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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of managing death and finding a way to avoid negative consequences. They emphasize the need to avoid deaths and avoid negative consequences, and stress the importance of setting rules based on them. The speakers also emphasize the importance of making a reservation and reciting the Hadith for peace. The importance of death and the use of sh codes in shaping one's life is emphasized, along with the need to avoid confusion and confusion in the present moment.
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shaytani rajim Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali, he was a Jemaine brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah operates vi to Allah subhanho wa Taala the Most Merciful, the most kindness Illa Allah we witness that man has the right to be worshipped except Allah, we praise Him and thank him in all circumstances good or bad, in ease and comfort we obey. And we say only that which is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala. We send our love greetings and salutations to beloved NaVi Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, to spice in pure family to his, his companions, and all those who follow you soon until the end of time, was the last

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panel data to grasp to be steadfast and a student of Nebuchadnezzar solemn in this life, to grant us to be in his companionship in general feel the dose in the mean, while hamdulillah

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Alhamdulillah we continue from the theme of last week, and as I mentioned, a few of us, loved ones pass away all the time. And this is a reality of life. It's part of the things that we have to deal with. And we spoke last week about death and dealing with grief for those of us who are left behind what should how do we handle this? And we continue on that theme. Now. Sometimes, a non Muslims have to attend the masjid. And sometimes I say to them, you know, this week, that week will be a good week. And I said today, I don't advise because it's a morbid kind of topic. I don't like people to leave the masjid feeling despondent and depressed, you come to the masjid, you really get bashed in

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the dunya. Come to the masjid for a Eman boost nougat out. But unfortunately, this this is a reality. And as much as we dislike it, as much as we fear it, and we run from it, it is inevitable and we should pay for it. And the best we can do is manage this thing to the best of our ability, as Allah said, and he promised us cool enough Cinder equal to note, it is a law, it is a promise from a law that every soul shall taste death. That means to taste it, that it is something which you just taste, and it's not prolonged.

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Very interestingly, you will only experience I will only experience death once. And we have a very long life of the day.

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It is a short moment. But it of course transitions us into the next life. And this moment in time to be a brief. Second, we will go from this life to the next. But it's a transition that we must go. And Allah subhanaw taala says, when you compare this life to the next a lot is allow you to do risk. remeasure Allah says I am the one that spreads the risk I give abundantly to whoever I will work to do. And I limit the provisions wherever I will I choose who gets it who doesn't get it, who we hire to do near and inside mankind. We are so happy and so focused on this life. What am I hired to do NFL athletes, but also but what if you compete this life to the art here, then this life is just a

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very brief short moment. It is a loss of

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meaning it is a short, false moment a mirage doesn't even exist. That is what this life is compared to the next.

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Allah says to us the burqa Lady vldl mule kawada coalition co de la hora con moto and hyah Talia Bella, welcome Amara. Well as a superfood, Allah says, bless it be Allah who in his hands is all of creation, and he has power over all things. The one who created this first, and life why label will come as a test, you can ask no matter who's going to be due based on this exam. So life is an exam. This is an exam poverties and exam, money's an exam everything is simply a taste so that we can get rewarded. We're held accountable in the life after and this life is vanilla, we are just strangers or travelers and Vito Salaam kept reminding us this life is your only unlike the on the in one, and

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you stop on the side of the road to fill up some petrol that's stopping. That's what you are. You only come for a very brief period, no point in getting comfortable the buying property. I'm not saying don't buy a house. But the point is, don't get comfortable in that spot. You will be taken away from that spot and the things that you love will disappear. people you love the money you love the children you love, they will go or you will go before them. That's the reality of life. And as an episode says, Whatever Allah takes is from him. As difficult as death is whatever he takes belong to him in the beginning. And whatever he gives to you is from him. And everything with him has a

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limited time everything besides Allah will ultimately come to an end. So don't get too attached to anything because besides for Allah, and so he should be patient and hope for Elizabeth ward.

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So this is the reality of this and whether you like it or not whether you feel it annfield said about it, it is the reality of life. There are those who analyze as I said, I see they live very long into the life Masha Allah, but even then they get to an age where they are con walk currency con year all the loved ones have passed away. They had a long life and hamdulillah but they got to see

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So much of death. And there are those who heinola were taken very, very quickly, all of a sudden in the youth in the prime and people mourn. How did this happen? We don't know when that moment comes. When this approaches, it is a blessing. It is a lawyer blessing, to prepare yourself for that. To be get to be to have full warning, it is a blessing. Someone that's on the sick bed. It is not nice to see. And it's difficult to be, but it is a blessing Malawi, Allah speaks about those who died suddenly, it's never a good thing not to say someone who died all of a sudden that they were bad or in any case, there was a punishment. No, no, no, some people Allah has, as one of the blessings

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Allah has given some people is that they live a they get to prepare for the defeat. This comes slowly and so slowly they get there. As for some people, Allah speaks about a community but this could apply to any one of us. Allah says, what are the Sunnah in a public that I have seen to the nations before you that I've seen missing just the nations before you have now said it was borrowed along with the wrong then we sinned against this nations were evil, we gave them affliction, drought, poverty, hardship, we made life difficult, why? Hopefully, they will come back to me. Hopefully, they will reflect now it is our nature Subhanallah we are more connected to Allah, when

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someone's in the hospital. When things are difficult, it's just the nature of insan Allah notification, but when it's December time, and it's holiday time, no one is connected to very few of us are connected to Allah in our comfort. So Allah says, I seen some difficulty to you, so that you might wake up and come back to him. But then Allah says went out, but then when our punishment came to them, when this reminder came to them, they still didn't humble themselves. And then the arts became hardened, and Seaton made attractive to them, that which they will do when they continue to persist. So now as a punishment, and Allah protect us from this, as I said, this punishment is

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worse, the punishment of luxury is so much more difficult than the punishment of difficulty, allowances for that man so but also once they forgot about me, and that which they had been reminded, we open the door for them of a very good things vanilla, I was a punishment. I open them all the good things, whatever they wanted money, wealth, children, and I gave them and gave them all the good things

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until they rejoice in that which they were given. And then we sees them suddenly have no home button for either mobile issues. And we took them all of a sudden, in the height of the enjoyment and amusement and then they were really grateful. So Allah subhana wa tada we pray that Allah subhanaw taala takes us at a moment in time, that he's pleased with us.

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That Allah subhanho wa Taala does not take us when we are unmindful or sinful. And we should always therefore feel. Sometimes we look at the man who's going through calamity at the moment is crying over a lost deceased person is crying through poverty, and we feel comfortable, it might be that we are the one actually being punished. We have the musi Bernacchi because he's crying and his poverty is bringing closer to Allah with our key free life is taking us further away from Allah. So we should always reflect my Allah grant us that the week.

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As for the fortunate one, he gets a big bid to prepare himself with Rob. And as he goes through the pains of sickness, fatigue, the pains of our chip, we know the promises of them said and this is for everyone, whether it be small or big, no fatigue, even if you feel tired, you sitting as vanilla, struggling to keep your eyes open. And the lovely melodious, you know the soothing sound of the Hatim you struggling to keep awake, you're getting rewarded for that, well hamdulillah no fatigue, no disease, no sadness, depression, sorrow, no sadness or hurt, physical or emotional. Notice this anxiety befalls a Muslim. Even if it was as small as the prick he received from a thorn even if he

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just bumped the stone, then Allah will remove for me since then he Sins of being enabled. So behind Allah, some people may be going through a prolonged illness cancer for some Allah grant, she for those who have cancer, so horrible disease. You go through it for months, years, even chemo upon chemo, sickness and sickness, vanilla after all of the treatment, you hope that is not just the physical body that gets cured, but all the sins of the past gets wiped away.

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And we should fight sickness as best as we can. So yes, when someone is sick and adapted, I'm talking about what do you do when you visit someone that is sick? What do you do when someone goes through that very horrible thing? Number one, no matter how bad the problem is, even if the doctor says you know what, nothing I can do for you. You only have one two weeks to live. We put our faith in something bigger than science, and the prophecies three to seek with vigor and Quran with medicine and with charity. If someone in your family is going through some sicknesses or some ailment, give some charity and that might be the cure of the disease. Yeah, Allah give this to an

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orphan. I give us to hospital the other people who are sick

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Like me, so now I give charity and the prophecies in that basic cure. Verily Allah sin down the prophets on says a very, very a wonderful Hadith for those who don't see too many youngsters, the youngsters over there, I speak to them. every disease the problem says that there is a cure to certain diseases, we haven't discovered the cure yet. It's out there, maybe one of you will hamdulillah grows up one day to find a cure to some of these diseases. It's out there The problem is, is every single disease, there is a cure. And for every sickness, he has made a cure. So seek medical help, the only thing he said the processes which has no cure his old age, Congo back from

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old age, old age, there is no reversing of that.

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Some people so behind Allah, when life becomes so difficult, and they feel in their heart, even if they might not see it, this life. Can I speak to someone, there are people's panel that we know, on the deathbed, they only lost me going through hardship. And the prophecies we continue to fight for life as much as we can. We don't give up on life, no matter how difficult it is why the Prophet says this is never a good thing. What do I mean by that? Let not any of you wish to die. Why? Because if he's a good person and absences, when it gives you more opportunity to increase income, you can give more charity, you can give more, because you can increase his diraja. And if he's a sinner, then he

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needs this time to repent. So everything for a believer is good. Everything that Allah throws at you in terms of goodness and bed and hardship, this goodness in it. So when someone is on the sick bit, and it might be that this might be the secret that they die, it is our obligation to visit them. Because we know one of the one of the comforting things is to know that you're not alone, when you are on your bed, imagine you in the hospital, no one visits you, no one sees you just all alone, only the doctors and the nurses very hard, very difficult to go through. But when your friends and your relatives come and you feel that if they could take a portion of your chip on themselves, they

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would love that, then this is something that gives you emotional strength, and the world to fight on. So it is our duty the Huck of one Muslim on the other is that we visit them in the time of sickness. And this shows you through concern that you take time out of your busy schedule, so on and so forth. So until we sick, My duty is to go and visit him. And when you visit the six vandala some people need to learn adapt of visiting the sick, they visit the sick and they say silly things. They actually make a person feel worse. They'll go and say you know so and so the person is has cancers on the on the cancer bed, and so you're not anti so and so she had cancer, she might not last week

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is the hikma and then Elisa Lam when he would see someone on the cinema how they look. He says, You look good, you look better. you improve from an I saw you last. Even if it looks worse, you say Lupita. And you will say Don't worry, don't feel bad. But we're on a show Allah, this is almost purifying you and you will come out of this in sha Allah. So give optimism. And of course the best thing you can do is to make the video beautiful to other professors on them would make with his own daughter was dying. And he held skipping and she's dying, he can do a lot more openness as a back issue and the sheffy she found now you know, a lot of the

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Espionage American, this is our law load of mankind, remove the sickness and kill it. For there is no latifa electrified, there is nothing that can kill except from you, and give a cure that is complete without any cases, there's no side side effects. No. So a complete kill doesn't come back. Robin, Robin actually in the load of the arch, please kill this person, it is a good idea to make this to also visit someone and make to offer them in the elements. And a lot of the things that we do we forget to do, that we don't make do out for others. And we know what you make to offer someone else's health and the well being When the angels say I mean to you, that might be the thing that

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keeps you and your family safe from falling into illness as well.

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But some sicknesses will not be cured. And for some of us if we are fortunate enough, we will be made aware that we don't have much longer to live. This is a blessing to know you only have a few weeks ago. And now you need to get your affairs in order. What do you do when you get that news? You only have a few weeks to live. You have some law protect us some catastrophe, and you need to get your affairs in order. Now all of us have had a luck and have a catastrophe immediately. So our face should always be in order. The provinces

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advises us that we should always be in a position to settle our debts. settle your debts, things that you own, make sure you're in a position to pay it back. Because he says the soul of the believer is attached to the date until it's paid of meaning the soul cannot move on cannot go further into the bazaar in terms of being rewarded. You will not be admitted into the money

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Allah while these dates on the dounia are not squared up, and you might owe dates in terms of money to people, you might owe dates in terms of you made a promise to fulfill someone's Amana, you might owe a date someone that you've hurt and harmed, you need to find that person and make it right. Because but this is mostly financial we talking about now, but so long as those dates are outstanding, a lot can forgive, but this is not this is the heart of mistakes and this is why you need to make sure you did already a screwed up. This is a very scary Hadith the Prophet Salama sitting in the masjid and he

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looked up. And he said, what a difficult thing was revealed to me right now aligned for me about something very scary. There's a hobbyist who was so scared. We didn't even ask what what was it? They didn't want to ask. And so the next day they had the courage. And so one of the companions that he had a sutala What was it that was revealed that scared you yesterday? And so then I basically said, Listen to this Hadeeth as we get into holidays, we might take on too much debt for certain things, the provinces and MCs what law here, if you were to fight in Jihad and die, a Shaheed greatest death, come back to life die again, I'm sure he'd come back to life die again he three

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times he will not intergender until he's dead, so screwed up. So vanilla, you've given your life three times to Allah, but because you owe someone a tender and on 20 RMB and account, a clothing account here an account the Mahayana law, this is what's delaying you from your reward. And even worse than that, the problem was a lamb came to a Masjid a janazah. And it was he was informed that this man had detsen he hasn't paid. And then he says I can't imagine as a salon, this man. And so one of the Sahaba paid, they said you know what, I will pay the deep out of my own pocket, square business. And so the prophecy, now his skin has become cool meaning now the fire has stopped burning

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in my lifespan to protect us. So be aware of your deaths, what you owe whom you owe, make a document. Even as there are certain debts that you owe Allah fasting that you haven't, you know, some sisters, maybe I know that scope gets long, make clear the date that you owe in terms of fasting or Hajj that you haven't done a vow that you've made to Allah a promise that you've made to someone, keep that the not nice to sit down and think about this. But this is something that we have to do. Our editors won't know. And our editors might not even bother. And that date stays the end while that is the we are in in difficulty in the barza Allah grant us to be free of it.

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The next thing you all we have to do is to prepay a war CIA Will you the professor says do not let three nights go by without what Civ without you having a well don't go in life meaning you should never ever is one of the things that we should have is a world should always be the pleasant one PP we did is going to come. And so when Dave comes, you need to have a world of some sorts. Pamela, how do I get it? Well, you have to find a lawyer when your mom wishes, you can go to center for

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the jamiat. And I'm sure the MDC as well, we are very simple worlds online. Very, very simple. You don't have to go into intricate things. All that must be in your world. You can even type it out on you know write it in your hand. Number one, you must say I am Mohammed waste ID number. So and so that this is my official last will and testament meaning everything before this is scrapped. This is my world, you make a date, what must be in the you must appoint an executor, you will appoint someone when I die, you will be in charge of my estate. Now very interestingly, and I think there'll be a special topic in talking about inheritance. The person who you appoint, cannot be one of these

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cannot be your children, your parents, your husband, your wife, it has to be someone completely outside, who doesn't get money from your estate, a friend, maybe a lawyer and your mom says, please ask the man, the lady, I'm gonna appoint you as my executor. And so you appoint This is the person that will handle my estate after I go.

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And you must state in there, that this wall will need to be done according to the Sharia laws. Because if you don't the South African knows will come in, you must know that you live in a South African society if you don't have a wall. Yes, the government will take over and administer your affairs according to the laws of South Africa, which is SubhanAllah. One of the silliest or most unnecessary way for a person to be punished is because of a well.

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There are people who write a will against the laws of Sharia, he did not benefit one cent of giving that money to this person and that person and he deals with the punishment in the

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father's giving maybe one something to a favorite son or even a daughter not to that one, not to this one. And so behind Allah, he's punished for no reason. He didn't even benefit from that money's Pinilla. So as for the world, you do your part, what happens afterwards you have much bigger concerns once you once you go. The aids must deal with whatever is the situation so long as you say it is done according the laws of the Sharia. Then your part is done. Your part is done. And remember, Allah Allah had not seen in the Quran, how many records you must make in South Africa market in the world.

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Whatever it might be, but he said very clearly, if you die, your son gets so much your daughter get so much your mother gets so much your wife gets so much unless stipulated every she, in the Quran in terms of the world, he didn't speak about their cause. So they should be no room even for us to fight about the people. So fight over this, and it continues vanilla and it only brings hardship to the for the meat. So then you say in your world that this must be done according to the laws of the Sharia. It is good to have a list of all your assets and your liabilities. So these are the things that I know I, I have a call, I have clothing, whatever it might be your listing, and whatever your

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dates or your listing, because it might go that no one knows about, but that guy that catered to you he owed him and then he knows, but no one else knows vanilla. And if he hasn't let you go of that date, then that will be held against you SubhanAllah. So you make a list of all your dates,

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then what would happen is first the executor the man in charge that you've appointed uncle, so and so, so and so you will be in charge, you will first pay up all your debts, and you will pay for all your funeral if you don't have been enjoying the crops. So you have to have a grave that must be done for you can't find a hotel, all that will be paid. Now if there's anything left after all your dates are screwed up, all your expenses went up and hamdulillah they still some money left. Now you have a choice 30% of what is left one third 33% you can say we that must go into in terms of OCR, you can say it but you can only appoint you can only give the maximum you can give is one third to

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someone who's not the A. So you can't give an a child. Understand this make it clear there are those who will inherit from your world, you those who do is your beneficiaries, your children, your parents, your close relatives.

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Allah allows you to give one third of your estate to someone other than them. That's your choice. So if you want to give to the masjid as a saga Alhamdulillah you want to give a friend that would not inherit Alhamdulillah you want to give Mohammed waste one third Alhamdulillah we accept that but so long as they are not you is you can't give a child will give this child so you have up to one and one third the prophecy one third is a lot. man wanted to give all of his money away. And then it's better you leave your own family with with with money, then you leave them big. And so he said okay, let me give off. Let's begin until the prophecy find one third, and one third is still a lot. So

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give to your relatives. It's charity charity to give to your children. Yes, but Swan Allah. Also remember, don't wait until this now you went to give the charity as a last minute you went to give charity. And remember, if you did not love yourself enough to put money in the towel in the masjid to donate to an orphan. Your kids will not love you enough to donate the money on your behalf. Love yourself enough to prepare for that this by making your charity now, the charity given when you are healthy and strong, and this is far away, is better than when you're on the disability. Now we signed some debit orders last minute debit ordens company that's accepted. So whatever is now left,

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this will be shared between us according to the Sharia code, you don't even have to know the shades, you don't have to worry about it, the person in charge, he will distribute it according to the laws of the Sharia, the sun will get a share, your daughter will get the shade, your wife will get the shade. That's how it is and you don't have to know and you don't have to worry about it. Allah subhana wa tells you when you die, the money comes back to Allah. Now he distributes as he wants to be didn't have a say to begin with. And don't, as I said, What are yourself about those things, and have two witnesses when you sign this, and hamdulillah you would have completed the sooner. So maybe

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something for us to do today just to write a document, and to put this down it to keep track of where we are.

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So now you've settled your dates, you have your wolvie and the inevitabilities coming and the final moments, which is waiting for Molecular mode to come. What should we do when the man is on is defeat the purpose of Solomon instructs us so rather than the Sahaba and was the thief to let the person face the Qibla. And even in death as we know when we bury the person there on the right side facing the Qibla. And Salah as we said is our connection with Allah. It is symbolic of I'm facing along to Allah. So you face the Qibla you lie on your right side if you can. And

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it is very good and it is important. And if we have a moment and Allah grant us this moment of clarity before we die, the Prophet says and says we should have good thoughts about a lot before we die. It is good to feel positive about Allah in your life. Allah says I am as my sleeve thinks of me. If you think of me as merciful, as kind as forgiving, as loving, you will find me like that. The problem is is like none of you die, except in a state of thinking well of Allah. You leave

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The last thought you have this dunya is I'm going to Allah, Allah loves me a lot. It's forgiven me that other thoughts that must go through your mind is you escaped we are all escaped voila, we're going to be held accountable for my life here. I know the mistakes I've made, I don't know it all has forgiven me. So with the fear, there is the hope and the hope must exceed may or may we all leave this world feeling positive about Allah subhanaw taala they are meeting with Allah be one that is beautiful that Allah look forward to meeting us as we look forward to meeting our last panel Tada. And if you can find a law, you of course the thing that you must try your best. And this is

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not something that you can plan for you can only live your life to get that to die with the Kadima. You know, it's only through constant law and living a good life that Allah will grant you the tofik to have the Kadima before you die. The prophecies If a person's last words Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, then Jana becomes guaranteed for him. The agenda has become guaranteed for him. May Allah Quran that our last words be La, La La, la, la, la la. None has the right of worship besides Uriah Allah. May that be our last words for those who have passed away with that Kadima on the tongues, a lie, it was a blessing, like given them, and it was not something

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It was a lifetime of getting to that moment. Those around the person so you're not sitting in the room and the man is dying. He faces the Qibla he's saying is Karima you just tell him say the Karim Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah and we around the person we should make. We should make escar recite Quran Quran is the biblical and these are weak Hadith you find even you even Catholic mentions recite surah Yaseen. That's why we recite surah so much here, because it's a weak narration and hamdullah we'll take that, that surah Yaseen makes this easier on the meat. So the yacine is something which makes it easier that transition. And so we decide what an A we decide as car because

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even when we are making Victoria year, we know the angels come to these gatherings, the mercy of Allah descends upon us. So the people around should make a reservation, and they the someone should help the meat. C'est la ilaha illAllah as much as you can, aside no Tia, people believe that if the girl is in her hide, or she's bleeding, she's not allowed to be close to them it is wrong. And so I know if people would deprive the last moments with the Father the mother because they said no sister you are you're in your main says you can't be because when you're a year,

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a year, the angels don't come. Swan Allah is one island said if I knew that the menstruating woman keeps the angels away, I will surround myself with women of hate so that the molecules will never come near to me.

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Right. So this is completely incorrect. And it deprives our sisters of something very important. The last moments with the loved ones, when she the promises of them, you would sit with them and you recite Quran, resting his lips, his head in the laps while they were in demonstration systems in your head. You can be around with your mother, your father, your loved one, and you can decide to contact them. Of course, you can recite Vicar and you can be there in that moment. You can peace if it's your father, your mother maharam person, you can kiss that person, it is all part is permissible. So don't let someone deprive you of that because of some misconceptions. So at that

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moment, we face the person the people, we tell him to say he's kalama as much as he can, and we just decide. Now there's nothing we can do except do our and make Vicar and hope for mercy at this moment in time. We'll talk inshallah next week about when the angel comes. But while we still in this dunya so there's two sides of the story. One side is happening the side the other side is what's happening in the buzzer. We'll talk about that next week inshallah. But at the moment of your death

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it is a such a great blessing. And we should pray regularly part of your daily draws should be to receive a good ending. It is a beautiful moment to die with a good evening. It is a good sign. It is perhaps the first indication of this person is successful. speaking to someone you find these videos on YouTube Pinilla, man goes into servitude and he dies like that doesn't come up. mangoes and overall in the harami looks healthy. He just falls flat. The wine is in the harem. Allahu Akbar, you asked what did this man do in his life? What did this lady do that Allah took him away like that in sajida Allahu Akbar, right. That's a lifetime of good deeds that got you to that. So we all make dua

00:29:29--> 00:29:57

for a good evening. We have we cannot avoid the death. So when it comes here, Allah lithia good. Good evening. What is a good evening. So the purpose of this is when Allah loves you, and he wants Good for you. He sweetens him up. What does it mean? Allah sweetens him up? What is it? The prophecies, Allah guides him to do good deeds just before he dies and he takes him while he's in that state. While you are at your prime in terms of your Eman is strong, then all it takes you mellow grounded for us.

00:29:58--> 00:30:00

There are some times

00:30:00--> 00:30:21

Distribute deaths. Of course. Number one, if a person dies with a Kadima is perhaps one of the best indications of someone's success if they die with the kalama. As received, it's very unlikely that you don't get this by laksmana law. You don't get this by locking Allah granted you and you have a loved one who died with a trophy that the kelemen ellipse Alhamdulillah is something very, very special.

00:30:23--> 00:31:00

The province of Sonam also sees a person that dies with sweat on the forehead. The believer dies with sweat on his forehead, something which the Prophet has taught us. This Hadith is an homage so someone that dies and they are perspiring sweet Alhamdulillah it's a good sign. Dying on a Thursday night we Friday Juma they have Juma the night of Juma is assigned because the prophecies, there's no Muslim who dies on the day of Friday or the night meaning Thursday night, but Allah will protect him from the questioning of the copper just by dying on a Friday. Allah subhanho wa Taala will save you from the question in the cupboard. Now also does not mean that if our relative our loved one didn't

00:31:00--> 00:31:42

die on a Friday, and that person is somehow the Prophet himself so someone died on Monday visa Salaam died on a Monday. So don't feel that this is you know that this is because he didn't get the kalama he didn't get a desperate he didn't get to die on a Friday that somehow was displeased with him. No, no, no. It's just some gifts Allah has given some very, very special people. The best way of dying is dying a shade and the mortar. The mortar is of certain types. Of course the the highest form of a mortar is to die defending the deen and you play with your life. This is a shade and the multiple rewards for the shade For example, He will not be questioning the cover. You can not ask

00:31:42--> 00:32:10

him Who is your Lord? What is your religion? Whenever he says is the answer. He answered that in the dunya already when he died who the dean? That was his answer Hello. Now I know my load is also the Shahid and your types of shuhada. So besides besides the physical monster, the other types we'll talk about them now. But the Shaheed addition to being saved from a cover questioning, some of them definitely reasons it might be all the sins are forgiven on piano some of them will not even be questioned by Allah.

00:32:12--> 00:32:36

Not let alone going to Jenna. Allah will say they are group of people, they will interject before the questioning begins. Who are they these amongst them other Shahada, the people who died at shades on kiama they will intercede for others when everyone is running away enough's enough. See, Allah will also Shaheed you have a few get out of jail free cards get out of jams you would you want to give up to 70 some narrations mentioned Pinilla.

00:32:37--> 00:33:17

Now we say okay, it's very difficult for us to die Shaheed but the prophets of Salaam gave us a good news this is the other forms of a shade. The one who dies through an infectious like a plague, the plague. This man is a shade the person who dies by being crushed or falling off a wall or drowning, very difficult deaths. Maybe a car accident is crushed this difficult death Allah has written for NBC Shaheed anyone who dies a lady as a result of pregnancy or childbirth. Shiza Shahid, anyone who dies defending his religion, or his honor, or his house or his family, someone comes and robs you and you stand up for your family and you die in that that person is Shaheed Subhanallah that person

00:33:17--> 00:33:58

is a Shaheed and the prophets of Salaam says no one who makes do are to die as a Shahid except the sincere you will get it even if he's in his house even if he dies in his house. So it should also be Allah grant us to die amongst the Shahada. You know, the highest category of persons when a person dies as a man, Naveen was cdkn cdkeys The second was shuhada solea hain and the shade is third on the list knobbies we can get the seadek highest level like abubaker CD, and then number three is the Shahid all of us, let us try to make the ayah Allah let us die as a shade. If the whole life wasn't that good, but you die as a Shaheed Al Hamdulillah you're in a category number three. And of course

00:33:58--> 00:34:39

of the signs is someone who dies, doing a good deed. So beautiful Hadith, Neville says whoever dies in the Kadima then you will intergender and will ever dies. And his last deed was to give charity will intergender Subhana Allah it is a great honor that Allah takes you while you are doing some form of good deed while you are smiling at someone while you're saying some good words. While you are listening to something good, you're fasting May Allah grant us to die while we're performing some kind of you know sada or giving charity. And then as for those who die in a good way, yet which we know very well. In Olia, Allah, La whoa funada him what he has done a lot talks this ayah is not

00:34:39--> 00:34:46

only for life, Allah sees it visually those people who are close to him when he approaches them law hopefully

00:34:48--> 00:34:55

they will not feel scared or sad. So when you feel sad that my father My mother, my loved one has died. They don't feel scared or sad.

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

When they get the good news that medical motors you have succeeded.

00:35:00--> 00:35:43

To go time for you to pass the exam and exit, they don't feel any sadness or scared or missing the family they leave us dounia when they are not leaving you at all, and levena Avenue, what can we learn that they believed in Allah and they feared him and the reason they were conscious of Him who should have hired to dunya Allah says, I give them the good news in this life, what we'll have here and in the era they have the good news, no change can they be in the words of Allah? This indeed is the Supremes. Allah says I promise you this is the ultimate success. May all of us when we die, may it be the happiest moment that we leave this dunya to the mercy of Allah melograno all those who

00:35:43--> 00:36:06

have died masirah Rama ALLAH forgive them have mercy on them. mala granted the graves we made widened, may they have happiness in the bodies of May we be united with them in a good company in the art era. And in general Philadelphia, Allah grant all of us to leave this world in a state of piety in Eman and taqwa with the last words that we leave this world with Bella Illa Illa Allah

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just announcements our classes will continue on Monday, six to seven the rightly guided caliphs back to basics inshallah mcdvoice. will start then any questions concerns with [email protected] to sokola