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alignment regimes filarmonica Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam, Ana Shafi mousseline Sina Muhammad Ali. He was a beloved brothers and sisters in Islam in Santa Monica. Library Council.

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How's everybody doing? hamdulillah Lila so we were talking about Dylan last week. And we mentioned some of the conquests, we'll continue to hear about the conquest of Say no more than some of his his lifestyle and some of the things that he said his halifa understand that to analyze in the final scene, I'm out of the line. Perhaps, in his Caliphate, the biggest biggest expansion of the Muslim Ummah occurred of all the many great hollyford in terms of expansion, there was the hollyford conquered Spain, conquered it all the way into China hollyford that we know southeast with every direction, but at the same time, another line was the most prized victories the most prize battles

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have been one we're in the time of say nominal dealing with Islam really became a superpower. Before say, number one, the time is going to be so sometimes in a bucket, Islam as an upcoming religion, it was seen by many as still, you know, a bunch of Bedouins that are now finally getting being unified, but often say nominal, the Alon, Islam really became very very strong. And this is something which then abyssal Salah mentions that in fact, it was the dawn of Nabisco so lambertson Allah strengthen Islam through through our through one of the tumors a Buddha was his name was amor. So the prophecy one of these tumors either pop up or Abu Jamal make Islam strong through one of them a lot of love.

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And a lot to say not when, as a from the first day he became a Muslim Islam was strong through him, and law had given easier and slinked through this man.

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We spoke last week about the conquest of Sham, Syria, Damascus, Jordan, Palestine, and Egypt. We mentioned all the way into Egypt on the western side, or on the eastern side. We said after the Romans were defeated, the Muslims went for around two against the Byzantines was there only one was hiding Walid, when he didn't want to lift Persia, the Persians that he gathered themselves, so the Muslims fought the Persians. In a number of battles, we get to summarize, there are three big battles that occurred with the Persians three battles that are big ones. The first one was the Battle of qadisiya. We spoke about it last week with elephants struggling with the cost of the lion

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who was the commander of the army, then the next big victory was after the Battle of Khaleesi, or the Muslims could now move into Persia, and the capital of the Persian Empire, remember, what's the name of that city? In Arabic, it's easier in Arabic, it's called medallion. medallion means cities, the city of cities, meaning the city made up of meaning. It's so big, it didn't look like one city. It looked at many cities. In fact, this was an audience at that time was the most populated city in the world. The biggest city in terms of people in the world was a city. In Arabic, it's called medallion like Medina is one city medallion mini Medina's in English, it's DC, one, DC one DC one.

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And so today we see some of the structures, the columns, the pillars are still the the biggest vault the biggest throne room in the world was at that time, the emperor of Persia throne room. And it's really amazing as we see the remarkable. We take this as a history we just pass by. But if we look at the superpower of today's America, we almost can't imagine that this superpower would not be in control, you know, forever. But I mean, America's only become a superpower. 100 150 years in World War One. America wasn't the strongest country in the world. After World War One, World War Two, America becomes about 150 years America has been the superpower swelled these civilizations, the

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Persians, they were superpowers for 1000 years. Think about that 1000 years, they were dominating the world. So to say that a bunch of nobodies really, we don't only conquer the city, we don't only conquer this empire, but to concrete to such an extent that it doesn't exist anywhere became extinct, is without you know, you won't find history, anything like that this, you can look at history and look at the same people. And remember the same same normal, the same bohannan debate and all the Sahaba the same Sahaba who a few years ago were killing their own daughters were raping each other or murdering one another brother killing brother inheriting all those things that they used to

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do. These are the people now ruling the world's final law, how Allah subhanho wa Taala changed and the solution for us in our weakened state have been very, very weak citizen oma, we realize that our strength is not in numbers. And it's not in military power. Yes, of course, you have strict as well. We have to prepare, you don't think you're going to come to the battlefield only with EMR? No, you have to prepare for it. But to the best of your ability, and the rest is almost pantalla so we should the first battle was a battle of qadisiya with a misuse basically defeated Rustom and when they moved into medallion, they beseech the city and the entire city was when the Muslims came the

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the Emperor ran away. And that's when the Muslims gathered all that wealth, all the wealth of the city, and they seem to say no, I'm gonna do now. Understand, we know this issue of hajima volume of the spoils of war that I'm fighting

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Actually surah number eight of the Quran is called swear to god file, which is referring to this way. So Luna and file. So how does it you know Sula, what do we do so Salaam? What must we do with these battles and fight you fight with a man and you defeat him battle and he drops the sword we leave this camera in your hands away. Now you've got a camera with a sword, what must I do these things, but we throw it away, we give the bait tomorrow. So Allah says I asked you about the unfiled. And so Allah explains who gets the unfiled and who must get. And it's a very major sin for the soldiers to take any of that and file and file goes first to the Treasury. And then from there,

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the Treasury distributes it, according how it should be. Each soldier gets a certain sheer salary, those who brought a camera once they get a cache for them, and they can I mean, what is left goes in charity. So this massive, perhaps the biggest, unfair evil at that point in time, the biggest unfairly the Muslims ever acquired was the personal treasures of the, of the through the Persian is, for example, the hospital of Persia, I can imagine again, I have to make this relevant author. Imagine, you know not that I'm encouraging that we invade America or any other country but you invade England, and you have now the Queen lands away and all her treasures and jewels. What do you

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think of finding those safes these people were even greater than the Kings that we have today. These people of the past no more than their banks. So all the money's physical hard cash, gold, silver, everything. These people believe that we're gods and these people are ruled absolute, you know, like, they give life in decently mind the Queen of England, the prisoner medical, they don't have the kind of power these people will snap at a finger and people would, you know basically makes you do to them. So can you imagine what was in the, in the palaces in the throne rooms you know, so the Muslims when they saw this amazing wealth, they gathered it all up and they sent it to Medina. And

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then relations mentioned when arrived in Medina, this is the personal treasures of the improv Persia. It fulda Mosley basically to the roof, the whole Masjid is full with a stranger and say nombreuses vandalizes his soldiers with the Sahaba you know people that I can trust with this you know what the level of demand that they have not one guy could a sink of business Panama today with the word corruption. They tell you years the the safe of the saws the tradition, you take it from Cape Town to Johannesburg, you get the Nothing is left. Even the car is stolen. Yeah. This is on a on camels. This is on camels, camels, going from Persia to Medina on in the middle of the desert.

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Now the one thing is stolen. No, it comes back to not just only the level of the halifa, the honesty of the haleiwa, the honesty of the soldiers, the honesty of the Sahaba. And when it comes they piled up we see this moment, it's actually a powerful moment in the history of Islam, a moment which proves the the new boo of Nafisa lamb, who spoke about Soraka last week, remember the man was quoted and because Allah and the prophet SAW after one day you get away the jewelry of Cuckoo Cuckoo, which

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basically, I'm going to be the president of Persia I'm going to have easy jewelry, which is just that one. And so when they saw all this mountains of gold lining, Soraka was alive and he was in Medina, Morocco, you need to make this thing up, they put the gold bracelets on, they put the crown on his head, they put the silk, obviously you can't have it because it's haram for men to have it. But just to simply to say, as predicted, he has come through, as you will one day weigh the bracelets and the count of khusro. And so then you take it off, obviously because it's haram for men to wear these things. And when they distribute it to a number of young men, you know, one of the 10

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prom agenda is to take all this and he was very say don't know you got to be inclined. And he said Swan, Allah, someone people were more deserving than me didn't get this. Allah did not give this to the prophets of Allah. And he did not give this talk. So is he giving this to me as a theist? Is he testing me? Take this out of my sight? I don't want to see this stuff. This is less testing me now. What am I gonna do with it? So just the server immediately, and we seen the student only two different parts of the government parts of the Ouma was distributed all Muslim got nearly every time I talk about a lot more now I want you to compare him to our leaders, the kings of the Middle East,

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the Presidents we have today. Compare this man is in the position. In fact, he was greater than they were. Because at this point in time, he is the greatest man in the world. Right? He just defeated the Persian Emperor. He's just kicked out the Roman Emperor. He's ruling Egypt, he now has an empire. He has an empire now. In fact, if you look till today, they have the list of the 100 most popular Muslim, the 100 most influential men of all time, the 100 greatest people of all time. So at the top is gonna be Mohammed Al salam, you have Jesus you have Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, all these great people. Number 15 is on top because he changed the course of history. So he is the most

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powerful man in the world at that time, and you look at the life he lived. So once they conquered we said medallion, the emperor of Persia yesterday he ran away, obviously he ran away and only a few of them

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with whatever he could have his wealth and his entourage, so while he was still alive, technically the Persian Empire is still be, you know, he's still saying I'm the Emperor, and those were Persians, they are still rallying around him. So the job isn't completely finished. It only, you know, the three big battles the Battle of qadisiya, the elephants, the Battle of medallion, the conquest of Medina, when the Sahaba conquered the city and there was no much fighting. It was, as we said, they surrendered the Emperor to leave runaway, but he's still alive. And so they went to a place called na and now and now and there's a place called now and, in fact, for those of you who,

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you know, Butterworth mahkumat, you heard about McCormack, the Komatsu type the car is the guys who make euro, they have different pitches, different styles styles of reciting one of the sounds of school now one one of the styles is called the style reciting Quran because the city was known for its music, and its civilization and its culture. And so of the poetry. So there's a style of reading, which was the one D. Alright, so this is this is a city now. And so the emperor of Persia, he ran to the one, why not one because this was a big city. And it was very strongly fortified big walls in the mountains surrounded by water, so the Muslims can really get in. And

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this Emperor had now managed while about two, three years after the conquest of Medina instead of live as the dead, and he's slowly getting strong according all the bits and pieces of his empire. Together, we're gonna revive the old Persian Empire. And so, the Sahaba, who were now governing purchase, also side note, very, very interesting to me things Allah, Allah had placed the first governor of Medina, or said, magnifies the same Persian guy that ran away all the way to Medina. Allah brings him back to his land, but now he's the governor of the city, spinal, he's the governor, and also the Hickman Sahaba. The Sahaba understands, you've just conquered a people very proud

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people, and no one likes to be conquered. Even no matter how good you are to the amount matter how you treat them. No one likes to know you are now colonized us. So they put one of their own say, nominees hikma, you put one of their own, you will be the governor over them. And of course, will Sandman fallacy not number one is a hobby, he's never gonna replace anyone. But he'll even have even more fiction. These are my people. These are my you know, my family. So just in that way, the hikma of cinema and the Sahaba and the Sahaba, Allah, the way the prophecy taught him. So when this Yes, the job gathered his army and now one, the Sahaba in a cold for reinforcements and say now I'm gonna

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go and sin from all over the little bits. And so the Muslims came to about 30,000 and the Persians are about 150,005 times the number, again, huge discrepancy. And one of the governors even more putting that on the line. He was before Islam. Well, in the time when a visa Salaam he was a beta one, even in McLean, he was a beta one Saracen used to say, He's MY man in the desert, and I am his man in the city. Right? So he was one of the big visit people. And you'd find in the Quran that Allah speaks a bit harshly about the beta ones, the beta ones have the fact the beta ones are not the man is a true except for a few. And he's one of those fuels. Allah references him in the Quran,

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the majority of the beta ones are living in the Hindus, they don't have much adapt. And, in fact, the demand is very, very weak, except a few of the beta ones. Now this even Ukraine is one of them. So now he's a governor, very close to Persia. And he's writing say, not what I want this job. I don't want to be a governor, I hate this job. You know, let's relieve me of my position. I want to be in the jihad. And he actually normally says, you know, by putting me in, you know, I'm a big one. That way I feel comfortable. You've made me a governor of a city. It's like putting a young man next to a beautiful prostitute. If I'm tempted every single day, under this solely please make me resign.

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And a year this army is coming with me join the army soldiers in almost a fine, you'll be in charge of it on, you leave your position and you go and be in charge of the army that you fight jihad. And so the Sahaba of the land, they're not trying to fight and break into this into one fortress, can succeed very, very difficult. The Emperor really took precautions is stocked up the food, and they were ready to survive for a very long time. So the muscles really couldn't fight. When it's open battle. They don't mind. No,

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no problem. We'll fight you open on the field. But this fortress fighting is really difficult. And so it was the strategy of this Sahabi gemakkelijk Raja line, where he said a lot on how he managed to make it nobody said let us fake a retreat by spreading a rumor that someone has died. So let us make it as if though the rumor let's say no one has died and we are leaving now. We're going to go make journalists around, oh, we are finished with this. We don't want to fight anymore. And as we are leaving, we leave a small group of Sahaba D. So the enemy sees a small army. So they'll open the gates to attack when they attack we captured him and that's exactly what they need. So the rumor now

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spreads and this is permissible.

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Lying muscle is a profitable and horrible hit up the profit losses. War is deception. I wish I can give a prize. Do you remember when the navy seals in the switch battle? When did they say that this is a heady? War is deception? Part of war is deception? Which battle? When did someone come to him and say Rasulullah saw Salaam plan, but allow me to use deception. So the prophecy 300 Buddha was part of the art of war is the sixth which battle Do you think Battle of hendak the trench remember the one guy when he went to the Jews and said the correlation of with you that he went to the Jews and say the, you know, remember that the Battle of the trench will mean in many enemies, the Jews

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and Quraysh and a lot of fun all of them together. And so he will go to each one and say this one is actually cheating, that one is lying. And so by one by one, they started fighting each other. It's one men, you don't remember spinal alomst on anyway, so Rosie to the Sahabi Pearl Harbor. So we know that we are allowed to use deception, but we can't lie. We can't betray, you can't betray someone in battle. You can't have a treaty and say we are allies. And when you get to the battlefield, you turn away now that's your own thing. Now this would be this betrayal. Where as to use deception, trickery, maneuvers, contracts, ambushes This is okay. So the Sahaba basically using a tech they

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basically making it known as we don't want to fight this battle, the battle is over, we're going back to Medina. And so they make the retreat slow, you know, as you know, it's prolonging whenever dealing immediately. And so as the Muslim armies getting smaller and smaller, and they're hiding in a certain area, they only leave a small contingent of a small group. And so the Emperor believing Now look, bulk is gone, let's just go out and kill these 100 few Sahaba is killed was army of 100, just to punish them, they opened the gate to the Persian army charged out against them. And so this 100 Sahaba 200. wherever they are, they flee, they retreat, and they throw them closer and closer

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away from the city into the track. And obviously when they get to a certain area, the whole army comes around them and ambushes him and completely destroys them. This is the backlog now under the Sahaba coolness factor to the hat to hat, the conquest of conquests that is conquest. So the conquest of conquest. Why because they basically destroyed again, the loss of the Persian army, this is the last army the Persians had. The story then was strategy with it wasn't only just a broad fight, you know, what first fight it was actually well thought out plan to harbor, you know, again, to the Persians, the Muslims are backward ignorant. These a camel people were as they using strategy

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far beyond the generals, the advanced generals were beaten. And, interestingly, even democracy while he's fighting the battle, it makes it easier Allah lick me love to see us win, but it means diet, shade, and electricity. So I live until I cleaned up the battle and got injured, and he died on the lawn. And I told the solid is great. You know, the awesomest job. In fact, it's interesting the person who suggested this, the person who suggested this this ambush was to lay her to lay her was the false prophets. Originally, it was a remember the time I've seen her buckle the false prophets who say lemma. Another guy was Coppola. He was of those who became a false prophet. And then he

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painted. And so he matoba and he comes back. He was a military man, he comes back to Islam, and he was used in the battle that was his strategy to do this. So is good about deception this man, right, so he knew how to use deception very well, anyway. And when even the McLean died, he appoints for the federal delegation, I'm not going to go into all the stories of where they find the great Sahabi for they have in your man, the keeper of secrets of personal life is great, great to have a very famous hobby. He is the overall General of the Army after the defeat the Emperor. So the Emperor is defeated, no one is captured again, the Emperor escapes. And for the next 10 years, just talk about

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the loss of the Persian impetus. He's running around from city to city, asking people to assist him. And as his power gets weaker as the Muslims, you know, it becomes clear that no one really loves in your case when it was only because he had the name. You were the Emperor once and as he goes further and deeper into his territory, he realized no one really wants anything to do with him. He gets addicted from one city to another, until finally swannanoa He is like a beggar hiding his face. He has nobody on the side not a single person. All those people were kissing his hand making so do to him. All those people said you are the Senate. Now, they don't even want to give him some food. He's

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like a beggar in the streets until someone saw that he's wearing a fancy ring guy big too. Can I spend the evening Didn't he didn't He was dressed like a like like a normal person. Tell him I'm the Emperor. So just like an old person. I spent the night and so the guy said yes, you can stay with me a Mullah guy was mixed dough basically. grinds wheat, any sort this guy has ready for defense hitting and so we killed him and not knowing his the improper how he found mahalos Farm data. Just as an obvious mistake. Remember the problems from seed that

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The Emperor of Persia, the emperor of Rome, the emperor of the ruler of Egypt, they honored my later Salah will preserve them for a little while. But as for this one in Persia, he this respected my later I was going to take up His kingdom completely and is completely the Empire disappeared after he is the jury that's it. No more. I mean, you haven't even met you know, Christians we know coptics we know Jews. We don't know either Estonians anymore gone disappeared off the face of the earth, very few of them. This religion even disappeared. This is how amazing how they completely dissolve the Persian Empire into nothing. And I said this empire was, for one was 1500 years, the superpower.

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As think of the history of Islam, all that time, so many kings, so many rulers, the most powerful empire in the world disappeared as if it does not exist anymore. brushed away in history can't be explained. Today people can't explain this. And this is one of the other of the decrease of a loss of data about them. As for the narrative Now, something side note you interesting about St. Thomas, policy and strategy.

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He conquered now a Persian land and they said the Persians were fire worshippers. Now in Islam, we have Muslims. And we've dab Okita as not the non Muslims. They have a special place in Islam, we can marry the women we can eat the food, they have certain rights and privileges that the non other non Muslims don't have. So when the Sahaba now we're ruling over this massive Persian Empire. Because our Estonians they asked me Well, how should we deal with these people? Are they like kuffaar of Makkah, like the old Abu Giles, are they like, what are they with something new for the Sahaba so say number one responded to one of his rulings, which is still implemented today that treat them

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like I don't get up. They are like Ankita except in two cases, you can't marry the women and you can't eat the food. So all the all the rights, the arrow key targets, meaning Ankita kenickie you can't break down the churches. You can't stop them from worshipping. You can't force them into converting. You can't mess with you know, in terms of the religion and if they want to drink wine, it's okay for them. They should be we preserve what is preserved unlike remember the Macarena version of the story the idols right so to show you the story, the idols they temples, no, this is only for maka, maka, something else make no other religion can be worshipped besides a lot. Whereas

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for this area, treat them as we look it up, let them pay jizya. They pay tax and they can live freely. They live within the areas and they practice their religion freely. So now this is very important, because the Hanafi madhhab and later and remember, Islam goes beyond even Persians is going to meet Hindus, it's going to be atheists, it's going to meet all kinds of religions, Islamism expand. And so the Hanafi madhhab use this ruling of a number of young that basically you have Muslims and you have the wrist, but they can live in a less we don't interfere with him, they pay jizya. The other modality is no, only the Kitab and the Medusa have a special status. The rest don't

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have a special prediction. Okay? And for that reason, if you ask what's the biggest method in the world hanafy method, right, India, Turkey, so many of the hollyford implemented the Hanafi madhhab. Why? Because this is something it's easy to govern. Make sense? How do you rule India with the merger 99% is Hindu. And your your basically your rule, your government says we don't recognize this religion quandary. And in fact, this is the Hanafi mother must be seen it has the why would the why would say no, I'm going to give an extra only for the modules I will get actually we understand I will mention the Quran. But but the fact by including the modules by that is including the Hindus,

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the Buddhists, atheists, everyone now, your religion is preserved in Islam. So but certain restrictions, but your rituals are safe, your temples are safe. And we said many you know, a few years ago, the Taliban, they blow up a very big idol. They remember that there was this big Buddhist idol definition they both blew it up. This idol was even older than Islam. Now, we asked, were they the first Muslims to come to this land? No Sahaba even came to that land, how we didn't break it down the pyramids, many of these are religious places. They do not we did not demolish these things because they weren't allowed as you wouldn't demolish a church. The temples of non Muslims were also

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non Ankita, also preserved. So that's the number one the armies continue and they encounter all the way into Pakistan, all the way into the center up until the inducer of the river that goes all the way down the middle of Pakistan, basically, you cross that river you go into India. Now, India, of course is the land of civilization, India is a big country kingdoms and all that and when the Sahaba reach so they reach India, the they go all the way East into into India. And when the armies reach that point of power, say Norma asks,

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asked one of the soldiers one of the

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Missing just explained to me the land explained to me what India is like. So it is all this land is very difficult. Even the the flat land is hard and it's high that the water is muddy the food is of no good quality. The people are very strong. And these very little good, innit? Any, it makes us the home. So you know Mrs or your mission, your port, or your soldier or your port. And so, say number of the land, says if that is the case, as you say it is if this land is so bad, and thanks so much if it I mean, he says what we have conquered is like that. And beyond it's even worse. There's no good in this land, it's barren. So we'll go further than that. And you don't need to do it because

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Allah let this be sort of the boundaries between remember the Roman impersonal, right? He's in eastern Turkey. And the Muslims are in North Africa, just basically in Libya. They are now at the borders of Turkey. They are now concrete, all of Iran moving into Azerbaijan, and they are moving in the south towards India. And he says yeah, let there be like a wall of fire between us and our enemies. So we don't go into the land and come to our lands. Let us now have safety. And yes upon a lot of those first few years, say nama rhodiola now achieves the oma now is under there's not major fighting after this. There's no major threats to the map. The boundaries of Islam are secure. And

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now he can do a lot in terms of building, say nama is very well known for building conquering is easy. But building a country is really difficult. We know this funnel 25 years we've overthrew a government took over a new system, but to build a country up even difficult. And remember, these people didn't have the experience the harbor, they had the manufacturer but didn't have expertise of building cities. They even have skills and even building buildings. How are they going to build new lows and infrastructure and units just just things from Allah, Egypt or Libya all the way to have honey Stan is a long distance and say now Medina, Medina, how do you know what's happening? no

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internet, no telephones? How do you know what's happening? Or how you keep track of what we said was a micromanager. He wanted to know every single detail how many people you have in the army, who's in the army, what's the names, you want to know all of them this is he like to keep details how you keep this intact, he had to develop a very strong government a very strong bureaucracy a whole system and this will be seen on whether Dylan has the time to do this now. Cena Baccarat is basically crisis managing you know fighting it there's a lot of instability. Now there's like a bit of peace is a quiet period. And so now say normally can build the Muslim Ummah before we look at the

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his his policies and things he did just want to show you something about the man the way he lives. Now when he started, remember, say nama is well known in STEM at the beginning of being a bit of a rough guy, tough guy, how many I mean, if you Google, make me strike of his neck, I think will be like 20 quotes in almost 20 times in a row suit a lot of mistakes and Nicholas monastics so many times, now that he's halifa you don't find him do these things. Now he sort of became softer, humble, becoming the leader made him softer, became more reflective now that he has the ability to flex his power. He used it very limited me and you have a lot of in terms of his humanities funnel,

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there are times few incidences, in fact, I'm going to hammer out the whole book on Satan and humble, humble method writes a book about Satan armor in terms of what he said that his lifestyle say down with, for example, on the moon but and a man comes in he says Yama, tequila, Fear Allah. So this is a homage appartenant you know, you can look it up like that in South America. I mean, and so don't leave him because what kind of man would I be, if I can't accept advice is giving me advice, Fear Allah, and there's no good in you. If you stop leaving, then say no more all day long. It's a no, he tried to reduce the Mahara. So he says you ladies are asking too much math. And I'm going to put a

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cap is a price limit. Now my heart is going to be so much You can't go beyond that. And ladies in the mosaicism, you have no right to do that. You have no luck to you don't have the authority to do that. James, what do you mean quality? So she recites in the ayah. Allah says in the Quran, that if you had married a woman and you gave her a coupon, if you thought it's like a fortune, you gave her a fortune, and then you divorced her. You can't take anything from a tin bar. So Allah says in the Quran, you can give a woman a compiler a fortune, how can you say it must be limited? as sin Omar says, You're right, he's right. All of you is also he says, Every single person is of course more

00:29:34--> 00:29:35

knowledgeable than a woman.

00:29:37--> 00:30:00

Now I'm so stupid is basically saying you've made it so clear to me. From now on. I'm so stupid. When people came up to us, he would say if this is if it was something clear in the Quran and the sooner I would make it known I would spread it. But when you asked me for my fatwa, spread that sauce Ali Elisa. man asked him rather and so the man says I went to it was mine may always be different for

00:30:00--> 00:30:34

Was it's different to your photo so why don't you make your first one known and we'll apply that this is no no, this is not put on in sooner This is from this doesn't have to be known this is my first way except it will even say normally on recites bargain and he says to the Sahaba he says obey Allah and obey his little school and Emily mink whenever you need us and I manage themselves and there's no obedience to you. I don't obey you. So why what did I do Why are you so angry with me that based no will be against what did I do that you don't want to follow me? So the Masons Look how was a tyrant oppressor you are I just think again of our I want you to put into perspective our

00:30:34--> 00:31:02

rulers of today. And this is the most powerful man in the world, though supposed to be the richest man in the world. So this is why what did I do? So this is you remember, we we basically won a battle. And part of the vanilla was a some big material, some very fancy material, and say not much is for everyone. Would you buy this material, everyone can get enough material to make one piece of garment enough each one one, but you fit you into that material you took to your

00:31:04--> 00:31:44

shirt. This is his claim that they normally says Oh, okay, I'm the license, then I explained to this man. So I say no, my son stood up and said, that's my shirt. I gave it to my dad as a prison. So almost two keys one, I obviously took my shirt, but I gave it to my dad as a gift. So his way my shirt actually. So this is the the level of these of these people will say no, because the halifa was the one. He didn't want to take a salary. But of course, how you gonna survive. And so now he shyly he asks equals the asuran Bashara, a new sponsor people say that there was animosity between Ali and Ali. In fact, Ali, first of all in North man, he says, Do you think I should take a salary?

00:31:45--> 00:32:19

But of course you should take a salary, how are you going to survive? And so he says, How much do you think I must take if you decide you know what you need you tell us what your salary is. So just Okay, I'm going to suggest the salary and you let me know if it's enough if it's sufficient, if it's, you know, too much too little. So he often sometimes he thinks he says, okay, just let the little man give me a meal a day for me and my family. Give me every six months a new film, one for the summer one for the winter, and make me have like a company called camel so I can use when your arm is important. My job is I need to make Hutch so I need a special camel that I can go from with

00:32:19--> 00:33:00

Hutch and I think mine belongs to the I can ever use it only for Hajj. That's my salary, and also how the CEO because it's right now think about this man. Think about the presidents, the kings, the rulers of today. This is the most powerful man in the world. And this is what he's taking as a salary, just food for my family, one to two pieces of clothes in the year. And I can use not it's not my camel, I can't sell it. I just have to when I need to use it for official business, I can use it. That's it. That's my salary, administering the fees of oma he became so in fact, it appears that say not the lifestyle with lower became the halifa when he was a Sahabi. He was middle everage

00:33:00--> 00:33:04

wasn't very for very rich. But he didn't have that extensive.

00:33:06--> 00:33:15

Put yourself in that extensive difficulty like the province of Santa Monica boubakeur. And so he became you know, became lower and lower until his daughter hafsa, Y Combinator Santa comes

00:33:16--> 00:33:55

for the you know, Allah has given you bliss, you said so don't don't don't put yourself so low, you know, you can take a little bit more increase the standard of living a little bit. And so say now what, I want you to be the judge, look at my life compared to it I want you to do if you really think I'm going overboard, and when he complains, he says to remember than to be so seldom remember, go back or three, three minds about those difficulties, how do they live. And so he says, I think he says too tough. So I have two friends. Now what the province of Manitoba, they chose a certain lifestyle, and now they had a certain destination. If I do not follow the lifestyle, I'm not gonna

00:33:55--> 00:33:58

be with him. So allow me to live on that lifestyle.

00:34:00--> 00:34:39

When we travel as the ideal. Now this is even for the soldier, they would put a special team for the general for the governor, he feels that I should have a team. So when he would travel, he would have either something personal you would put up. Or they would say you put a piece of cloth on a tree on top and across on the floor in sleep like that. I mean, this isn't like camping. This is even like rougher than camping. This is like this is how the halifa of the muslimeen is loving the most powerful in the world. So many times people would come and they would hear about this great man, the Persian Emperor, the Roman, the yerba this man or we can find that guy under the tree sleeping.

00:34:40--> 00:34:59

That's that's the halifa of this massive Empire. That's always so none of the whole of Russia. I mean, they had bodyguards. That's why three of the four of them were assassinated in order to be assassinated with them and only one of them weren't stabbed. Because they didn't have this one sip of bodyguards, men the thinking was if I must protect myself against the people that know

00:35:00--> 00:35:36

Honestly, I'm not doing my job. If I do my job the people who don't want to kill me I'm like the father that if I am doing my job my own people wouldn't hate me. And so holla if we ask if it wasn't for the bodyguards of the kings and rulers of today wasn't for the police, the army, what would the people do today? What would the people do? We love We will. So, you know, you know, you know this final thing I'm gonna go on so many times, you know, before you became the believer, and the city was no Morpheus, rustiness, always thinks is Islam. Now it becomes really very sort of soft as well. In terms of they would remember when the visa some appointed abubaker to be either believe us Allah

00:35:36--> 00:35:45

when used to sick, what did I say about the worker to the profit sector, I shall appoint Abu Bakr to lead to salah and to seek to lead the salon. So but if I shall say yes or no, why, No.

00:35:47--> 00:36:04

Why not Abubakar because he he gets emotional inshallah nice crying and crying and crying and he gets stuck on the siphon. Now the people just get annoyed, you know, every time every time this manager says Quran, I have things to do, I must go somewhere. But now that your mom is crying chunking, you know, so he's a donor point.

00:36:05--> 00:36:35

Meaning Omar wasn't that known, when he would make a lie, he would burst into tears. But now that is the halifa many, many generations, he is standing in his reciting. And he breaks down into into tears crying, crying about certain if, for example, sort of known as Allah says, Do you insane think that you were created, like for jokes, and that you won't come back to me? And so he will recite this ayah over and over and over? And he would and he would cry? You know, he became like very, very sick, very, very ill and his son Abdullah,

00:36:36--> 00:37:15

why are you so in this depression, he says, when he thinks of this mess of this big Empire, from Libya, all the way to Afghanistan, basically, under my authority, every single person, can I have a claim against me and millions of people. In fact, this is the animals can claim against me, because they bump their feet on the road, and we fix the road, it's your job to fix the road. So he understands the weight of this, this was the harbor leadership, because they understood what it means a man was willing to answer about this, I don't need this in my life. All the time. I'm just gonna come on how long is my questioning going to be on the left? Answer for everyone, anyone who's

00:37:15--> 00:37:53

a priest, anyone who was harmed, they're going to have a claim against me, I'm gonna have to defend myself on a kms panel. So he understood he felt the burden off of his of his leadership of his being ruled. And he also made a very important, as we said, some of the, you know, things that he introduced into the oma some of the things which he invented, for example, we all know the calendar, the hegi. Canada, what's the Canada? What's the this year? 14 1414? Yeah. So we know that the calendar of Islam now we should appreciate this, how difficult it is to just agree on the day of each notion, the fact that no one could achieve and getting a unified calendar is an amazing

00:37:53--> 00:38:10

achievement. I agree. It's amazing achievement. So say number one, now that he's, you know, issuing decrees is saying boulders do that people are now now you have big projects, you have things that needs to be done. It's not just tomorrow, we have to plan for a year two years in advance. So when does the

00:38:11--> 00:38:45

beginning of the year end of the year, there was no idea when there was a year. And so the Sahaba realized there's a need now now that we have a system now that we have an entire bureaucracy happening, we have accountants, we have lawyers, with people counting money, we need to sort of have a calendar. And so they sat down and they thought when what calendar should we use so they were already calendars at that time? It was the Roman calendar. We only use the Roman Catholics odd Roman calendar is basically Christian calendar Gregorian calendar. 600 years have passed. Why should we start yet number one 600 following Jesus, so we don't want to get a goat in Canada. Basically, what

00:38:45--> 00:39:21

about the Persian calendar to the Persian calendar every time in every time a new king came? He started a new calendar number one throw away the old calendar. The Birth of this king is the beginning because in his honor, so absolutely. And it never occurred. The Sahaba never even thought in terms of an omelet never thought a calendar in my name when I became the holy power. Everything was attached to NaVi salsa Now, let's make it from the birthday of Allah. Let's face it. No, that's very similar to the Christians we don't want to imitate them in that they can race based on the religious birth of the visa. So let's let's plot the calendar. So when is day number one on the

00:39:21--> 00:39:59

calendar the Jedi can know when is one one what is the first the first day of Legion Canada? When did it begin? Which which day? No, not Friday, which one was the event? It was the beginning of the Canada? No, no be of that effect. It's in the name. So what Canada? Okay. You see the Canada today's 1440 Ivester, the Islamic Canada what happened 1440 if you ask the Gregorian calendar 2019. What happened 2019 years ago, apparently is the birth of the visa 2000 years ago, the Gregorian calendar based on when Jesus was born, we start now counting number one. So what was the event that resulted in the calendar widow we're gonna think day number one

00:40:00--> 00:40:37

was the Samsung opposite the birth of NaVi So Sam, Sam said when the Quran was revealed some set the date of NaVi Salam. So they agreed let's make it this this is Matura which make it the hegira. So from the point of the hegira that is when we had an Islamic State for the first time, we became strong, the inside of the module, he became one we had a Muslim state and so they all agreed This is a good good moment a good milestone. And so it was the hegira Also, there was no in the Jamelia. They had months Ramadan show was on the head these months 12 months, but they didn't have them at the beginning and in Rome wasn't the first month it was just a cycle one after the other. They just

00:40:37--> 00:41:17

continued all the time. You know, so they actually decided which month is the beginning month of of the usually Canada what is the January of the Canada and what is the same bystanders. So they agreed let's take Muharram one haram because they said off the Hajj, the 12 month did hijab, when you're done with the Hajj, etc. Will you start new fish. So it's like a new beginning. Muharram is like a new beginning. So we'll take her on as the beginning of the digital calendar, and the the day or the year then a piece of cinema that will be your number one. And so now we have analog then Elisa number 413 years, 10 years in Medina, the first 10 years of all of this is happening. So

00:41:18--> 00:41:58

you know this is only within the first 15 years of these are only 30 years have gone since leisure. Think how did the Mrs. makira How did they make you sure skate, running away hiding, dodging 30 years later, then are ruling all these lands. All these lands are under the domain authority of the Muslims. And it's not as we say about Islam and power and to subdue people. But all of this was to show you the power of Allah subhanaw taala, the Sahaba as I said many of them, they went out and given high positions when that many of us were harbor when they saw the wealth coming in, they see me they will remember about those who died before the Amato's family.

00:42:00--> 00:42:39

The people who died or Hamza Musab all those Sahaba they were stones, paving the way but Allah then they would they would they this harbor that love to see these moments, they would say, we feel scared that Allah took those two haba and gave them nothing in the dunya and preserve all that he wouldn't ask for us that we survived. You see the kingdom and the power when the money maybe Allah is you know, not happy with us. So he's giving us our dounia our agenda on earth, and nothing is before. That's how the Sahaba saw this wealth became very, very scared about this. And really, you know, to be in a position of power and authority and having money is a big test. Sometimes being in

00:42:39--> 00:43:17

under hardship and struggling is easier. So Savi very scared about this, say no more The first of them, because this money corrupts, and evil. He was very sick these generals very strict with his governance, in terms of every Rand and simply to give us even a word that someone accused he would fire the governor. So he would put someone else newly that he's not a super clean government, his government was in terms of money, they really stick with expenditure of the last points I mentioned. A number of them had a policy, which he took from Santa Barbara Santa Monica. Now when this money into the oma, what would I do with all this money? What do I do with so much money coming in? Now,

00:43:17--> 00:43:57

as we conquering this lens? What do I do to say now bucket gave people a salary, based on the senior say, gave a salary to the Sahaba? And he said, you know what you guys suffered? How many times did you give them wealth, you lift your wealth when you made hegira? You gave up your wealth in terms of the margin answer. So for those of you who suffered and gave up a lot of your wealth, and maybe it's fine with something we should have done outside Nokia, we should have done something like this when we after a party. That's a lot of the politicians many of them are stealing or stole because they gave up their life, these studies they suffered. So now that the thing is over, they should have

00:43:57--> 00:44:33

been compensated The only fee, they should have been compensated for the difficulty but they want so they go to stealing maybe we as a worker understood this, especially those who have seen the difficulties of Islam, they should get a salary, but he gave everyone an equal salary. We say that almost becomes the halifa he says he continues giving a salary but he says How can I give the man who made the Bilal para who struggled in the beginning of Islam the same salary like the man who became Muslim after the conquest of Makkah? How can I compare the two? The one who fought in banner and the one who never fought? And by that how can I give them the same salary? Say No, because I

00:44:33--> 00:45:00

can't differentiate with more pies than the other ones. I give everyone an equal salary to say no now goes into a long budget. Who are the senior people that we're going to get the highest salary right on top of the list are the mean the wise and they will get the highest and then those early Sahaba now Almighty is not your minister how became Muslim before us But later, so they got the salad, then the Mahajan then the people of butter in the answer

00:45:00--> 00:45:39

So you gave a sort of a list, and each one got the salary. And one interesting point. So he gave to a certain category of people. They got 4000 theorems, in that category was his own son of the law. And in his head he was Osama Osama bin Zayed. You know, sama is right, they adopted Santo Domingo Salah, and so, when the two of them so the salary was samagra, 4000. And up the lobby normally say Dhamma Sangha 3000. So, normally son Abdullah goes to Omar and he says, Dad, why did you give me listen to some We are the same age we did the same thing we were together in the back of every battle that Osama was I was, we did the exact same thing. How can I not give the same I mean the

00:45:39--> 00:46:21

same to like him? Basically the same job? How can I get less than him? So he says, My son, you and I both know that he the professor loved his dad more than your dead prophet loves me and he loves to summer more than you. So how can you get the same like Osama I must give you some ammo, then you this is a gift. Think of the presidents of today the kings of today for the sons and themselves as his through the rulers. Allah grants us to live to see people like this puts people in charge mama guide those of us those rulers that we have to emulate in these footsteps as Alaska as a province is one of the people shaded by the throne of Allah is number one on that list a ruler that is just not

00:46:21--> 00:46:41

like going on for that we continue next week I should end up but we want to finish the number of the answer will continue next week. inshallah perhaps we will do it off the shy of the shy okay for the rest of the class takes week off the shy then we shift the time because I'm probably going to be working off the market. So can we meet up? Oh, we've had a meeting.

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