Yasir Qadhi – Towards Understanding Surah Yusuf – 17

Yasir Qadhi
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hamdulillah Isla is niram

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Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Camden County, Ebony Allah Bullock

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Obinna Masada to

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be in most global Karim. So how la comida de la heat wabarakatuhu Welcome to another episode of our fascinating series towards understanding pseudo use of I'm your host. So Callie. In our last episode, we had just reached the point where Yahoo Valley has seldom is informed by his sons that Binyamin has stolen and because of that Binyamin was prevented from coming back and Yahoo finds this incredible to believe and now he has a very very moving passage, which will be the subject of today's episode stay with us lapada can

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McKenna hace

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dos de la de Ballina, Marina de la Lila coalition

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Natalie Bomi,

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Santa Monica Mara masala and are pretty previous episode, we had reached the point where the sons of Jaco Valley his Salaam confront their father and they tell him it's not our fault that Binyamin stole, we saw with our own eyes that he stole and that is why we were not able to bring him back. And so out of the 12 sons of iacobelli his son I'm only nine remain what was his response? And what did he do? This is the topic of today's episode. And as is our usual custom, we begin with a recitation of the Quran and I asked if my viewers can follow along with me, we will recite from first 83 onwards.

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He may not show up on your waje

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Allah said why that's lagoon fuzu sukoon

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Iovine be him Jeremy.

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hockey game.

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What do

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walk on?

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know what?

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Nina, Rosie wobba Yo, what? Dinah Who? Nina rose. neetha. Kilim Oh no,

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he just says coo coo

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coo Robin otaku otaku una Nina Leakey all in

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school Bessie was knee in a lot.

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What I mean Oh Hema.

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Yeah Bernie Yes, Abu Fattah has Sumi

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e Walla. Walla j, so mill rohilla in a hula de su mil whoa hayleigh he in como de Rouen. Phenom

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you hella xizhou mess.

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Mess center wanna learn? Oh, boo wodgina baby. Oh boy.

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What did you nah baby. Oh boy.

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moosejaw t l VLAN. Al Qaeda. What else like double Ida ina, in a law hat. Yeah, TJ is in the lean

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Hello, today

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I will

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be your sofa II in

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Of course, you sue for

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law who

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in whom

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else in law hella Yoli

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seanie Paulo de la Hina Cody. Sarah can log in watching.

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Whoa de Paula Reba kuliah

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young Pharaoh

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hameau wrong heymy

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So in these series of verses, yeah Hello, my name is Sam responds to these accusations and he says, God, so water and food sukham Umrah, the exact same phrase that he says when they came to him with the story of use of being eaten by the wolf. He said something has your knifes your souls have made something appear pleasing to you. This is something you have concocted. I know my son. I know Binyamin and he would never steal. I don't care what you are saying. I don't care how many people have seen this. It is not possible for my son Binyamin to be a thief. So he believes this to be yet another plot. They have hatched an even more cunning, an even more evil and even more conniving

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plots such that even the caravan believes that Binyamin has stolen and so parallel he was not too far from the truth. Binyamin had not stolen, but it wasn't the brothers who hatched the plot. It was the brother of Binya Nene, it was use of it his setup, so he was right and yet he was wrong. He was right that Binyamin was innocent, but he was wrong to blame the brother in this he was wrong rather it was use of it his setup and he was about to find out very soon what the situation was. But right now, he believes this to be a plot from the brothers and what can he do? What can he do for Saba orange Amelie, once again, the exact same phrase that he said when it came to his other son use of

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it his setup and the meaning of sovereign jabeen can be as we said, a number of meanings of them is, I have no option other than to be patient, a beautiful patient and have the meanings is the best option that I have the the the best thing that I can do is to be patient and have the meanings is and I will be patient a type of patience that is the best type of patients. And this shows us that patience is of levels, you can have a patience that is acceptable. You can have a patient that is good. He didn't want any of that he wanted somebody on Jamil, which is the best form of patience. And the highest form of patience is that you don't complain to men. You don't seek the sympathy of

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others. Rather you accept the decree of Allah subhanho wa Taala and you only pray to Allah and make dua to Allah and complain to Allah and we talk about what does it mean to complain to Allah, and he still does not lose hope. He has lost three of his children now in the sense that he doesn't know where use of is. He doesn't know when Binyamin will be released from freedom. And as for the oldest one, he has imposed exile upon himself. So he says, I so love who and yet he and he became Jimmy Ha. This is what you call optimism. And optimism is a part of a man. He says still I hope in sha Allah, Allah will bring all of them back to me. You see, my dear brothers and sisters, being optimistic in

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Allah is a part of a man to hope the best from Allah to expect the best from Allah to want that Allah azza wa jal will give you everything that you want to expect. This is a sign of a man. And to always think that Oh, Allah is not going to respond to my thoughts. Oh, Allah is not going to give me what I want. Oh, how can Allah forgive me? This is a very evil thought. In fact, it goes against it contradicts true a man. The believer always has the best hope in Allah. The believer always expects the best from Allah. And here is your code having taken having has having his favorite son taken away and abducted and his second favorite son now in captivity and slaved him and his third

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favorite son imposed exile upon himself in a land far, far away. And yet he says, I still hope all three of them will come back to me as a loved one yet you need to be me.

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out in the wild animal hacking. Verily, Allah subhana wa tada is Aladdin and hacking the meaning of an Aleem Allah subhanho wa Taala knows where everyone is. Allah knows where that what their situation is. Allah knows why this is happening to me. And he is a Hakeem. So he is all wise. So I put my trust in Allah, that whatever is happening is happening for a wisdom. I know that I don't understand it. I know that I am suffering I am in pain. But Allah is that Hakeem, Allah will give me what is rewarded, Allah will give me what I deserve. And in the end, everything will be fine and all right, because Allah is allowed him and then hacking him. So he mentioned two names and two

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attributes that are very powerful and remind us that Allah knows what's happening is not that Allah is lawful, Allah unaware. And Allah subhana wa tada is doing everything for a divine purpose and wisdom, what are well and whom he turned away from them. And this is one of the most powerful and moving passages in the entire surah he turned away from them. And he said, Yeah, SFR Allah use of, oh, Woe to me still remembering use of I still have the pain of use of, oh, Woe to me, yeah, SFR to my sorrow, where his use of after his son has been taken away, Binyamin, and after the oldest imposes exile upon himself, Who does he think of? After 30 years, he still thinks of use of his two

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other sons have just been taken away. But look at the status of use of in his heart. After all that has happened. All that he can do is remember with memories, his young child use of that was snatched away from him. Yeah, assefa other use of look at the brothers what they wanted to do, the brothers want to take, take yourself away, so that he doesn't think of use of anymore. And all he is doing for the last 30 years is thinking of yourself will build but I now human a person and his eyes had become white because of crying and worry because of grief. This is the beauty of how the Quran describes the grief of yaku. Allah doesn't say he was sad. Allah doesn't say he cried. Allah said,

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his eyes became white meaning

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because of the sorrow of use of loss, he cried so much that he eventually became blind, were built but I know.

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The grief was so powerful that his eyes went blind. Well, who are kaeleen throughout all of this, he was withholding his emotions. He was taking care of his emotions. And this is the way of the believer, the believer does not to go crying and begging and pleading the people for sympathy. What can the sympathy of the people get you? Are they going to give you back what you want, Allah describes and well who are kaeleen meaning he wasn't showing his emotions to them. He was controlling his emotions. Only Allah subhanho wa Taala was aware of his emotions. And this is the true man amongst the believers, the true man, the rajul, or the jar, Allah describes him in the

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Koran, these are not those who go begging the people for their needs. And once they are those who turn to Allah subhana wa Taala, even the least amount of sympathy he did not want from his children. So Allah xojo describes him that his eyes became white out of sorrow. All he was doing was still thinking about Jusuf. And throughout these 20 or 30 years, throughout this entire time, he was withholding his emotions from mankind, he was controlling his grief so that people were not necessarily sympathizing with him, and such as the way of the believer that they turned to Allah subhanho wa Taala we now have reached our first break, we'll take a short break for these messages.

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And we'll come right back. Stay with us. lafonda, Ghana.

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Tony only,

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Salam Alaikum Welcome back. We were talking about the grief of Yahuwah Valley his Salaam that all of his his three sons have been taken away from him, and he is still thinking of the first one that was taken away. And that is Yusuf alayhi salam, and when he turned away from them with a welder and home, the reason he turned away is that he did not want to expose this grief to them. And he just uttered a word yeah SFR Allah use of Oh, woe to me or how sorry it is. I still misuse of he uttered a word and they overheard it. He turned away from them to hide his grief. But they overheard this particular phrase, and so they respond back all Nutella he does that with his guru use of data

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corner heroin otaku lemina

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Halle King. So, they said by Allah, you will continue to think of use of until you become out of what means senile, weak with old age otaku dominant hand again, or until this grief destroys you. So they criticize their father. All you can do is think of use of all you can do after all this time. And we've just told you that your oldest son is not coming back. We've just told you Binyamin is a slave. And all you can do is remember you serve. So they get so irritated, so frustrated, and these are the same brothers who have caused us to have to go away. So they have no right to be frustrated, but they become so irritated, they say, all you can do you will continue to you will continue to

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remember use of until you become senile and to become old with and crazy that you have nothing else to do except cry about yourself, or until you die because of this grief. And so when they criticized him, he said back color in the mesh cool, but the workers need it a lot. He said, I am not complaining to you. I am not complaining to anyone else. I only complaint of my grief and my sorrow to Allah. I said this for Allah, I didn't say it for you. I don't want your sympathy. I don't want anything from you will let me know why he mad mala to Allah mon. And I know from Allah, that which you don't know. Now, here he says that. He he takes his Beth and Beth means the most severe type of

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distress and grief. So he said that I complain of this utter grief only to Allah. What does it mean to complain to Allah? to complain to Allah does not mean that you say, Oh Allah, why is this happening to me? Oh Allah, I don't deserve it. No. to complain to Allah means that you seek Allah's mercy. You don't seek the mercy of men. You seek a lot of sympathy. You don't seek the sympathy of men. This is the meaning of complaining to Allah. You say Oh Allah you see my situation? Oh, Allah disagrees me greatly. Oh Allah, this hurts me a lot. Oh, Allah make it easy for me. Oh, Allah relieved this distress. This is the meaning of complaint, not the complaint that why is this

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happening? And I don't deserve this. And why did you do this? This is not the meaning of complaint here. We should complain in the first sense, but to complaint in the other sense is prohibited. In fact, it is a type of disbelief to challenge Allah's wisdom is a type of disbelief. So he basically told them, I don't want your sympathy. Rather, I am turning to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this shows us that at times of grief at times of distress, when a loved one dies, when you lose your job, when financial income becomes difficult, when any problem is happening. Don't turn to men for sympathy, turn to Allah complained to Allah, raise your hands up to Allah, establish your

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relationship with Allah and expect our hammer Rohini the most merciful to show you his mercy. He also tells them and I know from Allah, that which you don't know, what does he know? Well, it is possible that he knew that use of is alive, it is also possible that he knew that use of saw that dream. And so the dream has to be fulfilled remember the first dream and that is the dream of the the mother and father and all of the brothers prostrating to yourself. So he knows this dream, and he knows that the dream must come true, which means that you serve is alive somewhere and he will be reunited with him. So there is some sense of sympathy that yes, I will be reunited. The question is

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when so knowing this and realizing this, he then tells them you have any Oh my children, oh my son's in heaven go out further has sahzu search the lens, go and search far and wide. So the hassles here means search with your utmost diligence mean you suffer with

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a for use of and his brother, he is still thinking of use of his brother is the one missing. But the first name that comes to mind go and find Joseph and his brother, what they assume he wrote a law and do not give up hope of the mercy and the help of a law in the hula as a law he in local cafe rule that no one can give up hope of Allah's mercy except those who are disbelievers. This is a very, very powerful verse. How many years have gone by since Yusuf is missing, yet he is still optimistic and he says, How can you possibly give up hope of Allah's mercy? Except if you don't believe in Him? If you know who Allah is you always optimistic if you know who our hammer rahimian

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is, if you understand the mercy of Allah, how can you possibly be pessimistic? pessimism is not a part of a man. If you're pessimistic about life, if you're always thinking the worst, then realize your mind is weak. You need to recharge your Eman. He says nobody can be despaired of the mercy of Allah except the comun caffeine and in

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Another verse in another verse Prophet Abraham and he said, I'm says, nobody gives up hope of the mercy of Allah except people who are avoiding moon evildoers. So these two verses put together tells us that giving up hope of Allah's mercy, giving up hope of Allah blessings is not possible for a Muslim to do. And that is why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said about al Qaeda in the biggest of all major sins is to worship other than Allah and to give up hope of the mercy of Allah and to despair, of the help of Allah to despair of allows help you say Allah is not going to help me. This the Prophet system equated it to to say Allah will not forgive me I'm to sinful, rubella, my dear

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brother or sister, Fear Allah. Do you think your sins are so powerful that Allah cannot forgive them? Do you think your evil is more powerful than Allah is good that you challenge your laws, mercy, you challenge your laws good. And you say Allah cannot help me a lot cannot forgive me. realize what you are saying. understand the implications of what you're saying and fear Allah subhanho wa Taala the movement always expects the best from Allah. No matter how great your sins are, look at forgive them, no matter how desperate your situation, Allah subhana wa Jalla can give you what you want. Verily, no one gives up hope of the mercy of Allah except those who do not know

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who Allah is except the capital. So they return to use of once again, the third time they undertake this long and arduous journey. They traveled all the way in the desert, walking and plodding along from Philistine all the way to the land of use of an Egypt and the entering upon Aziz for the third time. But this time, the famine has now gone for many years, and they don't have much to give, and they are desperate for food and there are only nine now three of them are gone. They only nine and so they enter in Fela mahalo Allah He called Eva xizhou. Oh, they entered upon us and they said, Oh, Minister, must send our island abroad. Our families are now afflicted with poverty. We don't have

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enough food for them. nor can we give you enough materials for this for this quantity of grain. Was it nabby law, it was just and we have brought forth a paltry sum to give you, we don't have the normal quantity. Imagine, they don't even have goods to give for food to eat. This is the state of affairs. And look, now Egypt has so much grains that so many years into the famine, still, you're getting delegations from other countries, and Egypt is able to sell surplus grain to other people. Can you imagine how much money the treasury of Egypt would have made because of use of his lambs wisdom and wise caring? And that is why use of took the position of the finance minister. So now his

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brothers come again. And they say, oh minister, we have been afflicted with a great and severe affliction. Not only is it financial, but our father is grief stricken. He is now struck with grief, widget Nabeel Ah, Tim was Jeff and we have come with a measly quantity of goods, they are not very good in quality, or in quantity for Oh villanelle cane. So give us what we deserve of this quantity, what is the hyena and give us even more from your charity, so you give us the equivalent of this good and give us even more in the luggage is ill with us on the train. Verily, Allah rewards those who are charitable. And this is coming from the very people who have stolen use of they have

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kidnapped yourself, and they say be charitable to us, after they have stolen the most precious item from their own father. Now they have the audacity to beg in front of us and they say be charitable to us. Where was their charity when it came to use of Allah he said I'm here now. When use of seize the state of his brothers begging and and their pitiful state. And he knows his father has gone through so much pain and suffering. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala allows him to remember us or alayhis salaam cannot do anything except with the permission of Allah. So now Allah allows him to reveal his identity. And so he says, Do you remember what you have done to us and his brother while you were

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all ignorant? Now nobody knows what they had done to us, except themselves and Jusuf. It was a secret. It was completely hidden. And so when he asked them that question, all of a sudden it clicked. This might be useful, because the age was right. And perhaps now they could see some semblance they could see some some characteristics that they remember from their brother. So they shout out color in the color and the use of are you use Are you the one you are use of all the ANA use for had. He said I am use of and this is my brother called Amanda law who Elena. Allah has been so generous to us after all that you

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has gone through after all that they have done to him. The first thing that comes out of his mouth when He reveals Himself, Allah has been so generous to me after saving me from all of this the prison and saving me from the wealth and saving me from slavery. Allah has been so generous to me in the human yet totally wild spirit. Whoever has the patience of Allah subhana wa tada and the fear of Allah subhanho wa Taala for in the La La agilon merci Nein, Allah never goes to waste Allah never goes the Allah never leaves the good unrewarded, everything that you do for good Allah subhanho wa Taala rewards meaning I have become who I am because of my piety to Allah, because I was good,

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because I was righteous, this is why I am in the position I am in. So they recognize this and they say, I swear we swear by Allah. Indeed, Allah subhana wa tada has chosen you and has preferred you over all of us. And we have made a very major mistake. We were sinners in what we have done. And this brings us to the conclusion of today's episode. In our next episode, we will start off and talk about the response of use of Allah His setup and how he was finally reunited with his father. I hope to see you then until next time.

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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi now discusses from verse 83 of Surah Yusuf about the moving passage of Yaqub AS on what he did after being confronted by the brothers and their divulging of information of the capture of Bin Yameen and the self exile imposed by the oldest brother upon himself.

Yaqub AS responds to the accusations by saying that the brothers have concocted a story up and this can never be true what they were saying. He prays for the best form of patience by not complaining and seek the guidance of Allah in sorting matters off. He is optimistic which portrays his strong Iman. Allah is Al Aleem and Al Hakeem.

The grief of Yaqub AS when he remembers his son Yusuf AS so much from 20 to 30 years is so immense that Yaqub AS went blind by crying and grief. The brothers criticised their father for remembering Yusuf AS no end. The father responds by saying that his grief is only told by him to Allah and he is no need for his sons sympathy.

What does he tell his sons to do next? Listen intently and be mesmerised.


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