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out of alignment shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala COVID mursaleen syedna Mohammed Ali he was a Marine, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Islamic law

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and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen operation to Allah subhana wa tada and inshallah Allah Allah will be a witness that no one has the right to be worshipped besides Allah, we ask Allah subhana wa tada to bless us and have mercy upon us an entire solar system and all the people of this dunya May Allah make it easy for all of us. Allah forgive our sins and we ask Allah to send our greetings and salutations to beloved Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to his pious and pure family to his companions and all those who follow you soon until the end of time. May Allah bless the mob Nabil Mohammed Salah Salaam in this dunya Allah keep est for the hate and goodness, mela, protect us from

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internal divisions and external threats. May Allah unite us as one, our hearts in this dunya and maybe united like this without asylum and the deaf pm in general. I mean,

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he said that

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the list of countries that we speak about in terms of war, famine, oppression, grows and grows each time that it seems no country is safe anymore.

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For a Muslims panel that we look at from the east to the west, Muslims in Europe going through difficulty Muslims in America going through difficulty Muslims in Australia, Muslims in Burma, Muslims within Muslim lands, even worse, Muslims in the Middle East, and Subhanallah that list grows and grows and grows. And we see the sad reality when when we some of us grew up, it was always a system of seams in Palestine of Palestine came up bosnia came up now that lists we can maybe two dozen 20 plus countries that we mentioned. And today we begin a series something which we haven't spoken about, and what's happening right now in a part of the world. We perhaps the most extreme

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form of

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I would say racial extermination. So perhaps of the killing of people to that extent, but to wipe out an identity to wipe out a religion to wipe out a culture civilization, most calculated diabolical form of cultural genocide that has happened since Nazi Germany haven't seen something on the scale. Like is happening right now in China. And so we'll talk today and next week maps to three weeks on the issues of Islam in China, and what's happening there. And we begin with this words of warning from Allah subhanho wa Taala. In fact, it's not a warning, it's a promise from our last panel data to all the oppressed people and all the places Allah Subhana Allah says in Surah Rahim

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Allah Allah.

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Allah says and never ever think that Allah is underway, Allah doesn't know what the volume in the volume are doing. Allah says to the oppressor, the corrupt person. And usually and I say this very importantly, when we think of oppressors, we immediately think of the President, the king, the ruler, you and I could be the oppressor, how we feed our families, our neighbors, our employees, our employees, vanilla, how we treat our colleagues, co workers, we could be the appraiser, we could be the one that people live in fear of what is oppression, oppression is when you take the help of someone else, whether it is financial, whether it is physical rights, whether it's his his honor, is

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his name. Islam comes to protect that you harm someone's dignity, when you are a volume and a loss of biodiversity. So don't ever think Allah is unaware of what these places are doing. Allah knows very, very well, what's happening in China, what's happening in Syria, what's happening in Yemen, in Burma, Allah knows better than we know. He knows all the tears and the wounds and the operation. Also don't think I don't know what's happening in NEMA Julio min Tasha, Tasha Sufi Bazaar, Allah says we only give them a rope, we only give them a delay. Until a day comes when the eyes will stay in order and shock, the eyes of all the appraisers will look with fear and in harder, racing ahead,

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running back and forth, not knowing what to do the heads up and down, glancing and then coming back down, and their hearts are empty. Either to him how the hearts empty meaning they've lost all hope. Anyone who has committed oppression in this dunya resources, anyone that you've harmed citylit now before they comes with is no more chance for maths. There's no more theorems and dinars to settle things, anyone that you've harmed. So let's not talk about the big operation for each and every one of us people that we've heard in the dunia people's rights we've taken with honor we've taken don't wait for this day, this ayah Allah says you will come find a day we will stay in order and there's

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no way to run on that day. So Allah forgive us for our mistakes. Allah pardon us, Allah. Let those who commit operation within become aware of what they're doing, because time will come in a level tickety tribution Allah protect us I mean

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Talk a little bit about China and a country which I'm sure you all know, as I'm sure if anyone here does not know what China is, I don't know what planet you're on. But this is country called China. Right? It's in the east of the world, the fault of the East, just some facts on this country. 1.4 billion people, you know, will, this planet has 8 billion people, 1.4 of them live in China. So by far the biggest country in terms of population, it is the third biggest country in terms of size. It is the second largest country in terms of economy, financial power, it is the largest exporter of goods, meaning most of the things that we buy, we know made in China, we all know that made in

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China. It has the largest standing army in the world, by number by people. It is the biggest army in the world. This is a superpower or emerging superpower, that the only country really that is

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that gives America pause we are america is the most powerful nation in the world. And so Anima you know, what's the side note? When you do history and I'm doing Alhamdulillah I'm very fortunate I'm doing a few history classes. At work we do the seal of Navy so Salaam, between the word of the Lord of five minutes released by a man on the seat of an apostle Salaam, within the Nigeria we doing the caliphate of cinema. And when you do and you see in time superpower was coming goes behind the law, at the time of Nabisco certain people thought the Persian Empire will last forever. A few 100 years ago, people thought perhaps the Spanish French Empire 100 years ago to the British Empire will never

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ever son will never sit on the British Empire. They've come and they've gone in dust. And the same with these empires. They come and go the ISA belongs to Allah, He raises up whom he wants today, and he lowers them and he raises new people. Allah gives the land to whomever He wills. So we shouldn't be amazed by these things, powers have come and gone. And sometimes just as a reminder, Allah says, Go look in the lens, you see the pyramids, standing the mighty structures of an empire, civilization, the people are gone. But the structures remain religious to show that the that people thought they will live forever. It is only the might of Allah that is forever and eternal. So this

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is a mighty country. And something for us to know, which is perhaps very important for us. Amongst 1.4 billion people, the Chinese divide the the groups in terms of ethnicities like in South Africa, we have the Bantu people, the cause of people, the different types of ethnical people fit fit inside China. And they have 56, because a very, very big country. And it was historically lots of small little nations coming together kingdoms, they are 56 different ethnicities, cultural groups, 10 of them are actually Muslim, so 10 out of the 56 historically, and until today, they have an Islamic background, or they were muslims for a very, very long time. And the major religion in China,

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actually the major religion is atheism. We know we'll talk about a little bit about this. China, of course, is a communist country, which they don't officially recognize any religions. But before communism came in, it was it had very it was majority Buddhist. And there was a very strong big Muslim population as well. And Islam Subhana Allah has been in China for almost 1400 years. Now if you look at this, the the the, the date, were 1440, meaning within 50 years after the demise of the prophets of Salaam, Islam had already reached China. Within 50 years, Islam had already reached China. We in South Africa, very proud, 300 years of Islam in the cape, and this when when Europeans

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a wasteland is coming into our 300 years, we only 100 This is 1300 years. So Islam is a very long history in China very, very long. And there was a Muslim, a continuous Muslim civilization. Yes, it's always been a minority China's they've been a Muslim country, but a very strong Muslim influence in China for centuries for centuries. And again, we say Subhana Allah, as the Prophet Muhammad predicted, he said that this Deen will reach the east of the world and the rest of the world it will reach the bottom here in Africa, the eastern China, the western America, the North, far to the north. We all saw that video of the cheer in Scandinavia showing how the sun doesn't sit

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everywhere on Earth, the President said and he said this when he was at his weakest just before the era when he was a he had no place to turn. And he said this Dean will the light of this Dean will shine in every way. And so behind Allah, the fact that we see this shows you the strength and the ease of this Deen, so about 1% you could say one to 2% of the people in China are Muslim, meaning one in every 100 people are listening that even you'd find being a Muslim. Still 1% 2% of 1.4 billion is about 20 million Muslims. 20 million is a big number. So Africa's population, but it's small in comparison. So you have areas in China that are very, very densely packed as Muslims and

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other areas where you don't find too many Muslims. Now. There's gonna be some names and terms in here that are different to pronounce the predominant Muslim group in China or call the Muslims, the Muslims.

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Have we not Uighur? We're going to talk about the Uyghurs that's a different group, the we Muslims like a, like we with an H at the beginning, how are we? How are we? Right? They are the original Chinese Muslims and they've been there for a very, very long time and they are officially recognized as a part of the Chinese culture. They speak Mandarin, they are not from Turkish background, they from Chinese background. So they are an indigenous Chinese Muslims and they are recognized as being the as being very, very long they part of the fabric of China. And you will see the China the Chinese government, yes, they have a policy against religions all together. And they have a policy

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against all forms of religion, including Islam, but they make different allowances for different communities, so that we Muslims have a lot more rights than the Uighur Muslims. And we'll see why there's a difference, because they don't see them as the same. From their perspective. It's a cultural thing. It's an ethical thing. It's not a religious we will say we now can be confused now. us when we look at Muslims, we don't and we should be this we don't care if you're a an Arab Muslim, Bangladeshi Muslim, Islamic Islam. And by the way, we've got some guests from Bahrain. You know, welcome to Cape Town. Welcome to the masjid. So we don't look at ethnicity. We look at Islam first.

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Of course, from a government perspective, religion is very important. They look at your ethnical background. And so different communities of Muslims have different policies in how the government treats them. So we're not talking about the Uighur Muslims. We'll talk about them next week. This is the Muslims that you see are being severely oppressed. We're going to talk more about the way Muslims who are the majority Muslims of China, how did they get the How did Islam get to China? Now we know that Islam reached China very, very early on.

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And some religions, some books of history, without a clear, clear is not mentioned that it's even the Sahaba themselves. That is China, we know the Sahaba with very, very far sides been able to cross the line was one of the 10 promised agenda, the man who really was the General of the Army that pushed over the Persian Empire and moved further and further east. Many, many legends about him reaching China and meeting the Emperor, although it doesn't seem to be academically true. But we could say from the descendants of the Sahaba, meaning the tambien already reached China and swallow it's amazing is we as an oma, we will not skate to speed this Deen and wasn't an army's and you

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know, fighters and even Doublelift Jamaat that went from here to give it was people that want to do business that want to travel and willing to learn. But we ever they, when they took the Islam with him, they took Islam with him, and Islam spread through that dow was never the primary objective. There was never an army that really went to China, or a delegation of techniques that went to China. It was normal people doing business, really business people that went to China to do business to buy things, everything that even at that time, things were made in China, but they took the deal with them. And that's what inspired people. And it's very important for us, because sitting here before

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me, you are not who Jamaat people in and you're not, you know out feasibility law, you are working people and you work in business and industry does not mean you can't be a DI E to Islam, it does not mean that you cannot bring Islam forward. In fact, you and my work ethic, your the way, the way the principles of Islam should shine through so much that our co workers and colleagues say if this is Islam, and it's a beautiful thing, then I want that we should be the hardest working people, the most honest people, the most diligent people that just as much as we push for our rights. Friday, I will come to Juma and I won't negotiate on that. When it comes to honesty when it comes to fitness

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when it comes to good manners. That's also my Deen. So each and every one of us, we are an ambassador to Islam. So the first generation of Muslims went very early on to China, and it's probably for the purposes of trade. And at that time, and we do a little bit of Chinese history, the ruling empire of China was called the Tang Dynasty like the drink Tang, the Tang Dynasty. But that time China was really a civilization. China was really a place of, of development that really built the Great Wall of China really by that time before Islam it would have China even before Islam, so before the coming of the Mohammed solum. So they were a place of learning and influence. And the

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Muslims of course knew that there is a fabricated Heidi disciplinaries to never see this. Take search for knowledge, even if you need to go to China, even a certain radio station all the time. The message is true. But the Navy sources have never said that. He never mentioned that words go to China. It's search knowledge, even us in China. But the message for us is true that we look for knowledge wherever it might be. Also side note here, even though this hadith is fabricated, the meaning is true. What knowledge would you get in China? Would you get Islamic knowledge in China? No. This is a hadith

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So so called Saudis, to the Muslims, go to China and find knowledge. These are the knowledge the knowledge is with the prophets of Salaam. It means even if it's dunya knowledge if you need to pack up and go to Harvard, Oxford to learn dunya based knowledge, all of it from Allah subhanho wa Taala. We are a people that consumes knowledge, whatever it might be. So even though the Hadith itself is not from the prophets of Salaam, the meaning, of course, is with the in the ethos of Islam. So the Tang Dynasty, they were very witty. And for the most part, Muslims and the Chinese we got along pretty well. We didn't have too many conflicts, there was a few battles. One battle, for example,

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when the Muslims now the Muslim Empire is moving eastwards from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, we moving past into spooky Santa Jesus and all these Muslim countries, right Islam is pushing further and further eastwards, the Chinese Empire is growing and pushing further westwards. Naturally, these two empires are going to get into a battle. And there was a battle one of the first big battles and one of the only real battles between the Muslims and the Chinese, with the Muslims defeated the Chinese at this battle, and wasn't a major major battle didn't change many things. But the one impact of that battle, one of the big impacts of that battle is that after the Muslims had

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defeated the Chinese, some of them were unable to escape. And so the Muslims took them prisoner. And they were engineers in that in those prisoners, and they had a secret that the world didn't know how to make paper. So the Chinese invented paper.

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And the rest of the world didn't know how do people make the state from how did they make it, and the Muslims took them as prisoners. And so in exchange for the ransom, they taught, we told them what the Muslim Khalifa teaches how to make paper, and we set up the first paper factory, and from when we started having books, and started having decrees being made, and this, of course, spread to Europe, and Canada today, the whole world has been revolutionized. The battle itself isn't big. But the fact that we were able to get the technology was something amazing. And they were the first major books where the Chinese start writing, but the Muslims really refine the sort of people

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making. So let's talk about the Muslims throughout the ages. In China, you find this a place called Shi n, that acts in in South Africa, the x is a click sound. In China, the x is a sound gn, right. So this is play school ci n. And this is the oldest measure really in China. And it mentions that when the Muslims came to China first, in the very first century, they came as traders, they came as business people, merchants, they were, they were like, they were Welcome to the Muslims in the Tang Dynasty, by and large, were welcomed as foreigners, business people, but they were honest, they didn't do any input any mischief. And all those amazing was when solid time came not just gemasolar

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time came, they would close the shops, and they would make sure that in the street. And the Chinese, of course, found this very, very strange. And as the story goes, the legend goes that this rich, the emperor of the Tang Dynasty, that these people, they don't do business at a certain time and they pray. And we investigate the founders being very, you know, he actually liked this, he admired this, and he was the one that allowed them to build the first machine here in Shenzhen. And if you go to this mansion, you'll find this dragon on the machine. Now you're not allowed to draw pictures in a machine. But this dragon is a special dragon. Because any building in China, which has the dragon

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means the Emperor himself putting on the Emperor is allowed to use the dragon symbol. So this is officially endowed by the Emperor, you can't touch that building. So this is amazing to think that there were hundreds of massages that were built in China through the auspices of the government. So the Muslims were gifts and they were welcomed in the Tang Dynasty, Tang Dynasty goes and a new dynasty comes the Song Dynasty, that Song Dynasty, the Muslims now have grown, they become part of the culture of China. They look at the budget even if the picture of the budget. If you go one step back, the picture of the ministry looks very different to the budgets that you find in Arabia, the

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front of the ministers you find in Persia, and this is something that we learn about Islam, Islam comes to a country and it does not remove the culture completely. It doesn't In fact, uproot. It brings about new models and codes, and complements that if you dress in a certain way, you eat a certain cuisine, so long as it's harder. Then we incorporate that you have sort of a Chinese Islam and an Indian Islam, Malay, Islam, Cape Malay, Islam, it's all of these things is accommodated. We don't all have to look like in fact, Saudi Arabia, the way the dress is not the way they dress and it's not supposed to be the way each culture and the country, you keep that Islam accommodates that.

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So you have a Muslim community growing, becoming indigenous inside China. They intimating they are preaching people are converting and as one dynasty goes, the Muslims rise up they become now Muslims are seen in the song

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dynasty as highly skilled administrators and business people, so they seen as external advisors, the Emperor would ask them consult with him, they would even call the halifa of the Muslim Caliphate at this time, good old days when he was a halifa. They would say send us troops, we have some problems. So the Muslims really play a bigger role with in China part of the development of China. Then after a while, you know, the Muslims are

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the in the Song Dynasty, they invite large groups of people to live with in China in 1279, a catastrophe that we've happened to the entire world. The Mongol invasion, giggy scan changes the complete you know that the world table he completely completely throws it upside down, he invades China, he destroys the caliphate, he destroys Eastern Western Mongolian invasion, and everyone is brought basically to the knees where the Mongolians and the Mongolians are very interesting part of the world in China and the ruling the caliphate, the ruling the Middle East and China, the Mongolians made a very interesting policy of controlling the people, they will take people from

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India or let's say people from Arabia, and make them governors of China and take Chinese people and make them a governance of Persia, one minority will rule a different minority. So with this, they brought lots of Muslims from Muslim lands into China to rule China. Of course, it was a means not to make use of the Muslims, it was a means to further subdue the Chinese. And at some point, the Persian historian says the Mongolians divided China into 12 provinces, eight of those provinces will govern by Muslim governance. So it's amazing to think of how strong and influence Islam had in China for a very long time. After the Mongolians got thrown out, there was the Ming and the Qing Dynasty

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are going to go into detail. But this dynasty, up until recent times, they existed, they always had the Emperor. So all these dynasties had an emperor. And this new dynasty after the Mongolians left, they were very

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scared of foreigners, China became inward, they closed the borders, they don't want to trade with the rest of the world, they basically went into the shell. We let the Mongolians come in they took over. So now we're going to go behind the Great Wall, we're going to close our ports. And that's it, no one is allowed to come into China, no one's allowed to go outside of China. That's why China never had colonies, like other countries, they will look inwards with other countries looks look for expansion. Now in this climate of xenophobia, while I bring this dynasty, this dynasty was very strict on Chinese identity and who Chinese were, they still included Muslims, as part of the fabric

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of China, they outlawed many religions, but they did not outlaw Islam. And they allowed Islam to continue to build massages and flourish, meaning the point I'm making, but up until recent times, and this is for the Chinese people to know, up until about 100 years ago, Islam was very, very much part and parcel of Chinese identity, what it means to be Chinese, you could be a Muslim, and it was not seen as a Arabian group of people we Persian for people, it was Chinese for a very long time. It's only in the last 100 years that things have changed. So what happened 200 years ago, as we say, China has always had an imperial and it always had an emperor. And two new ideas were forming in the

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world. But to about 100 years ago, the world was catching up to two new ideas. One idea was communism, you overthrow the government and the land belongs to us all. That's one group. And another, you know, thought that is basically the predominant thought today, democracy, democracy, the people who

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both these ideas into China in 1912, but not one, not 107 years ago, 100 years ago, these two ideas, one group calling for democracy, one group calling for communism against the Emperor. And they joined up together and they overthrew the Emperor, there was a revolution. And initially China was going the form of democracy, they were going to be like the West. They were going to be like the West.

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And what's happening, they were going to follow the route of European Western democracy. they overthrew the Emperor, and that was the end of 5000 years of Imperial has finished overnight. And now the people are ruling, and at this time between for 20 years now through democracy, Islam really flourishes. You found for the first time Muslims going to another university, Muslims leaving and now because remember, China was locked down under the Ming Dynasty. Now it's opened up again, Muslims are moving throughout the world. In fact, the first Muslims in Australia, New Zealand, Australia, New Zealand, are Chinese Muslims coming down Subhanallah even you know myself. In the

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Islamic University of Medina, the biggest group of students of Chinese, Nigerian and Chinese at the most most students, we have about 30 students from South Africa. They had about 300 students, my closest classmate for four years we used to sit next to each other

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From China, right? My friend from China, I have lost contact with his frontal lobe is okay. You know, but Islam flourished and Islam was allowed to spread very, very freely within within China.

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When something again happens, and this is after the Chinese revolution, interesting point here, this quote,

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China also is very, very predominant Sufi.

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The Islam came from a Sufi background. And so when the revolution occurred, and they overthrew the Emperor, they said, Now, who is Chinese? What what makes you Chinese? And they said, the Muslims, are you part of China or not. And so they hit up the Muslims of China, he says, our lives, our livelihoods, our graves are in China, we have been good Chinese citizens, and will net we are part of the five great nations of China's that five big nations, we are one of that five that we Muslims are very much part of what it means to be China. And so Islam seems to be going well, I mean, the second world war breaks out, second world war breaks out. And when this happens, the Japanese invade

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China. And it's a very dark part of history. What the Japanese did in China was perhaps even worse than what the Nazis did. It was the Nazis that actually sold the Japanese guys, you're going overboard, the way they raped and murdered and killed the Chinese people. China's very, very backward at that time compared to Japan, which was a very strong military, they came in, in units panel, and these were Muslim people, these the just just the Muslims are very small minority. They destroyed over 200 massages, within a few years to write 200 massages in a few years. Now, what did they do to the rest of the population, the the biggest discount of world war two wasn't really in

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Europe was more in China, China's suffered of the most in terms of what happened during World War Two. And because this was such a shock to the Chinese system, that they latched on to an extreme view, communism, they found common when you push to such a limit, and we see this in politics, when everything is so bad, you move to extremes. And when all the solutions don't work, so imperialism didn't work. We went through democracy didn't work, nothing is working. So you latch on to a view that is completely left side. And so communism is what the people latched on to. And at the end of World War Two, the Communist Party emerges as the rulers of China, so 1949 not very long ago, we're

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not even talking 180 years ago, 80 years ago, the Communist Party takes over and they are ruling China. Mao Zedong, right? Mao Zedong ism Islam. And he brings about communist rule and of the principles of communism is that the old world of culture, religion, identity, gender, all these things we push to a side. Now, this is you know, communism is very strongly atheistic, it's full, but it basically forbidden religion, for religion became outlawed in to be to be, you know,

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in many words, officially, religions are outlawed, religions are not part of what it means to be a communist. And so a large campaign for the last eight years has been to remove religion from the identity of Chinese. So what do you really what do you ascribe to in China, your allegiance is to the country, to the Communist Party, to the state, this is Europe, Europe, your load is the state, you use vanilla in the way with the way we teach our children solos, they teach the children songs of the Communist Party, they teach them with pictures, like you know, we have maybe records on the wall. We don't have pictures of if people but they would have pictures of the ruler, you know, of

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the founders, that the Constitution of the child of the Communist Party is like sacred, it can't be changed, because it's almost divine. So they've replaced religion was communism, this is the really the religion of the state. And of course, the purpose is, of course, those on top. They benefit and they prosper from it. It's not a real communism, communism is we everyone lives equally surely the new the rulers of China, the rulers of communism, they don't live equally like the man on the street. But there are the two means of subjugation. So now the Muslims, what does this mean for the Muslims who have been there for 1300 years? What does it mean for them? What's it like to be a

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Muslim in China?

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So that we Muslims, the Muslims, as we said, the Muslims that are indigenous to China, they've been the for centuries, they are being restricted. And for them,

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religion is only allowed to be practiced personally meaning no public displays, you can't make sure on the road. You can't give Iran you can't build in a certain way. Religion is a private thing. You keep it personal. It even a new law came out. This is the we Muslims, that they can't send the kids to Madras. Children are not allowed to be taught religion. Only way

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They're 18 they can decide if they want to follow the vision or not. You're not allowed to teach your kids Islam. You can't send them to school. No hierarchy is allowed in the masjid. The imams of the masjid are appointed by the Chinese themselves. So they have government madrassas. And so those imams are the ones that teach in them are allowed to lead to solder. So, as I said, you have hundreds of people that have studied in other in Germany, Samia and Medina, in the great centers of Islam, but they have no they have no official business, teaching Islam not allowed to teach Islam legally. Of course I'm sure privately

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privately we no one else knows they're teaching but this is when you do this what do you think happens to Islam and so those of us who go you know those who've been to China they will know that Islam is practice on a very you know, it's becoming a very superficial with each generation, more and more of Islam is lost. It's becoming only an identity thing. We don't eat pork, we have certain rituals, we do it our nikka certain rituals of the janazah Sutra if you look at the things the only old men attend the masjid only the old ladies we you know a wing hijab. Slowly the religion is being lost, so oppression is always bad. One of the things it does, it stifles religion

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so major restrictions and this is getting worse. Now this is for the we Muslims. The Uighur Muslims are 10 times worse than this. The Uighur Muslims are not part are not seen as Chinese, they are seen as outsiders the senior status and so if these restrictions are for the local welcome Muslims, what do you think it's like for those who are seen as alien, those who are seen as evil? In fact, the policy of the Chinese now to the Uighur Muslims is that Islam is a disease that we need to cure. You have Islam, we need to cure you of this disease. They will say any form of extremism needs to be removed. Now what's extremism? If you say the best man allowed its extremism. If you say a Solomonic

00:31:59--> 00:32:01

music's if a woman not wearing Hijab

00:32:02--> 00:32:12

that's below her ankles. We need to cut the show to minister extremism. We'll talk about the Uighur Muslims next week and Allah will talk about the Uighur Muslims next week. May Allah make it easy my last system

00:32:14--> 00:32:20

before I conclude some lessons, not a history lesson. The point of this lecture is some things five points to take out. Number one.

00:32:21--> 00:33:00

We feel sad when you do lectures like this. But look at how many kingdoms came and went Tang Dynasty Song Dynasty this dynasty in Eastern Europe was consistent Islam. They came they went they disappeared. Islam is still the Islam was oppressed, it rose up. At first we were on the ground and Islamic Estonia. And long after the Communist Party disappears long after this one or that one disappears. Islam will still be the ease of Islam will be forever. The oma might go through ups and downs. But that same on the same La Ilaha Illa will remain until the end of time is a promise from Allah subhanaw taala. And the greatness of Islam will never be diminished when hamdulillah. We

00:33:00--> 00:33:41

continue part of our Eman is to feel sad. This is the lowest form of email and we need to make dua so make dua for the people of the dunya make dua for those you do accounts vanilla, you do accounts you do awkward save a life. Make the ayah Allah you You're the you know every Juma alum sorry one of them significantly, McKenna will help the Muslim in every part of the world wherever it might be. We can't even list the names anymore. Do you know who they are? Make it easy. We need the entire map because the entire oma is bleeding the entire money to make door number 300. Keep saying keep saying Have you ever seen a place in the world that has the freedoms to practice your deen like this place

00:33:41--> 00:34:16

that we are living in right now. It really will live with all its problems and we have problems. Even when we we know certain countries Muslim countries you can't say anything about the government. You're just like in China, the Imam is appointed by the government in Muslim countries. You find in the western lands with all the freedoms Muslims living fear, they don't know someone's gonna come into the masjid and open fire. We only speak from my coming to my students to choose my only fear we have. So Subhana Allah one o'clock in the afternoon in the height of the business time, everyone knows the middle in the masjid Don't even ask don't even schedule a meeting you canceled the

00:34:16--> 00:34:56

meeting. You know when it comes even though we have multiple eat sometimes they know no matter what don't schedule anything. I met corporates. I've worked at two corporations, two very big big companies. Both those companies in Cape Town Salatu was Salam hanus Voodoo facilities. You have people who can't even say Bismillah aloud and they've been there for 1400 years with Viola have such amazing freedoms. Now, the man who is unable to attend Masjid or fast or recite Quran because he's gonna be arrested. That's his excuse. What's my excuse? You excuse the last word nudists? I couldn't. What you attend the masjid. Why is our message as empty as the message in China was the

00:34:56--> 00:35:00

problem here Subhan Allah, we should be thankful

00:35:00--> 00:35:36

For the blessings we have and don't abuse it, don't exclude it, it changes and it can be lost. Allah forgive us for not fulfilling our manner. We are being tested with this blessing. Some people are tested with hardships, you and I are being tested with ease. We are being tested with goodness, what are we going to do with it? So please judge myself first. We have been given a law, you know, fleeting, let's use it for goodness. This is our opportunity to show what it means to be a Muslim. If you give us the allowance to practice our Deen, how much hate and Baraka will come not just to us, but the communities that we're in. And that brings us to the fourth point, be positive

00:35:36--> 00:35:45

influences to the community. We are still minorities, don't take it for granted that tomorrow, you could be an outsider. Because we are minorities, I don't want us to be scared.

00:35:46--> 00:36:22

We have very good Christian neighbors, very good non Muslim neighbors. You know, they've been good to us what happened to them, Allah bless them as well. But things could change. And we should never ever become external to be beacons of goodness in the community. It is so wonderful when they highlight in the newspaper. Look how much charity is given by Muslims during Ramadan, how many people are fed during evil, how it will fit? How many people are fed gift of the givers This is we're proud that it's Muslims doing positive things in the name of Islam. So we need to work extra hard. You and I need to work extra hard because that's what our Dean says of us. And they for our

00:36:22--> 00:37:07

And lastly, our heritage, our culture. It will develops with time over long centuries, we ourselves know we came here as outsiders, we were seen as prisoners, slaves, slowly but surely that identity grows and each generation adds on to it. What is the contribution you and I will make to this legacy in this country? What will we do for our for our children in the future? What legacy do we leave and to the identity we add to it positively? In the past? We used to say no, slumps means good things. No they can they do work well they don't come around to work they others can they still say the same today about us today sadly, Muslims are seen as dodgy don't do business with him. A sense worrying

00:37:07--> 00:37:46

for us we shouldn't we should be the furthest away from that thing. So swannanoa add positively contribute to the society because what you do and what I do now has repercussions for generations to come Allah Allah bless us, bless all them slimming of the world. Bless all the people of the world may Allah subhanaw taala remove the tyrants the dictators of this world, replace them with people that are good leaders that are just and female a guide our leaders preserve the good leaders malice for hunger, protect and have mercy on those going through difficulty and hardship. And forgive us I mean, next week we'll continue we'll talk about the wiggers in Jing Chang in Xinjiang in China next

00:37:46--> 00:37:57

week inshallah, our class on the polar photoshooting unfortunately is on hold until further notice next month, inshallah as we know around the first week of July 1 week of august will be

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