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Muhammad West
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alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi many brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.

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How y'all doing? from the last courtesy The clock is bigger hamdulillah it's good to see we can a girl just in time for December and then take a break and then Ebola hamdulillah. And as you see the lamanites good. The one thing about this class that is wonderful is that it has persisted 567 years of ups and downs and 100 nights fee. Very good 101 of the things that we do in this class is that we answer questions. And one of the functions of the masjid is to be an open platform where people can ask because we don't want people not to ask. And we have questions. We all have questions. Some questions are small, simple, easy, some questions are shocking. But if they don't ask in the masjid,

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it's going to be asked outside and we don't know where the answer is going to come. So I actually have a question today that was asked not from anyone yet in the measure from a student,

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one of the universities running Cape Town, and you know, for the first time you have misuzu practice in good Muslim households all their life, they go over to university, and they exposed to a totally new lifestyle, and they're exposed to new questions and the foundation gets shaken. And so the question goes something like this. Why do I have to make Salah? Why do I have to make salah and if I don't put my understanding and po what the Quran says I will be punished. I'll probably go to Jonathan forever. So number one, why does Allah need my sutra? And what my salah and if I don't do it, why is he going to punish me? I understand the question. Now some of us may think that you call

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yourself a Muslim? How can you ask a question like that? Even the fact that the person is asking a question is a very good thing, because many do not even ask. They just don't. They don't even worried about it. They just continue. So the fact that someone is coming forward and approaching any mom, we impose and say, Look, I have a question, which I know might be a Chucky, but it's bothering me. I want to understand this. And many times by now you my class, you know, I say that when someone asked why should I do something in Islam? There's really two questions. There's a question for the one who is a believer, I don't mean a non Muslim or someone who is has believed that you've reached

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that level whatever is in the Quran and Sunnah. Except I'm happy. I just want to know what the Quran says. So when Muslim asks, you must, what must I do on Hajj you must thoroughly jamara seven times Hamas was so nice, I accepted. The other question which is, which we getting a lot more common now is what's the wisdom behind it? The reason? So I call someone off Why am I saying a job? I quote an ayah Allah says call a law that you must wait no, no, I don't mean that. Why does a law see that same as with a job? What's the wisdom and the reason? And for some most of the things of the Sharia. The reason is very clear. I mean, even wise, Hamas, gambling, Zina, while these things how long? It

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is clear, you don't have to do a PhD. It's known that this is not good for you and Allah only and we believe Allah only commands which is good. So we believe that whatever Allah commands there is wisdom and benefit to us. Sometimes the wisdoms are clear. Sometimes Allah gives the wisdoms sometimes the wisdom to think about why is mother of three and why the night Salas loud and the day soft? No one has come up with an answer for that a lot. But these are wisdom, there's a reason behind it as fissara What is the reason why must be performed.

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Our purpose in this life is to have a connection with Allah. That is really why we need to have a relationship with him. Allah subhanaw taala is our our existence will be judged at the end of the day, how strong the connection is with Allah, the person who had no connection with Allah, when he meets Allah, well, exactly, you meet someone that you have no connection with, no attachment with In fact, if you are disobedient to that person and we make, we live with Allah, we don't give Allah we don't make the likeness of Allah to anyone else. But we need to use this to understand so you can understand versus someone who his whole life was to love Allah and growing closer to Allah. And now

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finally you need to Allah you mentioned that your whole life is built towards my loving and hoping and when you finally meet Allah and of course if you love Allah, Allah loves you Even now, like any relationship, it needs to put time and effort for those of us who are married, you know, certain times you need to make time for that relationship on the anniversary on the birthday and you need to put effort in and if you don't put that effort in that relationship is going to break down whether it is your wife or your kids you need to put time in an effort and sometimes requires effort. Yes, it's the relationship but love now many times people they will say I will perform Salah when I'm you

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know I want to perform Salah when I'm when I'm reading when my heart cries for Salah they don't but for now Salah is a tool and the only reason why Salah is difficult is because our relationship is one not of love with Allah yet. Our relationship with him is purely out of I obey equals I must and if your relationship is sort of a transaction

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On one eye, do something for you, you're not for you, you don't get the benefit, I do what you tell me to do. And in exchange, I get some blessing and goodness out of it. And that's our relationship with Allah. It's sort of a barter. And we said to Allah, this relationship is not needed. He's not increased by our Salah noisy decreased, but we doing it so we can access the benefits in the blessing of this relationship. As for the other one whose relationship reaches beyond that, are not out of just obeying, but it's out of loving, doing it out of desire, doing it out of love, then he will install enjoying and sustain the sweetness of Nevada, and SubhanAllah. You know, your Salah is

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really the gauge of the level of your life, how much how strong your mind is, some of us are hamdulillah they if they were to win, the walk comes in. Immediately look, we can perform Salah, but if I don't make sure that I don't feel easy, I feel uneasy. It's like when it's ingrained in me and Al Hamdulillah for that. You find some people, it's a tool, I must do what I wait until the end, oh, I've got five minutes. I'm scooping it makes Allah not great. But even in that he understands that this is part of my life. I need to do this. It's my obligation. The person who leaves his work and he comes to Juma even if the right at the end time says I can just get the last two minutes and get

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the Salah. Even in that this taqwa that I I acknowledge I have a commitment to a lot in my religion that I need to do. And of course this guy in person who Swan Allah, the only added they are they wait, when is the word coming into the melodyne goes, I'm ready for Salah. I'm excited, like when we Swan Allah, when you go on those dates, and you still madly in love. Before the you know you have to go the date is five o'clock or six o'clock you preparing the whole afternoon, you looking forward to the reservations, because you're going to spend time with the one that you love. And when the one time is finished you looking forward to the next. And that's that's the relationship that we have

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with Allah. So solder is that time that we put in for the relationship. And it doesn't this relationship does not benefit align the least it only benefits us. And in that we see that some of the most of the benefits is obviously in the era, when we see the benefit in the dunya as well as Vince is here and isahaya alfalah this thing will give you success. Now you will be sick, your health, your prediction all comes from Allah and of course not that he always punishing you by you turning away from Allah, turning away from his prediction, turning away from his blessings. That in itself is your own punishment, you've turned away, you've turned away from that mercy. Not that

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Allah sort of pushed you away but you yourself to know as well says, but I'm as awful as Allah when they turned away, they were turned away. So once they themselves moved away from me, then how does anyone if you want to return to Allah, he's ready to accept you no matter how bad or far you've gone. So just in the avoidance of Sunnah and losing out on the spiritual blessings and the dunya blessings that in itself is a punishment with uncooked my janam and punishment and fire and XYZ, we have to talk about those things, that when Allah says in a certain hanifa, Salah will keep you safe from fracture, it keeps you away from certain sins, and you just need to see someone who is

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practicing Islam, they are practicing the Sunnah they and they increase the duty to us. And because it becomes more and more difficult for them to fall into sin, unlikely they will go to parties and drinking and those things. And as you start decreasing in your divider, as you start to slip away, the other students start to increase. That's why when you end for those for those of us who are in when we are in the extreme mode of ibadah, it becomes strange when we see a son that we used to, for example, in Ramadan, in Ramadan, we are in extreme mode of divided fasting in the day playing at night. And sometimes if you just take something which you took very likely before I'm upon a sudden

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looking at how long how long, we have got the small, but when you heart has been through about a little bit, you find all the shocking, someone who comes back from Morocco come back from Hajj, they just see someone in the street addressing properly it should have. It's like you saw a naked person now. But as we start losing that ibadah losing that connection, that connection goes away. And before sin becomes easier, becomes simpler, it becomes more attractive. And that is part of the way in which Allah benefits you and benefits us. So why do you have to perform Salah it is of course it is the number one thing that shows your commitment to a law. That is the first first first thing you

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cannot say I believe in Allah. And I love Allah and I'm committed to a lie believe is a God. But I don't spend any time with a god. I don't speak to that God, I don't have any kind of submission and nearly what is that level of love? So this is the this is the first The main thing. And of course if we took this a step further, for those of us who are believers, we believe in karma. This is the first thing that will be questioned about the first thing that we will be judged on as our belief. And if we succeed in that, then the rest of of your question we made easy so also don't underestimate yourself. Is the quality's not great

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We all most of us, we make Sala like a chore, like washing dishes, no one likes it. And that's where we are our amount, unfortunately, but still in that it's beautiful. Because still, you forcing yourself, you're fighting that knifes, you're you have two sides, you have a bad side and the good side and the good side is fighting overpowers him and you make thick when you make Salah. Okay, that's goodness in that, yes, we hope that time will come when that bad side is not there anymore. And you only have something which calls you towards evader calls you towards was that. And so it's a process. This is the one person who's fighting and sometimes it's enough overpowers him in this

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mixer. And then other times, he's not open, he makes one or two solos and he misses us on that level. And his journey or her journey is to increase. And the way you increase is by doing more. The more you evaluate you do the more strength you give to your Eman. And then there's those of us who fight us through the basics. And so to increase in that we need to increase in our ibadah. So now the fight is don't make shorter on time, make it as early as possible. Crow long usara. So if you're going to, you know, after start up, sit another five minutes or so five minutes before the time. And initially it's difficult, it's hard. It's like you're going to gentlemen spending another five

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minutes on the treadmill. But after a while it becomes part of who you are, and if you will start actually enjoying it. And of course you will see more Baraka more blessings in your life. So for the youngster that asked this question, Allah bless them, Mama granted, they become steadfast in the Salah, may they be of those people that will not only do the for it, but they will actually enjoy the sweetness of even like the hundreds, one of the scholars said, for 15 years of my life, I made that choice, at least

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I forced myself and it took me 15 years before I started to enjoy it. So even the scholars that we are the pious people, it doesn't come as sick it's very, very, very seldom and very far down the line before you start actually enjoying evaluate it becomes your pleasure. It becomes something which like the Sahaba would do the professor would do when things were difficult, then they would rush towards Salah because the connection with Allah was the thing they love the most. And you and I we know if you ask me what do I love the most? What do you love the most? You can spend the most time with the thing with a to some movie that you want to watch some CDs, we can spend some heinola

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days and nights binge watching something because we love it or watch sports. Every single Game of the World Cup is watch everything every country because he loves it. Oh he's called whatever it might be. He's kids. If when a law becomes the priority, and a law becomes the thing that we love the most, the better will be the thing that we want to do the most is to live and have a man to that level. Allah bless us in that for now we are struggling but hopefully we pray that all of us can reach the army questions. No questions. Okay. So we continue Yes.

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So the question is, what are the more qualifiers besides the four so number one we get inshallah, we have to go through the history we finished our debacle. Allah will go on, remember the full of our Archie Deen the rightly guided caliphs, is regarded as the fall. In fact, there are five Imam Hassan was also there, in fact, is a hadith necropolises for 40 years, or 30 years, they will be hollyford and rightly guides until the date when Hassan died. It's exactly that so it's fine. But it was only very short six months. But the caliphate continued on until 1920. Something up until about eight years ago, there's a halifa there's been califa all the time. And some of them you know how to Nora,

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she was already farming that many, many 100 years later, you had coupons and you go to Istanbul, the halifa was in Turkey, the halifa was in Baghdad, they were Oliver's so the Muslim Ummah always had a holiday. In fact, it was the halifa of the oma that seems to have occurred if India to take her, like the halifa of the Muslim world. And so but when we talk about the whole of Arashi, Dean, the rightly guided Oliver's, when it's this elite group of Sahaba, and maybe we add we said obviously Hasani, because five actually has an image. And maybe there's a six or even Abdulaziz one of the great qualifiers off to them was such a pious man, such a great man that has elevated him people

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have said, if they were to be another rightly guided califa thing he perhaps would be on on that level. But after the fall mowing, the lawn will be halifa for 20 years cinema. So this the history continues until today, and that's it and only only up until the fall of the Ottoman Empire. Did we not have a halifa we have no halifa so we've got a highly versatile hundreds of them to discuss. We've only been through two. We have hundreds to go. So where we stopped last week we spoke about the demise of Sina Omar. And so in honor of the lon before he passed away he selected a panel of how many mean six panels for the panel of Shura panel of Shura Shura mini consultation. And he said you

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six must decide who's going to be the halifa and so on that panel we said these are the six assura mubasher six of the 10 promised agenda. How the

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Have you close the column C and this one give me glad tidings of Gemini give this man the claddings. So the profit promise, Bashara means that the good news the team, you have the good news that they're already in Ghana. Okay, amazing. Imagine the province giving you hours guaranteed for your place in general is booked reserved whatever you do after this follows your agenda already. So say number new, these six are on guidance. And so you should use six must decide amongst you who are the follicles who's going to be the next halifa. And so we're talking about a North man because he's one of the big candidates and he will be selected. We'll talk about the selection process. And so it's

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important for us to understand why is he on this panel, all six of them these stories and you probably know the stories why they're on their panel, but we only say North man for now. And we're talking about his contribution to Islam. That's one of the first early converts to Islam. He went through the persecution, he made the hero to ever senior he married the daughter of Navy Susannah then he made the trip to Medina unable to fight in battle because the Prophet said to stay behind and then it'll clear die and the Prophet I'm married to him who consume and fulfill his second daughter and that's what she knows mine is known as the Marine, the marine the man with two lights

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because he was given two doses of a property marry both of them. We said that what see different Sahaba excelled in different areas, different Sahaba have with him the something which they excelled above the others. They were pious, they were good and they were excellent. And then some went a little further heiligen molinard your line was the military genius zedi when he found it was the Quran master. The one preserve the Quran was mangled, Yolanda bc he is always number one in the leadership team is always on the elite panel of the resource alum say no woman in a bucket. He's one of the people that are always late to consult and discuss and give opinions. But we he really

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excelled was how he financed many things in the oma and it's amazing because it would appear every time a big project came up, he would bankrupt himself. But the next project that came up again, he's the main fundraiser. We didn't get these funds. It's amazing that every time he gave, by the time the next project came alive, not only made him recover his fortune, he actually had more. So when he came to Medina, we said that well that he bought it still today that well is is going he's still water in it well, so he the prophecy who buys this well and guaranteed his place in general. And so he bought that well, then many, many expeditions, the most important one, the expedition of

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hardship, where the professor Lampson who will contribute and he gave 100 camels, which is a fortune, and then he brought like a mountain like you know a handful full of gold that it was in the lack of Nabisco, Salah where he said that he said to that Allah says to the man, do as you please, after today, because gender is guaranteed for you after the date with man, nothing you do can harm you know, some that you do, it's already forgiven. That's what he did in the Battle of the book, which we spoke about. And just before that had been sort of passed away, he expanded the masjid. And in actual fact, we expanded the masjid was southwards towards the Qibla, which was there. And then I

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visited whoever purchases a plot of this is guaranteed a plot in Jannah. And with man, both all those plots all have a keyboard. So how many times has he the Prophet explicitly said you will purchase a place in general with man purchased all of it every time and he contributes of the great value that he has is the beta to read one we spoke about the beta one last week. Now remind you again, you should know this before my many, many times you should know this. We said that the prophets of Salaam we wait for tomorrow. And when you go tomorrow, you got stopped at a time mecosta the crash. And so when they got stopped, they coming at hedges your arm, no sword, nothing. And the

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coalition's policy was even our enemies can come through or if you come through Nevada, we can stop you from visiting the Kaaba. So now the Muslim for the first group of people, they thought, well, we don't want these people to come in, we let everyone else but not them until they stop the Muslims not fighting them. And so the Muslims are outside the political idea outside of America. And so now someone has to go into negotiate. And so then so someone first chooses a normal, why did you go and negotiate? I'll give you my investor. So no one says no, not me. I'm not the right guy. Like who's kind of people get upset. They get angry with me. I i antagonize and I'm not the best. I'm not the

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most diplomatic guy and the Sahaba knew again the qualities and look what he sees. But with man, very loved guy. He's just such a likable person. Everyone likes Superman, even the non believers, this is special soft knees, a very soft guy. Everybody likes him to sing with man. So all the problems from them agreed and essentially North America, and if a man had a big family, the mayor, and they were very happy to see him. And they initially said to him the kurush we are not going to allow you guys in your formula, but you can perform tomorrow will lead up tomorrow. And this man says Well, I will never I will never make tomorrow until tomorrow first. And so he got delayed and

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he met up with some there were certain secret Muslims in Makkah. And he got he got taken by one side and so he got delayed and no word is coming out of Makkah ways with man. And so the rumors

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I've displayed a lot of how these enormous speed, perhaps they killed the man, maybe he's dead. And so now the reason we got so upset when he heard now this rumor, if they killed with man, then we are not going to leave it like this, we are going to declare one. And he said, Look, the prophet said to the Sahaba, if this man has been harmed, he's killed, we're going to fight the crush, we didn't come with any weapons. You know, we just tried to keep it up and fought off. But we're gonna go to war if these people have killed us, man. And so the Sahaba lined up one by one, and they gave him that pledge, took his hand to say to the into the depth, if you take us to the ocean, then we'll go with

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you. And so this is called the buyer to read one because then a lot, of course revealed adverse that he Colorado law, law is pleased. That's what we say about the law. And unless please read them, because unless I am pleased with those group of people that took 1000 plus of the Sahaba, who took the pledge with you under the three, that three prophecy. And so when they were all done, so that will give the pledge and Allah said they had not pledged you or Mohammed they preached a loss hand and Allah testifies to the man in the article says in the Quran, right? Now he says, Man, yeah, was he under the pledge? He wasn't he? He didn't come to give his hand abubaker armor of the alley, all

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of them they gave the pledge a bill and all the words how do we know which man was not the admin then I stood up at the end of the split. And he said, and this year, he put his two hands together. This is fourth man I give the pledge on behalf of the man. And so the Sahaba obviously mentioned that with man's pledge is the number one place why because the profits left hand is between my right hand right so it was not and of course is the reason why I visited one the buyer didn't want happen so he's actually number one on the list of the people are better than one. So all of this gives you an understanding of his of his caliber, some Heidi specifically about him. The promises of them

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mentioned that the that he will be a Shahid as we know what the problem was on hood and he said to hood, he the prophets of Salaam abubaker Omar and man the four of them on they began to shake and so the prostitute had become on you is an alley and the Siddiq ibaka and two showerheads, two people will die as Shaheed so he thought was man you're going to die as a as a Shahid also, the prophet seldom mentioned that of all the Sahaba who has the most level of higher higher his modesty, no mother, there's no real English equivalent to higher modesty doesn't do a do justice, it means you know, we will explain to you higher you may be committing in the past, you know people maybe they if

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they listening to music very loud and the Imam in the past today, they don't care, you know, turn it up even so up mom walks past or goes what we engage properly and the Imam walks by, and they put the scarf on that level of of shyness and respect, you know, so the problem is the man who has the most of this is man, but he's level of shyness. And when he sees sin, it disturbs him so much, right? No one has as much of higher as with man, even the angels angels are more higher than people. They don't even have this level of higher the angels feel shy when they see them on the higher level higher is listed with man and a few incidents. For example, the animosity I generated, he was

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sitting in his house but like relaxing, you know, like in a very not inappropriate but he was he was relaxing in a very comfortable, relaxed kind of way. You know, Lake strips out quarterly stance was pulled with the highest lake was a bit exposed to the bottom and Abubakar walks in and says, Come come in. And he certainly spoke like that. And the problem didn't change is he's sitting and then Roman comes in as well. And the prophecy the sentence and I'll be talking very casually the word is casual and so with man knocks on the door and he says sure anything and this is what we mean the Prophet Allah made himself like neat and set in a formal posture and he thought they can come in

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now. So after with mine all sweaty we went to the office and he lived I shall explain why. Wife not to abubaker and wife man, so the prophecy that famous honey Should I not feel a sense of modesty for a man who makes the angels feel modest? And also he said with mine is this kind of person, you know, when you see you maybe a person would you really speak and they never really I can't imagine seeing you know, my grandfather or the Imam or the you know the person that you respect in that way. It sort of disturbs me so I'll feel shy. And so he said I was worried that if I set like this with man, you feel so shy, you wouldn't speak what do you want to speak I wanted to keep so because you are

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polite. I have to reciprocate that shows you again then I'd be so solemn his understanding of that side note here, you'd find if you have like vulgar speech, vulgar language, then people will talk to you like that he will not swing at people but when you show that you're comfortable with these kind of things, and people will be comfortable like swinging in front of you. Then you find people that swear a lot but when they see a manual person that doesn't speak mathematic, I'm not supposed to speak like this because these that level of higher so say numbers man had this thing of higher another beautiful example another Heidi Cucinelli Some said about with mine, after Luca had died,

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and then his son Abdullah with nuclear dies, and then we consume also dies now he's in his 40s no children, no wife.

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Basically a man without a lineage, and the province can see with money said he's almost 50 and he's got nothing. He's got no family. And so the Prophet sees and he said this is a lie with mine. If I had a third I would have given it to you as well. If I had a third daughter, I would have given it to you as well. But of course you would money later on, and you would have also seen children alone What is it like just when he when he gives a lot give us even more takes away Allah gives him even more what else if I say North miner on your lawn, he said in all of the battles he had participated in that when the province for them and one of the times he was out of Medina he appointed with man

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as the man in charge of Medina, he was sort of in charge of the policies to govern Medina while the problem was the way so we see that similar with mine from the beginning, every event he was there, and why he has the right to sit in the panel of six, resuming and of course, all six of them have a stellar resume. All of them are fit to be the halifa that's why oh my god Alon. He says all six of you are good enough to be the halifa but you need to choose the best amongst you all six if any of you have is califa is good enough. But the best of the best amongst you that you must decide icon choose clearly who is the best one amongst you. After the different Professor lamb was monologue,

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Ilan plays an important role, again, in an integration in fact is very important in the leadership of the worker and Omar he was the man in one of the big incidences of many charities, the thing that really stands out that when he purchased a large consignment of wheat, they bought something and in advance and it is now coming to getting delivered. Meanwhile, in Medina, there's a shortage of wheat to the point where it's almost like a like a feminine, a feminine so much, but it's completely short, and is known week going around. And so in this man's massive, you know, camera loads of wheat arrives in Medina, the merchants come and they all say, look, we've agreed amongst ourselves, we are

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all the wheat. So like the whole suit

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is fine mining sector wholesaler now, and they are the shops, the shopkeepers, so should we've agreed on a price together, so we will buy all your wheat, and then we will sell it. And so with mine says whatever price you give me, I already have, I already have a supplier of someone who's willing to purchase from me, but what price can you give me. So, they said we will give you for every 10 kilos and for every 10 basically for every England that we support, the normal price will give you 12 20% with monitors my price is better. So this is 30% 40% 70% 100% more said I have a better buyer in this. So this is what better buyer in the spirit Allah promises that if you give, he

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gives you at least what 700 times in return. And therefore I cannot sell this week to you. But because things are so difficult in the market, it is only fitting I give it for free. I give it away for free to the market. And so so you know, as a man, this is one of the things that he really did, during the caliphate of say now abubaker of Say no more of the line. when things were tough. in Medina, we sit in St. Thomas time, they normally did a lot in terms of building institutions bring about a bit of bureaucracy, bureaucracy was bureaucracy, not democracy, systems, protocols, procedures, things that we hate doing. But of course, without those things, those systems will fall

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apart now that they have a massive, a massive, you know, Empire, there has to be a municipality, there has to be registers. And he was the one that really formalized because he could even write he suggested the sweetener, oh my god, one, put everyone in every city, put the names down, know who they are. So you know how many soldiers they are, how many women they are, how many children they are, and you can now you know, when you disperse funds from the Beatle, man, it's orderly. So he did a lot of this kind of work for say normal odilon and shows you also he has an aptitude for leadership for managing a good manager back to the Shura. So now the panel of six are chosen and say

00:28:37 --> 00:29:18

no one, which is the six of you must decide you have three days to decide. In the meantime, none of you will eat Salah. So Eva Rumi, that's a hobby was good speak Latin grew up in a Shinto Christian lands, he will leave the Salah, because he was having the Quran, of course, and he recited beautifully, he will be the Imam and so ever we perform the genetic fallacy number and they bury a number in Russia. So now in spite of the grief and bigger issues to be dealt with now, no time for crying, we have to give the Obama era and now fusuma is not small anymore, from Algeria, all the way to Pakistan. The erosion key this and especially when an organization with someone or any

00:29:18 --> 00:29:54

organization or team moves, whatever it might be, is led by such a giant like say such an imposing figure, a person who dominated so strongly and was so on the ball with everything as you said he was he was a bit of a micromanager to an extent that's his least leadership style. When someone like that is out of the picture. It's easy for things to get out of control. So the act to appoint an halifa urgently. So the six of them sat down and again must know the six please What are the six? Tell me at least one name, one name on that list. We'll be speaking about half an hour who's on that list with 100 ala number two

00:29:55 --> 00:30:00

on that list, Paul ha as up and you know, again, to stop

00:30:00 --> 00:30:18

It's important to know a story with a name and if you don't know the story then it's hard for you to know the name. So with mine, you know he said not only we should know by now medic defaulting on so many things in it, we'll talk about him in detail. But ha was taught how the one who defended Nabisco, Salomon or heard with his hand until he became paralyzed

00:30:19 --> 00:30:40

as a way What do we say went to bed? Now these are some of them see, if anybody has a special How are you? How are you like Nagisa disciple and my special Hawaii is Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is my special Hawaii. As you may also married Saito. Buckley's daughter asthma, Natasha, older, and they had a son of the law, very famous at the hegira. She gives birth abubaker his grandson. So this is

00:30:41 --> 00:31:19

when we have Sadie cos he's the archer. He was the General of the Army that conquered Persia. He was in charge of the army, in fact, legend. Even China claims us that he's buried in China, not the China, but he pushed the frontiers of the oma all the way to the east. All right, right. And the oath of the Romani the office, the only man besides senior banker was an absolute made solid behind. Now, Visa Salam was a bit late, it was on a journey. And fudger time came, and he had to go out into kulu. And the walk was almost going to Sahaba decided to make SATA, and they put up their money as the Imam. And so when the prophet SAW this, he actually stood behind, and he actually made one

00:31:19 --> 00:31:57

rocker behind a man, you know, for the only man besides abubaker, who's so great honor, all of them were on the early converts. So all the major dicks, they have to the name, right, they have to the better player to the one hegira, everything they will have, all of them will be in it. And then they have the elite special status as well individually. So now the six of them was sitting down, and they must decide who should be the Khalifa. And so after an evening, and that's why it's sometimes called the kingmaker. He's very good at these kind of policies and things like when he speaks first of the money we have, and he says, look, the six of us, why don't we limit this down to three, it's

00:31:57 --> 00:32:30

three of us step out who's interested, who doesn't want to be the whole is any of us who don't want to be califa would want to take our names out of that, before we vote, let's use taking our names out of that, at least at least number two, three. And three of them did say we don't want to be in the race, but you will either give it to someone else. So tala steps out, and he says I appoint with my my voters with mine. And then as a basis, I also don't want to be the halifa. And I give it to Allie. And inside whenever your cause he also pulls out and he says I'll give it to you after a month. So now unfortunately, again, he was hoping that there would be a majority. So we went from

00:32:30 --> 00:33:09

six to three. So there's so Paula gave to us man. Zubaydah gave to it inside gave it to a man. So now we have three names neck now, Ali was man. And man, the three names the left. So now the man speaks again. And he says, You know what? I'm also not keen to be the halifa. So it leaves the two of you. But I'll put my name out of the hat. If you give me the costing books, let me decide of the two of you. We should be the halifa. And so they agree. So he said, actually, what he said was, before that Rob Murphy says, Look, I'm not interested in middle Hollywood, I'll put my name out. And as for the two of you Is there anyone who does not want to be and take his name open hot, especially

00:33:09 --> 00:33:45

by elimination. One is the halifa. And both of them remain silent. So we offered them one of you pull out and both Ali and Whitman didn't say anything meaning they both are saying we went on a mission that we both wanted the position and there's nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with wanting to do a service for that matter. In fact, I should have mentioned this Hadeeth before the navy seals on the system with a man he says he comes and he sits at a well and so why are you sitting there with these legs dangling the legs dangling now you're not in the water but over the edge. And abubaker comes in and says tell other walkers to enter and tell him who intergender and

00:33:45 --> 00:34:21

let you sit and he sits on the one side. And then mark comes and he says the same thing and intensity are with me and you'll intergender and he sits next to the other side of numbers on each side and is that the legs rang in and the man comes and the prophecies lit with my intent and promise him telling me you will also be interning gender after a calamity befalls him and when he said there was no place make sure that so he said on the other side of the well there's a lot of symbolism in this and in in a hadith similar to this he says to with mine with mine, you will be a priest before you die and the oma Allah is going to give you a clock, a clothing a shirt, they will

00:34:21 --> 00:34:56

taste you with a shirt and I command you to keep that shirt on and there'll be people trying to take it off, do not take it off and be patiently until you meet me and of course he didn't understand but this will become much more clear when he becomes the halifa so now these two lifts in the race, both of him Ali and this man wanted and of the romance is fine make me do the costing but and for the next few day or two of their mind is nothing that was his calf to make the big decision to impact the lives of millions of people. And so he goes around in Medina and he asks everyone he can find they said he even would ask to the ladies who live in behind the seclusion ladies were constantly

00:34:56 --> 00:34:59

just behind the income outside highly modestly.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:41

He would speak to them from outside of the curtain between his mind and Ollie, who would you choose? And so after this consultation, he didn't make each of them privately to meet with man. I mean, he didn't know what they discussed. And the three of them came to understanding. And so on the Monday, he often saw haven perform the center of the family may have a sense the member and he has the turban of Nabisco Salaam on his head. And he says he needs to make that announcement now. And so he says, first he addresses and he praises sincerely, and reminds him of his volume. And we is and then he said, after my consultation, it appears that the oma will be satisfied with man as the halifa,

00:35:41 --> 00:36:13

that with man appears to be the one that is to be qualified, and it's some hints to this as well. abubaker, before he passed away, remember, you're sick. And so when you realize that this is a sickness is going to end me, he also consulted and one of the people he consulted was with mine, and he says man, should I choose the halifa. And so of mine says no brainer. Basically, Omar is the right man, there's no one better than woman for the job. And so he says, I agree with you, but know that if it wasn't for Omar, you would be my choice, you would be my pick if it wasn't for more so abubaker and also but of course this is not the reason but it shows that he was he was quite

00:36:14 --> 00:36:49

obviously well known that he could do this position and so again, this is a kind of a democratic thing. But I'm not even speaking on behalf of the people of Medina had given the pledge to us man and so if man becomes the halifa after the date of say normal and of the first people to give the Pledge of Allegiance in the most you publicly you say nearly like perhaps the first man to actually give you a Metallica you say nearly but the Latin and this is our version of what he studies and it's all lies the most authentic and scraped is a different site. We might talk about that next week inshallah, but that inshallah will continue next week. Zack Allah Hi. Mohammed was promising. Hello

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Vladimir want to

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