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Welcome to heart and soul on Qatar foundation radio with me Lauren booth, your space to reflect.

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Today it's my honor and pleasure to welcome back chef Sajid Omer. Chef Sajid has a bachelor's degree in Sharia. He also holds a master's degree in judiciary and is now pursuing his PhD.

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Chef Sajid is renowned as an international speaker and a galvanize of communities. Welcome back, Chef.

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Thank you very much pharmacological mama bless you and bless you all.

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Today, we're going to be discovering the role of Jesus known as Isa peace be upon him to Muslims. I remember going to Lebanon as a Christian in 2007, and seeking out some of the sites where Jesus was known to have preached and to travel to, and I was amazed in one particular area and where I was shown a specific spot where Jesus was known to have preached to his apostles. And it was tended by an elderly Muslim man. And I said to him, why are you doing this? What is your interest in this? And he said, so many stories and had so much received knowledge about what had happened in these places and so much love for Jesus that I took that away and I was amazed. So shake, please introduce us a

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bit to Jesus in the Islamic understanding.

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May Allah bless you says, learn them.

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You know, Prophet Jesus, in Arabic, Isha Pisa, and peace be upon him. He's a prophet from the prophets of God Almighty, a messenger from the messengers of God Almighty and families in Islam. He's considered to be one of the messengers of absolute resolve,

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or absolute resolution, despite messages that were given this unique title of being the messengers of absolute resolution and the result. And

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they were Noah or newish, as we say, in Arabic, Abraham, or Ibrahim, Moses, or Musa, Jesus, or Isa, and Mohammed, peace and blessings be upon him. So, you know,

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Islam, considers Isha of Jesus, peace and blessings be upon him all of these things. In fact, in fact, you know, when you ask the question about Jesus, in an Islamic setting, or former Islamic perspective, then there's just so much to say, there's so much to say, because the Orion, which is the final testament, which is the revelation

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that came out the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings, the apartment with food, with citations, about Prophet Jesus, right, and his mother, as well. And in fact, we have an entire chapter named at the chapter of Mary in the final testament, right, which is, so, you know, these are just some basics for us to sort of identify how well Islam associates itself with the Prophet Jesus. What is his role practically in the Quranic perspective, because he is known to be coming back? Muslims have this understanding as well. Yes. So the Koran explains to us, you know, that you know, the life of Jesus, how he was born,

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the people he was sending to the verticals that God Almighty gave him the miraculous nature of

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the nature of his mother.

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And certain specifics, during his actual birth, and certain specific shortly after he was born as well.

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you know, the Quran

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tells us a bit about the family of Mary, right, because she was the daughter of Iran.

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And in the Quran, there's an entire pseudo called the chapter of the family of Iran, which also has citations related to Mary, and Jesus. We all love the peace with them both.

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With regards to some of what Ron has said, and taught us regarding Risa, then the Quran has taught us that he's a messenger from the messengers of God. However,

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a crucifixion attempt was sanctioned against him.

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But God Almighty, raised Prophet Jesus to the heaven, before that attempt could be completed and in his place, left somebody who resembled Jesus. This is what allowed us in the final question, right, because he's a prophet of God, Almighty God Almighty protects your profits. And so God Almighty raised him and left in his face somebody who looks like Jesus, and that person was was crucified, and Jesus was saved, and he saved the heavens, and he was met by the prophet peace and blessings be upon him during the ascension to the heavens, and that Jesus will return at the end of time.

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and deal with the Antichrist that the world will witness before the coming of the Day of Judgment. And when Jesus comes, He will come as a follower of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. And he will explain to the other denominations that are around and those who claim to be followers of him, that he left an instruction when he was alive, and during his tenure as a prophet, of becoming of the next prophet that everyone should follow, whose name will be a hermit, meaning the priest one, meaning Mohammed, and he will express himself as a follower of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. So this is basically in a nutshell, obviously, there's so much to

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the discussion. But in a nutshell, this is what I can share. Hopefully, that fits the scope of this particular program. With regards to your question, how do we move forward with peace in our hearts, when people will feel perhaps offended, to know that Muslims believe and understand Jesus peace be upon him to be a human man, who worshiped God rather than God Himself. So the thing is,

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you know, at the end of the day, at the end of the day,

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our minds can only be, you know, they only have the capacity to fathom or understand up to a certain extent. And at the end of the day, God Almighty complement what our minds cannot understand and fathom through revelation. So what we have with us as a nation, so it's not really a battle of the egos or me being right versus using right, it's really a case of what is right. So it's not a case of taking offense. Because, you know, on a human level, we take offense, if somebody offends us, if we feel attacked. But it really is not a case of being attacked, it's really a case of showcasing love to talk to Jesus, no doubt, Christians say what they say, in an attempt to, you know, in a show

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of the love to Prophet Jesus, based on the understanding of what they believe, and what the Muslims, they say what they say, out of love for Jesus, and out of an understanding of what they believe due to evidence that has come to them. So it's not a case whereby you know, anyone has a personal vendetta here, that either we're trying to get the person down at any cost, that it should become sort of an egotistic exercise or an exercise of one person taking offense at the end of the day. It's not about me, it's not about you, it's about reality of Jesus and who he was. So, you know, whilst we love each other, right, our love for the truth surpasses, you know, whatever relationships

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we have between ourselves, that, you know, I can be your relative, you can be my parents, I can be your son, you can be my brother, you can be my sister, you can be my best friend, that will always remain. But, you know, my love for the truth surpasses that. And it's because of my love for the truth.

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That I say what I say, because at the end of the day, I'm only governed by evidence, you know, it's not something from my pocket or from your pocket, nor should it be something that we understand from hearsay. Right? And we know how to under Jesus is a big message is, you know, science in and of itself. So basically, it's about going back to evidence. And I'm actually five, many citations from the Bible, right? It's not that it's copying the Bible. But God Almighty is telling us what he revealed to Moses and what he revealed

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to Jesus and the and the Quran teaches us that, you know, the Bible was distorted by math. And the message of Jesus was distorted by man. So at the end of the day, we have to look at the next revelation from God Almighty that is protected and not distorted. And that's really what we have as as a final say in terms of us understanding right from wrong, correct information from incorrect information and truthfulness from hearsay. And if the Quran is saying that God Almighty is one, and he doesn't have a son, and do not say Jesus is, is the Son of God and did not identify God as a trinity, and that Jesus, you know, peace and blessings be upon him didn't come with this message,

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then that's what we have to listen to, because that's really substantial. And clinical in terms of of guiding us now. God Almighty in the Quran actually tells us about a conversation that will happen

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between him and Jesus on the Day of Judgment.

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And it's really amazing verses that really makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand Really? Well, God Almighty says that Oh, Jesus under very Did you tell the people to worship you and take you, as a God as an Allah? And Jesus will reply back and say Glory be to God, Oh, my, you know, kindness and kindness, it was good up to you. It wasn't for me to say, what wasn't my rights? And if I did say, then you would have known that I said, it's because the animal mercy, you know, what is in my heart, when I know Matthew, next we can I don't know the MC, right? But in the current level, who you are when you are the owner of the MC. And then he goes on to say that math goes to level I

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never said to them, except that which you commanded me to say to them, which is to worship one God, one Lord, my Lord and your Lord. And then he says, and I was a witness

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over them, with regards to what I said to them was I was alive. And then when you cause me to pass away, you were an observer of what they did. Oh, God. Yeah, just to compliment that is another verse from the Quran. Surah 359 Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. This is the translation. Indeed, the likeness of Jesus with God is as the likeness of Adam. He created him of dust. Then he said to him be, and he was, yes, definitely engaged. Our logic engages our intellect. And here God Almighty is going for us and analogy, because obviously, this verse is answering a misconception where people came about and said, Well, how can you have a child without a father? Right? How can a woman can work without a

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father? So if Mary says Jesus is from God, then he has to be the Son of God? So God Almighty is bringing a logical,

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you know, evidence here for us to contemplate over? Because also you get some people who will say, Okay, well, I don't believe in the forest. Why should I listen to the Quranic narrative? Regarding, you know, Jesus, which is, whatever it is for me? Yeah, that's a fair point. So God Almighty says, Okay, so this, let's look at what's logical? If? How did Adam Prophet Adam come about? And how come you know think of it Adam is the Son of God? Right? Rather, you say he's the father of mankind, nobody citing as the as, as the Son of God Almighty. So it's the same thing, as you believe that Prophet Adam came by the divine order of God Almighty, and he said, Be and Prophet Adam became, and

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you don't have issues with that. Right? Then why should you have issues with this? Why should you have issues in believing that Jesus was made in the same way God Almighty said Be and he became an indeed, caught Almighty is upon all evil. And there are many other logical discussions that theology is brought about, you know,

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in a debate with Christians and people of other denominations, you know, I've had discussions with just relate to logic, not from the Quran, but it makes sense. Like, for example, we as human beings, you know, we consider it, we consider the defects if you don't have if you have only one child with a defect, right? You know, people take pride in having many children. So why would you attribute only one child to God Almighty, if it was plausible in your theology for God Almighty to have a child? So really, I mean, even from a logical context, you will never make sense. And I've spoken to many Christians who actually, you know, when I speak to them to actually get to the point of saying,

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you know, what, you don't have the answers. And they just rely on relief to say, at the end of the day, we have nothing to believe this is what we believe this is what our parents taught us is what our forefathers believed in. And, you know, so basically, they actually submitted the fact that you know what, it's true. Okay, we don't accept the forearm as evidence in our narrative. However, even from a logical perspective, we don't have the answers for you, in terms of, of what you're saying,

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but, you know, we have belief. And this is the same message that the ideal age is at the time of the messenger peace and blessings be upon him stick with the messenger. But look, you know, they knew deep down, that this man on a logical level makes sense given that why are you worshiping things that can benefit? You know, how, why, and and at the end of the day, the ego came to them and said, Well, why are you telling us to leave what our forefathers you know, you know, causes to become ingrained in our hearts and souls. So positive and what if your forefathers were wrong, which is not possible that they would make a mistake? human beings make mistakes. So it's actually amazing. When

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you read the Quran, and you look at the different stories of the prophets and the discussions that took place between them, I've actually asked, I'm trying to push one of my students to actually do a psychology study

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for high degree, a thesis rather dedicated towards the psychology of the Prophet and the messages or psychology.

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You got or a psychological reference based on the discussion between profits and the people that they will send to other people that are sensitive because very interesting. Very interesting. Yeah. So before we go to the break, we will introduce this from the Quran and perhaps so we can continue the discussion afterwards. Quran surah four io 171. And today we are discussing the Islamic context for Jesus Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, O People of the Book, do not exceed the limits in your religion and attribute to God nothing except the truth. The Messiah, Jesus son of Mary was only a messenger of God, and his commands that he conveyed unto Mary and a spirit from him. So believe in God, and in

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His messengers, and do not say God is a trinity. Give up this assertion, it would be better for you, for God is indeed the only one God Far be it from his glory, that he should have a son, To Him belongs all that is in the heavens and in the earth, and God is sufficient for a guardian. We will be back to find out more about Jesus in the Islamic context. After the short break on.

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My Lord, I bow to you on

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my Lord, I bow to you.

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My Lord, I bow

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I bow to you.

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I bow.

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I bow to

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You're listening to heart and Seoul on Qatar foundation radio with me, Lauren booth, sharing his gems of knowledge with us today is Chef Sajid Ouma. And we were hearing an IRA of the Quran about Jesus's importance and yet his submission to God in the Quran. Yes. So you know, just before the break, you do what you want, if the read out, translation

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of the passage from the Quran from the fourth, fourth chapter of the Quran, even though you were reading it in English, it really resonated with my heart. And I'm pretty sure many listener would say the same. And you actually felt like God actually speaking to him, and indeed, for me is the word of God Almighty.

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And God Almighty here, you know, in the verses that you decide today is actually, you know, PsycINFO, is actually revealing evidence to that which we spoke about before the break, that this thing is giving you a complete theological discussion about a confusion that exists at the time and sadly, the condition, that confusion has continued. But here's a book of guiding things will not consider God eternity, and does not consider Jesus the son of Mary, as his son, rather, he was a messenger who was a prophet of God Almighty. And earlier, we actually shed that discussion that will happen on the Day of Judgment between Jesus and God Almighty, and Jesus will consider himself

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innocent of the claims that have been attached to him. Right, in essence of the claim that he taught the Trinity that he taught himself taught people that he was a son of God Almighty, He will render himself innocent of these of these particular claims. So you know, if you could just share with the viewers one more time the reference for for that verse that will be great for them to jot it down. And

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so please pick up a copy of the Quran in the English translation, in fact, any copy in any language at all, and you will see chapter four, and this is a section or Ayah 171, which speaks specifically about allows guidance to humanity upon the role and the status of Jesus. Let's talk a little bit about the way that Jesus worshipped God how he was submissive and loving to his maker. Yes. So

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obviously, follow the instructions of

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God Almighty and the first way that Jesus peace and blessings be upon him was submissive to God Almighty was by declaring God Almighty as one. And by following the directive of God Almighty towards preaching the message of God Almighty to the people. So for every prophet, this is, you know, this is ultimate worship. Because, you know, submission, is to submit to the will of God Almighty, and they've been given the staff to go to people, and teach them right from wrong. And of course, this is a mighty, heavy, scary proposition, that is that has been given from God Almighty to a human being, and to run with the command of modern life and follow His commands. And then this is

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the ultimate permission.

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But you know, if somebody Islamic perspective, we are taught that, for example, there were certain acts of worship that existed what was was all the prophets, such as the pray as a foreigner, such as fasting as well. It existed without the Prophet God Almighty tells us that, you know, this was a command that was that is that has been given to the followers of Muhammad, and it was given to the followers of the people who followed as a prophet. Right. So you know, Jesus, peace and blessings be upon him was submissive to God Almighty through prayer, through fasting, and other acts of worship specific to Jesus that God Almighty legislated and passed on to him. And obviously, he was a

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continuation, or he was continuing the propagation and inadequacy of the data and the message of Prophet Moses, decent blessings be upon him who came before him. So this is in a nutshell, from an Islamic perspective, you know, we say that every prophet was listening. And every follower of a prophet was, as long as they passed away upon the message of that Prophet. So somebody might need to hold on a second, you know, are we saying that, you know, those who follow Jesus at his time and, and died before the coming of Muhammad, for example, for the data from the ministry of Jesus, Jesus, there were Muslims as well. I say, yes. Somebody says, Okay, what about the people of the people who

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followed Moses, and dies upon the message of Moses before the coming of Jesus? Well, there was things as well, we say, yes, there were Muslims as well. And even those who witness Jesus coming, and then followed the message of Jesus and accepted Jesus as a prophet. Right, and died upon the belief that Jesus was a prophet of God Almighty, and they followed his his message

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before the coming of Prophet Mohammed, peace and blessings be upon him. When yes, even day one was concerned? Well, there's somebody says How so? We say, because Islam means Islam. Islam means to submit, to anyone who submits to the will of God Almighty in the moment that they live in, then they are a Muslim. That's the reality of what Islam means it's an Arabic term, it is the English term, it means submission. Right? So Jesus submitted to the will of God Almighty, Moses submitted to the will of God Almighty, and Moses, tortillas, people of the coming of Jesus. So the Jews who met Jesus and accepted his message, then they submitted to the will of God Almighty as posed to them by Moses.

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Right. But if they rejected Jesus, then they went against the will of God Almighty that was revealed to Moses, and that's the disbelieved off the bat. And that is why even if the final testament, we find God Almighty said, talking about those who can approve you, if you do get double reward, right, so we are those who follow the message of Jesus and the follow up to that type, until they came across Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. And they know that they were taught by Jesus to follow him. Well, you know, once he arrived, and they followed him, the Bible magazines for them to get a double reward, the reward for submitting prices,

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and to profits and to profits, we're going to have to bring the spiritual subjects to finality, this particular episode, and I want to end with a reminder that just a couple of years ago in a time of tribulation, in modern Egypt, that the Muslims and the Christians joined together to make the prayer of Jesus and I'm going to repeat it here Our Lord, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom the power and the glory forever and ever. Our sincere thanks again to shake sajit oma for his contribution today God

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willing, we'll be back with more heart and soul tomorrow. The producer for this series is a have a chef Assalamu alaikum