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Jumuah Khutbah by Shaykh West 21 Sep 2012


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The speakers discuss the history and importance of Islam, including its impact on pride, pride in Islam, and the use of sallamps and fake news. They stress the need to be cautious and considerate of others' actions, and emphasize the importance of protecting one's spirituality and not let anyone harm them. They also touch on the importance of following spiritual teachings and using peaceful means to support them. The conversation also touches on the loss of the spiritual teacher, the importance of love for one's spirituality, and the need to educate oneself.

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Hold on rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala l mursaleen. syedna Mohammed Allah, Allah azza wa jal muslimeen operations due to Allah subhanaw taala. And we send our greetings or salutation our love our praises to our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Gemma to see me and I know last week, I promised that inshallah over the next few weeks, we will be doing a series on Hajj and it was our intention. Unfortunately, as we know, the Muslim world has been gripped by an incident where our beloved prophet Sal Salaam was abused and insulted. And this resulted in protests and violence throughout the world, and many of them are sajit evergreen to talk on this topic and inshallah, we will continue with the Hajj program. As a matter of if you came for that purpose, and inshallah will receive benefit from this topic, we will discuss this important event that has taken place.

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As I mentioned, of the past two weeks or so, a film was released, I assume we're all away with an abyssal Salaam, is insulted, but such terrible things that are said about him. And he's depicted in such an untrue and insulting and abusive manner.

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A slandering of Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, and this became even worse and as aggravated by the response of the Muslim Ummah, in particular, that hits home here in Cape Town, was that a suicide bomber blew up a car in Afghanistan, Kabul, which killed eight South Africans, and therefore it affects us not only is it our source of solemn, it's affected, but the aroma and the reaction of the oma. And it's under the guise of freedom of speech,

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that the world uses this excuse to say anything to use any method to slander whoever and whatever they want. And we know that was not a discussion about the freedom of speech versus Islamic rights. But we know as as many of you might have received the message. If you insult or say anything critical about the Jewish people, then you're anti semitic. If you say anything critical about a black person, then you are a racist. You say anything about a Muslim or the province or Salam then it's freedom of speech. We know in Islam, that every with every freedom with every right and Huck Allah gives you there is an Amana and a trust and a visa, some says you speak only when you have

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something good to say that your speech can harm each other, even the non Muslims, you speak well, and you should not speak ill of one another, even the non Muslims. This of course, this concept of the freedom of speech is used, unfortunately, to harm the Muslims in certain events. And this is a classic example of how our oma and there are those who use these false notions. To cause insult, the only purpose is to insult and to enrage the Muslim ummah. And this is an open act of aggression. By the people who are doing this, they're not doing it for the sake of art, or for the sake of bringing about a dialogue or a discussion about the Russell's asylum. If you want to discuss on a visa Salaam

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you have some questions marhaba If anyone comes to you and says, I want to ask you about your properties, wives, or whatever aspect you say, Does Arcola for asking me about my religion? Let's sit down our Allah explained everything. In Islam, there is no concept of hiding anything away. So if you want to find out and you are curious marhaba and we invite you to come we are eager to discuss. But if your intention is to insult and to abuse and to slander anybody, not only Rasulullah sallallahu any human being any individual, and we say that this is an act of aggression, and particularly against the messenger of of the sama, salallahu alayhi salam, and this act has caused

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so much pain and anger in the Muslim Ummah, every single Muslim, he holds the NA visa some dear to his heart. It is part of your Eman that we love our NaVi salsa. And when you insult someone that is dear to you continuously and in this horrible manner, calling him a barbarian calling him a murderer, why he has to be a homosexual a pedophile. This is the things that are saying what is the response you expect?

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So how should we respond with these horrible, insulting abusive methods they want us to act violently and incorrectly. So inshallah we will discuss how we should react because then ivsa mentioned a man came to him and he said

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jasola give me advice. And then obese awesome, I advise you to not be angry. He said, eurosla Give me another advice. He says, I advise you not to be angry. And then I've recently repeated this, don't fight, don't react out of anger in jihad, a Muslim would be fighting with a non Muslim, and then that person would insult him or spit in his face, and the Muslim would leave him and he's and they said, why would you leave this man said, because if I harmed him, why killed him? I would do out of it out of anger, and not love for Allah subhanho wa Taala. So we should be cautious, and we should be calculating, and we should act in a manner in accordance with Islam and in accordance with

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the way that Abby's awesome himself would have reacted.

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And we should be a few things in mind.

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We should remember a few things and take from the history of the Ibiza Salaam and what the Quran teaches us. Firstly, Allah subhanho wa Taala. He mentions in Surah, Al MBM, this surah of the prophets Allah subhanho, dialysis, or Muhammad Indeed, many messengers were mocked before you. But those who mocked was surrounded by that with which they used to mock Allah subhanho wa Taala is giving comfort in a piece of the abuse and the insult of an obese awesome is not something new. It happened in his time. He was called a poet. He was called a madman, he was called a shy cadabra liar. He was called the person possessed by jinn and the shadow team. This is all in the Quran, his

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friends and his family's close family, Abu lahab, his uncle used to insult him with this method. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says In this ayah, that Muhammad, you are not the first messenger to go through this. In fact, if you look at the Old Testament, you will find that in the Old Testament, what the Jews and the Christians say about the NBA, they say why the bill and Abby was an alcoholic drunkard. Why the villa they say Nabil Suleiman fell into Cooper and schilke because he was misled by his wives. They say why he had to be like an absolute, committed act of insist sexual interaction with these two daughters is what they say about the NBA in the Bible. This is how they insult the

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NBA and the Quran mentions that some of the NBA the prophets they even killed.

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So Mohammed salam, this is part of the sooner the part of the method, the part of the trial that you you expect to get when you a messenger of Allah subhana wa Tada. So this is part of this long line of messengers, he is one of that great fraternity of ambia you will go through that hardship like your brothers of the prophets did. So Allah is giving me some reassurance that this test and trial is part of prophethood

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then Allah subhanaw taala also mentions specific area which gives us comfort and gives an abyssal solemn comfort. Allah subhanaw taala says, Truly, we will suffice you against the scoffers those who mock you and insult you. I promise and I will protect you and I will deal with him in another ayah Allah Azza wa highnesses for he hates you. He will be cut off from all good and all hail for those who openly hate you and attack you. I will see to them. And in another I am. Allah says in Surah

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in the levena una la hora Sula, who the Nana who love it dunya will arrive early those who annoy who abuse will insult who annoys Allah and His messenger. Allah has cursed them in this dunya and in the earth era, and Allah has prepared for them a severe humiliating torment. So we say to these people who are writing these things, we're drawing these pictures are insulting and obese also many of them are afraid they do something and they know how the oma is going to react with correctly or incorrectly. They knew they know if they cause a stir. The oma is going to be enraged. The fact one Salman Rushdie to execute him is there for decades. He's in hiding the people who can produce this

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movie they are in hiding.

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They fear that the oma the 1.5 billion Muslims that they made enemies of but we say to them, Do not fear as the 1.5 billion Muslims and the the countries that follow La Ilaha Illa Muhammad Rasulullah salam, our wealth our children, our power is insignificant compared to Allah subhanho wa Taala. You have made war with Allah subhanho wa Taala. You have taken an enemy with Allah subhanho wa Taala. The Sahaba Sahaba rhodiola on whom they narrated that amongst the kurush they were those who used to hate the deen. But they were those who were specifically abusive, and personally attacked in Ibiza Salaam like Abu lahab and these people who personally saw to

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insult or humiliate automake then bisazza lump all of them received a humiliating and evil in this dunya. And we can only imagine what's happening to them in the after a yet are revealed about Abu lahab Abu Jamal and we'll even go viral masumi in the Quran, Allah curses them. Every time 1.5 billion Muslims read the curses increased. And the Sahaba mentioned in the times of jihad, when they would fight with a non Muslims. If ever the non Muslims started

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being abusive to newbies of Salaam, they would feel some form of relief, because they would say we know now that victory is close at hand because then they've incurred the anger of Allah subhanaw taala. So we say to these people, by the way, of Allah subhanho wa Taala Not today. But tomorrow, the days after Allah will send his torment His angels unless you make Toba and reflect what you said.

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Thirdly, we need to bear in mind while we are angry, and we are upset. We need to remember that these insults, they do not diminish the stature, the greatness of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. It is like someone that Allah ma se sees and this is in the past. They mentioned it's like someone trying to spit at the sun. It does nothing to diminish the greatness and the brightness of the sun. We know that the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the greatest and most loved of Allah creations. No person no angel, no gene, no other creation is loved. By Allah s Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He is the Imam of the prophets on the night of Miraj, he led all the

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ambia insula, the greatest man to walk this earth. These insults don't even come close to the dust on his feet.

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He will be the first to be resurrected on the day of kiama the first to enter genital feitos he will be the only prophet The only person that will be given the right of intercession on the day of karma. This is called the macam mood, the praise station of the every other when we recite the DA Allah Muhammad Delta Tama, in that duel we pray we make to African peace awesome to receive this great station so that he may intercede on our behalf all the other prophets will say myself myself, it will only be the NaVi Sal Salaam will be given the permission to intercede with Allah on the day of karma, when Allah will be angry like never before. This is who Mohammed sallallahu Sallam is. He

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completed his mission. When he left. His mission was complete. He was one man alone, when he left we have 1.5 billion Muslims. Today alone, how many Muslims will be every Salah we make we sin Salawat and Salam genovesa salam, there is no one in the dunya no personality in the history of mankind, who received this kind of honor. This kind of, of love and stature. In fact, the way I look at the things that you do in your life, we are not the best of Muslims, but we do things we eat with our right hand. We how we use the toilet, how we into the masjid, how we make Salah how we dress, they say the greatest form of flattery. If you really want to flatter someone, you will imitate him by

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imitating somebody acting like him talking like him. It's the greatest form of flattery. You have 1.5 billion Muslims, trying to imitate this man, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, no other prophets and all praise and peace and salam to them. But no other prophet received this honor, like Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and therefore it is a fact that he was rated the number one most influential man of all time, a study was done.

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And non Muslim did the study. And he said the person who had the greatest impact on the world was Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Fourthly, these lies that continued to be told about an apostle Salaam, as we mentioned, this is not done in the spirit of academic discussion. They don't want to have a dialogue with a Muslim say, you know, there's some aspects of the deen I don't understand you religion is a bit strange to me. I want you to explain it to me. Now, it's not done to find the truth, but it is done to cause anger to cause the Muslims to act in a certain way to make us look bad. It is done to cause harm. The person who did this

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he is a convicted fraudster he went to prison for fraud. And in his daily life when he's not producing forms against abuse or salami he he produces pornography. So this person has no Deen in him. He has no religion. He has no good in him, he does not desire good. His only duties only desire is to cause anger and hatred, and therefore we know his intentions is completely wrong. So the lies that he tells

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Like we said in this movie, there's so many lies and the reoccurring lies that they say is that an obese or solemn number one is a tyrant is a terrorist. He's a barbarian. He's a murderer. Let's see what the Quran and what history says about an obese awesome. A lot of scribes in Ibiza, salami salted alum Ron and by the mercy of Allah, you dealt with him gently and had you been severe or harsh hearted, they would have broken away from about you. Allah Subhana Allah sadhana visa some is described in the Quran that you are someone that is gentle when your treatment of people Muslims or non Muslims, and the greatest weapon that abuse also the greatest weapon in dour was not the sword.

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But what is luck. Most of the people that entered into Islam, they entered into Islam because of his great character. Allah Subhana Allah says in Surah Allium Ron Omarosa naka de la Mata Lila el amin and you Mohammed Al Salam we have not seen you only as a mercy for the Al amin for all of mankind, for all of jinn for all the animals and the plants for everything in the universe. You are a mercy for everything that I've created. This is what the Nabi saw Salaam is described in the Quran, and the duty Allah has given to the vessel Salaam, no way does it say you must be a tyrant or a dictator or a terrorist. But you are someone that is soft hearted, a mercy, kind gentle person. We see how

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the NaVi saw Selim treated his enemies and these this is in history books.

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Abu hurayrah Ilan said they told him a visa Salaam Why don't you curse the infidels Mecca do are against them. We're gonna be some some mix into our ships. Why do you not curse them? Ask them to be destroyed, like Nabina might do or destroy these people. And then Ibiza Salam says, I have not been sent to curse people. But I've been sent as a mercy unto all of mankind.

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The people of life.

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I shadowed the allow the wife that is awesome. She asked him to be so solemn, what was the worst day that you've ever experienced? And he says the day I went to life, when I went to give them the hour after my people in Makkah rejected the dean, I was alone, I went to die alone. And the people started teasing me laughing at me making fun of me. And they told the children to throw me with stones until I was bleeding and I had to run away and thrive in the mountains. And then I'll be able to run and hide because they wanted to kill him. And then a loss injury burial and a lot told you but he'll give you a B Mohammed sossalamander permission that if he asks, I will let this mountain

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fall on top of these people. And then obese awesome said no. I hope that inshallah these people from the children will become Muslim in and today we know that life is a completely Muslim city. So Hannah was on his worst day, on the saddest moment in his life. Now visa Salam had mercy for his people, when the visa Salaam entered into Makkah, after he was expelled after his Sahaba his friends, his family were killed after he was abused and tortured. After they sent armies to attack him and tried to kill him. He came back to Makkah without any fighting or any violence and he said to my enemies, you hated me for 20 years you tried to kill me You tried to curse me abused me

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attacked me harmed my family. What do you think I will do to you now that you're under my mercy? And they say Dr. Mohammed, you are merciful. And then at least on some CDs, you are free. I forgive all of you. I Pardon? All of you. Is this the act of a tyrant? Is this the act of a terrorist? Is this someone that is brutal and a murderer? No, this is in history. We talk about these three non Muslims and Muslims agree these are the facts.

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We go further and we talk about the hypocrites of Medina those who insulted the wife of Nagisa solemn those who attacked him who used and to bring about the secrets they would expose the secrets of Medina, those who use every method to undermine the Nabi salam, O Allah subhanaw taala curses him in the Quran and says, yo Mohammed, even if you make dua for them 70 times for me to forgive them, I will not forgive them. And then a visa Some said, Allah is not forbidden me to make dua for them more than 70 times so I will make dua for them even more than 70 times behind Allah.

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Was he oppressive to women, another one of those lies that continuously is told about Nagisa Salah. Let's see what his wives say about him. Let's hear from the wife. I asked you if you want to know what kind of husband you are asked your wife. What would you say about me hadiza rhodiola now is the first person to become Muslim was Khadija and when I told her that I received revelation, she had no doubts even though that Ibiza Salaam had some

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She had no doubts. And this is what she said. She told an obese person, don't worry, for by him who has dominion over the assault by Allah, I hope that you are the prophet of this nation. Allah would never humiliate you, for you are good to your relatives. You are true to your word, you speak the truth. You help those who are in need. you support the weak person, you feed the guests, and you answer the call of those who are in distress anyone in hardship, you support them. This was before then Ibiza suddenly became a prophet. This was his character. His wife says, You are the best person I possibly have ever met. Therefore, if you are meant to be a prophet, I have no doubts, that you

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will be a prophet. I shall cease when the navesink astir in a long Hadith Am I as good to you as the most perfect husband in that time? abuser? It's a story like Romeo, you know? So she says no, you are dear to me than my father and my mother and you're even more loyal and loving as a husband in the best possible husband. This is what the wives of the Nabi saw some say with the oppression, ways the abuse and the prophet SAW some gives advice to his mama. The best of you are those who are best to the wives, and I am the best to my wife. The prophets are mentioned in another ad. The most treasured thing in this dunya is a pious wife.

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And in his final servant sermon on the day of arafah, when the oma database is only made one hedge, he was only on alpha once, and that was just a few months before he passed away and then Ibiza sell immediately this, this hookah I know my time is near, I will not get a chance to see you again. All the Muslim tribes came. So this was what they call the hood battle with the farewell sermon, the last major hood Burnaby South Salaam gave and in that hood back when he had the oma way before him, What did he say? He said, treat your women well and be kind to them, for they are your partners and committed helpers. This is the advice that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gives his ways the

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oppression ways the tyrant way is the womanizer.

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And then, therefore, we ask what is our duty? why we should love Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam Allah describes in every cell Salaam, indeed, there has already come to a messenger from yourselves. burdensome, mighty and burdensome to him is whatever the stresses you whatever harms his oma is what bothers then I'll be salsa lamb, and he's most eager for your wealthy to the believers. He's constantly compassionate, constantly merciful, this is how then obese awesome views. Whatever burdens you troubles you is hard for you. It's hard for him and he just wants what's good for his mama. The prophets of Salaam is mentioned in the Quran that the Prophet is closer to the believers

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than their own selves.

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And then of Esau Sanam, as I mentioned on the day of the AMA, when everyone will reject one another, the mother will leave her children the husband will leave his wife, even the MBR Nabi Ibrahim Nabi Mousavi says a great MBR when they people will say oh Ibrahim Musa intercede with Allah on our behalf what would they say? Neff CFC myself myself, I can't be concerned about anybody but myself because I have never seen our our Lord Allah so angry as he is today. And they would run to Nabil Mohammed Salam and to intercede in our behalf. And then a reason says every prophet was granted a special da they use it in their lifetime. I keep mindful kiama and within a visa Sam is granted the

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permission to make this door. Allah will say okay, Mohammed, raise your head. What do you want me to ask? ask of me? I will grant it. And what will there be sounds to Abby, my mama, my mama, my people, my people. This is Dr. For us, and every single Muslim will be in this da Allahu Akbar, this is gonna be so solemn. So why should we love the prophets of Salaam gonna be some says none of you will be a true believer until I am more beloved to him than his wealth, his family and even himself, because this is gonna be salsola. Finally,

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point six loving him, entails following him. So now that we love the NaVi salon, we want to know how do we respond? How do we react? How do we put this love into action? Allah says, cooling content to a boon Allah.

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Allah, Allah says, say to the people, if you should love Allah and His Messenger, then Follow me Follow Nabina Muhammad SAW salam, and then Allah will love you. Your obedience to not be so Salaam will show you your love for him. Love for the prophets of Salaam is that shows you is through the obedience of his pseudonym. So for us, we need to ask ourselves, do we really love Him? Do we at least know who he was? Have we studied his history? Have we studied the Syrah? Have we studied his biology

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graphy If not, then learn there are many clauses around. There are many massages, willing to teach. There are many books available on the internet so easy. Your first duty if you want to respond to this movie, you want to respond about how what kind of evil person your Prophet was, if someone asks you, you need to educate yourself. The first step is, and this is the test, if you really love to be solemn, put off an hour, a day aside to learn about this great man. And then do we obey his commandments and stay away from what he prohibited? It's no no use. We say we love the abuse of Saddam and we become angry if you insult him, but we ourselves, we cheat one another in our business

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transactions. We are against the sooner abusive to our wives and our children against the sooner we tell lies against the sooner we do all the things that he forbid for us to do, and we do nothing that he encourages. So is the love. This is the taste.

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Do we stay away from innovation in the sooner? Do we have any of these a HELOC is great character, Allah describes in a visa system that you are on the highest level of character. If you love the visa salam, you will implement that in your heart, implement that in your life. So this is how you determine your love for NaVi Salam by following him by becoming part of this oma by being a follower of his Sunnah. And that is why Unfortunately, the greatest harm, you know that Ibiza Salaam will not be offended will not be hurt by what he sees the non Muslims due to him. But what hurts him is when he sees that he's Muslim, oma his followers, disobeying His commandments, this will hurt him so much

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more. Our actions is so much more insulting to them to be so solemn in what they are doing. And that is why our duty and our response to this insult is to follow his pseudonym. So we asked what would then a visa Salaam do if he was here today? And they insulted him when this movie came out? How do we respond? The first thing is, he would command us to use all the possible peaceful means to oppose this insult. We write letters to the newspapers, we write letters to our, to our politicians, we use whatever methods that is peaceful, that is merciful. We use these methods to oppose we show our mercy but we show that we are not happy. We boycott whatever products if we can we turn away from

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these kind of the if they are someone insults in a V sasami newspaper, we don't buy from that newspaper anymore. So don't go on. And watch this video. The more we watch this video, the more we're increasing its popularity, we stay away from these things we associate ourselves from that, for those of us who have the ability, the wealth, we should spend and invest in projects to say, well, you are investing in slandering then obeso salaam we will invest our time and our wealth to give the true reflection of going to be salsa lamb.

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We should not give into violence and lawlessness. How is it possible that we Allah subhanaw taala command says in the Quran, it is haram for you to kill anybody or to harm anybody with no harm if you have a reason to do so. If you have no reason, then you have no right to do it with a Muslim or non Muslim. How do you kill somebody that has no involvement in this in this affair? It's not the student of Navy SEALs. In fact, in his last sermon, he said that the lives of the people are like the sacred day of Hajj, they are sacred and the property is sacred, the blood is sacred. You cannot harm these things like the Hajaj on Hajj.

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So this acts of terrorism, the acts of violence while it comes from love. It is not in accordance of the sooner and it brings down the greatness of Nagisa Salaam, therefore we should use our utmost with peaceful, peaceful and calculated means to give the true reflection of Nabeel salam, but ultimately, the greatest form of protecting the Nabi salam, as we mentioned and as the Quran says, the greatest way to promote this Deen is through our luck, if each and every one of us shows a completely opposite, interactive image of what the media shows of the NaVi moments are some of the Muslim in if they say if your neighbor says, you know, the media says that you Muslims are abusive

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and violent and evil, but you have not been my neighbor for 10 years. I've only seen good in you in my times of difficulty. You've been there for me, if I've seen you good to your wives, good to your children. You say this is the teaching of my most of my profits also lump our HELOC is how we will defend an abyssal Salah. And therefore each and every one of us must say I want to take one aspect of going to be something to life, his generosity, his bravery, His mercy. And I want to implement that in my life. That is the greatest response we could possibly have. When we went to defend the Nabi Muhammad Salah

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Send them so we send our love and our greetings and salutations to the best of Allah creation Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his family and his companions and to all those of us that follow his, he follow him in this Deen and we send Of course to the adjudge hjem abre We ask Allah to grant them an accepted Hajj to return them safely with all the sins that is forgiven or Salalah Mohammed wa Joseph Bedouin wa salam ala l mursaleen. hamdulillah

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sugerencias I just want to make to announce announcement we have one of our members leaving on Sunday for Hajj inshallah.

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The issue of a bus and why we're believing at all costs 11 on Sunday morning, and

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as normal you would like you to make the offer him and keep him out. And we wish him everything with a bullish

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low low low a bomb

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a wah

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wah oh

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you're not

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la llamada

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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in Alhamdulillah mundo de

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la was near Lake Alfredo Cola, Nash, Coca Cola and Ravana croak wonderful. onitsuka many of jurak Allahumma Kinabalu Walla Walla

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Walla ilaha illallah wa de la sharika wash. Sad now when ibnr Mohammed Abdullah rasuluh aras aloha to Juana de la but there is no lie Believe me he was the Roger Munira for salatu wa la he was he was lucky to steamin Kathy Rama back

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up see better Kuala procollagen La Jolla yeah you will Latina Monica la casa de La La Tomatina 11 to Muslim on bacala Tada we shall be Mohammed Salah Salem lincolnton to hip buena La

00:39:02--> 00:39:09

la la ku de como la Rahim Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah

00:39:11--> 00:39:12

Allah for Rahim

00:39:52--> 00:39:59

hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Taala 13 what are the wanna Illa Allah volley mean? Allah Allah Allah wa the hula Sharif

00:40:00--> 00:40:51

A 13 word Chateau Nabina Muhammad Abdullah he was coo coo Molina well erfaring Rama to LA he Delilah mean some Allahu Allah you are the early wasafi Hmm, I'm about to call la tokuyama to Gerona fee La la la la, la la, la la la, la la de da de Mohan Mohammed Salah lo it was lm, we should move to have a coup d'etat in VEDA, akula beatin dolla, dolla dolla Safina am about Allah wa salatu wa salam O Allah, Allah wa Nabeel Mustafa will have even more Tata Kamara la Cala in Allahu Allah eco saloon. Allenby Yeah, you will Edina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Otis Lima Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa Allahumma salli wa sallam Allah Al Bashir was sirajul Mooney Nabina Muhammad sallallahu

00:40:51--> 00:41:34

alayhi wa sallam was a big man along Isaiah Islam and one Muslim in Allah who miserly is number one Muslim in a low mindset is number one Muslim mean? Well, I think that he should cover mushrikeen what amerada Deen was better than Amina, was that mean? Allah mushy Madonna Allah how much femur bone Aloma femur bone now what hameau Tana was well and I'm alone say that one and Philistine was Somalia with Libya or Iraq or Syria or Philistine. Well Connie Stan was equally Macedonia as er Rahmani Raheem Ravana Athena Petunia Hashanah filati Hassan Okinawa banagher were the female genital area as easier for Faria Rajpal Alameda de la in the lion Welcome to listen by eater in Korba

00:41:34--> 00:41:36

weinheim in fact she will mockery will belly

00:41:37--> 00:41:40

Coronavirus awkward will lawyer Allah Mata stone rocky Miss Sala

00:42:25--> 00:42:26

less a little our lives

00:42:37--> 00:42:39

a lot better

00:42:47--> 00:43:02

Bismillah Yo, yo female hamdulillah below let me know from earn your free Maliki Oh homie de ganar boo canister he

00:43:04--> 00:43:04


00:43:06--> 00:43:07

clean I'll see it all

00:43:10--> 00:43:12

in him. Let

00:43:13--> 00:43:17

him bow

00:43:27--> 00:43:28


00:43:31--> 00:43:31


00:43:35--> 00:43:36

Rahman COVID

00:43:37--> 00:43:40

kettle can sofa moon

00:43:43--> 00:43:44


00:43:47--> 00:43:49

moon or illuma Liang ki Nila

00:43:52--> 00:43:53


00:43:55--> 00:44:01

alien aliante una una yo ma eating

00:44:05--> 00:44:05

a la

00:44:11--> 00:44:14

Sonia I love Neiman hamidah Hamida

00:44:15--> 00:44:17

a long,

00:44:23--> 00:44:24

a long,

00:44:27--> 00:44:28


00:44:42--> 00:44:43


00:44:45--> 00:44:48

Alhamdulillah Allah, Allah Allah

00:44:49--> 00:44:56

Allah your famy leaky o de ganar Budo canister every

00:44:58--> 00:44:59

day, no sleep at all.

00:45:00--> 00:45:05

Lose dunklin Sirocco Latina de la him.

00:45:06--> 00:45:08

Behind him

00:45:11--> 00:45:12


00:45:19--> 00:45:20


00:45:24--> 00:45:36

AR AR AR D UK zebu B Dini further Li Catalunya door only a team Allah hope Bora Bora Minami ski

00:45:37--> 00:45:41

for ya a little leaner Latina

00:45:43--> 00:45:43


00:45:45--> 00:45:49

Latina whom you owe

00:45:53--> 00:45:54

a lot.

00:46:00--> 00:46:03

Send me I love nealon hamidah

00:46:05--> 00:46:06


00:46:14--> 00:46:15


00:46:18--> 00:46:20

Allahu Akbar.

00:46:25--> 00:46:27

Allahu Akbar

00:47:01--> 00:47:06

Assalamualaikum Lola moto lo. Silla Mora.

00:47:07--> 00:47:09


00:47:11--> 00:47:14

loneliness the feeling of loneliness, loneliness

00:47:16--> 00:47:18

and lead Isla Isla love when

00:47:20--> 00:47:21

he like when it's

00:47:22--> 00:47:25

written in the tawa

00:47:26--> 00:47:27


00:47:28--> 00:47:36

Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala Sayidina Muhammad

00:47:37--> 00:47:38

Ali Allahu

00:47:39--> 00:47:43

Allah worming kassala for hyena Burnaby Salah

00:47:46--> 00:47:48

Latika was Salam

00:47:50--> 00:47:51


00:47:59--> 00:48:00

Moana Jacob Bowman,

00:48:01--> 00:48:04

Samuel Arima devoleena in again that

00:48:05--> 00:48:24

we learn as you know whenever do Baba Deena Mama, Jamil me Nina divine along moto burner the problem in Tina was e m and work em and what was your dude? But does we want you on with yummy

00:48:25--> 00:48:30

Obama Dr. Bone we know Colleen was when Kathy Rolla

00:48:31--> 00:48:59

vetova she in a while now Habib Elena Lee man was a newbie guru vena cava Halina Coco sugar Shan Bhaijaan Amina Rashid, he was on amino mitac he was our nominee vladika saw in a llama Devi Salama Joshi hijo over Nima De La Via Delano omada video Vidya you won't be getting amaravati in while harderian v Berto Rico vasavi Komodo Mohammad Rasool

00:49:01--> 00:49:09

Allah. Hi genma bura was Messiah mascara was unbound, unbound bombilla dominance or defended boo

00:49:10--> 00:49:13

boo. Nuria demand

00:49:15--> 00:49:16


00:49:18--> 00:49:23

Pena Gina dounia Hasina tabula rasa makina

00:49:25--> 00:49:27

nogen net Emma under burrow

00:49:30--> 00:49:34

cinemavilla less at now I'm learner Mohammed nobilo me

00:49:37--> 00:49:50

Allah tala in the law How am I gonna get lunarlon Nabil? Yeah larina Manu is unknown to us then the mu tasneem Lama Surya Lila in

00:49:53--> 00:49:53


00:49:55--> 00:49:59

Heidi no big mahana tomo. No Adobe Adobe

00:50:00--> 00:50:00


00:50:02--> 00:50:06

no money from the European army.