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Jumuah Khutbah by Shaykh West 28 Dec 2012


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The speakers discuss the history and importance of the upcoming Christmas celebrations, including the birth of Islam and the use of the word Islam to describe the message. They emphasize the importance of learning and following Islam to build one's own message of Islam. The segment also touches on the history of Christmas and the importance of worshiping the Lord's God. The speakers stress the need to be mindful of events and avoid embarrassment, as well as the importance of preserving Islam and preserving the Deen in the present.

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Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam wa mursaleen Sayidina Muhammad wa ala earlier savage mine Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh cimatu steamy noble hamdulillah you are well that you have enjoyed the time off for those of you who have had an opportunity to get some results that I make do I ensure that you go back to work only late in the New Year

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Alhamdulillah too soon as you know that we have just come past Christmas, the 25th of December and there are certain aspects and elements regarding Christmas that we need to discuss. I know some of you may be thinking that Christmas is done shift we need to talk about the new year now. But inshallah sometimes it is better, that we look back at something that has been that has gone past and it gives us better insight and through certain wisdoms, which we take to implement in sha Allah in the new year, as we know, that Christmas is the celebration of the birth of nebia, Isa according to the Christians, the birth of Jesus, according to what they believe. And of course, there are

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certain elements and aspects to Christmas which we as Muslims, we know it goes against our aqeedah goes against our belief, and we need to discuss these things and very importantly for us as Muslims living in a non Muslim majority in a non Muslim country, surrounded by our Christian friends and neighbors in also in a country which has been very good to us, we learn the other and as Muslims how we learn and take lessons from the event of Christmas and how we should respond in a in a very wise and a very

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foolish hikmah and wisdom inshallah. But before we begin, we want to remind ourselves about the wonderful respect that our Deen Islam gives to Christianity to all non Muslims and to all religions. Islam says there is no compulsion in religion and whatever you wish to follow. Ultimately, we give you the dour, we ask you we warn you we give you the message if you if you reject it, you are free to live this is how Islam works. Not what we see on the news that you know Muslims forced people into religion that that's not Islam, that is between you and Allah subhanaw taala but even more than that Islam gives a very special respect to our to Christianity. And these are points that we should

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take and tell our friends and our neighbors This is the important aspects that we should tell our friends and neighbors that are Christians that you know you don't understand our religion you only take your your understanding of Islam from CNN and BBC. This is what Islam says about Christianity. And this will open and soften their hearts and turn them to Islam in sha Allah. The first thing that we mentioned is that Allah subhanaw taala has made the belief in Ibiza a condition to be a Muslim, you cannot be we know this that you have to believe of the the pillars of Eman is you need to believe in all the Gambia all the prophets of Allah subhanho wa Taala and of them of course nobody

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sila Salaam, but you cannot be a Muslim if you do not love him, support him. believe in him if he's insulted It is your duty as a Muslim even if the Christians are silent. It is the duty of the Muslims to stand up and defend him. If for example and we inshallah you know why you have to believe that people do the same thing they did to our Beloved Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam drawing pictures and the Christian some of them do this. It is our duty as a oma to support him and defend him and say this is what you're doing is wrong. He is our Navy as well. Not only do we confirm that he is a messenger and have the greatest of people. We also affirm that he is of the greatest of the

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Gambia, amongst the messengers, Allah subhanho wa Taala has favored some above the others we know right on top Alhamdulillah is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but of the five greatest ambia in Ibiza is amongst them, and he's of the greatest men to walk this earth. And we also believe that he is the Messiah, the one who Allah has anointed. A Messiah comes from Messiah to wipe to be wiped and by the sweat in the Jewish. If you study Hebrew, it refers to being wiped with oil being anointed being selected. It's a symbol of being selected. And we say Allah subhanho wa Taala has chosen to be Isa, even above Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to return towards the end of times

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to defeat the Antichrist, and to bring justice and peace to this world. And even the men and the Muslim men of that time will follow him. It is our duty as Muslims we believe this. This is what we believe. And we believe Furthermore, in his miraculous birth, he was born without a father. But Allah subhanho wa Taala said couldn't fire Khun P and he was that he had no father and his mother was free of what they what they would well protect us from that what they say about him and his mother. We we are hamdulillah Subhana Allah, we honor and praise the mother of nebia Isa, to a degree which is even above that of the Christians in the Quran, you will find no woman the name of

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the only woman whose name is mentioned in the Quran is Maria, the mother of nebia Isa

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You won't find her deja or Ayesha or Fatima in the Quran, you won't find the daughters and the wives of the Prophet the mother of nubby Mohammed Salim in the Quran, but you will find the name of, of, of the mother of knobbies. Ali Salim in the Quran. In fact, not only that a entire surah is named after her Surah Maryam in the Bible, you won't find chapter MIDI. So behind Allah so we tell our Christian friends and neighbors Do you know that this is what is in our Quran. You cannot you won't even find in the Bible, the chapter name of the her.

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We of course also affirm and believe that Nabil Isa performed such tremendous miracles and such amazing miracles by the permission of Allah, which even Allah subhanaw taala did not give to our beloved Nabhi. So salam, Allah Subhana Allah says in Surah, early imraan, we translated that Allah says, and we made Nabi sallallahu Sallam a messenger to the children of Israel. Just to point to mention that nebby Isa was sent to the Yahoo, the Jews, Allah, Allah favored the food so much that he send them Moosa and Tao wood and Sulayman and ambia. And Abby, often Abby, including Jesus, he was from the bunnies that are ill, he was sent to the food, but they rejected him and the non Jewish

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people. They accepted Him. A few of the Jews accepted, but the majority was what they called the Gentiles, the non Jewish people, the B'nai Israel today, they don't accept recently Salaam as a prophet. That's why we say, you know, our believe Islam is closer to you than the Jews, even they rejected him. And they say his mother where he had to be live, she wasn't married, and she had a son, we did the son come child of Xena, this is what the Jews say. We say, oh, Christian, friends and neighbors. Look what we are saying. We are saying that he was a messenger, we affirm a messenger to maybe two bunnies or eel. And he will say, maybe Isa will say Indeed, I have come to you with a

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sign of His Signs is that he created from with bolas permission, a bird made of clay, a statue, a bird made of clay, and he breathed into it and it became a bird alive with the permission of Allah, and that he could kill the blind and the leper, and he could even give life to the dead. So behind Allah, even Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wasallam some of these these people service or some had many miracles, which we which we know of which is perhaps we should study in depth, but of these miracles, great miracles of Ibiza, but not even a be Mohammed Hassan was given by the permission of Allah. So we affirm these great miracles of Nabi sallallahu sallam.

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Not only that, Islam Subhana Allah even honors Christians themselves. Islam Do we know that Islam even

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asks and Allah subhanho wa Taala instructs the Muslim in to follow the example of the disciples of nebia, Isa, Allahu Akbar, to follow the example of the Christians who followed Nabil sallys salaam. He Sahaba his companions that were around him, Allah subhanaw taala says, Yeah, you were letting me know Kunal and satola. Oh, you who believe all Muslims, be supporters helpers of Allah

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cannot call a Sabina Maria mollenhauer in Amman, Ansari, Illallah s nebby Isa asked these disciples who have you are going to be the supporters of Allah called How are you gonna answer Allah? And when the disciples said, Oh, he said, we will be the helpers of Allah. So Allah subhanaw taala say, follow the example of the disciples of Ibiza. How much honor is Allah giving to the people of Nebuchadnezzar, but not even that, look at this beautiful ayah and surah Allah Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala wants to teach us something beautiful, beautiful ayah that always speaks about the disbelieving Christians the Christians who believe in the Trinity and what they say about him. Allah

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still praises them to a degree when Allah subhanaw taala tells us in Surah Allah Allah era, verse 82, the translation we say, you will surely find the people most intense in animosity or hatred. Who are the people that hates the Muslims, the most? Ellis's you will find those who have the most severe hatred to you are number one, the Jews. And we know this for a fact is three, three, and the current efface tells that you will find those who have the most adult power to you, Mohammed salam, and your beliefs are the Yahood and also those who make Sheikh Abu Jamal Abu lahab, the worshipers of the idols we know what the people of Mecca did to Nabi Muhammad Salam. And then Allah says, but

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you will find those nearest you in affection to the believers are those who say we are Christians. Why? Because among them are priests and monks, and because they are not arrogant that they are those who are humble and pious, even though they have incorrect beliefs and we ask Allah to guide them inside they have hearts that one goodness and height, Allah subhanaw taala saying that the closest people you will find in the love of Islam are the Christians. We do we say that we should kill and destroy an arm and blow up the Christians. This is what Allah is saying in the Quran. We should take these ayat to our Christian friends and neighbors and tell them this is what we say. This is what

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Islam is talking about in your religion. This is what how we praise your religion, how we praise your beliefs, but we must also say that what is correct and incorrect. We need to

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Explain and defend Ibiza and say what was the true teachings of Jesus alayhis salam, what was never so what did he say? In Surah Maryam surah we mentioned there are many is regarding the story of Nebuchadnezzar. And he says to his people, what did he say? He said, Indeed, I am the servant of Allah. He has given me the Scripture and made me a prophet, and he has made me Blizzard Wherever I am, and is enjoyed upon me, he's made me to make solar and zakka as long as I'm alive, Allah subhanaw taala made these ambia they have to pay zakat and they have to make Salah to follow the same this, all of them are slaves unto Allah, whether you are a king or a prophet or a slave, you

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are all servants unto Allah. And he says, He also instructed me to be dutiful to my mother, and he has not made me a tyrant, not made me an oppressor of people. And peace be upon me the day I was born and the day that I shall die, and the day that I am raised alive the day of the AMA, and Allah says that this is Jesus, the son of Mary, the word of truth about which the they are in dispute, they are disputing about it. And Allah subhanho wa Taala then tells the Christians it is not befitting for Allah to take a son allow Akbar Allah Subhana Allah he's free of taking a son Exalted is He, when he decrees anything he only says B and it is he doesn't need to have a father and Ibiza

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Allah subhanaw taala created Adam without a mother or a father, and he can never do so without the Father. And Ibiza will say, Indeed Allah he said to his people, Allah is my Lord and your Lord, so worship Him. That is the straight path. This is the message of all the MBR all the prophets from Adam to Mohammed Salah Salaam, the Sharia was different. Maybe they made Salah different, they made Hajj different, but they came with one message of Islam, which was this. Allah is my Arab, and he's Europe. He made you He made me. He feeds me, he feeds you when I die. I'm going to him when you die, you're going to him, so worship him. Why are you worshiping anyone besides him? Why are you

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worshiping a grave or a stone or a statue? Why are you even worshiping me I make dua to Allah and the Christians themselves. I will see from the Bible that maybe Isa himself made dua, he made Salah, so why are you worshiping me worship the one that gives all power that gives it has power over all things? This is the message La Ilaha Illa. Allah is the message of all the Gambia, the message of Islam. And we see from the Bible we confirm this we say and we take these messages to the to our Christian friends and neighbors and tell them that even your Bible affirms that Jesus was a slave of Allah. Jesus said in Luke, it is written, it is written it is written down in the old scripture in

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the Torah, and also what has been revealed to me. What is the commandment, worship the Lord your God and serve him only La ilaha illa Allah worship Allah alone, this is what Allah has sent me to bring. This is even after the the Bible has been edited and changed. Some of the ayat are still there like this, worship Allah worship the Lord your God and serve Him alone. And then in another in Mark, one of the people came to us and said, What is of all the commandments which is the most important Tell me what is the most important thing I need to do? This is the most important thing. Jesus said the most important one answer Jesus is this year Oh is that I listen to people of Israel, the Lord your

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God the Lord is one coup Allahu Ahad say that you know it is one love you know love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength, worship him and him alone. No Trinity, no partnership with Allah no Sheikh. So this is what Nabi Isa came and as we mentioned in the next ayah, in pseudo ambia, the message that every single Nabhi the message that every prophet the message of Mohammed Salah, Salah of Jesus of Moses, Allah, may peace and blessings be upon them all. The message was this, and Allah says, and we in translation, and we said not before you any messenger, except that we revealed to him that there is none no deity except

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me. So worship me. This is what Islam is all about what Christianity, the original Christianity what Nabi Musa came that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah, look to who you are worshipping. If you're worshiping any besides Allah, it's incorrect, that Allah subhanho wa Taala has come for you to worship him and him alone. This was the message of Jesus and we see from the Bible, it is what he himself did. He worshipped Allah subhanaw taala. So we asked Now,

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coming from Christmas, and coming from the beliefs of the Jews, the Christians, we have Christmas then come from, if the teachings of knobbies Ali Salam was La ilaha illAllah. Then we get the story of the Trinity. Where do we get the story of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost? Where does this stuff come from? First of all, there is no mention in the Bible. about Christmas. There is no Santa Claus. There's no 25th of December. There is no trees bringing your house there's no giving of presents or lights. You won't find the word Christmas in the Bible. Nothing

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In the Bible, in fact, the Christians will agree that never he sorry, Sam, they don't know when he was born. They don't know if he was born. In fact, they know for a fact he was not born on the 25th of December. They know he wasn't born on the 25th of December, which they exactly they don't know which year exactly, they don't know. The original calculation they could only calculate when he was born many decades after Nagisa had left the dunya and the calculation was incorrect. So where did the idea of Christmas come from? And again, we say this not as a means to, to belittle or insult our Christian friends and neighbors, no, these are effects that the the, the priests and the rabbi or

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the priest and amongst you tell the people, they should tell the own people these things and we only take this to learn, to teach to protect ourselves and to be better as Muslims and inshallah if we can guide others. Then we tell them what the and this is the facts. You ever humble? I believe she was your last week introduce you to move to Google. All these facts, we can search online, you can check it what is the origin of Christianity between the origin of Christianity Wikipedia is they're not my words, not the Mufti, not the MGC, not any, Allah Ma. This is from the priests themselves what they are saying that Christianity came that Christmas when it came, when when Christianity

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began to spread the Roman empire that was in charge at that time, they had you know what they believed they believed in Jupiter, they believed in the planets, they believe the gods that children and wives they killed one another. And for this is the pagan Roman beliefs, deep shield. This what they believed of the things they used to celebrate different planets at different times. For example, the time of spring, when winter was about to end, they celebrated Saturn. And they call this this festival, the celebration of Saturnalia. Why? Because as we know, it's summer here in South Africa, but to the north, in our own in Europe, in the Middle East, above the equator, it's

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winter now. That's why when we see Christmas on TV, it's snow. Because in the Northern Hemisphere, it's winter, while you're in the south, it's summer. So they believe the pagans of Europe. They believe in the Romans. That winter, of course was a time of evil, it is dark, it's cold, people became sick and they died. But when spring comes into life, that the Lord of spring, and the gods set in who they used to worship in spring, this is towards the end of December, winter is now ending you'll find the days become longer and the nights become shorter, the darkness is going away. And that is why they started putting trees in their houses which live long Christmas trees. They used to

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have lights, candles, because the light is coming back. That's why we have Christmas lights they used to give presents, and of the very disturbing things about this, this festival of the Saturnalia, you'll find that the laws were relaxed. They said now from the 17th of December, until about the 21st of this for a week or so. There are no laws, you can do what you want, you can sleep with whom you want and drink and have go crazy things which were haram which were illegal was now made permissible. So when the Christians when Christianity came, they said you know the people are very attached to these things. Let us include this in our religion and say that now that the winter

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the evil is going, the birth of God has come. So we take the ideas we incorporated into our religion, and we will say we don't celebrate the event of the Lord satin, we celebrate the birth of Lord Jesus. Now, they just substituted the name satin to Jesus, but we continue the same belief with count we follow the same system and rituals. So behind Allah, if this is the the essence of where your beliefs come from, we say that we are against pagan beliefs and pagan rituals which even Debbie's Elisa Lam was against it Lisa celebrate Christmas will say no, there is disable celebrate Christmas, they'll say no, where did it come from? It came from pagan beliefs. And that is why we

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say that we should know as Muslims, but more importantly, the Christians themselves should know this. And then we even ask, Where does the Trinity come from? Where does the concept that Allah subhanaw taala had a son why he has a biller? We find that in the first Council of Nicea.

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There was a time when Christianity was weak. Then the emperor of Rome became Christian. And now he found Christians throughout the world, some in Egypt, some in Palestine, some in Rome. They all have different beliefs. Some say no, but he said they were confused. As I mentioned, they were confused. Some Sydney Ibiza was a god. Some said no, he was a prophet. And he had those in between who said he was not a normal man, but he wasn't a god. Some a chick, they worshipped him. Some said no, it's haram to worship him. So he called the council 325 or 325 years after we Isa. He called the Council which is called the first Council of Nicea. And he said now you will ama you debate and you argue

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with one another, and we will support the winning vote, but because he himself was a pagan before this, he became a Christian. He agreed with those who spoke of the Trinity that they supported that maybe Isa was the son of Allah

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He was part of Allah. So he supported this view. And the Trinity became the official doctrine of Christianity. They were those at that time were correct belief. And as we know, in the eastern of Esau Salaam, the few Christians who still believed the correct Islam, the correct Christianity, but it was the church, it was the the priests and the emperor who decided what what what should be correct, not based on the Bible. So this is where the beliefs come from. And as I said, I want you to to Google read up on the first Council of Nicea, read up on it find out and you will find the beauty of Islam. You find that everything that you have in Islam, it's not what the shifts is over

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the Mufti sees what the presidencies it's what the Quran and the Sunnah say, you can go back if whatever mother Have you follow you open up your mouth, he will say this is the this is my view. Based on this is based on this hadith mo hanifa says, if you find anything which I say which contradicts the sooner which contradicts the Quran and throw my opinion out the window, that is my mother is what is what in the Quran and the Sunnah Allahu Akbar Allah has preserved our Deen preserve this religion so that everything we do is based on complete and perfect evidence Alhamdulillah and therefore we take certain important lessons, very powerful lessons we need to take

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regarding Christmas, we've seen where it comes from, we see how it was distorted and changed, we see that the origin of it has come from paganism and incorrect beliefs. The first most important lesson we need to say is we need the need for dour. We have been Alhamdulillah 300 years. We need to inshallah make sure that if we are here for another 300 years this will be a Muslim country, not for the purpose of overpowering and overthrowing and being in charge. Now, we say we want for you what we want for ourselves. We want for you to follow the same religion which now the ISA came follow your Prophet, and you will enter into Islam and you'll find that Allah subhanho wa Taala liberates

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you from pagan believes he liberates you from being in being a beneath anyone other than Allah subhanaw taala when the Muslim armies came to Persia, and they came to Rome, they The Emperor is asking what has brought you Arabs out of your lands? Do you want money? Do you want wealth? Do you want women do you want lands we give it to you? They said no, we only came with one mission, to remove people from the worship of the creation to the worship of the Creator. Whatever is created, don't worship that worship the one who created everything. This is our mission. What a beautiful message that for each and every person you can have a relationship with Allah subhanaw taala what is

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so wrong with it? To say why worship a stick or stone to a grave or idol or in a bee or an angel? When you can worship the creator of all these things? What is more beautiful and more perfect? That is why Allah Subhana Allah says, when we have to interact with the Jews and the Christians, the people of the book, what should we do? Should we blow them up? Should we kill them? Should we cut the heads of Allah Subhana Allah says no in Surah Allah Emraan kuliah Al Kitab se O People of the Scripture to Allah Allah kalimat in Salah in Bain and Albania, Kham Kham UN has come to an agreement, we come to a common ground, you have your views, we have our views. But let us agree on

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one thing between you and us. That we will not worship except Allah and not associate anything with him and not take one another as loads instead of Allah. Can we agree on this? You can dress how you want let's let's not talk about all those things. But let's agree on one thing that La ilaha illa Allah, that you worship one Allah, I worship one Allah, there's only one creator, we agree that there's only one Rob if you ask the Christian, how many creators are there who created the sun and the moon also there is only one creator. So why are you worshiping a prophet? Why are you worshiping Jesus or not him? So we say, Allah Subhana Allah advises in a beautiful way to give Dawa. It is

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agree on this, that this La ilaha illa Allah that none should be worshipped except Allah. But if they turn away, then we bear witness that we are Muslims that we are the ones who submit to Allah subhanaw taala. So we make dua and I look to myself and we ask that, you know, the young generation, the new faces, come on to massage committees and our committees, bring new ideas using social media, using your intelligence, how do we get this message? We are unfortunately responsible for not giving the message over. We are humbled to have the pure, beautiful message of Islam. It only needs to be packaged and give it given it over. We just need to make the delivery. Allah subhanaw taala shows

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that his Deen is powerful. But even in this time when Islam is down, the oma of Islam is down. The Muslims of the Muslim men are being oppressed all over the world. We have a campaign against us but yet we see Islam spreading Why? Because this Deen is great. Allah subhanho wa Taala has made this deem to be powerful wherever it is, it will always be great. It's just for Muslim men to pick it up and say we want to be part of the spirit of Islam. So a time we need to start in sha Allah, you know, seriously thinking about how we need to spread the message of Islam, to our our non Muslim friends and neighbors in a beautiful way, in a way that will capture the hearts This is what Tao is

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all about.

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The second thing that we need to also be in mind is that when we look at the different beliefs of the kuffaar, we may think to ourselves that you know, they have something beautiful, something nice, but when you really look at the essence, where it comes from, what is the basis of it, we realize that, you know, Islam is superior in every way. When we look at you know, Christmas, we may think, you know, it's just a holiday, we want to send our children into certain Santa Clauses lab, we want to have the lights, you know, we want to enjoy enjoying something, Allah subhanaw taala allowed us to enjoy the dunya. But there are limits. And we need to know that we have been instructed to be

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different to the disbelievers. Why, otherwise, we will fall into the same trap as the Christians. They wanted to incorporate pagan beliefs. They said, you know, we want something good our NEA is to bring the non Christians into Christianity. So we take bits and pieces from the religion, but we know we are in charge. Over time you find that that which was through God's disappeared, and only that which is evil remains so so behind Allah, if we were to follow the same things and we say let's leave a bit of Islam and take some of the imitate our Christian friends and neighbors or the non Muslims will finally only damage Islam image we only take away from Islam. So then it sounds a lot

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lower level Salam said, in a Hadith, which warns us this is truly the Muslim mean you shall follow the ways of those who will be for you, but by but span by span, until if they were to enter into a lizard to lay hole, you would follow them will follow them in everything in the evil they do. And then the Sahaba said, O Messenger of Allah, are you referring to the Jews and the Christians? And then Elisa said Who else besides them? And Subhana Allah, we need to we need to take you know, be cognizant that

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there are certain things which we as Muslims have to say we we respect your religion, but we draw the line here. We won't insult you. But we will not engage in these things. Somebody say but we living in a non Muslim country when tissue tolerance and intolerance, you know, we shouldn't be intolerant. We need to realize that while we try to please these people, how offensive is it to Allah subhanaw taala we say he has a son, or that he has a partner he has Subhana Allah has taken a son why he has a villa. In Surah Maryam Allah Subhana Allah says this statement makes the heavens want to split open and Allah wants to cause the earth to tear apart, and the mountains to fall in

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ruin to say that he has a son, that the creation is afraid that Allah subhanaw taala will destroy it out of this statement, something so offensive to Allah subhanho wa Taala should not be taken lightly. Therefore, in a beautiful way with wisdom and hikmah in a beautiful way we say we refrain from these things that is contradictory to our beliefs as Muslims, that we will not engage in it. If you want to give children your children, your children presents, give them every day of the week, give them Friday, you know, on the days of aid, give them presents, don't wait for Christmas. Don't let their hearts become attached to this time that we say it's a holiday, we live in a country we

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enjoy the holiday free time. But this is not for us. We have our own celebrations. And we have our own ways of expressing our happiness and days of family time. We don't engage in these actions. Why then abbyson said so and because it is something which is offensive to the dean.

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But more importantly than the Dow and more importantly than avoiding the imitation of the kuffaar what we need to be very scared of is we need to ask ourselves, you know,

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Allah subhanaw taala seen the Christians even to be one of the greatest nebby MBs he seemed to be Salli sallam, he sent him with a book. And they had Sahaba the disciples who supported them, they sorted a very good, how is it that the religion became so corrupted and changed? What happened to these people? What mistakes have they made, that has caused them to fall into to completely fall out of of the belief of Allah subhanho wa Taala and therefore we should ask before we look at them, we look at ourselves and we say, Oh, we may be doing some of these things that they did. That was built in 2013. In 1000 years, maybe we find that Muslims say that Allah Subhana Allah is the son, How far

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away are we from this? You know, Nabil Ebrahim la salami makes a dua, he says, Yeah, Allah protect me and my family from evil worshipping idols. This is an AVI, I mean, he's a prophet of Allah subhanaw taala. He says, you know, even I know how easily it is to fall into Sheikh how, how close Am I Oh, my children, that we might fall into it. But you know, you will hamdulillah as a parent, you might be safe. But how do you know that your children in 3040 years time, while he has a villa, they may fall into the same sin, the same mistakes as the kuffaar. So how do we learn we first of all we look at what did them what are the mistakes of the Christians? How did they get to the

00:29:42--> 00:30:00

Trinity? How did they get to all these incorrect beliefs? Allah subhanho wa Taala says that there are two things that the Christians did that made them fall into this. Number one, they practiced on ignorance, which led them to misbelief they didn't follow clear signs and ayat or a dilla. But they did what

00:30:00--> 00:30:22

Whatever they felt was correct ignorance and secondly the exuse exaggeration to be on the levels they praised and honored, never easy to be on the level and they enter into q4. And we see that we need to elaborate this point we see so behind Allah every single day 17 times a day you make this dua. In Surah Fatiha, the entire Surah Fatiha is

00:30:23--> 00:30:27

the surah that we repeat every day you select your Raka is not complete. If

00:30:29--> 00:31:06

you make the word you need to recite it four times if you've missed it, you have to go back and recite. So what is the surah so powerful wise Allah subhanho wa Taala instructing us to recite it all the time. It's a DA and the part that we say we say the thing that we only asked for one thing we say yeah, Allah in a Serato study, Guide us to the straight path sirata Latina Anam de la him, guide us to the path of those who you have blessed, viral mcdu biale monoball lien Don't let us follow the path of those who you have incurred, we've incurred your anger. We are those who have blessed and they are those who you are angry with. And they are those that are lean those who have

00:31:06--> 00:31:26

gone astray. We know those who have been blessed are the ones as Allah says, as we mentioned in the previous ayah those who believe in follow and worship Allah alone how the Serato Mr. Team, those worship Allah alone, this is Serato Mr. Team, but who are those who Allah is angry with him? Don't let us be like those who you are angry with. And the Darlene Who are they?

00:31:27--> 00:32:05

Then of Esau Salaam explains the those who are allies angry with the Jews and evil follow the Jews. Why? Because they knew the truth and they deliberately rejected it. So anybody who knows the Huck, he knows what he's right, but deliberately out of arrogance like shavon they did not know that there wasn't Allah. He knew there wasn't Allah. But out of Kibera and pride, he refuses to be disobeyed. So anyone who knows the truth and that is why an island for example, who disobeyed Allah, may Allah protect us, he's most severely punished for those who know the truth and turn away. Allah is angry with these people. These are the Jews. This is the what they did. The time nobody saw Solomon

00:32:05--> 00:32:45

continued to do. But the dawn lean and obese or some says are the Christians and those who follow them. Why? Because they followed a religion and basically religion without any evidence, they chop and change the religion. They want what is good they try to do something which is good, but they follow the power. They follow whatever the priests and the rabbis come and they don't ask which I waited Allah say this, where did Jesus say this? No, they just follow the emotion. They follow? No, no logic, no thinking no clear cut evidence. Now we ask as Muslims, how many of us know our Deen correctly? How many of us know what is the Quran say, as soon as a how many of us are so close maybe

00:32:45--> 00:33:23

to falling into this trap. And the only way is to knowledge. You cannot predict yourself from ignorance except through learning. There are many Alhamdulillah clauses going around in this message as well. You know, in sha Allah, not this Wednesday coming the week after that of the Muslim we have a fundamentals class on the very basics of Islam. Attend if you can, please come shall it will be beneficial to you. Wherever you are asking Imam to teach you something about Islam. Because the Christians forgot about learning of the religion as how they fought fought fell into this so you may be safe. What about your children? Do they know what is right from wrong? Do they know what Islam is

00:33:23--> 00:34:00

all about? How easy would it be for them to be wired to be falling into the same trap and falling into the disobedience of Allah Subhana Allah protect us. This is the first first and the most important thing and we make throughout every day in Surah Fatiha We ask Allah does not fall into the same trap. The second thing Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned that the Christians fell into was something called the Hulu exaggeration. Going beyond the limits in praise going beyond the limits in honoring you know you sometimes you pray someone you say you know you are the best, you are the best everything is from you. If it was not for you, I'd fall into this that you saved my life you the

00:34:00--> 00:34:15

doctor, you have gone beyond the limits of praise Allah subhanaw taala allows you you have to give the respect to someone what is owed to him, but don't take from that which belongs to Allah and give to somebody else. Now you've created a partner and an equal with Allah subhanaw taala.

00:34:16--> 00:34:39

Allah Subhana Allah says in Surah Allah either powerful yet laconic Afro Latina call in Allahu Allah mercy with the medium that they who have said, Allah subhanho wa Taala is the Messiah, the Son of matey they have committed Cooper, they are careful. They are out of the fold. We call mercy, Ebenezer ill, or Buddha law, Robbie.

00:34:40--> 00:34:59

But now he says he to his people, but he's right. I am the slave of Allah worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord, worship Allah. This is what Nafisa said. And in the next is Allah subhanho wa Taala goes further and he says, Lakota Kaffir Allah de Nicola in Allah, little fella, but those who have spoken the Trinity that have said

00:35:00--> 00:35:26

Allah is a third of God's ship that Allah subhanaw taala is divided into three, a Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. They're all one. If you have said this, you are folded into Cooper, woman Illa Illa Why? There is no Allah except Allah one Illa This is what Allah subhanaw taala is saying, and in the next ayat Allah subhanaw taala speaks about about this and how bad it is but to reach the end of our discussion, verse 77.

00:35:27--> 00:35:36

We asked, How did the Christians get into the statement of the Trinity? How did they say that Allah subhanaw taala as a son, Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:35:38--> 00:36:16

roofie Dini Co Op of the book, Jews and Christians to not fall into exaggeration, not fall into what we call Hulu. Do not praise and honor and out of your love for Nabi Isa, you loved him, but you've praised him so much. You have first said that, you know, he is not just a prophet, he is the greatest of prophets. Then you have said, you know, he wasn't born like any other man, he must have come from the essence of Allah. He must have been part of Allah subhanho wa Taala if he doesn't have a father who's his father aligns his father. And then you said, you know, he brought people back from the dead. Only our luck in bringing big people back from the dead He must be divine. Step by

00:36:16--> 00:36:57

step they praise they praise Him to the level where they've made him an equal to Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is the danger of Hulu. So we need to ask ourselves in our community, do we have this as well? Is there a place and is a situation where we praise whether the shoe whether the Olia whether the MBR within a beam Amato Salaam to the point where we take from the rights of a lost behind Allah we need to be very very wary about this and not let emotion get the better of us. You know a man came to Neville Salaam and he said I will do this and that insha Allah if Allah and you want and a visa some became very upset he said, Are you making me an equal with Allah? Say insha Allah, it's

00:36:57--> 00:37:31

enough. It is only all as well that will determine what will happen. I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. I don't know what's going to happen in the future. I have no power to benefit you will harm you. I don't have power to benefit myself even. I make do I make Toba? I make solar even the Bissell Salaam gibreel they make dua they make Toba to Allah, they make Sala sudo to Allah if these are the greatest jabril and Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, what about the Imam or the earlier you know, these are things that behind Allah, everyone comes to Allah in submission. So we need to be be very very careful that we will not take the rights of Allah subhanho wa Taala and

00:37:31--> 00:38:06

attach it to anyone besides Him. If you ask ask Allah alone, if you need to turn to anyone you have a personal private line with Allah subhanho wa Taala a private you know Allah Subhana Allah says, I come down to the last third of the night looking for those who wish to ask of me so I may forgive them who wish to ask of me so I may give them I want wealth I want children and I want this this woman you know I want to marry her yeah Allah Allah will give it to you. Ask him and him alone. So we we make to Allah subhanho wa Taala protects us from falling into the sons in the mistakes of the generation of all of us preserve this Deen and we continue to preserve it in our time and strengthen

00:38:06--> 00:38:19

the deen through us in sha Allah that our children will be a better than us and that this Deen will grow we give the message to our Christian friends and neighbors and inshallah in very soon that Islam was spreading in this land. Well if you doubt hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen

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In Alhamdulillah, Madurai wanna stay in Oman as the federal governor to elect one of our local hero Cola, Nash Kuru kawara, Nakuru, kona flowerona, Romania. jurak Allahumma yaquina Buddha cannoli when I stood I shadow Allah Allah hi La la la sharika wash anessa now when Amina Mohammed Abdullah he was a pseudo or shallow hodja one of the era where there is no law he because he was Raja Munira

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he was

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bad. Yeah, he by the law. We'll see coming up CBT cola for college algebra. Yeah, you will Latina mano taco taco taco De La Tomatina Illa to Muslim on bacala da da da da da Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen Rahmani Raheem, Maliki Ahmed Deen II cannot do what he can Stein in a Serato study. salata Latina Anjali movie real movie monoball lean mean akula Kalia there was no fear Allah Allah Allah como se Lucy minimalism festa Pharaoh Enola for Rahim.

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hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah.

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Muhammad Mohammed Abdullah, he would also say that oh Lena will La la la la, la la la la, la or Sofia, ah, Marian, I'm about but dakolo what tokuyama to Jonah de la la la la, la, la la la la la de Heidi Mohamed Salah la sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Michel

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de la creme de la palma de la Vina I'm about Allah wa salatu wa salam O Allah. Wa wannabee Mustafa Al Habib in Morocco kameyama la la la la la la la in LA how Amala eketahuna saloon Allah Navy maybe? Yeah, you will Nadine Amano solo la casa Lima Lima Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala Allahumma salli wa sallim ala al Bashir Raja Raja Mooney Naveen Habib, say globally and Ola whom is that Islam Allah steamy Allahu Allah is that Islam on Muslim in Aloha, miserly Islam obviously Meanwhile, Villa shipka well wisher Cain, Mirada Deen, which Allah has a better than Amina was a Muslim in Oklahoma shreem urbanna Allahu mashpi marrowbone Allah musbema Bona, what Hamilton was the

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alcohol and alcohol Shabana alongside one sec for the Steen or Somalia Libya or Syria or Iraq or Afghanistan or equally McCann yeah as he is yarraman Ravana atina cydonia Hashanah tabula rasa work in other banal was an agenda tamela Barajas Jaco Faria, rapala mineva la ilaha

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