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Take one As Salam Alec Martin deliver better care to Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Allah Allah He was so happy Manuel and my bad. This is the backstage pass my friends, we are doing videos curious Muslim with kalbi. And because of that I wanted to do a live segment, kind of like a larger piece to show you guys the backstage of what goes into preparing the video and some of the content that doesn't make it to the final cuts. Ms. Nina is here we are on Zoom and we're on Insta Live. I was gonna tell everybody introduce yourself Miss Nina, but it's your page. So should we I'm the one introducing? Yes.

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Okay, so I'm gonna shoot each anyways, I think that's a boring way to start off. You guys can find my intro afterwards. Let me start off with this story. Okay, so I was doing a

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an event in the UK. And at this event in the UK, we were staying it was a huge event. There was like a almost, you know, when we do events in Malaysia, it's like huge numbers, right. But in London, this time, there was huge numbers like 900 people. This was like eight years ago, or 10 years ago, even like, so it was huge. And we're at the Ibis hotel. And the Ibis Hotel. If you know in London, you've been to London many times right, Miss Nina? Yeah, these are a few times. Are you familiar with the Ibis Hotel? Um, I haven't been there before. But I think I will. I don't remember where it is. Right now. It's been so many years. panela. So so the Ibis Hotel The nickname is it's Italy's

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Just the minister I'm so sorry to break the story, but there seems to be an echo on the IG live. People are complaining there's an echo. So how should we fix this problem?

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So one of them, okay, okay. Maybe I'll put the Zoom volume down. And then I'll go with with the IG live. Let's see if that works. Or not. Yeah. So the echo could be I have a mic. And I'm talking and it's hearing from the from the computer. So

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what should we can I can everybody hear the echo now?

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Is it okay?

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Salam Alaikum. Everybody. Echo is coming from the computer. Okay, so that's coming from my computer? No, I think it's kind of coming from mine about now. I think.

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Okay, is it better now?

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It's coming from me for sure.

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It's coming from me. Okay. Okay. So I just lowered the volume a little bit.

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So we're good. They say it's all good.

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So as I was staying at this hotel, the hotel is so bad that there was a bed at that hotel. And every time I would turn over on this bed, it was such a bad quality bed. And it would creak so loudly, that the creak of the dead would wake me up. So I turn over crack. And I would wake up and I turn over crack, and I would wake me up was such a horrible bit. And my mother was actually staying with me that time. And it was just a horrible experience that happened many years ago recently. And this is kind of like what kicked off my anxiety. And what made me kind of curious about this topic is that I bought a very expensive bed and frame, it was one of the biggest bed purchases that I've ever

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made. It was very expensive. I don't want to tell you guys the price, but it's very expensive. And when I got the bed, and I'm so excited tempore type of bed, it turned out that the sound that the bed was making is the same as that Ibis hotel bed. So it's the most expensive bed I've ever purchased. And it made the same sound, and the anxiety that I felt and if you guys can tell me in the comments, is would I be able to return this bed? Or would I you know, what kind of fight am I going to have to go through and just all the anxiety of a large purchase and that's my trigger. My trigger for anxiety is when there's a large purchase and I have to deal with it. Listening if you

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can tell us a little bit about something that made you anxious in your life Sure, or something that continues to make you anxious this Mila it seems that the Echo is back. I'm very sorry about that.

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Should I wear headphones? Do you think that will help?

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Or Okay, okay, we're just gonna do do it like this inshallah there might be a delay in my reply to you share because I'm gonna go with just the IG since it's coming from here. Shala How about now is, is Can you still hear the echo?

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Oh, oh, good now.

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Yes, okay.

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Only Okay, I think Xena we need here. Headphones. Okay, it's fine now. Okay. hamdulillah Alright, inshallah. So I wanted to share a story which I've never shared with anyone before and I asked my husband and if I if I could do it and he said yes, because it involves him, and he's right here next to me actually. So it was an Ramadan and my husband was having a panic attack. And his panic attack was triggered by a stomach condition that he has. It's called Gert, a lot of stomach acid. And so he was he was panicking. And then he said, he wanted me to go and get his medication. So I went out and bought the medication. I drove, and I and I got the medication, but in the car on the way back, I

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suddenly couldn't read. And then I started panicking because I couldn't read and I had to stop by the road. And I just tried to make vicar but even when I was making vicar I was like, I don't know what's going on. I really don't know what's going on. I was really panicking. I thought I was going to die. And then I quickly called my husband. And while he was in a panic state of mind,

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I told him I couldn't breathe, and I needed him to give come get me and he immediately, were you still panicking, he didn't panic anymore. And he, I think within five minutes, he came, he came and got me. And then at that time, I really I was crying, I really thought it was gonna die. And I was like, oh, stuff was in Yola, it's just the end. And, you know, when he came, I felt so much better. We call my doctor and she was like, you know, you have to go and maybe, you know, drink some, some sugary water, you know, your blood, your blood pressure's low. So I was triggered by low low blood pressure. So it was all like health conditions. Subhanallah but yeah, Alhamdulillah after that,

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after I made sure that I you know, I ate what I had to eat, you know, I drank what I needed to drink. And, you know, I had my husband with me made my thicker hamdulillah was okay. So, yeah, that's what happened. Does it? Does it trigger like, have it? Did it happen once or every time a situation like that comes up?

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It's happened to me like, two three times

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in this past few years, but quite rarely, but it does happen. It does happen. And it's quite dangerous, because every time it happens, I'm driving, which is weird. So

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what happens when you're driving? It happens when I'm driving. Yeah, it happens when I'm driving. SubhanAllah. So for those of you who do get anxiety when you drive, first thing you got to do is stop by the road don't continue driving panela

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Alhamdulillah nothing bad happened.

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So in preparing this, when we do the these curious Muslim videos with Albee there's a lot of preparation that different stages, choosing the topic, doing the research, writing the script, editing it, choosing shot list, recording audio, recording the face to Cam sending to video editor, and then one week, you know, video editors doing that. So a lot I have to learn and then put it aside and when I choose these topics, I choose topics that I actually don't know the answer to when I start off in the in the thing. So here's something

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a little bit about, that I learned from this anxiety. And the topic is right before I did this video on anxiety, I did a video on hopelessness, like feeling hopeless, like feeling like you know, COVID is happening and things are happening around the world and you just feel hopeless. The main lesson that I found out is Islam does not allow us to feel hopeless. So for example,

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use his father when he sent his sons to go back to Egypt. He said while I take a summa Rohilla and don't lose hope in the Mercy of Allah or, or you see Allah subhanaw taala saying in the Quran, la takana toma Rahmatullah don't lose hope in in the Mercy of Allah. So a believer never is hopeless. But when it comes to anxiety, here's one Hadith. Like I realized that it's okay to feel anxious, because the prophets of Allah they sent him in one Hadith isn't a Muslim, he said, shouldn't I teach you some words that you should say whenever you feel anxious, which was really interesting for me because prophets utilize them says like, it's a normal situation, when you feel anxious, say this.

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So a believer, it's not the same thing between anger, you know, feeling hopeless, and feeling anxious, anxious is coming out from fear. So, mezzanine I introduced a little bit about the Calbee videos and stuff like that. Tell us a little bit about this.

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Collaboration why where did it come from something about the Columbia. Okay, well, well, something about the Columbia app is a pretty long story, but I'm going to try to keep it a shortest as much as possible. So for everyone here, who's new to me on youtube call me as well. It is an Islamic lifestyle app. And it was inspired when I did my Taleem of Quran program in 2018. And I was just thinking, you know, what am I going to do with all this knowledge that I'm, that I'm learning and I thought, You know what, the best way to spread this knowledge is through technology and apps, right? media technology and apps. And 100 Allah, we came up with the name Colby because it is about the

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heart that matters. At the end of the day, Allah subhanaw taala will judge us by our hearts and our intentions, our actions. And, you know, living in this fast paced life, a lot of us are disconnected with the heart. You know, we're just disconnected with a lot of the things that really ignites the mind in our hearts. And so that is why a lot of the features that we have on the app is meant to help ignite that demand. So we have Quran in the app, we have the eyes, we have push notifications that give wonderful reminders from the Quran and the Hadith, quotes and motivations. In fact, we have some quotes from you share as well popping up here and there, as well during the day during the

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night. We also have our key blood, we can find out where to pray, what time to pray, we have other lists from all around the world. We also have an E journal. And this is very much connected to the heart, we have a section called my heart and that is where we really encourage people to you know, write down their reflections that gratitude lists, you know, they they're a battle list and we have a my soul section, which is all about saving your favorite verses from the Quran and Hadith that feeds your soul you know, with the with the light that you need, right? And in sha Allah soon in the future, we're going to have a My, my body and my mind section as well and inshallah later we'll,

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we'll get to that. There's an Elon finder, where basically we curate classes and we also share classes from all around the world from content that is safe from the Quran, sunnah. And basically, you can just go there and register for any classes online. And then this leads us to call the TV, which is how all of this kind of happened. Subhanallah this year in Ramadan, we approached Sheikh Hamad Al Sharif and we were like, Okay, well, we would love to have a video from you share something about Ramadan. And so he's, he's He sent us an email, he said, Okay, well, you know, I don't want to email or WhatsApp. But you know, I'm going to send you some stuff, but can you edit it for me? So he

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sent us, you know, the video shots, the script, and our editor, or video editor put it together and was out here. I hope he's watching right now. Shout out to you.

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And how many last shave? You know you he loved it? You loved it. Right? How many last? So from there? You know, we had another meeting after and then we brainstorm some ideas on different types of series that we could have a call the TV to develop it. And how many now here we are today? I think shaved maybe you can kind of get into more about, you know, the story behind it. Oh, yeah. You know, what's interesting about that Ramadan video is, Tisha asked me for that video, like two months before Ramadan. And normally, I don't accept any, like video requests, because I knew I'm never gonna get it done. But I wanted to support so I kept delaying, delaying, delaying. And then Ramadan

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came in even and I still hadn't delivered that video. But I started learning about, you know, how to write script and how to do this and that and how to do shortlist. And just before Ramadan. I actually, actually I think it was even Ramadan, I did a little mini course. And then I said, Hey, I want to implement what I learned with this course, in this Kobe video. So I did that. And it was actually easier to do. And because palmi brought such an awesome team, the video came out so good. And I had nothing to do with the editing or anything like that, that I said, Let's do more of

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the collaborative said, Let's do it. And this is a lesson I want to tell everybody. And that is we always try doing things by ourselves. And you can't go very far if you do things by yourself. I saw one video video creator, in some Facebook group say that oh, I did made this video. And it took me one month to make it. And I was like, that's because you tried to go alone. And the Calbee videos come out every week consistently because we're working as a team. And so they say teamwork makes the dream work. 100 I mean, do I offer this in Ramadan time that

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Allah blesses me with the team so we can get these videos out and hamdulillah the team is here. So that's my side. And in sha Allah Tala, there is going to be more videos coming up. And and yeah, so continuing on on the anxiety topic.

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If you look at the story of Musa alayhis salaam Musa alayhis salam was told to go to fit our own and he said, What a hassle and I'm afraid or low yeah Rob This is Musa this is what I have for any afternoon he was afraid of the story of Moses is so amazing. Then if this is most of that's afraid and he had anxiety of what you know and the funny thing they say is the peep the thing people fear most is public speaking. And for the believer what it what is the dot you say when you public speak, rubbish rally Saudi, which is the Doha that Musa made because he was anxious of the public speech that he had to do in front of phenol and frown actually executed the magicians that believed that

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like it was that serious? It's not like it's not an unfounded fear and and just unicyclists ram the profits of a lot is Adam said that if you make the dough of unis that Allah will save you from every anxiety and that's

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Fernanda for automatic Allah Allah Subhana Allah in the continental body man so the anxiety issue is real. And the Prophet said a lot is said I'm taught us to make that dua that unicyclists to them mainly. So I just wanted to share with you guys another another thing that I learned and that is the constricting of the chest and the opening of the chest kind of like what Ms. Nina said about she couldn't breathe. Alright, it's interesting that the DOP for anxiety is rubbish rightly so they all like expand my chest, expand my breathing

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like take a deep breath shot anyone and when you're scared and you're anxious you constricts. So let me tell you some other places where this come comes up. Okay, so most artists that I'm you know that, well, what about the profits of a lot a cinema? Allah Subhan Allah says, Allah Nash saw the rock, haven't we expand in your chest, and open your heart and this and here's another another beautiful thing I wanted to share with people who had recently become Muslim like new Muslims. If there's any new Muslims here, you know, shout out to the new Muslims. I was once in Maryland, and I wanted to tell them something that I noticed about new Muslims becoming when they become Muslim. And

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I looked around the the group there was a group about like six brothers, seven brothers after Fajr in Maryland one year, and I noticed that each one of them had converted to Islam. One used to be Hindu one was Christian. One was atheists one, one black, one Hispanic, one, this one that like the whole group, it was just multicultural. And the question I asked for them, what did you feel when you became Muslim? What did you feel? I go because I'm pretty sure what you felt was a lightening of your burden, almost as if you're carrying a potato sack on your back. And when you do your shahada, it it's like you let go have it. And now you can breathe. So Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran,

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for me, God, the love, the Yashraj for the rune is love. And so whoever Allah wishes to guide, he expands their chest for Islam, this topic of constricting the anxiety like Allah subhanaw taala Subhanallah that actually reminds me man, I'm getting goosebumps thinking about this. So yesterday I saw that Islam is anxiety, anxiety comes when you're fearing for the future or you're worried like in the past, like you've fear the future, you're worried about the past something that happened the past in the future. And Allah subhanaw taala says about advice and I wish somebody could take notes of this because it's coming off

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as a malaise to them. Allah subhanaw taala says that that he will send down the heat Daya so many of our who Daya fill a hole for not only him without him, yes, there is no fear for them. And no regret sadness over what happened in the past. Meaning there's no fear for the future. If you follow the diet of Allah subhanaw taala What are how can I name without me as a no and no sadness for what happened in the past? No regrets which

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is actually where the anxiety comes from, is from that sadness in the future or in the class.

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So I'm going to talk a little bit about actually implementing what I did this puppy video but tell me Ms. Nina, are there any times where you felt like hey, you know what, I really put my trust in a law and I just get an Allah subhanaw taala made everything work out for me, tell us something along those lines. Subhan Allah Sheikh when you talked about rubbish, or he said to me, the DUA Musa, that is the dua I say, pretty much almost every single time I have to do something very important or anything at all, even before this, this live, I was very nervous. And so I made that dua, and then, you know, just Hamdulillah you know, Allah made made it easy is making it easier humbling. But

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definitely, there are times where I feel like I am perhaps overwhelmed, you know, with a lot of the things that I have to do with work with family responsibilities, sometimes it can just be too much, you know? And I think to myself, like, how am I going to do this, I can't do this, there's just too much. I don't know if I can do this. But every time I think about a last one with Allah, I know that, sure, I can't do it, but with a law, I know I can do it. And then that's when I just, you know, leave it to him and say, Your Allah, this is so much to do, and I'm just so overwhelmed, and I'm feeling really, really down right now. But I really need your help, and I need this and I need

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your help. Only you can grant me the strength and the success and I just leave it to him. And somehow or other Subhanallah through the doors.

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Everything kind of just falls into place. And then when I think that I'm gonna get a just a but I actually get more than a I get ABCDE F which was really unexpected. Subhanallah so a lot of the times when I feel overwhelmed, I make the DUA rubbish Rahu surgery. And when when I feel like, you know, when I have these negative thoughts inside inside of myself, you know, these doubts when there's just too much going on. But yeah, share that dua is definitely something that I tried to implement as much as I can. And they really just Hanalei really, really does work. And it really takes away that nervousness inside the heart hummed enough.

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When I was I wanted to kind of like circle back to this story about the bed that I purchased. So the very, very expensive bed, the largest bed purchase that I had. And it created so much anger in me so much sadness, so much like focus couldn't vote every time I remember, I paid so much money for this Ibis piece of junk bed, I was so angry. So I was trying to implement what I'm learning from, you know, preparing for this video. And one of them is to work with placing trust in Allah and inshallah I would like to do like a curious Muslim Toby video just on just on taco. But this is what I what I told myself, I'm going to bed at nights. And I tried to imagine an image where I'm handing my

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anxiety over to Allah. So obviously not saying like, I'm not trying to picture a loss of data, but something along the lines of, hey, I'm standing over a canyon holding my issue, and I'm letting go, or I am on a table and I'm sliding it over. And then I say this before I this is what I did. I say this before I go to bed. I'm like, oh, Allah, I'm giving this off to you. And I'm going to sleep, you take care of it. So when I say that, it kind of sounded to me that, that it was rude. You know, like, just like, I shouldn't be responsible, I should do my part. You know, you don't just give somebody

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you know, someone to do with this. Allah Spano Tata. And so I would remind myself after I would do this, I would remind myself that this is what Allah wants from us. And so I would recite the verse, Wyoming,

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Wyoming, Colorado law, he found her husband, and whoever places their trust in Allah, Allah is enough for them.

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And I and then I would just highlight, I would just immediately go to sleep, my heart would be at peace. And I'll go to sleep until the next day when my bed would start making noise. And I would get the anxiety and it would start off, but every night when I would go to bed, I would do this. And you know what happened with all the anxiety and all the angry and this and that on their own. This tempore company they messaged me, they said, We're coming to make a change. And I didn't even believe that the change would work. They came they made the change and it worked. And now it's the posh bed that I paid for in the beginning. Allah did take care of it. And there was no benefit

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whatsoever to me being anxious that whole time and I really understood that

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it Hey, place your trust in Allah, your worry and your anxiety is in changing the situation. We think that anxiety is what makes change, but it's not just the state of being is just fear of this. And that's all right. So moving to LA Morgan kind of like closing towards, I want him to talk a little bit about

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when we posted the video. There's some people that say like so now let's get into that the haters wanna hate kind of

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haters gonna hate. So somebody said

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yes, but yes, but tell them to consult a professional. Yeah, but tell them to first consult a visual and somebody else in an on on Facebook said to me, oh my god, stay in your lane. And I was really confused. Maybe another video, what are you talking about?

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Okay, so here's the thing. Here's the thing about prevent, I'm not saying don't consult professional, but I want to introduce you guys to a word, a three letter word called and A and D. Do this and consulted professionals. That's the attitude of believer. We're not just because just because there's a professional out there doesn't mean we negate the Quran that gate the Sunnah negate the Stories of the Prophets negate this negate that oh, it nothing. We have nothing in our team to help us only consult the professional because they know everything. And if you go to the professional to professional say, what do you have in your scripture that can help you? Literally

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the professional is the one that's going to say find solace, find your serenity, and you know, in your foundation of the gym. So one of the things that I'm common that people will recommend when you feel anxiety is take a deep breath, breathe deeply. So when Ms. Nina was having panic attack in the car, I'm sure somebody said breathe,

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breath, breathe. So here's something interesting.

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One of the things that can help with anxiety is reciting the Quran. And I want to introduce you guys to this concept. I know everybody and their mother and father is telling you to take deep breaths. Great, I understand that. And I'd love to take deep breaths as well. But what if you told them instead? start reciting Quran like up deposits? What teeny was h2o, right? Anybody here can read like Abdullah bosses with teeny was a tune Bismillah young man your Mahi Do you know how much breadth it takes to do that?

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All right. What Denio was Zane Dawn Hill Pawnee seen me now ah than

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me mean. All the Egyptians Hola. Hola. Hola.

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So and I know you know in Malaysia Oh, yeah, actually, I have a side story about Malaysia.

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I wasn't what was that? What's the Malaysian like Student Association in the USA. Do you know what it's called? Titian? Malaysian students socially in the USA. Yeah. Does anybody know I'm not too sure about that. There's the Malaysian Malaysian Indonesian student grew only Malaysians and I got invited one year. And one year when I was in the US of the buses and my SG Malaysian Indonesians student group literally, it's that's

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okay, I got invited to this conference. And I was just surrounded with Malaysians Indonesians in, in the US in this conference. And then after February they were going to have a tidge Weed class. They're gonna teach all the attendees at the conference to jewelweed and

00:29:01--> 00:29:05

and, and then I'm like, you guys, you know what, I'm tired. I don't have time to teach you guys.

00:29:07--> 00:29:15

And then they said to me, no, rather, you can go to sleep. We have enough to eat teachers to cover the entire conference. I was like,

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because you guys might not know this about Malaysians, Indonesians, but they rock it in their TV. So it's like it's part of the culture that they recite awesome. Martial arts about and so yeah, so next time somebody tells you to breathe, I would say why don't you try reciting a it's a Kirsi out loud with proper Tajweed and breathe with the Quran. Because Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, about

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about those verses Alharbi decreed Allah He talked about in Quran that indeed in the remembrance of Allah, you will find peace. And if the solution is what

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The professional, it's kind of like,

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if the solution is with the professional, then that's what a believer is guided to Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran FES lb hubiera asked a person who knows. So if a psychotherapist is the one who's going to teach us all these are the lessons on how to deal with anxiety, no problem. Allah subhanaw taala is the one who guided us to do that and the big word there is and recite Quran and see a specialist recite Quran, do dhikr NCS specialist, make your eyes and see especially all of these things. They all work together. So as we're coming kinda like to the conclusion

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we're continuing this curious Muslim series but I'll be does more than just that. So I was wondering as Nina what's, what's the big thing that Collopy is working on? More things that people can look forward to? Okay, masha Allah Bismillah but just like Allah her share for those tips, because it's so so powerful. I never thought of actually reciting Quran out loud when you can breathe and I think that will just change everything. Subhan Allah. Okay, so Colby, hamdulillah up to date, we have about half a million downloads. So far, we're going to be launching our new community website, for those of you who don't know, and if you want to find out more information about Colby, you can go to

00:31:22--> 00:32:07 Inshallah, we have more inspiring content coming up for you, and that's Inshallah, what we're going to be planning to do with shape as well for call BTV for the year 2022, we want to really make it more impactful, inspiring. And we want to really spread these videos and the knowledge across the world. So yeah, watch out for more. For army citations on the app, we have new adventures from around the world from the US from the UK, from Australia, insha Allah, and also from Egypt. So yes, lots more things. So if you haven't downloaded called the app, please do. So right now. I got two cameras on me, I got my IG, I've got zoom. It's free, absolutely free with no ads, we

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made sure that there's absolutely no ads. And our number one priority is to make sure that we protect

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everyone's data, right. So go ahead and download it at Apple store or at Play Store in sha Allah. So yes, there's like a lot here.

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I wanted to just like backstage, if there's any backstage questions that you guys have, we have a lot of people on Zoom. And I know you got it there on Instagram. I can't read the Instagram comments, but I can read the Zoom comments. Does anybody want to know backstage? This? Or backstage? That what do you want to know about the videos?

00:32:44--> 00:32:45

What would you guys like to know?

00:32:47--> 00:32:53

What's a question that like, you're like, What microphone? Does the shift use? Because his audio is always so bad.

00:32:56--> 00:33:02

Or you're using you're using professional mic, right? Because it is very clear. It is clear.

00:33:04--> 00:33:19

Anybody has any questions? So one of the I tell you one of the issues with with the audio is that because these new Macs have only the USB C type of ports, like all my mics have become obsolete and it gets confused. So

00:33:21--> 00:33:22

Oh, yeah.

00:33:23--> 00:33:50

Okay, here's a question from Aisha, how long does it take to work on the effects in the video they are so well done. So I show what I submit the content stuff. I give them at least a week and we and I and we tried to make it so that the editor is not rushed. So he has multiple videos in the in the kitchen, if you will, or baking in the oven, so that he doesn't have to be rushed on any one video.

00:33:53--> 00:34:01

But yeah, it might take about like, I think three days to be doing that. I don't know the exact time and the brothers. Maybe we'll find out

00:34:05--> 00:34:14

there's somebody asking about anxiety. We want to get that out there saying can we ask questions about anxiety? Yeah.

00:34:26--> 00:34:32

What is the app name? Last name is Kobe. Kobe LD why?

00:34:35--> 00:34:46

Somebody asked me how old I am. I am more than in the 45 range. You don't tell my age so that hackers can't find still.

00:34:50--> 00:34:59

So So I show here. I know there's a lot of auditions. How long does it take to plan for a video? Here's a really great lesson for those of you who are making videos and that is

00:35:00--> 00:35:00


00:35:01--> 00:35:21

prepare your videos in in 20 minutes segments. So I have I actually I have eight segments, eight segments to prepare the video number one is like choosing Topic number two is do research. Number three is write the script, each one of those segments, I put on a countdown timer of 20 minutes. And then I tell myself,

00:35:23--> 00:36:01

I'm not going to do more than 20 minutes on this segment, and then I'll move to the next one. Otherwise, you're just gonna get stuck, like, oh, I want to keep researching, researching, researching, and then the video never gets done. What's the topic of this video? You can spend so much time on that. So just like 20 minutes, these are the topics for the entire month, and I'm done. I'm not going to keep revisiting it. And the other thing is about topics. I've done this with a curious Muslim is when I get curious about something just off the blue. We did a video about water because I was reading a book why we swim. And then I'm like, wow, what is this lamb say about water?

00:36:01--> 00:36:11

And I found some really interesting things. And then I'm like, I want to do a video on this. What did I find like about Water Watch on them in color, shape and height, like that.

00:36:14--> 00:36:18

So and and that is how the anxiety video came out as well, right? Share

00:36:19--> 00:36:40

it just because of the situation that we're in. And that video also pretty much did really well, as well as the Ville Hijjah video, the tips on how to plan for your Bohinj especially for people who don't make plans, especially like for me, I'm a last minute planner. And that video really helped me out. What if I told you that that video helped me out as well.

00:36:42--> 00:36:54

So one thing like I choose these topics, because I need it, I actually want to research it. And because I'm like, hey, if I make a video out of this, I can learn this as I go along. Yeah.

00:36:56--> 00:37:37

And I wanted the video to be different than what everybody else is doing everybody else's like virtues of the ledger. And here's a list of good deeds you can do in the ledger. And we've all seen those. But I'm like, on the ground when it's out of a day, and you haven't prepared your dog. And like how do you make dua for four hours, which is actually a major cause of anxiety for me, because I want to be perfect and my dogs and like how can I make dog for four hours. So anxiety and perfection kind of went together and that's why that video how to make the offer hours we released it kind of like the day before alpha so that people could you know, follow along and

00:37:40--> 00:38:20

humbling that it did so well handling that. Alright guys, I think that's cool. Zach Allah Faden. As we're doing these curious Muslim, you'll find a curious Muslim series on the Calbee app. On Instagram, you will find it on my page on Instagram. Occasionally, when the video is really good, you'll find it on the community page as well. And shallow and so you'll you'll see that and you can subscribe to it and once you start watching the full video, press the like button on it, comment on it, and then Instagram will be like dang, this person really likes these curious Muslim videos. Let's send them more of it. So then you don't even have to subscribe to anything Instagram will

00:38:20--> 00:38:27

start sending it but we basically release the videos on Sunday each week I believe it's Sunday

00:38:28--> 00:38:50

something like that but we're following the trends to find you know when's the best time to release it but generally speaking it's like coming out every Sunday insha Allah Tada and we got a really cool one coming up soon inshallah Tada on the topic of the dangers of social media distraction, and I really love hot topic, I discovered

00:38:52--> 00:39:14

what I discovered about like, you know, distraction can kill you. You can be in a car and distracted and you literally can get in an accident and die. And that's what's happening to us in our distraction. What is Islam teaches about distraction, how do you deal with it, and I really loved kind of like what I've found, so look out for that curious awesome video. Any final words?

00:39:17--> 00:39:53

100 Less videos should be coming out real soon. The team is getting it together, we're finalizing things as well. So we're really excited to get that out for everybody in sha Allah to benefit from humbly large bonuses, Zack Allah handshake for having me and I pray that Allah subhanaw taala will bless this collaboration even more that we'll be able to come up with more amazing content. I've been learning a lot as well from this collaboration in terms of, you know, just video making script writing, you know, mashallah, the other day we had also a kind of a bootcamp on how to write captions. So it's been a wonderful journey. And hamdulillah I'm just really pleased that hopefully

00:39:53--> 00:40:00

well I'm I'm hoping that it will continue for a long time inshallah. So, does that go okay, everyone for being here. We have a lot of

00:40:00--> 00:40:40

People we have about 400 people right now foreign to 500 ig we've got about 500 over here on Zoom mashallah to Baraka Allah. So hamdulillah just like Allah for your time handed if you guys can tell us in the comments if you like this, this backstage kind of access as you can see this is different than a two minute video. You guys got to see what happened in the background and the preparation and if you like it, let us know in the comments inshallah Tada maybe in the upcoming videos, I will continue to share more of what we learn in the process of coming up with these two minute videos because I have to take out something like 70% of the content in order to make a two minute video I

00:40:40--> 00:40:44

would still love to share some of that awesome sauce stuff.

00:40:45--> 00:40:51

Alright, does that go off and everybody for tuning in back? I love the Kabbalah.

00:40:54--> 00:40:55

Take care everyone.

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