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vilanova shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala COVID mursaleen Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germain, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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All praise and worship to Allah subhana wa tada the Most Merciful, the most kind, the most high and the most great national Allah Allah, Allah with a witness that man has the right to be worshipped. But Allah has blessed us with these Holy Days in this holy Walk of Juma in this holy month of the ledger, as the days of hedgerow commencing, and the next few days will be the earliest days of the year. We thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for granting us the ability to achieve blessings of this these holy days and ask Allah to grant us the strength to make the most of it for those of us who are here and especially those of our brothers and sisters that are on Hajj at the moment Mulligan on

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all of them had Maqbool and headjam abroad, where they return safely, physically safely and all these sins have been forgiven. And we send our love greetings and salutations to beloved Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to his pious and pure family, to his companions and all those who follow his soon until the end of time. May Allah grant us to be on the sooner of NaVi salsa lamb in this life, and he's in companionship in the euro. Meanwhile, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. As I mentioned, as you know, as you should know, today is the eighth of the hedger in Saudi Arabia, seventh year in Cape Town. And, of course, this is the commencement of the the times of Hajj. And for those of us

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who are left here behind we when we feel that connection with the project, even though it's something in the last place in this oma it's something that Allah has placed in us, that you always feel this connection to Makkah, most people before I mean, before they go on Hajj, they've never seen the Kaaba, they've never seen Mecca. But there is a longing I want to be the end this longing to be with a project where does this come from spinal Ah, for those who have gone, you just want to go again and again and again. It's something that Allah subhanho wa Taala has built in it certain things which are just innate that comes with with a man. And this of course, as we're about to see,

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is of the highest pinnacles of Islam, of the importance and the virtues of hedges was to understand and for those of the Hajaj to really understand how fortunate they are, of the 1.21 point 5 billion Muslims, Allah only selected for 5 million that will stand on out of tomorrow and have the I mean, to be honest, in that Allah tells us the Sahaba Austin avviso salaam, what is the de that is the base, what is going to give me the maximum reward what is the thing that Allah will reward the most, so that doesn't sit in harmony with is for us. He says, Faith in a line is having a man is the best thing they have kiama just having that kalama intact will enter you into Jenna, this is the highest

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thing you can do is La ilaha illa Allah and so they asked the arbuscular what is the best thing after that? I mean, the prophecies on MCs the big the greatest reward you can get is to fight in Jihad Fie Sevilla to be a Shaheed and then they said what after that, and then ivysaur salaam says a hajima boo boo means a puree, excepted hedge, a hedge that has no mistakes in it a complete hedge. So if you have a hedge mob rule, we know and another Hadith says that it is a guaranteed entry into your place in general is confirmed. Allah grant all those who are making hydrogen abroad for those of us who have made Hajj, May those Hydras be hajima Blum, I'll accept that from us. The prophets of

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Salaam also we know this very famous Hadith, that whoever performs the Hajj, and does not have any sexual relations with his wife using what is the harm, he does not commit any sin. He does not argue, because these are the things you know, when you go on Hajj, the kind of sins you might fall into is you might argue you might, you know, become agitated, frustrated, this is a test and you're not going to go and hide and steal I hope not. You're not going to unhygenic among other kind of those other kinds of citizens, but you might fall into some disputes, you might have some quarrels, so the purposes of this will ever comes back and he's able to avoid any sexual contact with his

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wife. And he's able to avoid any sinful things looking at her and listen to her arm is able to avoid arguing and coordinating. This is Suna and that is followed by my mother you avoid oh this is not the time and place for those things. Now it's just you and allow you avoid those things. Then he returns from hedge SPO from sin as the day his mother gave birth to him every single son null and void gone. Every single haraam thing. He looked at everything that was on the scale, his scale of sin wiped out Subhanallah and there are people that our colleagues and friends neighbors families that will return back like this. How fortunate they are Allah grounded, all of them return like that

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three of Olson's so the one side of the hedge if you do it correctly, all your sins are forgiven. And that's not only the reward, one part of it is your sins are forgiven. The other part is you get a VIP pass into Jana.

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I sit on on Hajj and for those of us who have not performed Hajj This is a very serious matter also this hadith the prophet and says, Whoever has the ability and a mount that would enable him to reach the house of Allah today meaning if you have the financial and the physical ability to perform hajj, but he does not do so he did not perform the Hajj

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and he has no excuse basically, it would not matter if he dies as a Jew or a Christian, meaning Allah will that he will he'll be counted not as a Muslim. If you have the means to perform hajj and you don't perform Hajj you have no excuse me for Allah and it's a very serious Hadith the Prophet says it doesn't matter whether he dies a Judeo Christian Christian because Allah says in his book and Hajj is to the house is a duty to be right. It is a duty on every human being. It's all we owe that to Allah minister tada he sebelah those who are able to do so. So if you have not yet performed Hajj, then it is time to make that Nia It is time to make that sincere intention. I need to perform

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Hajj something that you can't do overnight. It takes planning but the plan begins now and it begins with a little bit of saving. Maybe the first step is to log on to South Africa. Put your name down Subhanallah if we don't get the vet name on that list will count so much and pm Allah I was waiting for so yeah Allah I've started to save already. So make that near from now. So for all of us, those of us who are on Hajj Alhamdulillah Allah grant you and accepted Hajj those who have performed Hajj mount lakes if you have those who have not make the Nia and now start saving start planning lead this report of our about thinking because we know it is a pillar of the five pillars of Islam. A

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pillar is something that in our Sharia if it's missing, the entire foundation cannot stand it's not complete. So Islam is incomplete without the touch. And that is why the person who has having fostered his life and made Salah his whole life and gave Zakah his whole life. And now finally after 50 years, he gets to make that Hajj is Islam is complete is a complete believer and that's why when Allah said to the universal Salaam of the alpha Aloma molecular Kadena COVID now today the Islam is complete the deal is complete. That is why it is the pinnacle It is like the cherry on the cake without that it is incomplete. So make that near for all of us. And it's very encouraging for me a

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lot of young people you know struggle we try encourage people to get involved in the masjid difficult getting people involved in you know, doing things but naturally it seems even our young people, they also have this mind frame it just comes to a point in time where it's you know, been on a few holidays, I need to make preparations for hygiene now, and without listening to biology going it's just something innate, and they feel like I need to go and hatch something I need to do Alhamdulillah it's a beautiful thing. In a time when spirituality and religion is moving backwards and more backwards. You look at you look at the churches synagogues empty, you still find young

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people, they make it nice and neat to put them had shaniqua that old person pinchin I would say Auntie for you. You don't even have to perform Hajj you you're not able to perform hij No, no, my Nia is slowly come to the Hajj cross year in year out hamdulillah that counts. That is really that is the sincerity. Now for many of us who are not for those of us not unhedged, you feel the need to be part of the Hajaj. And at the very least we can get to know what are they doing now, what is the steps of hedge? I want to give today a brief summary of what the Hajaj was an itinerary of the Hajaj, you might have a frame that on hedge basically giving an endless endless standing of what

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he's going to do but first I want to talk to you about the Hadith which is called the mother of the Hadees on Hajj. Sahabi Jabulani, Alon Shabbat Shabbat. He was a young Sahabi when he mithuna Vito Salaam and he grows up to be very old, almost 100 years blind when he passes away and he gives a hadith a full description of the hygiene of Esau Salaam. So Jaffa Satyagraha line is a young boy, he comes with his father Jaffa Sadiq is like the great great great grandson of an abyssal Salim Sina Hussein's great great grandson he comes with with his father Mohammed, and they asked jabber, jabber make them happy. So Salaam Jaffa sodic never meet in Ibiza solemn and so Jeffers.

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Yolanda's great Sahabi he says, oh, you're the family of the visa Salamis great grandson, and he feels his face in his chest when you do just feel the weight the family of Navy so solemn. And so he says What can I tell you my son? What are you here to ask? So he says, tell me about the height of my grandfather. I want to know about how the Navy SEALs perform Hajj. And so I said jabil is blind right? So he puts up his hand makes nine. This is for nine years now visa Salam was in Medina, we didn't make much there's not much when the 10th year came. And now that our visa Salaam, announced to the oma I'm going to perform Hajj. And so every Muslim has ever could imagine that this will come

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from Hajj, every Muslim try to flock to be with the Navy, so solemn and jabiru seas. So we lift Medina. And we got to the McCart. Now for those of you who don't know, before you before you get to Makkah is a boundary called the macaques, when you cross

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That boundary you need to be in the state of Alabama. We certain things become prohibited for you. Once you cross that McCart you are now in the state of like heights, you beginning your hatch. Now, you cannot do certain things you can't cut your nails. You can't remove hair from your body. You can't have intercourse or have any relationships with your wife. For the main. You can only weigh those two sheets that we see. You can't read anything on your head, no shoes that close your feet Why? It is to show that this body doesn't belong to you. This even the body belongs to Allah subhanaw taala you can't pull anything from it. But unless permission why nothing on the head

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because the headgear is symbolic of status. The bigger the turban The bigger the Allium. When the head gets made of gold it's the crown is the king well Now Allah says no one no min can we headway because none of you have any status before Allah subhanaw taala of course the sisters you still wear your scarf please like you're still with the Duke he still goes the ladies with a normal clothes for me no perfume allowed. It is you're in the state of complete submission to Allah The thing that he had on what does it look like? Like you can even write the same thing that the hajis wave i mean is the caffeine which will be buried in Allah is basically showing this is the state that you are this

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is who you are, whether you King so and so CEO of this company or that you're in the in the sight of Allah, you're just slaves. And so before you cross this macaque you need to be in that state of Iran. So there'll be salsa lamb comes to the macaque. And as jabil is saying that this is what comes to the macaque. And when he gets the he says whenever I looked left, right back, it's just people chopping block or over the Muslims have come to join me so solemn, and he made Salah in the masjid at the macaque when he stood on the camel, and the people could see him and then he announced that he's now entering the state of your arms are you into Iran? Just verbally it's a Nia it's an

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intention. And then he said Rebecca love Malbec. Yeah, Allah I have come on city. That big means Allah you call and I'm on sitting, you give the command and I respond, lobby kolomela back meaning I answer again and again and again. No matter how many times you Come on, I answer the bacolod Malbec, the baker luxury colloquy is no partner with Allah in Alhambra near Metallica one book that really all the praise and all the power and all creation belongs to you like a one mole can everything belongs to you, luxury color. You have no partner with you in any of these things that make a lot of Malbec so that I just will say this over and over as they move from the macaques. And they've done

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this already. Many of them have already lived Medina, they will say this continuously until they complete the hydrogels until they start making takbeer of it. So basically, I just continue saying the calvia until they make the tech bit of eat. So back to Java. So he says we made the Tobia and here abubaker on the line, he comes with his wife and his wife gives birth at the cost behind a lot. He will be pregnant lady I want to go watch within a visa salon. She's literally like, you know, she she pops at me caught and so what must I do now? So nobody so Cisco, you also enter in Iran, but then did yourself and you also so even the lady in her head, she's also in Iran. And so we came to

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jabiru seas and he sees he gets the seljuk and he like he says you know think of it that time there are tools with a salsa lamb and the Quran was still being descending descending upon us a level system communicating with us Can you imagine what it was like to be alive that time within a visa salon? Those days are gone. So then he says we came to Makkah and in those days he says we never knew there was no such thing as making an omelet with a Hydra What's he talking about? The allergies as we know our you know you look at the package you go five week package with algae or whatever it might be like you spend two weeks in Medina when you cross over Mecca now you in Iran like this levy

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so seldom do you mean you stay in Iran for three weeks in Mecca three weeks. You lie next to your wife, you can't have any nothing was What is this? No. So then a visa Salaam allowed at that point he says perform your Amara. And for those of you who did not bring your sheep your Kobani with you, you can exit your home. This is something new once a hobby said yeah rasulillah awesome. Is it just for this year that you allowed to break your arm and then put them into it again. So now this is the lady's fingers like this and he said from now until kiama Allah has allowed that you can make an Amara into the harem and into a new era for her. Remember, they came jabby saying we came for hedge

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our near is Iran for hedge. We can only get out of Iran when we're done with hedge now and obviously we see something new that we can actually exit the hedge of the matter. The hedge of ease and this is the one that everyone should do. Unless you bring your animal with you. You pack it in the bag you take it with through on the airport. When you cannot do tomato you're not able to so like the hygiene, you know the ruling if you want to cook by now. You need to cook by you can cut your hair contact your nails. So the same without

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If he's if his animal is there with him, now he has to wait for the animal to equal demand otherwise, you can you can exit your harem. So, the Sahaba most of them did not have the animals. So they exited the harem now vehcile salaam, himself, he had these and some animals with him. And so he said, I cannot exit my harem I if I will stay in the home, whereas the rest of you is the home. And the job is now he tells Jaffer and his father something about the father say, look, this is the great grandfather segnale right to say his grandson, son, son, son, this is an annual grandfather. When he came from Yemen, he wasn't with us. And he came from Yemen not knowing all about this image.

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And he comes to your great grandmother Fatima and he sees out of Iran wing makeup and all this stuff and he's upset with what are you doing? You're supposed to be in Iran because we perfume and stuff like that. And she says My dad told us we can insulate her arm and he says I don't understand this and he went to the professors I love and so then he says Fatima spell correctly. You can exactly her arm if you did not bring your animal with you. And then he also Nally Levison artisanally and what is your Nia what Nia Did you come with for Hajj? What what type of Hajj Do you intend to say now? He said, I didn't know what Nia so my Nia was Allah. I have the Nia of Mohamed Salah, whatever Nia then

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a visa salami. That's my nia. So service on system. As for me, I have to stay in Iran. So you're going to stay in Iran with me. We get to stay there until for the next two weeks. So we are going to be stuck in Iran. As for the rest, they can they can exit they can perform. They can exit the home. The vision goes and he finds eyeshadow and she's crying. And he says yeah, Hunter Hunter is like a term of endearment like sweetie pie. Why are you crying? So she says, I have my head knife in your head. For the lady. She is in her arm, but she cannot make that off so she can't make a number. And so she says everyone is gonna have O'Meara and hadj and I only can perform Hajj because I can't make

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one right now. So navicent says to her, this is how Allah decreed for the daughters of item, your reward is still there, you will get the reward. It's not your fault. And she still says okay, okay, fine, fine, she accepts it. But she's gonna cry again later on anyway, so she accepts that. Then there'll be salsa lamb waited until today, the state of the ledger. So he came before he came around the beginning of the ledger about a week before hedge. And in this day, the eighth day, this is the day when it's going to begin. So what happens today, this jabby this is after fudger after the main project today, the eighth day now, those who had exited the Iran they must enter a new Iran correct.

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Those who really want to stay in Iran. Now like your father's mother's friends who even Hajj now they have to enter Iran again a new So today, they will offer the Soldier Soldier between father and daughter. All the hedges now, by now already they've done it. they've entered the state of Iran. They have put on that took off the normal clothes put on those clothes, no perfume now, no more.

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Anything of enjoyment helaas now it's you in that state of economic gain. And you make the big lobby Coloma Baker Baker national economic now you're in the state of Iran like haraam in a sanctified state. And then jabil said we live Makkah was the old state in Mecca it was known as easier back then we live Mecca, and we move to Mina and we got the the word time so that it is now in Mina Mina and this is way Mina is the spot when Abby Ibrahim took NaVi smile to be to be slaughtered. We know now Allah commanded him to sacrifice the viessmann he did this at Mina. This is what happened. That's why this is the place where the sacrifice happens is with a jamaa and this is where the edges

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will stay. So they stay in Mena today, and there's no rituals today in Mena today is the day of today we're meaning of the day of preparation, meaning you're getting ready for something big. Tomorrow is the big day. So they will stay on me now. They will make the world two records in each box. Then they will make two records in each box. In assorted work. They'll make monthly three records. They'll make a shy two records initially, they will go to sleep Nokia Malayan, no dadgad nothing like that you will sleep immediately off the shy especially because tomorrow is the real day. You wake up for 5g, you make 5g it's worked and now tomorrow morning, the hedges will leave

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they will leave meaner. jabil says we lift off the off to the sun as a result of the shock time. The prophecies are lift meaner. And now he came to and you pause through most alpha and you will get to arafa so you have Mina was done alpha alpha, so then a recent pass through Metallica. Now side note Yeah, and I find this very it's nice to know. So jab jab, he says the kurush the people of Mecca was sure that Ibiza Salam would not go to alpha. He would stop at Mr. Fry. The Qureshi had some concocted idea. They told the other ages you people. We are the people that are on we live in Makkah We are the people of Aqaba. We are pure and clean. You people are all dirty.

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So you need to go to alpha to get purified. We can say Mr. Alpha, no need to go there. This was some obviously, they may be

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an Abra hedge and came up with this inquiry, this current thing. So now the reason Salaam is Qureshi and it's the first time is making Hajj and the people of Mecca were new into Islam and they believe he will stop him was the alpha and lead the rest of us go to alpha and abyssal Salaam. And he passes through Metallica, he gets just outside alpha and he pauses he doesn't.

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He has a thing put up. That's why today there's a magic called Magic namira This place is outside out of the way and he's stood in a tent and he waited. He waited for the time to come in. When I walked up the word came in now visa Salaam crossed over into alpha to show why why did he pose the to show the walk of alpha when it starts. And also the show this concept of the cooperation is nonsense. This idea that the Qureshi people are pure, doesn't everyone must go to alpha, even Rasulullah Salim who is pure, he also needs to go to alpha foo to complete his Hajj. And so then Elisa Lam crosses over into alpha. And he said, Of course I had to alpha, that Hajj is alpha, that

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this is the most important moment of the Hutch. And whenever we saw Santa made that very famous Hooda we he began by praising Allah, when he declared the oneness of Allah. When he said today, Allah revealed that ayah today the deen is complete, that everything of the Jay Z is helaas idol worship is finished. We don't worship anyone besides Allah. And then the most important point after that, that he made was what he said, What, as you record out of this place as early as you regard Makkah as sacred, and you regard your Iran as sacred and you regard the day of

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the ledger, these are all sacred. These are big deal in your big days in your eyes, in your eyes, the garba is sacred new eyes. And so to is the blood, the honor, the property of every single person is sacred. As you will respect the Kaaba, you need to respect someone's honor, his money, his property, his family, he spoke about husbands wives, he spoke about wives to husbands, he spoke about Salah, he spoke about the important things and he said that he believes has lost all hope in lieu in guiding you in the big things to take care of the small things that he was will do. And then he completed them or perhaps analyzes had this foot bamboo completely, you know, we could choose

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time. And then absolutely those beautiful words. He says, Have I not conveyed my message? Have I not done my duty? I'm assuming I'm a messenger, have I not done my duty? And they said you have conveyed your message. And so he pointed and he said Allah be witness to what they say I have done my my job. I told them what they need to know. And then they'd be so solemn, of this football. So tomorrow digests will into alpha, the word time, there'll be a good book that the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia gives. And then after the goodbyes done, they will perform the word and acid together, shoot two records, two records. And then what do you do? So every place in the Hajj visit ritual visit Allah

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is yamaraja suta. Otherwise the most important place, but there's no ritual, after you're done with answer, which is in the way of the word, from the word time from one o'clock basically, until my sleep, that's just you and me so seldom face the Qibla and he just stood in for hours and hours and hours, you and Allah, one on one conversation. This is the hygiene now needs to exert himself in praising Allah and asking Allah for forgiveness. We know that Hadith, that no day on earth, no day in the year, or more people forgiving the day of alpha. And he didn't know he's limiting him for the hajis only this even for us that this day is the holiest day of the year just to add to that

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holiness, the NaVi so someone said in a manner which we fits all His Majesty, he himself Allah, in his personal capacity descends on the people of arafah comes close to them, he doesn't need to come close to him, but as an honor for them, it comes close and near to them so that they can be seen him so that he can answer they do us so that he can give them he can heal the sick, he can forgive those who committed sin versus the day where you are the closest to the last mahatama. So those 5 million people, that is what it means to be a delegate of Allah, they got an invitation to have that one on one meeting with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Tomorrow. That's really what mean what it means. You and I

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each one like we have an invitation, our diary with the CEO, I think it's a big deal with the president out in over the moon would we be you know, in two years time I have a meeting with so and so this is a meeting with me. This is a meeting with the Lord of the universe. This is a meeting to have all your sins forgiven. All your desires, answered everything for you and for for those that are behind waiting, and that's why it's a big deal for us to know that one person might or Allah selected one in our own because hopefully they will make dua for all of us.

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We get those images Subhanallah

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I said all that you know beta and if you did that, you know, someone beta helps us in the back and we give lectures and they don't know who's obeyed but they hear his name on the audio and so some hygiene I don't know what is the person even say you don't know who I am. But I've listened I got accredited last minute couldn't attend the clause by listen to the lectures that you intubate, put together. And so just I want him to know I'm making up for him as well, because they helped me know how great it is to be part of the project in a smooth manner. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah so they will make dua and they are the closest to Allah until the sunsets and then a Beatles album just

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before the sun went down about half an hour before mclubbe jabesh then rolls his hands and like may die like bringing Allah This is no sin this place in general is secured. But he's begging yet Allah I won't get a chance like this again. And so when the sun sets the day of finish alpha is over. And so the VESA lambin said to the judge slowly take it easy we leave out of it now but slowly and he pool diabesity pool This is camel to slow it down and smile that's the one time when the really the crowds get crazy.

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For some reason for one place in the resources it slowly is when we rush the most we rush out of alpha and so people will leave out of me on the way back he stopped in with alpha he made Muslim any shy together in the water we shy some loss Allah so the hedges tomorrow they will spend the date out of Frankel Maverick off the maverick they will leave out of they won't make mockery nada. They will go to Mr. Alpha. And while it will take maybe an hour two hours to get to Mr. alpha. so worked up mercury will go It's fine. No problem. This happened to this new self as he was going you know because I'm never alone. He always had someone with him. He had Oussama young boy zayde son with him

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and Osama Sierra from the time it's all his mother is finished. We haven't yet made marketing and business Don't worry about it. We're gonna make money manage it together. It was deliver. And so then IV soda made it not very many shy. He asked. I think it was a bus even a bus isn't his cousin, fish some stones for me. And now this is misconception that all the stones for the jamara must be from which Delica you can pick up stones anyway. But then I've also had some stones picked up in the middle fry because it was the middle of nowhere was nullified, doesn't have a camp or anything like that. And so some stones were brought to them to be so solemn. He looked at them and he threw them

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away. So no smaller than this. You only need to really like put like a seed like maybe a date seed. chickpeas seed sugar be net size, Jelly Bean. That's how much that's how big it must be. Now these are big, so just so you know, people thought they bring big rocks, you're gonna throw the shape on, he needs boulders, right? As vanilla. We know people throw, throw umbrellas, and they throw shoes and they throw frames, obviously babies in those frames they throw and

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screaming and swallow No, no, it's only small little stones and small stone small stones, if you know the detail and episode into things which were not relevant at that time, but relevant to us. When you see for example, I'm standing here and all of this is alpha, and I'm standing here and all of this is mean I mean you don't, don't fight for the spot, all the spots are the same. So when I beat him awake, he slipped, it was deliver. The next morning he made fudger he was alpha and then he left Metallica and he came to meaner and meaner. He began by throwing the gemera now what is this jamara we know from the story of NaVi Ibrahim all of this is emulation of LeBron LeBron James

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vanilla side note. He makes a duel in the Quran, arena monastic and of the he built the Kaaba with the beast, right? You made it twice the Allah except what we do, and lit what our rituals, the monastic rituals we do likee be repeated. So alongside it, that millions of people will perform your rituals until the end of time.

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Everything that you did once in your suite, Allah will give it to you. Unless you call them for how much and they will come in the millions from every land in the world didn't happen a nice time wasn't his people. No nobody after that until this. We are the answer if big is the answer of Nabhi blah, blah, if he is the answer of NaVi Brahim da. And so now Viva him. Of course we know he was caught he was commanded by Allah to sacrifice his mind and maybe maybe brought him took the most beloved thing to him maybe smile to Mina, and we as he was about to slaughter we know when chiffon came police came in different forms. He came first to know he smiled and he said runaway don't

00:29:34--> 00:30:00

listen to your dad. He's crazy when he came as a teenager said how you allowing him to kill your son. And when he came in another form a third form of Aqaba, basically. And he said to me, Ibrahim, how can you do this? You know this guy has commanded you with something which is crazy. How can you come on too slow to your son? And what did they do? They responded with stones through beliefs with stones. So at that spot, we have Gemma rock now. And that's what we have jamara now so now visa

00:30:00--> 00:30:43

started by throwing jamara the big jamara acaba was the seventh there's only one of the three and again, everything has a symbolic and maybe we'll dissect this more next week inshallah, what does it mean to slaughter? What does it mean to throw stones Iran says meaning and so that I just will begin Sunday. So Saturday night they will sleep in us deliver Sunday morning, they will wake up the 10th of the ledger, and they will go to go from alpha to Mina. When they get to me nine in the morning, they will begin by throwing jamara to Aqaba with seven stones when the animal then abyssal Solomon floated 63 sheep at Mina. In fact, he had 100 but he floated 63 himself, and that is to say nearly

00:30:43--> 00:31:26

completed and beautiful. What he said was, he said when he slowly said our law, this is and this is how you salute you say Bismillah Allahu Akbar Bismillah In the Name of Allah, the Most Great had mink like minca welaka that this is from you and is for you. This is on behalf of the City on behalf of Mohammed and my family and my whole oma if the sheep is slaughtered, was on behalf of his oma. And what's beautiful is we hope that this even till the end of time even us included in that quota ban all of us are included in the ban of Navy SEALs. So it's noted 63 sheep one for every year of his life, and the other 37 was slaughtered by Satan earlier on the lawn. And after the slaughter was

00:31:26--> 00:32:08

done, he had bits of it put in a pot and if you know and people distributed he ate from it and redistributed of any Harry's he shaves the hedges with corbon they will first throw Aqaba they will have the sheep could bond for them. When you will shave your hair the mean and you will exit the home. You can be normal clothes you perform the hustle and when he went to Mecca to perform tawakoni father and the big toe off and any perform beside another last point jabeen mentioned cm when we got to the harem, when you got to Harlem, it was the custom of his family brainwash him, his clan, each clan of Makkah had certain job one, one group, the job was to keep the key of the car until today

00:32:08--> 00:32:35

they still keeping the key of the car. But another job was to give the food the Banu Hashim his family, the job was to take the Samsung out of the well and give the Adjust water. And he comes now to Mecca. And his family's taking the water out to the well and they giving him water and he said, I wish I can get in the well with you and take it out with you. But if I did this now, then every single Haji is gonna want to do this. Everyone want to get in the world until the end of time.

00:32:36--> 00:32:52

He said I should also be in here with you, my family Take me out to the judge. But I can't do this because we're going to have a world war three in the middle of Harlem. You know, in a few years time everyone wants to get in the well because we'll become as soon to actually take water out of the world. So now we just took some

00:32:53--> 00:33:33

of them. Some of them only the words of a navy and so he performs his tail off and he sigh and now he's completely under him and he returns to me now so that I just returned to Mina again, after the day of eat. As you see this is the day of eat the 10th Sunday for them no eat Salah. That is them the eggs of the harem before sunset, it is good to be back in Mina and they will spend the three days of tashlich in Nina you will spend each night Nina in the night times performing the sadar in its walked and mean you will perform in the morning in the days after the word time they will pelt all three Gemma rocks that in until the days of the week is Monday and Tuesday. You can either stay

00:33:33--> 00:33:42

two days as Allah commands or you can actually stay a third day of course now visa sallam, he stayed a third day he stayed all three days in Mena, and he's pelting the jemalloc

00:33:43--> 00:34:22

after he completed this, and they all had this five days, first day that we are meaner than arafa. When they read three days, I mean either two days with actually owes a six day the sixth actually, once you are done, you leave by must leave time before Monday. And you go back to Makkah. And for those of us who live we don't live in Mecca and didn't live in Mecca. He didn't perform the final offer with a fee well off the last day, the minute basically the last thing you do when you leave the home is our family members. We'll make one final thought off like you do it off when you greet the Kaaba. It's like magic. So the harem it has it has a title image but the cover how you greet the

00:34:22--> 00:35:00

characters with tawaf. And so you greet the Kaaba with the last offer. And that's when you leave as an ad this before we interfere as the business about to leave now finished off with that he's about to leave Makkah. I shall try again. And he says sweetie pie why you cry? So she says how is it I must go back home. Everyone even my co wives, they have another hatch. I only have a hatch. I want to make one more again. I want to make that oma I must because I may hide. I want to make one right now. And so now this was fine, no problem. Take your little brother take you to a place outside Mecca, what we call mercy Russia today into Iran making oma we'll wait for you and we'll

00:35:00--> 00:35:43

Go back to we'll go back to Medina together and So, because of that, we now know that you can actually go to Makkah before maroubra go to Majid Ayesha in Tehran and make another Amara is permissible, Allah Subhana Allah allow this. And so they went back to, we know Mecca, Medina, and Ibiza, salaam basically only live until three moments in Niger it was Muharram suffer or below when he passed away, but below well, below what so this is the Hajj Subhana Allah, and we pray that that the hayashida are going to follow as jabil season Heidi, and we concluded this Hadith, he says, We emulated the abyssal Salaam, in every single thing he did, we stopped where he stood, how we stood

00:35:43--> 00:36:13

how we threw, if we don't even until today Subhanallah we emulate him to the tee. We even know people on earth emulate the religious leader, as the mother said, we can say we perform our rituals, exactly to the tee as Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam did. And so therefore we hope that we can keep maintain ourselves on the sooner the prophets of Allah. So in sha Allah, Allah bless the Hajaj, we pray for them, and I will accept all the rituals and Allah forgive them. And I mean, just a few announcements. So the

00:36:15--> 00:36:51

roof is tomorrow arafa. And it would be a program a cool program here in the machine from acid until tomorrow from acid until Monday. And we seem to be sooner to please everyone should try and force tomorrow, or Sunday is about the dates whatever. But is tomorrow in terms of when the judge would be it is soon not too fast on the day of alpha and you get two years of forgiveness. So everyone should try and force on the day of poof and there will be a program here and any thought as well. So if you're in town in the area with a false tomorrow, you can come to the masjid and have you thought there'll be a program from our subjects. Abdullah Khan is going to be a guest speaker as well

00:36:51--> 00:37:30

tomorrow when Majid Burano Islam will be having its eat program on on Sunday. And I know the majority of the and I need to mention this I know we overtime, but I need to mention this. People are realizing why these two IDs ma OSS got so many questions about the switch they should I give. So we a few messages. We'll have it on Sunday, and the majority of the message will have been on Monday. Why is this? Of course it comes down to our calendar will show the ninth of the pager is Sunday. But of course we know that the judge will be on alpha on Saturday tomorrow. And so the is this legitimate? misunderstood we don't know which way to go, should I fall on Saturday or Sunday?

00:37:30--> 00:38:06

Should I fall Saturday but keep it on Monday? What do I do? At the end of the day, these are two legitimate views, both of them are acceptable, both of them are acceptable and inshallah that whichever day you force whichever way you keep it Alhamdulillah it is acceptable because you are making your HDR to the best of your ability. All of this fasting on the day of arafah slaughtering aid all of it is sooner or sooner if you don't do it you will get some but you will get sinful hurting somebody's feelings you will get some if you insult someone and you fight over the day of the day. This is how long and therefore we know that the one who lets go his opinion for the sake of

00:38:06--> 00:38:45

greater unity for family unity will have a bigger reward even if it takes the lesser opinion. So every family at least keep it on the same day. My advice to you the majority join the majority if it's the family even if you are right for the sake of unity in your family or in your Gemma don't have a split Gemma in one measure one family and then I end up with this beautiful Hadith the prophet of Islam says to you Do you know what is better? Then sooner? sorta what is better than sooner fasting even a lot of us see what is better than charity. Even quadband charity. What is better than all of that? What gives you more than what the net? It's the one who reconciles between

00:38:45--> 00:39:25

people. It keeps people together. It keeps people from dividing. It's better for them for fighting with each other. The prophecy is like an eraser erases your good deeds, his good deeds Let's not fight for those things. But those who are keeping you can join us on Sunday. Our program will start from basically take B from seven from hapa seven we'll have our talk and then by 755 of the Sherlock will have the eat Sala the Arabic word by the author and an output ban will slaughter at the center the blue building from nine o'clock for those of you who'd like to put a ban with us we still have a few slots available Sunday or you could slow to on Monday as well. No problem and therefore you can

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speak to military at the back any questions concerns with gmail.com it Mubarak to all of you, and slum are full of baloney as well. I mean sugar