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fill out, Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala sherfield Unbeatable mousseline Muhammad Rasool Allah is Allah Allah Allah He went early. He was seldom at the Sleeman, Kathira and cathedra for Mavado. Our brothers and sisters

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are talking about the situation in Medina

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where somebody tried to

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instigate the house against the college and vice versa. The two Arab tribes of Medina, many of whom had become Muslim. So,

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whole tribe had not become Muslim, but most of them only many of them.

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they were very quick to, to fight. This was one of the problems over the era before soulless Hassan came. The internecine fighting between these tribes had become such a big problem that they had literally killed off all the leaders. And when a wrestler from came because of him and because of Islam, and because of his influence, this fighting and stopped.

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Now, there was a few there were people obviously, who didn't like that they wanted the fighting to resume so that they could retain their power by having this you know, divide and rule policy kind of thing. So that's what was going on. Also as salam

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went, when as soon as he heard that, he rushed to them and he said, All Muslims fear Allah in Takala Are you going to renew your enmity, what you used to do before he became to Islam, and I'm still loving you without you. I mean, I'm with you, and you're going back to your times of Jehovah. Are you willing to bring back all the evils of Jehovah when Allah subhanaw taala

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would love for each other in your hearts? So what happened to you? And so they were so affected that they

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they stopped fighting and they hug each other. Now Allah subhanaw taala

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revealed Quran

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and Allah subhanaw taala said, I will we live in a shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Kalia Hello kita Bielema, Doc Fortuna vi de la Eve Allahu shahidul Dharma alone. Kalia a halal Geeta Bielema also do Nan's Iman Iman atta guna

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Tommy Shuhada warmer love will be all feeling I'm Dharma rune yeah you

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know to Taro for El Camino Allah you know to Gita by your dog can you do convert a man GT Workiva dog for on our on total la komyo to La he will be Kumaraswamy also

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what people are also oh my god same bill if a condo the last year our team was in

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La Casa de wanna total nine

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mostly more

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wire those will be heavily later he joins me on one of our Roku what guru on our metal here alikoum is

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lovable enough although we converse baritone for us, Baja Tom minyama de

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Kooning, Tamara shefa Ferrante Minun

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Hidalgo minha casa Lika Ubu Lola De La La Quinta do one taco meow come on Matt we ruined a little fiery maroon I will tomorrow if you were on hold I need a Moog arriba hula what will go home will mostly her own taco Google lady in

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a hotel room embody magia will be

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magia whom will be to

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whom either will now the

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last words that I said or say

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this is from Surah Al Iran. And last round that I said say and this is a meaning to the source and salam. Allah said say Obamas are Salam, O People of the Scripture, the Jews and the Christians. Why do you reject the Ayat of Allah? Why do you reject the science of Allah, the Ayat of Allah, the kingdom of Allah. Ya Allah is Witness to what you do, say, or people of the Scripture. Why do you stop those

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who have believed?

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Why do you stop those who have believed from the Path of Allah subhanaw taala, seeking to make it seem crooked while you yourself are witnesses to Mohammed Salah Salem, as a messenger of Allah and of Islam you are aware of this, it's not as it's not a strange thing to you. And Allah is not our not unaware of what you do. Or you will believe if you obey a group who were given the Scripture, the Jews and the Christians, they would render you will disbelievers after you have believed us rather than saying, don't just follow people,

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you know, and whatever they say, don't.

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You have been given the book and we have been given the truth and your enemy has been sent to you follow Him, not anybody else. And then Allah said,

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and how would you disbelieve whilst unto you are recited the Ayat of Allah. And among you is his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa ala he was ever seller.

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And whosoever holds firmly to Allah that is follows Islam then he is indeed guided to a right path. Or you will believe fear Allah subhanaw taala have Taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala.

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As he should be feared, have his Taqwa as it is right that you should have is taqwa. Be concerned about pleasing Him, be concerned about his music, and do that as it is right meaning for every single thing in your life.

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And do not die except in a state of Islam. As Muslims, with complete and total submission to Allah, subhanaw, Taala and holdfast all of you together to the rope of Allah subhanaw taala, which is the Quran and D.

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And Islam. And do not be divided amongst yourself. Allah did not say don't have a difference of opinion, let's say don't form groups and sects and divisions and hatred for each other and boundaries. Don't do that. So Allah Allah said, and holdfast all of you together, to the rope of Allah Subhana Allah data and do not be divided among yourselves. And remember Allah subhanaw taala has favor on you, for you, we're enemies to one another.

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But he joined your hearts together, so that by His grace, you became brethren in Islam, and you are on the brink of a pit of fire and he saved you from it.

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Thus Allah subhanho wa Taala makes His Ayat,

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this revelation, the proof

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and the science, Allah subhanaw taala makes this clear to you that you will be guided and led this is specifically addressed to the people of Medina, then Allah said the lead there arise out of you a group of people inviting to all that is good.

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People, this is the responsibility of the Muslims, he said, specifically, let that arise from you out of you. And this is addressed to all Muslims everywhere.

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The group of people inviting to all that is good in Islam and joining and maruf and forbidding al Mancha. And it is the who are successful.

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And do not be as those who divided and differed

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among themselves after clear proofs had come to them.

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It is the for whom there is an awful Thomet. So Allah's mantra is making it very clear and saying that don't fall into this trap.

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Now, another incident, I won't get to sit here for the long haul was talking to a Jewish rabbi called phenos. And when I said to him, you're Allah is poor. And that is why he asked you to spend in charity in his path. If he was rich, he wouldn't, you will not need to ask. We are rich, and he's poor. Now we will know Bill, and this is the issue of people who

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are both arrogant and stingy. Because they don't want to spend the room and help others. And when somebody says,

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give charity, and they say Why should I give charity? Help people? Why? If Allah Azza Bloody hell, if he has the money, you I mean, I have the money Why Why should I do that? Now?

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That's the amazing thing is that this is not for example, when I'm saying this Jews and this Jewish rabbis and just all these people that I know, this is not Judaism. Please understand this, right? This is not the Jewish religion. This is not the Jewish faith. This is somebody twisting that faith. This is somebody who is missing it and misinterpreting Judaism for the sake of himself and his own wishes.

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And misrepresenting it, right. Judaism is the is today we call to Judaism but this was

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Islam of Musa Sana

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How will our Musa is haram say that, you know,

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the human being has more wealth than Allah is that is not even doesn't even appeal to the, to the logic right? And it is can say that because he doesn't believe in God but somebody who believes in God in Allah subhanaw taala, no matter what mean in what shape or form, the whole point is that God is bigger, better and wealthier, and so on, then you are otherwise why why do you worship Him? So let's understand this very clearly. When we when the Quran is saying Jews and Christians, the Quran is not trashing every Jew, every Christian. And the Quran is saying, These are the people who had the Scripture, they had the correct faith and then do evil among them, they were those who twisted

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it and who, you know, manipulated it, and who try to mislead other people, their own people, and other people. And this is as a warning to the Muslims to say, you also have the, you are also doubted in that place where you have the true faith, or don't do the same thing.

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And I don't wish that done and don't

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manipulate and don't corrupt the faith in order to enrich yourself to make money and name and fame and whatnot. Do not do that. So this is a warning for us. That is the reason why our last monitor is saying this. So this version, as he said is our awards were so angry that he hated.

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The man then went to a source of serving complaint. So as soon as I said, I've asked him, I said why did you do that?

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Why did you hit the mat? So our worker said the father told him the story, but Finn has denied that and he accused

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of lying. He said he's telling lies.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala revealed Khurana just tells us also the position of

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you know I will consider for the law no

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matter where Allah subhanaw taala

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was witness to his truth that Allah revealed Quran Allah is right there's a lack of semi Allahu COVID Allah Deena Carlo in Allaha Quito and oven yet and listen very untruly Allah Subhana Allah heard this Lacan Sami Hola Hola. Hola. Lena Carlo in Allah Azza Pharaoh and I have an ear, so not to my god who To whom will Ambia be ready when all those who are there but hurry caught that he can be called dama de Id come on Allahu alayhi salam is Allah me lead IV. He said Indeed Allah subhanho wa Taala has heard this statement of those who say, Allah is poor and we are rich. Allah said very clearly this

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did not lie. And this is the man who lied.

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Allah said and Allah so Allah Indeed, Allah subhanaw taala has heard the statement of those who said, Hussein truly Allah Subhana Allah, Allah is poor and we are rich, we shall record what they have said.

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And they're killing of the prophets and justly and we shall say this to the trauma to the burning fire. This is because of that evil which your hands have sent forth before you and certainly Allah subhanaw taala is never unjust to his slaves.

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A lot of analysts

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also want

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you know, all of us and the last round that I said La Jolla wouldn't fee and why lipo one fusi comb Walters Marilyn I mean Alladhina O'Toole keytab I mean come leikam Amina Latina, Asha Rocco ASAN Cassie era, we're in dust Bureau, taco, for in Nevada, they come in as male or more Allah said than usual, certainly we tried and tested in your wealth and properties, and your personal selves. And you shall certainly hear much that will grieve you from those who received the scriptures before you

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and from those who ask life partners to Allah subhanaw taala. But if you persevere patiently and become almost Takuan, then very that will be a determining factor in all of us. And this is from the great matters which which you must hold on to with all your effort. Now,

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very important to understand this and not to lose hope in doubt.

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That is why also I mean unless

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and unless somebody is directly

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asking you,

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asking you

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a direct question about about your religion and so on.

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The best way of Dawa is to speak your piece. Say what you believe in, talk about what is important to you talk about the glory and magnificence of Allah subhanho wa taala. The importance of making sure to him and so on, don't get involved in debate. Don't get involved in arguments, because argument does not lead to

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enlightenment argument leads to anger. And the more you are you, you think you won the argument, but you lost the individual, right? You may have won the argument, but he lost the individual. Nobody likes to lose in an argument. And to have that kind of maturity and genuine desire to learn the truth. Where when when your arguments are destroyed, that you accept the truth, if you if people with that frame of mind would not have gotten to the argument in the first place. So the most of the times you're going to be arguing with people who have no really no real intention of changing their minds. And your argument only makes them stronger, more more grounded in their in their comfort in

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their denial and in their lack of faith, and it doesn't serve any purpose. So speak your piece, say what you have to say. mentioned your

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beliefs as clearly as possible and leave it in the hands of Allah sparrows. Please understand Allah subhanaw taala did not send us to convert anybody because the reality is we cannot convert anybody. Nobody can convert anybody else all the talk about forcible conversions on his garbage nobody can force anyone to believe something other than what they believe is just try if you have what if you if you are if you take go to a Republican and ask him to vote Democrat or go to the Democrat and ask him what Republican go to a Tory and ask him to vote Whig and vice versa, right?

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Go to any political party, anybody who's committed to a political party, tell him to vote for somebody who is on the opposite side.

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See how far you get with that. Even for live politics. Just go go to somebody who's who's supporting a particular football team or a particular cricket team and ask him to leave that and support some other team you know, you will probably literally depending on the level of ignorance and stupidity of the individual you will probably come to blows with that person or he'll at least try to attack when he you know, abuse you and whatnot. People get very passionate about what they believe in Imagine if somebody is not willing to change their mind about the God or football football team or something. They want to change the mind about God. So it's not a question of nobody can force anyone

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if somebody changes their mind if somebody changes their belief it is because they genuinely saw the truth of this new thing. Right? They genuinely that genuinely that nobody forced them. Therefore our job is only to present the buffet here is the here is the food on the table here is the buffet you eat or not eat that's up to you.

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You can eat or you are leaving that's your choice. We have not come we have not been sent to force feed somebody take the food and stuff it down the throat of the person no that's not our job. So never get into arguments never get into debating never get into you know all this stuff. It only creates I have never seen any good god of any of that. And that's one of the reason I'm did not debate with anybody.

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When he says I've been while with Alana to a beautiful honey some other time I will talk about that. But he said to them present to them Lila high Lama if they accept if they accept Lila Hill, Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, tell them that they should pray, right? And show them how to pray. And when they start praying, and all that has happened at this table is it then I tell them to pay the car, and then he said, Take from their wealthy and give to the rich. And when you take from their wealthy don't take something which they love.

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Don't take the best of their wealth. Don't take something which they love. And see this beautiful, beautiful advice of resources and the Yemenis at that time were Christian. So there's a reason did not send this I've been wild with Alana and say,

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you know, go and own them on the on the staging, call them to a debate and destroy them and finish them and on demand, and do Oh, he didn't do any of that stuff. Right.

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He didn't even tell them to go talk to them talk to their priests and their and their bishops. No. He said go and invite people to Islam. That's it. Go and present your case. This is what we have. This is what we believe it. We believe that there is only one per one worthy of worship and that is Allah subhanaw taala and we believe that Muhammad is his messenger and last and final of them believe in all the messages before him.

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We honor Jesus you are most of you already bribery salaam, salaam, all of them and on all the other messengers and prophets of Allah subhanaw taala was murdered that I mentioned in the Quran and who all who are also mentioned in the Bible is

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Want to be on all of them? We love all of them.

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And we obey the last of them because that is the final version of the same Islam which started from Allah when he set up and it and Muhammad Salim is the last of those messengers after whom there is no other messages. This is our message.

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You gets it, Salam Alikum, right. You accept it. You don't accept it up to you. We don't force anybody.

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So don't get involved in arguments. Never get involved in arguments. Let your let your demeanor. Let your flock let your manners that your compassion and your kindness let your helpfulness.

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Let the way you live and walk and talk. All of this let these be your spokes men and spokeswomen your spokespersons if I can use the word. Let them speak for you.

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Who are you who is a Muslim? This is a Muslim. This is why

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and don't don't don't

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destroy your own happiness in your own life by getting involved in in ridiculous arguments and so on. And so for the debates,

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it's a very, very foolish thing to do is stay far away from debates.

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Now the art of saying that dogs will bark when a caravan passes. But the caravan does not stop for that reason that people say anything. Even Even if somebody is abusing you or criticizing you.

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Why do you bother Is that is that person's opinion important to you? If that person is abusing you is using obviously he's using bad language which means that this is falsehood. Why is falsehood important to you?

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If a person called me an idiot, I am not an idiot. So why should I worry? Why should I get angry if I'm getting angry, I'm showing

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by my actions, that that person is right, that maybe I am an idiot. That is why I'm getting angry.

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Please don't fall into this trap.

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The very important thing to understand is that as long as the reality is that as long as Muslims are true to their faith and they are steadfast, Allah subhanaw taala will make the truth triumph or lies as it is the

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nature of lies to vanish Kolja anarcho was a battle in Nevada Canada hookah verily it is the nature of lies to disappear and vanish

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they were also in Medina Medina was the only place where

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there was this fifth column among the Muslims

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who were you know, they were known as the Manasa T. This was a peculiar thing in Medina, this was not there in Makkah, where it was clear the people who are

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who are Muslim, were clear and the people who are anti Muslim were also clear

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there was no

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sort of you know, people pretending to be Muslim while they were actually anti anti Islam and anti Muslim that was not their luck. But in Medina there was this peculiar

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thing which

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you know, which was which was peculiar to Medina and that was the presence of the moon after your call

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about this Allah subhanaw taala

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and there are people who used to

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encourage them and say that so I'm not around there is no way that did I know whom I am you know, come on now so call me know come I'm on a sofa. Allah in the home most of aha Oh ALLAH Killa moon were either local Latina, Carlo Amana with Hello Isla Zhao teeny Carlo in Morocco, in nama nanomoles. Desi, oh, Allah who your stars you will be him while your motorhome fields over here and here we are a whole lot set and when it is said to them, that is to the hypocrites to the Moroccan believe, as the people have believed meaning the Assad and the YG role

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the people of all the followers of source of Salem. So when this was sent to the veracity, that Believe as the people have believed, they say Shall we believe, as the fools have believed? Very they are the fools but they don't know. So Allah is saying, the people who believed are not the fools, these people who are calling them fools, they are the fools and they are so foolish that they don't even know that they are fools. And when they meet those

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who believe they say we believe, but when they are alone with their Shayateen with the witches, their, you know, their

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their advisors and also we share that

00:25:14--> 00:25:20

other hypocrites, they say truly we are with you, verily We were but mocking

00:25:21--> 00:25:39

so they say we are actually with you but you know we will be we're making fun of those people and those people are also selamat the Sahaba Allah says Allah mocks at them and gives them increase in their wrongdoings to wonder blindly, they will Novocaine are the only people

00:25:42--> 00:25:52

who are not manual Donna mentioned some very severe punishments against. And therefore this is something to think about. Now the reason I'm saying that is because

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the word benefit, like the words I have is used only for the people of that time for the people in Medina who are like this. So we don't use that word for anyone in today's world. But the fact the hypocrisy what made them when Africa This is possible, until the day of judgment. And that is what we need to guard against that we don't fall into that trap. And we don't behave like monitors, even though we mean in our case, we cannot be called when outfit because that's a specific term, which is

00:26:35--> 00:26:41

which is restricted to that time, but definitely it is something which we have to or we must guard against.

00:26:45--> 00:26:55

Because these are people at that time, as I said they were they they pretend to be Muslim, but they plotted against a solos and sell them and the Muslims did all kinds of things to try to harm him.

00:26:57--> 00:27:00

And they left no no stone unturned in that.

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Allah subhanaw taala said about those who return to cover and shake after knowing Islam of Allah Tada marunong Quran Allah Kulu with a follow her in Alladhina fondue Isla Verde him embody Mata Yun Allahu Allahu marudhar Shava No. So what Allahu Allah Allah that He can be an on call who Latina Curry who man as Allah who said Who to whom fever I did Amber on La Jolla animal is Aurora home

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for Kiva is that our photographer is that our first home will Mullah equal to Jada Rebo and I will do her homework at the bottom there Erica we are nomoto

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then he got the unknown Waterboro ma Ascot Allah Bukhari who Rizwana who Bharata Armando I'm happy by Latina V hello we marathon I lay your forage Allah Who are the one well known Aisha who go home fall out of the home Mishima home, while a daddy who won a diary of unknown theory Phila Hannibal Cole, Allahu Allahu Allah, Allah. Allah said do they're not then think deeply in the Quran? Or are their hearts locked up? Do they have a follow up? Follow her?

00:28:30--> 00:28:36

Over right in order to also be able to say what Allah say Do they have locks on their hearts

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Verily, those who have turned back who have well stated as these believers after the guidance has been manifested to them, SHAN has beautified to them, their false hopes and Allah Samantha prolonged their term. This is because they said to those who hate what Allah has

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sent, we will obey you in part of the matter. But Allah subhanaw taala knows their secrets. Very important admonition about

00:29:12--> 00:29:20

picking and choosing what we will obey and what we will not obey. Because selective obedience is disobedience.

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Allah says and Allah says, then how will it be when the angels will take their souls at death, smiting them beating them on their faces and their backs. And that is because they followed that which angered Allah subhanaw taala and hated that which pleased him. So he made their deeds fruitless, or do those in whose hearts is a disease of hypocrisy think that Allah subhanaw taala

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will not bring to light all their hidden ills. Had he will geladeira Allah who we would have shown them to you

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And you should have known them had we wilt. Allah said I had we will, we would have shown them to me we showed them their deeds from their hearts, and you should have known them by their marks, but surely we will know them by the tone of their speech. And Allah subhanaw taala knows all your deeds.

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I was just as

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we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us

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to be true to what he said, and not to fall into hypocrisy in word or deed. For Salah Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was abused by him, you're likely to get what I mean.