over the shoe. And if you don't remember whether you had will do for the shoe or not, maybe you wore your socks because it's cold these days, then you put your shoe on later on, if you forgot that, just to be on the safe side, you may take your shoe your feet out of the the the the actual footwear, the shoe and do massage over the socks. But in my humble opinion, the humbly madhhab even has some authority many of our times, and more and more of them of our times even many of the month heavier gamma in our times they are rethinking through, they're looking at all of these exquisite evidence, as many of the shafr is

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called as of our times, by the way, allow massage over the job. I was listening to some YouTube video, some of the earliest callers now even though they're shaffir. And technically their mother does not allow it. But one of their great scholars was saying look, the Hadith is very clear, the maletto nashoba Hadith that the processing wiped over the sock and he said this hadith is very clear. And he's giving the fact one of the main shifts of Azur and he shaffir he's saying the Hadeeth is very clear. So Allah knows best it seems to be no problem whatsoever to do massage over any footwear whatsoever that constitutes the footwear and this is of the goals of the shediac and

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you may do your massage 24 hours when you are not traveling and 76 hours three days and nights when you are traveling in shallow data. How can I say no to Costa Rica? Bismillah good

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so our brothers asking a good question that I didn't talk about dismiss I had done on the top or on the bottom. I live near be positive said Hadeeth isn't Muslim. Sooner Buddha would sooner visa would live in avatar live said

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if our religion were to be based upon what my logic and reason says. Then I would have done masa on the bottom of my sock my whole life. But I saw the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam do massage on the top of the roof. This Hadith isn't Buddhahood and alumina we thought he said if the religion were to based upon what I think is common sense logic rationality, then I would have thought massage should be done at the bottom but I saw the profitsystem do massage on the top and by the way this shows that that massage is symbolic massage is symbolic because you just a little bit of drops of water and you just rub on the top even though we all know when you're walking is going to be the

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bottom that is going to be dusty and Sandy and whatnot. This is even Tamia is point by the way that massage is a symbolic gift like to mom. So to add multiple conditions to to mom defeats the purpose of the demo to add multiple conditions to massage defeats the purpose of massage. That's the point of intermediate says Chuck will lock it

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in a feed dounia Solomon

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