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28 Aug 2020


  • Does Islam oppress women?
  • Women rights – pre Islam
  • Women rights – Judo Christian
  • Women rights – Roman law
  • Women rights – Islam
  • Islam and modern feminist movements
  • Men vs Women
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Are the lion Michelle rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala shopping more serene syedna Mohammed Ali he was so happy he married my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam and Sunnah alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen always and forever will begin with the prayers and the things of Allah subhanho wa Taala and a Chateau a la ilaha illAllah we've been witnessed that nun has the right of OSHA besides a lost power dialer and we send our love and greetings and salutations so beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to spice up your family to his companions and all those who follow you soon until the end

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of time. Allah subhanaw taala bless us to be steadfast in the Sunnah of loving Mohammed solo so lamb in this life, and he was companionship in the genital filled those in the meanwhile, hamdulillah glom on to behave as we are in a new year we praise Allah Subhan Allah blesses us in the new year. And before we begin with today's lecture insha Allah just reminder that the day of assure of the 10th of Muharram would be Sunday, this coming Sunday in sha Allah And as we know, it is one of the greatest Sooners too fast on the day of Ashura on the 10th of Muharram, and it gives you an entire year of forgiveness. And along with that, if one falls on Sunday, you should fast with it Saturday,

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we should fast with it Monday. So you fast the ninth, the 10th or the 10th and the 11th. And in sha Allah the reward for that is that you get a full year of exploration of cinnamons panela as we begin the year. And we know throughout this year, how many sins are we going to do this year? You know, three things, looking at things listening to things displeasing to Allah subhanaw taala how wonderful it is that Allah subhanaw taala allows us to begin the year with a year full with his defining forgiveness my last month except from us, then inshallah we continue with our series around feminism and our issue of gender, as we raise it, we began last week, we said it's the month of

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August. And this is a topic that is so important. We live in a society where our sisters, our mothers, our daughters, the women in our society, are really being abused and harmed. And so spinal light is something that we cannot speak enough about, and something that we should continuously raise this issue. Today, we want to look at from a theoretical approach. And we asked the question, does Islam oppress women? So before we talk about what men do, and what we as a society are doing, what our culture is doing? And all of those things are valid discussions? For us, it's more important to discuss Islam itself. Is there a problem with Islam? Is there a problem with the laws

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of Islam, because if we look at and we as Muslims at Hamdulillah, we submit to the wall on the teachings, the will of the Quran and the teachings of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, we accept that that is correct and true. We find that in many parts of the world, especially in Western societies, this is called is this mentioned that Islam needs needs reformation. Islam is the problem, the Sharia is the problem. And so it's important for us before we talk about what happens on the ground to actually look at from a religious perspective, is Islam. Is there something wrong from an Islamic perspective? And this is a for an open discussion, not just between us as Muslims, but with the

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broader community as well. So let's look at Islam and what it has done for our sisters. What What is the tea? What does Islam want to do? What are the laws it's trying to bring about? And how is it? Is it is it good for women? Is it bad for women? Was Islam a force of positive change? Or was it a force that took things negatively? Let's look at pre Islam. So let's look at the Arab je via the ways of the Arabs before the coming of Islam. We know for certainty, that before Islam, before the advent of Islam, Arabia and the Arab society, women were seen as something subhuman, she definitely was not equal to a man. She was seen more likely, like that of the animals of the Arabian men. For

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example, women were inherited, women were bought daughters were sold daughters were exchanged, you find Hadeeth within a reasonable solemn, forbids fathers exchanging daughters amongst themselves like property, like you would exchange your camels, they would exchange the daughters, they would exchange the wives, they were women were bought and sold. She had no rights to herself, she could not decide what to do with her life, who to marry when to get divorced. She had no she never owned anything. She In fact, was something that was owned. In fact, she did not even have a right to life, meaning if a father wanted to kill his daughters, if her husband wanted to kill his wife, there was

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no law against this. This was part of what was acceptable as you had the right to slaughter your own camel, you could do as you want with your women and Subhana. Allah Allah mentions these things in the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah says, We news is brought to one of them the main of Julia, when the news is brought to them of the birth of a female child, his face becomes very darkened, and he's filled with grief on the inside. He is miserable on the inside. And Allah says with shame, does he hide himself from his people? He's, he's so ashamed that he hasn't been his wife gave birth to a daughter, that he doesn't have the face to meet his community. And because of the bad news he has

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received, and he thinks to himself, shall I keep her in contempt? Should I keep her out of hatred for her? Or do I bury her in the dust? Yeah, Allah this is the this is what the main of je Leah would do in Islam. When a daughter was born. He either kicked her out of this like in contempt and he would abuse her throughout her life or you

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would bury her alive. And Allah says what an evil choice they decided what an evil way it was. So it's very clear Islam is coming and saying the way that Adam j Lee I mean, we're, the society was completely loose the word evil, it was corrupt and he was evil. Furthermore, Allah swindler says, Oh, you will believed it is not lawful for you to inherit your women by compulsion. So in the past, before Islam, we sit when a man died, he as his camels would go to his family members as his property would go to his family members, his wives would go as well part of his inheritance. And it's mentioned that the women would sit in a row, the wives of the man would have passed away, and

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the brother, the brothers of the main would have the man who died would walk between these women, and he would cover the wife he wanted with his cloak. So if he touched this one, that means she now became part of his inheritance, he will take her now as his property, Allah says, This is her arm, this is not permissible. And Allah in speaking, Baptists is more relevant to us here today. As husbands, Allah says to you and to me as a husband, and do not make life difficult for your wives, so that you may take part back of what you are given meaning that she may leave you in a divorce where she gives back your dowry. Side note here is a type of divorce called the hula, where a lady

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repays her dowry to you she gives back to the Muscovy, and you go your separate ways, many times, it's not spoken about, but it's a way the Sharia has made it, if a woman wants to leave her husband, when he should accept his dowry, and she should, she should go. So Allah says, Do not make life so difficult for her that you want her to leave so that you can get back your dowry. So maybe the husband is thinking, I gave her this dowry, I want it back, how do I get it back, maybe if I become a horrible husband, then she will be compelled to leave and she will pay me out. Allah says this is haram don't do that, unless they committed a clear immoral unless she's committed adultery. In that

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case, of course, this marriage should end. And then Allah says to you and me and love within you as your own novel. Moreover, this is perhaps the overall idea I would like for all of us to inculcate in whatever we do, whether we argue whether we have a bad day, whether we are frustrated with each other, whether it's two o'clock the morning, and things are bad. Remember, it is Allah who is saying, well, I should

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live with them in kindness, love nicely with each other. And although then goes further and says if you dislike something in them, that everyone has negative sides, as a husband, you have something your wife doesn't like, as a wife, you have something which is bad, we all have our faults, Allah says if you see some faults in them, when remember, Allah makes the in also much good. There are many good things in your partner that Allah has given you, on the balance of probability, most likely, most of the time in sha Allah, you have been given more good than bad. So Allah always reminds you of that and live with Him as your own noble man, what a beautiful advice it is for us,

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our husbands to not make life difficult for your wives, and if there's something in him that you don't like, and remember, always put a lot of good in them, and love with him in kindness. So back to the point of pity Islam, women were inherited, women were abused in their marriages outside of the marriage, Allah came to say Allah had seen the Quran of the messages, live with him in kindness. Now one might say, yes, Islam came and it fixed a j helia. Backwards society, but the other religions, the Judeo Christian religion, or perhaps, or they're not more advanced. And you find this thinking many people say that Islam needs to be reformed, and B needs to be revamped, like other

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religions. And you know, the other religions are more enlightened. And if we look at what those religions say, we'd find a very different answer. For example, you find in Deuteronomy, in the Old Testament, the Bible says, If a man happens to meet a virgin, who is not pledged to be married, meaning she's not engaged, and he rapes her, so a man who rapes a woman, and then they are discovered, when he, the rapist must pay her father 50 silver coins, and he must marry this woman, and for years violated her, and he can never divorce her as long as he loves. Now, the context of this is seen as she is a property, you've used the property, you've used the item, and now you need

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to buy the item and it is yours for life. Right? And this of course, Pamela, it's forcing it's no question about the lady. What does she do? She was no forever with her with her rapist. And so this is what you find in Deuteronomy 2228 29. In another verse, it says, when a lady is in a period, anything she lives on during her main source will be clean any any platform, any bait energy she sits on will be unclean. Anything she sits on will be unclean. Anyone who touches the bed she sits on will be unclean. And the person who does this must hustle themselves, wash themselves and the clothes and they will still be unclean until until the evening, we know islamically spanaway the

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prophets also lamp many, many Hadith he would be how many of his wives would say that the prophets assignment I were under the same blanket and when I felt my main says coming, I got up and I moved away and he said, Why are you moving away? He said, Well I've got my period and he said no, no, come back. And he put me under the blanket again, II II II when system Hannah law, I was in my main sis and the professor lamb had his head in my lap and he was reciting Quran, Allah Subhana Allah so we see that this is something Patna resources

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This is something which Allah has decreed for the daughters of Adam. There is nothing inferior. There's nothing bad about it. What if, if some, she ties, you know, a cloth on that area, and she was also self when she's done Alhamdulillah there is nothing deficient about it. Some people have taken menstruation as something to show that there is something negative spiritually about this is nothing like that in the Sharia, we move. Some might say, well, that's the Old Testament and the Old Testament was revived or reformed through the net New Testament. Even in the New Testament, we find a verse For example, in Timothy Timothy 211 to 14, he said, Here, a woman should learn in quietness

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and full submission, a woman should always be quiet, you shouldn't, you know, she should be, she should be quiet, you should be mute, and she should be in complete submission. And this is a simple who says this, I do not permit a woman to teach or have any authority over a man ever. A woman should never be on top of a man or in photo of a man, she must be quiet, for Adam was created first and then her well, then Eve, and Adam was the one was not was deceived, Adam, the doctor medicine, or rather, it was the woman who was deceived and became a sinner. Now in Christianity, we know the concept of original sin is the great catastrophe that mankind committed the first son and all of

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humanity workers through that sin, and the method or the the vehicle of that son was Eve Eve was the one who was deceived, and she brought about sin upon all of humanity. Well, this is the Christian theology. It further says in Corinthians for a woman, if a woman does not cover her head, or Hey, as panela when we talk about hijab, many times, only the Quran is brought up and so how Allah, Allah says, cover your hair, so that you may be known. Cover yourself so that you may be known that you are a lady of honor and you will not be harassed. Yeah, if we look at this verse, it says, if she does, she should cover her head. And if she does not do so she might as well have her hair cut off.

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And it is if it's a disgrace for her to have a completely shaved, then she should cover her head. A man though does not have to cover his head, since he is the image and the glory of God, but a woman is or is the glory of man, for Man did not come from woman but rather woman came from man. And neither was man was not created from a woman, but rather a woman was created from a man of course islamically this is not what we believe that Allah Subhana Allah says to our sisters, that there isn't a tire to waste with you maybe know that you actually be seen as a woman of the Sharia, a woman of a faith. One might say that's Pinilla. This was you know, 2000 years ago and interestingly,

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the Quran is also 1500 years Quran has not been changed. And we see our you know, society has moved on from the but if we look at how far society has come, and if we look at the the the history of rights of women over the past 100, a few 100 years, we find that it's it's you know, mankind is still very much a company who still needs to catch up to either Sharia is, for example, up until, you know, as recent as the 16th century, within Christendom, we were so there was a Council held to debate does a lady have a soul or not? What is she? She is not a man? Clearly she's not a man. I mean, from a Christian from this perspective, but she she human? Is she an animal? Where does she

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fit in on the spectrum, because she's not on the level of a man. So this was a debate that the orlimar of this France, the aroma of Christianity had to divide these things. As recently as, as we said, the 15 years 1000 1600s span a lot. And if we look at European law, the Roman law if we say, let's let's leave religion, people might say religion has always been,

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you know, bias towards, you know, bias against women, perhaps we should look at the laws of man, perhaps manmade laws are better. If we look at the Roman law, the law, the US or European law, it says in the Encyclopedia Britannica, in the Roman law, a woman was in historical times completely dependent, she was always, you know, under the dependency of a man. When she was married, she and her property passed to her husband. So if she you know, if she inherited some money from her from her dad, when she got married, technically, she had no rights over her property, she was seen as being unable to manage her own finances, therefore, her husband and to supervise her and her wealth,

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the wife was the purchase property of her husband, and like a slave acquired only for his benefit. A woman could not exercise any civil a public office, woman had no rights in terms of public life, and she could not be a witness in courtrooms, she couldn't act as a surety, she could not be a curator she could not adopt will be adopted or make a world of contract. So even in her she could not have the power of writing a contract. She was seen as a minor child, for example, the same way our children are not allowed to enter into contracts until they reach maturity, women were permanently seen like that, even if he was 3040, whatever it might be. This is in the Roman European law that he

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was, and, and SubhanAllah. This was the case up until very recently, we'll talk more about

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The feminist revolution and when things in the in Western Europe and in America sort of changing up until, you know, up until listed, you know, women were only allowed the right to vote in America and 1919. So 100 years ago, exactly. So up until 100 years, women did not have the right to own her property, she not have the right to buy, to enter into contract, she could not vote for example, this is in European, you know, advanced European societies. Now, if we look at Islam, let's look at what Islam had come to give. So these were all the different societies out there. In Islam, the first thing and the most important thing we say to all of mankind, that when it comes to in the

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sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala in the sight of Allah, there is no superiority based on gender, no gender will find himself as a in a favorable position on the day of karma, by virtue of the agenda in the sight of Allah. As we know from the Heidi, Allah doesn't look at your external, he does not look at your color. He does not look at your bank account. He does not look at your passport, your nationality. He does not look at your gender, your male or female. Allah looks at your your soul, your taqwa, your Eman. Allah looks at your spirituality. From a spiritual perspective. Men and women are equal in the Sharia. Allah says to all of us who ever does a good deed whether you're a male or

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a female, while he or she is a believer, when surely Allah says I will cause him to live a good life you will have a good life in this dunya and we will surely give them a very word meaning agenda, according to the best of what they used to do in the afternoon. So beautiful had this beautiful verse beyond our question of gender, Allah saying to all of us, if you want a happy life, if you want a happy life in this dunya and Jana and the Acura then live in when we then do good deeds as a believer we believe in Allah believe in Allah, submit to Him and work righteously do good deeds, help people make Salah be a good person, and Allah will give you happiness in this life, maybe you

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won't be a millionaire billionaire, maybe you won't get all the things that you want. But Allah will give you everything that you need. And he will give you Jenna in the era based according to the best of what you did in the dunya. And Allah grant that for us. I mean, then but the point of the iron is Allah says whether you're male or a female, meaning it's up to you, your gender does not make a difference. And specifically, as we said, in the in the in the Christian theology, our mother Hawa is really taken to task because it is said that she brought about some she was the means of sin. She was the one who was deceived and through her, all of us became condemned. Right. And Subhan Allah in

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the in our Sharia, I've said this many, many times now for us as Muslims, right not be such a big deal, because it's not a big deal to us. But we must understand that for for two millennia, for 2000 years, women was seen as the vehicles of some women were seen as spiritually deficient, because she was deceived by by shape on Islam says, and Adam and his wife, they both eight of the three, and the private parts became apparent to them, and they became began to falsify themselves from the trees of Jana. Well, I saw Adam Morocco that Robo that Adam disobeyed his Lord Allah says that the blame in some way was put more on Adam. We also have a very interesting Hadith on the day of karma. Nabil

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Musashi salami will be Moosa and we can talk a lot about Nabi Musa especially on assura. So this was the day that maybe most of Allah's case defeated without that removes a very, you know, strong personality a man who speaks his mind, on the day of karma, it is mentioned, he will go looking for NaVi Adam, he will look for me, Adam, and he will basically say to not be Adam, it is because of you, we are in this mess here on karma because of you, you couldn't behave yourself in Jannah. And now all of us are here, but the end and every item will of course, make an excuse and say we will always mean to be Allah said from the beginning, that it will be placed on the dunya Don't blame me

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for something which is not for Allah always intended for this to happen is my doing. And but the point of this is Nabi Musa will not look for her work, he will put the blame on Adam alayhis salam. And so really from an Islamic perspective, we do not apportion blame, because they will say they were forgiven, and they sin is wiped out. But if we were to look at who the Sharia more points the finger to is more to Adam and not our mother Hawaiians. This is revolutionary, in terms of spirituality within Islam. If we look at the Sharia now, is she equal in terms so in the sight of Allah, our sisters, and our you know, the men and women are equal in the sight of Allah when it

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comes to good deeds, and it comes to punishment and sin. When we look at the law of the Sharia. If you come to a if you live in a Islamic State, and you came to the courtroom, will you have a different treatment? Do you have different laws pertaining to you as a woman? Let's look at some of the rights that Sharia gives our sisters. It says that for all women, she of course has the right to life like every other person that no one should be harmed. Whether you are a male or a female, she has the right to choose her religion la ekra haffi Deen, Allah says there is no compulsion in religion. This is for all of humanity. Whether you're a woman or a man, Allah has given you the

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right to choose watch which faith you want to follow and a side note you want

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I'm giving you this, you look at the the rights 2020. You look at the Constitution of many of the most progressive societies, these rights were only given I mean South Africa up until 1994. These rights were not there for all of all of our society. You look at what Islam has given 1500 years, we all societies were, you know, mired in backwardness in je Leah, Islam came so far forward. It is there's no other way of saying it, that it is progressive. You know, it was lightyears ahead of every other society in its time, it gave her the right to choose her religions panela it gave her an equal standing with men in the court, you will find that her testimony is on par with that of a man

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if a man you know he gives a testimony and his testimony is challenged by a woman, then the the testimonies are equal. You have a situation in the Quran called Leon Leon, we one spouse accuses the other one of Xena, it will be seen as a draw if the wife is witnessed against her husband and the husband against the wife, then there is no there is no favor in terms of the man or the each one. each one's testimony cancels each other out. So behind all of this is revolutionary, the fact that the Sharia gave our sisters and all our sisters know that what is hers is hers. Her property will always belong to her that if she is married, whatever money she comes into the marriage from her

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husband, from her father in whatever it might be her own work, she had a business, her husband has no right to touch her money, I cannot enter my wife's bank account, open her purse without her permission. There is hers. Botswana law, we know from the Hadith that she has the right to into my bank account, she has the right to take of my money, if her needs of Africa is not being met Subhana Allah that if she is a billionaire, then I cannot take a seat from her without her permission. Even if I'm very poor, the right of the compulsiveness of nataka is upon me, she may buy and sell her property without her husband's permission. SubhanAllah. Again, this is revolutionary. It took

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Europeans up until the late 1800s. In fact, feminism, which we'll talk a little bit of feminism, it started off as a means of reforming the law. The law was oppressive to women, they will also did not allow a woman to get divorced, there was a lowest that did not allow a woman to to sell her own property or to buy property, she had to get permission from her husband, the Sharia gave this 1500 years ago to our sisters, our mother or you know other women of our society, your property is yours, you don't need the permission of your father or your husband to buy or sell what you need to do, she has the right to choose her spouse, we know in the Sharia, that if a woman cannot be forced to be

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married and Subhanallah, we find in many Muslim countries, a woman at times is forced into a marriage. This has nothing to do with the Sharia. It is Muslims and not following the Sharia that causes this. So a woman has the right to choose a spouse that I could divorce her spouse, and for our sister, something you don't know was not spoken about enough. You have the right to dictate how you want to be married before you get married. Without either Muscovy is not just something which is financial, you can put in that contract whatever terms you want, you could say for example, you know, I would like if I'm studying that I would, I would insist that my studies are completed, that

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if I'm working, when I put in my contract, I should not be prevented from working, whatever it might be that you want. It is up to you to put something in that contract to your liking and choosing so long as it is not haram so long as it is not haram then you determine how you want to get married. And many of our sisters, your you know, it's not the fact that the Sharia is silent on these things. It is perhaps and we are not fully exposed. We are not talking about the rights the Sharia gives our sisters and the protection that is in the Sharia, she has the right to maintenance, we said Subhanallah that the obligation of maintenance is always going to be upon the husband, for the

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family for the for the wife and the children. Revolutionary I always say this, you come a religious perspective, the fact that the Sharia allows a woman to divorce her husband on the basis of not being sexually satisfied. This is very, very revolutionary. Can you imagine a religion that says she has the right to be to enjoy intercourse? It took women up and I mean the 1970s was the second wave of feminism where women were seeing that she has sexual rights as well. Then she also wants to enjoy yourself in terms of intimacy for most of society a woman was if she was if she wanted to be sexually satisfied if she was seen as something immoral. Islam says no, so long as a man has desires

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a woman has desires and Allah Allah has put that desires in you so that you may fulfill those desires within a permitted nica. Once you are married, then you have the obligation to fulfill your wife's desires. The professor says it is haram for a man to withdraw himself from his wife when he has fulfilled these desires and she is not yet fulfilled. So the Sharia has given her the right to enjoy herself sexually is one of the rights the Sharia gives you. She has the right as we say to in her marriage, she has the right to inheritance. Now again imagine pity Islam. You know the Novation comes at a time when women are inherited. Now we say not only she locked in

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have been edited, but she will also get a claim of the money of the husband had died. The father died, the mother died. Pamela, look at how Islam has changed that situation. She has the right to education. We know the Hadith and every Muslim is one that seeks education and that she has the right to seek her education particularly in the masjid. But if a woman that provinces II do not prevent your women from going to the masjid somehow it is haram for you to stop our sisters from going to the to the masjid and seeking education even though he says it is better for her to make Salah at home. We know the story of the minbar the lady said yeah Rasul Allah says Allah, we cannot

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see you cannot hear you as the machine is becoming bigger. We are being pushed further in the back can we not build you're a member and it's because of the requests of our of one of the Sahaba yet one of the ladies that are based on Salaam had a member of being built that which we all stand, and we follow that sooner. Subhan Allah Allah span says that if a woman comes to give you the by to pledge of allegiance, they accept it from her. What this actually means is women were given the rights to vote when the provinces alum, conquered macker he took the voting by the allegiance from the women as well meaning the opinion counted that they were appointing him or acknowledging him as

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the the Amida the leader in the past with a woman like the king or the president or not even make a difference. She didn't have a voice had no say in the Sharia, we give the ladies the chance to vote when is when the Halina inshallah we might see this one day when a Amit is appointed or halifa is appointed. Even the sisters will have their say in terms of voting for that I mean as part of law, when it comes to punishment, we know the law of the Sharia is equal the punishment for the lady is not more than that of a man equal within the laws in terms of of punishment. And then of course, yes, there are certain things in the Sharia which are specific to the ladies in terms of race for

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example, there are specific laws to her. There are also specific benefits to how we always forget to mention these things that are sisters, there are some extra protection the Sharia gives our our sisters and then and this is something which I always mentioned the issue of the Wali and usually it comes up in the kneecap when as you know when the boy and the girl they're about to get married and then you find you know a protozoans will get up and he says it marketing Imam will kill you know, I make the email my work he'll to marry my daughter what's happening here. Some people may say Pinilla is the father selling his daughter to this man at the Muscovy. What's happening here. The Wali the

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father is the one he was the one he mean, or what he means that Islam has given our sisters such amazing rights. Now remember 1500 years there were no quotes. There was no police, there was no government even Islam gives you these rights on paper, who is whose job is it to protect those rights. Allah has made the worry of the woman evades her father, her brother, her husband, you are not controlling her owning her. Rather, you are custodian of her rights, if her rights are violated, if someone took her money if someone hurt her honor, if someone abused them if someone hurts her feelings of Hannah law, it is your job as our Lee to protect her. And so the concept of the Wali and

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what we see at the Nika for example, the father is saying to this new young man, listen, you know young man, young groom, I have protected my daughters are under her dignity, her rights for the last 2025 years. And I can do so until I die No problem. I have done it with the best of my ability. You want to take over this this job as well he and you will do a better job than me. If you can do so when I give it over to you not giving my daughter over to you. The rest of the Amana of protecting her her rights now ask somethings panel up. You have been appointed by Allah and un i o husbands or Fathers will be asked by Allah subhanaw taala one of the big questions and are examined kiama of the

00:28:43--> 00:29:18

salah and those kinds of things. How did you treat those people under you okay ineffectual, handled lost out on law comes to mind. The last advice from an abuser Salaam or sola, sola, take care of your Salah Amalekites a man who come and those people, your wives, your children, who you are responsible for, those are the two big advices and there'll be some some said the day before he died. Look after these two things, your Salah, and the women and children under your care. These are the things I was going to ask already. How do you protect the rights of your wife, your daughter, your children? Now how much worse is it if the one he is the one who is actually the reason he is

00:29:18--> 00:29:59

the one that is causing the harm the abuse we find in our society, much of the abuse that is happening to our our women and children is that because of because of the husbands fathers, the white the fathers the well either one that is mean to protect is the one causing the abuse and so it is so much more abhorrent. It is so much more horrible in the sight of Allah for this to happen. So Alhamdulillah the Sharia has made these things very clear to us and the Sharia has given such amazing rights to our to the women within society. No one can say except to conclude that the Sharia came and it revolutionized the rights of our sisters in a time when all of humanity

00:30:00--> 00:30:20

He was in a state of in a state of joy here. And the rights that were given to her are far beyond anything else in any other side. In fact, I would still say that in the we know that the rights of Allah subhanaw taala are superior than that even in what we have in our modern world, in terms of Western societies and really Western society must catch up with the Sharia. If we look at some heinola

00:30:21--> 00:30:58

something just to mention in our modern so we looked at we compared other societal good modern societies. I mentioned something to this, the word feminism is taken as a swear word by some people, and it affects everything. It's seen as a negative thing by somebody shouldn't swannanoa what is feminism, it really it is to to champion the rights of women, and Subhanallah as Muslims, all of us should look to in Shai to protect the rights of everyone else, the Sharia has come and given the rights to husbands to wives to fathers to mothers, is given the rights to buyers and sellers, employers employees, we are an oma of respecting the rights that anyone who harms the rights of

00:30:58--> 00:31:38

another person is if Iran is a tyrant, and we are against oppression. And if we look at feminism, the history of feminism a little bit, it came through in stages waves, the first wave was in the late 1800s. So about 18 5018 6070. This was to give women the chance to study at a university like a man to own her property to divorce her husband Subhanallah, all these rights that feminism came, were given 1500 years before I was a very, I share with you a page with this slide. And I asked you that if you don't go through the slides, at least look at the page at the end. It gives you a column next to the rights that was given in the whist in Europe or in England, versus when those rights

00:31:38--> 00:32:21

came in the Sharia. For example, the first time a woman could attend a university in England was 18 1806 or 1860, something like that. 1860 the first university in the world 1000 years before that was built by a woman in Morocco Fatima theory. So 1000 years before women in Islam were building universities. Only 1000 years later in Europe, women allowed to enter university in panela. Up until about not even 100 years ago, women weren't allowed to become accountants and lawyers in England, you know, in the 1900s. And, you know, in the 20th century, it took a while for women to get the right to be an accountant and a lawyer. Why because she was seeing that she was not befitting to be

00:32:21--> 00:32:59

custodian of the law. We know that the Quran the first most half the first the only Quran on Earth, the very first one was left in the hands of our our mother half saw the daughter of signalman, or the Alon. And so, when Islam looks at this issue of feminism, Islam gives women these rights that are enshrined in the Sharia. At the same time, Islam acknowledges the difference. And this is a very big point to understand here. Islam acknowledges the difference between men and women, that a man and a woman are different, not better or not worse you are as a woman have certain things Allah has given you as a man, Allah has given me certain things and almost celebrates those differences. Allah

00:32:59--> 00:33:37

encourages you to be female to be feminine if you're a female and to be masculine. If you're a man within the positive way, we find a number of Hadith on this. For example, you know, modern discussion is sometimes taken as a swear word to say a woman is is loving and caring and merciful. It equals weakness we say to say that is a means a woman is weak. Remember, when Allah speaks about the Rama, when he compares our women to having a quality of mercy. Allah Himself calls himself a Rama, the first quality open the Quran Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. It is a divine quality, having the quality of mercy and our women folk, we being a general here, women have a greater capacity in

00:33:37--> 00:34:15

general have mercy and love than that of a man and this is a quantity of the Divine is a quality of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so she is being compared in a way number Leela Malala is no comparison. It is a competitive with Allah Subhana Allah in fact, we know what Allah sees his name, Rahim. It comes from the womb, that Rahim. Now this is the words of Allah subhanaw taala that he has arrived his own name, and the woman of the uterus of the mother is equated to the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala because of its capacity for love with children, and K. So Islam celebrates the differences between males and females, but gives them equal rights in terms of in terms of the Sharia, and

00:34:15--> 00:34:49

nature. We have this hadith about the brain, the bank robber, the crooked, Arab, venomous, understood Hadith, the prophet son says that the lady was made a similar from a rope and the rope is bent with crooked is the incorrect translation, the translation it is that she was made from the rib and there'll be something which has a curve in it, and therefore do not try to straighten it because you will break her Do not try to make her into a man and the Hadith. There's a hadith that Hadith continues, which we don't mention, and I don't know why it gets forgotten. The Hadith says that if you want to take the benefit from if you want to enjoy your wife, if you want to live in happiness,

00:34:49--> 00:34:59

they leave her with that curvy nature, your wife was both in a certain mold but Allah subhanaw taala by the Creator of the Universe, and he put in her qualities which were meant for her

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

So if you want to be happy with her, do not try to change those qualities. So Islam says, We are not equal, we are different and we celebrate those differences within the within the Sharia. But of course it does not take away from her rights. Lastly, we talk about what is a liberated woman. You know, there's a famous scene within a feminist circles of famous author Gloria Steinem and I believe her name is when asked what is a when is a woman liberated? What How do we know a woman is a liberated woman Steinem, Gloria Steinem and a statement was if a woman can have sex before marriage and have a job after marriage, then this is a liberated woman, a lady can have sex before she's

00:35:38--> 00:36:18

married, and she has the choice to work after she's married. Then she is a liberated a liberated woman. For us, we ask what is a liberated woman, a liberated woman is a woman that is obedient, submissive, devoted not to our husband, but to our last panel, Darla. This is an aberration. Any person that is submitted to Allah and obeys the laws of Allah fulfills the obligations put upon him or her from Allah, this is through liberation, this is true power Allah has given you and within that, this is this is what we should all aspire to do. Yes, the laws and the and the rights Allah has given us sometimes society takes away from us and that those things we need to challenge, we

00:36:18--> 00:36:54

also must remember that in Islam, Allah gives you rights, but with every right comes responsibility, and Allah gives you freedom. And with that freedom comes responsibility that he has Allah gives you the freedom to choose how to spend your money. So therefore you are accountable how you do it. And so this is the this is the paradigm or the framework of, of the Sharia. And so we'll talk more about this in the days and weeks to come. Our last I have to mention and this is perhaps one of the most beautiful is the Quran, when Allah says and on the signs that they even have the signs that He exists, is that he created for you from yourselves partners, he made you in pairs, that you may find

00:36:54--> 00:37:33

tranquility in one another, and you place between you Oh men and ladies, between husbands and wives affection and mercy. And indeed these are Signs for people who give thought that this is that of the Great, great evidences of Allah is that he created men and women and he created between them the feeling of love and care and respect and the happiness you feel with your spouse. Nothing on Earth. No money in the world. No enjoyment. No holiday on earth can equal what you feel with between a husband and a wife. But this is a sign from Allah subhanaw taala May Allah grant us to be the best best of men and women, the best of husbands fathers daughters, sisters, the best of people and about

00:37:33--> 00:37:52

Allah grant us to be the best of servants to Allah subhanho wa Taala. A reminder inshallah that the Burano Muharram event will be happening the Sunday that there will be a quiz a quiz that you can enter to please inshallah, join us and May Allah bless us and please keep us in our doors during the social circle a fatalist Allah sanem hamadryad he was having global economy