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The segment discusses the importance of achieving perfection and reaching a weight that is difficult to achieve. The success of achieving perfection is a result of striving for it, and people often see themselves as the ones who are doing the best. The segment also touches on the need for striving to benefit others and encourages people to use their success to benefit others. A speaker mentions a family program and a trip to the airport.

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In Al Hamdulillah Neff meadow monastery you know what I still feel whenever we learn you enjoy the unforeseen Oman insane yeah Dr. Marina my EFT healer Villa woman usually for her Deanna watershed

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in Nepal the hula Sherry cada when Mohamed Naboo also so someone was who he was he was the US and intestine team and Kathy

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rebounder wall who see C'mon FCB tabula rasa gel. Come out Baba Baba Subhana wa Tada. Bear the rules we'll be learning in a shape on a machine Bismillah

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Yeah, Yohannes interpreter of the common lady Hello, welcome enough Singh Wahida Wakanda coming has Jaha Welbeck thermen humeri John and Kathy and on when he saw what took a while and he just known me he was

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in Baja Canada and the camaraderie that my brothers and sisters, today we learned about the name of Allah subhanho wa taala. And then Morrison, and Morrison. Morrison is the one whose actions are all perfect and good.

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The one whose actions are all perfect and good. Allah subhanho wa Taala in everything that he does is perfect and good.

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Whether it be mercy, whether it be providing whether it be forgiveness, whatever it may be of Allah Subhana Allah to add up it is all perfect and good, for he is a Morrison. And we know that this name sounds similar to a word that we know very well. Which is exactly yeah, son is the equivalent to perfection doing what we can as best as we can, or doing whatever we do as best as we possibly can. And so Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says in the Quran in surah cosas will accede gamma

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in a big, almost kind of what Allah says we're asking what Acts you know, and do good as Allah subhanho wa to add that he himself has done good to you.

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Come out I said Allahu. Allah has done good to you. So do good as well. Now we know very well that when we learn the names and the attributes of Allah subhana, Allah to Allah, we are learning them to try to understand a lesson that we're going to implement in our own personal lives. Right. So yeah, seven, being good and trying to reach perfection. None of us will reach perfection, right? There's always room for improvement, but we strive for it, we strive towards it. And this element of being perfect in everything that we do is not something that we can achieve, achieve or attain. The beauty about that is that we constantly have to strive for it. We constantly have to strive for perfection.

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Allah Subhana Allah says in Allah Morrissey no,

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sorry this is a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, ultra dead even knows where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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The Law homeworks in your head, but xn enough condition. Allah is Morrison. He is the one who is perfect at everything that he does. And he loves when we also embark upon SN in everything that we're doing.

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So everything that we do, we try to implement SM and everything that Allah subhanaw taala does already includes the asset, as it's already done the best that it could be done. Now this is really interesting because when we sometimes look at ourselves in the mirror, we sometimes feel that something is wrong.

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We look at ourselves as hola you know what this hair is starting to grow a little bit higher on my face. My teeth are not as white as my neighbor's teeth. Right? The bald spots on my head became a little too early. Right? The aging the sisters, right and sisters will never talk about their aging, and we're not allowed to talk about their aging either. Right where the wrinkles start to appear. And then the joints start to hurt. Right in the back starts to become hunched. And we look at ourselves.

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What's wrong with me? Why am I not as nice as this person? Why am I not as strong as that person? Why am I not as kind as that person? Don't ask why. strive for perfection, implement SN in everything that we do. And no one understand that when you look yourself in the mirror, and Morrison is the one who created us. So the bald spots that's from Allah, that's from a Morrison and hamdulillah my teeth not being as wide as someone else's, and hamdulillah maybe their teeth are whiter but filled with more cavities, right? Someone feels pain in their joints and hamdulillah there are many people who don't even have limbs to use those joints. So when we think of the

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creation, ourselves, and we look at our own selves, thinking of ALLAH SubhanA which Allah know that Allah created us, and so we need to be pleased and happy with the fact that a lot more sin is the one who perfected us as a creation for Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says, What's a lot of accent so

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we're in a in the Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah says, What's a water come? And he created us, he beautified us, he molded us. The accent is welcome. And he did that in the best manner, what you need in my scene and we will return to a lesson

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we'll learn a little bit how we can implement a lesson in our lives in the second half of this football shot long data. A cool look at how our software works. Number 111 alameen wa ala Atiba to the routine, what was suddenly what was certainly more identity and carry him Lady Gaga sada two

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other brothers and sisters, as you sit here right now.

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And you blink your eyes, which you didn't even think you of doing. You've been doing it but you didn't think of doing it.

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Every single time we blink our eyes.

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Our body

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lets some lubrication go a droplet into our eyes to lubricate it.

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And this is why throughout the entire day, when we're staring at screens, a lot of the time our eyes start to hurt.

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And then we wrote them. And then it feels a little bit better. And we're staring and staring and staring at the screen and then we wrote them and it feels a little bit better. We don't realize we take it for granted that that a Morrison who perfected us as a creation has provided us with things that we don't even think of as they're happening.

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The little droplets of that tear that comes into our eyes that lubricates our eye. Without it, how would we even blink? How would this upper lid and this bottom lid of the eye? Right? How would they move if it was completely dry inside of our eyes? If we take it for granted. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says that he perfected us in in the way that we are as the creation of his and we don't know what's best for us. Allah subhanho wa Taala knows what's best. So now when we apply if Sam trying to do whatever we do as best as possible, think of examples of your life. Think of you're dealing with your parents, your interaction with your parents. Think of how we spoke to our children earlier

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today or late last night. Think

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The food that we ate did we do it sound to what was on the plate? Or did we throw some of it into the garbage? Did we perfect our whoop and perform the whistle and you know, trim our nails and groom ourselves and apply the perfume and clean our mouth and put on nice clothing before coming so that we can protect ourselves for a lot on tomorrow.

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Did we show kindness to someone who helped us park our cars and say Joseph Campbell level came on after seeing us I didn't want to know.

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Did we cut someone off on the road as we were coming trying to make it here for tomorrow.

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All of these aspects of our life when we give a sadaqa do we give sadaqa and we just give it and then we say Hamdulillah I gave it during Ramadan. Oh wait until next year on Amazon. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says about those who do good deeds levena.

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To those who are going to perfect themselves, those who are going to strive for, for perfection. The levena says those who are going to be good to their parents, they levena accendo in the way that they drive in the way that they speak in the way that they dress, the lady in Cirno in the recitation of the Quran, in their salah, they levena axonal inter sadaqa towards others, the lady in SEMO in the way that they make their way out to Allah subhana wa

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in the way that they earned their wealth. All of these are examples of people who do goodness and kindness and try to achieve the best manners in doing it. Allah subhana wa Tada says, maybe levena

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was good

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for those who strive at seeking perfection in pleasing Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah Allah subhana wa Tada says, a nurse now is for them was the adda

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what is a nurse now? The finest reward and more. Allah subhana wa Tada blesses us with the best of rewards and more. And how many times a day do we say this to our bene Tina dunya has done what's needed.

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He has done what Lina?

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We are always asking Allah subhanaw taala give us goodness in this life. Give us from the best of the hereafter and save and

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protect us from the punishment of Johanna from the fire

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and that needs to be shown in our actions as well. Can't just ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and then expect perfection to come from him but no perfection to come from us. Not even an attempt coming from us. So we ask Allah subhana wa Tada to make it easy for every single one of us to strive to be the best that we possibly can and to constantly seek higher and higher attempts at coming closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala a lot of us

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from the chemists have later had a runny nose.

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Majeed for barely kind of Muhammad will come up our work terminated. Early Hanuman Nick Majeed, a lot of you learn our

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alma mater Coppermine Sati Hey outcome of arkanian from Tina dunya Hassan,

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Hassan yada now Allah you are a Marxist allow us to be from amongst those that learn from your example and tried to do things as best as we possibly can. Yeah Allah we know that we are weak and we know that we are not perfect yet but we know that we are unable to do things as best as you want them but allow us to try it and forgive us along the way. Y'all know please make it easy for us to attain the highest levels of paradise and fifth doses adda Allah there are many community members that are that are struggling going through some sort of hardship some sort of illness elbow Grantham cure our sister Maha who is also pregnant and recently diagnosed with cancer yellow Please grant her

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health elbow please make it easy for her child loves these a smooth road ahead of her and make it easy for all of her family throughout this difficult time. Now love there's also a sister Maha and brother Hafeez and sister Sajida who are both in the hospital currently with COVID-19 and taken into the ICU yet about police craft and health and strength mean in the body are going to be likely certainly what

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we inherently show a woman can be well Buffy landed with korowai Of course, for the room yesterday.

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Shoulder to shoulder

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please make yourself

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straight heroes

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all along

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what do you need

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to see me in

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along with

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some young?

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Sudan where are they

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there's a lot of clinical brothers and sisters on the way coming in through loss of habitat bless you on this Friday. Just a reminder, we do have our family program on Friday nights. For those who are vaccinated.

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It's after right after slaughter. So please do join us we do have refreshments. We're studying the chapters of the advocates of the believer and we're currently

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the massage is coming to the masjid and attending the rustic so please do join us in sha Allah Tada also I will be leaving on Sunday and shut them off for about a group from Milton. So please do remember the in your garage and I'll see you in a few weeks when I come back. A lot of people will be making dropper every single one of us is unity and we ask Allah subhana wa Tada it's easy for us to be reunited once again soon. Which is located in Santa Monica

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today you're

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your way straight to the airport from here

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okay, Michelle, how long you going from

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Las Panatela take you there inbound safety training alone.

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I will make it easy for you and pave the way for your team and you're

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taking the family and it's good. I'm glad you're taking the family.

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I'll see you when we get back