Mufti Menk – This guy knows everything, can never be wrong and will never apologise!

Mufti Menk
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Salam aleikum. So here is a man, everything he says is correct. And every thought of his is the right thought. He is the only one who knows best everything. And he actually understands everything better than the whole world. And he is the one who knows right from wrong. He actually knows a part of the future too sometimes, because his predictions are so so accurate. And he is the one nobody else understands. Everyone else is actually thick, and everyone else is actually stupid to him, and everyone else is inferior. They know nothing, he is the only one, he must make the decisions. And it's his way how he thinks is actually the only right way SubhanAllah. And if you don't listen to

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him, there will be war. And if you don't adopt his opinion, it will be disastrous, he will somehow manipulate you into believing that his opinion is the correct opinion. My brothers and sisters, if that is you, male or female, you have a problem, a major problem, you are not the only one who's right, you are not the most intelligent, you don't know the future, and you will make mistakes and you have made mistakes, and you shall make mistakes, and you do make mistakes. And your understanding is not the only understanding on earth. And you are not the only human being your way of doing things is not the only way of doing things. Remember, there are so many ways of doing the

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same thing. And it doesn't mean that if someone chose a different way from yours, that they are inferior to you or they've done the wrong thing. Not at all. Subhan Allah, let's learn to understand Allah created everyone with intellect. And Allah subhanho wa Taala has given everyone the brain. And Allah has granted everyone the ability to think and to come to conclusions and to make decisions and so on. Remember, you're not the only person on earth. Many people have this problem. Sometimes the father of the home thinks that that's it, I don't need to listen to anyone. I need to prove that I'm a man by being literally, you know, a boss in the home such that everyone must be frightened of me,

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they must be scared of me, I must flex my muscles. And I must show I must yell and scream. I must actually make sure that everyone listens to what I have to say Hang on, hang on, hang on, go back to the messenger sallallahu sallam. This is not a warzone. By the way. This is not the enemy of Islam. This is not someone who's come to damage Islam and the Muslims. It's not someone who's insulted Allah and His messenger. These are your family members. These are beautiful people who live with you. They work with you, perhaps they interact with you, you do business with them, perhaps they might be your customers, whoever else they may be. They may be your brothers and sisters in faith,

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Have some respect. Understand, give them the opportunity to process whatever comes in their direction. Give them the opportunity to make decisions. Listen to them attentively. Try to understand where they're coming from, try to look at their history or the way they look at things. And if it's not Haram, then let it be by all means. It doesn't have to be your way. You're not the only person who knows what's going on on Earth. You're not Definitely not. There are others who know more than you, perhaps in different aspects of existence and life. And perhaps in those things you think you know the most in Subhana Allah, so don't think you're a big deal. SubhanAllah you know,

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appreciate what Allah has given you give with utmost humility and respect what you have. Don't try and shove it down the throats of others. They may disagree with you strongly and don't become insulting when you disagree. Because all those are traits of people who haven't had a good upbringing, to be honest with you, they haven't been taught. They are not cultured people they don't know the etiquettes of Islam, yet they may think they know it Subhan Allah, look at how the messenger addressed his biggest of enemies. Look at how he addressed those who harmed him. Look at how he prayed for them. SubhanAllah like I said, it's not a warzone. It's not somewhere that you

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have to prove yourself to be you know, the commander of the army not at all Subhana Allah.

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In in the law. Let's learn to put everything in its place. And let's learn to understand the messenger sallallahu Sallam was the best to his family. He says we're under a rule complete. Not just family, but he listened attentively yet he was an OB I'm sure by now, you know. Oshawa, homefield, Amr, in more than one place, Allah speaks of the consultation speaking to others, listening to their opinion, and the process alum actually adopted the opinions of others, yet

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He was an OB and the Prophet of Allah.

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He didn't need to do that. Allah instructed him to do that. So Han Allah, in order for us to learn a lesson, listen to what people have to say. They may come up with something better than you can think of. Because everyone's brain capacity is different. And sometimes even the most intelligent of us will make big blunders, huge blunders. You might think, Why on earth did they do this? And how did they think this way? But there are some people, narcissistic is not even the word. It's beyond that sometimes. They think they're the only ones who have the right to exist, right to opinion, they can never be wrong, it's impossible for them to be wrong. They will never apologize to you Subhana

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Allah, there are a lot of people I know who will not apologize Come what may, they won't even think they're wrong. They won't even admit their error because they never looked at the possibility of them being wrong. Subhan Allah, it's about time we change this, my brothers and sisters, really, we're struggling across the globe because of silly things like this, that actually pile up and no more, they are no more silly actually at a certain point. Because it becomes so serious people become suicidal, some have already done that. May Allah forgive all of us? We need to talk about this. My brothers and sisters, learn to respect other people listen to them. Look at them with the

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eye of love and kindness and understanding and consider yourself one from amongst humankind. Consider yourself one from amongst humankind, and one from among the believers and one from among your family, perhaps and so on. You're not superior, simply because you think you're superior no superiority. Allah says in Chroma command de la jolla taco, the one who has the best relationship with Allah is superior, and only Allah knows it. And perhaps they would never know it. If you are trying hard to please Allah. You don't know what others are doing. You know, you think you're doing tahajjud you think you're doing Mondays and Thursdays fasting the three days of the month fasting,

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you think you're reading one boron every three days? You're think you're reading all your Salah with the Sunnah and the Nuffield, you think you're giving lots of Zakat, you think you fast Well, in the month of Ramadan, and so on and so forth. Do you know there are others who are doing much more than you way beyond what you are doing? Way beyond that, but they don't talk about it. Allah knows. And they don't even know whether they are doing more than others or not because they're not bothered. They just want to do it for the sake of Allah. Sometimes people say, this guy doesn't do this and that you don't know that guy that you think doesn't do what you think he doesn't do. Probably does

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much more than you've ever thought of doing. Subhan Allah. So don't judge people

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and humble yourself. May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us. A colocar leha was Allahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad

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