Ramadan 2022 #04 – Expecting the Best from Allah SWT – Knowing Allah The Most Wise

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi over a cat. As we have explained previously, one of the most important and helpful tips that will make us cope with any trial or tribulation in life is to understand and to know who Allah subhanaw taala is through his names and attributes, and one of his names and attributes is Al Hakim, the most wise, when we understand that characteristic of Allah subhanaw taala, we will come to realize that Allah will never act upon anything, will never cause anything to happen without a specific wisdom. Now, whether you understand our wisdom or not, is another issue because our job is to believe that he has done such and such because of a specific wisdom, and that

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wisdom will always be for your own goodness. And here is a point for you to note a heedless person, someone whose main concern is this dunya and not the hereafter, will always face his challenges and trials in life with the mindset of doubts about Allah and His wisdom. Such a person will always question Allah, why you did this, why me? Why you allow such evil to occur and so on and so forth. Just like the person that I was talking to, and I was quoting him the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam when he said that a person may alter a word and because of it, Allah subhanaw taala will become angry. And as a result, such a person will be thrown in hellfire Allah, Allah for

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70 years when this man heard the Hadith, he said what you said Allah is not that cruel. One word, equivalent to 70 years in hellfire. That's cruelty. He described Allah subhanaw taala as being cruel, just because he didn't understand the wisdom behind the punishment and also the wisdom behind the importance of controlling our tongue. So this is something very, very important someone whose main concern is this dunya occupied with this playful and temporary word will always question the wisdom of Allah subhanaw taala but the trials for those who believe in Allah subhanaw taala without a doubt, is a source of strength and certainty about Allah subhanaw taala and his wisdom a wise

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scholar, if not all in less secondary once said meta Fattah Holika Babel Fahad el mundo I know Otto the basic understanding of these wise words is that many times Allah subhanaw taala will guide us to understand the wisdom behind certain events that we experience a life we will appreciate them and we will move on but many other times we will never understand why things happen, the way they happen. They may appear to us as evil and bad and negative. And no matter how many times we think about the reason we will never reach to a conclusion. But in the process of pondering, reflecting lies, the blessing lies the benefits that are far superior than what you were prevented from Subhanallah

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loving a man had nuclear May Allah subhanaw taala have mercy upon him one said, low on suffer a lab Drogba that if we were to do justice to Allah subhanaw taala let's let's assume that we can do justice to Allah subhanaw taala what will happen as a result Laulima we will definitely know beyond doubt that the blessings and the favours of Allah subhanho wa Taala upon us in that which he had prevented us from earning or from attaining from this dunya is far greater and far superior than that which Allah already had provided. Look at this. Why because we have that full trust in Allah subhanaw taala as wisdom whatever he gives, we are happy, whatever he presented, we're also happy

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because we trust his wisdom. So this is very essential my brothers and sisters in Islam for us to cope with trials and tribulations to immediately remember that there is a wisdom behind it. And it is always for my own benefits. If I demonstrated the right attitude. Another thing my brothers and sisters in Islam we should bear in mind and constantly remember is our own ignorance. We know very little about anything and everything. Allah subhanaw taala reminded us of that fact in the Quran. Omar OTT minerality me in law colleague of knowledge you've been given very, very little whatever advancement we have reached to today compared to the ocean of knowledge that Allah subhanaw taala

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possess is nothing on the other hand, whenever you are struck with calamity, an event that would shake you from inside out, remember, was a crochet and Wahoo

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Let them you may hate something which is good for you. You may love something on the other hand, which is bad for you Why Allah subhanaw taala said in the same as Allah Who Yalom were and to let Allah moon because Allah knows Allah subhanaw taala is wise enough to do what he does well and to let alone but you do not know anything. When I was bedridden for nearly a year, as a result of my back injury, I was desperate to walk again on my own without any aid without any help from anyone, I was begging Allah subhanaw taala to live a pain free life, but Subhanallah Liam little that I know, that this particular pain that I went through, and this particular year of difficulty that I have

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experienced, was the main reason for a whole book to be written, filled with ideas and tips and inspirational quotes from the Quran from the life of the prophet Muhammad, Allah Selim, that helped so many people around the world to cope with their own pain. So was it good or not? It was good for me as a reminder to uplift my Eman and it was good for others that hamdulillah by the will of Allah by the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala to inspire them and to perhaps deduce some lessons that can suit their own condition their own situation. So thank Allah subhanaw taala for not giving you always what you want, rather big Him to guide you to act upon that which is pleasing to Him and

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beneficial for you in sha Allah, Allah may Allah subhanaw taala ease our pain, may Allah subhanaw taala guide us to that which is best and pleasing to Him. Amin Amin, amin, a Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh