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The transcript describes a group of speakers discussing the upcoming election and the upcoming war. They talk about the loss of the WhatsApp WhatsApp app and the need for people to stop using it. They also discuss the importance of remembering the election and the need for people to stop using it.

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Polycom Allah

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Subhana carob hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik Allen Habib and Mustafa. I asked you all in sha Allah to make selep Allah Rasool Allah

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so panel.

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So piano,

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listen to the ocean,

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listen to the waves crushing.

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Look up and look at the stars of his look at the creation of Allah azza wa jal.

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Look at the billions of grains of sand that you are sitting on.

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And look at the trees that surround us.

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subhanak era

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suparna all of his creation

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be at the earth.

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Be at the ocean. Be at the trees. Be at the animals. Be at insane. Be at vision. Be at the buffets be at the angels be a chubby be at the soften. Everything is except for last night.

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Everything is bad, except the loss aversion. Nothing moves. Nothing stops, nothing likes and nothing breaks. Except boy.

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millions of lychees you know those little dots? They're millions of light years away. Millions.

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Some of them don't even exist anymore, but the light is traveling so far a distance.

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It could have died a million years ago and you will continue to see its light. That's how far away it is. Sabrina Cara

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suparna Cara

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la sala Polly's companions. I see what you don't see.

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And IE, what you don't see.

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Verily the heavens verily the heavens have scraped the creaking, overloaded.

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He says there isn't room for four fingers. There is a room for four fingers. Except there is an angel in prostration to allow.

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Except there is an angel he prostration to a loss of Chanukah is a learner perfect.

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is a lot.

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Everything he does is perfect.

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His creation is perfect. He's Nabis perfect. His dad is perfect. He's perfect.

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And my brother's his punishment is perfect.

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On the day of judgment,

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when all of man from Adam, to the last of them will stand in front of Allah azza wa jal

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and all of the jinn.

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They will stay at the front of Allah azza wa jal on the day that is 50,000 years long.

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And the sun will be a mild they're the one who writes the hot issues. I didn't understand what Rasulullah saw Salah meant did he mean a morial, meaning the stick the Arabs is to use the patella, this to call this a meal. He says I don't know if it was was he referring to this? Or was he referring to the distance of a mile The sun will be a mile on top of your heads.

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And we will be drowning in our own sweats

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and Allah azza wa jal will call

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he will call for knowledge to be brought forward.

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He will call upon the angels to bring forward help.

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Picture this

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70,000 ropes.

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h rope has 70,000 angels

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that's 4.9 billion

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4.9 billion angels

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and I will dress

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acknowledge them forward.

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They will bring us as they have been commanded they will bring it forward.

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And we will be watching.

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We will be watching

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when Moses says the disbelievers and the sinners for the first time

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it will burst in anger.

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It won't burst in anger.

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Such a sound.

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Allah is perfect in everything he does. And he's perfect in his punishment.

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What can I tell you about nor can I tell you

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rasulillah salam was sitting with his companions and sound. He says to them, did you hear that? I said to him, yes. Yara Sula. He said to him, do you know what it is? They said to me?

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He said to him, this is a rock that was thrown into Hellfire 70 years ago and only know that it reached the bottom.

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Only now did you reach the bottom?

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How big

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4.9 billion. But that's not the scary thing. Allah azza wa jal is promising module that you will be fooled.

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I will fill you up.

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He says to it. Are you full? Is there any more room?

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And he says to him,

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bring it on. Is there any more?

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Is there any more?

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This is what I was designed for. This is what I was created for. Bring them on.

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Is there any more?

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The lace?

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The lace, the lace the lace?

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is a man who will be made to stand on to burning coals.

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He will be made to stand and his bride will borrow.

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And the Miskin thinks that he's copying the worst punishment.

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He thinks his copy is the worst punishment

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Rasul Allah said this is the latest.

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The latest punishment, what was

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the least punishment?

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Your brain will boil.

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Allah is perfect in everything he does. He is perfect in his creation. He is perfect in his and he is perfect in his in his punishment.

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Do not delay.

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Do not delay. This is an opportunity that was given to you by Allah azza wa jal.

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He brought you here. He gave me this opportunity. My Baba did not go back to Sydney in the same condition you came.

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Yeah, you

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have you believe? Save yourselves and your families from hellfire.

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will be men and stones.

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Do not delay.

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This is the time

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Allah have mercy upon us all. And forgive us all. It shall not Amen.

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Lie brothers after these beautiful talks, I reminders. The honor that none of you doubt that each one of these brothers had spoken from their heart. I know that these talks are coming straight from the heart to the heart. And every single one of us now is sitting down and comprehending and thinking and saying you know what? It's true. It's true. It's true. It's true. But what's next what's next

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We're gonna go back after what we've heard after this beautiful feeling that some of us never ever felt this beautiful feeling ever in their lives will lie there are people dying just to get this feeling that you are getting right now. Why is it you that in this camp Why is it me that Allah had gathered us here tonight on our light which is my full of corruption people disobey Allah, drink alcohol can be sex and devious and desert, and Allah azza wa jal wanted this group of believers to get together for the sake of Allah to remind themselves of Allah to remove themselves about the day of judgment to remind themselves about the love of Allah His Messenger, what is it may Why is he

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though he

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isn't alone. Isn't the alone worth to be? Thank Allah subhanho wa Taala to the day of judgment?

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does Allah azzawajal deserve to be thanked? asked you about lies your love Allah, worthy of being disobeyed. does Allah deserve that disobedience?

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does Allah deserve that negligence? Does the laws of the island deserve us turning away from him? does Allah subhanho wa Taala deserve us not worshiping him?