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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the negative impact of harming oneself, family members, and publicity on society. They stress the importance of accepting the reality of the situation and avoiding negative behavior. They also emphasize the need for forgiveness and apologizing for past mistakes to avoid future mistakes. The speakers stress the importance of avoiding harms and not letting people go, and encourage viewers to not look for clues at each other and not try to be like one another. The history of the Ottoman Empire and its impact on the world are also discussed.
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Follow him and if you don't know James Miller men are human hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali he was a big Marine, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam and cinematic with Allahu wa barakato

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen or present to Allah subhana wa tada now shadow Allah, Allah we testify and bear witness that none has the right of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala. We thank him and we praise Him and we glorify Him and His names, and we send our love and greetings and salutations to beloved Naveen Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious and to family to his companions and all those who follow his suit until the end of time. Now let's partner with Allah bless us to be on the tsunami, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in this life and to be in his companionship in the era. Meanwhile, hamdulillah well, hamdulillah

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hamdulillah I wasn't here last week, and just like the heat for the warm two hours of support.

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inshallah, today, we're going to talk about a topic that we all face with is dealing with those difficult people that bring us unhappiness. And I see a lot of smiles. So the know that smile is directed for it could be a family member, it could be a co worker, it could be a friend, there, those people that just bring you down, they make you miserable. They suck the life out of you. How do we deal with these people that we just can't deal with? Now I begin with a caveat. When I when I do these slides, I sometimes sheet beforehand. And people asked who is the slides when for like, Where is this coming from? The Joomla is a platform to lay out dirty laundry, have people call me

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and also have a fight with my wife. I have a fight with my parents. It's not about anyone's specific. I also had a very hectic week workwise. So my co workers are probably thinking, Oh, I must be talking about them. We handle a very tough budget committee meeting. So the Taliban is not about you. It's not about any one of the masjid. So this is just a general topic. And but it's something relative to all of us that we all confronted with toxic or difficult people. And how do we deal with that as a Muslim? How do we keep our Iman intact our dignity intact when dealing with these difficult people and a lot of animals die or the person mentions to us that they are such people was

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heavy. These are very smart Allah says that alights strong word alights and detests people that are rude, that are harsh to other people that are allowed in the markets in the roads, they make a scene. They are followed by night, the Hadith extract file with stick like a corpse meaning they do dopey things in the evenings. And in the day they act. The Prophet uses humor they like donkeys I mean, they they idiots they foolish in the day, even though they might be brilliant in the dunya you might find that they are the best at work. They're the smartest people but they have no concern about the affair no etiquette no other. I see a lot of nods. A lot of people say yes I can identify

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with someone like that. Right so the all these kind of people that are just too loud and harsh and rude to other people and the prophets of Allah hates such people, Allah truly detest such people. And in another Hadith, there was a big one that came to the Prophet Solomon bt when chief and the provinces alum, really disliked him. But when he came to the abyssal Salaam, the province was very nice to me, very polite to him. And so when the chieftain lift, Ayesha often abuses you within you didn't like you showed your dislike to him behind his back, sort of. But when he came, you're very nice and smiled and polite. Why were you doing like that. So that goes on and says, verily, in the

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sight of Allah, the worst amongst people they have karma is the one that people abandon them or they avoid you, because they are worried about your indecency, meaning that if you're not polite with them, and smile with them, then they bring out all that through treatment. So you have, you are forced to be false with them. Or you make a point to have with him, that if you're going to walk by the office, you make a U turn to go somewhere else, that if you see this guy coming with this person coming you try to go another direction. So people a person that people avoid simply because of how horrible they are in the UK, the processes these are of the worst people in the sight of Allah on

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the day of karma.

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So how do we deal with such people? These are the people that hurt you, and you might have perhaps you have someone even in your mind right now that spoke harshly to you or constantly belittles you someone that you dislike someone that makes you feel bad about yourself every time you speak to them, they somehow managed to make you feel insecure, you know? Subhan Allah even compliments now is like, like, like a swear word, right? Someone can say you're looking Mashallah we're getting Mashallah. So she could swear word now. Right? Right. There's always they are those people that are like always in a negative downward spiral. You know, they always have drama in their life, and they

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suck the life out of you. They always have a long story about their life. You find these people that are arrogant or controlling

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So self absorbed whenever we have a conversation, it's about them and him and him. And all their judgmental envious, you're too scared to even share your happiness with them. Because you know, there's something not, you know, there's not genuine about them. You know, if you see the phone number on the phone, they line the name pops up, you don't even want to answer the phone, you even like your stomach turns right? Now be we, you might be the toxic person in this relationship. You might be the person that people avoid because or I might be that person.

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And you find the opposite Subhanallah you find people that when they not be in the company he was with so when So, phoning phono. It's not the you know, it's not the same when they're absent. You know, the day wasn't as enjoyable when that person wasn't around, aspire to be like that person. And as so this is in your personal life, we're going to talk about how to deal with these issues. But from a bigger perspective, from a bigger perspective, we as oma we fail we are we are one of our failures is, is not that we lack good, talented people, or that we lack abilities or resources. We lack the ability to work together collectively, that our personal issues break us down that we've

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we've become a group of people that it's easier for me to live my life in isolation. And I do I'm not willing to stew to go beyond because this person I don't like the way he talks that person I don't like the way she looks. So I'm not going to socially interact. And this is what's making my week so Allah Subhana Allah siswati Allah obey Allah wa Sula, who and His Messenger what are the naza Oh, and do not dispute do not fight with one another list, you will lose your strength and your courage you will become a weak oma. And that's where we are today. Now, the problem that you see on a global perspective not to Muslim countries can stand side by side, the over 50 Muslim countries,

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you can't say these two are, you know, they are thick and thin. You can speak about the European Union, you can speak about America and England, but the Muslim countries if one brothers, they can't work together and its people it goes down to people differences. And this big issue globally, starts with you and me, you know families at home at our work. So we need to learn how to deal with each other's negative sides.

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So how do you deal with this?

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Understand number one, and we usually when you accept that this is a reality, the first step to getting moving forward is to accept the reality of the situation. Allah subhanaw taala says, What about libertine fitna?

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spirou Allah says I have made some of you, a fitna for others. I've made some people a test a trial a difficulty for others. So when you have patients meaning I lost I deliberately put that difficult person in your family, in your circle of friends to teach you how are you going to interact and ever work on or bookable zero analysis and I am aware of everything I see everything this is a deliberate is from Allah subhanho wa Taala. You are going to be confronted with bad people, harsh people and the test is how do I respond? But you know, they will say like we say, will you lose your Eman? This person when I when I speak to this person, this this guy or this woman, I lose my man I completely

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lose my modality that is the test for you. And for me, you can you see people's behind Allah, they come out to the masjid and someone cuts them off in the road. And all the sweet Woods comes out somehow and Allah I don't know why people are looking at other people in the masjid.

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Right. And this is a that was a test for you. That was a test we have one in the masjid and we were softening, softening our hearts and submitting ourselves to Allah. And the minute we go out, we are either the one that is loud Look, look at the Hadith versus the one who is loud and harsh. Suddenly, in the traffic The one who posts in the one or inconveniences others Subhan Allah This is not the ticket. So it's a reality you can't escape. But a lot of hunter sees it as a test for you. He will deliberately teach you with certain people. And some of you might say that, you know, maybe it's easier for me to just live my own life. And I don't have the less I interact with people, the better

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it is for me, you find people like that. But so long as I live in my bubble, I don't really socialize. I don't really get too close with my co workers. I don't have too many friends, then this is better for me because with every person brings that baggage and brings the worst in me, the province who says no, the believer who mixes with the people and he indios they are meaning you put up with the with the nonsense has a greater reward than the one who does not mix with people. No Hindus, the and the word is in do meaning you'll never get away from it. It will be a lifelong struggle. There's no cure for rudeness. Unfortunately, there's no vaccine for that. So you just

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persist in it and it brings you down and you bring yourself back up and you just maintain you even

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when someone that you meet does not stop

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times you meet people that you can get along, you meet for the first time and you just have a genuine connection. Have you experienced that someone that you just meet for the first time, and you find that the conversation is easy, you feel like we could be free week as if they were friends for years, and other people you can be working with for years or you can have known for years, but you will never ever get along. You will need like oil and water. Even if you're not crashing, you will never be close. This is also part of what Allah subhanaw taala ordained the beautiful Hadith the prophet SAW, Selim says, souls are like conscripted soldiers, the souls are like soldiers in a

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battalion, meaning they are in groups, the souls are in groups. So those who they recognize those who are from the same group, they recognize one another, and they will get along with each other, and those who they don't recognize. So a guy, a soul from a different group, you don't recognize him, you will not get along with him. I shall, so I shouldn't have had he says how true is the words are going to be so solemn, that in Makkah before he, there was a Sahabi, a lady who was a joker, she used to make jokes. And, you know, she used to crack jokes and laugh a lot. And when she came when they came to Medina, Medina also had an auntie like that. And so these two became best friends. So

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the problem was, so I shifted out to other words of my of my beloved acuities, the soul seeks out someone that mixes now you will not always be the best friend of everyone. Some people will just not like you, not your fault, not default. And so the reality is you don't have to be best friends with everybody. You have don't have to be best friends with everybody. But of course, you need to be decent and polite to everyone. And hopefully there are some people that like you. If no one likes you, then that's also another problem. That's a very serious problem to ask yourself.

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How would you deal

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with these with a negativity of such time we will be using the term toxic people, toxic people, we see these people that sucks the life out of you that brings out the worst in you. How do you deal when you're confronted with that? Allah says of the active use of the Bible, or one of the attributes of the true worshipers of Allah. And levena Sharona zoo, that they do not say they're not speak falsehood? Well, either murder will be lovely Maru kerama. When they pass by anything of foul speech,

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anything that the year that is not nice. They pass by to dignity, meaning they don't involve themselves in it. They exclude themselves from it. Also pass by means that maybe that negative speech was directed at you. They just leave it. Don't internalize it, don't absorb it. Don't obsess about it. Why did he say this? You know, why did this person say this about me? Why is this person so angry at me, if it's, if it's, if it's bad speech that has no substance to it, pass by it in the one year out the other year, don't let it eat you up inside of the attributes of the bad man. They don't associate with bad speech. They don't carry it with them. They just move on, move on and move

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away from it.

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And Allah subhanaw taala also speaks to that same set of eyes that sometimes you have to respond, if you better not to respond. But if you have to respond, Allah says, the servants of Allah are those who when they walk on the earth with humility, the ones I love, are not the big shots that are out there and loud and proud. It is the ones that you looking at, you don't see them. They're the ones who are humble in the way they interact. These are the ones that Allah admires Allah loves. So Allah sees what he the heart of a Loon. When the England in person and the reality a person who has no etiquette a person who screams in the office place they can only get their point across through

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screaming and shouting, was every conversation becomes an argument. Allah calls them Jackie knows that they are ignorant, that they have no they are not yet mature, really, they can be 50 years old, but they're not fully matured. So Allah says when such people interact with you, and you have to respond, you respond with saddam. So that mean peace, I'm not going to get a respond with violence. Also Salamis masala, meaning I will just greet you and move on. I will give you the I'll give you the respect you deserve. But beyond that, well hamdulillah and this is of the the way you deal with negative speech directed at you.

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Beyond that, but you can go a step higher than that. But step above that, a step above avoiding above politeness is to actually be the one that reconciles and this is described as a person of gender. So be like the person of gender two examples.

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The prophet SAW sentences Shall I not tell you of a person who who jahannam is forbidden you cannot this person cannot go to Jana, it is haram for him to go to Jana moolah. What kind of person you are Allah. It is every person who is accessible meaning easy to operate.

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You have feel no fear to knock on his office or office even if they are the CEO, whatever you have no fear picking up the phone and have a conversation easily accessible. Kind. When you have a conversation, it's kind spirited laughter It's happiness and easygoing. This is a person of these qualities of prophecies haraam for them to go for Jana. Amazing, amazing. And something more specific maybe in your marriage. And last week I heard was a very intimate hookah Alhamdulillah. I hope you took those Sooners and implemented them at home another soon now this is not for the ladies that the boss was always say the Sooners are for us. We are the sisters they also have to have soon

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as is a nice souvenir for the sisters. The profits on sentences should not tell you about the women of Jana. Now the whole line between the whole line the dunya women that achieve Jana, what about them? What are the qualities, the promises, but they are the loving, affectionate,

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you know, compassionate women, who if she gets angry, or if she's mistreated, or if her husband gets angry, she will say, here is my hand in your hand, I shall not sleep until you're pleased with me. Even if she's angry, even if he was wrong, she goes and puts her hand in his hand and says, I want us to reconcile. I'm not going to sleep until you're happy with me. This is a very difficult thing to do when you are angry. And also Finally, you don't want to give you a minute to give the first. But yeah, the professor says what do you get in return? It's not doing it for him, you get Jana in returns Panama. This is the price tag of Jana, to swallow that pride, and to be the beta one. And to

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end this, this mystery as best you can. I must also say as I must mention your very importantly, this is all about being the better person taking the high road. You know, if you are in an abusive relationship, someone is taking your rights, your property, your money, dishonouring you harming you, then you can't just sit back and turn the other cheek, then you must stop it, then you must stand up for it. And if you don't stand up for it mean to perpetuate that evil. Sometimes, if it's not happening to you, it means someone else is being harmed by this person. In that case, the promise of solemn stood up, if you see something wrong, change it with your hand, if not with your

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hand speak out against it, and if not, at the very least make dua. But we're talking here about emotional things that we can let go, that we can slide, this is what we're talking about today.

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Some of you might say, Can we not just shun that person, and Subhanallah there are many people sadly, in the families, they are very bad if it's a family member, you know certain relationships, you can break. For example, you get married, the machete allows you to get divorced. You can be friends, very close friends, and it didn't work out. I mean, you just acquaintances that's also fine. so polite, the new but family members for example. When you don't have any you don't speak to them. You don't the rights of families a lot more than that the rights of friends and neighbors.

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You cannot cut down cut away these relationships, even if that person is wrong. Even if your son or your daughter, your brother, your sister, your mother, your father, they were wrong. Allah does not allow this. And Allah does not allow two people two brothers to be completely on non speaking terms so they don't greet each other. So this Hadeeth it harms both of them. The Prophet also says that gates of gender are opened on Monday and Thursday. That's one of the reasons why there is a fox on Monday, Thursday, and everyone who does not come cheek with Allah, Allah will forgive him. So on that Mondays and Thursdays, Allah has a general amnesty for everyone, so long as you don't didn't

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come a cheek except a man who had an argument with his brother. And Allah will say he said, Wait, meaning the forgiveness is on hold for these two people to reconcile, wait for these two to reconcile, wait for these two to three times until they one picks up the phone and says says I want to come I want to ask for math. The forgiveness is on hold both of them the right one and the wrong one. Of course the wrong one is even worse.

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So we cannot the option of shunning. I don't speak to anymore. That should not be the case. They should not be a single person on your on your your list. That will fill your contact list but I don't speak to them anymore completely. Unless of course, you know there's very, very bad person speaking to them is is dangerous for you. But otherwise, it shouldn't be that acquaintance a friend a family member in particular, I completely cut off. This is not permissible.

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As you as best you can. Don't argue back. If you find yourself behind Allah confronted with someone and

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it is not as I said in terms of Your Honor, your dignity you don't have you can you don't have to fight back then it is best for you not to fight back for profits or losses. I guarantee you a housing Jana for the one who leaves of arguing even when he's right

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Many times as the Imam you find couples or family members or friends come in, they argue, and no one will say, but I'm right.

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And you are right. But even being right is a higher degree, you can actually let it go better for you to let go of it, not to argue even when you are right. This is a very, very high level of Emacs, vanilla. You know, you tell people these things and say, I would rather stand tonight in tagit. Right, that's easier thing to to look in the face of my enemy, and to say, you know what, let's just leave us alone. That is a very difficult thing to do. But this is why it is a great reward attached to it. And look at the reward. Allah Subhana Allah says to us, while he foo while therefore means important, those worldly and overlook make things right again. I have to hit una ano Allah Who do

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you not want Allah to forgive you for all the things you've done against them? Do you not want Allah to forgive you for all the things you've done against Allah? We are very quick to count when we've been wronged. When we are owed, you've taken this from me. You've asked me I'm now going when I'm in the pound seat. I'm going to take my pound of flesh. When it comes to Allah then we want to cry Allah have mercy on me overlook overlook. Well, if you want a lot to overlook when we need to overlook well, lava fudo Rahim and Allah is merciful, most forgiving, this is behind Allah, you're in another context. So this is this is the context or I should have listened to this.

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We know that our mother I shared with your mom, the wife of an obese alum, she was accused of Xena accused of adultery. And I just put into perspective, your wife is being accused of you have a wife, your daughter, your daughter is accused of Xena and her name is being tarnished in the town. And you have a cousin who you are supporting is poor and you supporting him with money. And he's of those who are spreading the false rumor about your daughter. Then Allah reveals is saying that your daughter was innocent. are you solving to make the EFT to cousin I still need to go out of your way financially to give everyone's probably no off to you at home my family like this. You lied. You

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still want me to help you. From now on. I'm not gonna help you see this Wisconsin and Illinois do this. Do not do that. Don't you want to look to forgive you continued on for us. We just have to say set out for the Sahaba he said that to go make the EFD Subhan Allah

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that's the level of taqwa Allah. commands from them, for us at very least still say Salaam wa.

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Allah Swan says to us

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with this kind of issue when we're dealing with these things, when a man Sabra and and the one who is patient will offer any forgives in Nevada coming as middle mode that this is of the most difficult things to do. The one who is patient when someone harms him, and then he lets it go. And he's any pardons it he that mother in law that said those things, viola, you can hear the lady, they've been married for 15 years, the mother knows long time that but she'll say I can never get over what my mother in law said to me on our first year of marriage, that's that's a poison for you, sister. That's a poison to you. Allah says, Have patience and forgive that and this is a similar

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one. In fact, this is the same, the same definition, the same word Allah useful. The

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other five, eight and b are the ones who had the most difficulty. Allah says this for you, for us normal people is of that level caliber of stuff to overlook and pardon when we've been wronged. But that is what gives you the great reward. So if don't hold grudges, if you've got a garage and you're here for someone, think about that person that you hate the most. Alright? That person that harmed you the most make dua for them. Forgive Ya Allah make them better. Yeah, Allah grant me to let go these things, please do not keep me up at night and argue about it and bother my mind because one of the great tambourine

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believe it's a out, he mentioned the other one, he says that he says, it's like a poison. With someone harmed you and you continuously victimize yourself, that person is sleeping fine. You are the one that is torturing yourself in bed at night, rather let it go and move on with your life. And the Prophet says to us, no one forgives another person, except that Allah will increase your honor, in the dunya. And of course, in the era, Allah will make you because by forgiving, you will love winning yourself. When you say I make you asked me here, if you are wrong, to swallow your pride and say I made a mistake. You know, give me up. If you feel the small, right.

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Or if someone now came in they harmed you. And you pick up the phone and say, You know this guy owes me money. This guy did those wrong things and you pick up the phone and says you know what, let's just move on. Side note again, if someone for example, you leave money and

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didn't pay you back. Forgive him if you can. You should forgive him. But don't make me money again. Don't the prophets of Salaam says the believer is not stung from the same hole twice, so don't again lend the money don't again make the same mistake, but as for your animosity towards him, this is something you can let go. This is something you can let go. And so the Prophet says to you, no one that forgives except that Allah will honor you in the dunya honor could be Allah will give you status in another way in your career, in your family. Allah will give you a raise you up or rank in the dunya and of course in the Hara is the great elevation.

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Never think when your heart is taken, when you are harmed or wronged, it goes unnoticed. They will be a day of equalizing they will be a day of justice. And so Allah sees Cooley Allah is calling levena Amano say to the people of man, only people of email understand this. Yo Phil, Linda rinella, Juna Yama lead the people of demand, forgive those listening, forgive the wrongs that were done to them, for a people who don't hope in the day of Allah. They are those people carry on their life, and they live their life, as if the order of it is here. They take me home and they, you know, abuse others where you can unless this is better for you forgive them, the believers, because you hope for

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a date that they don't hope for. And that Allah subhanaw taala will reward a people buy what they doing meaning a level of reward, you feel sober, and a little punish that person for the abuse. You hope from Allah, what they don't hope for. And this is why it is part of your belief. This hides behind Allah. It's a beautiful Hadith. We always want to know people always ask how do we get to Jenna? How do we get to Jenna? How do we actually have the only of Allah? And usually we always say that while he in our minds, yes, he performs all these compulsory things. That's without saying, and then he makes a lot of Salah. He makes lots of items. he recites a lot of Quran, he fasts a lot. He

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gives a lot of charity. Right? That is wonderful. That is what we all aspire to be. But the Prophet says even better than that shall not tell you about something that is better than optional, fasting better than extra charity. It is the one who reconciles in the time of discord. He brings peace and reconciliation, the peacemaker, the peacemaker is better than the man who stabbed you that might is better than the man who fasts, voluntary fasting. In fact, another Hadith says it is written for him, as if though is perpetually insular, and fasting and charity.

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aspire to be the person who brings peace and reconciliation, to be the one that brings down tension, the one who brings hearts together, this is greater in the sight of Allah than optional divider, an optional divider. And as we said in the other Hadees, this is the ticket to Jenna, I end up with a hadith which we should all try and live by. In a very, it's a very

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complete, holistic Heidi's about how to interact with each other. The purpose is to you and me. Now, think about all your relationships, whether it's your parents, your children, your wife, your husband, your co workers, your friends, your colleagues, the people, your neighbors, Subhanallah with news, talk about neighbors, you know, if you the neighbor, that the rest of the neighbors hate, they can't stand to be around and you that one person Subhan Allah, this is a major, it's a major, it's a major sin,

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city to Hades today, that's a topic for another time, the prophecies, there are four things that brings happiness in your life four things,

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a good spouse or partner, a nice spacious house, a suite that it says how do you mean a nice car or vehicle and good neighbors or bring happiness and the opposite will bring you misery your neighbors can make your life miserable. And if you will, that neighborhood brings misery to others. panela It's a major sin. So the Prophet says how do you interact with people? Avoid beware of suspicion, don't think negative thoughts about each other?

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How many times the cause of the problem was the way she looked at me? Well, that's what she thinks about. Not even a real problem. It is an imagined problem for provinces avoid negative thoughts on each other, because suspicion is the most false of all tails. It is the one and this comes from shavonne This is a was spinning from shaytaan. Now he said that deliberate to hurt me and that could have been nothing to do with it. That reason. And then number two, do not look for the faults of others. Don't try and look at when someone has made a mistake. Don't search it out. Because Subhanallah all of us have things that we are ashamed of. And it's only out of the mercy of Allah

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that He keeps it hidden. One One, Debbie says that if How would it be if Allah ascribed a seat to every sin? We would stink all of us. It is only out of his mercy. He keeps it quiet. So don't you expose it and don't you look

00:30:00 --> 00:30:34

For the faults of others list Allah starts exposing your faults. So don't look at the faults of others. Don't spread the mercy of someone else. Someone just got divorced or lost the job. Sweet. We very much quickly to say when so they would just say No, don't do that. Do not spy on each other. Don't get involved in other people's business, the more you get involved, it will always most of the time to lead to wrong. don't compete with one another. You must have something just because someone else has it. Just because someone has something new someone's child got something good. Now I need to also get that don't compete with each other.

00:30:35 --> 00:31:03

Do not envy one another level above competition is in the we actually why does he have that? She did not mean why did they get that job that caught not me. And you actually feel hatred and negativity to someone else. This is wrong. And then of course even worse than that, do not hate one another. believers do not have hate in the heart. You do not hate except for the sake of Allah. You only hate for the sake of Allah. Conversely, it is part of the Sunnah to actually tell one another.

00:31:04 --> 00:31:16

I love you for the sake of Allah, once a hobby citizen to be so seldom, such and such a brother this Buddha, I love him out of food Allah, Allah promises to you tell them that you love him, said no to go and tell him that you love him.

00:31:19 --> 00:31:56

Even though wife doesn't get that right to some voters, even a wife doesn't get that only mommy gets it on Mother's Day. I love you. No one else. How many voters here say to each other. When I see you, I feel happy. If you're not in the masjid, I'm assuming that brother will I love you for the sake of Allah. So do not hate each other. And do not turn away from each other. Do not live your life in isolation. This is not from the believer, be the promise rather, be servants be submissive, submissive to Allah and worship Allah as a community of brothers and sisters, my love, buddy love in our hearts. Now lawmakers a community that loves for his sick, who hates his sick, who strives for

00:31:56 --> 00:32:10

his sick, not loved make our words are one oma that has one one, stand on oneness. We speak with one tongue, we support one another, we look off to each other. We love each other, and metal love us, mean 100 in just a few quick announcements.

00:32:11 --> 00:32:12

These an interesting,

00:32:15 --> 00:32:33

interesting lecture that's coming out actually lecture two presentation, the rise and fall of the Ottoman Empire. Everyone is watching it through Google and Netflix and these things. So without a good friend of mine, he'll be coming to Cape Town on the eighth of March and will explain the Ottoman Empire 600 years, the Ottomans were the center of not Ottoman Cricket Club.

00:32:34 --> 00:33:10

The Ottoman Empire they were the center of Islamic authority. The halifa was different for a long time in Istanbul. Sometimes we forget about this up until about 100 years when it became abolished. How did they How did small tribe of Turkish people not even Arabs, how did they become the believers? And how did it disappear? And since they lost we have been almost without a leader for the last 100 years. So this is a very interesting three hours at Islamia auditorium 50 bucks the eighth of March insha Allah you can speak to me or you can go online then on Tuesday evenings, our series that rightly guided holofernes we're concluding with Ali Raja lon and we also do our back to

00:33:10 --> 00:33:43

basics, talking about atheism and these kind of things what is Islam all about? We're also launching our YouTube channel while hamdulillah the cameras been there for about a year now. But others you know sitting up surely wondering where's the content? It's on our YouTube channel is being launched. I believe it's around Islam movement, so you can actually watch the slides with the audio will be available on the YouTube channel as well. inshallah we'll be releasing five, six episodes every day until all of it is on ninjalah. Any questions, concerns comments, we are having a cyclohexanone from the library okay.

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