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openshot Allah, Allah subhana wa tada blesses us with the full Baraka and blessing and mercy of the holy day. And it's every single one of our sins shall be forgiven by Los Angeles either.

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We continue our discussion on the series of the destructive sins with Allah subhanho wa Taala as forbidden from doing, we remind ourselves of the great mercy that a lot of Allah conferred on us and the great kindness in which Allah subhanho wa Taala deals with us. When Allah subhanho wa Taala informs us that

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if we avoid if you avoid the great sense of loss behind that is a translation of which which you are forbidden to do. We shall remit from you your minuses and admits you to a noble incidence, as we mentioned over this past many, many weeks, and for the benefit of those brothers who are new to the masjid Allah subhanho wa Taala informs us that if we stay away from the major sins, that alone will automatically forgive the minor sins and entice him to agenda. So discussion of these past few weeks has been, what are those major sins? What are they? And how do we stay away from them, so that may enter into agenda and have our minor small sins forgiven? We have discussed and we have compiled a

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list of nine sins. These of course I mentioned and I remind us once again, this is not the entire list of all the cover the major sins, but we have extracted from the Quran and from

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the Quran mentions four major sins and then ivysaur. Sundar mentioned seven, combine them together, and listed as nine there's no definitive list. As to the number of major sins is left a lot of analysts Allah has kept this knowledge to himself, but we will discuss these nine sins and over the past couple of weeks, we've already covered almost half the list, four out of the nine cents. And last week, we specifically focused on Xena

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sexual * that is forbidden in Islam, and we have split that over two weeks. Last week, we discussed the evils with regards to Xena

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how major of a sin is it? How bad is it in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala when we look at some of the other sins, we may say murder we all understand is a bad sin. It's evil murder we know is wrong. Everyone understand is wrong, but it's in a really so bad. How bad is Xena and we've listed and discussed last week at length, the seriousness of Xena and we mentioned last week that in the Sharia the term Xena is used to encompass both

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premarital and extramarital affairs. It is the forbidden * for someone which is called fornication. Someone who has not gotten married, committed Zina, and it also includes word Zina, those who are married and have * outside of their marriages. This both of these are major sins, not just the one that once you are married and you commit Zina, it's major and the other one is minor. No, both are regarded as major sins in Islam. Of course, the one is far more severe than the other. That through our discussions last week and from the Hadith, Allah mentions and the fatwa passed by Imam

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in his opinion, the third worst sin of the sheikh and murder is Xena. It's the third greatest and grievous sin of all based on a hadith and in the Quran, it is mentioned along with Sheikh and murder that Allah subhana wa tada realized mentioned in the Quran, a specific double punishment for those who fall into one of these three sons schilke murder and Xena in a hadith Nevis also mentioned as we said last week, that when one x is in the process of committing Zina once a man has diminished to such a low level that he has no Eman left some schools of thought outside of the Synology method and six like the

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average of actually classified people commit Zina as curfew based on this idea that you actually become a copier is of course not the view of 100 sooner. Well Gemma you remain within the parameters of Islam so long as you don't come cheap.

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And of course in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala has made it a shameful thing that one cannot marry a fornicator when adultery when adulterous Allah subhanaw taala savings, how long were you to marry such a person and many of them are don't many of them are llama amongst the scholars, they said anyone who has been punished for fornication, the punishment was upon them they were flogged. No one can marry such a man or woman except another person was flogged. It's a it's a, a tarnish against your name and character. The punishment for Xena, Allah subhanho wa Taala prescribed the punishment for it in the dunya. And in the era. This is an indication of the severity of the sudden,

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Allah mentioned any sin, which has a punishment in the dunya like stealing like drinking of alcohol, like telling, being false testimony, which we'll discuss next week in sha Allah is a punishment in the dunya it's a serious sin. So this punishment for Xena

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prescribing the dunya for the one who commit Zina before marriage, publication 100 lashes and exile for a year. And for the person who is married, was married and commit Zina, this person should be stoned to death. We mentioned at length last week, the requirements for this punishment to be applied, and all the rules regarding that homosexuality as well. A lot of news and discussion is going on about this. The Sharia is very clear in Islam that this should be it's a punishable by death. This is in Islam. This is the law of Allah subhanho wa Taala that has been revealed to us

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to see your intention, practicing on what is inside, if one has desire, for whatever reason.

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In fact, you are rewarded, you're rewarded if you stay away and reframe for all of us, each one of us, we desire that which is not just how long, you're married, you see a woman, you have desires, you're not married to someone you have desires, you may desire many different things. You're not planning on your desire, you're in fact rewarded, if you have patience,

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if you just practice but once you practice, beyond the parameters of Islam, and Allah has put down these requirements, these punishments for those who exceed the limits,

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also in a highly resourceful lump, specifically, so those who, who fall into Xena special place in

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this place, a special place for the people of Xena has been made to them.

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And besides the punishment in the dunya, and in the era of general punishments which we see general hardship that we see of the spread of diseases associated with Xena, and the shame and the society societal breakdown is the result of Zina, Allah subhanho wa Taala. Many of us all in the world we live in today, people may say your Islamic back is old, outdated. How can your religion dictate what we do in Christ? We are big people what we do in our in our in our homes.

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Today, we see the

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loss of

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CDs, CDs, crime, and prescribed punishments, how

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to be the mercy Not only does he tell us how to with the destination is Allah shows us how to get there.

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We know the time that we live in

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is surrounded by fitna for us colloquially

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to speak ill about someone behind his back fitna means tribulation. This is what fitna means to be surrounded by trials and tests and tribulations. We're surrounded by all kinds of temptations. Never have met as men live in a time when you find impatient who around you, you might be a want to be a good a normal person, a good person

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speaks about who you can marry, who you shouldn't marry, and a lot speaks about women and men, the interaction between males and females in Nika Allah subhanaw taala. Is of before in his previous is speaking about who you can marry. Allah subhana wa tada you need a lot and you have to have nkhoma Allah subhana wa Taala wants to make it easy for you. Well, holy cow insane insanity that Allah has made in sign by he has made in Sun week. Allah establishes that don't think that any of us any of us, no matter how big your turban is, or how big your beard is how much knowledge you have, you are protected from the weakness of the opposite * or from desire and Sha. Allah has made it in our

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nature that we are weak implying that just haram except Allah has prescribed for him of his mercy. Now this also lamp further stresses that they will come a time of patience. When the one who had years steadfastly to the deen will be like one who holds on to a burning coal because I'm saying the Sahaba a time will come in the future will be a good Muslim will be so so difficult to be like you're holding a burning coal in your hand. You are the one that is outside, you are constantly being bombarded by evil and temptation. We know we live in times like this today, we know what our weakness in society that we're in. It's very, very difficult to remain steadfast 6070 years to live

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in this dunya and not to once make a mistake emissary God very very difficult. So how can we say God ourselves and the Sharia law Sharia in almost mercy and kindness as provided step by step how to avoid the major sins out to avoid getting to the real destruction. Allah provided us guidance so they have to have

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How do we avoid falling into Zina? How do we avoid falling into Xena? If Allah subhanho wa Taala has kept us safe from evil falling into Xena, they just preserve it until the day we die and we can stand up with a lion says yeah Allah all the sins I have done. But one thing I've done skipped myself fuel for you and you alone? How do we get to that position by avoiding the steps towards Zener. While Xena itself is a major sin, there are many minus more lessons which lead to cleaner. And if you avoid those steps, you won't reach the No man wakes up in the morning it is up today. I'm going to commit Zina, right, no one does that. He wakes up with intention. Definitely. I don't know

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who she is who he is. I'm going to find him and I'm going to her and I'm going to come and Xena No. Many times we say I fell into it by mistake. I didn't intend for this to happen. So Allah subhanho wa Taala shows us how to avoid the steps cut. The problem of winter is easier to cut off, you don't fall into the major steps. And these are while we may be Alhamdulillah. Hopefully all of us are clear from committing Zina and the major sin we are very sometimes guilty of these minor forms of Zina are the steps towards inner we all take our sheet In fact, there's a hadith that says that every one of bunny Adam will think we should have Xena not only the main this minor xenos which

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we'll talk about but everyone in some way somehow you fall into it by the Sunday which Allah will avoid falling into the major sin ulcer behind a large Allah thermos when he says translation and come not near for unknown I don't even new to with not only Xena haraam, but that you know,

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they leave Xena inside Asia. Pacific terminology. Allah uses Burkina it is a shameful transition. And it is a huge sin in the sight of above. Four out of law in the protection for us.

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Lots of Hanoi, Thailand links to dinner with looking and we know today

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so easy to look around. And that needs to be not

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so easy for us on our phones and our computers or pictures around us. Even in the street now live. Allah links that which you look at links to Xena, Allah subhanaw taala says, tell the believing men and Allah starts here with the men because men and women tells the believing men to lower the gaze and protect the private parts. Allah has linked

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the haraam Zina with what we look at. So by lowering the gaze, by lowering and looking away and say, see someone that is attractive, so this is haram I look away shall Allah will protect you from falling into the major sin that Allah says is purified for them believe Allah is all the way of what they do.

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And tell the believing women also women as well to lower the gaze and protect the private parts and protect the chastity

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now vehcile salam confirms that we are

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to have the majors enough which is * but all the steps leading up to it is regarded as minor Xena who says the i's commit Zina by looking and the ears komatsuna by listening and the tongue komatsuna by speaking and the mouth komatsuna by kissing and the hands komatsuna by acting or touching and the feet commit Zina by walking towards it and the soul with wishes and the desires inside and and in the private parts only confirm that which the rest of the body did. The private thoughts will only confirm that everything else has done so if the eyes don't commit Zina.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala and the system has guided us stop these small minor things which you are guilty of daily and in

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the big sense.

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Another problem that we have in our society.

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Friends, this is where Allah subhana wa demands that we put up restrictions, maybe so Salah mentions Let no man be alone with a woman of course meaning a Mahara, non Mahara woman, a woman that you can get married to and late no woman travel unless she is what am I from? Honey in Bukhari and Muslim in fact with de la both Buhari and Muslim agree as a form that the society so it is up to us. No one can police you in this regard. No Mr. machine can come and watch and police you. It's between you and Allah, how you spend your time. So make an effort. Men should not have female close friends and females should not have close male friends is not part of the Sharia. Whether we talk to them

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privately to meet them privately. This is not what the Sharia prescribes. Now the Hadees whenever a non Muslim man and woman meet in seclusion shavon definitely is the third one way encouraging him to commit haram

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Another Hadith pertaining to this even Akbar even Amir may Allah be pleased with him quotes it also says beware of entering upon women don't go in and without knocking or being very openly and and having no restrictions between each other. So the man from Assad in Medina a person from Medina said, oh yeah Rasulullah but what about the in laws? My brother's wife he stays with us my brother and we stay in one house is there even a a petition to be be a restriction between me and her the peace awesome sees the in law of the wife is death itself. Sisters does not mean when they say they know your mother in law is deaf itself. I know sometimes we think of the in laws you think of the

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mother in law is they know the in laws between brother and sister in law, sometimes we are very laxed we kiss we had no harem. When your brother or your sister passed away this person becomes harder for you to marry. We have to open and frequent with each other industry guards and police officers. This is the chances of xenos coming in between such instances very prevalent, may Allah protect us. Another very simple thing which has major repercussions is how we dress and conduct ourselves. Allah subhanho wa Taala says and tell the believing women to throw the head covers over the chests over the the bodies and do not reveal the atonement except Allah mentions to whom they

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may show their don't their husbands and the fathers and the sons and let them not stamp the feet to make known what they conceal of the atonement and turn to Allah in repentance. All of you are believers that you might succeed. Allah subhanho wa Taala even mentions how a woman should walk not only the way she has grace, and other infjs Allah subhanaw taala instructs when the wife is going to be so Salam speaks to people should be behind the covering, how they speak, how they dress, even the way they walk. You know, I was listening to the radio, some of you might have been listening as well, where they were speaking you know, when a woman was a certain type of shoe, it shows her

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intentions. If she was a flat shoe, it means she's not interested. If she is a high heel piece intending something you know you have a chance, Allah subhanaw taala even mentioned the way one walks and the way a woman interacts both men and women, but these little things are the result of major crisis, these little things and these are small things which as a father, as a husband, as a mother, as a daughter, we implemented our household which between you and Allah, not for the Imam not for the government to intervene between you and Allah say Allah I want to reach you. Make it easy for me how we dress. Now visa Salah mentioned severe, severe Hadith with regards to a woman who

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deliberately beautifies herself for attention. Now,

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any woman who waste perfume and then passes by some men so that they would smell her perfume. She is an adulterous cheese lasagna Of course not meaning that the punishment of Xena is upon her but it was even though she's a Sonia this was the Hadith means that she is a facilitator of Zina. This applies to men as well. If you deliberately beautify yourself for the opposite * to be tempted, Tara you facilitate Param we should not make it easy for the for someone else within Luma to fall into Haram. So these are the steps how we prevent major minor forms of haram and we achieve inshallah prediction from the major haram but Allah subhanaw taala has also prescribed.

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If we apply these things may also save us with the grace of Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the use of a Nabi of Allah. This is an ayah to an abbey so we are weak. And Allah says, When the woman of the house, his master was the wife of his master, she certainly determined she was determined to seduce him. And he would have been inclined to her.

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He would have fallen for her. He also wanted her right, he's unhappy, but he also had designs a man who was a man beautiful man, she wanted him and he he inclined to her, and if not seen, seen the proof of his load, and Alanna intervene. Allah did not intervene. In souhan Allah He and Avi would have fallen into Zina, and thus that we should avert from him evil and immorality, indeed, he was of our chosen servants, he may do our and when, in this time of difficulty, you may find that you think of this person night and day, you may notice her arm I'm not supposed to be thinking of this person. I'm not supposed to be talking to this person. I shouldn't be in touch with this person, but the

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heart is what one something which is around like do I and childhood, Allah is the one that puts love and is always the one that takes away, make dua in sha Allah for that. Allah also specifically mentions of the powers of sada of the benefits and boundaries of Salah Allah Subhana. Allah says, See, and he cites what has been revealed to you of the book and established Salah indeed Sala prohibits immorality, it stops our allies means sins attached to Xena

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Listen, I, uh, we mentioned

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earlier when the one thing that they punctual on the firefighter, I don't do this properly.

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But I always make sure I'm a firefighter. We find such people, most of the time they are protected from pulling information from Crusader I realized I couldn't go to this place because it's what's gonna come in, I can't go there because an asset is gonna come in. Now once you make that a priority in other things will fall in line marriage counseling. Whenever someone comes in, I'm usually asked Firstly, you to make an introduction to both of you making sure that if they say Are we neglectful? There's nothing we can do for you first fix that in the Baraka and the multicam. Salah is the beginning and the end of our Deen other forms of protection prescribed in the Sunnah. Of course the

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peace of Salaam specifically said, Oh, young men. Why? Because young men are forced the imagery and the desire is there to say some old brothers of ours from the law as young as 18. They can know still, they still have the springs of an 18 year old, but nobody saw some specifically say to them, oh, young men, those of you are able to get married, because this is safer for you. We'll teach you from that around you have haraam and that was in the title of Nabeel Salaam Sahaba. But our time today, and of course for parents today to assist our young people in getting married. But the age of marriage is becoming later and older we need to study we are studying both good very good that we

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study doctors and lawyers 678 years, 10 years, but then the parents of your responsibility, like you are responsible for the education responsible for the era. You are responsible for the place for Allah facilitate for their marriage and don't become a hindrance with parents not hinder our children and say it's okay to have a boyfriend or girlfriend and to go out at night and come back said no, they have a curfew. They come back at 12 o'clock shit. Don't worry. I don't know what happens between now and 12 o'clock. We all know some appearance of responsibility like your responsibility for raising your children and educating them choosing the thing, helping them choose

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to make the best decision. More important than a career is the life path number dunia in the morning forcing you change your job to three times your home shall take a wife Weissman Fukuyama, co author

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of course if you can't get married, before we give you the other option fasting, I know it's difficult, but this is will diminish your desire and remembering as that young man that thinks that be so so we said last week of payments your Rasul Allah make Xena alchemy is gonna be for some Xena halaal for me, right?

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Everyone was shocked. Some nice little Sit down. If you speak to you, and you say dutifully, you want to come to dinner. But you want another person to come with dinner with your sister, with your mother, with your daughter with your auntie said no, I don't want I would hate that my daughter or mother or sister is treated in this way to be used and discarded. So don't sit but you are not doing this to someone else else's mother or sister and daughter. Keep that in mind was once the young man got up and said when I remember this. I never ever came near to dinner. This Hadith alone was enough for him. He never cooked dinner. And he's like what he says.

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Of course, in spite of all that we try and we do, we may still for each person, you may still fall and listen shall at the end of this discussion of major sins to talk about what happens if I have committed murder? Why did come achieve in my life? I did this honor my parents is there a way out? I would specifically mentioned here with Xena. We have to be low. We have nothing none of us have ever come near to or will ever fall into it. I mean Allah protects us. But if we have fallen into these things still hope for me. Please obey Allah subhanaw taala

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don't ever ever lose hope in the rational Allah is the biggest sin for you to believe that Allah subhanaw taala will give the user much bigger send them with now you know heating A lot has fallen apart.

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First thing, especially with Xena and with any other sin, but specifically with Xena. Navi so Salaam says my entire nation is safe from the sins they do except the Mahajan. Which I mean, those who expose themselves are both among the Maha Maha Jean is that a man commits an evil act. And he wakes up in the morning. Well Oh, let's keep it secret. No one knows what he did last night. But in the morning he wakes up and he goes around and he boasted about what he did the night before. But similarly, today people commit sin. They can places haram they do things hard on Botha on the infinite to the world to see. And I so Neva, if you've turned away from sin, the first thing you do

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you don't divulge to anyone, anybody it is between you and Allah is a shameful thing that you quiet never happened. The first thing and this is something we one of the signs of piano is that we commit sin, and we publicize it. We're not ashamed anymore in the past, people can withstand

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They were shy and they never let anyone know about it today. It's explosive. It's the first thing we need to stop. And then of course, repentance. Last when avviso Salah mentioned

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and the two who committed when Allah subhanaw taala speaks about Zina. When Allah speaks about Zina, Allah immediately follows it up by speaking about mercy. And Allah says, and the two who conducted Zina among you this honor them both apply the punishment be severe with them. But if they repent, and correct themselves, part of Toba is to cease what you're doing, they leave them alone. Don't harm them, or harass them, or mentioned them in names of speaking of the leaving, indeed, allies ever Accepting of repentance and is merciful, specifically to Zina, Allah has revealed this ayah that if someone has corrected themselves, what they did in the past, between them and Allah doesn't

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involve you doesn't concern you. Allah subhanho wa Taala lay forgive them more than you. That woman we spoke about last week, said Dr. asuma. I want you to punish me. I committed Zina, while they were stoning her one of the Sahaba was a bit emotional and he lost the school said something you know you're so but in the moment maybe someone told him Don't easy for this woman, the mercy of Allah has given to her and the most Yola Shona were to come down upon us to be like a rain covering the entire month, all of us will be covered in that Rama. So the one who refrains from sin, this is a ruling Islam, you refrain from your sincere and you desist whatever you have done, then Allah Subhana Allah

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removes that sin it is even though you have never ever committed sin like that. So we make when you make the sin, if you ever fall in any sin, part of repentance, I will never go back to with the alpha. That is true, Toba. That's enough and you continuously make it that far. But after talking about sin and Xena for those inshallah the objective What about the one who comes to pm and says yeah, a lot from the dinner. I not once in my life committed Zina, what is the for me? Remember this as well. You have one opportunity to come to piano even if you are forgiven, but to come to pm, of course the one who never committed Zina shall let's have a superior station. What is the for him?

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Number one, we know the Hadith of the three was stuck in the cave. They were in a life threatening situation. And they may do it to Allah saying what good things they did. One of them said Allah I had the opportunity to come and Xena with the love of my life, the woman I wanted the most. But then she said, I seek refuge from Allah and I remembered you and I think since then Allah saved his life. So you're going through difficulty in your business, in your health make do I Allah I could have committed Zina Allah, no one stopped me except except my fear for you. Allah subhanaw taala will make it easy for you that which is difficult.

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Remember, Yamato muslimeen, if a sudden is major, and the punishment is major, then the reward for staying away is even more superior and much greater. Remember that which Allah has given to you of reward will far exceed your expectations. And this is confirmed in the Hadith. When a B cell phone says having * with one's wife is a charity is a sadhaka. The opposite of luck omission of Allah if one of us fulfills his desire with his wife, is there a war that is almost still going to reward us for having * with our wives. That being said, Do not when you do not see that if he does it in a haram way, if you commit Xena, then Allah will punish him. So if he does it in that

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way, you will certainly be rewarded. Another good reason to get married, you can be in a bar very easily by the end tonight to follow. You'll be rewarded for this.

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Another specific howdy for those who abstain from Xena, Allah subhanho wa Taala. And obese also mentions that on piano, no one will have shade from the sun on that day no one not the movie not. You know no one who does except seven special people, only seven types of people of that seven. A man was called by a woman of beauty and a noble woman. She calls him to Xena she invites him to Xena but he says I fear Allah. He has the opportunity to come and Xena was not just any woman that says to people that call you on the street that doesn't count but a woman of status and beauty a woman you desire and he says I fear Allah then you're in jail just that one act in your life, you will

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fall under the shade of Allah subhanho wa Taala and also amongst them Sivan is a young person why was in our forest is more difficult for me. It's more of an issue for us. We younger people, a young person who grows up in the worship of Allah you will be under the shade of darshan of Allah subhana wa tada

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Alyssa behind in the Hadith, how do you put see that it is guaranteed a place in January if you can protect yourself from Xena. Heidi says anyone who safeguards for Allah say what is between his jaws meaning protect his tongue and what is between his legs, his private thoughts. Allah will safeguard for him a place in general, protect what you say and protect your private thoughts. That's enough to the same gentleman. Very difficult, very difficult to do this. But if we do it in sha Allah to keep it two gentlemen, watch what you say.

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Watch how you interact in terms of Xena. Then of course, lastly, it is a sign of a believer. Allah subhanaw taala sees in sort of a movement which no one got the upper hand men on that certainly the believers are successful with whether or not men only Allah or the believers, Allah listen to them mentioning Salatu was those who makes Torah those are punctual and of the things Allah says the believers will larina humulene Fuji him happy don't they are those who got the private parts? These are the believers. Yama of a sign of belief. You can go through your life you've never committed Zina predicted your private parts except for that which is hard for you. It's a sign of your demand

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and that is the greatest reward you can have a pm and you can say hello this is my evidence that I'm a believer and inshallah that will get into you into Jana Rola asked Allah subhanaw taala to forgive us and to take this whatever sins have gone by Allah Subhana Allah Mercy is far greater than the sin to recommit. Allah is most merciful and most kind Rasul Allah keep us safe, and our youngsters safe inshallah. Next week in sha Allah we continue and we discussed to be false testimony is one of the major sins of amongst our list of major sins. Sharla will also remind that during the week I come to allow classes are picking up and hamdulillah the moment is very busy. Great to be very happy about

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this on Mondays, if you come in shallow, invite all of you to do to study the life of Muhammad Sallallahu who was our great maybe to build that love with him before Missouri, from about from quarter to seven to Missouri, the seer of the prophets of Salaam, basil, the list of topics we'll be covering on Tuesday, especially for us getting rich speaking about Xena and marriage is the most important way to protect ourselves. If you're not married, you are married. Protect your marriage, protect yourself attend our marriage. glossiest Nasir bonds off the market on Tuesday evenings hamdulillah very happy with our astronomy class on Wednesday a very unique course off the mothership

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on Wednesdays by Professor in one column. I was throwing me off please inshallah we'll pick up from Allah Mohammed

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Salam and within come relax.

Jumuah Khutbah by Shaykh West 28 Feb 2014

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