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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi explores the nuances relating to the Umrah Al Qadah which they did to compensate for their missed Umrah at Hudaybiyyah. The Prophet ﷺ left from Madinah to Mecca  in 7H with around 2000 muslims.

Rumours were rife amongst the people of Quraysh that the Muslims of Madinah had been weakened due to being affected by diseases. Thus, in order to prove their good health, certain measures were exercised upon the insistence of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ such as raising their voices loud with Talbiyah, exposing their right shoulder while doing the Umrah and engaging in brisk walking around the Kaaba. And it did make an impression on the Quraysh as the rumours ended immediately.

The Prophet ﷺ married Maymunah bint al Harith RA when he was in Mecca for the Umrah. He released himself from Ihram before marrying her. There is conflict on this incident and Shaykh Yasir elaborates on them and puts our doubts to rest.

After Umrah al Qadah, three people from the Quraysh converted to Islam and this illustrates the magnitude of the impression created by the Muslims on the Quraysh. They were :

  • Amr ibn Al As  – The statesman and politician of the Quraysh.
  • Khalid ibn Waleed ibn Mughira – genius of a military leader of the Quraysh.
  • Uthman ibn Talha – The keyholder of the Ka’bah.


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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Muhammad alameen wa he will be he will then send them as soon as he wanted everybody to Yomi Dini.

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So today, inshallah huhtala, we will move on from the Battle of Haifa. And in the next six months, a number of minor expeditions happened, which, frankly, even though this is an advanced theater class, but there's no nothing really a huge tangible political change through those minor expeditions. So we'll skip over them. The process of central authority sent Abu Bakar he said other Sahaba on expeditions were, perhaps one tribe might have embraced Islam or another small area conquered. But in the broad scheme of things, it wasn't anything as large as let's say, hey, about 100, Cora has up. And so we really skip over those small points. Because fact of the matter is, we don't know

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these tribes that well in our times that we don't know the geography of each area, meaning the audience here, so there's no point in going over them. So we just skip the next few months. And we move to number two, which is the omura. That is the Kaaba that is the making up of the Roma. So the omura that they were supposed to do, and are they do they make up for it? That's what it's called, almost, we'll call that it's as if they have to make up for the aroma that they did not technically do, even though they did it in terms of Allah's reward. Right. So the aroma of a bee is an interesting genre, in that we assume that the process of them did it in reward, even though he

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didn't do it, in actuality. So when somebody asks you, how many cameras did he do, we begin number one, number two, today before we actually begin like this, why? Because Allah gave him the reward for it. And he shaved his hair off. So it's as if he did it, even though he didn't it didn't actually do it. So the first moment that he actually did is I'm going to talk about and I'm going to talk about the Profit System left Medina in the seventh year of the hijra, in the month of seven Ah, in the month of Florida, and he left with around 2000 Muslims. So this is now a massive amount of people going to Makkah, and this time, they took all of their weapons with them, unlike the last

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time, this time, they took all of their weapons with them. And they were prepared just in case the harsh would prevent them and take them to battle. So when the orange heard the 2000 Muslims are coming and they are armed. When they came close to Mecca, the court sent out a delegation led by Nicholas Ebbinghaus, who was also in the delegation of her baby. And mikra said to him all Mohammed Ali Salim, we have never seen you be treacherous in anything smaller, big. So what's with the weapons? How come you're coming with these weapons? When we had agreed that you would come with no weapons other than swords inside their scabbards? In other words, the bare minimum, that's all

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you're going to enter McCoist. But we see that you have horses, you have bows and arrows, you have armor. Well, how can you be doing this? And so the Prophet says Adam said, and we shall not enter Mecca, except as we agreed, we're not in Mecca. yet. I'm outside Mecca. We shall not enter Mecca as accept as we agreed. And once again, here we have the process of being faithful to the letter of the law. He brought the weapons all the way to the harem. And then he left the weapons outside of Mecca, and he entered Mecca, with the swords inside the scabbards. So he is fulfilling the letter of the law, which is You shall not enter Mecca except with the sheet swords. And he did actually have a

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supply of weapons right outside of the atom were 200 people 200 people guarded those weapons, and the rest of them 1800 of them, they did throw off and then they swapped over 200 came back and 200 off. So the point being that here we find the profitsystem did not trust the courage. And he made sure that he had the weapons but you still fulfill the contract and treaty by not marching in with all of those weapons, and the profitsystem entered Mecca. And it appears when you look at the books of Sierra that the Quran is divided into three groups. Some groups remained in their houses locked doors for three days. Other groups, another group congregated in their parliament, which was called

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data network, their parliament was called out another one and out another one was their largest house as well. And it had a large area and so lots of people could remain there. And one group even left to Makkah and they just camped outside in the valleys and hills for three days. Right. So it was basically up to the kurush they none of them wanted to interact with the Muslims and they were did this for

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political reasons and for fear, they're worried what's going to happen. So they either lock themselves in their houses, or they congregate in doubt in the door, and they lock the door down in the door, or they lose some of them even left the city of Mecca for three days just waiting for the Muslims to leave. And a rumor spread coming from the doubter network, a rumor spread that the Muslims now remember the Irish have not seen the Muslims for at least the bulk of the Irish, the women and you know those who have not gone on war. They haven't seen their kith and kin. They haven't seen their relatives for six and a half years now. Right? They haven't seen them and this is

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a long time, especially back then when family lived together. They haven't seen these people. And so one of them spread a rumor. Oh, the Medina has harmed them and they've come back weaklings. The droughts of Medina and not the draws but they were about the weather is like the diseases of Medina the plague is the looking for the plagues of Medina. Now remember, Mecca was a sparse climate, very little greenery. So it was a harsh climate but there wasn't much because of the harshness there wasn't much disease. Medina has water. Medina has agriculture. Medina has cultivation. So they have a whole different type of diseases in Medina and if you remember when the Sahaba migrated to Medina,

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they all felt they all fell sick. And the process of how to make special law or law remove the plagues in Medina and throw it in Georgia, another uninhabited please go throw it over there, a worker fell sick and he thought he was about to die. They all fell sick. He started versifying poetry of how beautiful moko was right. So they're used to mock. So they spread a rumor that the people are now returning weaklings, they're thin, they're, they're emaciated, and they have now been affected by the plagues of Medina. When the Prophet says that I'm heard this, he commanded the Muslims with many things, first and foremost, to raise their voices with lb out loud. Secondly, to

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show their right shoulders expose the right shoulders. And this was the first time that this sooner was introduced that we all know now that when we do our first off, we expose the right shoulders that only for the first off, we expose the right shoulders. And thirdly, he said that they should walk around toe off the first three with ramen, which is almost a run. It's a brisk walk, which we all know from the books of 59, we know how to does, we can never do this when we do the walk because there's always rush there, right? But imagine there was no rush, then the profits or some of the Sahaba, they were almost running. And there's a walk that you do that is basically as fast as you

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can walk, but you're not quite running, you're not quite sprinting, but you're walking as briskly as possible. And that's what the Sahaba and the process of them did. And this is what is called the Rama that they were walking as fast as they could. And they did this for the first three rounds. And when the Quraysh saw this, they said, Well, lucky there's nothing wrong with them. We've never seen them to be more energetic than this. And truly, it must have been an amazing sight for the horse to see. Imagine for the first time in history 2000 Muslims are around the cabin. Never before has this quantity come in the history of mankind remember, right? No doubt in the time of Ibrahim and others

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you probably had, you know him and his smile and maybe if there would be two three other people, right. Then after this time, where were the Muslims coming in mass congregation right. And the orange had the jolly practices Some are doing to off naked some this some that the first time in history, where we see what we see to this day. And that is the whole city full of people in a harem, that'll be a be given out loud 2000 strong and 2000 is a large number. And there is no doubt that never in the year with 2000 people come except during the Hajj. And here you have 2000 people crowding Mecca, right? It must have really been a daunting sight for the kurush. And this site

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actually did have an effect. And that is why three very prominent conversions took place right after their omo. It's not a coincidence, right when they're seeing this amazing site that has never been seen before in the history of mankind, Muslims all dressed saying the television and even the television for the first time in the history of the world. This delvia that we are now familiar with is instituted because the horatia generally tend to be a tilby of schilke. The baker Lama Baker Baker lasha Decalogue, in Nashua decoholic terminal komamura This is the televi of the whorish the jahad it will be and we have of course, the baker lashley kulluk that we don't add in the shady

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contemporary coup. We say the bakerella Shinnecock, and we stop over there. So the Tobia loud the whole people of Mecca can hear imagine the psychological impact this is having on the horizon. Who is the superior now who has more quantity who has the more energy the tide has changed. It's not

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Changing anymore. The tide has changed less than a year and a half from now, or less than two years from now, and moko will be in Islamic control. And this type of showing this type of demonstrating of one's power of one's whatever. This is something that is a standard part of the Syrah. We see it in the Bible of Abu Jana wearing the red turban. And he's walking around in a manner that would otherwise be considered arrogant. But what did the process of them say? This is a mission of walking, that Allah despises, except at such a time and place, we also seen the Battle of Arabia and the story in the Treaty of Arabia, when

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the one the Mexican sent the envoy, and the profitsystem said, show him the camels. And all of the camels were put in front of him and paraded. And this was a person from a tribe that exalted the heading that considered the heading to be very important sign. And all of this shows us what that PR as we call it, is an important part of our religion, legitimate PR. And once again, as usual, we have those that are overzealous and hot tempered, and those that are on the opposite, opposite extreme and could not care that we need to look at the image we give of Islam to others. And it is a part of our data to give an image of strength and positivity, to give an image where the people see

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us and appreciate us. And that image changes. What image do you give from time to time place to place? Here's a man who respects the ad, show him the camels. Right? The horse you're saying you're weak, show them your strength, you're strong, right? So in our time in America and other places in the world where we happen to be living, when people accuse our religion of something that is false, that is wrong. We need to show them No, that's not the case. They say Islam is a violent religion. We show them No, we're not. We're a peaceful religion. They say Islam is this we show them no Islam is that they say Islam teaches you to hate Christians and Jews, we say no, let we show them. This is

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what we're doing. And doing this type of quote unquote, PR. We're doing this because we're not changing the dinner no doubt if somebody changed their religion. And somebody if somebody said, Oh, Islam accuses you guys are, let's say, I don't know. You guys are mean to women, because you tell them to cover up. We're not going to say, oh, women don't cover up anymore. Because we're not going to change our Deen for the PR. Right? But if anything that is an illegitimate criticism, and our Deen and our religion is free of charge. To emphasize that point, merely for the sake of demonstrating that our religion is contrary to what you're saying. This is not a stuff that allows

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that like some of the hard tempered people say, oh, now you're catering to the kuffar. Now you're whatever they want you to do, you will do No, this is being extremely rash and hot tempered. Our Profit System is not catering to the co founder, when one of them is impressed by the heady and he shows them too heady. When on the bottle of water, he needs to demonstrate strength, when in the incident of Mr. Little haba he wants to show them no we are not weak. Right. This is all a part of PR and living in the world that we live in. There are different accusations that are given right. And almost all of these accusations are false or misrepresented. And it is our job to clean our

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religion and show a positive image as long as we do not change our theology and ethics. Now, the process of them stayed in Mecca for three days.

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And the books of Sierra really don't give any details of those three days, which means that it was nothing strange happened. It was just a standard he stayed there he prayed nothing strange happened, we can assume that the process of led them in Salah five times a day in the in front of the Kaaba, we can assume that it was a peaceful time nothing else happened or else it would have been mentioned because nothing else is mentioned. We assumed that the horse lived up to their Treaty and did not interfere with the Muslims. And the Profit System also ordered the 200 that were guarding outside there was a swap 200 went there took their place and they came in so everybody was able to perform

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their omura. And we're lucky we wish we had details. But we can only imagine the feelings of the profits are sort of after entering MK six and a half years, right. How is the process and feeling he sees the house of Khadija he sees where he grew up, he sees the very valleys he sees each and every corner. Somehow when we return to a house that we haven't lived in. When we return to a neighbor who haven't been to all of our memories, they flood back to us right? And things that we have forgotten about. They come back to our memory and how emotional we feel. Imagine our profits although I sell them, right? Imagine all of his memories, every single one of them 53 years of his life, he is in

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the city, right? His the city of his mother and father, his grandmother, his grandfather, the city of the city of Khadija, the city where all of the good and all of the bad that happened is happening here. We wish we had all of this documented, but we can only imagine that the feelings that are processing them had overwhelming all of these emotions. And for three days they stayed there, and then one or two things happened on the way out and of those things.

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That an Ibis, the Allahu taala. And an Ibis, he suggested to the Prophet system to marry maimunah. And maimunah was to be the last of his wives. The final wife that he married was my mother. And my mother was not only the last wife, he married, my mother was the last of his wives to die as well. So she was the last of the Omaha to me to pass away. And maimunah

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My mother was married to abora ibn Abdullah Rosa, and she became a widow. And so she was without any husband, and she was in Makkah. And so she's a Muslim now. And she is the sister in law of an Ibis, so my boss's wife is normal for the robots. His wife is normal for the Oh, my father's sister is my mother. Okay, so I bust the sister in law. So my mother is now left without anybody. And she's alone in Makkah, and she doesn't have anybody to take care of her. She's a Muslim. She doesn't want to remain with the, with the aurash with the non Muslims. So she says, to Omen father, find me a husband, find me a husband, and so on. My father says to us, we need help, she needs a husband. So

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my boss goes immediately to the Prophet system and says that I am the wolf of my moon, and he is now the one he is the one in charge of my moon. And what do you think of her and he praises her immensely? And of course, he knew maimunah Yeah. And he knew of me Mona from the days of Makkah. She is of course, Jani. Cora, she she's in Makkah. And so the Prophet system agreed to the marriage of Mona and Ibis was the worry. And Ibis was the one who, who basically took charge of the marriage ceremony. And

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here there is a huge controversy in the books, which are not really relevant to al Qaeda in theology. And so but it's a lot relevant to that one Sahabi has, he is an Ibis, and in our bus is the nephew of maimunah in a bus as the process and a married maimunah in the state of Iran.

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Now this raises a hue and his authentic idea that he said this, this raises a huge controversy, because technically, you're not supposed to get married. Now whatever. My boss says he got married, he meant then they got contract. Right? by unanimous consensus, the marriage was not consummated. Except outside of MCI, even not even inside of MCC, because of what we'll talk about right now. The issue is, when he literally not metaphorically signed the contract when he did the act, was he in a hell of an outburst that he was. And this raises a huge controversy, the books have discussed this. And they tried to figure a way out. But the fact of the matter is, this is an honest mistake from in

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our buses part, because we have authentic narrations, not the least of which is coming from a mother herself, that my mother when she tells her story, she said that when the process and married me he was outside of your home, he finished his head on, he finished and he was not in Iran. And he married me in the state of hell, not in the state of Iran. And some people try to interpret him in our buses statement that what he meant by in the head arm, well, who had him that the xojo had him, not that he was in Iran, but he was in Makkah inside of the harem. Right. That

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is a problem linguistically. That's that's not how you refer to somebody inside of Makkah. But it's not a problem from a film perspective. Of course, people in MCI get married. That's not a problem, right? A lot of people think that in MCI, you're not supposed to get married or even engage in intercourse. And what do you think the married people of MCI do? Right? So this is not the issue, the issues in the state of how long? You're not supposed to get married? And how long, but obviously, outside of how long? This is completely permissible. So the majority position and it's a related issue, the process of did not marry maimunah, except after the aerelon finished and he was

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in the state of health. Now. he marries my Muna, and it is now the third day and he has not yet consummated the marriage. The orange come

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Excuse me.

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The orange come and they say three days are up. Three days are up. And so the profitsystem tries to renegotiate with them. And he says, For Alec man, what is the matter or? And it's an expression in which English would be like, Is it really a big deal? If I stay a little bit longer? Would it harm you if I stayed a little bit longer? I just got married. Let me enjoy the marriage. Let me be a married man that may be a groom amongst you. And tomorrow we can have a big feast. Common enjoy food. Literally. He said come and we will have the feast tomorrow, right now. So Pamela, this he is offering them a celebration. And he's saying we'll have a huge celebration. You guys come as well

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and you enjoy the food here. And he's using this to basically see if they can stay longer. And there is no doubt at the heart of the process of was in Makkah even though he was now in Medina, there is no doubt that MCC is his birthplace. Mecca is the city that he has raised and it is that the city that he feels emotional about, however the chorus would not budge.

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And what I said the hedge a few times, we don't need your food is being a little bit rude here, we don't need your food, you know is basically three days three days he and he said I'm like can we get out of here. So they were a little bit blunt in this but that was the condition. And the and so the profits are honored the treaty and left without incident. And therefore he was not able to consummate the marriage except at a place outside of UK called setif where they account for the night. And it is just a coincidence that a lot of xojo willed that maimunah on her way back many, many years later to perform an ombre, she actually passed away at setif, the very place where she

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got married, and she is very attentive to this day. So she got married at setif. And she passed away at self

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53 years later. No not 50 she passed away in 61 of big law. So you do the math 61 he passed away the final wife of the process and him to pass away. This is my mother and my mental health is her name. And my Mona is been tell her this is the sister of as we said omal father, she's the sister of my father. Now,

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by the way, we don't know much about my Mona Mona is one of those wives we have very little information about and inshallah when we get to the whys of the process, and whatever information we have, we will give it now. What we find from this is that their own words will cover up their own rocoto it shows now without a doubt that the tide has fully changed. That the muck that the Muslims are in the superior hand. They have the more quantity there, the more better organized that the orange are dwindling, and they're about to die out. And that's why number of Sahaba de converted as we'll talk about. Another fact that we benefit is that the fact that the process is renegotiating

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the terms of the treaty, even though he's in Makkah. So he's saying give me another few days, right? Even though they both agreed to three, it shows us that you always have the option to go back to the drawing board. If both sides agree. treaties can be renegotiated if both sides agree. If they don't agree, then you have to stick by the treaty. So this clearly shows us that the treaty was clear three days. Now the process is trying to extend and why shouldn't you try to extend but when they refused call us okay. That was the agreement. And they chose us again, renegotiation is renegotiations completely highlight another very interesting point, we look at the the the tactic

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that is now being tried, and that is to soften their hearts. I'm just married, let's celebrate, come and enjoy the food with me tomorrow. Now what is happening here, he's actually trying to win them over through another means. These are the same people that are abundant or that 100 these are the same people that have done what they have done. But now that he's in the upper hand, he needs to bring them in. And he tries different ways and allow them if they had said yes, and he another twist might have happened. And Allah has his ways, and Allah had something else planned. But the tactic here is what the goal is not to be harsher to kill them or to enslave them. The goal is to win their

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hearts and minds, right? So now he says, Come on, let's celebrate. I just got married, he uses his marriage as an hour is like I'll throw you a big party. He literally says shared with me. And we can imagine if the courage had come, no doubt he would have given them a massive feast. And this would have been another type of Dawa. Right. And again, this clearly shows us you know, next two weeks from now, we're going to be breaking bread and turkey with another group over here. Right? And there's, this is a part of who we are, again, we have so those that are ultra harsh and dododo this Subhanallah here's our process I'm saying with pagans, right, let's come and break bread together.

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Well, there is no bread, but you get the point, you know, let's come and eat together. And why? Why? Think about it. Why? Because when you intermingle in this manner, when you you know break bread together, when you eat together, you cannot your hatred softens down.

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Your anger comes down, right. And now that the process is to have the upper hand, he doesn't need to be on the defensive that much right? Now he can show them that look, look at who we are intermingle with us and perhaps a lot would guide them through Islam, but they were stubborn and hard hearted, I'm sure and again, the books to zero don't mention, but I'm sure the leaders themselves realize we don't want our people to go soft. We don't want our people to start feeling something soft against the Muslims. We need them to be boycotted from the Muslim so the process of showed friendliness but they did not respond in kind.

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One small incident took place on their way out of makup literally as they're coming out of Mecca, a young girl six, seven years old. She comes running after them and she calls out to the processor man his immediate entourage I'm young, or my uncle or my uncle take me Don't leave me in Makkah. So there's a young girl she has been in Makkah with extended family and she manages to basically escape not escape but run away. I mean, you know they're not going to keep she's not impressed.

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But she's being taken care of. She's an orphan girl. And she now runs away and she says, Yeah, I'm young. Don't leave me in luck. I want to go with you to Medina. And who is this young girl? This young girl is omata the daughter of Hamza bin de Hamza. Now, Hamza. He had been married in Macau, but he had divorced his wife so he did not have women with him in Medina. Right. But he had a wife in Makkah, and for whatever reason, we don't know the story. He had divorced her and so they had a daughter by the name of Omar Romano Binti Hamza. Of course Hamza has died.

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Not butter. Hamza has died. Right Hamza has died in oil. And this is his daughter, Amara, and Amato's mother. Her name is Salma bintaro mace and she is the sister of the famous very famous a smart been to mais asthma been doing this is a very famous idea. This is the sister of her name is Salma, Binti roommates. And, and by the way, Selma, and a smart, don't get confused here. Their mother, not their father, their mother was also the mother of maimunah, that the process of just married. So this is the same mother but not the father's. And so powerless a small society. You know, intermarriage is very common. And this is one of the problems when you start going here, it

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gets very confusing afterward. Because in the end of the day, everybody in MCI is related to everybody else somehow. And this is a tribal society, right? Everybody is related somehow to everybody, even if it's sixth generation back six cousins, seventh cousin, but we can trace lineages. And then usually when you trace lineage, you only trace through the Father. And that's easy to do. When you bring in the mothers as well. Then, of course, the mothers have their interrelationship as well. So you have cousins through mothers, obviously, and you have and so it complicates matters. So just to give you one example here, that in fact, Selma being the sister of

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maimunah, so the Prophet system is now married to me Muna and so, he becomes a type of uncle even to Amara, right You understand? Our motto is mother is Selma, Selma sisters, my more than half sister or sister through the mother. And now the process has just married my mother. Right? So said my basically sees a young girl. Now, why would she do this? Obviously will reading in the books of Sierra not mentioned, but they don't need to mention she's a young girl, but she'd rather be with the Muslims than with the patients is very simple. Right? She does not want to be raised by extended family, by her relatives and mcca she wants to be with the Muslims and this really amazing that a

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young girl How has she heard of Islam? What positive image does she have? And she's seven years old? Or maybe she's seen them for three days Allah why them again, these are stories you just have to you wish you could but you don't know. You know, but we can just piece in the dots that whatever folklore or whatever, not folklore, but whatever she's heard, whatever she's seen, she has a very positive impression now of Islam and the Muslims. She knows these are her relatives. She's never lived with them. Right? She's never lived with them. But she feels so confident to leave whoever is in Makkah who is taking care of her some extended family. We don't know. She doesn't want to live

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with them. And now she is going and she wants to be taken care of by the Muslims. So when they found out who this is that this is Ramallah Binti Hamza, so Ali, Vitali, he took her by the hand and he gave it to Fatima. And he said here, this will be now our IR team to take care of will take care of her. And when the others found out this is Ramallah. So they even had it they came and Zaid said the prophets Assam and made me brothers with Hamza. This is the digital, right. And so I am the brother of Hamza. So, this is my niece, so my family should take care of her. Right? Then Jafar came in and Jeffers the older brother of of it, right. And Jennifer said, I have the same rank as Ali in terms

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of she's my cousin, right? But now another twist of lineage here. My wife is her collar.

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So I'm married to her blood holla right. I'm married to her holla now a smart interface. We just said this. A smart been to your amazing

00:29:19--> 00:29:27

wife, okay. A smart interface will law what a woman what a woman a smart interface married to Java. And then she married

00:29:29--> 00:29:30

after Java, she married

00:29:32--> 00:29:36

we went over this I'm 100% sure we went over this word the notetakers

00:29:41--> 00:29:42

he's busy writing

00:29:44--> 00:29:48

Booba Casa de and then after ibaka so do Qureshi marry.

00:29:51--> 00:29:51

I live nebula.

00:29:53--> 00:29:59

So she's married to Jafar and Abu Bakar and Daddy, right and this is a smart thing to miss.

00:30:00--> 00:30:37

So, so as my base right now was with Jaffa okay. And as we said her sister is Selma and Selma his daughter is Omar, is that clear now? Right? So Jaffa said, not only is she my cousin mean Hamza is my uncle. She's the daughter of Hamza, my wife is her harder. So now the three of them began disputing, who should take care of this orphan. And it becomes heated that each one is saying I have the most right and it is amazing will lie. What 10 years of Islam has done to the status of women. When 1015 years ago,

00:30:38--> 00:30:40

nobody would have wanted this girl

00:30:41--> 00:31:18

nobody would have wanted to take care of this girl, she's a girl. And the story you don't want to do is you would have been lucky if she had been remained alive right? moda to suit a lot. Now she's coming as a ottima as an orphan and each one of them wants to shut off to take care of her and they're having a bit of a you know, fight verbal that who's going to take care of her each one of them is bringing his merits that I am more qualified I have more right this is my team that I because you know who takes care of the team of the closest relative, the closest rather so all three are saying I have the most right and so the Profit System had to get involved and this is very

00:31:18--> 00:31:38

sensitive because no doubt whoever you decide the other two are going to be hurt. Right? And so he begins by praising all three of them, all three of them, he brings them a calm very high up. And so he says to eliminate everybody that antimony will enter Minka you are from me and I am from you.

00:31:39--> 00:32:17

And this is a formula that we give to be part of as I have said a few days ago, every blessing for alien added and the added Mohammed we give it whatever the cornerstone gives it we don't have any problem with this and our process and I've said to ollie, antimony one a minute that you are from me and I am from you. In other words, you have a commoner for Lila we were raised together in the same household that I took you in, you know, now you're married to my daughter, right? And so many other things that are similar I am from you, you are from me. And then he said to zayde that they You are our brother and our protector, our mowlana and tahuna were molana right? And again, this is to calm

00:32:17--> 00:32:41

him down even though he was actually the adopted son now he's not the adopted son. So nice things they do. You are my brother, like and Subhanallah even though the relationship had been father and son, right, but now he's saying you are my brother and you are my molana meaning my the one that I turn to for help and see and comfort Juma mowlana. And then he says to Jaffer, that Oh, Jaffa, you resemble me the most physically and in manners.

00:32:42--> 00:33:21

And Jaffa was remember any older than Ollie. And he was a gentleman in the process of what I think was a 10 years difference or eight years difference like it and him had a 30 year gap, right. But Jaffa is much closer in age of the offices. And they both were raised in his house, right? So he has a very different relationship with Dr. Jaffa than he has with it. Right? And so he says to Jennifer, you resemble me in looks and in manners. So he comes all of them down. Look, I'm not being biased against any of you. Then who does he decide to give it to? He says, Jafar, she is yours because a lot harder to be Manzella till

00:33:23--> 00:34:06

I'll holla demon Zilla till that the holla the mother sister is the same as the mother she will take the status of the mother, right. And so he gave the daughter Omar over to Jaffa to take care of and from this long fealty discussion, which is not relevant to this class, but these are the ideas that filters based upon right that when a person when a person is an orphan when a young child is workman who has the privilege to take care of him, is it the holla or the AMA the AMA is the father sister, right? So three of the mother have said the holla takes precedence and one of them have says no the AMA takes precedence right? So again, there's a bit of attention here and it goes back to this those

00:34:06--> 00:34:39

who say they bring their evidences of them as inheritance for example, because the Hata does not inherit whereas the AMA inherits right? So they have their evidences, right. And then the other three mother have say no inheritance is separate than child custody, or child custody is completely irrelevant to inheritance. So they have their evidences, but this is a crucial Hadith that because Romanos ama is now who can quickly tell them who is our models. I'm Sophia very good models. I'm Sophia and Sophia is alive right now. Right? But she's not handed over to Sofia. Okay, she's handed over to

00:34:40--> 00:34:49

to asthma and asthma as ruhollah so again this is a fifth point not really talk last but you see where it comes from the that these are the types of things that we can decide from but

00:34:50--> 00:34:59

the process also cousin, so that's and that's why she's coming she knows this is my family here and she's saying oh uncle's come and take me. So the point being that Subhan Allah will lie hidden

00:35:00--> 00:35:40

Amazing how Islam changed the mentality of the people now that instead of a girl being despised, now, she's a girl, and she's an orphan. And Islam has put into the heads of every one of us, we should take care of orphans, right? And that girl is someone to be honored in the family. So there are now wanting the formula who's going to take care of the daughter of Hamza. And of course, this isn't just any girl, her father's Hamza, let's not forget this as well, that all of them feel an obligation to Hamza as well. And that's why zayde even though he's not quite blood, but he says, look, the Brotherhood was there. And it's my responsibility. So he's now arguing, right, that you

00:35:40--> 00:36:18

made me a brother with with him. So surely, it's my responsibility to take care of her. So the process of as we said, gave it to Jaffa. Now, this is the the story of cobalt. And this is really one of the final psychological blows upon the crush, the conquest of Mecca is around the corner, there's really nothing major that takes place. In terms of political move, change between America and the conquest of Mecca, the battle has completely turned over the horizon are clearly on the lower side. And this is proven in the conversion of the final three people before the conquest of Mecca. The final three and all three of them converted right after

00:36:19--> 00:36:39

all three of them converted right after, which shows as a psychological impact I'm going to talk about had on the Polish, and we'll mention all three of their stories as briefly as we can. The first of them was Ahmed of Nagas, Laos, and his conversion story is one of the strangest conversion stories in the entire Seattle.

00:36:41--> 00:37:24

In the house, he felt insecure seeing the power shift in favor of the prophet SAW setup. And he began wondering what would happen if mcca is conquered? Where would I go? And this was especially true after the Battle of hon duck is up that I would have known as he narrates his own story. And he said that it became clear to me after hunted up that it's only a matter of time before MCE is next remember hand up was when really the shifting of the tide really began. Right. And so it became clear to me that MCE would be next. So I told a group of my friends that would look up to me. And remember I would have an analysis. He is the politician. He's one of the CSO, he's one of the

00:37:24--> 00:38:06

diplomats and he has been sent to the joshy to secure the release of the immigrants to avicennia. This is somebody else. He was the diplomat, the statesman, the politician. So he has a group that looks up to him. So I went to this group. And I said to them, that you know, I have been telling you that the affair of this man will Humberto saddam shall be supreme very quickly. And I have an idea what do you think? They said, What is the idea? He said, let us emigrate to new joshy and live under him. And he had a friendship with the new joshy and live under him. So if Mohammed ism is successful over his people, then we shall live under Najafi because living under him is preferred to us than

00:38:06--> 00:38:44

live living under Mohammed Salah. But if koresh wins over Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, then we are who we are, we can always return and make an excuse and the police will accept us back, right? So Amar'e did not want to engage in any more battles. He just wanted to live his own life. Okay. And this shows us his animosity was of a different type. And that's why he was more open to Islam. He just wanted to live his own life. He said, Okay, let's just leave and live and go live in under the new joshy. So that they all of them, they said, that's a great idea. Let us then leave MCC and the fact that they left MCC at this stage clearly shows us they know that it's only a matter of time

00:38:44--> 00:39:32

now. So the Ombudsman announced moves to the joshy and to avicennia and he takes with him the most expensive furs and camel leather and that's what the joshy would love. They knew this was his they loved he learned this was Mako was known for giving fine camel leather. So they took these five camel camel leathers to the joshy as a bribe, basically. And they went to the joshy and they visited him and they found out that while they're in the town of Jaffa is still inhabited Jaffa the student obviously at this time, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam had sent a message to the joshy through Arma, who may have been one of the Sahaba that tell Jaffa to come back. So now this is the

00:39:32--> 00:39:59

message to come back. And eventually Jaffer will come back at the Battle of klaver. Right. So this is now the message to come back. So Amitabh noumea is in town and he is delivering the message to Natasha. Now Ahmed is a messenger he's not under the protection of Natasha, unlike the other Muslims have Habesha right, Ahmed is a messenger he's coming he's going to go back so and of course in the Joshua Muslim ama doesn't know about this, right? So Allah says

00:40:00--> 00:40:50

that lets me ask permission from the joshy. If we can kill this invoice and get rid of him, in order that the Quraysh will then respect me, in order that the I have a privilege over the aurash, just for revenge basically. So he entered in upon the joshy, he gave him all of the, the the fur and the leather. And He then asked permission to kill me the messenger of the messenger of the process of him. And he says, This man, he represents someone whom we despise, and he has killed many of our noble men, will you allow me to kill him in revenge for all the people that that basically the Muslims have killed? At this dinner, Josh, he got so angry that his face became clouded with anger.

00:40:51--> 00:41:35

And he took his hand and he smacked it on his own nose. Now we can assume that this was an expression of disgust and anger in their culture. Right? That we can assume that this is something that is expressing extreme revulsion. Like how could you ask this of me and armor says, I'm gonna now says that I became so terrified when I saw his anger, because this is the Emperor now, you know, at that I thought, I wish the Earth would just open up and I would just be swallowed that I didn't have to now, you know, see what is going to be next. And as soon as he sees the anger, you know, falls down and and and says, I am sorry, I did not know you would get so angry. And if I knew you

00:41:35--> 00:41:58

would get so angry, I would never have asked this of you. And then a joshy says that do you ask me to hand over to you, the envoy of the one whom the Great Spirit descends upon? Now moussaka, you want me to hand over his envoy to you the same spirit, the now moves that came to Moosa

00:41:59--> 00:42:03

and you want me to give them to you so you will kill the envoy of this man. And

00:42:04--> 00:42:31

I'm going to kept on excusing himself pardoning himself asking for forgiveness. Then Then a Josh, you said an adjustment now but how to relationship remember, we even in this era, he was the one that came a few years ago, you know, seven years ago, and seven or eight years ago now and told the Joshua to bring send them back. So they have some relationship show Ninja, she says, Yeah, I'm away hack, Woe to you. obey me in this regard and follow this man.

00:42:32--> 00:42:57

For what law he this man is upon the truth. And for sure he will be victorious over his enemies, just like Moosa was victorious over the fear around. Now, this is amazing here that Ahmed has run away from Makkah to run away from the Prophet systems message. And he comes to the emperor of the haberdasher. And lo and behold, the emperor of the habita is a Muslim as well.

00:42:58--> 00:43:00

And he is giving him that way.

00:43:02--> 00:43:41

And they say this is the only time that a tiberi gave their word to a Sahabi and the Sahaba converted, and the Tabby remained the temporary, right, because the joshy is not a Sahabi. In that sense. He never saw the prophecy. Right. And any he is a type of fabric called the Mahabharata. And Mahabharata means those who live during the time of the process of but never saw him. There's a category of tabular on there called Muladhara. Moon, and the Muharram is the one who lives but there's still type one who lives during the time of the process and what they didn't see him. So the joshy is a temporary, an amateur becomes a hobby. So the taboo, it gives that word to a person who

00:43:41--> 00:44:21

becomes a hobby, right? And that's an amazing, you know, you can ask a quiz question on in, in gatherings and parties for the sake of whether or not to impress anybody, right? That whatever he was there that gave the power to the Convert to convert it to become a Sahabi. Right. And this is the response to this that Naja, she gave that power to Ahmedabad allows an algorithm to ask them converted that would have been that he said, Tom would have been in the house that basically you're running away, you're and this man will be victorious, follow me and obey me in this regard and become a Muslim. So I'm was so overwhelmed by all that he had seen. I mean, can you imagine for two,

00:44:21--> 00:45:00

three weeks, he's running away from Morocco, he's gonna start a new life. And all of a sudden, lo and behold, the one person whom he thought would give him refuge from the process of them turns out to be a follower of the Prophet system. Think about that. Right? So I'm going to basically realize this is it, you know, this is the truth. And so Ahmed says to him, will you accept my Islam on the behalf of the Prophet sorcerer? Because he's obviously sending messengers to you? Will you accept my Islam? And so then Joshua says yes, so he gave the beta to the joshy for Islam, and accepted Islam in front of the joshy right then and there. And when he came out to his fellow companions, he did

00:45:00--> 00:45:14

Tell them what had happened. I mean, after all, he's the one telling them to come to Abuja. Now he's gonna turn around, and he knew they would maybe get physical with him. So he didn't tell them anything. And he eventually made an excuse to go back to Makkah. And so he returned to Mecca.

00:45:16--> 00:45:56

And on his way back into Mecca, he finds two people walking out meaning and not literally in and out but there is one road of muck and as he is on the road back right, he meets two people basically on this highway and this is a desert highway I mean, you're gonna meet everybody and and, and interact with them, you know, and so on the way out teammates to people, and these are Holly who lead and earth man even taught her and he says to them, where are the two of you going? what's what's up? Where are we? Where are you leaving you packed your bags, all of your belongings? Where are you going? And they say, we are going to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa send them and we are going to

00:45:56--> 00:46:37

accept Islam. The matter has now become clear to us harder than Waleed says. It's the abandoned ummah. Now, it's very clear, it's crystal clear that this man is a prophet. And I am going to allow him to embrace Islam for how long Isla Mehta, this lucid for how long are we going to deny this right. So I would have been outside what law he that is exactly why I have come back to Makkah. Right, that he wanted to come back to Makkah changes, affairs, whatever, finish up everything and then migrate to Medina. And so the three of them emigrated together, and they became the very last batch to embrace Islam before the conquest of Makkah. And when the three of them came, Khalid bin

00:46:37--> 00:47:08

really was the first to accept Islam we'll talk about how to inshallah today as well. Then it was almost turn to accept Islam in front of the Prophet system. And we just coincidentally mentioned this hadith yesterday in our after Isha halaqaat. Right, coincidentally, now we're talking about it today, where the process of them stretched his hand forward. And according to one report, Alma pulled it back according to another he held on to his hand rather than the palm. And so the process of said, Yeah, I'm Malika, what is the matter with you? And so I'm I said, before I embrace Islam, I have a condition.

00:47:09--> 00:47:15

The President said, What is that condition? Allah said that all of my past sins be forgiven.

00:47:17--> 00:47:42

I don't want anything to be brought up in the past. Whatever happened happened. Last is a new slate now, right? That all of my past sins be forgiven. So the Prophet has said, Yeah, I'm Allah to Allah under Islam. Yeah. Juma can Aqaba wonder hedgerow Juba, Makana Kabbalah one and hedger Juba, McCann acaba, who don't you know, are among the three things wipe away everything before them. Number one,

00:47:43--> 00:47:44

embrace embracing Islam.

00:47:45--> 00:47:55

Number two, migration and you have just migrated right? And number three hedge and the fact that hedges mentioned is our only hope

00:47:57--> 00:48:27

for us who are born Muslims. And we have emigrated this way rather than that way. Some of us emigrated. I have been born here so there is no immigration but for the rest of us Mashallah Hajj is where we need to be concentrating on insha Allah, Allah insha Allah so the point being our process of said, Don't you know that this is already accomplished by you embracing Islam and going for Hajj. And so this became the final batch that embraced Islam. So this is Amber as for hardest hardest conversion story as well as very interesting Hollywood Of course, who is Khalid

00:48:28--> 00:49:08

Khalid bin Walid and of course, Alba lead is a lead of normal era and a very Dinamo hero. He is the chieftain of the bernama zoom. And I've done this so many times. I hope all of you know now, who are the bundle maka zoom? The bundle mock zoom is a booja booja has tribe, right? And the boom of zoom are The Statesman and the Luma zoom. Were the ones who are the most rivalry and the most jealousy of the process. And there were three major like, again, what is the voracious composed of many small tribes, right. And many of the smaller tribes, they knew their level that we're not going to get to that level, like the bunny idea, which is Bob's tribe and whatnot. These are average quality drives,

00:49:08--> 00:49:40

and to be a quality you are already honored in the rest of the arrows. But within the kurush, they had their own hierarchy. And there were three that were at the top basically, right. And one of them kind of sort of dwindled out after Islam and two only remained the bundle Hashem in the middle omega, right? But pre Islam and the days of jelly, there was a bundle Hashem, the bundle omega, and the buruma zone. These were the three that they all had major roles to play in the days of Jay Z, and they would all compete with one another. And

00:49:41--> 00:49:59

the mo here was the chieftain of the Blue Zone, just like Abu Talib was the chieftain at the venue, Hashem, right. So what he did was basically the the most famous of the, the the zoom and he was also the official

00:50:00--> 00:50:17

Have the courage, the courage competed in competitions, they would send a family to represent them. alwaleed was the the official poet of MK nobody was close to our lead when it comes to poetry. And that is why when the Quran was revealed, they all came to him

00:50:18--> 00:50:35

that you need to say something. They all came to him, what do you have to give us an official statement? So he says, Let me think a while, right. And he, as Allah says in the Quran, this is sort of With that said, this is also known with death, right? That the Bible service or some odd borrows Takbir that from another

00:50:38--> 00:51:20

with only one hand up to wahida Allah says Domini woman Hala wahida was added to the Humala ma'am Duda Weber Nina Shahada, this burning one of them is holiday winner will eat he is referenced indirectly in the right way by Nina shuhada many children one of these children of Hollywood All right, well my head to toe Demeter somewhat monazite color in Canada Tina and Nina in hufa caravaca de he plotted and he thought in plant right from Kuta cafergot there may be curse look at our plant. So motility for paddock, may he be cursed again, look at how he planned meaning he had an evil agenda. When he was asked What will you say about this new Koran this new revelation he plotted and

00:51:20--> 00:52:01

planned and the law describes his emotional state of mind his psychological state and his physical state walking about in the house right all of this in the privacy of his house Allah revealed his wisdom with death in will law he one of the most eloquent passages of early Maka sudama death if you read it, it's so powerful. So any you know we don't we shouldn't say the Quran is poetic because it's not poetry, but there is some rhythm and rhyme in in with death that is very unique right? So Allah subhana wa tada exposed and what he did here in this manner, or what he does the same one, I was able to Allah and Joe Dharma Modica Louisa widow COVID a mama This doesn't

00:52:02--> 00:52:47

ask for the one who thinks he has everything. This isn't what it right so when even though Maybach tomb came the process of was speaking to unleaded, right, and Al Walid was a nobleman who, no doubt he was an enemy, but he was not a vulgar enemy, like a Boogeyman. He was an enemy that was attracted a little bit. And that's why he was listening to the Prophet system. And that's why the forum affected him as we learned from the Koran as well. And that's why when the process was giving him that he was so hopeful, then tip tip, tip ignore mimic don't comes along right. With this with this cat, the staff and then at what it says chin. You want me to follow a religion where these are your

00:52:47--> 00:53:03

followers? Thanks, but no thanks, basically, right. And that's when I was able to learn john lamb that the process of felt is so close, but he wasn't close, because he had given but he felt he was so close. So that's when I was hurt Allah was revealed. In any case, all of this is a lead on what lead son is.

00:53:04--> 00:53:41

Khalid imminent will lead and Harley the new lead, of course, was raised in the lap of luxury and the lap of horsemanship and the lack of being trained by the best trainers because his father is the chieftain. So he learns the art of war. And he did not participate in weather because he was on an expedition. But after this, he participated in every single battle. And in every single battle, he caused the most damage. We know what happened and it was harder than early in the Battle of the hand up hot it was one of the very few people who actually broke through the defenses, made it into Medina, he jumped over the trench with a small group made it into Medina, then he was surrounded.

00:53:41--> 00:53:46

And so he then wisely retreated, but he actually broke the defense mechanism. And

00:53:47--> 00:54:23

Khalid was also the one who was sent to her baby to block the Prophet. So I send them and the process of outmaneuvered him once again. Right. And, and this by the way, this little point here, that the process of outmaneuvered harder than her David clearly shows that he was the better military commander, obviously, because he has a law on his side, right that he was the better military commander that the process managed to outmaneuver hardest and still camp at her baby. And the story of Khalid's conversion is mentioned by Khalid himself and the first person, and even Catherine and others, then everything ended in their history, that Khalid says that when a loved one

00:54:23--> 00:55:00

did good of me, he threw the love of Islam into my heart. And I said to myself, I have witnessed all of these battles against Mohammed Salah Salem, and every time I have participated, I have sensed that I am being turned away, that something is beyond me. I have sensed something supernatural, right, and that Mohammed sysm shall be victorious. Then the final straw was at her debut when I met him at us fan, and I was prepared to charge but it was as if he sensed us and even

00:55:00--> 00:55:36

In the salon, they prayed selectel hoath when I thought Holly thought they'll attack during Sala right, Holly thought, don't worry. We talked about this, by the way, that when they were praying so hard, they said, Don't worry, I know exactly what to do when they're going to such that will just fire and charge right. And what happened a lot reveals a lot of holes right then and there. Right. And so it is as if he said, he knew what I was thinking. And not only that he outmaneuvered me at are they be after this incident, and he managed to outflank me and pass us by. And so he said, I realized that

00:55:37--> 00:56:19

this man is protected, that I cannot get to him. And I realized after the holiday be a treaty, that he will be victorious. Once again, this is very clear now that the tide is changing. So I thought to myself, where should I go? First place that all of these people didn't think about it is a person here. But then he says to Abyssinia over there, what am I going to do doo doo there and his own followers are also over there. Right? Then where should I go? heraclius Rome, if I go to Rome, I will have to become a Christian. And I will have to change all of my culture and leave my land and live as a stranger. So what should I do? So I continued remaining confused in my state until the

00:56:19--> 00:57:02

dominoes will fall when the Mortal Kombat took place, and the process I'm entered Mecca, and he did not find me and he asked about me. So my brother left me a message a letter. Now harlots brother, his older brother, had his older brother was named alwaleed Ivanova lead. So his father is what he and his brother is only. And then when he dividend Walid embraced Islam in the as a prisoner of war in the Battle of butter. So alwaleed was captured in the Battle of butter. And he became a prisoner. And Khalid brought 4000 did hums for his ransom. And Al Walid had embraced Islam as a prisoner.

00:57:03--> 00:57:29

And he waited for his brother to come and pay the money. And then worry then Khalid then went outside and back to Makkah, and the first night they camped, when Holly woke up well, it had disappeared and taken his horse and gone back to Medina. And he wanted the process of to have the money from the kurush. And he himself returned This is caught his first exposure to what Islam does, like your loyalties become to Allah and His messenger. Right, so

00:57:30--> 00:57:42

so on Walid wrote him a letter. And the letter said Bismillah R Rahman Rahim as to what follows? I have not seen anything Stranger Than you running away from Islam. And you are as smart as you are.

00:57:43--> 00:57:45

For how long will you oppose Islam?

00:57:46--> 00:57:54

And the Prophet system asked about you when he came to Makkah. And he said, Where is Khalid, and I responded, Allah will bring him

00:57:55--> 00:58:20

someone like him the process that I'm said, it is not befitting or appropriate that he neglect Islam. And if he were to put his talents and energy with us, against them, we should akun it would be better for him. And we would give him honor, we would prefer him over others. So my dear brother, make up what you have already passed, because many opportunities have passed you by wasallam.

00:58:21--> 00:59:00

Meaning what you've missed all of these great battles, and I was a part of them, right? Before it's too late, change over, or else everything will be gone, and allow one to the good of harlot. So he embraced Islam, the very last batch before the conquest of Makkah. So when he received this letter, Halsey decided I'm going to embrace Islam. And he thought to himself, who should I go to, to bring me company and we go to the process of together. So he went to San Juan Eben omiya. And so finally, we know Mejia his father had died and brother his uncle has dated brother, and but they were friends. So he wants us to find a buddy Romania. And he told him what do you think of embracing

00:59:00--> 00:59:37

Islam? And someone said, well, law here if I'm the last person alive in the whole world, I will not embrace Islam. From the only oroshi paganella. It doesn't matter. I'm not going to embrace Islam. So he said, I left him thinking this is a man who has lost his relatives and but he's not going to be interested. Then I went to my childhood friend, Eric crema in Abuja, so Abuja and his father are best friends, Eric crema and Khalid are best friends as well. And they've grown up together, and they are literally they are second cousins and they are the best of friends. So he went to his cousin, second cousin and his best friend, it could have been Abuja, and they're of the same age as

00:59:37--> 00:59:50

well, and their confidence as well. They're basically very close friends. So he goes to a crema, and he tells him about his feelings and thoughts. And he says, I feel that I should embrace Islam. It crema panics,

00:59:51--> 00:59:59

their acronym of panics and he starts raising his voice and yelling and shouting and it is the middle of the night and he says you are going to leave us with a lie.

01:00:00--> 01:00:25

This is not going to happen you the son of a worried you this you that how, and in the panic he goes and he calls Abou soufiane. And he calls others of the seniors of the whorish. And they all gather in the house of eczema. And a crema basically spills the beans that Khalid wants to embrace Islam. Now he's surrounded by all of the seniors of the parish. And according to one of the versions of the story, that

01:00:26--> 01:01:09

it actually came to unsheathed sorts, in front of harlot, that one of them said, If you embrace Islam, and this is the threat here, and if you if you embrace Islam, then you're going to have to face this. Now at this point, Eric Kadima himself, was shocked now. And he said, Will you kill him? merely because he changes his opinion. Now, Nkrumah then did not want the matter to get violent, or kill him. I just wanted to stop him. But he didn't realize that if you're going to set this in motion, the natural consequences this right, so it could defuse the situation. And a crema told them to go home, and he would deal with it. Right? So how did you realize you can no longer stay here.

01:01:10--> 01:01:57

And so that very night, and according to one report, he had also given that our to Earth might have been hard to do. So on that very night, when this incident takes place, Khalid and earth might have been part of how they decide to leave Mecca without telling anybody, and they both of them basically started walking. And within the next day or so they bump into Ahmedabad. And Alex was on his way back from Habesha, and they realized that it confirmed that all three of them are going to the profit. So setup. Now by the time he is the key holder of the cab, right, the bundle the dog, they have the keys of the cab, right, and the keys of the caravan is a great honor to have obviously, and

01:01:57--> 01:02:40

this is the one who is in charge of the keys. And so it's not even thought he also embraced Islam. And the three of them therefore marched into Medina simultaneously, or it might have been part of the symbolic basically, one who is in charge of the carrabba Ahmed have been asked the symbolic statesman and endpoint and politician of courage harder than Walid, not just the symbolic, the real military leader of the harsh right. And notice the three things put together here. The carrabba, the military genius, and the political leader, the statesman, right? There's not a coincidence, obviously, unless other this is clearly assigned to the Muslims and against the Qureshi. Your time

01:02:40--> 01:03:22

is up. Your time is up completely. The keys of the Capitol now, right, your military genius, your statesman, they are all leaving, and the three of them they embraced Islam, and they became the last batch of Muslims whom Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran, is the women common unfair common public for table Potter would like an album with a legitimate and ethical, cultural wakulla why the Lord Krishna, not same are those who embraced Islam before the conquest, versus those who embraced Islam after the conquest. Those who embraced Islam before are better. And the both of them Allah has promised good wakulla wide Allahu Krishna. Now from this story, both of these stories of Khalid and

01:03:22--> 01:04:03

Amma, we noticed so many things. First and foremost, the Joshua, his love for the prophets are set up. And he gets angry. When Ahmed wants to kill the envoy. And this love this era, we call this protective jealousy. It's a sign of email. And I've said this many times we should not be embarrassed, that our emotions are riled up when a lion is messenger, or mocked, or anything that is done to hurt our image and our faith and our religion. That's where our priorities lie. And we should never be embarrassed over this right? No doubt we don't get violent. We don't get extremist, but to feel anger. Look at Naja she is boiling. Now. You want me to kill the envoy of the man whom

01:04:03--> 01:04:43

gibreel comes down to write, his anger is just bursting, so much so that Allah says I wish the Earth would swallow me up. And this email is coming from somebody who's never seen the Profit System. Right. So this is a part of our human that when Allah and His Messenger are mocked and ridiculed. When something is done to harm the prestige of Islam and our religion, we should feel that sense of violation and anger. And this is a part of having faith in Allah and loving Allah subhanho wa Taala. Also we have over here that I'm going to knew everything that Naja she told him. But when the Joshua told it, it finally clicked. The joshy didn't tell him anything. He didn't know that this man is

01:04:43--> 01:05:00

claiming to be a prophet that you believe is coming. This is exactly the claims of the Muslims, right? But when it comes from the joshy what happens? It clicks in him. And this is human nature that all of us have experienced. Sometimes. The truth depends on who

01:05:00--> 01:05:00

It comes from.

01:05:02--> 01:05:13

And if it comes from somebody else, then it might actually make sense to you. Right? When I say something, get into a lot of trouble for this, but husbands when your wife say something

01:05:15--> 01:05:20

understood, okay, no need to go on. Okay? This doesn't want to be embarrassed. Okay. Tell us,

01:05:22--> 01:06:05

frankly, wise is a two way street as well. But anyway, okay. The point being it's human nature, that it doesn't matter if a spouse says it, right, it's human nature. Like, I want to hear it from somebody else. Okay? And if the same matter is said by a stranger, Oh, you know what, so and so said, Oh, you know what I heard? Honey, didn't I tell you the same thing? Oh, who are you that guy on the anonymous internet blog site? He said it? Right. It's human nature. So here we have, again, human nature as well. And this shows us brothers and sisters, sometimes that what you need to be thinking a little bit more broader, that it's good that that was given through different manners and

01:06:05--> 01:06:12

channels and mechanisms and mean, the truth is the same. And we see the same thing, by the way, with our soufiane. And oh, Sophia, and

01:06:13--> 01:06:50

the Caesar heraclea is the exact same thing that iraklia says to Abu sufian that are you basically are he didn't say this, don't say, Are you a fool, he doesn't lie about golden silver, you yourself have told me he doesn't lie. And now you expect him to lie about God Himself. Right? And that was the answer. That was the first time you know, Islam became something in my heart is the same truth, but it's coming from somebody that you don't expect it to come from. So this is human nature when it comes to that. We'll also notice over here, the psychological power to Hollywood, that the process is mentioning his name, the process of saying if he comes over, we will honor him that he realized

01:06:50--> 01:07:29

is a big deal for him. And you want to tell him Look, we'll also take care of you. And this is also a part of giving Dawa. Also notice over here, the concern of ambivalent outs and in fact, it is also said that Khalid asked the same condition as well, that that is almost an interval law can my sins to be forgiven one except to sum that concern for our that now and this shows us genuine Iman, this isn't just political, Mr. Genuine a man that he's worried about his sins Yasuda law, I want my sins to be forgiven now, when a clean slate to begin with. And this shows us again, the mahkum and the status of, of ambivalence hours. And the fact of the matter is that a lot of people stopped for a

01:07:29--> 01:08:07

lot. They talk about it in a manner that is not appropriate because of what happened afterwards, he did become a politician. He was on the side of why he did what he did. But there is no doubt that he is a Sahabi, a companion, a great companion companion who embraced Islam before the conquest of Makkah, and a fundamental principle of theology. This isn't history. This is a fundamental principle of al Qaeda. We do not speak ill of any Sahabi we don't doubt their Nia, we can disagree with their fifth and their political decisions. We don't have to follow everything above set x is hella and a bit more said x is how long? Okay, we look between the two of them. We don't have to follow the one

01:08:07--> 01:08:46

over the other. It'd been around what had this position of an Ibis, another position. Okay, we can disagree. But we never, ever, ever criticize the intention. The Nia, the Islam have any companion, even if they commit a sin, we say this was a sin they committed and a lot of Xhosa meaning of open sin. It is true some of the Sahaba did since that day. They're not Muslim, right? Only the process is Muslim. But we don't doubt their Nia and their Islamic their their sincerity to Islam. And I'm going to pronounce we see his sincerity in this one incident. And also we talked two days ago about his deathbed. And that's a different story. But when he was dying, the guilt that he was feeling, I

01:08:46--> 01:09:25

don't know what I did. I hope Allah forgives me that clearly shows a sense of Eman. And we conclude by pointing out that the conversion of these three people and I already explained their their symbolic conversion here that the keys of the Kaaba, and that's the religious conversion. Right and hearted and that's the military conversion. And that's the political, the statesman, he's the envoy, the conversion. So with these people coming, Willa, it's basically complete is a done deal now that the orange are basically about to be completely, you know, wiped out from the political power. And this was a precursor to the next step. There were so many other you know, expeditions as well that

01:09:25--> 01:09:39

took place after this incident but again, for the purposes of this era, these minor expeditions that the process of did not participate in, we will simply overlook them and then inshallah move on in our next coo to the next topic. And with that inshallah, moolah will fade on