Jewish political scientist Dr.Norman Finkelstein Exposing LIES of Piers Morgan Guest & Ben Shapiro

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Do it discusses peace. And it pushes out there, this concept that they keep rejecting peace. So I'm going to play two clips back to back because it seemed like these talking points are put out there by the same individuals often. How have you addressed that? Or the

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Palestinians, the Palestinians, the Palestinians were offered a state in 1936. In the appeal condition, they rejected it. They were offered a state in 1947. The UN Partition Plan they rejected it. They were offered the state in 1967. After Israel conquered Judea and Samaria, the West Bank, they rejected it. They were offered to state in 2000 Yasser Arafat and Barak they rejected it. They were offered a state with a Widowmaker 2008. They rejected it. They have the Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza in 2005. And they did not create a state claim is that the Arabs did not reject peace and then in your own disquisition, you admitted that the Arabs rejected the appeal commission

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plan, which was the separation between the Jews and the Arabs, which gave an extraordinary amount of land to the Arabs. The Arabs then rejected the peace partition plan proposed by the United Nations in 1947. They then proceeded to reject the Oslo Accords in 93. After that they rejected the White River Accords in 98. They're rejected by Hooper rocks, very generous offer in 2000. I think they're kind of the same talking points of use. Is this anything new that you've heard? Are you familiar with both of these figures here, Ben Shapiro and the the another follower of

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Theodor Herzl.

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to disentangle? Well, the nonsense that's being said there. So I'll limit myself to some very basic facts, which the record

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unimpeachably unimpeachably demonstrates, since the beginning in the early 1970s, long, long, long,

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before Hamas even existed, the Palestinian leadership

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in the PLO, it was called the Palestine Liberation Organization, led by this fellow named Yasser Arafat, the Palestinians were on record as supporting a two state settlement based on the June 1967 border, what's has come to be called the international consensus, two states on the June 1967 border.

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And for the past 20 or so years, every year, in the United Nations General Assembly, there is a resolution passed, or a resolution put forth, called peaceful settlement of the Palestine question.

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And the terms of the settlement are very straightforward.

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Number one, that Israel has to withdraw from the territories it occupied in June 1967, namely, the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and Gaza. Number two, the settlements Israel has built in the occupied Palestinian territories, now numbering about 700,000, the more Jewish settlers are illegal under international law, and those settlements have to be dismantled. Number three,

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there has to be what's called adjust the resolution of the refugee question based on the right of return. And

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number four, the Palestinians should be able to exercise their right of self determination in the territories from which Israel withdraw us. Those are the terms of international law. And those are the terms embedded in that annual resolution, peaceful settlement of the Palestine question. Every year, the whole world except the United States, Israel, and some South Pacific a toes, islands.

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Tuvalu, Naru,

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aside from those Marshall Islands, besides from them, the whole world votes in one side, Israel votes Israel in the United States. Well, on the other side, that's the record. The whole world has been wanting to try to resolve this problem on the basis of international law and the basic principles as applied of international law as applied in ISRAEL PALESTINE conflict. And Israel in the US have rejected it. There are so many silly stupid co

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Comments by those folks because they don't know what they're talking about they just get Israel talking points and have no clue what they're talking about

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small not to miss