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AI: Summary © The Surah Surah Yaseen will be a challenging evening, but the challenges of men facing pride and pride is a key to building a culture. The transformation from nothing to life is a whole new transformation, where bones become living again and everyone creates a bagel of light. The importance of affirming Islam's power and being the one's in control of creation is emphasized. The Surah is about moving from one stage to another, and peace and gratitude for the Surah is key to achieving this.
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Are we live in a shithole the regimes a lot of men that are human having to rely on Vitamina salatu salam Otto should have been more saline see know how much more to it he also has remain. We love it brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu just like Luffy thank you so much for joining us. Episode 28 number 20 of this Ramadan within 41 and Han Allah This is the last night of the middle third of the month of Ramadan. 20 nights have gone by and Subhan Allah from tomorrow begins the last 10 nights and in fact tomorrow, the 21st night in sha Allah, you're in Cape Town is one of the odd nights and really the holiest nights of the year are upon us very possible

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that tomorrow could be the night of later fukada is also a Thursday night or Friday evening and saucepan Allah every one of these nights are going to become very, very special. And I know the month has gone by very quickly but at the same time, Ramadan is always tiring. It takes a toll on the body. And so whatever strength we have in us, we ask Allah to grant us to go to the next level and to really push through in these last 10 nights and to prepare ourselves. So inshallah tomorrow we will talk about the last three nights of Ramadan what to do and the amazing rewards that are up for grabs. But tonight inshallah we will conclude with this amazing Surah Surah Yaseen we do our

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last section, this section is about Allah subhana wa Taala, really demonstrating his power, really showing he is in control and he Supreme, and to put men back in his place. So throughout the surah, we go through each section, we find that you know, these ways always this group that is challenging Allah in the beginning, there are those who are challenging the prophets of Allah, the challenging the, if they rejected, that you have those who disbelieved in the people of the town, and they were destroyed. When Allah speaks about how many if he spoke about the, the plants and the sun in the moon and the ship and how many times these people would they would they see these ayat and they turn

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away, I mean, in fact, they show the height of the arrogance, they say that if Allah wanted to feed these people, then you could feed them to himself. And of course, a lot spoke about kiama. And the consequences of of this relief. In the last section yesterday, we spoke about the results, and we're almost panatela on it, the professor, I'm saying that he is not one that is speaking in poetry, or either he is a messenger and he is come with any minor from Allah, and he should not feel bad about what these people are doing. And so these people have challenged the Providence alarm and it's not just the correlation thing, there's so many people that today are perhaps of the height of arrogance

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is that not only do they challenge Allah, they deny that He exists completely, the religion that is really taking over the world is atheism. And it is to deny that Allah even existed and so this is even the height of arrogance and so already spawns to this kind of arrogance with a with a very powerful ayat, which we'll talk about in trouble this evening. So let's progress is the bonacci tanaji verse number 77 What am your own internal anahola now who may not fit in for either or Cosimo mean, all this is this man not consider Do you not realize are inside that we created you from a neutral inotify is like it is a sexual discharge, it is that fluid that comes from the Father and

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that mixes with a mother's discharge something which you would fall on your clothes, you would wash it something which you are shy about. And so Allah says that is what each and every one of you come from, that is where you started off from Allah Spangler doesn't go into the details but when he says not for a stunning your own son, look at what you created from wheelie that looked for come from it pass through the father's urinary tract, it went through your mother's a private area, and it makes those two sexual fluids and then you were birthed once again through your mother's private areas as well. And that is your origin policies. That is where you come from inside for either who has seen

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that movie you started off from that. Now you've grown up and you are I've given you strength and I've given you a position and all of a sudden for either I mean all of a sudden suddenly or for Simone when he is an open adversary to Allah subhanaw taala hassim is someone that is that argues in a very rude way at some of it argues in a very arrogant stubborn ways. Allah says he comes before and he's argue against whom he's arguing against Allah and will be meaning openly shamelessly publicly, he disputes with Allah publicly. So this one and I once again showing the contrast you are challenging me look at where you came from, what barabara masala wanna see a Hong Kong and he

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presents to Allah a parable, meaning he gives a lot a challenge you better believe me? He asked Allah and he challenges Allah and he forgets his own creation. He forgets where he came from. Allah manual here Ivana, we're here. I mean, this person asks, Who is it that will bring this these bones back to life after it has become dust and it has decayed? And this was a common question that the nations have old and licorice. And in fact, today very, very common. They look at these bones and they look at towns that have disintegrated. And they said, do we really believe in these fairytales these bones will be brought back to life. And the word here called a man, it's a rhetorical who will

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give it life meaning there's no such so someone who has the power to bring these bones back to life after it has become dust. And so Allah says, they forget their own self. And so Allah responds with us if Allah says, cool, say, you're here Lily, the one who will bring it back to life. I love the anshar Oh, well, Amara is the same one that produced it and the same one that made these bones that brought it out of nothing. He is the one who will bring it back to life a second time. Well, we call it the hulking alien and he is over all creation, knowing Allah is oh

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We have everything. So this almost fantasies, they challenge a lot. And they forget and there was a time when they were nothing. And then they work a sexual discharge, and then they became bones. And so we as we created them through the stages, when those bones disintegrate, do not forget the story isn't over Allah will bring those bones back to life. And Allah subhanaw taala says in another is what are called the Lena Allah and also we are banana when they ask when we are disintegrated and dust will Allah really bring this dust together and bring us back to life. Allah says, of course, and he will bring it back to the banana meaning the fingertips now of course, we know today, the

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amazing things about each and every person we have a special barcode, no two people have the same fingerprints. And so Allah says in the Quran very clearly, I will bring you back to the tips of your fingers, that each and every one of your your fingertips will be identical as it was in the way I will create you. And no atom no cell in your body will be different to the way it was. This is how Allah subhanaw taala will create. Remember, making something a second time or recreating a second time is a lot easier than doing it the first time not that it was difficult in the first time. But just consider I've done it before from nothing. And so how easy would it be for me to bring you back

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to life a second time over. And again, it is not in the sort of analysis but according to Allah and so we have banana when Allah says, I'll bring you back to your fingertips, your fingerprints, we know when you take your fingerprints, when you are locked up or when you held accountable, it's really the only time when your fingerprints are sort of taken when you are, you know in the front of an authority and so on. kiama when Allah says I'll bring you back to your fingerprints, it also gives this this idea that you are in a courtroom now and we're going to answer spatola for everything we said. So Allah says these people challenge me and they forget where they came from,

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and how I made them the first time blood continues and levy gel Akuma surgery attorney naran for either and to me who took they don't. I'll give you another parable. So Allah says we still not convinced are insane, you have not looked at so many examples Allah is giving for the creation and the resurrection. Allah gives another example, Allah says he the same one who will resurrect you, He is the one that causes for you the green trees and from the you make fire from which you Ignite. So Allah says, it gives an example Allah says look at how he creates and he recreates and he changes one state to another. Ours is the drop of water from that it's blue, it becomes a you know, he goes

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to the ground and it makes a tree that a tree that is green, you know is lush, when that same tree will become wood wood becomes bark and becomes Brown. And that brown branch becomes you know, you liked it and it becomes alive again like fire. So let's look at how he converts one creation into another. So don't be surprised if out of nothing Allah brought something alive and then again from something which is dead, you will bring it back to life. The eye Allah says again you have either and to mean who Tolkien and Allah says effortlessly without any without any hardship Allah subhanaw taala converts one state to another and so inside don't think that this is the last state for you.

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There will be more after you die the story continues and Allah will create you once again.

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Allah says our lesson livina is stole if this is not enough Oh inside Oh no. You know hammers the people that challenge him Allah is sending another example and this is perhaps the most powerful Alice's our Lisa let the Holocaust somehow it will out of the because it in Allah Luca myth love them. But our whole Halekulani, Allah says, Is it not enough? Is it not sufficient for you as an evidence is a rhetorical question that the one who created the heavens and the earth and we know how long the trillions and billions, countless stars and planets and massive things out there in space is not the one who created all of creation, the heavens and the earth? Because it enable to create

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the likes of you meaning Are you insane? You are insignificant compared to the universe. Do you think the one who created all these planets and stars is not able to create you a second time again? Bella most certainly the word Bella means it's a rhetorical it's answer the question of course or will her lack will aneema that he is a HELOC. HELOC is the exaggerated form of highly correlate is the creator Hallmark is the one who is always creating meaning he continuously creates he created before we were he creates while we are here and he's creating as after we are long gone after we are in January it is believed Allah will continue to create new creations he's continuously creating. So

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he's on holiday alim he knows and of course with creation comes different knowledge almost pantalla says look if you really think that you are all that you are nothing compared to the cosmos the universe and the one that made those things it's way easier to make the likes of you in them Amro either rod and Shay and he akula Oakland for your call Allah says really and to show you how simple it is allowed to demonstrate his power. He says really even in the heavens and the earth, even in making all the stars and planets very leave alone one some enamel and another shade and if he desires Allah decree something, all he needs to do is say be and it is couldn't fire corn. Allah

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just has to will it and comes into existence there is no struggle. There is no toil there is no effort. There is no construction. He doesn't need raw materials. He doesn't need bones to bring it back to life. He

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Bring it out of nothing. His command is only when he intends something when Allah wants something to be, he just says B and it is and this is how Allah subhanho wa Taala gets created and he continues to create and how we will be resurrected once again one blowing of a trumpet and he will say be an all of us will come alive once again Subhan Allah and that is why the next is the next is for Suba Hana lady via de mallacoota. Konishi liketo. When Allah exalts his power, with Allah shows you His Majesty, the believers naturally says Subhan Allah so Allah means you know all perfection and all mighty and all power and all Granger is to you, Allah, you are perfect and we are imperfect. There

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is nothing like you. So that is why when Allah He demonstrated his power by saying I can eat and everything, just by saying be I just willed it and he came into existence for Super Hannah, that Glory be Allah, Allah via Hema Lockwood, in whose hands is all of creation in his hands, everything is within his grasp on Russia in what he taught in German, and you will come back to him again. And this is sort of a promise. And I think and that's how a lot you think the personal challenges a lot that speaks so disrespectfully to Allah? Now the same Allah is the one who created all of the all of creation, do you think you'll escape him? And then you will have to return an answer to Allah, what

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you said, I was going to ask us ask these people, do you really reject that I am here, you really look at all of this creation and think there is no creator of How could you do that? And he mentioned having to answer to Allah subhanaw taala, this kind of arrogance. And so we also learn from this eye on what ends are the word by saying begins by saying Subhan Allah Subhana Allah we know is to make the goods heinola hamdulillah. And therefore, I was teaching as the only one who is deserving of Vicar, the only one who is deserving of worship is the one who created all of creation, who has power over all of creation, and to him all of creation will return again a second time. So

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while these beautiful is we in the last section of surah, Yaseen Allah subhanho wa Taala, except this time that we spend together and forgive us for the shortcomings, we can never do justice to the words of Allah subhanaw taala I hope it has been beneficial. Maybe just before we conclude to to wrap up and to summarize the section and to summarize the entire suit on the themes of what I asked him, he said, this last section, Allah He shows the arrogance of insane that he denies not only the resurrection as we see, today, people are even more arrogant, the past you know, Abuja had them, they did not deny Allah, they believe that there was an Allah, this they come with a cheer, but they

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believed there was an Allah, they just denied that there was a prophet were denied the Quran, they denied kiama today's kuffaar or even worse, they even deny Allah Himself. And so the height of arrogance to think that all of us came from nothing to think that you have power over this thing. Allah shows that are inside you are really nothing and insignificant in the grand scheme of things. You are nothing compared to the rest of creation. And so Allah says, you challenge me Look at your origin. Look at where you came from, look at how you came from nothing you came from a child you can't you be and then you become old again, you are bones and I will bring those bones back again.

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And Allah gave a number of examples. And so Allah ended off by saying that there is no doubt you're coming back and in that is a bit of a warning in that you are coming back to me or inside you are going to come back to me and you will have to answer for what you did on this earth. There is no escape from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so Subhana Allah we we say to Allah All Praise be to Him and all worship is to him. None has the right of worship except Him, the all powerful the Almighty. And then if we put together all the sections, we said in the surah really is a powerful answer to the Qureshi at a time when they were very arrogant, and to all those who are arrogant to the signs

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of Allah. The surah also had many messages to their vessels alum giving him consolation, you know, putting comfort in his heart. If we go through some of these themes, as we said, the Mac consumers are all about email, you don't find anything grueling in here, this is all about reinforcing the basics of email and belief. And so the first thing, the most important thing is of course, affirming Allah is oneness, affirming that He is the Creator, affirming that Allah has power over all things, and that there is none that deserves worship besides him. sustanon any person that listens to this lecture, ask yourself, What are you worshiping? Or if you are worshiping nothing, then ask yourself

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like Allah says, who created all of this creation? And who puts it in place? If you say nobody, nothing, you know, you have to deal with as a very, you know, far fetched idea. If you say the east, someone that created the sun, the moon, all of the cosmos, and then you ask yourself now Who do you worship, if of the saying that the creator made all of this, but I worship Jesus, a statue, a cow, a karma, then subhana wa, you ask yourself, why, how does that even make sense? And so Allah is telling us again and again and again, look at the one who is in control of the creation. What benefit is there to turn to any of these Eli's these intermediaries? If the one and all powerful is

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assisting you or against you, there is no need to worship anyone besides Allah. So Allah affirms this concept of no hate, and He is the Creator. And then he is the one in control of creation and all of creation will return to Him. And we said that is the ultimate theme of the whole Quran. In fact, every single surah of the Quran brings back to this concept of the hate the oneness of Allah, and the

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oneness of Allah worship alone. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala wants to give an evidence to mankind saying that this is a revelation from that same creator who is in control of the universe. This book is from him. And it is a book of guidance, and this man is a messenger. And so Allah explains that he's not a poet, but this book with all Oh, it's eloquence we really come from if he's not a poet, Allah gave examples that look the previous nations, we acknowledge that they were prophets, you know, all these prophets came before, do we then deny that this man is following in the footsteps of the prophets? He doesn't want any money. Why is he bringing this message in is only

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to guide and to call. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala highlighted, I've subdued this world for you inside, I've made it easy for you to love, easy for you to build civilizations, the animals are at your mercy, the weather is at your mercy, the land everything Allah said, I've made it easy, I've made it subdued it for you, so you may love and so that you may be grateful, and so that you may worship me. But if you turn away, then of course there is consequences. Now Allah wants us to realize, if everything in the creation has been made simple and has been made accessible for us, then do we really think Allah would neglect the most important thing? Meaning our, our spirituality

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that Allah would leave us blind? Surely, then then he would send us a guidance he would seen as a purpose, why are we here miss one of the most fundamental questions that all nations of all societies, we realize, as a creature, we are different to the rest of the world, we know that we are superior, in our intellect, in our understanding, you know, creativity, surely there must be a reason behind this. And so Allah says, consider the UI here and not just for today, not just to go day to day, there is a bigger objective, why you are here. And that is, of course, to actualize, to realize to have a connection with the Creator, and to be go beyond the transcend the creation, that

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is why you are here, then, of course, almost Python is reminding us that there is a life of optimists and much of the surah was dedicated to the cycles of life going from being young and going from a look for and then becoming a man and then dying. And then the bones being brought back to life, the moon going through its stages, the son going through stages. And so the cycles of life and transition throughout the surah, Allah subhanaw taala is showing how creation changes from one state to another. And then ultimately, there is a final state and that is, that is the Day of Resurrection. And so how long each and every one of us, we reflect on this we are we in that cycle

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of life, are we towards the end of the cycle, are we at the beginning of the cycle, and then we should remember that Subhanallah one stage leads to the next what we do now impacts the next stage. And so we should we don't just live for now the believer as an abyssal says, we have a higher purpose in this year, we are just travelers passing through the cycle of life to a much greater event, which is the life after death. And so Allah subhanaw taala reminds of that. And then of course, very explicitly our explain the events of kiama. I was explained what it's like on the Day of Judgment, what Jana is like what janome is like mala protectors and ultimately mankind the surah

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is telling you that mankind is going to end up into two groups. They are those who fear Allah have a consciousness of Allah, who are good people who feed the poor, who look and reflect on the natural science in front of them. They reflect on history, this, the nations of all and more importantly, they reflect on this reminder Allah sent them and so they prepare themselves for the next life. I mean, there are those who are obstinate, argumentative, or arrogant, closed off from the site and they turn away and so Allah turns them away. And so for them is a great warning as well. For them is the other destination which is Jana, we make dua that Allah subhanaw taala, bless us, and my Allah

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allow us to have understanding of the sort of, you know, the surah, as we said, one of the times that people have decided to soar on this harbor would be close to the death why, what is the reason about reciting it on your deathbed? Yes, we know that obviously makes easy, that transition of death. Remember, this entire surah is about transition about moving from one stage of your life to another. And so when someone is on his deathbed, I believe no one wants to die. But you mentioned someone that you love yourself, you're on your deathbed and you listen to these verses and you know, you were born into this world, you are being born into another state of life, you are being

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transferred into the next life of a good person, of course, that that transition is smooth. It's easy, our grant all of us even beautiful death, a death in which Allah is pleased with us, Reno's angels, call us beautifully and say, come out to the mercy of Allah leave this dunya behind and come out to Allah, his pleasure and mercy and forgiveness. And so you, you leave this dunya to a better reality. That is why when we recite these verses, yes, Allah makes it spiritually easy, but also it's easy on your heart knowing you're going to Allah and then of course, the pinnacle of the surah. And the most beautiful verse of the surah is to get that promise from Allah. Salah mon cola murabba

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Rahim. Allah says peace is upon you, His love is upon us. His kindness is upon us. We pray that Allah subhanaw taala grants that for all of us, and that the surah that we live by the surah we follow His guidance and that when we reach our death, we will feel that Salaam but mercy and greetings of peace from Allah subhanho wa Taala I mean Allah have mercy on us.

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Those who have passed away and grant us you know a good life and it could mean exactly a fate I hope and hamdulillah that there was a benefit in em Allah forgive us for our shortcomings as we said we can never do justice to the surah tomorrow insha Allah, we will do a FCL of surah other his entire surah Allah has revealed for the night of later quarter and this little quarter is upon us and so we will do that Deaf seed and then inshallah we will do a video high level of seed in the remainder of the month of Surah mulk as well at the back as well in sha Allah Zack Luffy keep us new to us. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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