Muhammad West – 10 Step Plan to Change the World – Part 2

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of planning for the future and setting goals for one's life, including financial and personal decisions. They stress the need for clear priorities and a clear understanding of one's life to achieve success. The speakers also emphasize the importance of learning and performance, fixing basics, and prioritizing one's workouts before major tries. They provide advice on avoiding burning rebar and major decade, avoiding major decade, and fixing basic mistakes before major tries. They also emphasize the importance of fixing bases, avoiding harm to children, and living kindly with children. The speakers provide advice on fixing behavior, achieving success, and changing one's behavior to be a good person to the community.
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Will regime similar manner or desirable alameen wa salatu salam ala

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Sayyidina Muhammad Ali he was my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa la ilaha illa. Allah witness that none has the right to be worshipped besides the last panel data. We send our greetings and salutations development Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, to his pious and pure family, to his companions and all those who follow us soon until the end of time, you ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless us to be straightforward to the student of Mohammed Al Salam in this life, and to be in his companionship in general for those silly ophira. I mean, what hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah we continue from last week, and I mentioned that we are in a new year 1441, a new Islamic year. And with the passing of every year, it's a moment for us

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to reflect, to reflect about ourselves personally, about our families in about our communities and oma at large. And when we look at the picture, it's not a great picture. I think we all agree, whichever Matthew on whichever stick to follow, if you are a Muslim, you testify to the Kadima of La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah sallam. I think one thing that we all are unanimous is that the picture is not a great picture. The oma by and large is not in a position of strength at the moment. And when we look at the year that has passed, it was a year that was not very good. It was a year Hamlet it was hated and broken, every every opportunity of goodness, Allah spamela we should always

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remember a side note. Now this also says no matter how bad things are, life is always preferred over this Why? Because this is an end to provider, you can no longer make sure that you can no longer make the cola. And if we were to quantify 365 days of solder five times a day, one month of Ramadan, we cannot even enumerate how big that is on our scales of goodness, what hamdulillah So we thank Allah for the year that has come in a year of vida, Allah has kept us on Eman and made us muslimeen. But from a greater picture, we say the Ummah is in a bad state. And therefore, it's not about only mentioning the bad, it's not only about criticizing, because it's easy. Each and every one of us

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have PhDs in pointing out the mistakes and the problems in the dunya. We can do that. That's easy. The job of armchair critic is taken. What we need to do is plan for the future plan for ourselves and plan for the oma and how do we fix this picture? The picture and the problems are so huge. When we spoke about Kashmir, we spoke about

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China, we speaking about Burma, Syria, these problems just keep mounting, and is no solutions. We look at our leaders and we so much problems. We look at our youth and we live despondent. So where do we go from here? And how do we change the situation, so that this year 1441 can be a better year. And it only happens with planning. And we need to be strategic, something I mentioned a lot. If you look at the biography of Navy SEALs, alum, Guan he was committed and of course, focus from yaqeen from a poor from an angle of trust to Allah, He put his dependence in Allah. He was also very, very strategic. He planned and he had plans. And he had a forward looking view. He had an objective and a

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journey that he was on. He was building continuously and responded when things came. But it never took him away from his plan for us as Omar unfortunately, we already actually we don't have a plan of where we going to where we going for next year. So this is an opportunity for us to put our plans in effect. And we said we want to put down 10 simple steps to change the world might seem lofty, it's fine, like maybe oversimplifies the matter. But also for those who have attended the sera class. And we saw that how a handful of people 300 believers were but 300 that was the muscle of the Muslim Ummah, that was it. That's all we had 300 men, and within 15 years, the Muslim Ummah, the

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Muslim nation was the most powerful nation in the world. And that's what shows you these these steps, these plans, they work. And it is the methodology of the MBR. This is how they transform the society. And so we said we'll do team plan 10 steps to fix ourselves. And by that we changed the world. Last week, we spoke about about five of them, half of them. We said number one, whenever there's a change of time, a new week, a new month, a new year, remember you and I have find that finite moments in this life. Nobody said every one of us were just made up of seconds. Every time a second leaves you you die, a part of you dies leaving to come back. So before we look to the future,

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we make it stiffer and we fix the past. We make it stiffer, and we fix the past. The beautiful thing about the last panel data is that we can rewrite our history. rewrite those sins simply by the far side note someone emailed me and said you know I've committed so much sin and you feel despondent when you look at your track record, you know, someone feels like if you look at all your son, you feel like I'm in so much debt can I ever come out of this hole?

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Subhana Allah, Allah Mercy is so much bigger than your son Always remember that. And Allah introduces himself over and over with the first name Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. That's the one he wants you to remember by the one who is merciful and kind and forgiving and loving. And if you just make us raise, and if we raise our hands, we confess our sin only to him, no one needs to know about your sin, only Allah and you and you have sincerely great, there are no promises in the Quran, that he will remove your sins, you'll literally expunge it from that record, and he will raise in its place good deeds, you will have actually have reward instead of that sin. So take the moment to make

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this default, because we don't know perhaps 4041 is the last year that we throw bricks and so what we need to clear whatever debts we have with Allah. then number two, we said start the year with a sincere Nia, have a plan for what you want to do. The objective of life, what do you want to achieve in this life? What do you want to achieve with this year? We as Omar unfortunately, as we said, it makes me very sad when you go to a school, for example, and you speak to young men and women 1415. I mean, there's no such thing as an old child, they're big children. And no, we don't have this concept in Islam. Once you've got a man or a woman, you can get married, you can, you know, you can

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do everything that adults can do, what you asked them when you want to do what you want to be what is your purpose in life, and I don't know, I will see. But even my parents tell me, that is a problem that we have our youth, our and swannanoa, the same our leaders, our our panels, or forums or committees, we don't have a plan. And so therefore, the NEA is not just something that you recite, before anybody, which I said is not even part of the sooner but it is rather than Nia is a purpose have a purpose in your life. So sit those objectives financially look at your bank account and say, am I where I want to be financially? Do I have my relationships intact? So as a as

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especially as a soupon, as the man of the household? We talk about this, it is your responsibility to sit those plans for your family to sit those objectives. What do we want to achieve? Where should we go from here from a dean perspective, a dunya perspective, your personal perspective, all these things, your health perspective, that Muslim is constantly planning and the beautiful thing about Allah subhanho wa Taala. Remember, remember this, listen very carefully, he will give you the reward based on the Nia, not of what you've achieved. Many, many times, you will never achieve what you plan, we put a budget in place, you only get 70% of the budget, Allah will give you the award to the

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full extent of that budget, or even most vanilla. That's a guarantee from Allah, so you don't lose out. So have a nice day. Number three, we said if we had to prioritize our life, looking at the end in mind, on the day of kiama, what are the priorities? What are the things that are we are we going to regret the most? What are the things that we are going to be questioned about the hardest? What is the toughest question? Okay, we said the most important question is What did you worship?

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What did you worship and these are multiple types of worship. Worship is not just to youth worship can be as we said, waiting something for prediction is a type of worship. We you know, looking for someone to predict your future, looking at the stars for good luck. People believe for example, software is a month of bad luck with Salam. These actions can make you fall into shake. So avoid cheating. Because as we said, unfortunately, the one who dies upon cheating will never ever interject. Now, this is the promise from Allah. Someone also messaged and said, I didn't know x, y and z it was the type of chick I have come to know now that this is not permissible. But I did this

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my whole life. What do I do now? Remember the Sahaba or the alarm regimen? They committed the worst forms of shoot before Islam, they worshipped idols, they bow before idols. But Allah says the one who stops committing Sheikh and he reformed himself and he repeats for that sin. If you die without having Sheikh to your name, then insha Allah Bismillah we know and we believe and we hope that promise that we are part of those who had the Kadima in general is guaranteed for such people Subhana Allah Hadith which gives us so much hope that after Allah has now decreed one should go to Jana and Jana based on the deeds then we will be a whole long indecision so you know, for example,

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in the coastal Alabama, Florida, Allah has no likeness, but in the quote, unquote madonia of the person is found guilty, then what do they do? Come back one month for sentencing. Now we need to see what must what's gonna happen to me. I'm guilty of the crime. What is the sentence? So Allah subhana wa Tada. And this is a long sipping kiama he could just forgive into you are liable for Jana, but I forgive go to Jana, then Allah can pass the sentence and then you have the indecision and I'm saying Allah have mercy on this man or a one brother, one sister see this guy. He did good for me on the day in the dunya please bring us with the child was passed away before the parents they will cling

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on to that theodosia Allah I want to bring my dad my mom to gender. So then the symptoms will be reduced, reduced, reduced.

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Only the worst of the worst will be in journalism. And then a lot at some point out of his mercy will look inside journalism and say all those who have the least amount of Eman in their heart who had not committed chick, they will be taken out of Jannah. But with condition, they had not committed chick, but anyone was she will never ever exit. So avoid these things, avoid these things.

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Number four, we seek knowledge should be part of the life of the believer, reading, learning, and there are so many resources. Always be on the path of learning, introduce some learning and reading into your family, learn something new, learn something from the dunya learn something about the deen and as we see the why Allah when he looked to transform of a backward society, he began with ekra because ignorance is a disease that keeps you blind.

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But ignorance is bliss. You don't know you're sick, you don't know you're committing shit. You don't know you're committing a major sin. You don't know your money is haraam. without learning you never learn you never know. And hamdulillah most masajid do we live in a very privileged panel, you and I have ad privilege with a click of a button. You can get all the books that that Allah spent hundreds of years to compile you with a click of a button. You can access classrooms, the universities, online, some universities, they are bionz and things that go out, it's on your phone, even sometimes we you know, we bombard you with our messaging. Even if you don't want it you can say please enough,

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we don't want you lectures and suffer nobodies. But make sure you're part of some kind of learning. Make that part of your intention. Good as the professor says, If Allah loves for someone, some good, he puts him on a journey of learning. If Allah loves you, He gives you the opportunity to learn because learning is the thing that will take you and make your past agenda easy. So just learn something new continuously. We have a class here Monday evening, six o'clock in the class, whatever you have questions sometimes people say we don't know when to ask when to go to the questions. The doors are open. SubhanAllah anyone who wants to ask a question anyone who has a concern come to the

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masjid, it's a safe place. We can talk about anything and everything. And those are hamdulillah we have attended for many years with us our there was benefit in it learn so much. we've all learned so much. So please attend our classes in sha Allah or listen to something in traffic. So now that you avoided cheating, you intentionally sincere, you are in a process of learning. Actions need to happen. We are an oma of action. We do I start and we said strive for the five, get the five basics correct. As we said last week, that beautiful Hadith of the Bedouin, he said to them, I promise you I will do the five pillars of Islam. But then one extra fasting day, not one extra day Kara will

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make that one extra dua not one extra dollar, not one extra Rand in charity was on soccer. I promise I will do the five, not more, not less. And so then we'll see if this man is telling the truth, you will interject now, when this gentleman is guaranteed our problem, you know, sometimes when we give lectures, some people and how many other people are different levels, and only Allah knows which level you're on. Some are at hamdulillah in the earlier category they are looking to how do I prolong my tagit? You know, how do I make five 600 times a week? You know, how do I do that others of us are struggling just to perform our Salah on time, you know different levels. As an oma, our

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problem is not that we don't have high you know highly intelligent, highly motivated people we have them. But the problem is the masses by and large are not doing the basics. But if we look as a as a community as a population, are we comfortable with everyone now community of performing outsiders on time are paying out zaca as we should, avoiding the major sins. We don't have to fix the big things as we said, Now visa Salaam spent most of his life trying to implement the small things in everybody's life. And if everybody does the small things correctly, then automatically Allah will fix the big things that's a guarantee from Allah subhanaw taala if everyone is performing Salah five

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times a day everyone is paying his aka ever avoids the major sins when we don't we don't need but if no one is up with the attitude when hamdulillah this community is a safe community is a community of generalities. And as we said this is more important to Allah that these basics are fixed before the big things before the more difficult things are fixed. So wherever you are in your journey right now, if you are not performing if I am not performing all my workouts on time, make that your goal don't look to do anything more than that. I want to make my solder on time. I want to if you are performing your Salah on time, try to perfect the basics meaning make it as early as you can in the

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world. prolong your Salah a little bit. These are the things that the things which Allah loves the most to do the basics and focus on that. Then

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again, going back to Kiana qiyamah first question, what do you worship? If you see I did not come back? Well hamdulillah now you're eligible for Jenna those who committed she unfortunately will never indigena then, as for the next question, we know that our visa service is the most

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important question after the cheetah question, these are believers. These are those who document chick. What's the most important question after that? SATA, SATA, whoever.

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Whoever poses the question of SATA, that is easy. Now you have one foot in the door in general. Now really, it's hope you fall asleep, but, but we also have to look on the left side, what sins you've committed. So you've done enough to pass the exam, but this exam also has negative marks, and certain punishments must be must be seen to on the left. Now again, prioritize. We commit many, many sins and we also no one is perfect. We look at her and we listen to her and we eat her arm, we earn her arm, we do her arm, we do our stop what are even in sin, they are priority things, major sins, and sins which are not, don't take it small as light, but since not as serious as the major sins.

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And so, Allah has given us a very beautiful video comforting advice. If you avoid the big ones, the major sins, then he will expunge all the minuses. You have a record full of sin, but there are minor sins.

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Only minus ones they don't kiama Allah will forgive all of them as Allah says in the Quran, if you avoid keba you no matter no nanhu if you avoid the major ones, then the minor ones will be forgiven. So we said major sins and we need you to see these inshallah, what are the majors we did this many, many years ago. We'll revise these things. As we see the major sin some of them we take lightly Riba For example, one of the better cover the major major sins is anybody paying any burning rebar to fix that Xena hammer these things which we know are very bad. These are the major major sins, avoid these things and if you have fallen into them again, someone said I fell into some some many years

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ago, what do I do now? Now you need a special kind of Toba. And you need to until very simply ask Allah for forgiveness. If you're fortunate enough, you know the Ramadan for example, Hajj, for example. expunges these major sins even but all we need to do is make it make sincere Toba and big enough to return if you're currently in lesson right now. You need to stop it immediately or try and fix it as best you can. So for example, you are in a bond which is incurring Riba haram major sin, you're paying Riba major sin, now you need to try and fix that situation, from the bank, try to move to Islamic banking, if you can, try to limit it to time whenever you can do this is the process of

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fixing that major sin. So avoid the major, major sins. Now. This guy now imagine a person like this a person like this, he comes on camera. He doesn't come with a chip. He never came with the cheek. He only performing these five basic Pillars of Islam. He never made the hatchet. He never fasted on a Monday and Thursday, he never built any machines. He never fit any orphans. But he did the basics. And he says yeah, Allah, I have never committed major sins, or whatever major sins he did, he made tober for them, this person will intergender insha Allah without any hisab of Jana. And this is a basic basic entry level we would say easy Muslim, meaning something all of us can achieve and aspire

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to all of us can get the sometimes Jenna for us, we believe it is impossible to get the when we look at it like this, the exam is not impossible to pass the exam really is very doable, it's for everyone. Yes, if you want to get first in the class, if you want to get to Gen two for those, that is a difficult, difficult part. As we get higher up, the incline gets steeper and steeper SubhanAllah. But for the rest, it's easy to intergender based on the end, if you do this well hamdulillah then that's all that is required any of us this is what the Nagisa Salam came to hope to bring a community that is doing these things. Now we move on to number seven. Unfortunately, on

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camera as well, one thing you need to remember, is, as much as you fulfill your obligations to

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Allah subhana wa Tada, we have obligations to each other. Allah has made this exam, a communal exam.

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And so you'll find the man and hamdulillah He has lots of good deeds, he has not committed any sins against the law, not the mate hammer. He has not committed Xena is not committed, he had interest any of those things, and he's on the verge of entering Jenna. But then

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Allah will ask those who have had some claim against him. Do you have any claim against this man? And if so, when he will start having to pay out his good deeds. We know the Hadith of the movies, we know the Hadith of the bankrupt person. So part of our obligations is we have to fulfill our obligations to one another. Now, what does this mean? It's a very broad area.

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But to simplify it, you know, that if you have a contract, you have to fulfill that contract. If you're a plumber, for example, someone paid you money, you have to fix it, you have to do your job, and if you don't, you are liable. Now you and I are entered into many, many contracts some we don't even realize the contract. When we are born. We have a contract with our parents.

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rights and obligations, they need to do things for us. We need to do things for them. And if we break those that contract, we are liable on the piano to answer for that. When you have kids, you have a contract with them. The boats the biggest contract of your life is cobuild. Tunica harlene, fcbd Alec, that is the biggest contract that you entered into in your life. We know that is the most serious contract you entered into in your life, because you have so many obligations to this woman to this husband, that a man has the resources to a lady, look to your husband, because even if you fulfill all your obligations, he could be your general Jana, and even if you're deficient in some

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things, that if you are a good wife, you can intergender beautiful Hadith for our sisters, another shortcut to gender, that abuse of circumcision, a lady who has two children, and she performances for on time. And when she died, her husband was pleased with her not pleased that she died. He was pleased he was happy with her. Right. He was shooting say Save As.

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Save as Ahuja for the very sad that she died. But yeah, she was a good wife. Then what did she do? She just made solid material. And this lady Allah says will be allowed to enter from any do of general all seven or a dose of Jonathan, all a dose of General abubaker delegates doing all this lady didn't do much except she saw to the obligations of her husband. similarly to the main reasons is

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the biggest test I left behind for you are women. And usually when we think of fitna we think of the nakedness outside the * that fitna is, that's part of it. The other part of it is, we have to answer about our treatment of our wives. Very big question on the exam out. And not only that, I didn't say why she said women, specifically our daughters, our mothers, our sisters, because as we know, in the shediac, if our fathers and our grandfathers have long life, but if our fathers passed away, our moms, our sisters become our responsibility now. We need to take care of them. any harm done to them, you didn't do the harm, but someone on them someone took over their rights, financial

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rights, emotional rights, you will be awesome that if kiama What did you do about that? For example, may Allah protect our kids, if anything happens to one of our children, the parents will still have to answer you negligent as a parent. Now this extends to the lady's loss advice, loss loss advice of the life of measles alum, be fearful of Allah with regards to how you treat the ladies of the people under your custody. Meaning number one, you womenfolk your children, your slaves look after them. So this is a topic on its own. But each and every one of us need to look at our obligations, you have a responsibility to your family, or responsibility to your boss you do and that's actually a contract

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in paper,

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to your customers, to neighbors is an obligate responsibility, certain things you have to do as a neighbor, certainly you shouldn't do. And if you these are not very big use perhaps parents, the obligation to parents is a lifelong one, we have to give them a son, meaning what is how do you fulfill your obligations, your to your parents, you have to give the best to them. That's very difficult, because it's hard to give the best all the time. But Allah is merciful to the wife, you need to live kindly with her. Allah doesn't say you need to give millions to her. You need to give our house in bishops court, so long as it's kind treatment to the best of your ability. Well,

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hamdulillah you kids, give them love and teach them. Give them a good role model, your boss, if you if he pays you for certain tasks, fulfill that task. Your customers, if they pay you for something, then give them that which they expect your neighbors don't harm them, don't abuse them. And if you do that, well hamdulillah you have fulfilled You are a citizen of humanity, and you're a decent person, you don't have to change the world in terms of fight for the rain forest, it's good to do that. You don't have to go build orphanages, very good to do that. Well hamdulillah but first see to those basic things. Be a present father, be a good husband, be a good son, be a good employee. If we

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do those things, then no one has a claim against you on the day of karma. Well, if only we can come to a low the record like that, then we can show you a lot Yes, I don't have many gold stars on my on my on my good deeds, I have not done any amazing things. But such a person who comes and says yeah, Allah, I have avoided the major sins, I have done the basics, and no person here on piano, I can point the finger at me and say that they harm me in a bad way. In a severe way. That person is really the only of Allah Subhana Allah, some people we know when they pass away we have an inclination that they might be in a well either way they die, they die on a Friday, they die in a

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very beautiful way. And so and so and so and so didn't build the message. She didn't memorize much of the Quran. She was up making the hatchet, but she was a good human being. And for Allah this lady or this person was a valley of the Holy of Allah, the basic deeds done correctly, can attain you the highest places in China. The basic needs done correctly can attain the highest places in general. So look to that. Number 100. If you've achieved you got to this level, then you are default you are where you need to be. This is a way

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We need to be as a as a Muslim, this is what is entry level. Now we have no no major deficiencies. Now we want to start increasing the incline, we want to do a little bit more yeah Allah. Now I want to aim for the higher levels of Jenna. So if you have not gotten to this, you have problem in your basic divided your problem with a major since your problem in your relationships, fix that that's your goal for 4041 focus on that. That's your priority. If you have all those things in place, and you want to do more, now I want to do more extra stuff, then Subhanallah then a visa system tells you how to attain this higher level of perfection. He says.

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Remember, you will not intergender through your deeds, meaning it doesn't matter about the quantity of good deeds you do it will never be enough to earn you you can ever sort of if you were to buy Jenna, you can with good deeds. What Jana is, is so much more than a lifetime of good deeds, even if you came to Allah with mountains and mountains of Salah it is not equal to eternity in general. So your good deeds will never ever be enough. So what do we do? How do I get the to the highest levels of Jannah certain resources but if you really want to, if you want to get there what you need to do, then do good deeds properly with knowledge with understanding correctly. Sincerely, the Nia must be

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sincere, moderately, meaning not extreme, moderately, and know that your deeds will not make you intergender and the most beloved deeds to Allah is the one that is considered regular and consistent, even if they are small. So the path to perfection. After you do the basics, to do the extra, take one extra perfected. Learn it do it correctly. If it's a Do you want to make, learn that do up properly. And then make an intention in your heart? Yeah, Allah, I will do this every single day. Whether I'm sick or traveling, I'm not going to do a lot of things. I'm going to do one thing properly. And that's what Allah loves the most. Instead of us making 10 hot items in Ramadan, do one

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page a day, you will not even if you do one page a day, it's often harder. I think it's like half of the Quran. That is better than doing Tim Hortons in Ramadan. It is the consistency. It is a reminder and certainly like metadata again, Allah has no examples. But you ask your wife, Oscar today, would you like me to bring you a dozen roses on one day or give you 12 roses one each day? asked what would you prefer? Why? Because it means every day you took that moment to remind yourself of a lot every single day you went forward in that relationship. So as I mentioned and this is why we gave the handout last week and I hope you took it and if there's some more pages, I have summarized and

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hamdulillah 25 very simple beads. Easy some of these are difficult to log but the difficulties you know

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it's hard. I don't know the dodgy people you have a lovely make dua for all of us. That it is really difficult to another person fasting on a Monday Thursday is a very very difficult

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it's a Jihad for some of us for another man you know money in the in the towel is difficult. So choose the binder which suits you. What works for you choose the binder that is easy for you. There's so many types of a binder, and some of them as we said easier than others and now visa alum he prefer He loves you to do the easy one. He comes when he wakes up one in the morning and he goes to max budget in the masjid and his wife Julia mother, Julia Raja Lana, she was making a budget. And he came back to the house and she was now sitting in Vicar. He goes out to the house, he does whatever he needs to do. And he comes back before the hood, and she's in exactly the same spot. same

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spot. She hasn't moved. And so he's surprised this is the result. This is have you set like this? The whole time just like this, have you set like that? And you haven't moved? So she says yes, I this is what I did. And so there'll be some sentences, I will teach you a word I will teach you some doors, that if you say that is gives you more reward, more reward, then the answer to all this time that is on this page, the purpose of sentences. So the proper sentences to mother Julia, I recited four words after I left you four things I said and if I weighed my four deeds against what you did all that because then it would be more than what you did. Yes, this is the provinces that are deemed

00:29:25 --> 00:29:32

to be la hiraga I am pleased with Allah as my Lord will be Islami Dina and with Islam as my when my with my religion f1

00:29:33 --> 00:29:59

Swan Aloma added a hotkey he was in a Dasha dedicati Matthew Are you gonna see this is the door so the door other than a piece of them said to her, you have to say Suhana llama either the hockey Praise be to Allah equal to the number of his creations. When we did the Kalamata he and to the Incas would do to write all these words for Praise be to Allah equal to the number of your creations equal to the inker it takes to write your words was in at the end

00:30:00 --> 00:30:43

equal to the weight of the weight of the throne of Allah and praise v to you equal to the one you don't have see as much pleasure you take with yourself for things. Praise be to Allah, as much as your creations as much as the ink is to take your words as much as the weight of your arm. And as much pleasure you have in your greatness, say these four things, it takes you off a minute, it is more rewarding than sitting from magical do it on the masala so I do that, besides telling her don't do that rather do this. Another beautiful one and the resistance is whoever on a Friday, that easy spinal wave on Friday, he hustles and he also he makes his wife Priscilla as well she uses as well

00:30:43 --> 00:31:27

and he comes to the masjid before the Imam. He sits in the front Sofie doesn't sit in the back. This is different off before the Imam comes here, the Saudis and he sits attentively he doesn't speak to anyone. He listens to the Imam. And he leaves What's his reward, every step he took to the masjid is one year of fasting one year of kamalame. Now many steps that you take to the masjid over 100 over 1000, you can check your step counter right 1000 steps, if I told you make 1000 years of fasting, 1000 years of formula is impossible. But you can do this every Friday from Panama. So there are 25 easy ones. And as you can see, I don't do all of them and don't it's not expected to do all of them.

00:31:27 --> 00:32:06

Choose one and perfect them choose one imperfective. Okay, and that is that you encourage and another shortcut. As I said last week, share this information, because you might take one someone else takes number three, someone else's number four, but as they do it, you earn dividends on the good deeds, you can benefit from it. So choose one thing correctly, perfect every single day, yeah, I'll make this door or every Friday, I will do this ritual, I will never ever break it. And this is what enters us into that higher level of general. So number eight to do simple things consistently. And there are shortcuts to do it. Now if you want to change society, and this is how we're changing

00:32:06 --> 00:32:43

the world. And the result, Sallam said, change basically what's in your power to change. There are many things which you and I feel bad about. But there's very little we can do beyond the law, very little you and I can do about beyond the law. And sometimes we focus so much, so much on those things which we can't fix, and we neglect the things we can fix. As I said spine Allah, you and I, we can maybe put some money in the towel for Majolica we can make da but beyond that we can do much, much more. But you can do a lot for the masjid on the corner of your street. You can do a lot for that Masjid. Yes, correct.

00:32:44 --> 00:33:19

And you can if you put your energy in the masjid in your road, you can actually change it and uplift the lives of the whole community. And that is what an abuser wants you to do when he sees if you see evil changes with your hand if you can do so. And if you can't, then speak out against it. And if you can't, then at least make the offer the situation. And that's the least the lowest thing that you can do. So change what you can change and what is in your power to change. A law will not question you and me about things which was out of our control. A lot of them asked you and me. What about the you know what's happening in this country and that a lot what could I do about that in the

00:33:19 --> 00:33:30

time of the Beatles alum for example. I'm not here to diminish. There's a lot of people going through a lot of hardships. We're not diminishing the tragedy and we're not saying we already we don't do enough. But for example, the province of Salem was in Medina

00:33:31 --> 00:33:37

and he was focusing on building his Masjid the even though the Kaaba in Mecca was controlled by the Quran.

00:33:38 --> 00:34:19

The Kabbalah is controlled by the Qureshi, no one can make it No one can make sadati but his focus was my community in Medina, I can fix them. He lived Mecca to Medina to build this community. So you and I, we are things we can change. We can have an influence in the school in the masjid in the community, you can do something. So as I said, if you want to move beyond the basics, the basics is enough. Well hamdulillah it's enough. If you want to move forward from a ritualistic from a better perspective, do the shortcuts agenda. If you want to be a better from being a basic citizen to an active citizen in the oma you want to change the oma Now, how do I do that? Where do I start? Choose

00:34:19 --> 00:34:34

one project and use your talents for that? In every you know, so many organizations out there, whether it's the orphanage whether it's the ASPCA, whether it's the neighborhood watch, whether it's the masjid committee, the school committee, people just need your time.

00:34:35 --> 00:34:59

We don't need you don't need rocket scientists. We don't need people that are the most highly qualified people. We just need people to pitch up at a meeting and take on one task and do that. And that insha Allah is you changing the world. And as we said, This measure perhaps about two 300 people in here. This was the capacity of butter, and that number of people change the world. It's enough if we have 1000 people that are functioning on that level to allow us

00:35:00 --> 00:35:03

change our community. So all we need, all you really need is that,

00:35:04 --> 00:35:44

but to be consistent and sincere, and work hard, whether it's good, whether it's bad, whether it's raining, I'm still gonna come for that meeting. And that's what you need to do. So choose one thing which you can change and voila, he, Allah has put you in me for a reason. You and I have the greatest of Allah's creation, the angels needs to do to us, greater than the mountains greater than the oceans, every one is no one pet, no passenger by mistake, Allah has put gifts in each and every one of us. And it's our responsibility to use that for the betterment of this of this world. So choose something that you can change, and change it and play your role. Then lastly, so I found my

00:35:44 --> 00:36:25

thing to change, I've looked at all the problems and when you start looking at the world, you'll realize lots of problems, I can only give myself to this area, or I can't even what's the minimum I need to do for my community. Again, this high this topic was about the minimum, the basics, not about the maximum. This is the basics. So what is the minimum I have to do in terms of fixing the world? How do I know I'm a, a decent person to my community, a beautiful hadith of Buddha. And we summarize it when he said the Rasulullah what is the best I can do I want to be number one the top. So he said, jihad, do jihad with yourself and your money. And that is the basic meaning. And to

00:36:25 --> 00:37:07

explain this, you find a problem, make it your priority to fix to do it. So for example, you find we say brothers, the roof is leaking. instead of complaining, the committee doesn't maintain the roof, instead of compiling the movies from the director issue. So instead of complaining, instead of making your alma mater will be fixed and hamdulillah instead of money, you go to the person charging, so you know what, I will be in charge of it, I will find the money, I will find the contract, I will manage the project, you don't have to worry about it. That's the base, you find the problem you in you take that as your baby and you fix it. That is the best. And in every community

00:37:07 --> 00:37:47

and every school in society, their problems, make it your priority, that is the best. If you can't do that, and the resources that help the people that are busy, then assist the community, the committee assists them by giving advice, giving them words of support, financial assistance, now you're the assistant that second base. And lastly, if you can't even do that, you can fix the problem, you can help in the fixing of the problem. The bottom is what then do not be part of the problem, then then abuses the system doing mischief. And that is your charity to convict society. That is your contribution to society, I will not make the situation worse. And if you do that,

00:37:47 --> 00:38:27

again, it's basic, but it's enough, basic and enough So with these simple steps, and this is what Allah has commanded of us if we can do these simple steps, then be even the law when we do this by next year and if Allah grants us to be here for 1442 we will see things changing. We will see 300 people doing good in 300 projects, we'll see 300 people just in this Masjid, that are doing the basics they families doing the basics, avoiding the major sins when hamdulillah we will see that change in our community. Allah bless you will need in this year. My love list is oma our community. Now granted this year 4041 is a year of good of hate of Baraka, Allah grant is abundance of

00:38:27 --> 00:39:06

sustenance of goodness, Allah keep us steadfast on our Eman and our Eva that are like six what we have done and forgive the sins that we've done. am Allah grant Shiva and Rama to those who have passed away those will mean now, just a few few announcements. Next week Sunday we have our marriage plots workshop anyone, as we say that that is keen on learning about Nika even if as I said if you've never been if you're married, you never go into a marriage clause good opportunity to learn what am i responsibilities in that regard? So even married people, people think you are getting married. He wants to learn even about divorce. Your marriage is going through problems. It's a good

00:39:06 --> 00:39:34

topic you will deal with either with issues like a conflict and those things. So please do one day, Sunday next weekend, shall we in our classes, I've moved to Mondays, Mondays, Monday six o'clock, this biography of the rightly guided caliphs, the golden age of Islam, we starting with a North man inshallah and in this Wednesday inshallah back to basics, we'll be returning to the WhatsApp line if you'd like to join with four triple to 38 weeks formula For any comments, concerns circular or some Latina Mohammed Rafi salaam,

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salaam alaikum

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