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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi explores the nuances relating to the Umrah Al Qadah which they did to compensate for their missed Umrah at Hudaybiyyah. The Prophet ﷺ left from Madinah to Mecca  in 7H with around 2000 muslims.

Rumours were rife amongst the people of Quraysh that the Muslims of Madinah had been weakened due to being affected by diseases. Thus, in order to prove their good health, certain measures were exercised upon the insistence of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ such as raising their voices loud with Talbiyah, exposing their right shoulder while doing the Umrah and engaging in brisk walking around the Kaaba. And it did make an impression on the Quraysh as the rumours ended immediately.

The Prophet ﷺ married Maymunah bint al Harith RA when he was in Mecca for the Umrah. He released himself from Ihram before marrying her. There is conflict on this incident and Shaykh Yasir elaborates on them and puts our doubts to rest.

After Umrah al Qadah, three people from the Quraysh converted to Islam and this illustrates the magnitude of the impression created by the Muslims on the Quraysh. They were :

  • Amr ibn Al As  - The statesman and politician of the Quraysh.
  • Khalid ibn Waleed ibn Mughira - genius of a military leader of the Quraysh.
  • Uthman ibn Talha - The keyholder of the Ka'bah.


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