Will Jesus Die And who is the Comforter

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Our guest in AI currently completed University.

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And my question is the explanation that Jesus did not die using the newest scenario to explain to me, it doesn't sound too convincing because a lot of people explain it in a different way to, to mean the death of Jesus and the resurrection of Jesus within that three day period. And besides, there are some quotations to that box it does, he says die. And another question is, if Muslims believe in the prophets, like Isaiah Jerimiah, in the rest, because they also prophesy about the coming of the Messiah and the death of the Messiah. So if there is a I did not die, then they told lies.

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The brother wants some information about the debt and the writing of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, and they prophesize the coming of the Messiah, and they prophesied that the Messiah will die. I don't agree with it.

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They prophesized that the coming of the Messiah and the Prophet says messiah will die, every man has to die. Even the Quran says, in Surah Maryam chapter number 19, was the mortality three, please be on Me, Jesus Christ, peace be upon him faith, the day that I was born, that day that I will die, the day that I shall be resurrected Jesus Christ peace be upon him was born. But Allah Almighty God raised Him up alive. In the second coming.

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He will come as an omelet of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, any second coming, He will come and he will die. Now he says up alive. Quran says in Deuteronomy, Chapter Four was 158 that Almighty God raised Him up alive. Even the Christian believes you're jailed. What I say that if you read the Bible correctly, he was put on the cross, He did not die. He was put alive in the sepulchre. Then Almighty God raised Him up alive, in his second gummy when he come, he will. So we will come again, not to bring a new message, he will come to testify to the Christian he never told that you should worship be but oh the law worship Allah Rob. Will my Lord and your Lord this isn't even mentioned

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the Quran in surah mindre chapter five verse Psalm 116, that in the next life, in the year after Jesus will tell peace be upon him Almighty God. He never told the Christians to worship him. But he said with Allah worship Allah be with my Lord and your Lord. I hope this clarifies better.

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Yeah, but how they describe his debt that he will pay our sins and things like that. Nowhere does it say, nowhere does it say he will pay for the sins. This is the teachings of Paul, not have discussed peace be upon him. Point out a single verse of the Bible, where Jesus Christ peace be upon him says, I will pay for the sin. It goes against the teachings of Ezekiel, I'm talking of the prophets. Now Jesus, they owed prophets. All prophets. Yeah, I understand. If you read the Bible, the Bible says in the book of Ezekiel, chapter number 18, verse number 20, The soul that sins shall die. The father shall not bear the iniquity of the Son, the Son shall not bear the iniquity of the father. That

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means the father shall not bear the sins of the Son, the Son shall not bear the sins of the father. righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, the weekend is upon wicked shall be upon him. But if the wicked turns, he shall not die. According to the Bible, sin cannot be inherited.

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Sin cannot be inherited. Nowhere Did Jesus ever say that he will die for the sin of humankind. That means that portion of the Bible we say that is not correct. We are here to follow the teachings of Christ, not of the other people. You know, the Old Testament, New Testament, in the New Testament, out of 27 books. 13 books have been written by St. Paul. Now, St. Paul wasn't even an apostle of Jesus. He is a self appointed apostle. So what you're following today is the power line Christianity, not what was taught by Jesus Christ, peace be upon him. I do not believe in St. Paul. I believe in Jesus peace be upon him.

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I don't want to believe in the teachings of St. Paul. Is it clear?

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You have to believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ peace be upon him.

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Okay. Do you believe there's one God?

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I'm not done please. You're not? Yeah. Do you believe Jesus is God?

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There's there's still something you need to clear here for me please. No, but do you believe in Jesus as God or not?

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According to the Bible, it says so. Well, others say point out a single unequivocal statement in the complete Bible by Jesus guys peace be upon him himself says that I am God.

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It always says Worship Me, I will accept Christianity.

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Not the same as who said, If somebody else says, or does it make a difference when Jesus himself did not say, you know, when I give lecture in India, many of the Hindus, they touch my feet and call me God. Ultimate, when do I become God? No, because I quote The Hindu scriptures, you know how I quote the Bible? Some of the Hindus touch my feet, and they said to Moroni, does it make me God? No. Same way somebody else says, Jesus is God, it doesn't make him God.

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Brother, do you believe Jesus? Is God? Be Upon Him?

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And allow the Holy Spirit to Brother Do you believe Jesus is God?

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Yes, you believe in God. Yeah. Readily favors God. Choices yet to find quotations on that. Sorry, I don't memorize the quotations of it.

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But you know that it is mentioned in the Bible? Yes. Where

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you do one thing, let the other people ask you a question about them. You search. You search in the index, whether Jesus at God, you know, the next. If you don't know, you look in the index or look in the back. My question is not about being good.

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My question is not about this as being good or not my question to you, you asked me so many questions. I'm asking you one question. Do you believe this is not your question my question, because I love you, brother.

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I love you. I was taught to come and ask questions not to lecture. So I came with questions. No wonder you can ask questions. Whenever they ask you one question.

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I can ask you, you know,

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there's no after I finished my Okay, how many questions you have more? One. Okay. Here's another one. Any survive the Holy Spirit. What's your question about Holy Spirit? John 14, verse 20, says, it says emphatically that the comforter is the Holy Spirit. But it says that that means there is a contradiction. You read in your Bible, open your Bible, gospel of John, chapter number 16, was number seven. Nevertheless, I tell you the truth, it is explained for you that I go away for if I go notice, the Comforter shall not come for a fight, depart Shall I send him?

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If it differs to the comfort or the comfort, our early days before Jesus Christ, peace be upon him came? I told that earlier, the Holy Spirit was there in the womb of Elizabeth, whether the Holy Spirit was dead, when Jesus Christ peace be upon him as being baptized, it mentioned in the gospel. So surely, it cannot refer to the Holy Spirit. That means there's a contradiction in the Bible. Like how I told you in my lecture, Jesus peace be upon him faith that John the Baptist is the alias when they are John the Baptist, or the Elias, he says, No, there's a contradiction. who's right, who's wrong you have to solve the problem, because I do not consider the Bible to be the word of God, you

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consider the role of word. So you have to solve that problem. Because you quoted John to explain that. So I'm also trying to, because I'm quoting John, chapter 14, verse number 16. John chapter 15, verse 26, John, chapter 16, was concerned, shall live in context, only chapter 14, verse 16, also the description it gives,

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it says it will abide with us forever.

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But Mohammed never avoided with us forever with us forever.

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He dies. This is the teachings of Prophet Muhammad.

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This is the revelation which he got the Quran, and he's saying that this is abiding with the human being forever. No one can change the Quran, the indeed has been changed, not the Quran. That means after Prophet Muhammad nor the messenger will come.

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Where is the Holy Spirit?

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I don't know. Where is the Holy Spirit?

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Brother? Where is the Holy Spirit?

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where is the holy spirit of a 17 says, no, no, brother, I'm asking you where is the Holy Spirit? There were 17 is giving the answer was number 17. Their spirit of truth whom they would have done in chapter 14, with your 17 models, you say, their spirit of whom their work cannot receive because neither sees him or knows him.

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The way the world sees him, nor knows him.

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They split fate of truth that the Bible was talking about. What are the mean?

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That's what does it mean that you explain to me I don't, I don't get it. I've already explained to you in my lecture, you don't want to believe in my explanation. What can I do?

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I'm giving you the explanation but you remember the explanation of the Church, which is not messing with the Bible. So what am I to do?

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This comforter in Greek

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is transferred from directly to us.

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The actual meaning of Perek letters is a good friend and advocate. If they say comfort I've got no problem with the original word is perfectly toss, meaning the one who praises if you go to the origin manuscript, Greek and Aramaic word here is very clear to us meaning one who praises if you translate into Arabic means Emmet.

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I told in my lecture

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it's talking about the one who praises that enter the name of Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem. Hope that answers the question.