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AI: Summary © The conversation covers the history and origins of the Bible, including the use of "verbat" in the Bible and the history of the Bible. It also touches on the significance of "verbal" in culture and how humans are the only ones who believe in their truehood. The title "verbat" refers to the Greek-argive doctor who would be the doctor of the body, not the title of the ancient Egyptians. The discussion also touches on controversy surrounding Islam's actions and actions of Congress, including the use of "elev Competition" to protect people, the idea of "ille salary" for employees, and the use of " eleventh" to create "monster" culture.
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a Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Otto bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim bossing me de Korea to keep moving not to do one or the incoming nobody moves our fear. I'm gonna be happy they told me You mean on Sadat. Hola. Hola Liam. So Alhamdulillah we meet once again on the forum and on the platform of deceit. And as always I invite and welcome our brothers, our sisters, our listeners and our viewers to remain connected as we embark and explore yet another chapter of the Quran. This time it is Surah toises pastures meaning story tale narrative, where does it appear in the Quran induced 20 Chapter 28 comprising of how many verses 88 verses it is a makiya

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chapter, meaning revealed before migration. A great chunk of this chapter deals with the story, the narrative, the tale of say Eden or Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam. We had discussed this, to a certain extent, in surah Taha chapter 20 In fact, another name of that chapter is surah. Kilim because it covers in great detail the story of Musa alayhis salam was salam, but from a different angle and different dimensions, we will be touching again on the story of Musa alayhis salam. And to the tail end of this chapter, Allah subhanho wa Taala concludes it with the story of Perun his arrogance, his haughtiness and how the Earth had swallowed him. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect

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us from that. That being said as the introductory comments to this chapter, let's go ahead and comments join along, stay focused and appreciate each verse of the Quran is rich is profound, is voluminous and can revolutionize our lives. Yes, indeed. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim pausing me for roof Macatawa roof Nakata odd these words of the Quran are mysterious or allegorical. Tambien Allah Al Jazeera Quran indicating to us that the Quran is more urges, it is beyond our grasp. The knowledge of this is known to Allah alone has a motto Rahul Maha code minimum of a city this is the preferred opinion of the experts on the exegesis of the Quran, verse number two teleca to cater Bill

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mobian These are the verses of a clear book. So we have the word Tilka. Basic Arabic will indicate to you that tilde is used to denote something at a distance, just like for a feminine noun valleca is also used to denote something at a distance. The second chapter of the Quran Allah says Donica Kitab that book, though the book is before you and this is mentioned in the HeartShare of Gela lane, that in the context of the Arabic language, sometimes the expression of a noun indicating something at a distance is to impress the importance the merit and the significance yes Tilka a heavy his Surah this chapter that we will be discussing now unpacking elucidating and exploring our yard or

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the verses are yet to Nikita bill moving in of a clear book abana Ubu urbanna this verse this chapter, this Quran is clear cut, clear cut in which regard in all regards, in explaining the permissible from the impermissible the lawful from the unlawful, the abode of those that obey Allah subhanho wa Taala and likewise, the consequences of those that disobey Allah subhanho wa taala. So Tilka is to Nikita Bill Mobius it is clear cut these are the verses of a clear book, verse number three, Allah subhanho wa Taala commences the tale the story of Satan or Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam and look at how amazing Allah opens the discussion. Not to know islandica mean about you Musa

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warfare on that bill had a little mini me known not to know We recite to you a yak Rahu J Brillo be a marina, your crow who Gibreel or Alencon be a marina, we recited to you, meaning Gibreel Alayhis Salam recited to your own Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Eunice de lune Mullah, aka Toby ro. I mean Emery Allah mania SHA Omen everybody Jibreel Alayhi Salatu was Salam comes with Revelation, and so Gibreel recites it to you

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not to know Anika verbatim translation we recited to you mean never a Musa Iran from the story that they mean harbor from the information of Musa and Farah own Arabic grammar basically Amin comes for the burial. The burials means a portion and extract meaning it's not going to encompass and encapsulate all aspects of the tail of Satan or Musa alayhis salam. But yes indeed, it will touch on certain aspects of the life of Satan or Musa alayhis salam mean never in Musa will figure out and remember if you recall my brother and my sister when Allah subhanho wa Taala opened up the discussion of Satan and Musa in chapter 20 surah Taha Allah said, Well, hell attack and Hadith of

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Musa will attack a hadith of Musa and have you perchance heard being informed received? Are you acquainted with the story of Musa alayhis salam? And the scholars say yeah, Al is stiff Hamlet dish we shall waka you shall ricotta, shall we? The question here is to stimulate,

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you know, passion for it, to excite you to intrigue you, to capture you to attract you. Do you know when you need to know have you heard when you better discover meaning this is something you cannot stay without because it's so rich. It's so fulfilling. Not to know like we recite to you, meaning Gibreel recites to you, Minerva and Musa from the story, the tale the narrative of Musa will fit around and Pharaoh so Pharaoh was the title of the person who governed over Egypt, just like took baton was the title of those who governed over Yemen Lika frati atterberry Because he had multitudes of followers, as mentioned in the hashtag JELA lane.

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And then of course, Najafi was the title afforded to someone who governed over Africa, and then the Joshi that the Quran speaks about, were either semi Roma on Zillow, his name was Osama Osama isn't mentioned by the scholars as well. So we narrate to you the story, the tale, the narrative of Musa and Harun Bilhah, with absolute truth with absolute truth, whatever Allah tells you is free from exaggeration, humans, you got to take it with a pinch of salt. That's why it's one thing I've learned in life, if I give to give somebody a recommendation about food, I will tell them something that I fancied, or something I enjoy. Rather, you know what, tell them it's mediocre. And then they

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indulge in it, and they find it to be above standard, and they are in for a surprise, then to elevate it, and tantalize them and say, Listen, you need to eat this. This is sumptious. This is finger licking or have this dessert. It's decadent. And subsequently when he eats it, he finds it to be of average or mediocre level. So rather tell people it's average. And then each one can make his conclusion. The point I'm saying is humans. Rarely are they accurate. They always exaggerate things. And that's the same opinion about people. If someone's been unkind to you that Oh, this guy is like, you know what? An angel in a human form. And if somebody you had a fallout with him, and you could

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be the guilty party, you could be the guilty party. But because he stood his ground and he was principled, and I've had encounters like this, you know what friendship is ruined? Because you were just because you were fair because you were frank, because you were candid. So then this guy is the devil in the humans form. So humans rarely are accurate in their stories. They sometimes sensationalized it, sometimes they bias sometimes they flavor it, but what Allah subhanho wa Taala tells you is the absolute truth. Yes. We narrate through the story of the people of the cave, Bill Huck with the Absolute Truth. So not to know Allah you come in about you Musa Fira? I wanna Bill

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happy lipoma your noon, it is an instruction for the people who believe Leanna whom human immune interferon abiotic is it only for those that believe? Is it not for the disbelievers? No, it's out there for everyone. But it is the believing nation that would heed the call, either those that are believers now now or my old hookman those who will become believers, they will benefit they will change their life, they will implement the message so the message is there for everyone. Sometimes you find a person he's an erudite scholar, he's learned he has great skill and the world will benefit but his immediate neighbor would those in his presents his children, those sharing the same

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roof. They don't really value him or appreciate the knowledge that he has. So people from fine white would come to sit in his discourses and benefit but those close by would be deprived because they don't appreciate the knowledge that he possesses. So the Quran

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by rule is the guidance for all who then Lynas but at times it says who the ultimate thing only told me you know the pony and the moon. It is for people who listen who obey, meaning they are the people who will benefit who

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benefit. Okay, so that's three verses. What's the fourth verse of this chapter? Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Enough Iran I live in.

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Verily Pharaoh elevated himself on land, Allah, land your meaning Egypt. This is where he ruled and govern. And this is where he had power, muscle and cloud. So he was arrogant. He was haughty. He was boastful. And of course we know Allah subhanaw taala despises arrogance and

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pride. This is something that is detestable, deplorable, and despicable in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala in Allahu Allah you have more color more darlin for whom Allah doesn't like the proud and the boastful and the linguists tell us the linguists tell us that the distinction between mortal and for hood is that the former speaks about people who are proud on internal beauty. person's got intellect, his IQ is good. He's smart, he's wise is calculated his memory is amazing. While for who refers to people who have external excellency, probably his handsome, she's beautiful. He has prominence he has following he as well. He has cloud so whether you are proud on your

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internal things or your external pride in any form, shape or size is disliked by Allah subhanho wa taala. And sometimes we say things you know, there's a fine line between being grateful to Allah and being proud. If, if the undertone is claiming, you know what that I'm entitled or it's my own skill, and it's my own competence then of course that is pride, that is pride. But if we are directing it to Allah subhanho wa Taala then it is deemed to be nama diff been Nama is the expression of the bounty of Allah Amma Bina Matera Becca for Hadith. And as for the bounties of Allah speak about it. But the definition of pride The Scholars say is that a person considers himself deserving of what he

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has, while humility is, you say to yourself, I am not deserving. Now sometimes superficially, outwardly, apparently we say this year, but in reality we mean otherwise. So that's not correct. That is not correct. From the heart we must say and believe I am not deserving. I'm not eligible for these bounties and favors of Allah subhanho wa Taala It is His grace. Okay, so we have verse number four, Allah subhanho wa Taala says interferon Allah fill out verily Pharaoh elevated himself Allah elevates Who are you to elevate yourself to get Darwin Arthur Olathe Niger Hello Holly Levine hola Yuri do not renew when fill out of the well Alpha verse of the tail end of this very chapter, that

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abode of Astra it is for those who don't want prominence in this world or who do not want you know this this pride and and arrogance and mischief on the earth. In the Quran, Allah fill our verily federal elevated himself, what was this elevation or Allah, Allah Shiva and he divided its residents

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into different groups, Shia is the plural of the word share it and then of course, we talking of Egypt here. So he made them into different groups and different castes. And unfortunately, many times this still continues, where you see there is preferential treatment for a particular caste, a particular creed, a particular ethnicity, and others are viewed or perceived to be sub humans of a substandard and they are dealt with in a different way. May Allah may Allah protect us from that May Allah protect us. May Allah grant us the ability. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in Allah as the huband can now enjoy Helia Allah subhanho wa Taala have has destroyed and removed from

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you people. This prejudice and this racism of the days of darkness and the days of ignorance. Humans are equal in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa taala. Humans are equal in the eyes. Yes, if there's anything that elevates a human is taqwa. Often we say this verbally, but our action, the way we do, the way we interact, the way we behave, is of a very different level. So as we move along, it is easy to frown on the arrogance of Pharaoh, but those in my employment or those over whom Allah has given me some form of authority. Do I dignify them and treat them as humans? Understanding that that is the mother of someone that's a father of someone that is a sibling to someone? What your Allah

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Allah has she around?

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And Pharaoh had divided the people of Egypt into groups? Yes, definitely Fatah if at a minimum oppressing a group from amongst them.

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considering them to be low, to consider in them to be insignificant. You're starting a photo if at a minimum, you will that be a banana of whom slaughtered in cold blooded Lee mercilessly, the male offspring from amongst them while you're stuck in a womb and leaving the woman folk alive, not out of kindness of goodness, but because they did not pose any threat to his empire because they did not pose any threat to his empire. So we do know that Pharaoh had a dream Pharaoh had a dream. And this dream was interpreted as EULA, do Malou don't yet the hub omole Cuca Allah de a child will be born and you will lose your empire, your kingdom, your throne, your dominion, your leadership at his

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hands. And of course, that was the end of happiness in the life of your own. Well, karma FIRA Ono waka well Baraka Furano Varada Yes, those are the words of Allah Muhammad Hassan Ali nadwi. Farah own was in panic anxiety, he lost his sanity, he became insomnia. He couldn't sleep, wait, hang on, I'm gonna lose my empire. So he decided to hold to this plan. Foolishly naively. So what did he say? Well, let's put an end to every child that is born, Romania. I know Katella this Rena l fan, Romania and the whole Carter let this Rena elephant, and this is mentioned in 10. We will Alon and even in medallic historical narration say in the passion to block off the growth and the development of any

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child who will evolve to the point that will overthrow my kingdom. He killed mercilessly 90,000 innocent babies, you can do the maths how many families were distraught? How many mothers were crying? How many fathers were in pain? How many families were in turmoil due to the tyranny and the oppression and abuse of Pharaoh? So yes, in

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says, what Allah Allah has Shia and he divided people into different groups yesterday and Fatah effect Amin home oppressing a group from amongst them, and this was of course the CBT. So the CBT was the Bani Israel while he was the tippity, the Coptic user Robina who were studying the SA home, slaughtering the male offspring and leaving the females alive because they didn't pose any threat and you would employ their services in who can Amina remove CD in India who can a minimum of CD and indeed federal ones from amongst the Mischief Makers. So this was his mischief. This was his plot. This was his evil, but Subhan Allah What was the plan of Allah subhanho

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wa Taala Well, let's wait and see what Allah had intended. And ultimately the plan of Allah prevails. The takeaway message for today my brother and my sister is pride is something deplorable to Allah subhanho wa taala. A person who greets first this is the sign of a clean hot lion for Omalu Lebanon Ilam and at Allah hubby Tobin Salim nothing is going to help you but a clean heart. May Allah subhanho wa Taala free us from Pride. The one who has an iota of pride will not enter Jannah so let us be the humble one. The first one to greet the first one to apologize. So we can be the first one to hopefully enter into the Mercy of Allah Amin your bill Alameen