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As Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah salah, my brothers, my sisters in Islam, we are here back together and hamdulillah My dear Sheikh, Dr. Muhammad salah, Mufti is maiming. We are in the Philippines we had a beautiful event. Last night connecting the post conference and hamdulillah the team was about introducing 11th Edition The 11th El Hamra. We've been together for more than that actually. But in the Philippines alone, we've been coming together have the same speakers we never changed Al Hamdulillah we have more more metaquotes come and go but hamdulillah the three of us being together for this was

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pantalla to unite us once more inshallah with that Habib Mohamed Salah Allah and in general for those we are about to leave multiman can explain what's happening in the next couple of days and also basically in sha Allah azza wa jal today we are going to be leaving from here. Do you want to go out to see other people? Yeah. Today we will be leaving from here of Manila going to a place called Jensen General Santos. General Santos is a city

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don't open it back. Yes. Yeah. So General Santos. So basically today we are going to General Santos and we're driving from there about two hours to a place called Sultan Kudarat there to Sultan Kudarat in the Philippines. They are not too far from each other but one is the province one is a CTS one as we

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did last year will not visit No, no.

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That was the city we are going now to the province itself and this was insha Allah because we have a series of events there's going to be the largest in terms of inshallah and so since there are no flights, yes, the mayor from the from the other Sultan Kudarat was there at our event last night that took out his family, him and his family and his son is the deputy governor, Governor of the vice governor of the area, so I'll handle it. Then we'll we will have our eventing Sultan Kudarat and then we will be leaving in Sharla. Again flying out to San Blanca, and when we fly to Zamboanga Inshallah, we have an event there we have people to meet our brother oof, may Allah grant him Jana,

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he's the one who initiated that in a beautiful way. He helped us a lot. May Allah give him Jana and help him was very nice. Last year, we made it to visit his great Yes, last year we visited his grave.

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Also, we don't forget our brother ship, as well.

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Yes, and then from there, we will fly out to Tawi Tawi, which is the furthest point of the south of the Philippines. Can we tell we we've never been there before. It's normally it used to be a slightly dangerous area because still there are concerns about some conflict. And that's why handler we always insist to go to those areas with of course, you know, utilize the use in these areas are much in need for speakers and we need to encourage them.

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You know, one of the things I noticed is that when we go and gather a large number of Muslims, it really gives the people a reassurance regarding their identity as Muslims because people are actually fighting the identity of Muslims. They want you to be embarrassed, they want you not to practice they want you not to wear your hijab they want you to feel uncomfortable with a few of these things. And actually our presence is more than just giving talks and even yes reassurance to people to empower them you know when you see a large number of Muslims mashallah, as a Muslim it gives you a reassurance so 100 900 at one point people didn't believe that we will be in Morocco we

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will go to the Mirage next time we go to when we look to Salah he didn't make it there. Zamboanga was off the list people you never thought especially after the shooting the shooting of Dr. Either pardoning and also this time totally totally aligns a surprise that we need to share with people who are not even from the Philippines or don't only go to the UK, USA, Washington DC, and Toronto and Canada and he had a netbook

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even to the jungles. And don't Don't be fooled by the private jets and private planes these are provided by the mayors and the governors of Maguindanao and other provinces who are Muslims and hamdulillah always be and there's no flights actually so the in order for us to actually have all these events in three four days private planes will be in shallow data at our disposal so pray for the mayor's who provided this pray for us. It's not easy or don't think that because we were flying on private jets something very tough. I mean, early morning, work whole day, evening sometimes we you know are restricted regarding hours that for a couple of hours. Yes. But inshallah a few days

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and we will be okay I normally say even if it takes hours and we are tired for as long as you have good company and you're doing the right thing. Now you wouldn't mind the 100 we were talking about how Filipinos in general their hearts are so inclined to the deen even non Muslims among them when they hear the words of Allah subhanaw taala they find them crying we find them coming backstage and you know declaring

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the Quran mentioned something about this Can you elaborate?

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On number five, well let the reader

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Rarely Can we maybe see seen our banner?

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So I love what you said, among the People of the Book, the nearest to the believers, and the most compassionate are those who say we are the followers of Jesus peace be upon them and supporting them. They have faiths, they are religious leaders.

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they're my arrogance

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This is very important quality, that not being arrogant, and this is arrogance is the biggest hindrances against accepting the truth. That's why in the sound parties are also the

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one who have even Adam weight of arrogance into paradise, one would wonder what to wear this would prevent the person who said yes, because when he was asked what his elders say, it is bottled

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the truth and looking down at people. So if a person had this evil trait of arrogance, even if he has the Quran speaking to him, we will not see versus a person even if he's not Muslim, but he's humble and he's willing to accept the truth. Once he lays his eyes on the word of Allah, I have some people Christian people, but Allah He accepted Islam by me reading so often Fatiha.

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I have a Christian missionary by reading so often fair to have accepted Islam right which is this is

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this is what I've been remember a sister was reading sort of money and I was reciting and giving the translation said no, this is in my Bible. I say no, this is a Surah the whole chapter in the Quran is named after you know Maria and the mother of Jesus. And based on those ayat when she realized it's in the Quran, she accepted Islam hundreds goes on and it says you're either Samuel

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Z Zillow, ala Rasul later on are you now on the field women add them in, out of all mineral health, when they hear what is revealed from Allah subhanho wa Taala to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you will find their eyes filled with tears because they recognize the truth. Those are the knowledgeable and those are the ones who are who do not have pride. And this is why when you want guidance from Allah, if you have pride in your heart, chances are it will either be delayed or it won't come because you despise people and you will reject the truth anyway. So even if it comes towards you, you won't recognize it and if you do recognize it, your arrogance will want to reject

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it. So many people like at the time of the process, Allah Allah says

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wala kin of Valley me in a big Atilla he had the wrong doors. They denied the signs of signs of Allah the versus

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number six is they knew the truth.

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Law here the huddle so they know it's the truth. They reject it for arrogance is nothing the signature rape and all these people all the time and you know about the federal Allah subhanaw taala said, What the hell do we have a state appointed

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for so all

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so they were certain that the signs that more Sally's Salam was given and the miracles will prove this verse it actually means these people denied it Jahad will be hard. They refused, rejected and denied.

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And they themselves they knew that this was the truth. Why Ruhlman oh Lord because of pride and because of wrongdoing. Something very important people I think need to know is that we are not here to convert the Christians. This is not our mission. Our mission is to really share what we believe about our faith. And if people come forward on their own accord on their way, not only here earlier, you don't convert No.

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Allah subhanaw taala it is Islam as mission. Allah Subhana Allah say to His prophets, Allah Salla insalata cos in Ocala, the Hadith, you do not convert nor guide whom you like it is Allah who guides and only when mission is to convey to convey the mission is always to convey and also to a ratio and and empower

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With the young Muslims and the upcoming and the weak to say you know what your identity insha Allah you should not compromise be a proud Muslim in the sense that be a happy good practicing Muslim open so what if they don't like a few things about you they don't like a few things about all of us I think they are ready to leave my soul shall

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be Inshallah, in touch touched through the soil in your DUA, somebody come up to

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