Muhammad West – 10 Step Plan to Change the World – Part 1

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a weekend long weekend where people made mistakes and forgave one another. The conversation discusses forgiveness and forgiveness, emphasizing the importance of optimism and planning for future events. The speakers stress the importance of rewarding projects and getting rewarded for them. They also discuss the importance of avoiding major sins and avoiding major mistakes. The conversation also touches on the importance of avoiding major mistakes and avoiding major mistakes in life.
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Other learning regimes rely on Haman hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallam mursaleen say Mohammed Ali he also has a beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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man Rahim operation to Allah Subhana Allah and inshallah Allah Allah Allah will be witness and testify that none has the right of worship besides the last panel data. We send our greetings and salutations to beloved Nabil Mohammed solaria. Salim to spice and pure family, to his companions and all those who follow his soon until the end of time, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant the steadfastness on the student of Nabil Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and to be in his companionship in the afternoon in general, for those mean, well, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. Over the last few weeks, we were discussing this very important issue around gender based violence. And really, in the

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background, we didn't perhaps notice that the Islamic Nigeria clocked over to 1440 111 double four one, so it's a new Islamic year. And for us as oma, we take these moments, these milestones to reflect and we should take this moment to plan for the future. Because as bad as things are now we and we are as an Omar are always optimistic than a veto sometimes is the nature of the believer is that he's always optimistic, no matter how bad things are, you always plan for the future. So that we hope in sha Allah when we do this next year, Allah grant says to Obi alive Allah grant us that we have a good year that we say, you know, what 1441 started very badly. Crisis locally crisis abroad.

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And we know that list of countries Syria, Burma, Palestine, Yemen, we can go on and on and on. We have so many bad things that's happening, how do we fix them, and so that we hope inshallah, next year, we can look back and said, Hamdulillah, things have gotten better. But change does not happen. by luck. Change does not happen. Just like that. As a Muslim, we need to plan we need to be strategic. And inshallah today we'll talk about a 10 step plan for you. And for me to change the world that in this year, how can we make this year?

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A fantastic year? How can we fix the problems that we have, personally, individually? And then how do we fix the bigger problems? Sometimes when we look at the situation, when we look at how bad things are, we feel it's impossible. When we think of our own sins, and we look at Jenna, we feel it's an impossibility to get the agenda so far away. Jana is just for those very pious only those people that you know, never commit sin are always in the mercy that's only for them for the rest of us vanilla, whether we get there or not, is just, you know, wishful thinking No, insha Allah today, we will look at how simple steps will get the big rewards. And this is how Neville Sallam taught

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that episode Salaam. He changed the world. But he didn't change the world top down, he changed the world bottom up, grassroots level, small Sahaba, only a few 100. Only towards the end of his life, would he see 1000s of companions, and those few 100 that were taught by his hand at his feet, they were the ones that eventually went and the whole world changed through them within a very short period of time. So how do we what is the Sharia say? How do we learn from this in fixing ourselves and fixing the world. So these 10 steps in Sharla simple steps, hopefully will have big outcomes. Number one, we have now come at the end of the year. And before we move forward, it's important to

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look back. Because vanilla and I've said this so many times, life is really, really short. We know this, and it goes so quickly. If I look at my short life, it's been like a blink of an eye and you're really halfway you don't expect to get to too much, much more than if you're lucky. If you get a full quarter of your full life expectancy. We see life expectancies around 70 years old. 70 years is life expectancy. 35 years is off time. If you beyond 35, you pause halfway mark, it's very shoots, voila, the shoot. And when one year goes, you're not going to get that year back. And so we look back at this year and say another one gone. How many do I have left? Subhanallah that's if I

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get the full quota. Of course Allah subhanho wa Taala we so decrease we might not live to see the end of the gym is not to make you despondent and depressed. Rather, it is to give us a reality check that one year has gone by how many do I have left? What I see 4040 to 4050. But the beautiful thing about this idea, even if the past was not so good. You know at the end of the year, you always do budgeting you look at how you performed usually the performance is not as good as you expected. you hope to achieve so much you only achieve off of that. You know there's no maths when it comes to the corporate world you take the writing, but in Islam 100 is this concept of math forgiveness Yala.

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Here didn't go so well for me personally. And you can rewrite the past through is different or you can change the part literally, you rewrite your deeds you have already queued up so

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You and I have already could have Sr. We can read like the detail how beautiful is that Allah subhanaw taala allows us the last month of the year that hedger, we get that force of America to wipe out the sun. And the first month of the year Muharram, we have the assura, which also wipes out the year of sin, we hope that these things will forgive all our sins. I mean, but on top of that, we need to continuously make ecfr and Toba. We need to look back and even if it means spend another five minutes today Alhamdulillah with a long, long weekend, I'm sure most of you if you're lucky, you're taking Monday off. Let's spend some time in this long, long weekend to make an extra 510

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minutes of testified for the census we have done this past year. And we know the beauty of his default. We know this had it so often as Allah himself says, oh, son of Adam, as long as you call upon me and put your hope in me, I have forgiven you what you have done. I don't look at what you have done. Whether it is big or small. Just ask and it's a guaranteed forgiveness what you have done, and I don't mind. I was I don't get tired. How many times you're gonna fall in the same hole? How many times you're gonna say, Yeah, I made a mistake. Allah says I don't mind. Oh, son of Adam, if your sins were to reach the clouds of the sky, and then you were to ask me for forgiveness. I

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will forgive you, oh, son of Adam, if you were to come to me with sins that are close to filling the earth, and then you were to meet me on kiama with so much sun and you did not come Chico one thing you can come clean of Sheikh then Allah says I promise you I will bring you a world full with mercy. We should at least begin to feel confident to approach Allah.

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We should feel confident I heard a very bad statement. Someone said, you know, when I feel my mind is good. Then I make dua, when I feel my mind is not so good. I've committed a sin, then I need to go to a specific grave. Because I can't go to Allah directly. stuffit Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala is more merciful than anyone else. And that no matter how sinful You and I are a lost man's Mercy is bigger than that. We know another beautiful hand is not in the slides, but one that really reminds you of the power of his dickwad the truth about the man who goes to the desert, and all he is is in the middle of the desert, his camera with his water and runs away. Okay, so he's lost. And he looks

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for his camel and he can't find his camel. And so after a few days of without water, no way to go, you realize hold on did I can't get out of the desert. I don't have my my water. My camel has left me. So he gets to a point with so despondent. He actually digs his own cabin. So he's, he digs his cupboard, and he says, Alex, I'm gonna die and I'm gonna have a grifter and he sits in his grave waiting for this. And all of a sudden out of nowhere, his voice pops back up. And he grabs the hose, right to these provisions and he feels his life has been saved, and he's so happy. He's so deliriously happy. What does he say? He says, Oh Allah, you are my slave and I am your Lord. He said

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that out of not solicited by mistake. You mean, Allah, you're my Lord, I'm your slave. But he became so happy that he lost his mind. And so the point of the Hadith is the prophets Allah says, Allah is more joyous in a manner which befits His Majesty, then this man when you and I raise the Allah forgive me, Allah feels more joy in himself, then this man feels joy and his life being saved.

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As the Prophet also sees when he saw that lady holding on to her son, when she thought he died, the prophet SAW said, Do you expect that this woman this Mum, who just thought her son had died and saw him again? and saw him like as if we came back from the date Do you think she could ever throw this child into into a fire? The opposite impossible. So the person said, Allah is even more reluctant to cause anyone into Jana than his mother. So, no matter how bad the sins were, and you know, your sins, I know mine is a personal thing. Yeah, Allah forgive us. Yo, Ma, yo, Mo Farah is bigger than our sin. So please forgive us. Literally, right, the pastor is different. But now we move forward.

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Number two, point number two, we look forward, no matter how bad things are. The Muslim is always optimistic, and he's always planning you know, side note, one of the big problems with us as a oma from a machine level, imaam level MGC level, global level, we are the active, we are not proactive, we are planning we are just reacting, something happens and automatically we respond, something happens. And we don't seem to be on a horse going somewhere. We just take the punches and go as the wing pushes us. And this is a big problem. The province of Salem had a very clear plan. He had a very clear step process. And yes, things happen and sometimes you have to adapt the plan, but you

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should never ever lose focus of your objectives. And that is why it's Rihanna law. And I said this I think mentioned it many many times the very first had Ethiopians I bodies in MLM Albania say normal, the only Nexus had even really a law will judge us based on our actions will be judged based on our intentions. We all know this. And I know when we say this Hadeeth what comes to mind is now way to suddenly rocker attorney. Right that near which should not exist as we sit in the business have never ever said that. He never even says

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No way to assume oh god never said that. He only verbalize the Nia on Hajj. So what Nia is are we talking about here? Nia is purpose? It is the Why? Why are you doing what you're doing? What is the objective? What is the ultimate goal? We learn from this hadith number one that this is the most beautiful and merciful system. If I go again to my boss, and I show him, you know, look, I only got off the sales I was supposed to get. But my Nia was sincere, I work very hard. And even if I did work hard into the day, you don't get rewarded for your efforts, you get you same with your kids. Finally, some of them are gonna come with a report card. I'm sure they will tell you they did the

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best. Right? It is you know, and you see all these low numbers. melodrama is only good results. But even if they did the best, we only judged on what is the but a lot doesn't work that way. He judges on what was the effort, even if the results wasn't it shows you the mercy of Allah. But also beyond that. It is a believer has purpose to his life. You don't just enroll in a class, I want to learn Arabic Why? Because I feel like it. Oh, I just want to you know, give something to a it's good to do things. But you must have a reason why otherwise you're not gonna you're not going to achieve any, any purpose. At the end of the year. You look back and you think what did I really achieve? I did

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lots of little things, but they never came together to have a complete picture. So the believer, he begins everything with a sincere intention. Look at the mistakes that we've made in the past. And look at where we want to be. So from your deen perspective, from your dunya perspective, your business perspective, your body, your family, you know what problems maybe you have a family that is a problem. family member, you might be the problem family member, right? You might have some problems financially, you might have some issues from a dean perspective, I fall short to the just make that sincere Nia, Allah, I want to fix this thing this year. Number one, you need to get the

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reward for it allowed it he gave it to you as if you've done it. Number two, now you have something to work towards. We look at our community. There are problems in our communities important for those in leadership positions, to say, this is our focus point for the I don't try to do too many things. But don't try to do everything at once you started off prioritizing, we need to focus on one thing and get that one thing right. And then we'll do the second thing. And that's how even if it takes long Swan like took him more than 10 years before sada became compulsory, 10 years is teaching the Sahaba who is Allah, what is Islam, what is the 18 years half of his own new Buddha to have the 23

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years 10 years we're just teaching La ilaha illa Allah. But once that was in place, now the rest of it can come easily. So we need to have a very clear plan. And you as fathers, as a means heads of your household. Yes, you can hear things out there that there's no such thing as head of the household. No, in Australia, we know who Sakuma coonara The buck stops with the man with the father of the house, you should have a very clear plan for your family for yourself. We should sit down and say what objectives for the year. Maybe it is I need to save up for Hajj. Maybe it is our kids need to learn certain drugs, whatever it might be, we need to learn a few more ideas or whatever it is,

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the planning must start now. You'll get the reward for it and hamdulillah. And you know what you're working towards number two, have a sincere nia.

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Now when I'm building my plan for the year, what are the priorities? What are the key priorities for me as a Muslim? And in setting your priorities, you look back at what is going to be asked of you and pm so you work from the back. Ultimately it comes down to all of this every moment in this dunya every moment you'll be in the cupboard, everything that is going to happen between now from the moment you are born, it comes down to a moment we will stand before Allah that is the ultimate test, we will have to answer. Now what will Allah ask you and me? If you come and you are and someone says zero sort of losses and then I have this big appointment of Allah one day, I don't know when it is,

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but it's the it's going to happen? What's he going to ask me? How do I prepare for it? What are the big things I should focus on? Should I focus on giving charity? Should I focus on making more fasting? Should I focus on being a good person and smiling more? You speak about smiling and speak about who do we speak with so many things, but what must I focus on? The number one question is

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What did you worship? on piano? There are two cues, two lines, one going to Jenna, one going to Johanna. And the difference between these two lines is what you will find on the one line going to Jenna will people committed Zina people who murdered but they will go to Jenna, you'll find on the queue of janam people, people who fostered people who prayed people who did a lot of good deeds. They were good to humanity, but they got to join them. What was the divider between them? The one divider is La ilaha illAllah. This is the dividing criteria.

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between success and failure, the one thing Allah does not negotiate on, what is it that you worship? So the greatest priority and it's something which very few of us, we don't think about, we take it for granted. I'm a Muslim. I can't complete competition. How many people Allah says the inner circle, the inner circle policies, who will help una bucum? Who let me tell you who is the biggest loser on the day of karma? It is the one who spent his life thinking I'm doing good, but he wasn't. He never realized that he was actually in error all along. There are people unfortunately or in children don't realize it. And that is Hannah law. No, there is no maths when it comes to

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these math even for murder on kiama looking forgive murder, but not chick. So avoid, avoid avoid She. She is not just worshipping an idol. It is turning to anyone besides a law, in law, in sada in prey, having an intercessor between you and Allah go into certain places for the for the purpose of extracting Baraka, extracting Shiva, extracting these things are very, very dangerous. One way this way, you could fall into a ship very, very quickly, very easily avoid those things. Rather. Our Deen is La ilaha illa Allah has to be Allah when am I lucky sufficient for me is Allah and he is the base of people that I put my trust in. I don't need anyone besides Allah. I don't need to turn to anyone

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besides Allah because I can raise my hands. And I'm already in contact with the Lord of the universe. Why do I need to even contact anyone else by law? What

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Allah has no likeness but if you have on your phone, the Minister of Finance and you have on the phone the president of the country and you need something and both of you both of them you on speed dial you're obviously going to find the bus Why go to anyone less? So Subhanallah avoid chic learn what she is now v brown he makes us to our in the Quran. Now v Brahim, the father of the heat, he says, Yeah, Allah save me and my family of evil worshipping idols and others besides you. He was scared that I should not commit cheek maybe Yahoo before he dies, he calls his sons, including his sons who

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have a license my sons I'm about to die. Tell me what are you going to worship after me? That's the only thing I want to know. So this is your worship your load and the load of Ibrahim and it's hard for this one load one one either, so he's not happy. If because vanilla, if you and I can come to Allah on the day of kiama even though we have mountains of sin, but you have no Sheikh in the, in as we know from the hadith of mud, as the proposal says, it is the it is like YG upon Allah to put the person who has not come with the chick into Jenna. It is the Huck of us upon Allah. So the prohibition system are the beautiful Hadith is Ahmad. Should I tell you a very, very good new

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private secret? What is

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the duty of us to allow what we owe Allah is that we should not worship anyone besides Him. And the duty of Allah to us is that if we do that, then he has to get in tears Jenna was so happy to do so what should I tell the people that if they just avoid cheek that they have a chance of getting to Jenna almost a guarantee so don't tell them because it's gonna make them lazy now they're not going to worry about fasting and you know sooner flossing and they're not gonna worry i'm not committing shifts I'm safe. But my sit this on the day he was about to die He said I'm scared I don't want to die with a hadith untold so he told us this hadith of witches. One, avoid avoid cheek there are some

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you'll find people say but these gray areas these This means that you can intercede. You don't believe that they wish me these things. Just worship Allah alone and get into your place in general. So that is the priority. And if it means you've never studied in your life shield in detail,

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people's Panama looking into your horoscope issue, waiting tower issue, type of ship,

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swing, I take an oath I swear my mother and my father is a type of Sheikh panela small things, small things that can have that can put your agenda, your eternal salvation into risk. So be very careful with these elements of shooting. And if you need to learn more make that your focus I want to know shoot inside and out and avoided so that is the reason why we were created number four and links into that. First thing we said mcdole manage the file number two have a sincere Nia number three understand chick and avoided number four. This is where Allah began fixing humanity he came Islam or other the Quran, Islam was even before the Quran. Allah had sent his final revelation to a people

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who knew had every sin imaginable from shinik to murder to Xena every single Sunday did was in the society. everything wrong with the society was that society it was the worst society on earth and you try

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format society into the society. How did he start? We know he began with equal reading, learning. And this is where you and I should start that if reading is not part of our learning, I should say, is a part of our daily life or our weekly life, it is a very, very big problem with us.

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It is compulsory on the believer to continuously be in the process of learning. Now, what is the process doesn't mean you need to sign up into a Ph. D class, it doesn't mean you to learn eight hours a day, or eight minutes a day, but you need to learn continuously, then absences, whoever is on the path of learning another path could be a very slow path, you know, when you go hiking, some something I'm not very familiar with. But there are few paths. If something's very easy, one takes very quick, some was very difficult. Now it was on the path of learning. If it means once a week, even across, if it means I'm listening to a lecture on my phone in traffic, if it means I'm reading

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a book, then you on the path of learning. When the professor says Allah makes easy for you the path to Jannah makes easy, you don't have to end this is on the path of learning the path of learning doesn't ever end you'll never get to the end of that path. You just have to be upon that path of learning. So make learning part of your life and I don't only mean learning, Deen even learning secular dunya knowledge all of it is from Allah. As one she said, you can actually learn more about Allah from the National Geographic Channel Discovery Channel than from Islam channel, sometimes. Allah subhanho wa Taala is creation, you look at the amazing universe and you the animals within

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this is all a lot of creation is all part of a lot creation. We have forgotten about learning, very smart people, very highly qualified people. But education is something which we have lost and it was our home. It was something which we as a oma was setting the benchmark in learning. So learn for the sake of learning. There's a study that says, you know, top performing people read at least once a week a book, people that are CEOs presidents, they read a book once a week, I don't know the Muslim presidents was finally the other presidents they read once a week they read a book. They read a book once a week Subhanallah It is something we should I speak to myself first, we need to learn

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something new all the time. Because if you haven't if after you matriculated, or after you finish varsity and even before that you finish madrasa grade seven, and you've never ever, ever listened to an Islamic lecture besides for Juma when you are like islamically, illiterate, without, you know being offensive, you're basically illiterate. And I tell you something about learning. Allah has made this promise in the Quran, he says, yet to find letting me know, when Medina in the project that he promises, it's a law with him, that he will elevate and grant success to those who have Eman the believers and those who have knowledge those who have earned knowledge, he will elevate them

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always, if you're a bad person, horrible person, but you acquire you knowledgeable, you have intelligence, you have knowledge, you will be elevated in terms of your dunya you will get money, you will get success you'll get power, Allah will give power and success to the one who learns even if he's not a Muslim. That's why many countries there are Muslim countries, but they're the most advanced countries in the world. Why? Because they learn they pick up books and we don't so learn enough someone might say where do I start learning.

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You must shoot every week

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if it doesn't speak to imagine, so we'd like to learn a certain topic. And if you can't get a weekly halaqa This is beautiful website something which we take so much pride in because it's proudly South African It was built here in Cape Town. Muslim Central is the biggest library of Islamic lectures on Earth. The biggest collection of Muslim Islamic audios English Islamic videos on Arabic English in the world, all the lecturers have put the information on the from janazah to Hajj to whatever it whatever you want to learn, and it's vetted. It's tested that inshallah the information on these critics don't have to worry about is authentic, not authentic, reputable people they're on the to go

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the and take a lecture series and start learning. Let that be part of your life and Swan Allah. You know, once you do this, when you look back after a month, two months, you think you will look back at your life you think it was as if I've come alive from the dead. But when you're ignorant, you don't realize the thing about England you don't realize you're sick. You don't realize you're sick. It is like someone who heard about the ocean, but only when he sees it and then he gets inside the ocean does he realize what this thing really is. Knowledge is the only way to acquire it is to go and put yourself in it. And it's the one thing I've mentioned this before. It is a unique kind of

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blessing. It is the one blessing Allah will never ever give for free. He can give you money for free. He can give you power for free. You can be born a king

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You didn't work one day, but he gave you an empire. you inherited an empire, you'll give it for free doesn't mean but Allah will never, ever, ever give even the most pious person, one liter of knowledge for free. Every Nabhi was born completely blank.

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Every person must start Alif bata, everyone must start learning Why? Because a lot teaching is knowledge if you want it, you must pay for it with effort. So you have to make learning part of your life and encourage your children to lead encourage your children to lead. So you said Mcdo Ben is defined as we close our books.

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Have a sincere near avoid chick and start learning a little bit. Now actions. What is the most important actions I need to focus on very simple stuff again, Step five is do the five. Step five is do the five. We know that before we get to this Hadeeth is a beautiful Heidi that gives us very much hope and our ability when it comes to the Beatles album and the Adams had no they didn't have good manners and etiquette. They were decent people. So they said oh, the man says Oh, Mohammed Salim

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Tell me what I must do. And so then a visa Salah mentioned the five pillars of Islam, you need to declare and worship none besides Allah and His messenger. You have to performance Allah, give us aka fasting Ramadan and perform the hydrants in your life. So is it just this synopsis those five do those five. So the beta one says I promise you by Allah, I will do these five. But not one thing more than one thing is don't ask me for a Monday for another Southern daddy for what he's implying. Don't ask me for one cent extra. I give my two and a half percent soccer. That's nothing. Don't ask me for one extra cup of soda soda. I do these things. Nothing more. But nothing less. I won't cut

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that out. And then he left. And so the promises of them sit off the lift. So Sahaba if this man is telling the truth, then he is going to join now.

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If this man is going to fulfill his promise, the nice gentleman is guaranteed.

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In another move, you know Heidi physically gives us a lot of hope. When I ask the youngsters picture, Willie in your mind picture. One of the only in your mind. You automatically imagine what old man right? You must be old. You can't be overly under. You can't be you must be a pensioner to be a wealthy that's in our mind. Right? You must have a big long white beard. If you can't grow a beard. You can't be overly you're in the masjid five times a day. And for some reason you have to be male because sometimes you don't picture a female earlier. This is wrong. Right? This is no one of us probably have that picture in your mind when you have a picture of a while you have this picture

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in your mind a lot tells you what is really happening which you've seen so many times. Allah says I will in the hadith of Olia of the holy I declare war on anyone who is hostile to one of my wellies I declare war on them. And now he explains Allah Himself explains what makes you actually one of the things which are what he is what he doesn't mean fringed. What do you mean those who have very close proximity, those who are close to a lot, those who are have a special relationship with Allah. So by saying if you want a relationship with me, you want to be able to do these things. So what things should I do?

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He says, Allah says the most beloved things which you come, which my slave comes near, to me, are the things which have made compulsory, the five pillars of Islam basically, those things are the things which makes you a valley. And if you are doing those things, when you are not a fully of a lot, but you've done the 50% work. Every single person who does the five pillars, is a type of Wali of the olivella. So our youngsters, hedges are compulsory on them, they don't earn money. Zakah isn't compulsive, they don't companies like a they perform the Salah, and they perform, you know, they fast, they avoid the major sins. So Pamela, this child that you have is a really of the earlier

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law. Even if they don't do the best at school, even if they don't have it will go on. But such a child is a really of the earlier of Allah, Allah says so these are the things which makes you aware. Of course, then Allah says if you want to come closer, even more personal closer to Allah, then this is through additional now afield

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but 50% of the exam to be a well he is to do the compulsory. So strive, as they say for the five. Some of us right here struggled to perform all our five Salawat on time, some of us are not performing every walk each time. If that is your challenge, then make that up. Don't worry about anything extra make you near that every single Walk of human time. If you are that person is fine. I saw a post on Facebook, and sometimes you learn from Facebook or hamdulillah. The person says I didn't perform any solder. I wasn't practicing. Basically you're not a Muslim. You're not performing solder. As we know you're not a practicing Muslim. So the person said I began with one walked maybe

00:29:59 --> 00:29:59

they were

00:30:00 --> 00:30:36

At least resort on time. And then after I mastered that, I then started doing another one. And that's how I forget now this person is doing more than the basics. So your challenge is perform all your walks in his time and there's no such thing as a Dodge that you make every time you make the Punisher altogether. That's not enough time. Even if you have five minutes before I said, but you may do it, it's interrupt well hamdulillah it's worked. Make sure it's in it's worked first thing, if you are hamdulillah performing audio solders in it's worked. They try to make it a little earlier as early as possible in JAMA and they perfect the following perfect for us before we go on to the

00:30:36 --> 00:30:44

sooner perfect the for it to the best that you can. And this as we said like the beta one guarantees us insha Allah our agenda

00:30:46 --> 00:31:08

doba is the far the sincere near avoid chick, start learning a little bit perfect the five pillars. Number six, avoid the major sins. Now no one can be sinless, impossible. We were created to we were created. In fact, Allah deliberately created us to commit sin.

00:31:09 --> 00:31:34

And may for any mom to say don't commit sin is impossible because everyone in fact the idea is if you were to not commit, you will be replaced with people to commit sin so you can make it safer. But what Allah wants us to avoid are the major sins so you have lots of sins. Within that sin, all the sins of our list of all the sins there's an infinite list of sins right? There's only about a few seconds on the top which are classified as cold read majors since

00:31:36 --> 00:31:37

there is a minor.

00:31:38 --> 00:31:59

Avoid the major ones and Allah says to you in touch Danny bukoba, no matter no nanhu no caffeine. See article, one of the silicon Mujahidin Karima if you avoid the big sins, the major sins which we have forbidden you to do, when Allah says we will remove for you all your minor sins, and we guarantee you a place in general

00:32:00 --> 00:32:43

avoid the major sins, major sins like Xena like Riba like murder, like drinking harm or like taking drugs. These are the big big stealing, corruption these are major sins and some which we might take a bit lightly but all major sins and so if you come to a loss of 100 data with an account, now think about this man comes to Allah He has not done much exercise sada he did the basics, basic costing basic, sorta. He has an account full of my innocence, but no since then Allah says per this ayah I must forgive all your minuses, and you must get into your place in gender. So this man goes to Jenna directly, not via janam

00:32:45 --> 00:33:23

very simple deeds, he didn't do anything great. He just avoided the major sins. And he focused on the basics. And he didn't come a trick. And this man is another tool in sha Allah, Allah Jana, without any heads up without any without any retribution in janam. Now, there's a long discussion, perhaps we'll do a series again on the major sins, what are those major sins, so I know to avoid them. But just something for us to think about. And I think we'll have to go into next week to complete this football. every age group, or every person, you have a special major son calling you. And maybe even more even all of us have our weaknesses. We all have a weakness, we know what it is,

00:33:23 --> 00:34:05

and she knows what kills us. If we were to talk what are the temptations for our young people? It is usually Xena, or intoxication drugs these things are all medicines. And these things if you commit them, they don't go away except with very specialist defined tober. If you come up the minuses that even sort out wipes it out. But to a major sense if you committed one of these major sins, you cannot hurt yourself of it except with a very extreme type of Tobin is default and hopefully Allah forgives you. As for us it is most of us are older people here a son, which is worse than that. See this before? If we have a young person here, who commits a lot of Xenomania to Bella, and he's a

00:34:05 --> 00:34:13

drug addict will say what a bad person this is. Can't come to the masjid even but those sins are lesser than Riba.

00:34:14 --> 00:34:55

Reba is of the major sins on the list of seven the big big big sins, the most destructive sins. I think number three, number four on the list is Riba paying Riba earning Riba So again, if we have committed lots of war, you know, one of the reasons if that guy commit Zina once at night maybe that's it. The man is in the masjid while his India is rebuys accumulating his swimming while he's in the masjid. That's why this river thing is so so dangerous. If you have a certain medicine, let that be your priority. Allah I want to be free of this thing. You'd make you do out unia and fight fight it all the time. One scholar even said beautifully, it might be a major sin, your battle with

00:34:55 --> 00:35:00

a major senate intelligent agenda, How so? Every time he sends he goes immediately.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:37

Rates anemic Stober. And then he continues a few months sinless, sin free, and then he relapses and back and forth is constantly battling with himself but he always returns to Allah. Every time he returns to Allah, Allah wipes the sin away, but he keeps the tober and you do the sin again. doba Allah wipes are sent away but he keeps the Toba so this might be the reason why energetica you and I might be battling with a certain major sun let that be our Nia we will be free of this one major sun not all of them just the major major sins as we said we're running over time so we only go to six points six steps will continue next week inshallah with the rest of those were those steps inshallah

00:35:37 --> 00:36:11

we got a few announcements to do. We these are handouts that you had, we didn't we didn't get to this point yet. This is now once you do the basics, there's some extra stuff at the head this handout before shortcuts to Jana. Small deeds, gives you big rewards. One small deed gives you mountains of rewards. That's a list out there you can choose don't do all of them if you can, if you can't just do one of them and let that be your Nia for the whole year. Allah I will make this one good deed and then another shortcut. If you really have this, you've seen it you've mastered them, give it to someone else. This is your dividend Lee that guy do it and you will get reward in that.

00:36:12 --> 00:36:23

You've seen it. You know we see so much nonsense. Take a picture of the sheet. One person might get it and you get the reward for them doing those good deeds. So that's the handout that you have in sha Allah they just a few announcements.

00:36:27 --> 00:37:12

So we've got a few people that are not so well. Uncle Sam Adams who is a dealer in the masjid he was hospitalized and he had his foot amputated my last panel grunting Shiva Allah grunting ease Malaga wanted to make it easy. Malaga wanted what he has lost be replaced with something better. Allah Subhana Allah make this a means that the interest into Jana. I mean, then we have Auntie cusum faqeer mother of mother in law of sign white pasta when Wednesday's final La La Mirada, Oscar de la grande genital freedos Mela granted acaba be made wide mela spider granted autosens be removed while the elevator in her goodness May she be resurrected amongst the pious people may be easy on the

00:37:12 --> 00:37:19

desk, Emma, Emma admitted into Jenna without any punishment. I mean, I mean, in some more announcements.

00:37:20 --> 00:38:01

Monday, Monday, which is the day before the public holiday Monday evening of the show, we will have our Nightmare on Elm Street that Jen was talking about the jail and Emma Maddie and the Messiah, the Antichrist. So this is an evening in sha Allah that is outdoors with independent Java where there will be fine hopefully, anyone may attend free of charge. So please come it will be at the blue building in at Penn Street. This is Monday of the Shah insha Allah then on Sunday, the first the sixth of October, it's the first Sunday of next week Sunday inshallah this will be a marriage class for anyone who would like to attend the marriage class workshop one day all you need to know about

00:38:01 --> 00:38:17

marriage divorce data, everything so if you're planning on getting married, if you are married, like to get married, again, you'd like to get divorced all this this will be discussed in the inshallah so it's for everyone that I mean please register. You can you can use the Tuesdays while not this Tuesday because we will have our class obviously

00:38:18 --> 00:38:34

you will have in fact this not so not this it's shifted to Monday now Monday the class wants to they shifted to Monday. So Monday evenings not next week, Monday following Monday. We during the Age of the rightly guided caliphs and inshallah back to basics will be listened to a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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