Muhammad Salah – Reflections #20 – That is because Allah is the protector of those who have believed

Muhammad Salah
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a video of a historically famous Islam monologue, which features a man named Jesus who won Alka theory in Allah's favor. Jesus shouted at his companions to tell them to leave the Battle of title, and later said, "they are all on fire." Jesus's protective act is also mentioned, and the video ends with him saying "they are all on fire."
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back. Today's reflection is upon Aya number 11 of Surah Mohamed Salah Salem chapter number 47. And this beautiful verse reads as the Licchavi. Now law Hamilton, the man who won Alka theory in Allah, Allah Allah whom that is because that Allah the Almighty is the protector of those who have believed, while Alladhina, Cafaro and caffeine, the disbelievers they do not have any protector even though they think they have god or gods who will protect them, but in reality, it cannot avail them on art. There isn't behind the revelation of this idea, my dear viewers is during the Battle of Muhammad, which was the second major battle in Islam.

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And you know that Muslims won the battle in the beginning but because of the archers, you know this obeying the commandment of the Prophet Salah Salem and leaving their spot, so after victory they were defeated. And the rumor was spread that Mohammed Salah Lorna Salam was killed. So Abu Sofia and claim victory about Sophia and was the chieftain of the American army. And before leaving, he shouted, if you call Mohammed is Mohammed is still alive. Is he among you? Three times, and the Prophet sallallahu sallam said to his companions, were taking shelter in the mountain of jihad in one of its fissures. He said, don't you answer him? Don't you answer him? So three times is Mohammed

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and no answer. Then he asked, What about if Nabeel Kochava he means a Bobak if you come about

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Couldn't have Yokohama three times. Again the Prophet sallallahu sallam said no one should answer. And then if you come out Omar is almost still alive. Is he among you? Three times no answer. Then we'll Sophia and thought that's it. We achieved our target and let's go home. And then he made something which really aroused Muslims to respond when he said all Hubel

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Hoban is an idol. Huge idol that he kept in front of the Kaaba is similar to saying that hormone is the highest. So I never use Allah Allah Allah Salam order them to respond to him what to say, Allah who Allah agenda. Indeed Allah is the Most High and the most exalted. And then I will Sofia who's makin pagan by then. Obviously Abu Sufyan later on accepted is there but at that time he said, Lana Rosa, Allah, Allah calm we're proud because we have our God and Russa an idol that the worship and you guys don't have Rosa like us. So maybe your Salah salem said answer him What do we say oh prophet of Allah said, Allah Houma, Hula, hula hula calm. Indeed Allah is our protector and you

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don't have a protector

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and whatever. Allah is his protector. The such the party of Allah, the house of Allah, and they will be victorious even after a while. Allah Allah Allah Deen a man up June middle Zulu Mati Ilan mui. While Alina Cafaro Elia Omoto.

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will like us have an early home for you heard it on the Almighty Allah is the Protector of the believers. He saves them He protects them against hellfire. He takes him out of darkness into light. While the disbelievers that only are Satan's, they take them out of light into darkness. Imagine what happened to Ibrahim Ali Salaam. When all his people gathered against him. It took them a whole month to collect fire logs and when they came to fire to throw Ibrahim in its midst, he simply said has to be Allah one yeah Milwaukee and immediately after he said Indeed my Illa Allah is sufficient for me, and he is the best disposal of all affairs. The Almighty Allah commanded a Gnar which burns

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to be cooled and peaceful, Pune now, Guney Bogdan wa sallam and Allah Ibrahim, about 40 days Ibrahim alayhi salam is in the middle of this fire, and he was literally untouched. May the Almighty Allah be our protector, our guide and our wedding was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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